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can just say that we are that damn good). But regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Preacher's Wife
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"Welcome to hell!" Dustin Runnels shouts into a microphone as he stands in the middle
of the ring during the September 14, 1998 edition of RAW IS WAR. The man formerly
known as Goldust shakes his head in disgust. "The WWF... has become a wasteland of
violence... obscene language... and pure uncontained sex..." The crowd boos Dustin as
he continues to speak. "Because of all this.... HE will be coming back... and the man...
who embodies all that is wrong with World Wrestling Federation... Val Venis... will
burn in hell... for his sins!" The RAW audience starts to get extremely impatient with
Dustin Runnels just as he's about to get down on his knees. "I now ask... all of you... to
pray with me... for your sins.... And for..."

"Hellooooooo Dustin...." The crowd cheers loudly as the preaching Dustin Runnels is
interrupted by the former adult film star Val Venis steps onto the stage at the top of the
entrance ramp with a microphone of his own.

"What are you doing here sinner?!" Dustin yells.

Val laughs slyly, "Dustin... you seriously don't think I forgot about what you did to me
last night on Heat?"

"I did what was necessary to make you see...." Dustin is then cut off by Val.

"Because of you... I decided to make a special film... that I'm sure you will truly...
appreciate...." Val laughs, "Boys... dim the lights... and roll my latest production...
entitled... The Preacher's Wife." Val Venis heads to the back as the color drains from
Dustin Runnel's face as Val's newest movie begins to play on the Titantron with big gold
letters it reads 'The Preacher's Wife" and underneath it in white reads "A Val Venis
Film" before it fades to the start of the movie

* * *

"Hellooooooo Dustin..." Val Venis says as he looks into a camera, and Val just has a
towel wrapped around his waist., "The Big Valbowski, Val Venis here with a special film
just for you. Last night on Heat, you did something to me that made took me down to a
place I've never been. But after getting back to the hotel... I made a call to a special
someone who could take my mind off all my aches and pains and make the 'Big
Valbowski' stand proud once again."

The camera pans over to the left towards an open doorway and a woman steps forward.
As she comes into the light, it's revealed to be the estranged wife of Dustin Runnels, the
vivaciously hot Terri Runnells who looks into the camera. Dustin's horny, estranged wife
Terri Runnels seductively presses her lips together and places her hands on her smoothly
rounded, nicely tanned hips "Hey Dustin...." Terri says with a sly, mischievous smirk
"How are you doing baby..." Terri asks in a seductive voice while she's dressed barely in
a hot, sultry pair of black bra and panties.

Val Venis steps over towards Terri and into the view of the camera, "That's right Dustin...
remember Terri? She has been sitting at home all alone since last year... and I just knew
that was a big mistake for you to make... just like what you did last night..." Val laughs
slyly as he looks at Terri before reaching behind her to smack her panty-covered ass.

Terri presses her luscious lips together " made a huge mistake..." Terri pauses
and slyly glances down at Val's towel covered crotch "But I moved one to something...or
should I say someone a whole lot bigger..." Terri says in a seductive voice before
smirking and turning to face Val Venis. The horny Terri Runnels seductive licks her lips
before placing her hands onto his smooth, muscular chest and gently moves her hands
down his chest as she slowly lowers herself down on her knees in front of Val.

Val looks right into the camera as he starts to unwrap the towel from around his waist,
"Hmmm Dustin... you really rubbed off on your wife... she can't help herself from being
on her knees...." Val says as he uncovers his rock hard, thirteen inch 'Big Valbowski'

Terri tilts her head back slightly tosses her smooth, golden blond hair from side to side as
she reaches forward to gently wraps her seductive hands around Val's rock hard, thick
experienced cock. Terri licks her pouty lips as she smoothly pumps her hands against his
thick shaft. "Mmmm...Val is so big Dustin, much more than you..." Terri says as she
wickedly glares into the camera before returning her focus to Val's cock before flicking
her soft, wet tongue against the head of his cock.

"Mmmmm hmmm..." Val moans and licks his lips as he smirks into the camera, "Dustin
you have no idea how much preaching Terri can do...." Val says as he puts a hand on
Terri's head as she flicks her soft, small wet tongue against the large head of his huge
cock. "She loves pleasing the big guy... any time... and any place..." Terri closes her eyes
as she gently brushes her tongue against the piss slit of Val's thick cock before opening
her sensual, sultry mouth. Terri lowers her head on Val's cock gently taking his cock into
her seductive mouth before placing her lips against his shaft and begins to smoothly bob
her head as she sucks Val's impressively long and thick cock.

