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The Princess And The Covergirl
by Revolution

Before a Monday Night RAW show, WWE management posted a listing of the talent
scheduled for an upcoming three show tour of Italy for the RAW brand. Most of
the wrestlers were excited to be going or disappointed to not be going.
However, there was one person that was scheduled on the tour and wasn't too
happy about it. Torrie Wilson was upset to see her name listed for the tour
and immediately went to track down Stephanie McMahon. Torrie approached
Stephanie after she was finished talking with one of the writers.

"Stephanie, is there any way that I can get out of this tour to Italy?"
Torrie asked.

"Get out of it? Why? You can't just get out of going, we've already promoted
that you're going to be there," Stephanie stated.

"I know but ever since you fired my husband Billy, we barely get any time to
see each other and travelling across the world without him would just be so
lonely," Torrie reasoned.

"I sympathize with you, Torrie, I really do. I usually don't go on these
trips but I'm going so I can spend more time with Paul. You know I wouldn't
normally do this but I'm going to go talk to my Dad about it and see what I
can do," Stephanie said.

"Thank you, Steph, I really appreciate that."

Stephanie went off to talk to Vince while Torrie went to go prepare for her
role on RAW that night. After the show had concluded, Torrie waited around
until Stephanie had a free moment.

"So what did Vince say?" Torrie asked.

"We really need you on this tour, Torrie. Why don't you come stay with my
dad, Paul, and I? We've rented a great house on the beach and all the arenas
are in driving distance from it," Stephanie offered.

"That sounds a little better to me. I'm sure Billy will understand, after
all, I am the one bringing home the bacon," Torrie laughed. Torrie and
Stephanie parted ways for the night as Stephanie went back to work and
Torrie went back to her hotel. She was flying home to Florida in the morning
and she wouldn't have much time to get ready and pack for her trip to Italy
with the McMahons.

* * *

"Wow, what a beautiful place this is," Torrie gasped as she entered the
Italian beach house.

"Now aren't you a little bit glad that you came?" Stephanie asked.

"Oh yeah, you guys sure know how to live," Torrie chuckled.

Vince led all of them upstairs and pointed out which room Torrie would be
staying in, the bedroom for Steph and Paul, his room, and a room he would be
using as an office. The office and Steph's room both overlooked a beautiful
sandy beach and the ocean.

"Why don't you all go and get settled while I'm going to go lay down," Vince

"You can sleep in the mid-afternoon sun?" Torrie inquired.

"I sleep when I can. An hour here and there is all I need," Vince explained
and went off to his room. Torrie was a little puzzled by Mr. McMahon's
sleeping habits.

"Torrie, want to go check out the beach?" Steph asked.

"Let me just put some shorts on and I'll be right down," Torrie said and went
into her room.

"I'll unpack the bags for you, honey," Paul told Steph. She gave a peck on
the lips and grabbed a pair of sandals out of her bag. Torrie came downstairs
in pair of little blue gym shorts and a loose white tank top. Stephanie was
still in her light brown slacks and fairly tight black t-shirt but she had
switched her shoes for the sandals. They opened the glass doors to a wooden
deck, which led right down onto a breathtaking beach. It was a private beach
but there were a good number from the long strip of luxurious homes out on
the sand. "This is beautiful," Torrie said as they walked down onto the sand.

"This is paradise," Steph added. Torrie pulled her tank top off and tossed it
onto the deck. Torrie had on a white bikini top underneath and she noticed
Stephanie looking at her with her eyebrows raised.

"I hope you don't mind, I need to work on my tan before the shows and its
just so darn hot out here," Torrie explained.

"Oh no, not at all," Steph answered. Torrie then pulled her gym shorts on and
had a very small white g-string on underneath.

