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The Proud Bitch
by Nami (

"How I can look in his eyes?" Chyna said to herself. "But I have to do it.
This is my last chance." She continued. "Shut up! Don't take yourself
lightly. You are the best selling author - best selling Playmate - The 9th
Wonder Of The World." She said to herself.

"But who gives a shit? Who cares about you after leaving the WWF? No one
will buy your videos and books. You will not have an impact in Playboy
again." She said angry to herself.

An old lady passed her and wondered who she is talking to. Chyna smiled
and backed off. She went to door and let the lady to pass the corridors of
the apartment.

"Chill out and do what you have to do," she said clearing her throat. She
then took a breath and knocked at the door.

"Yeah?" The familiar voice said.

"It's me!" She said with a soft voice.

After a few seconds he opened the door and was stunned to see Chyna there.

"What the hell you doing here?" he said.

"Hi! Hunter... I missed you." Chyna said with fake smile.

"Oh, Yeah... for what?" He said a little angry.

"Would you let me in? I am cold out here." Chyna said with implored voice.

"In the middle of the summer?" He teased her and opened the door.

Chyna returned a lovely smile and came inside his apartment. She looked
around. Nothing changed in past year. She looked at him and wanted to say
something but he pointed her to sit down. Then he slowly went to the kitchen.
After a few minutes he returned with two beers.

"Thank you! I didn't want to be such a bother." Chyna said and took the

"So what is your problem?" he said and placed his feet on the table of
the living room.

"Missed you." Chyna said.

"Don't lie! I know you want something... You know that I didn't miss you
and I was happy not to see you." He said when he came closer.

"Hunter! Give me some respect." Chyna said sadly.

"As my guest, I did. I served you. But for whatever else, you mean nothing
to me." he said so intense and sat back.

"What makes you say that?" Chyna said with hatred.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Let me tell you..." He said and
interrupted Chyna before she could start.

"You are nothing but one ungrateful bitch. I made you who you are, I was
the one who helped you to be what you are. Then you stabbed me in the back
when I was in love you. You embarrassed me on TV in every TV broadcasts. You
took my friends away from me and you also filed the lawsuit against my agent.
Then you ask for a salary like me, Steve and Rock. You are nothing but a
proud bitch!" Triple H shouted.

Chyna couldn't say anything. He was right and that forced her to put her
hands to her face and cry loudly as she ran out of the apartment. She was
crying in the streets all night, Chyna didn't want to go home. His words were
banging in her mind. She walked in streets all night until early morning.

"Damn, I am so sleepy!" Chyna said to herself and sat on a bench in park.

Chyna stretched her body and got up. She intended to go home but she
passed a big zoo.

"When did they make this place?" She said staring at it's wideness.

"Is it open sir?" Chyna asked the man standing near the gate.

"Sure! And you are the first visitor." he said.

Chyna bought a ticket and went in. She paid no attention to the animals.
She just wanted to be alone. The weather was nice and she could feel the
fresh air. She leaned on a cage and thought.

"He is so cruel... I didn't deserve this." Chyna said.

Suddenly she felt something locked around her waist. She gasped in
surprise as her caught sight of it. It was a hairy hand. She glanced over her
shoulder and it was a Gorilla.

"Owwwwww!" Chyna screamed.

"Be carefull and take it easy. He will not hurt you." A man said.

"For god sake take him away from me." Chyna screamed.

"He will not hurt you. He doesn't do this all the time. He's just horny."
the man said.

"Horny? What the fuck is that?" Chyna said so angry.

The man came closer. He looked like the trainer for Gorilla. Chyna looked
at his gray eyes. He was at least 45 maybe 50.

"Take him off from me." Chyna repeated.

"Let me help you." he said.

With that he shoved his hand inside Chyna's trouser. Chyna's eyes popped
out in shock. She never expected him to do that. She wanted to scream but he
placed his other hand over her mouth.

"Its better to shut up or I will let Brown to fuck you for your life." he

Chyna was in all kinds of trouble. Her waist was locked in the gorilla's
grip. She couldn't move and the old man kept fingering her. His old rough
hand was in her panties and rubbing her cunt. Chyna was still fighting but
there was nowhere to run. He got on his knees for better access to finger
her. He easily shoved 3 fingers inside her cunt.

