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The Physical Part 1
by Charlie (

I'm in a hospital being kept over night for observation I see the clock the
time is 11:30, I've been trying to sleep all night in my private room then
someone comes to the door. In walks nurse Torrie Wilson she cames to me

TORRIE: I'm sorry to disturb you Charlie but Dr. Keibler needs to take a
last minute physical.

CHARLIE: You mean right now? What's wrong with me?

TORRIE: Nothing so far. Dr. Keibler just wants to be sure their is nothing
wrong by giving you this physical.

So I get out of bed and into a wheelchair as Nurse Wilson takes me to an
examination room were Dr. Keibler waits.

STACY: I apologise for this late physical but I just need to check on you,
now please up on the bench.

So I sat on the bench as the Doctor ordered, then Nurse Wilson began to undo
my gown then Dr. Keibler began running her hands up my thighs and says.

STACY: Now let's begin the physical.

As Torrie rips off the gown Dr. Stacy Keibler begins sucking my cock slowly
swallowing it, as she was bobbing up and down on my cock making harder.
Nurse Wilson then took her uniform off and began to undress the good doctor
as Dr. Keibler kept blowing my cock. I was thinking to myself I got to have
more of these physicals. Then as all three of us are naked Stacy holding my
cock holds it in front of Torrie's face, then she too began to blow me nice
and slow. Then Stacy jumps on the bench next to me as I then started to kiss
and squeeze her tits. Then moving my left hand down her tummy until I had
reached her pussy then stuck my fingers inside of her. As I fingered her she
stuck her tongue in my mouth kissing me and moaning as I kept fingering her
sweet little pussy. As Torrie was done, she started to stroke my cock then
the Doctor says.

STACY: Now the next part I need to physically examine.

Then Stacy gets on top of my cock sticking it inside her pussy and then
slowly jumping up and down on my hard dick, Torrie then tells me to.

TORRIE: Eat my pussy, it's now part of the physical examination sir.

With her pussy over my mouth I began to eat her pussy. Boy, I was so hungry.
I could eat her for hours. With my hands on her waist both Stacy and Torrie
were squeezing each others breasts and kissing each other, so I kept my left
hand on Torrie's waist and ran my right hand holding Torrie's breast. About
five minutes later the Doctor orders me to.

STACY: Now I want you to take me from behind.

So Torrie sits on the bench as I get up, so does Stacy. Then Stacy leans over
the bench eating out Torrie's pussy with me behind Stacy and her hot firm ass
in front of my cock. I started to ride her like she asked, Torrie then
holding Stacy's head on her pussy with her right hand moaning out.


Then as I kept driving my cock up Stacy's ass I wrapped my right arm around
her waist, while holding her breast with the other, as I continue to fuck her
up her ass. I knew that I was about to cum so I whisper it into her ear, I
then pull my dick out and she turns around drops to her knees and then splat.
My load of cum shooting all over her face and chest. While I was shooting
every bit, Stacy went straight to pulling my dick making sure that I fired
every ounce of cum. Once it all came she then licked my cock coating it with
my cum then swallowing it with my cock in her mouth. Stacy kept pulling my
dick then looks up to me and says.

STACY: Boy that was sweet. Now for you to pass this physical you got to fuck
nurse Wilson.

CHARLIE: No problem.

So Stacy moves out of the way for me to continue the physical. Torrie lies
down on the bench with her head over the counter, she then grabs hold of my
cock and again starts to swallow it, as I licked out her pussy again with
her legs next to my head. I could feel her hands grabbing my ass with this
very firm hold of it, then all of a sudden she begins to spank my ass which
I really didn't mind at all. Then I had enough of her pussy now I wanted to
fuck her. So Torrie sat up playing with her pussy, then I moved in sticking
my cock inside her then held her tight and began to drive my cock hard and
fast inside of her as I was doing this she moaned out.


Then I pulled Torrie off the bench and put her between me and the bench. Then
I continued to fuck her, with her left arm around my neck and the other
around my waist. As we kept going, her right hand smacked my ass. The harder
I fucked her the harder the smacks got while she kept moaning as I fucked
her pussy nice and hard. While I was still going I could hear Dr. Keibler
telling me.

STACY: Fuck that pussy hard Charlie. Just fuck it hard!

So I did as I was told and the moans got louder our bodies tight against each
other, then Torrie whispers in my ear.


Then I whisper back in her ear.

CHARLIE: Torrie I'm about to cum.

With her right hand Torrie slightly pushes me back and starts to pull my hard
cock pointing it towards her chest and with her left hand she pulls my head
closer kissing me. As I came she kept pulling my cock and I shot my load on
her fine body. After I had cum she calls Stacy over and asks.

TORRIE: Well, Doctor does the patient pass the physical?

Then Stacy licks up all of my cum and sticks her tongur in nurse Wilson's
mouth kissing her while they both taste my cum. After she was done she

STACY: Well, Nurse Wilson what do you think?

TORRIE: Well, Doc I think he's very good for now, but I think we should keep
him for a little bit longer and give him another examination, like how's
Tomorrow night sound?

STACY: Good idea Nurse Wilson. Well, Charlie I'm afraid we'll have to keep
you a little bit longer than we originally thought. Now Nurse Wilson please
take the patient back to his room.

So we got dressed. Then Nurse Wilson wheels me back to my room. As I get back
into bed Nurse Wilson tells me.

TORRIE: Now Charlie would you like me to tuck you in?


To be continued

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