"Let's take a walk down the beach," Torrie suggested and the two strolled
down the beach. Heads were turning and eyes were fixated on the Playboy
Covergirl that was strutting down the beach in a tiny white g-string bikini.
Torrie's lean toned body was on display for all the local Italians to see.
They get an eyeful of her big bouncing breasts and then her g-string flossed
ass when she walked by. There was one other set of eyes locked on Torrie's
stunning physique and those were Paul's. Paul had been unpacking when he
caught a glimpse of his wife and Torrie down on the beach. He peered around
the curtains and watched Torrie strip down to her g-string. She was so toned
compared to his thick and voluptuous wife that his eyes were glued. He
started rubbing himself through his pants, getting aroused as Torrie walked
down the beach next to his clothed wife. By the time they had turned around
and started walking back, Paul's pants were around his ankles and he was
stroking away to Torrie. Some of the Italian men lying on the beach got up
the nerve to talk to Torrie (and Stephanie) on their way back. Torrie enjoyed
their compliments but bent down to show them her wedding ring.

"Oh god damn Torrie yeah that's it bend over," Paul groaned to himself. He
quickly grabbed some tissues and came hard into them with his eyes still
locked on Torrie. Paul shimmied to the bathroom where he flushed the tissues
and waited for his cock to return to normal so he could put his pants back
on. Once it did and he got his pants back on, he turned to exit the bathroom
and saw Stephanie.

"Oh hey Steph, how was the beach?" He asked.

"It's beautiful. It's just so beautiful here," Steph gushed as she grabbed
onto her husband's shirt and gave him the look that she wanted to get busy.

"I love you," she said and kissed him. There was no way that he was going to
be able to fuck her right after he had just shot a monster load while staring
at Torrie.

"I love you too but I was just going to the gym, I told some of the boys that
I'd train with them," Paul lied.

"Ok go then, go workout," Steph said with a hint of disappointment in her

"I'll make it up to you later," he said and kissed her goodbye. Stephanie
didn't show it but she was none too pleased about her husband blowing her
off for a workout session.


Stephanie was sitting in bed, in her nightgown, and doing some paperwork for
the upcoming shows when Paul hopped into bed in his briefs. He snuggled up
next to her and started kissing her neck and playing with her hair.

"I said I'd make it up to you," he said.

"Well you missed your chance for today because of your precious workout that
you couldn't put off for an hour or so," Stephanie snapped at him.

"What's your problem?" He snapped back. "I was in the mood before and now I'm
not, end of story," she stated.

"Whatever," Paul huffed, got out of bed and headed downstairs to cool off.
When he got down there, he was surprised that Torrie was down there in a
fluffy white robe.

"Oh hey Torrie," he said. She walked towards him, letting her robe open a
little bit showing some cleavage.

"It looks like you've got some pent up frustration there," Torrie said as her
eyes moved downwards. Paul then realized that he was only wearing his briefs
and he indeed had some "unfinished business."

"I guess I do," he tried to laugh it off and turned to go back upstairs but
Torrie reached out and grabbed his arm.

"I saw you in the window today, checking me out. Now that we're alone down
here, I thought I'd give you a closer look," Torrie said as she dropped her
robe exposing her body to him. She was wearing some little pink satin panties
and a matching bra. Paul was speechless and didn't know what to do. His head
was telling him to go back upstairs but his now rapidly hardening cock was
telling him to stay. Torrie walked close to him and put her hands on his
waist. She leaned in and told him, "We're both married, we both won't tell."
Torrie smiled and went down to her knees, pulling Paul's briefs down at the
same time. Torrie licked the precum off the tip of Paul's seven inch cock
then ran her tongue up and down the shaft. She moved down to his balls,
taking them into her mouth and sucking on them. She kept rubbing the head of
his cock while sucking on his balls. Torrie licked back up the shaft and
wrapped her soft lips around Paul's cock. She took it deep into her mouth
and held it inside, coating it with warm saliva. Paul tried to be quiet and
not disturb Steph or Vince upstairs. Torrie wrapped her fingers around the
base of his cock and started moving it deep into her mouth and all the way
back out. She looked up at him and saw him biting his thumb, trying not to
make noise. Torrie moved her fingers down to his balls and started rubbing
them softly. Her mouth focused on his cock head, licking and sucking it. She
felt those balls tighten as he got close to releasing. She grabbed back onto
his thick shaft and stroked it up and down while she did the same with her
mouth. When Torrie felt the precum on her tongue, she grabbed the base of
Paul's dick and squeezed it gently letting his cum ooze out into her mouth.
He emptied his load into her mouth for a solid minute. Torrie tilted her
head back and swallowed a sizeable load.

