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The Protege: Starring Trish & Ashley
by Revolution

The time is September of 2005 and the WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus had
just made her long awaited return to RAW by helping the latest Diva Search
Winner Ashley Massaro beat up Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, and Victoria.
A lot of people were left wondering why Trish would help out Ashley after she
was so against the last Diva Search winner, Christy Hemme. To understand why
Trish helped Ashley we need to go back to that afternoon...

Trish arrived to the arena and wasn't sure how she was going to return that
night on RAW but she knew she wanted to make an impact. Things had changed
since she had been out injured and she didn't like the way that Torrie,
Candice, and Victoria were taking all of the attention. Trish was approached
by the young, blond and busty, Diva Search winner, Ashley. Trish was
immediately sceptical of this newcomer on the scene.

"Excuse me, Trish, my name is Ashley, I didn't know you were going to be here
but I just wanted to tell you that you're my reason for being here and if I
can be even half as successful as you are, I'll be happy," Ashley gushed over
her idol.

"That's sweet. I've been watching you and at first, I wasn't too sure about
you but I'm still not convinced that you're as dedicated as you say you are,"
Trish said.

"I really am dedicated, Trish. I'm here to work as hard as I possibly can. I
don't care how many times I get beat up, I'm never going to quit," Ashley
stated firmly.

"I like that and I'm itching to deliver a little Stratusfaction tonight so
I'll help you get some revenge on the two bimbos and their muscle. Ya see
Ashley, nobody helped me when I started in this company so I'm going to help
you. I'm going to let you ride with me on the road and I'll keep you out of
trouble," Trish offered.

"Oh wow? Really? I'd be honored to ride with you."

"There are a few conditions. You drive. You carry my bags. You make the
hotel reservations. You have to do everything that I had to do," Trish
stated. Ashley had no problem with taking on that role if it meant
learning from rish and having the Women's Champion help her from getting
triple teamed again...

Later that night, after Trish's big return to RAW, she was walking around
backstage and getting compliments from everyone about how she looked like she
hadn't missed a beat. She was back and kicking ass.

"We didn't even work up a sweat," Trish smirked.

"I know! That was great! Thank you so much," Ashley said.

"Well we're done here so why don't you go get the bags and meet me out at the
car," Trish said. Ashley went off to the locker room and wheeled out her and
Trish's bags. Ashley loaded the bags into the trunk of the rental car while
Trish was already seated in the passenger's seat. The ride to the hotel
wasn't that long and Trish didn't say much and Ashley knew not to speak
unless spoken too. When they arrived at the hotel, Trish said she was going
to go check in at the front desk while Ashley brought the bags in. Ashley
lugged all the bags into the hotel and saw Trish waiting at the elevator for
her. She motioned for Ashley to hurry up and Ashley picked up the pace a
little bit.

"You're doing a good job, kid," Trish giggled, "I always wanted to say that."

"It's no problem, Trish. So I'll guess just take these bags up to your room
and then go back down and get my room," Ashley assumed.

"No, no, Ashley, sweetie, if you're going to survive in this company, you're
going to have to learn to try and split the cost of hotel rooms whenever you
can," Trish explained.

"I've been spending so much on rooms already but as you can tell, I wasn't
too popular with any of the girls," Ashley said. The elevator hit the 12th
floor and the girls walked off. Trish led the way down the hall to their
room and held the door open for Ashley, as she dragged their bags inside.
The room was pretty nice, not the most expensive room, but certainly not
the cheapest either. Ashley looked around and noticed right away that there
was only one bed, a big king-sized one. Trish walked over to the couch and
said, "This pulls out to a bed, you can sleep here."

"Works for me," Ashley said, trying to be agreeable. Trish took off her shoes
and her jacket and arched her back, stretching it out a little.

"Ashley, sweetie, I just thought of another task you can do for me," Trish

"What do you want? Something to drink? To eat?" Ashley offered.

"No no, nothing like that. Part of my regimen for keeping my back from
getting re-injured is massage therapy. I know you're not a professional or
anything but I'm feeling a little sore and I could really use a massage,"
Trish said as she walked over to one of her bags.