"Do you know who I am?" Chyna shouted.

"Yeah! A bitch.... A proud one." he said.

Chyna shocked. Was this a coinsidence or what? She couldn't stand that
word. When her long time close friend called her that and now this old
bastard called said it, too. Chyna started to kick him in the face. Her knee
hardly smacked to his jaw and knocked him down. Brown got a little distracted
and Chyna took advantage of the situation and elbowed him hard. Then she ran

Chyna was running in the zoo. No one was there and she was all alone
with animals staring at her. She heard the man shouting for help. She went
and hide over by a tree. She saw a big black dog was the only help ran to

"You will pay bitch... I will make you pay... Axe go and catch her. Bite
her as much you want." The old man said to the dog. He also let the dog to
smell his cunty finger.

"Shit." Chyna gasped and leaned against the tree. She caught her breath
and ran some more. There were plenty of trees where she could hide. She was
running away and had no idea where she was running.

After 5 minutes of running in fear she stopped. She hardly could breath
and crawl herself to a side of the zoo. She sat on the ground and rested
until she heard the barking of Axe.

"Holy Shit." Chyna said and got up. She saw a cage which the door of it
was open.

"Great." Chyna said and went closer.

Chyna looked inside and saw no animal. She went inside and closed the door
like it was closed. She stood next to a wall that no one could see her. The
barking of Axe and her heart beat matched. She realized that the barking
sound had reduced. She gasped a little relax. She looked at her expensive
watch. It was 5:30 am. She decided to stay there until 8:00 that people would
come there.

Thing weren't so easy for Chyna, she heard some strange noises and turned
around in fear. She couldn't believe it. There were four gorillas bigger than
Brown. She looked around and saw a door in the side of the cage which they
had come.

"Ohh MY God." She said.

Chyna slowly sat on the floor and leaned against the wall. She had no
chance to leave this room. Some of them had already blocked the door. She
didn't move her body until she heard the barks again. She pushed herself
against the wall and more scared than before.

"What? You killed yourself." The old man's voice shouted.

The dog kept barking and that made Gorilla's angry. They all went to that
side of cage and all answered Axe with some horrible moves and voices.

"She is not here. You see these boys here." The old man said.

"Lets go." He said and his voice went far.

Chyna let out the breath which she kept in her chest for a minute. Then
she saw the gorillas gathered around her. She was so scared and full of
sweat. She heard that gorillas are the most stupid animals in the earth. She
heard that if she act like them no gorilla will attack her.

Then the former WWF Woman's Champion started to act like a gorilla. She
stared at them and sat like them. She did all the things they were doing
until some of them left her. There was a younger one which was half the size
of others. Two others were a little bigger than Brown and one of them was
so huge. He was the leader of the gorillas.

Chyna felt she had their complete trust. When they came around her she
was comfortable. She knew they had accepted her. She wasn't sure of her
status in the group, but none of them seemed to see her as a rival. The most
rewarding experience so far was the Alpha male.

Chyna sat casually in the cage as the gorillas emerged from the fake
trees. The Alpha male gave his signal to the others that this would be the
time for food.

"Does he think that is why I am here?" wondered Chyna.

She needed a chance to run out of the door. She was staring at the Gorilla
which sat next to door. She acted like she is looking for bugs. Chyna was
rewarded by the alpha male coming closer.

"Maybe he thinks I've found a good spot" thought Chyna rapidly and with
fear acted like she dropped the bug.

Chyna felt the gorillas arm come to rest lightly on her back. This was
behavior she had not heard that the gorillas and wondered what it signified.
He was powerful and strong. Probably he could break her back with one blow.
Her heart started to beat rapidly.

The alpha Gorilla pulled her towards him, away from her 'food'. She
toppled against him and found herself pinned under his huge arm. She gasped
in fear and started to breath faster and faster. With his other hand he
tarted to paw at her white shirt. Chyna was unsure what he was trying to
indicate or trying to do. She had some shiny buttons on her shirt where
gorilla was pawing, so she ripped them off and handed them to him but it
didn't seem to satisfy him and after tasting them with his tongue he simply
swallowed them.

"What the hell does he want?" thought Chyna.