"You better get back upstairs," Torrie winked. Paul pulled his briefs back
on and headed back upstairs. When he entered the bedroom, Stephanie was still
sitting up in the bed but she wasn't doing any work. Instead, her nightie was
down on one side, exposing her enormous left breast.

"I'm sorry that I snapped at you, honey, now come give me that dick!" she

"Oh really? Well I'm NOT in the mood now! How do you like that?" He said as
he crawled into bed and under the covers.

"I'm in the mood to go to sleep," he said.

"I don't believe you," Stephanie said in disgust as she got out of bed and
headed downstairs herself. Stephanie walked downstairs and went into the
kitchen where she saw Torrie from behind in a white fluffy robe.

"Torrie," she started and Torrie jumped and turned around startled.

"Oh my god, Stephanie, you scared me," she sighed.

"What are you doing down here so late?" Steph asked.

"I couldn't sleep and I heard some noises down here but it was just Paul
pacing around. I guess you two are having a fight?" Torrie asked in such a
convincing fashion.

"I don't want to talk about it," Stephanie answered.

"Well if you do, I'm here for you. YAAAAAWWWWN! I really need to get some
beauty sleep," Torrie said. She patted Stephanie on the shoulder and headed
up to her room. Stephanie gulped down a glass of cold water and tried to
calm down but she was just so aggravated and bothered that she couldn't.
She walked back upstairs and saw the light on inside her daddy's office.
Steph knocked on the door and then entered. Vince had his glasses on and
was working on something but he put down his pen when his precious daughter
entered the room.

"You're up late," he said.

"Yeah, Paul and I are having a bit of a fight. We just can't seem to ... you
know ... today or tonight. Maybe he's just tired of me. Maybe he'd rather be
with someone as beautiful as Torrie," Stephanie sighed.

"Why would you say something like that?" Vince asked.

"Well she gets all the attention wherever she goes. She can walk down the
beach wearing practically nothing and have every man in the palm of her hand.
Maybe Paul would rather be with someone like that," Steph said.

"Don't be so hard on yourself, Steph. You can be quite the head turner
yourself. I say you go down to the beach tomorrow, strut your stuff, get some
attention and Paul will come grovelling back to you like a jealous husband,"
Vince smiled.

"You always have the best advice, daddy," Stephanie said.

"Good night," he said.


Stephanie was down drinking her morning coffee and enjoying the sunny morning
when Paul came down in dress pants and a nice shirt.

"I'm going to go out with Ric and buy some suits," he said as he headed out
the door. The night's sleep certainly hadn't smoothed things over. Torrie
came down next and was wearing her little shorts and tank top over a blue

"Are you going out on the beach?" Steph asked.

"Yeah I am, I can't wait to get back out there," Torrie replied.

"Great. I'm gonna come out too and get a tan. The only problem is I didn't
bring any bikini's, can I borrow one of yours?" Steph asked.

"Ummm sure, I mean yes you can. They're in the small bag just inside my
door," Torrie said while wondering if they would fit.

"Thanks Torrie, I'll be out in a few," Steph said. Stephanie went upstairs to
Torrie's room and found her bag full of underwear and bikinis. She picked out
a dark green bikini and put it on. The bottoms were just too tight and it
didn't look right. She went back in the bag and found a bright red thong
bikini. The bikini top was a little bit snug as her DD's spilled out of it.
Steph put on the red thong bottoms and those also barely fit. The thong was
super snug with it deep between her big cheeks. Stephanie looked herself over
in the mirror and she was feeling a little bit nervous about going out on the
beach with such little covering. She didn't have the fit physique of Torrie
Wilson but her pornstar sized tits were out in full force. Stephanie grabbed
a beach towel and headed out to join Torrie on the beach. Torrie was standing
with a group of well built guys and she had on a hot pink micro thong bikini.
All the heads on the beach started to turn as Stephanie came bouncing out in
her little red bikini. Torrie even noticed the guy's attention shifting from
her so she turned around to see Steph walking towards her. Torrie met
Stephanie halfway and kept looking her over.

"How do I look?" Steph asked.

