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The Playboy Files Part 1: Sable Gets Her Wish
by Dr. Feel Good (DFG) (

This is part one of a series that will take place over the course of
nearly a decade involving various women of the wrestling business. My name
is Chuck Williamson and I had the best job in the world. I worked for Playboy
magazine as a publicist that accompanied models on various activities such
as autograph signings, photo shoots and other such occurrences. The job had
a lot of perks with the main one being the obvious task of acting like a
personal bodyguard to beautiful women all the time. In many cases, horny
beautiful women. When I started on the job in early 1999 as a 25 year old
former model with a tremendous physique (6'2" 220 pounds of muscle) I was
the kind of guy that these girls wanted to be around. It was my job to do
whatever I had to in order to make the girls I was traveling with happy.
During my time working with Playboy I had sexual relationships with a number
of wrestling women. They include WWE Playboy covergirls Sable, Torrie Wilson,
Christy Hemme, Candice Michelle and Ashley Massaro, but it doesn't end there.
I've also had encounters with other women of wrestling that didn't pose in
Playboy such as Debra Marshall, Trish Stratus, Terri Runnels, Midajah
O'Hearn, Dawn Marie, Melina Perez, Jillian Hall, Mickie James and others as
well. As I sit here in the summer of 2007 I'll tell you about these stories
of sexual conquest in a series titled The Playboy Files.

* * *

The first story takes us back to the beginning as I had the pleasure of
hooking up with Sable for the first time. This story takes place in the
early months of 1999.

Life was really good for me, but on the night of Wednesday February 17, 1999
in Detroit, Michigan it was absolutely perfect. In the early part of the year
I traveled with WWF diva Sable aka Rena Mero, who was 32 at the time. Her
Playboy issue hit newsstands in February and immediately became a huge
seller, eventually becoming the best selling Playboy ever. During this time
I traveled with Sable everywhere. She wasn't at WWF shows too often although
she was the company's Women's champion. Our relationship became such that we
fucked a lot. Even though she was technically married she admitted to me that
the marriage was a sham. I became her personal play thing, basically. I
didn't mind. Even though she was rough on the exterior and often bitchy, she
was so fucking gorgeous that I didn't care. I never had to buy her stuff, we
didn't go out on dates and I honestly barely knew anything about her. We
fucked on beds, in the back of the limos, on desks - it didn't matter. We
loved to fuck eachother. This story is about our first time together on that
cold, February night in Detroit.

* * *

"Marc and I have sex, but it's rare and it's never that good. Plus it's not
the same as getting fucked hard ya know? That's what I want."

That was Sable talking in the back room at a bookstore in Michigan with a
friend of hers named Michelle, who was also her agent. The door was partially
open and I was walking by as she said that. To this point we had only known
eachother for about a week and she had a lot of handlers around her. For the
next few days, though, I was her main traveling companion because Michelle
was heading back to Florida.

"What about Chuck?" Michelle asked, as I felt my cock get hard right away.

"Hmmmm, good idea, he's nice and he's kinda cute too. Think he'd be up for
it?" I could hear Sable ask the question and I felt like yelling "yes" but I
walked further away from the door.

"I'll get him," Michelle said.

When I heard that I started walking away from the door, not wanting them to
realize I was standing there. Michelle came up to me to tell me Sable wanted
to see me in the room right away and that I should make it quick because she
had to start the signing shortly. I walked in and saw Sable touching up her
makeup. She was wearing a navy blue dress shirt that was buttoned up most of
the way although like usual, her tits were hanging out of her top for
everybody to see. She also had tight jeans on to keep her wonderful ass
looking nice too.

"What's going on?" I asked her nonchalantly.

"I was thinking tonight after the signing why don't you join me in my hotel
room for some…fun." She didn't come right out to say anything, but I knew
what she was implying.

"Sounds good. I'll be there." I didn't know what else to say. I was shocked.

"Great." She got up out of her chair, walked over towards me and ran her
finger along my chest. "I feel like celebrating the success of the issue and
you've been so good to me that I thought we could have our own little private
party tonight. Just you and me." She moved her finger across my chin.

She nodded at Michelle, who exited the room.

"So we're set, then?" She asked, as I nodded. "Good. You're not nervous are

"Honestly? I'm not…just a little shocked. I mean you're beautiful and..." I
didn't know what I was saying, but thankfully she cut me off.