Wracking her brains whited chest gorilla continued pawing at her shirt so
she undid the buttons on that too until her bare midriff was exposed. This
seemed to satisfy Barney. He grunted and sniffed at her bare, sweating skin.
He went closer and Chyna pulled her stomach inside. He even tasting it with
his rough tongue.

Chyna was very excited and scared. She tried to remember everything in the
journals. The big gorilla moved his head higher and sniffed and touched her
breasts gently.

"Ohh My God... He might wanna have sex with me!" Chyna gasped.

The alpha male started to bite her shirt, like he wanted to rip it off.
It was too dangerous and The 9th Wonder Of The World was aware of it. She
striped her white sweaty shirt and quickly then she unhooked her bra strap
to let her breasts swing free. Her rounded breasts made the gorilla grunt.
Chyna sure realized that he certainly interested. He came closer.

"God...What Am I done.." Chyna gasped in fear.

He rubbed them gently with the back of his knuckle. Then lifting them and
letting them fall. Chyna was shivering. He seemed unsatisfied though, and
started pawing again, this time between her muscular legs. The gorilla was
unsure about what she was and continued for more knowledge. Chyna had to wait
there. She couldn't move as the result of his massive arm on her shoulder.

The gorilla started to bit her skirt. Despite his arm still pinning her
she was able to kick off her boots with her feet and ease down the jungle
pants she was wearing. The gorilla looked on with curiosity. and pawed her
hips a little more. When she had manage to get her pants off, it was a simple
matter of slipping her panties down to let the gorilla see her.

The gorilla went closer and pawed her legs. She opened her legs. The
white chested animal now used his sense of smell to try and figure out what
she was. He bent his head down and at the same time cupped one powerful hand
under her bottom and lifted her hips towards his face with no more effort
than if she was a doll. Chyna scared even more. He sniffed at her vagina,
Chyna bit her lip at the sensation as his nose brushed her sensitive parts.
Next he put out his tongue to taste her. Captive as she was, Chyna could not
pull away from the probing of the rough tongue.

Eventually, seemingly satisfied, Gorilla put her down again. Chyna
breathed again for what seemed the first time in minutes. She did not relax
for long, and even she was scared more. Now she was laying down in front of
a Gorilla.

"How things will get worse. I had bad luck all over this week." She said
to herself.

However, things would get worse for female amazon. In putting her down she
had brushed against something long and hard; the Gorilla's penis was erect.
Chyna started thinking fast.

"The gorilla's penis is enormous, the size of her forearm and fist - if he
mounted me he would surely rupture my insides, let alone crush me with his
weight. I have only one alternative. To somehow relieve him outside of my
body." Chyna thought.

Chyna had never did the blow job for anyone except Triple H. But she was
always aware of The Game too. This time she would be blowing for her life.
She slowly went down on all fours in front of the gorilla and stretched out
her hand to his enormous penis. Gently, very gently, she held it in her hand
and started to stroke it. Barney was suspicious at first, but her hands were
gentle and soft and when he realized she would not hurt his vital member he
appeared to relax a little. Encouraged she drew closer and, staying in what
she hoped was a submissive position, positioned her mouth close to the head
of his giant penis.

She looked at his black and ugly penis. It was disgusting but she thought
a little bit. She knew she deserve nothing more than that. She believed that
she is one proud bitch. She lost every thing she built in past years just for
her proudness. She came closer to suck on it. But he stepped back. She
realized if she tried to put her mouth on it he might think she was going to
bite, so she waited for his first curious thrust. After some minutes of
continuous gentle stroking and waiting with her mouth open, she was rewarded
by the first probe of his cock on her lips. She closed her eyes in fear and

The black long cock's head rested on her lower lip. Meanwhile Chyna
realized she had to do it and there is no way to stop. She had to enjoy it
so kept her eyes shut and consider the cock as a human's penis. Chyna licked
them to make them moist then gently moved her tongue to make the head of his
penis wet. The taste was, as she expected, foul, but she grimly stayed at her
task, growing bolder as Gorilla seemed to relax at the treatment.

Blowing the gorilla, making her movements bolder and bolder until she was
licking up and down his shaft, Chyna felt for his testicles and cupped them
gently in her palm. He was definitely full and she could feel them beginning
to tense. Chyna realized to her disgust that to complete the illusion and
satisfy gorilla she could not allow his semen to spill all over the ground.
She would have to swallow it.

