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Featuring: Daffney (TNA/SHIMMER), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown), CM Punk (WWE

The Quest For Greatness Part 1: Daffney
A TNA/WWE crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with a lavish, well decorated room and WWE
Superstar John Morrison relaxing clad in only his expensive looking ring
pants, relaxing with legs spread on a leather couch and doing nothing to hide
the sizeable bulge in his pants and his incredibly well defined chest and
stomach muscles.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the first in a long series as I venture on my
own personal Quest for Greatness. Having finally rid myself of that annoyance
known as The Miz, I can now dedicate myself to my own career and to proving
why I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness..."

"And the guy who's going to bore the Fan Nation to death with all your
catchphrases." A voice off camera says. Panning over we see another handsome
Superstar and multi-time World Champion CM Punk, clad in jeans and his own
merchandise T-shirt. "What the hell does a "Quest for Greatness" mean

"If you'll kindly remain silent while I continue my well thought out and
perfected speech, you may learn something." Morrison coolly replies without
even looking at him. "Everyone knows that the Divas of the WWE are some of
the sexiest on TV, but there is a difference between being sexy and being
good at sex. Something that I know a lot about. This quest will look to Divas
and the women of other promotions both sports entertainment and independent
to see which woman just look the look, and which can actually fuck the fuck."

Morrison motions over to Punk. "I had planned to do this entire Quest by
myself, but some website leaked the star of this episode out and CM Punk has
insisted he be a part of this episode. Clearly jealous that I would be
inducting a former girlfriend of his as a new follower into the Palace of

"Bull shit!" Punk slightly snaps. "Things just didn't work out. Besides, I've
heard she's changed over the years and I'm just curious to see if she's
"improved" over the time since we were together."

"As I said, he wants to fuck his ex again and couldn't handle another guy
doing it. So allow me to introduce a familiar face to those who remember the
final year of WCW, and fans of independent wrestling promotions such as
SHIMMER. Oh, and she's a TNA Knockout but you should be ashamed of yourself
if you watch that. Please welcome, former WCW Cruiserweight Champion,

Walking into shot, throwing up rock and roll "horns" on her hands is member
of the TNA Knockouts roster, star of the all-female SHIMMER promotion, and
cult favourite in WCW, Daffney. The Scream Queen is clad in ring attire for
her independent shows - black pants with a design of an evil "skull" green
ice cream cone on the sides that hugs nicely to her shapely hips and ass, and
a black top with "I SCREAM" written over her large, nicely rounded chest. She
smiles with dark green lipstick covered lips and lightly raises an eyebrow at
her former real life boyfriend Punk, showing off the dark green eye shadow
around her eyes. She takes a seat on the couch next to Morrison, putting him
between her and Punk.

John unashamedly checks out the busty Knockout. "Welcome to the Quest for
Greatness Daffney. It must be quite a culture shock to be in the presence of
real wrestling talent for once."

Daffney wags a finger at Morrison. "Hey, don't get me in more trouble than I
might be already buster. I thought we were here to fuck a little, not throw
insults." She looks over to Punk. "And what's with Cookie Monster Punk over

"That's not what the CM stands for." Punk quickly defends himself. "And is it
wrong I want to see and old "buddy" after a few years?" He takes a long look
at her chest. "Looks like you've "blossomed" over time by the looks of

She laughs. "And they've been worth every penny. I guess you're here because
you realised what you've been missing out on since Lucy Furr was in ROH?" She

"Well how about you show me exactly what he's missing?" Morrison challenges,
although it might be to stop the arguing and get onto the good stuff, not so
subtly undoing his belt to indicate what he's meaning.

Looking down, Daffney smirks. "Depends what you've got for me there." She
teases, a little coy glance over to Punk before she gets up off the couch,
moving around to lower herself in front John.

"It'll make you forget about any fines..." He says with a hint of cockiness
as he lowers his pants down, showing not only does he have no boxers on but
that what he's packing is a hardening, thick over foot long cock.

The original Scream Queen's eyes widen and she lets out a gasp. "Oh WOW!" She
exclaims in her infamous high-pitched voice as she takes his tool in her soft
hand. "This IS going to be fun!" The dark haired beauty starts to slowly
stroke him, slightly squeezing the shaft which is quickly getting erect from
her touch. With wide, excited and mischievous eyes taking in the sight of his
fully hard cock, she parts her lips and flicks out her very long tongue,
lapping away at his cock head as if it was an ice cream.

Morrison smirks, parting his legs more and letting out a little moan as he
enjoys her tongue swirling expertly all around his bell end, dabbing a light
coating of saliva over him. She smiles, lowering her head down so she can
devilishly give his dick a long lick on the underside all the way from the
balls up to the very tip where she swirls it all around once again.