"Let's get something straight, Chuck. This is not a date. We're not eating
together or drinking champagne or trying to impress eachother. I don't even
care about you or your life, quite frankly. I don't care if you have a wife
or a girlfriend. I don't care if you hate your job, if your parents are sick
or if your dog just died. We're not going to talk about our lives. Don't ask,
don't tell. All we're going to do is fuck and after it's over we're going to
fuck some more. All you have to do is listen to me, do as I say and I promise
it'll be worth your while. It'll be over when I say it's over. Are we clear?"

I replied simply by saying "yes" and I was on my way out. What man wouldn't
want to fuck such a beautiful woman without having to do all the other things
that women expect in a relationship? I was ecstatic. Before I left she
mentioned that I don't need to get condoms because she's "fixed" as she put

* * *

Her signing was 90 minutes long, so I had plenty of time to go to the drug
store. I asked if they had any over the counter supplies to keep you hard
longer just because I figured it would increase my chances of being with her
again. I ended up finding this herbal thing that you rub on your penis and
it'll keep you hard after ejaculation. I knew people who used it, so I
figured why not give it a try? I rubbed it on and then headed back to the

When I got back to the signing there was about 15 minutes left. She winked at
me when I got back while I nodded my head at her, acknowledging that I was
ready. I stood by the table for the final rush of signees and then when it
was over I told them all that we appreciated them coming, but that she had to
go to the next town. It was 7pm, so the time was up and while we did have to
get to Cleveland for a 4pm signing the next day there was no rush.

We got out of there and headed for the limo. The hotel was only five minutes
away from there. Michelle was in the limo as well, so we couldn't really fool
around. When we got to the hotel Sable told Michelle she'd see her in the
morning while Sable and I quickly made our way into the elevator.

"I bet you're wondering why I'm doing this." She remarked.

"You said don't ask." I replied.

"Good boy." She smiled, then leaned in and made out with me in the elevator.
It was a long, deep, passionate kiss. "The more you listen, the more fun we

We got out of the elevator and I carried her bag for her into the room. I put
it down in the corner as she locked the door. And so it began.

* * *

"Get on the bed and take off your shirt" she ordered me. Not one to
disappoint, I did so. I had a nice body, so I had no problem showing it off
for her. "How long has it been since you've traveled with me to these

Odd question, but I knew the answer. "Eight days, I'm pretty sure."

Then she gave her next order: "Take off your pants." While I did that, she
unbuttoned her blouse so that I could see a purple bra underneath it. Then
she undid the belt on her pants, pulled down the zipper and turned around as
she slowly pulled them down while sticking her wonderful ass with a purple
thong right in my face. I was left in my boxers, which happened to be black
silk on this day.

She spoke again: "In the eight days since you've been traveling with me how
many times have you jerked off with me in your thoughts?"

I hesitated, not knowing what to say.

"Chuck," she stepped forward, opening up her blouse a bit more to give me a
better look, "if you don't answer my questions then this night is going to
answer quickly. I'll ask again, how many times have you..."

"Every night. Okay? Every night I've dreamed about wanting to be with you."
Again, I didn't know what type of words to use, so I went the safe route.

"Good, now, let me ask you another question. Do you remember THIS outfit?"
She took off her blouse to reveal a purple/white bra that matched the thong
she was wearing. It was amazing at accentuating her enormous tits.

I did recognize it. "I remember. That's what you had on at the Unforigven PPV
last April (1998) after you lost to Luna. It was a fun match."

She smiled, obviously pleased at my memory. "Oh, I'm sure it was for you,
Chuck. I bet you watched that over and over again, pausing it just as they
cut to close-ups of my tits and you dreamed about...actually, why don't you
tell me what you dreamed about doing to my tits?"

I had to be honest with her: "Look Sable, I think you're amazing and I would
love to spend time with you tonight, but I don't know what you want me to say
here. I'm sorry if that upsets you."

"It's okay," she said calmly before continuing, "but could you at least show
me how you get yourself off thinking about me?" I didn't want to piss her
off, so I started to jerk off in front of her although I kept my cock in my
boxers while I did it. She began touching herself around her pussy. "Keep
going, I'll be right back." I paused for a few seconds as she went into the
bathroom. I'm not sure why. I continued to jerk it at a slower pace until she
emerged with a pair of handcuffs along with a key. I continued to jerk myself
while getting very hard.

"What are those?" I asked her while catching my breath.