"Mmmmm... yeah baby... show Dustin what you can do... with a real dick..." Val moans
as he looks down at the horny, blond haired Terri Runnels as she bobs her head on his
thick, long and hard cock. The muscular former adult film star licks his lips as he bends
down in order to unclasp Terri's black bra so that he can peel it away from her smoking
hot and petite body.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Terri gently moans around Val's shaft as she moves her tongue
along his thick shaft while expertly and easily bobbing her head on Val's cock at a
gradually increasing pace. Terri lightly twists her head on Val's shaft, grinding her lips,
before lowering her head further down on his cock while her saliva drips on his shaft.

Val licks his lips as he looks down at Terri's incredible large and firm rounded tits after
he tosses her bra to the side, "Mmmmm yea... Dustin... I see why you like Terri.... she has
not one... but two mountain tops for someone like you to try and reach for..." Val says as
he stands up straight when Terri starts taking over ten inches of his 'Big Valbowski' into
her hot, wet mouth.

"Mmmm...hmmm...." Terri seductively moans against Val's cock as the head of his
thirteen inch cock presses against the head back of her horny mouth. The estranged wife
of Dustin Runnels, starts to bob her head quicker on Val's shaft while her soft lips
smoothly rub back and forth against his shaft.

"Mmmmm... ohhh yea..." Val Venis moans as he slides his left hand through Terri's
blond hair as she quickly and repeatedly deep throats his massive cock with ease. "Ahhh
see Dustin... I told you that she loved to please the big guy...." Val says with a sly laugh.

Terri slowly lifts her head off of Val's cock as his shaft drips with her soothing, sensual
saliva. Terri opens her eyes and seductively locks her sultry eyes with the muscular
former adult film star "Mmmm....I always please the big guy..."

Val Venis smirks, "You hear that Dustin... and if you were a man... you'd know that about
her..." Val laughs as he looks into the camera before turning his attention down to Terri.
'Baby... get up and show your husband... what needs some real attention..." Val says with
a sly tone. Terri raises an eyebrow slowly and licks her lips before the horny estranged
wife stands up from the floor and turns to face the luxury sized bed before she lays back
and arches her back slightly in order to slide her black panties down from her slender
waist and down her smooth, sultry tanned legs to reveal her smoothly shaven and hot

Val licks his lips as he moves towards the luxury sized bed, "Look at that Dustin... look at
that hot pussy.... I bet you missed it... and I know Terri has been praying night and day
for some real attention for it..." Val says as he positions himself between Terri's legs and
places his hands on her round hips. Val licks his lips and lowers his head so that he can
start flicking his very experienced tongue against Terri's perfectly shaved and hot pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhh Val...." Terri Runnels seductively moans as she gently places her
smooth, seductively tanned legs onto Val's muscular shoulders while he flicks his tongue
against her horny pussy. Terri presses her sultry lips together and silently looks into the
camera as Val Venis eats out her wet, warm pussy.

Val smirks a bit as he moves his tongue up and down against Terri's pussy lips as he
firmly holds her still with his hands that are on her hips. The hot, muscular former adult
film star begins to push his tongue into Terri's wet and warm pussy, and he can feel Terri
arching her back a bit to get him to push his tongue deeper into her pussy. Terri closes
her eyes and presses her teeth together as she gently grinds her pussy against Val's tongue
as he skillfully eats out the wet, warm pussy of the horny Terri Runnels at a rougher and
quicker pace.

"Mmmmm.... mmmm..." Val moans as he darts his skilled tongue in and out of Terri's hot
and wet pussy. Val glances up to look into the camera and winks as if to further insult
Dustin Runnels before he begins to pulls Terri's body towards him to make her push
herself onto his tongue.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh Val...mmmm yeah lick that pussy..." Terri moans as Val Venis starts to
quickly and firmly thrust his tongue into warm, horny pussy while lapping his tongue
around her hot cunt. Terri narrows her eyes seductively as she looks at the camera
"Mmm...Dustin, were never this good..."

Val laughs a bit after he lifts his head up from Terri's wet cunt, "Mmmm... Dustin... I bet
you're either crying or jacking off to this by now... cause I know you can't look away..."
Val Venis says as he looks into the camera, "But don't worry... Terri will get down on her
knees to make things right...." Val says before looking at Terri with a sly grin on his face,
"All right baby... time to get on your knees.... and hands too..."

Terri sits up from the bed and slyly smirks at Val Venis before she turns around,
seductively sticking her nicely toned ass into the air before settling herself in front of Val
Venis on the bed on her hands and knees.