"You've got all those guys attention, that's for sure," Torrie said.
Stephanie's confidence grew a little as she noticed them paying attention
to her but she still felt slightly insecure standing next to Torrie.

"We were just going to get a game of beach volleyball going, are you in?"
Torrie asked.

"If you need two extra volleyballs, I've got two right here," Stephanie
laughed in reference to her giant implants. It was quite a sight for anyone
on the beach to see Stephanie running around and jumping up and down in her
little red bikini. Meanwhile, up in his office, Vince was talking on the
phone when he wheeled around in his chair and something caught his eye.

"I'll call you back later," Vince said as he hung up the phone. He stood up
and took a good look out the window and sure enough, there was his daughter
bouncing around in a tiny bikini. He became fixated on her enormous breasts
jiggling about. Around this time, Torrie decided to that she was exhausted
from the hot sun and she was going inside to get some rest. Stephanie stayed
out on the beach where she could now be the center of attention. Vince didn't
move from his spot next to the window because he just couldn't take his eyes
off his daughter's curves.

"If only you weren't my daughter..." Vince said out loud to himself. A female
voice snapped Vince out of his trance, "What about your daughter?" He turned
his head to see that Torrie was standing in the doorway of his office, still
in her hot pink micro thong bikini.

"Uhhh uhhh I was just saying where is my daughter? She's not picking up her
cell phone and I need to see her," Vince covered up what he had really said.

"Oh she's down on the beach, I can go get her," Torrie offered.

"No, I'll go down," Vince said as he started to leave the room but Torrie
stopped him.

"I just wanted to thank you for letting me stay here. I also wanted to make
sure that you weren't working too hard, you really do need to leave some time
for play," Torrie said as she straightened the collar of Vince's dress shirt.

"I'll take that into consideration Torrie," Vince stated and walked out of
the room. With Vince gone down to the beach, Torrie started snooping around
the papers on his desk. She wasn't quite sure what she was looking for but
she saw future plans for certain talent and even some contract information.
She flipped through the papers, trying to find out what the other divas in
the company were making compared to her. That's when she heard two pairs of
footsteps on the stairs. Torrie looked around for a place to hide and found
a closet. She ducked inside and quietly closed it. It was a wooden closet
with small slits in the wood so she could see into the room. Vince came in
first and sat down behind his desk. Stephanie followed him in, trying to
brush some sand of her sweaty body.

"What the hell do you think you're wearing?" Vince growled.

"You told me to strut my stuff on the beach to make Paul jealous," Stephanie

"I know but damnit Steph, look at you," Vince said.

"What's wrong with me? You don't think I look good in this? That's it; you
think I look fat and that I can't wear a bikini like ... like Torrie can!"

"That's not true."

"Don't lie to me; I know you think I look bad in this bikini!"

"Damnit if you weren't my daughter, I'd fuck you!" Vince blurted out.
Stephanie walked around the desk and sat on it in front of her father.

"What did you say?" she asked.

"Nothing, never mind," he responded. She reached forward with her foot,
feeling his crotch and she felt wood.

"Daddy's little girl is all grown up now and I want you to prove what you
said," Stephanie said with a smile. She kept rubbing Vince's cock through
his pants.

"This is wrong," he said. Stephanie got off the desk and got down on her
knees, undoing Vince's fly.

"You have something big for me, don't you daddy?" Steph smiled as she pulled
out a big dick. She stroked it and started sucking. Vince just leaned back in
his chair as his daughter blew him. She licked around the head of his cock
and then pressed it deep into her throat. She pulled it out and took a deep
breath. Stephanie did this a few more times, dripping lots of precum and
saliva down onto her heaving breasts. Vince didn't know what to say as
Stephanie gave him a deep sloppy wet blowjob. Still hiding inside the closet,
Torrie couldn't believe what she was witnessing. Stephanie stood up, turned
around and bent her big ass over the desk.

"Fuck me daddy!" Steph demanded. There was no going back now as Vince didn't
see his daughter bent over his desk but instead a big busty babe ready to be
fucked. He slid his big dick deep inside of her cunt and started thrusting
himself in and out of her.