"No way... I would not swallow a Gorilla's cum." Chyna thought.

An average male gorilla could hold almost half a pint of semen and he was
no exception. She stretched her mouth as wide as it would go across the head
of gorilla's penis and gave the shaft a vigorous rub and the balls a squeeze.
She was rewarded with a powerful gush of semen against the back of her

"UUUgghhh....Shit." Chyna gagged.

Fighting her gag reflex she bravely swallowed mouthful after mouthful of
the thick, hot, salty cum. Only a few stray streams emerged from her mouth to
run down her sweating body. After what seemed like ages, Whited chest relaxed
and pulled away from her, satisfied. Chyna almost collapsed with relief from
the tension of the last few minutes. Her stomach felt heavy from the thick
cum she had swallowed. She felt drowsy and lay back, naked...

Chyna moaned in her sleep until she got up. She felt something playing
with her clit. That was so good for her until she saw it was another gorilla
who is eating her out. She started to sweat again. Even she wanted to pull
away her legs and get up the Gorilla pinned her down by putting a hand on her

"Shit... What the fuck he doing.. It has no pleasure for him!" Chyna said.

Chyna felt a wet and rough thing went up and Dow of her back. She looked
at her shoulder and saw another big gorilla was licking her back. Her heart
pounding so bad. She licked to licked out all over of her body but not by
gorillas. The wet tongue went deep into her cunt and moved around. It drove
her crazy. Even the Gorilla was grunting. That made the other Gorilla to come
front and lick the same place the first Gorilla was licking.

Chyna couldn't hold herself and drop her hands down and collapsed down.
She grabbed her own hair and moaned so loud. She wasn't aware of the man and
his dog. She came with huge reaction that both gorillas scared at the way her
come split to their faces. When Chyna relaxed The first Gorilla sat on her
chest. Chyna gasped and asked for breath. He was so heavy. She only could
compare him to Mark Henry who once powerslamed her on the ground.

The gorilla's cock was erect and was tingling to her neck. It wasn't as
big as the dick she sucked. She had to take him off from herself and the only
way was to make him relax. Chyna came closer and placed his cock in her
mouth. It was even more disgusting. The white chested didn't used to fuck
female gorillas but this one did. She could feel the female's pussy too. She
was gagging and wanted to puke. She grabbed her own big melons and pressed
the together. The beast never titfucked before and that was so exciting for
him. He was fucking tit and mouth of the best selling playmate in history.

Chyna felt so much heat on her chest. The animal's cock was rough like his
body and really hurt The 9th Wonder Of The World. Chyna's mid-tit was sore
and red. Finally she met his huge load of cum in her throat. The gorilla had
hurry and got up and with some weird sounds left her. That was a chance for
her and she spit that stinky cum away.

Chyna got around and spit all of it and with her fingers tried to clean
her mouth.

Every human would get horny when they see a naked body like Chyna. No one
can blame gorillas. Chyna didn't notice that other 3 Gorilla's didn't come
yet and she is now on all fours trying to spit cum. Chyna's back was to The
Licker gorilla. Her buttocks faced him. This was the classic gorilla
'submission' position, even male gorillas adopted this position when they
were about to lose a fight to a more dominant male. The signal of the naked,
exposed buttocks changed the animal's behavior from anger to lust and even
a male gorilla would prefer to be fucked than risk death.

As Chyna was crouched on all fours, naked on the ground, surrounded by the
gorilla troupe, she looked all around. 3 massive gorilla's were staring at
her. She wondered whether she could really handle them after received a dick
in mouth and another between her tits. The Licker one came to her behind. She
couldn't see him and scared to turn around or move. She only could feel the
beast's breath between her legs. Then she felt his nosed pressed between her
legs. She gasped and with fear parted her legs slightly further....

Suddenly the gorilla stopped. Discretely, she turned her head and saw that
he was now standing upright, his huge penis was fully erect and dripping
clear fluid from the head. The sight put her into a cold sweat. Chyna had
never been in that situation but since she was a smart lady she found an idea
in the hurry to convince herself.

"He is not as big as the 2 others... I think I can handle that." Chyna

Chyna faced forward again and swallowed hard as she sensed the gorilla
moving closer...