"Didn't I say no questions?" She continued while I slowed down my pace.
"These are for your hands. I like to have control in everything I do and if
you want to fuck me then we do it my way. After all, I can't control things
if you've got your hands all over the place. Now, you have two choices. If
you don't like the cuffs I'll put the key right here on the dresser, I can
uncuff you and you can leave this room knowing that you'll never get a chance
with me again. Or you can let me be in control, we can do this my way and
when I'm ready I'll take those cuffs off you so that you can do whatever it
is you dreamed about doing to me all those lonely nights. Now," she said
while bending over giving me a look at her huge tits, "give me your hands."
I sat up on the bed. I stuck my hands out in front of me as she put the cuffs
on my hands. They were loose. I could probably get out of them if I wanted
to, but I knew that if I did she'd be pissed, so I went along with it.

She told me to stand up, so I got off the bed and stood in front of her, my
hands cuffed in front of me. She turned her back to me, bent down and slowly
yanked down her thong revealing her neatly trimmed pussy. She wrapped her
hands around my waist and pushed her cunt right against my cock, which was
still covered in boxers. "I bet you want me to free you from those boxers
real bad huh?" She was toying with me, but I fucking loved it. "Oh yeah," is
what I told her. "I might do it, but first you have to help me get this bra
off with your teeth."

I gently put my teeth on her left shoulder, putting the strap down her arm
ever so gently. Then I moved over to the right and yanked that one down with
my teeth leaving her exposed except for the strap in the back. She decided
to quickly dispose of that herself. She then stuck her right hand inside my
boxers while putting her left on my chin and making out with me. She yanked
down my boxers.

Finally she gave an order that I loved: "No more games. Fuck me." She pushed
me onto the bed, mounted me and put her cunt over my cock.

She reached down with her hand and rubbed my cock. I was so fucking hard it
was unbelievable. Instead of grinding me, however, she sucked my cock and put
her cunt right in my face in the 69 position. Normally I would love it if I
had the use of my hands because I knew how to pleasure a woman's clit, but it
was tough without my hands. So while she began to suck me off I did the best
I could. She sucked me so fast and so hard using her hands on my balls while
her mouth was all over my cock, up and down the shaft over and over again.

"Oooooooohhhhhhh, that feels sooooooooooo good," I told her.

She fired back, "Lick my pussy asshole. Fucking lick it!"

She put herself in position so that her knees were on the bed at the side of
me and her cunt was literally right by my mouth. I was in the perfect spot,
so I went to work. I dipped my tongue in there and every time I got deeper
she sucked me harder.

"Ooooooooooooo, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" I had her

I used my hands to place them on her butt so I could push it down and get her
wet pussy closer to my face. It was a pretty good feeling that's for sure.
She got off my cock a bit because I was eating her out so good.

"Oh Jesussssssss! Fuck me! More! Oh Goddddddddddddddddd!"

I felt how wet she was getting and it was at that point where she reached

"This is soooooooooooooooooo fucking goooooooooooooood! Ooooooooooooooooooo!"

I felt her body got limp shortly after that, so I eased up because I knew it
had taken a lot out of her. She got out of that position and crawled up to my
face so we were eye to eye.

"That was awesome." She said, followed by a kiss. "I don't like swallowing
cum, but I love it on my tits. Sit up and make me cum on my tits, baby." I
sat on the edge of the bed as she got on her knees in front of me. "I don't
go on my knees for just anybody, but with a dick like yours you could
probably get me to do anything you wanted."

"Really?" I asked with a smile. "Maybe we can put that to the test later."

She grinned back, then leaned forward with her tits so that my cock was up
against them. My hands were behind my back on the bed. Normally I would be
thrusting my dick forward with them, but I couldn't really do that. Lucky
for me, she had plenty of practice doing such an activity. She stroked my
cock over and over before leaning forward with her tits and stuffing it
between them.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, that feels so nice." She moaned.

She really knew how to work my dick in there, grinding it up and down,
bouncing it all over her tits and keeping me hard the entire time. She leaned
forward some more to increase how far I would get up her tits. I was really
sweating hard.

I decided to compliment her: "God, you're so fucking good at this."

Her tits kept bouncing up and down on my cock and I knew I was ready to

I warned her, "I'm ready, baby." She stepped back and out it came, a big wad
of cum all over her amazing tits.

She gave me a big grin. "Very impressive. Now we need to clean 'em off.
Follow me."