"Uhh ohhh yeah daddy! FUCK ME DADDY! HARDER DADDY HARDER!" Steph screamed.
Vince leaned forward and put his hand under Stephanie's gigantic melons and
fondled them while he slammed into her from behind.

"So daddy's little girl likes to get fucked hard!" He exclaimed. In the
closet, Torrie didn't know whether to be disgusted or turned on.

"Yeah you like my big fake tits, don't you daddy?" Steph asked. She
stopped the fucking and got back down on her knees. Stephanie squeezed her
watermelons around daddy's cock, engulfing it, and giving him the most
incredible tit fuck. Vince grunted in approval of Steph's giant breasts.

"Cum for me daddy! Cum on my tits!" Steph encouraged.

"ARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHH!" Vince groaned as big thick spurts of cum flew out and
splattered all over Stephanie's chest.

"Oh yeah! All over my big fake titties!" Steph said. He kept on cumming for
almost a minute until it was all over Steph's tits. Steph looked down at her
cum covered titties with pride but Vince was now thinking with his mind and
not his cock. He grabbed his clothes and left pretty quickly. He didn't just
leave the room, he left the house. That's when the closet door opened and
Torrie emerged to find Stephanie sitting on the edge of the desk admiring
her cum soaked rack.

"What the fuck?!" Steph shouted when she saw Torrie come out of the closet.

"I saw it all, boy did I see it all," Torrie smiled with a devilish grin.

"Shit! Oh shit! I can't believe this. You can't tell anybody, not even your
husband. Nobody can know about this," Steph pleaded.

"What's in it for me not the disclose your little secret?" Torrie asked.

"Whatever you want, I'll give it you! Seriously Torrie, anything you want is

"Well well well, isn't this nice. You're so used to being the dominant female
and now the tables have turned," Torrie smiled.

"Yes they have, just tell me what you want," Steph pleaded.

"First off, Stephanie McMahon, you may have all the money and the power but
you'll never ever have my body. Sure you've got a nice pair of huge tits and
some curves but my body is perfect. I am perfect. I'm a blond bombshell. I
am a goddess. I'm a Playboy Covergirl. Actually, I'm the Covergirl of any
magazine I'm in. Every man wants me and every woman wishes they had my body,"
Torrie explained.

"What can I say? You're right. I'm jealous of you, Torrie. All the money,
the power, my big tits, couldn't change my envy of you and your body," Steph

"Now that we're on the same page, I'll think about what I want from you and
I'll let you know tonight after the show," Torrie said.

"Remember Torrie, anything you want is yours." Torrie walked out of the room
with a great feeling of power while Stephanie felt more vulnerable then ever
before in her young life.


Vince and Paul went out for a late dinner while Torrie told Stephanie to
make an excuse and come back to the beach house with her. Stephanie told her
husband and father that she wasn't feeling well and she was going to go rest.
Torrie went back to the house on her own and waited for Stephanie to arrive.
When she did get back, Torrie stood at the top of the stairs and told
Stephanie to come up to the bed room.

"I want you to do whatever I say," Torrie said.

"Ok, I'll do whatever you want," Stephanie complied.

"Good now take off my clothes," Torrie said. Stephanie started with Torrie's
shirt, lifting it up over her head. She then moved down to Torrie's tight
pants and peeled them off her toned legs. Torrie was wearing a pair of black
lace bra and panties underneath. She checked herself out in the mirror and
made Stephanie keep telling her how jealous she was of her body.

"Take of my bra, and suck on my nipples," Torrie said. Stephanie did what she
said, taking off Torrie's bra and then starting to lick and suck on her pink

"Mmm you're good with that tongue, aren't you Steph?" Torrie asked. Stephanie
gave her a half smile and nodded her head. That made Torrie slip out of her
panties and lay down on the bed.

"Let's see how good you really are with that tongue," Torrie said as she
spread her legs wide open. Stephanie crawled onto the bed and started to eat
Torrie out.

"Even your pussy is perfect," Steph admired.

"Of course it is! Make sure you work my clit nice and good, make me cum!"
Torrie demanded. Stephanie took this challenge and started flicking Torrie's
clit with her tongue. Steph used her fingers and tongue on Torrie's pussy
until it got nice and wet.