Seconds later she felt gorilla's hot breath on her back as he closed the
final inches between them. In spite of herself, she nearly shrieked when she
felt his leathery hands on her buttocks. The big monster lifted her with
ease, and she found her posterior raised high, with just her hands supporting
her in a kind of wheel barrow position as Gorilla's broad flat nose sniffled
at her sex. There were many differences from a female gorilla to cause him to
hesitate. As she felt his's rough tongue tentatively probe her vagina, she
could no longer resist moaning with the obscene pleasure of the act. Being
held almost upside down by the giant beast, Chyna could see beast's groin
through her parted legs; his giant phallus was fully erect and twitched with

Gorilla dropped her hips to waist height and she realized he was satisfied
with her scent and was about to mount her. Chyna flinched as the hot glans of
his's erection pushed into the softness of her thoroughly soaking vagina; but
this went unnoticed by the giant beast as his organ thrust deep into her
body. Chyna nearly passed out as he pushed into her deeper than she thought
possible she grunted involuntarily as breath was forced from her lungs by the
power of his action. The sheer girth of his penis stretched her to the very
limit, and this brought her clitoris into hard contact with the shaft.
Gorilla was obviously very satisfied with the tightness of her human vagina
and, gripping her hips tightly, began to thrust his dirty black cock, back
and forth. His massive weight was behind these thrusts, and he shook The 9th
Wonder Of The World like a doll. She was so much lighter than a female
gorilla, he was almost using her as a some sort of a masturbatory toy as he
pumped in and out of her. Bestial grunts escaped from both of them, from
Gorilla with the sheer feeling of Chyna's tight cunt around his cock and from
Chyna from the sheer brutal force of his movement.

Chyna knew that gorilla did not mate for long, so she should hang on a
little more. She knew he would be ready to cum soon and already the tempo of
intense pounding was increasing, and his grunting becoming faster. Chyna was
dimly aware that some of the lesser, Beta males had gathered around and were
watching her fuck. She was not concerned as this was not uncommon. She didn't
know that if a gorilla ever lost interest half way through mating, one of the
others would mount the aroused female and finish the job.

With some unexpected hard thrust that forced Chyna to scream, The gorilla
came. The sheer force of the gush from the end of his cock was like someone
turning on a hose inside her. The sensation of triumph brought on her own
orgasm for the second time by a gorilla. The feeling of pleasure and pain was
so intense that she nearly passed out. Almost as suddenly as it began it
finished. Gorilla withdrew and ambled away on all fours as if nothing had
happened. Chyna felt as if some physical part of her had been wrenched away.
Gorilla's cum gushed from her hot depths, soaking her thighs as she knelt,
shaking, on all fours.

Chyna was aware that, even after the operation to allow Gorilla's bestial
lust to be satisfied, the sheer strength of his assault was probably the
limit of what her frail body could withstand. She wondered if any of her
bones had been broken and yet she could not feel any part of her body except
her aching, empty cunt. She was covered with sweat which now began to chill
her in the cool morning air.

Chyna shivered and wondered if she could even stand up. Gorilla's behavior
was what she had expected, The gorillas were never intimate after mating, yet
she wished he had shown at least some small sign of care for her following
the violent session. She realized that to him she was nothing special after

"To him too, I am a proud bitch." Chyna said. A tear dripped from her
eye and rolled down her cheek, but she wiped it away, determined to stay

Just as Chyna tested her legs to see if she could walk, she felt a bump
against her buttocks; one of the Beta males that had watched their mating had
ambled over and was sniffing her behind. Chyna froze. Normally a Beta would
not mount a female who had just been mated with unless the male lost interest

"No I can't handle another one..." Chyna thought.

Chyna waited for the Beta to realize that the other gorilla had cum inside
her pussy; the evidence was now dripping down her legs. However, the signals
that she was giving out seemed to be confusing them. Two other Betas were now
gathering round her and drawing closer, sniffing her cautiously.

Chyna realized there was little she could do. Normally after mating a
female would also amble away, but Chyna was not sure she could move without
collapsing. Her exposed buttocks and smell seemed to be exciting the Beta
males. Nervously wiping a strand of hair from her face she saw that they had
all become erect. Chyna was not sure whether she could take another gorilla
inside her and there were at least two males now gathering.