There I was naked, with my hands cuffed and my cum all over Sable's tits. I
was still shocked that I was in this position. She grabbed the key to my
cuffs. We walked over to the bathroom where there was a luxurious, huge hot
tub that was empty. She stopped me before we went in.

"Everything we did out there was just fun and games." While she talked, she
stroked my cock of course. Then she walked over to the shower, which was
bigger than a normal shower, and she turned on the water. Then she walked
over there. "After we're done in the shower, we'll slow things down a bit
and go here, alright?" I kept quiet, not wanting to say something stupid or
piss her off. She turned on the water in the tub and then got some bubbly
soap, spraying it all over so the tub would be filled with bubbles. "This
right here, the washroom, this is my favorite place to fuck. The sensation
I get with water running all over my body while a gorgeous man like you
fucks me is unbelievable. I'm going to take those cuffs off you and you're
going to have your way with me in the shower. Understood?" I nodded. She
kissed me on the lips, this time more passionately than before. Off came
the cuffs and I followed her into the shower.

It felt so good to have my hands free again. I immediately went to her tits
with them, rubbing on them, caressing them and sucking them as much as I
possibly could. They were fucking great. I told her to turn around so I can
fuck her doggy style position, so she did and I was pleased that she was
actually listening to me now.

"Oh, you like position, huh?" She asked. "What are you gonna do Chuck, you
gonna make me pay for putting those cuffs on you?"

I didn't say a word, I just rammed by cock deep into her pussy and I knew
she felt it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She moaned. She put her hands up against the
railing that was on the wall of the shower. "Get deep...deeper...OH

I had my hands on the inside of her thighs as I rammed into her back and
forth a number of times.

"You like that huh?" I kept it coming. "You wanna get fucked huh!?!"


I could feel she was getting really into it, so I increased my penetration
rate. I was really hammering her with my cock now.

"Like that?" I had a huge grin on my face that she couldn't see.

I rammed her some more. "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" she moaned,

I felt like a volcano ready to blow so I tapped on her back to let her know
I was ready to cum, I eased my body and let it go right into her clit.

"Oh, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Soooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood." She
moaned some more.

I turned her around and kissed her deeply, rubbing the water and soap all
over her tits. I just absolutely loved her body. I glanced over to the tub,
noticing it was full. She noticed too.

"You got more left in there, baby?" She squeezed my cock.

"I could go all night with you," I told her.

We shut the shower off and I picked her up in my arms, then placed her into
the tub. She floated around a bit, inviting me to follow. I was sitting on
the edge when she decided to suck on my cock.

"Oh baby," I told her, "you know just how to please me." She didn't lift her
head or nod, she just sucked away on that thing. Up and down her head went,
water splashing everywhere as I tried to keep myself sitting up there. It was
a sensational feeling.

"I want you inside me again," she told me. "And I want it now!"

She pulled me into the tub with her and quickly wrapped her body around mine
as I rammed my cock deep into her. We were right up against eachother, making
out a bit and me sucking on her tits some more. She was really aggressive
now. She got onto my cock and I put my hands on her legs and she rode me in
that tub.

"You were right," I told her, "this feels so nice." I was deep in her with
her wet cunt thrusting up against my dick.

All she could do was moan in pleasure: "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...yeaaaaaaaaaaa...

I pushed myself deeper inside of her and she made it so that she really was
mounting me as much as she can. I had my hands on her tits. We picked up the
pace and water was flying everywhere! It was an amazing feeling.

"Don't stopppppppppppppppp!" She yelled. "Stay harrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddddd!"

I kept it hard as long as I possibly could. I shot my load into her cunt
again although she probably couldn't tell with all the soapy water around.
Our bodies both kind of stopped as she laid her head onto my chest and I
leaned up against the base of the tub. She was out of breath.

"Why don't we rest here for a while, okay?" She suggested. "We can pick it up
later maybe."

"That's great. So how'd I do?" I asked.

She smiled, "You were amazing. But it's only just the beginning."

We lay there with her on my chest as our wet bodies relaxed from the amazing
night we had just had.

* * *

That was my first time with Sable. There would be better times that I will
share in the future, but this one was special because it was the first time
and you can only have one of those. I'll be back in the future with more
about my times with Sable as well as the other women of wrestling that I've
been with.
_ _ _

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with any questions or comments. Thanks for reading.

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