"I actually took a class once on how to give massages so I think I'm up to
the task," Ashley grinned.

"You can use this," Trish said as she pulled a bottle of massage oil out of
her bag and handed it to Ashley.

"I'll go get some towels while you get comfortable," Ashley said. Ashley
went into the bathroom grabbed two big white towels from the shelf. When she
walked out Trish had stripped down to her dark gold satin bra and thong.
Ashley's heart raced a little as she laid the towels down on the bed and took
a few glances over at Trish's incredible beauty. Ashley turned around and
pulled her loose t-shirt off. She was wearing black yoga stretch pants and a
white tank top which her massive breasts were spilling out of. Ashley turned
around and Trish was laying face down on the towels, awaiting her massage.
Ashley stood at the side of the bed and squeezed some massage oil onto
Trish's back.

"My bra strap is in the way, isn't it?" Trish said.

"Yeah a little bit," Ashley said as she unclasped it and let it fall off
Trish's back. Trish closed her eyes as Ashley's soft hands started to massage
the scented oil into her back. Ashley smoothed a thin layer of oil over
Trish's back first, making in glisten in the light. Ashley began massaging
Trish's neck and shoulder muscles, releasing the tension with every movement
of her fingers. Trish's soft moans were enough encouragement for Ashley to
keep going down to her back.

"That's it, Trish, just relax and let me make your back feel all better,"
Ashley said. She got a little deeper with her massage as she really worked
at Trish's lower back. Ashley could also feel herself starting to perspire
a little bit and it may have had a lot to do with her constantly getting a
glimpse of Trish's very ample posterior whenever her head moved to the right.
Trish was also feeling real good inside because Ashley's fingers were doing
the trick on her back and any soreness was quickly being relieved. Trish let
Ashley continue the massage for a few more minutes before she let her know
that her pain was all gone.

"You did a real good job," complimented Trish as she sat up and held her
loose bra over her breasts.

"It was my pleasure," Ashley smiled, twirling her blond hair with her right

"I really need to wash this oil off my back," Trish said as she stood up and
was almost face to face with Ashley. "Why don't you bring those magic hands
into the shower and make sure my back gets fully cleaned?"

"I ... I can do that," Ashley answered nervously in almost a state of
disbelief. Trish turned around and walked into the bathroom to turn on the
shower. Ashley's eyes moved right down to Trish's curves to her firm butt and
Ashley felt her temperature rising. Ashley tried to compose herself a bit
before she followed Trish in. When she stepped into the bathroom, a fully
nude Trish Stratus was stepping into the big steaming hot shower.

"Oohh it's hot in here," Trish exclaimed. Ashley stripped off her clothes and
took her hot naked body into the shower, closing the sliding door behind her.
The warm water was cascading down Trish's voluptuous breasts as Ashley
stepped in behind her.

"Here you go," Trish said as she handed a bar of soap back to Ashley. Trish
pulled her hair in front of her so it wasn't touching her back. Ashley worked
up a good lather of soap and started to wash Trish's back. Ashley sensually
rubbed her soapy hands over Trish's back, making sure to clean every inch of
it. Ashley took the shower nozzle and rinsed the suds off Trish's back then
handed it back to her.

"All clean," Ashley said, holding Trish by the shoulders.

"I bet some of that oil must have dripped down onto my butt, you better clean
it too," Trish said. Ashley moved her hands down onto the part of Trish's
exquisite body that she envied the most, her perfectly shaped ass. Ashley
worked her soapy hands all over it, rubbing and feeling all of it. Trish
leaned forward against the wall a little and reached over her shoulder with
the shower nozzle, rinsing the soapy suds off her rear end.

"Spotless," Ashley commented.