Soon events were beyond her control as the first Beta seized her buttocks
and thrust himself inside her. She let out a gasp, This time it had no
pleasure. She raped by the Gorilla for few minutes. Back and forth, the
Gorilla drived his fully erect massive shaft inside her pretty famous pussy.
The other became excited by this and tried to pull Chyna away from him.
Meanwhile she realized that trouble will repeat, she saw the white chested
gorilla, the alpha male, come closer to see what his fellows wanna do to
their sex slave.

Chyna felt herself grabbed by furry arms and rough, leathery hands. She
was surrounded by the 2 shrieking and excited males. Their erect cocks banged
against her and they all tried to rub themselves against her in a mockery of
love making. Chyna grabbed the alpha male's cock and placed it in her mouth.
She really didn't want him to rip her pussy apart. She was stroking and
sucking at his cock. That made the other gorilla jealous. He was walking
around Chyna so nervous and pushed his big cock to any part of her body. She
felt his cock pressed at her big breast and neck. She was pulled and shoved
until she thought she would be crushed. Two big nasty cocks were assaulting
her mouth and pussy.

The horny gorilla was so excited and really wanted a piece of Chyna to
fuck. As he was fucking her entire body he placed his cock on her back and
all of the sudden he came, showering Chyna's hair and back and entire body
with his cum. Chyna was terrified. She had never seen behavior like this and
despite the imminent danger of being killed, tried to think what she had done
to cause this.

She realized that the alpha male was ready to shoot another load of cum
in her throat. She pulled her head back and didn't want any part of his cum
again, but she felt the blast of cum right in her face. She was shocked and
gasped. With that gasp lots of semens went in her mouth. The excited Gorilla
was no more excited and after Chyna felt her pussy filled by another shot of
animal cum the angry Gorilla took his revenge.

That Gorilla bit her arm. The sharp pain made her shriek out, but her cry
was lost beneath the grunting and snorting of the frenzied pack. It was then
that Chyna knew that she was dead. Once the gorillas smelled blood and
realized she was injured they would simply tear her to pieces and eat her.
The terror left her and the calm acceptance of her fate descended.

When all the gorillas surrounded her she heard a bang. The gorillas ran
away and hid as Chyna collapsed on the canvas. Then she felt someone carry
her out of cage and she pass out.

After hours of sleeping she got up in a small room that a old lady sat
next to the door of it.

"Don't be scared... You will be safe and you can go." The woman said.

"How long have I slept?" Chyna asked and search for something with her
dazed eyes.

"About 6 hours." The lady said.

"Ohh...Thank you ma'am. I will never forget your favor." Chyna said and
got up and started to wear her dress. She felt sore between her legs but she
was clean of gorilla cum.

"Hey girl...The next time you want to have se...." Lady said but Chyna
interrupted her.

"Thanks madam but I didn't wanna do that. But I know what you call me in
your mind." Chyna said.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing." Chyna said and thanked her and went outside.

"Proud bitch." Old lady said and closed the door.

Chyna slowly went home. She had no energy to walk fast. She went to the
apartment and opened the door and went inside.

"Where were you?" a familiar voice turned her attention.

"Hunter?" Chyna said in shock.

"I was worried... Where were you?" Triple H replied.

She couldn't talk, It all started for him and all previewed in front of
her eyes. She exploded in cry and went to her room and closed the door and
started to cry loud.

"Chyna! Open the door." Triple H said but Chyna was still crying.

"Listen! I've been here since last night. I came to say I am sorry about
what I said." Triple H said.

"You have no idea how I felt since last night." Chyna cried.

"Please open the door. I am here for you. Baby?" Triple H started to tease
her the way she liked.

"Open the door... I wanna hug you...Baby..." Triple H said with kind

Chyna slowly opened the door and looked straight to his eyes. She loved
him much more than ever. After how animals treat to her with no sign of
appreciation after that she promised never go to zoo. He was always thankful
after sex and that made her smile. They hugged tight, Chyna was in the place
of safely but it took time to recover. They kissed and watched TV until
night. Chyna asked him to go to bed and she will join him later. She checked
her arm's scare and wearied her night gown and went to bed next to him. She
wished no sex and after few minutes found Triple H slept.

"You have no idea how much I am proud to be with you." Chyna whisped in
his ear and slept.