"Oohhh yeah Steph! Ohh right there! YES! YES! OHHH RIGHT THERE!" Torrie
moaned having a decent orgasm. Stephanie kept on licking until Torrie pushed
her head away.

"Sit up and take off your shirt, let me see your tits," Torrie said.
Stephanie sat up on the bed and took off her tight blue shirt. She then
unclasped her bra and let those giant breasts free.

"Damn those are huge! Shake those big porn star DOUBLE D'S!" Torrie insisted.
Stephanie started bouncing her big jugs around while Torrie was fingering
herself. Torrie would sit up and move in close to Stephanie. She kept moving
in closer until their tits were touching. Torrie held her big tits and rubbed
them against Steph's.

"Ohhh yeah I like those huge tits," Torrie sighed. Stephanie leaned forward
and locked lips with Torrie. Torrie savoured the taste of her delicious pussy
on Stephanie's lips. Stephanie broke the kiss and bit her bottom lip, wanting
more but Torrie got up off the bed. She walked over to one of her suitcases
and pulled out some sex toys. Torrie handed Stephanie a vibrator and crawled
back on the bed.

"I want you to use this on me and I want you to lay down so I can play with
your big tits," Torrie directed. Stephanie laid down on her back while
Torrie knelt over her face, giving Stephanie full access to her moist pussy.
Stephanie rubbed Torrie's ass with one hand and started to rub the vibrator
against her clit.

"Ohh ohhh ohhh right there, yeeaah that's the spot, mmmm yeah!" Torrie
moaned almost immediately. She reached forward and started squeezing
Stephanie's tits together. She played with her hard nipples and held onto
those big mounds as she felt herself approaching another orgasm. Stephanie
licked her index finger and worked it into Torrie's butt. She kept the
vibrator on Torrie's clit and gently fingered her tight asshole.

screamed out. Stephanie finger fucked her ass a little faster and pressed
the vibrator harder against her clit. Torrie's moans and screams kept
getting louder and louder until her grip on Stephanie's huge breasts
loosened and she started to come down from her high. Torrie turned around
and laid down on top of Steph. She held the vibrator between their mouths
and they both licked Torrie's juices off of it.

"I liked it when you put your finger in my ass. That really sent me over
the top," Torrie said.

"I'm so jealous of your firm fit ass," Steph conceded. Torrie smiled and
rolled off the bed. She grabbed another one of her sex toys - a clear and
rather large butt plug. Torrie handed Steph the butt plug and a squeeze
bottle of cherry flavored lube to Stephanie.

"Let's see what you can do with these," Torrie said, getting on all fours
on the bed. Stephanie got behind her and started rubbing her anus while
opening up the lube. She squirted the lube and let it drip down Torrie's
ass crack. Stephanie put both her hands on Torrie's tanned behind, making
a loud SMACK sound. She pulled those firm buns apart and started rimming
Torrie's asshole.

"Oooh Stephanie oohh eat my ass! Oooh yeah get your tongue deep in there,"
Torrie cooed. Stephanie rimmed Torrie's asshole, tasting the sweet cherry
lube. She kept squirting more on Torrie's anus and going deeper with her
tongue. Once she had Torrie worked up, she went for the butt plug. Stephanie
covered the large clear butt plug with lube and pressed it against Torrie's

"I don't think this can fit, your ass looks too tight," Steph commented.

"Oh it'll fit!" Torrie smiled. Sure enough as Stephanie pushed the butt plug
forward, all of it went inside Torrie's ass.

"Ahhh leave it in, now lick my pussy," Torrie directed. Stephanie moved her
head down lower and started to use her magic tongue on Torrie's clit. The
addition of the butt plug made Torrie scream at the top of her lungs.

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!" Torrie screamed. During the midst of these very loud
screams, the door opened and it was Paul.

"What ... Stephanie ... Torrie ... what - what the fuck?" He confusingly
asked. Stephanie immediately turned around and stopped pleasuring Torrie.
Torrie reached back and popped the butt plug out her ass and turned around,
her blond hair all messed up over her face.

"How long have you two been fucking behind my back?" He asked.

"This is the first time," Steph confessed.

