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The Playboy Files Part 2: Dawn Marie Auditions
by Dr. Feel Good (DFG) (

This is part one of a series that will take place over the course of nearly
a decade involving various women of the wrestling business. My name is Chuck
Williamson and I had the best job in the world. I worked for Playboy magazine
as a publicist that accompanied models on various activities such as
autograph signings, photo shoots and other such occurrences. The job had a
lot of perks with the main one being the obvious task of acting like a
personal bodyguard to beautiful women all the time. In many cases, horny
beautiful women. When I started on the job in early 1999 as a 25 year old
former model with a tremendous physique (6'2" 220 pounds of muscle) I was
the kind of guy that these girls wanted to be around. It was my job to do
whatever I had to in order to make the girls I was traveling with happy.
During my time working with Playboy I had sexual relationships with a number
of wrestling women. They include WWE Playboy covergirls Sable, Torrie Wilson,
Christy Hemme, Candice Michelle and Ashley Massaro, but it doesn't end there.
I've also had encounters with other women of wrestling that didn't pose in
Playboy such as Debra Marshall, Trish Stratus, Terri Runnels, Midajah
O'Hearn, Dawn Marie, Melina Perez, Jillian Hall, Mickie James and others as
well. As I sit here in I'll tell you about these stories of sexual conquest
in a series titled The Playboy Files.

Note: These stories will NOT be written in chronological order. They will be
done at random. That way I'll be able to share different experiences with
different women rather than repeating certain people.

* * *

This story takes us back to late November 2002 as Playboy wanted to talk with
the WWE (formerly the WWF) about getting one of their women to pose in the
magazine. I made some calls and quickly found out that Torrie Wilson might be
interested, so I set up a meeting with her at a small motel near Raleigh,
North Carolina where they had a show that night. I flew in from California
for it. It was important for me to get this deal done as soon as possible. I
didn't know Torrie that well, but from the talks we had I knew she was a good
person, she was married to wrestler Billy Kidman and she was very interested
in posing for the magazine. When I got off the plane, I rented a car and I
ventured over to the Lucky 8 Motel we agreed to meet at. It was 1am when I
got there, not another person in the area when I pulled up and instead of
Torrie Wilson I got an unexpected guest. It was fellow WWE Diva Dawn Marie.

I pulled up in the parking lot and I noticed from a distance that this
beautiful woman was sitting on the hood of a red convertible with her legs
crossed looking amazing. The closer I got, the more I realized it was Dawn
Marie from WWE. She had brown hair, luscious lips, a great face, a very good
rack, legs that were unbelievable and probably the best ass in the business.
I had never met her before, but I knew who she was and I assumed she knew who
I was based on the relationships I had with other women in the business. I
knew that women in wrestling talked. When I pulled up, she had a big smile
on her face. She was wearing nothing but a silk robe along with black
pantyhose and high heels.

I walked up to her. She extended her hand. "Chuck Williamson, I'm Dawn
Marie - I've heard so much about you." Her smile was very friendly.

"Hi Dawn, I've heard a lot about you too." I told her.

"You're probably wondering where Torrie is, huh?" She asked. I nodded. "Here,
this is for you." She handed me a letter.

"Dear Chuck,
I'm sorry I couldn't make it. Billy and I are having some issues and I didn't
think it would be right to spend the night without him, so I'm afraid I have
to postpone our meeting. Please know that I'm still very interested in posing
for the magazine and I hope that this doesn't hurt my chances. I asked Dawn
Marie to take my place because she wants to pose in Playboy. I figured you
two could talk about it tonight and then you could come to the show with her
tomorrow so that we could have our talk. Once again I'm sorry about this.
Hope you're not mad!

Take care,
Torrie Wilson"

I put the note away, then looked at Dawn Marie.

"So Dawn," I asked her while staring at her, "you have an interest in posing
for the magazine too, huh?"

She didn't specifically answer my question. "Honestly, I'm getting kinda cold
out here right now, so why don't we go inside and I'll show you exactly what
I think."

I didn't say anything. I was captivated by her beauty and how forward she
was. Most women in the business were vague about they wanted, but she was so
candid that I absolutely loved it. She opened the door and I followed her
right in.

I walked into the room and watched as she locked the door behind her. I was
so attracted to her.

"Tell me something Chuck, did you come here tonight hoping to fuck Torrie's
brains out?" She asked matter of factly.

"Um," I was stuttering a bit, not knowing how to respond, "I didn't know what
to expect to be honest."

"Oh really, an honest man, huh? I know you came here to fuck her and she knew
it too, that's why she's not here. She's a married woman Chuck, yet you're
here wanting to mess with that. I got news for you - Torrie's not a cheat."
Then she put her hand on my chest. "Except with me."

"Really?" I asked while a surprised look crossed my face.

She explained, "We're in the middle of this story that's going to involve the
two of us being romantically linked, so we've experimented with each other a

"So," I asked, "how does this involve me?"

"Well, I like being with Torrie but she can't give me what you can."

"What's that, Dawn?"

