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The Physical Part 2
by Charlie (

Nurse Wilson is tucking me in bed as I lay their she then jumps on top of me
playing with my cock tugging away, as her hands run up & down as she pulls
my hard cock, then rubbing it against her pussy moaning as she could feel my
hard rod against her sweet pussy. Torrie then puts my it inside of her as she
slowly jumps up& down on my cock building up the pace with my hands holding
her tits as she keeps bobbing up and down on my cock moaing out my name...


Then she moves my hands slowly down her body down to her hips as she
continues to ride me hard, then I sit up holding her closer as we continue
to fuck, then Torrie pushes me down on my back leans over and kisses me
pinning my arms down tight as if I was tied down to the bed. While she
wiggles her ass side to side then keeps moving with her hips back and forth
faster, faster really riding me hard then leans in closer with her breasts
right in face so I lick, suck them, then she tells me to...

TORRIE: I want you to ride me.

So we swap places with her on all fours as I lick my fingers to rub on her
hole then sticking my hard cock in her hole with both my hands holding her
hips again with one moving up her body, for yet I could see her holding the
sheets as if her life depends on it. Then her left hand holds the back of my
head as she whispers to me


Even as I slowed down here and there, I held her tight just to hear her moans
grow louder, then I could feel that I was about to cum so Torrie turns around
still on her knees stroking my cock with her left hand, while holding my
balls with the other, as I came shooting my load on her face some in her
mouth some on the tip of her tongue as Torrie rubs the head of my cock all
around her lips even after I had cum she gives the tip of my dick a little
kiss which tickles. She kept swallowing it for while for like about half an
hour later she says...

TORRIE: Well see you tomorrow night, ok?

As she kisses me goodbye, which took almost ten minutes she moaned as I
fingered her sweet pussy and she still kept stoking my cock. The next night
I was waiting for Dr. Keibler and Nurse Wilson to give me another physical
examination but instead two different doctors come in Dr. Spice and Dr.
Fyre then I ask...

CHARLIE: I was expecting Dr. Keibler and Nurse Wilson, were are they?

DR. SPICE: Sorry but someone changed the night shifts so tonight Dr. Fyre
and myself will be having, sorry handling you tonight, now let's go.

Dr. Fyre wheels me out of the room as all three of us going down the
corridor, then the doctors take me into their office in which they both

DR. FYRE: Now Charlie let's begin your physical examination.

Dr. Spice was holding my file and reads the notes that both Dr. Keibler and
Nurse Wilson wrote in my file as she reads with a huge smile on her face as
she calls...

DR. SPICE: Doctor Fyre you better read this

Dr. Fyre goes to her reading my file with the same kind of smile on her face
as they both look at me and said...

DR. SPICE and FYRE: Let's begin.

They both walk towards me then with one hand each pushing me down onto the
couch as they both stripped for me but one piece at a time as they both were
left wearing their bra a panties they started to give me a lap dance rubbing
their bodies against mine. Especially around my groin area, which gave me one
hell of a hard on then they both looked at each other, then at my huge bulge
which is up they then pull each others panties off then the bras, then Dr.
Spice sit next to me kissing me while Dr. Fyre swallowed my cock slowly
swallowing it. So my right hand holding Dr. Fyre breast while my left hand
playing with Dr. Spice's pussy, a short while later Dr. Fyre then moves next
to me on the other side of the couch holding my right hands a sticking it in
her pussy as Dr. Spice got to her knees a sucks a swallows my hard rod as I'm
fingering Dr. Fyre her moans started to get louder as I too was moaning as
Dr. Spice's head was bobbing up a down on my cock, moments later Spice has my
hard cock inside of her as she let's it slide right in but slow as she moans
Fyre stands behind her. I have my left arm around Spice's waist and my tongue
licking then sucking her breasts while both Spice and Fyre are kissing. Both
Spice and my right hands are fingering Fyre's pussy, while Fyre holds my head
with her left hand then while I'm fucking Spice some how I manage to stand up
sandwiching Spice between me and Fyre as I move my right hand towards Fyre's
ass and finger her from behind.

DR. FYRE: Now I want you to fuck me Charlie

So Spice gets on her knees sucking on my balls while I fuck Fyre standing up
as she has her left leg by my waist tilting her head back while her hands
holding my head at her huge breasts so I suck em while I hold her nice ass
then a little while later I told both docs to...

CHARLIE: Now I want you both on your knees.

So they both get on all fours, so I kneel behind Spice first as she plays
with her pussy then pulls both cheeks side ways, then I insert my hard cock
up her asshole with my left hand firmly holding her petite ass of hers while
the other fingers Fyre up her hole. As I kept sticking my dick up Spice's
hole, I see both of them kissing each other a hear Spice moan, as I get
deeper inside her hole after when Spice had enough I simply moved on to
Fyre's hole I began to ram my cock up her ass like I did to Spice then about
fifteen minutes later I told them both I'm about to cum, so I pull my cock
out of Fyre's hole as she a Spice still on their knees turn around so Fyre
took my cock a stroked it hard a fast as I shot my load of cum on their faces
a tits, a few minutes later when the load had finished they both licked a
side of my cock simultaneously slowly licking my cock together all the way to
the tip as they kept going a boy I've never had felt this good before then
they took turns at swallowing my cock while the other sucks on my balls they
kept going for another half hour then they both rubbed the tip of my cock
against their hard breasts just jerking me off after they had stopped so I

CHARLIE: So what's written in my file Doc?

DR. SPICE: Well Dr. Keibler reports that you have an enormous cock and you
have exceptional stamina, so we both thought hey let's give you a physical
to see for ourselves.

DR. FYRE: Boy she wasn't kidding either, especially about your equipment.

DR. SPICE: Seeing that we are now your Doctors we recommend that you come in
every night for your Physical to make sure your in perfect health.

DR. FYRE: That's every night.


Well, I sure we know the rest.

The End

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