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The Queen's Mercy
by Cole Galbraith

The WWE Womens Championship is on the line between Sasha Banks and Charlotte at WWE Roadblock end of the line. In the thirty minute Iron Women Match it is tied at 3 falls a piece, Charlotte is locked inside the Banks statement with 39 seconds left in the match. Charlotte reaches the ropes and breaks the hold. Dana jumps on the apron to distract Sasha but Charlotte ends up accidently knocking Dana off the apron after trying to take out sasha. Sasha rolls up Charlotte and pins her for the three as time expires. Sasha celebrates as Charlotte is furious in the ring.

After the match Charlotte is fuming backstage throwing chairs and gear around her locker room until Dana walks in.

"What the fuck were you doing out there Dana you fucking cost me my title and my undefeated ppv streak!" Charlotte yelled.

"I was trying to help you Charlotte, Sasha was going to beat you again so I thought I would help you out!" Dana replied.

"Dana you are going to pay for costing me the title tonight." Charlotte responded. Charlotte then threw Dana face first into the lockers and gave her a natural selection on the concrete floor.

25 minutes later

Dana wakes up to find her arms and legs tied to a bed post as she is naked in a hotel room. She hears noise from the bathroom and then sees Charlotte come out in a black bra and matching lacy panties. Dana was concerned about her current situation but couldn't help getting wet at the site of the gorgeous queen.

"Finally awake I see," Charlotte says. "So Dana I am going to get retribution for you costing me the title tonight and make the feel the pain I felt."

"Please Charlotte I'm sorry!." Dana responds. Charlotte slaps her hard across the face.

"You don't talk unless I ask you to talk. Got that bitch?" Charlotte barked. Dana nodded.

Charlotte pulls out of her gear bag a 12 inch black strapon dildo. Dana whimpers as Charlotte removes her panties and rips her bra off revealing Dana's huge tits.

"I need to taste those." Charlotte said as she sucks on Dana's tits. She then kisses her way down to Dana's soaking wet pussy.

"Someone is excited isn't she?" Charlotte smirked.

"Yes my queen." Dana responds.

Charlotte begins licking Dana's clit furiously as Dana moans loudly. She swirls her tongue deep in her prot‚g‚'s hot cunt as she sticks two fingers in.

She's now bobbing her head up and down on Dana's wet pussy as Dana gets closer and closer to cumming.

"I'm sooo close my queen." Dana remarks.

Charlotte laps her tongue around the pussy with such velocity that Dana begins squirting all over the Queen's face.

"Taste your pussy juices." Charlotte says as she crawls up to Dana and makes out with her passionately.

"Now I will fuck your ass raw!" Charlotte says.

She puts on the 12 inch black strapon and slowly inserts it into Dana's tight asshole. Charlotte starts slow at first but then picks up speed and viciousness as she hears Dana screaming in pleasure.

"You like me fucking your ass with my cock you slut!" Charlotte barked.

"Yes my queen I love it!" Dana responds. Charlotte fucks her ass so hard that blood starts to come out as Dana screams in pain. Charlotte pulls her strapon out of Dana's ass and smirks.

"Now you will lick the Queens pussy." Charlotte ordered as she took off her panties and climbed onto Dana's face.

Dana kissed and locked her mentor's pussy rapidly as Charlotte moaned in pleasure. Dana smacked Charlotte's perfectly round ass as she continued licking the cunt of the queen. Charlotte got into the 69 position with Dana and began eating out her prot‚g‚'s hot cunt.

"Oh god Queen Charlotte you're so amazing." Dana exclaimed as she lapped her tongue around the royal pussy.

Charlotte was getting close to cumming so she said.

"Dana you slut I want you to swallow all my queen cum!"

"Yes my queen!" Dana responded muffled under Charlotte's pussy.

Dana lucked furiously until the queen shot a huge load of her pussy juice down Dana's mouth. Dana swallowed it like she was told and showed Charlotte it was all gone.

"Good little slut." Charlotte said with smile. She untied Dana and they kissed passionately until they heard someone and they turned and saw Becky Lynch standing there at the doorway in shock.

What will Becky do?


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