"This..." She took her right hand and rubbed it up against my crotch, feeling
the size of my dick and smiling. "Mmmm, just as advertised."

She took off her robe and revealed a pink and black lacy bra along with a
matching thong as well as pantyhose. We made out a bit. She then reached for
my belt, quickly yanked it off and unzipped my pants leaving me there in my

"You know, Chuck," she said as I sat down on the bed with her on her knees in
front of me, "I really don't have any intention of being in Playboy. I just
used that as a line on Torrie and you. I hope you're not mad."

"Do I look mad?" I asked her, clearly showing that I had no problem with it.
Off went my shirt.

"Good, because the reason I came here is because I had heard a lot about you
from the other girls and I had to see for myself." She took off her thong.
"They all told me how big you were and how great you were." Off went her top,
leaving her in just the pantyhose. "Before tonight I wasn't sure if it was
true, so I was wondering if you could make me a believer."

She yanked off my boxers, then started to stroke my cock as I sat there naked
on the bed. She gave me a look and then she went to work on my dick, rubbing
it all over. She stroked it up and down, then leaned in and took it in her
mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth, using her tongue to keep me hard
in her mouth. My body felt so good while she was sucking me.

"Are you a believer now, Dawn?" My question went unanswered because she was
so determined to suck my dick. It felt so good.

"Oh Goddddddddddddd, this is great," I told her with a huge grin on my face.
I was expecting her to say something, but she didn't. She continued to
swallow my dick in her mouth. It got me so hot. I was hardly able to contain
myself. My body felt numb.

She took her mouth off my dick for a bit, then she placed it in between
her perfectly shaped tits. I was sitting up now, thrusting it between her
luscious melons and bumping it against her jaw. She pressed her boobs
together, letting me rub it deeper in between them. After a few minutes of
that, she put it in her mouth again and I could tell she was tired, so I
offered a suggestion.

"Baby, why don't you lay back and let me pleasure you?"

"No," she said, standing up. "Lay on your back. Please?"

We kissed for a brief time and then I lay on my back on the bed. She tugged
on my cock some more, putting it in her mouth while her clit was getting near
my face. We were close to being the 69 position, but just as I was about to
grab her clit she moved forward. With her back to me, she mounted my cock
with her pussy, put her hands down on the bed and I rammed my cock into her.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" She moaned as soon
as I shoved it in her. "You're soooooooooooooooooo bigggggggggg!"

I rammed it into her harder and harder. She wanted more.

"Faster! Fasterrrrrrrrrr!"

The more I pushed, the more she liked it. I kept it going.

"You like that, huh?"

"Yeaaaaa," she moaned, "don't stoppppppppppppppppppppp!"

I leaned forward more so that she could get in a better position. She ended
up getting off me, turning around and going on her hands and knees in the
doggy style position. It was my favorite position. I placed my hands at the
top of her thighs with my hands hooking the top of her pantyhose. She leaned
forward opening herself up for me. I rammed my cock into her clit.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" she moaned, "fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

It felt amazing. Her body was perfect and we were in perfect sync. I pounded
it into her like I've never done before. It was unreal.

"Do you believe now?" I asked her while panting.

"Oooooooooooo....I belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!" She had trouble catching her
breath because we were going at it so hard. "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

I could feel how wet her pussy was because I was so deep inside there. My
cock was hitting her vagina with so much force. It felt so good.

"More! More! Give it to mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

She leaned forward with her body so that her hands were down, so was her
head. I was basically standing over her pussy thrusting my cock into it with
a lot of force. It had to have been a lot of pressure on her, but she didn't

"Just like thatttttttttttttt, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Eventually we both started to slow down, the pressure we put on each other
was a lot and I could feel her body soften up. I yanked it out of her. She
turned around, smiling.

"Now let me finish what I started." She put me in a seated position again.
"Cum in my mouth." She went down onto her knees and went to town again.

I was so hard and wet by this point that I was ready to blow. She gave me
such a good blowjob - I was amazed by it. Usually I could handle it, but in
this case I had a hard time feeding it to her because she was taking me in
so much. My dick was hitting the back of her tongue and I knew it was a lot
for her. She didn't care. She kept at it. I could tell she was getting tired,
so I did as she requested and shot a load right into her mouth. She swallowed
it all in, pretty much every single drip. She wiped off the drips and smiled
at me.

"Wow," I told her, "that was amazing. I've never had a better blowjob in my
life and the rest of it was amazing too, but you did wonders with your

"I don't deserve all the credit," she told me. "Not when I have something
like this to work with." She rubbed on my cock some more.

She climbed up onto the bed, laying beside me as our eyes met. I was about
to say something, but she interrupted that with a long kiss on the lips.

"Incredible. Better than any of the girls told me it would be." She confessed
to me.

"I feel the same about you."

And there will lay exhausted, but satisfied.

Very satisfied.

* * *

I'll be back in the future with more about my times with the women of
wrestling that I've been with. Email me at with any
questions or comments. Thanks for reading.

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