The TNA Knockout and star of SHIMMER brushes her hair back, looking up at
John with a seductive grin before opening her mouth to it's widest, so she
can impressively lower her head down onto his cock smoothly. Her dark green
and soft lips press against his tool as they drag down to well over half way
before she rises back upward, a slight moan muffled around the dick in her
mouth as she keeps the top inside. Morrison moans as he feels her tongue bat
against him as he's encased in her infamous mouth. Putting her hands on his
thighs, she goes to work by starting the motion of lowering her head down to
take an impressive amount of him inside her before effortlessly bringing
herself all the up to the top and repeating the motion. Her eyes close as she
focuses on showing off her sexual skill, sucking the stud from SmackDown
deeply and with the occasional flick of her tongue on the underside of his
shaft as she travels along it. He smiles, enjoying sight of the former WCW
star bobbing her head on his long cock as much as the actual feeling. He
reaches down and puts a hand on her head, lightly holding her as she blows
him. She looks up, smiling around his cock and playfully pressing her teeth
against it which makes him gasp slightly in surprise before she makes it all
better by giving the bell end a firm licking around before going back to
sucking away deeply.

"Mmmm... Daffney certainly can use her mouth in more ways than one..."
Morrison "compliments" her as she keeps her head down at half way, slightly
jerking her head back and forth around the middle to blow him, occasionally
moaning around him as she's turned on by blowing a man who works for a rival

"It does look like Daff's gotten lots of practice in since ROH." Punk says,
watching with interest and keeping himself busy by undoing his jeans,
planning on getting involved with the action.

"Sounds like... Ah... Jealousy to me..." John states, distracted as would
anyone by Daffney dropping her head completely down on his shaft, her chin
just touching his balls as she deep throats him. She keeps herself down on
him for a moment, strongly sucking with her lips like it was a Popsicle she
was tasting. She then goes back to moving her head like an elevator, going
right up to the head of his tool before smoothly and quickly travelling back
down. His dick is now generously coated with her saliva thanks to her
pleasurable oral efforts, and the sexy, happy female wrestler doesn't seem to
be showing any signs of tiredness or stopping which neither she nor John
would complain about.

"I have nothing to be jealous of." CM Punk states with a smirk, kicking his
boxers away as he's stripped off to leave him naked with his tattoo-covered,
muscular body on full display and most of all his meaty, twelve inch cock
standing erect.

Looking over out of the corner of her eye, Daffney smirks as she spies Punk's
dick. She slows her motions down until she pulls herself off from John's tool
with a loud and sexy "pop" sound, saliva slightly dripping from her lips
while Morrison sighs a little in disappointment from her stopping blowing

"I remember that..." The Scream Queen says with a giggle as she moves along
in front of the couch to in front of her former real life boyfriend, wasting
no time in lowing her head down and lashing her tongue out all around the tip
of his cock.

"I could say the same thing." Punk coolly replies, trying not to let the fact
he is loving being able to get another shot at fucking her again be known.
It's not easy as she's going straight to work, mouth open so she can lower
herself and let inch by inch of the Straight Edge Superstar's dick enter her
wet, experienced mouth. They both moan a little as she gets well over half of
him inside before she brings her head back upward slowly, letting him get a
good feel of her lovely lips as they work over him.

The Guru of Greatness stands up, wiping a little bit of sweat off from his
forehead as he moves around behind Daffney as she blows Punk. He kneels down
and puts his hands on her shapely, juicy ass, squeezing her cheeks through
the material of her black ring gear for a moment. Feeling this, she shifts
her body so that she's almost in a hands and knees position but with her
hands on Punk's thighs as she continues to suck him off. With a smirk,
Morrison reaches and begins to pull her pants down her thighs and legs, fully
exposing her well rounded butt and her nicely shaved and already slightly
damp pussy. Just leaving her clothing down by her knees so she's only able to
slightly spread her legs, he grips his shaft and with the other hand
spreading her ass cheek to the side he pushes it into her snatch. John moans
as he feels her very tight pussy all around his thick manhood, and even more
pleasurable is the fact he's able to force his whole shaft into her right
until his ball sack is touching her skin.

Daffney groans as she feels John's hands hold onto her waist as he starts to
pump into her, moving his hips back to pull his cock half way out before
sending them sharply forward to smack skin into skin and send his length all
the way inside her. He's already getting into a steady motion of pulling a
little out and then going right back in, the seductive sound of skin meeting
skin being clearly heard as fucks the pussy of the curvy and attractive TNA
Knockout. She moans, closing her eyes as she meets his thrusts by pushing her
ass back against him, making his shaft go deeper inside her tight hole and it
makes the pleasure even better for both of them. Daffney's rocking back and
forth is also causing her to go down deeper onto Punk, taking him fully
inside her mouth to impressively handle his thick, long cock. The two time
Money in the Bank winner moans as she deep throats him with pornstar like
ease, her dark green-covered lips tight wrapped the cock of the man she used
to manage years ago in ROH. She moans around his dick, occasionally flicking
her tongue out at his length as she bobs quickly and smoothly up and down on
him. He reaches forward, brushing her long dark hair out of the way so he
can fully she her goes to work on him, which makes her look up seductively at
the Chicago native with a smirk, slowly dragging her head all the way up and
off so she can swat her tongue all over and around the nicely sized bell end.