"I think you should get down there for a closer look," Trish winked at
Ashley. Trish turned to face the shower door, which was covered with steam,
and leaned against it, sticking her butt out. Ashley got down on the shower
floor and rubbed her hands all over Trish's ass again. Trish pushed her butt
out a little more so that Ashley saw her tight little asshole and her meaty
pink pussy. Ashley stared at it in awe, closed her eyes, and moved her face
in closer. Ashley's hands stopped moving as her tongue rimmed Trish's

"Mmmmhhh that's it," Trish moaned under her breath. Ashley took this as her
cue to go further. Ashley put her face right in Trish's ass and started to
lick up Trish's asshole and then rim all around it with her warm tongue.
Ashley heard Trish start to moan a little louder as her asshole responded
to Ashley's impressive tongue work. Sensing that the Women's Champion wanted
more, Ashley really spread her plentiful buns and worked her tongue deep
inside Trish. Ashley darted her tongue in and out of Trish's scrumptious

"Ohh god! Ohhh yess! Ohhhhhhohhhhh!" Trish moaned with her hands and breasts
pressed against the glass door. The hot water was still running, making the
shower even steamier than it was with this new blond bombshell dining on the
finest ass in the business.

"She's ready for more," Ashley thought to herself during her rimjob. She
licked her right index finger and worked it into Trish's ass. Trish moaned
in approval as Ashley fingered her ass. Ashley wasn't going to stop there,
as she moved her head between Trish's spread legs, looked up, reached her
tongue out and hit Trish's clit. With a finger in Trish's ass and her tongue
working her clit, Ashley was stopping at nothing to pleasure her sexy idol.

pleasure. She was pressed very tightly against the glass trying to contain
her weakening knees. Ashley worked a second finger into Trish's ass and kept
on working her clit.

screamed in an explosive climax and then slowly began coming down from the
peak. Ashley came up from her knees as Trish rested her forehead on the
glass, trying to recover from an incredible orgasm. Trish slowly turned
around to face Ashley and when she did, she rushed her and pressed her
against the wall, aggressively kissing Ashley's full soft lips. Trish held
Ashley's head with both of her hands and licked up Ashley's chin and over
her closed lips. She then went back in, shoving her tongue deep down Ashley's
throat and devouring her. Trish then pulled away and took a few steps back,
wiping her mouth.

"Damn do I have a keeper in you! Wow! You and me, Ashley, we're gonna get
along just fine, you hot thing, you," Trish smirked with a grin of perverse
intentions. She moved back closer to Ashley and kissed her bottom lip. Trish
dragged her mouth down Ashley's neck to her large breasts.

"Mmmhmm these are nice ones," Trish admired. She squeezed Ashley's breasts
together and bobbed her head left to right, sucking on each nipple.

"Oohhh Trish ohhh keep going ohh yeah," Ashley moaned. Trish let her right
hand travel down Ashley's tight young body to her pussy. Trish manipulated
Ashley's clit with her hand while her mouth was still busy on those beautiful
melons. Ashley was pulling at her own blond hair with one hand and bracing
herself against the shower wall with her other.

"Oh my god Trish, ohh you're so good," Ashley moaned. Trish lifted her head
up from Ashley's tits and went face to face with her. Trish moved in closer
so that her nipples were brushing back and forth against Ashley's hard

"Get ready to explode," Trish warned with a whisper. Trish's pushed her four
fingers inside of Ashley's slippery wet pussy and used her thumb to flick
Ashley's clit at the same time.

"AHHHHHHHHH NO! YEESSSSSS! NO! YES!" Ashley screamed as Trish smiled at her
young protege. Ashley's body was shaking as she felt Trish's hard nipples
rubbing her sensitive ones, four fingers penetrating her tight cunt, and a
thumb working her clit all at the same time. Ashley reached the mountain top
and slowly came back down, sliding down the wall to sitting on the shower
floor. Trish sucked her pinkie finger and licked her lips in approval. She
then sucked each of her fingers tasting Ashley's sweet nectar.

"I've never orgasmed so fast in my life," Ashley sighed.

"I told you I was going to teach you about more then just wrestling," Trish
grinned, "Now I need to get some sleep and you do too because you've got a
lot of driving to do tomorrow, sweetie."

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