Val climbs onto the bed and kneels behind the estranged wife of Dustin Runnels as he
licks his lips, "You know Dustin... I should've had your wife wear that naughty little
Catholic School Girl outfit... or dressed like a nun... cause I know you'd appreciate that
sort of freaky thing..." Val says as he guides his massive thirteen inch cock towards
Terri's hot and wet pussy. With ease, Val pushes his shaft half way into Terri's pussy and
then he puts his hands on Terri's hips in order to guide her back on to his dick as he starts
to thrust in and out.

"Mmmm...ohhh Val" Terri moans as she presses her lips together and slyly glances back
over her shoulder to lock her sultry eyes with Val Venis as she rocks back and forth on
her hands and knees smoothly guiding herself back against his thirteen inch thrusting

"Ahhhh... mmmmm..." Val Venis moans slightly as he thrusts his cock smoothly in and
out of Terri's tight and wet pussy. Val glances into the camera and smirks as he pushes
his large shaft deeper into Terri's cunt as her ass smacks a bit against his muscular waist.

"Ohhhh're so big!" Terri moans as she smoothly pushes back and presses her
hot, horny ass against Val muscular waist as she holds his cock deeply into her pussy for
a few moments before she allows Val to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy once

Val laughs a bit, "Terri... when compared to Dustin's little pea-shooter... I'm packing a
bazooka..." Val says as begins to quicken the pace of his deep thrusts so that Terri's body
rocks forward more frequently. Val's large balls smack against Terri's skin when every
one of his thrusts.

Terri seductively bites down on her bottom lip as she looks at the camera, lustfully
glaring her eyes as she quickly rocks back and forth on her hands and knees while Val
Venis firmly thrusts his cock into Terri's horny, wet pussy " fucking

Val smirks as he pulls his large cock out of Terri's hot and wet pussy, "That's it... tell
Dustin the truth..." Val says as he proceeds to lay down on his right side on the luxury
sized bed. The former adult film star pulls Terri onto her right side and lays her in front
of him so that she's facing the camera and he lifts her left leg up so that he can push his
huge cock back into her horny cunt.

"Ohhhh shit....ohhhh yeah..." Terri moans and tilts her head back against Val's muscular
chest as she gently grinds her horny pussy against Val's shaft as he begins to firmly thrust
his cock into her pussy once again "Ohhhh Val!" Terri moans loudly.

Val has Terri arch her left leg back over his muscular legs as he firmly, yet slowly,
thrusts his huge cock into her tight pussy. "Mmmmm yea.... Dustin... Terri is such a good
wife...." Val laughs slyly as teases Terri with his slow thrusts as he deeply pushes his
shaft all the way into her.

Terri presses her sultry lips together as she lowers her right hand down to her pussy as
Val thrusts his cock into her wet, horn pussy. Terri begins to gently rub her right hand
against his shaft as his cock moves against her pussy "Ohhhh Val...ohhh fuck me! Fuck
me like Dustin never could!"

Val smirks slyly, "You mean fuck you like how a man would fuck you?" Val asks as he
feels Terri's hand rubbing his powerful cock as he pumps it in and out of her hot, horny
pussy. The muscular Superstar begins to increase the pace of his thrusts, drilling Terri's
cunt with quick, short and sharp movements so that her petite body jerks a bit whenever
his thrusts are extremely rough.

Sweat begins to form on the seductive, tanned and petite body of Terri Runnels as she
moves and grinds against Val's muscular body "Ohhhh...ohhhhh!" Terri lustfully coos as
she glances back and flicks her tongue against Val's lips. Val opens his mouth in order to
flick his tongue against Terri's tongue as he keeps his head back a bit to keep her from
kissing him. The former adult film star continues to ram his long, thick cock in and out of
Terri's pussy as she also keeps rubbing his cock whenever he pulls it part way out of her

Terri turns her head away from Val Venis and gently grips the bed covers with her hands
as she firmly pushes back against his shaft as she feels his thick cock deeply inside of her
warm, horny pussy "Ohhhhhh fuck!"

"Mmmmm....yeah... Dustin.... Terri is loving this in case you can't tell... and she's a little
aggressive... maybe I should let her show you how badly she loves this...' Val says as he
looks over Terri and into the camera. Val Venis slows down his thrusts and pushes Terri
forward as he pulls his thirteen inch cock out of her pussy and then he sits up on the
luxury sized bed with his back against the headboard, "Come on baby... get on the one
ride that needs to be this big for you to ride..." Val says as he holds his massive cock at
the base to keep it steady.

Terri bites down on her bottom lip as she seductively glares into the camera before she
tosses her slightly sweat dampened blond hair back and moves to straddle herself on
Val's muscular waist, with her smooth, tanned back facing the muscular former adult film
star. Terri grits her teeth before she gently grips his rock hard cock with her left hand and
guides his cock into her tight, horny asshole.