"Actually Stephanie was just getting me warmed up for you. Isn't that right,
Stephanie?" Torrie nudged her.

"Yes that's it, Paul. I know it's tough being married and staying faithful to
me so I'm giving you the gift of Torrie," Steph lied.

"Really?" Paul asked.

"Yes really and Stephanie wants to watch you fuck me," Torrie said. Paul
glanced back over to Steph and she nodded her head in approval. That was all
he needed as he stripped naked in rapid fashion. Torrie crawled off the bed
and was down on her knees in front of him. She immediately started sucking
his cock, getting it nice and hard in her mouth. She looked up at him and
they looked eyes, both knowing this wasn't the first time she'd sucked his
cock. Torrie didn't spend too long blowing Paul as she had other plans for
his dick.

"Stephanie was kind enough to get my ass ready for you to fuck it," she said.
Torrie turned around and bent over the side of the bed, giving him access to
her round butt.

"Go ahead baby, fuck her perfect ass," Stephanie encouraged. Paul grabbed the
lube and covered his cock with it. He worked it inside Torrie's asshole with
ease. He held onto her hips and started to butt fuck her at a good pace.

"Unhhhh I love getting fucked in my ass!" Torrie moaned.

"How's that feel baby? I bet that feels real good," Steph said.

"Fuck yeah! What a fuckin' ass this is!" He groaned. This was a change from
fucking Stephanie's big ass as Torrie's was so incredibly firm and toned.
Paul was in the zone and focused on fucking Torrie's ass but a sudden motion
by Stephanie caught his attention. She was trying to cover herself up and
Paul turned his head to see Vince standing in the doorway.

"You! Get your dick out of there! And you Stephanie, how could you let this
go on?" Vince growled.

"It's none of your business," Steph said. Torrie got up and walked over to

"I'd really like it if you joined in, Mr. McMahon," Torrie said as she
lowered to her knees.

"Well ... that's more like it," he chuckled. Torrie pulled down Vince's pants
and started to blow him. Paul moved over to where Stephanie was sitting and
she kept him hard by stroking and licking his dick. Once Vince was hard,
Torrie helped him take off his shirt and then she told him to lay down.
Torrie crawled onto the bed and sucked on his cock a little more. She then
got on top of him and took his rod in her pussy.

"Arrahhhh Torrie yeah! Oh fuck yeah I can't believe I've never fucked you
before," Vince groaned.

"I've unhhh been ahhhh waiting ooooh for this for a long time!" Torrie
moaned. Torrie leaned forward and shook her big tits in his face.

"Go back over there and finish what you started," Stephanie urged her
husband. Paul got behind Torrie and held worked his cock back in her tight

"OH YEAH! Ohhh fuck me! Both of you! Ohhh fuck that feels good!" Torrie
moaned at being double penetrated. At one point she looked over at Stephanie
and gave her an evil grin because Stephanie's husband and father were double
teaming her.

"Ah damn I have to blow!" Paul proclaimed.

"Me too!" Vince added. They pulled out of Torrie and got off the bed. Torrie
quickly got down on her knees in front of them.

"Cum all over me! Shoot it all over my face and my tits!" Torrie requested.
Paul was the first to cum with Vince cumming a few seconds later. They both
let their cum fly all over Torrie's face and down on her big tits. Torrie
was breathing like she was having another orgasm just by getting cummed on!
She grabbed the two dicks and played with them a little bit more.

"I think you two big boys need to go and relax now," Torrie said. Vince and
Paul grabbed their clothes and left the room slowly as their knees were weak
from fucking the goddess known as Torrie. When Stephanie got up to leave,
Torrie stopped her and closed the door.

"There's one more thing," Torrie said.

"You had your fun. We're even now," Stephanie said.

"We'll be even when you lick your husband's cum and your father's cum off my
tits," Torrie said.

Stephanie had no problem with this at all. She slurped up the warm cum off
Torrie's big luscious breasts with long slow licks.

"Ooh you're so good with that tongue," Torrie smiled.

"Mmm all done," Steph said.

"For now. I'm not an evil woman, Steph, but just remember that I know your
secret," Torrie said.

"How could I ever forget?"

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