That night she dreamt of Gorillas. Dreamt of The Whited Chest, Alpha male
coming at her again, but this time entering his cock in her sore pussy. She
awoke sweating, her bed soaking. For the first time since a young woman she
used her fingers to bring relief. The terror of the day gave way to an
overwhelming sexual urge - she had survived, she was alive. Chyna slept in a
vest and panties and now she rolled the panties down her thighs, exposing the
shaven pussy in the moonlight that spilled into the bed. Trembling with
pleasure she gently touched her already hard and sore clitoris then began to
rub. Using the heel of her hand against her pelvis, she used the palm to
brush against her clit in a circular motion. Her fingers pulled at her lips
as they passed and her already moist vagina began to leak. Her other hand
slid under her vest and cupped her breast while her fingers tugged at her
nipples. There was no reason to fantasize now, the sheer physical pleasure
was enough. The orgasm was tremendous. She fell asleep almost immediately.

As she slept again she dreamt again. This time Triple H was a with gorilla
and Chyna was being suckled by him...

"Ohh.. Hunter...Ohhh.. Don't enter me please..." Chyna moaned.

As she lay, gently rubbing herself again, In her dream she was gangbanged
in both holes. She knew she couldn't take Gorilla's penis inside her anus. He
really was bigger than her fist and forearm. She got up from the dream and
started to finger herself badly.

"OHHHH...Godd...Oahhh." Chyna moaned so loud.

"What made you do this?" Triple H said.

Chyna noticed he was sitting next to her. She wanted to stop but she
couldn't. She peeled off the soaking panties then knelt up in the bed, with
her thighs parted. Reaching first in front, then behind herself, she tried
to penetrate herself with her clenched fist. It was difficult, not only
because of the size and shape of her fist, but because she was not supple
enough to reach much beyond the opening of her vagina. There was nothing
else in their bed that was suitable, so she lay on her back and tried again.
This time she uncurled her fingers and slipped them in to her vagina. By
pushing and thrusting with her hips she was able to slip in four fingers
almost to the knuckles inside. But it was no good, her vagina was just not
big enough.

Chyna was horny but couldn't satisfy herself. Triple H looked at her
moving in the bed. He crawled to her and whisped in her ear.

"Trouble with coming?" He said.

"Yeah....So bad." She answered.

Triple H smirked and took off his shorts and laid on top of her. She
grabbed his member with the lust he never saw her with. She wanted to pull
his cock inside herself but she stopped.

"Fuck...If I let him banging my pussy he will realize what I did today."
Chyna thoughts.

Triple H wanted to enter her that she pushed him away. He looked at her in
anger and wonder. Chyna needed to satisfy his man more than Gorillas. She
turned around and positioned herself on hands and knees. She spent most of
her day in that position. The Game smiled and grabbed her thights. He wanted
to insert in her pussy but Chyna lead his cock in her anus.

"What are you doing?" Triple H said.

"Just Want to have you there." Chyna smirked.

"But its painful for beginning." He said.

"It take more time to satisfy both of us...Hurry!" Chyna said and grabbed
the edge of bed.

Triple H shoved his cock in her anus. It was tight and Chyna felt the same
pressure she felt in morning. Anal was his style and after a few minutes of
wetting her asshole, He fucked her butt faster. His big balls was smacking at
her sore pussy and forced her to cum so fast. With that He placed his hand
between her legs and lead her juices up and around her asshole. Now he could
fuck her back-box harder. She placed her hands on her breasts and put her
head on white pillow. She was enjoying his sex. Her moans buried alive in the
pillow until she felt another orgasm.

"Ohh Hunter... You feel sooo Good." Chyna moaned.

The game continued to bone his proud bitch and she kept coming on the bed
until he felt he has no way to return.

"Chynaaa.....I am coming." He shouted.

Chyna didn't say anything and wait until she felt his load in her
back-box. She wanted him to come in her pussy but she didn't want his cum get
dirty there. She really didn't deserve herself for humans. After seconds she
felt his weight on top of herself. He went asleep on top of her but she cried
for hours. She decided to go to doctor for check up and medicines, She
thought about keeping Hunter close to herself.

"What are you thinking? Sleep!" The sleepy Game said.

"Thinking about how much I am proud of myself." She said so low and slept.

The End.....

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