"Awww.... mmmm.... guess Dustin isn't the only tight ass in your family..." Val moans as
Terri slowly lowers her ass down all the way onto his huge cock. Val puts his strong
hands on Terri's hips and begins to slowly lift her up and down on his cock to allow her
to get use to his thick dick being in her tight, little asshole.

Terri tilts her head back and grits her teeth as she leans back and places her hands onto
Val's muscular chest while she begins to smoothly ride his cock with her tight, horny ass
"Ohhh...ohhhh Val!"

"Mmmmm.... Dustin ever fucked your ass? Or was he too busy praying for salvation?"
Val asks the horny estrange wife of Dustin Runnels as he continues to lift her up and
down on his cock, but he starts to move her at a gradually quickening pace.

"Mmmm...ohhh Dustin was never man enough!" Terri seductively moans as she closes
her eyes and smoothly rocks back and forth, riding Val's thick, rock hard shaft "Ohhhh're so great!"

Val smirks as he begins to let Terri bounce and rock on his cock at her own pace, "Of
course I am... I'm the Big Valbowski..." Val says as he moves his hands from Terri's hips
towards her wet pussy. Val uses his right hand to spread Terri's pussy lips to allow him to
push two fingers from his left hand into her pussy. Val licks his lips as he tilts a bit to the
side to look into the camera, "Hey Dustin... your wife is soooo wet... she could end a
drought..." Val laughs slyly between his moans as Terri rocks and bounces on his massive
thirteen inch cock.

Terri arches her back as she starts to lower on Val's shaft with her tight asshole at a
quicker pace as his ball sack slaps against her thighs every time she slams on his cock
"Ohhhhhh Val!"

Val moves the fingers from his left hand in and out of Terri's wet pussy as she quickly
slams down onto his cock with her ass as hard as she can, "Yeah Terri.... keep going...
show your husband how a Preacher's wife really acts..." Val groans as he keeps himself
as relaxed as possible as Terri goes to town on his cock.

"Ohhh...ahhhh shit!" Terri moans as she slams down and then rocks back as she holds
herself down on Val's cock, roughly grind her ass against his thick shaft.

Val licks his lips as he moves his hands away from Terri's soaking wet pussy,
"Mmmmm... your wife loves this Dustin.... bet you wish you didn't ditch her... and I
know... mmmm this has been hard for you to watch.... but it's going to get a lot better..."
Val groans as he starts to slowly lift Terri off of his throbbing thirteen inch cock. Terri
presses her seductive lips together as she sits on her knees with her back facing the
camera. The sultry, horny estranged wife as she locks her lustful eyes with Val's
throbbing thirteen inch cock.

"Let's give you... a new look that Dustin will just love...." Val says as he wraps his left
hand around his cock and begins to stroke his shaft as Terri looks down directly at his
massive cock.

Terri Runnels smiles and licks her lips "Mmmm yeah...Dustin was never man enough for
me..." Terri says as she locks her lustfully eyes with Val Venis as he strokes his throbbing

"Of course not... he's too busy playing with himself...' Val laughs as he feels his large
balls tighten. "Mmm get your head face down there...." Val says as he leans forward to
put his free hand on Terri's head to get her to face down towards his cock. With a loud
grunt Val's huge cock starts to erupt with cum which shoots upward onto Terri's waiting

"Ohhhhhhh...." Terri moans as Val's warm cum sprays and drips onto her seductive,
sweaty and beautiful face ""

Val continues to stroke his cock until he's completely finished cumming and then he
moves to sit on his knees next to Terri. Val puts his hands onto Terri's shoulders and
starts to turn her around towards the camera, "Dustin.... now this is the face of a
preacher's wife...." Val says with a laugh as he finishes turning Terri around. Terri
narrows her eyes and seductively glares into the camera as Val's warm, thick cum drips
from her face.

Val puts an arm around Terri's waist, "Dustin... I got to tell ya... your preaching wife...
she's made me see the light... I've seen the mountain tops... and I've been into the holy
land.... which is right between your wife's legs..." Val smirks as he glances at Terri before
looking back into the camera.

* * *

In the arena, Dustin Runnels is on his knees gripping the middle ring ropes while gritting
his teeth as he stares at the screen as the credits for 'The Preacher's Wife' begins to roll.
Dustin slowly stands up as the raunchy RAW IS WAR audience cheers what they just
saw as Val Venis comes onto the entrance stages with a microphone. Val laughs a bit as
he looks at the dejected estranged husband of Terri Runnels.

"Dustin... I hope you enjoyed that... cause next week... I hope you're in the arena...
cause I'll have a true blockbuster for you..."


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