The Straightedge stud moans as he feels his cock being swallowed up deeply by
the soothing, wet mouth of the former cult favourite of WCW. He remembers
that she loved to show off that she could do other things with her mouth
other than her trademark screams, but he didn't remember her being this good
at it. Daffney is handling his massive, thick tool with ease, smoothly
dropping her head right down and moaning around his cock when she reaches the
base, before rising back up without a single sign of gagging or a rough
movement. Even the fact her head is slightly pushing forward towards Punk and
back because of her body rocking back against Morrison as he slams into her
tight pussy isn't putting her off her work. With his dick already nicely
covered with her saliva, he decides not to let her do everything so he begins
to move his hips upward, sending his dick deeper into her oral hole which
catches her off guard for a moment as she groans, closing her eyes. But this
only makes her work harder, her movements going faster and shorter as she
just moves her lovely lips over the top few inches and Punk is moving the
rest in and out of her with his thrusts. He moans louder as he feels the top
of his cock touching the back of her mouth, the amazing feeling of her cock
sucking blowing him away and making him regret that they're no longer a real
life item. He licks his lips, looking down at the raven-haired beauty who is
beginning to sweat as she works hard on both sucking off the huge cock in her
mouth and taking the even bigger one banging her from behind.

With his hands firmly holding onto the waist of the Knockout and independent
circuit starlet, John starts to increase the pace of his thrusts, a quick
pace that has his cock rapidly moving in and out of her and the sound of skin
meeting skin sexily echoing around the room. He's clearly enjoying fucking
one of the most famous and popular names in all of wrestling, and it's also
clear it's not easy work as sweat as formed all across his extremely well
defined chest and abdomen. Daffney raises her head up, letting out a very
loud moan as the cock fucking her wet, tight snatch feels better than it may
ever have. She flicks her tongue around Punk's cock, trying to pleasure them
both but it's not easy stuck between two young, hot and well hung superstars.
She looks back over her shoulder at Morrison, flashing her a seductive smile
before taking the dick back into her mouth, arching her body back a little
and letting him do all the work for a while, pumping in and out quickly and
smoothly over her pussy. Smirking, John brings his hand up and brings it back
down to spank her ass cheek as he fucks her. To his surprise it doesn't faze
her and she giggles around Punk's tool which causes the former World Champion
to moan. Morrison takes it as a challenge and uses his other hand to spank
the other cheek and again there seems to be no effect as she goes back to
deep throating while slightly pushing herself back to take the other cock
completely in her tightness.

"So you are a little bit freaky..." Morrison says as a sort of compliment as
he pulls his tool out of her, rubbing it against her pussy for a few moments
before he starts to stand up.

Lifting her head up Daffney smiles back at him. "What do you mean?!?" She
teases in her trademark high pitched voice.

Punk reaches down and helps her to get up before surprising her by pulling
her down onto his lap. "Let's show him how freaky you can get Daff'." He says
with a grin.

She doesn't get a chance to argue as Punk lifts her up slightly and then
lowers her wet pussy right down onto his thick, long, saliva-covered cock,
making her moan as inch by inch easily slips inside the tight hole. Once
she's completely down onto his shaft, she grins and starts to grind her
snatch against his crotch teasingly with a lick of her lips. Punk grins back,
reaching up to place his hands on her chest but she swats him away playfully.
Confused for a moment, he smiles again as she reaches down, pulling her top
off over her head and revealing her perfectly rounded and large enhanced
chest with nipples nice and hard pointing out. Unable to resist seeing her
improved tits for the first time he reaches up and grabs them, making her
moan as he toys with them before leaning in and starting to lick away at the
left breast, lashing his tongue all over the more than ample flesh before
circling all around the nipple, tapping the top of with his experienced
tongue. She groans, beginning to slightly bounce on his cock as she puts her
hands on the back of his heads, bringing him deeper against her tits. He
moans lightly as he feels her movements, moving his head over to work over
her other breast, greedily sucking on it as begins to ride his huge cock,
causing them both to moan in lusty pleasure.

Not to be left out, Morrison positions herself right behind Daffney, placing
his hands on her butt cheeks once again to spread them apart as he lines his
massive prick up with her asshole. Pressing the tip against it, he forcefully
pushes forward, forcing it into her super tight back passage which makes her
gasp and her eyes go wide. She groans in the mix of pain and pleasure as she
feels her asshole being forced open by the over foot long cock, the only
lubrication being her own pussy juices that coated his dick. John moans,
loving the feeling as he back door is even tighter than her pussy was and
he's not stopping as he forces inch by inch of his thick, impressive manhood
deep into her juicy behind. The original Scream Queen bites her bottom lip,
trying to adjust to having two huge pieces of man meat lodged deep inside her
that's a little painful but very enjoyable. She lips her hair back, looking
over her shoulder and gasps at what she sees. The Shaman of Sexy has gone
ball deep into her ass with ease and she can only moan as she realises that
she's now filled up with over twenty four inches of cock and the feeling is
almost too much to handle.

Morrison grins lustfully as he keeps her thick, round ass spread apart and
looks down to watch his shaft as he begins to pump it in and out of her ass.
He's not holding back, already going at a steady, quick pace that makes his
balls slightly smack into her skin. Daffney's mouth hangs slightly open,
gasping in between moans as it seems she's not used to being fucked quite
like this by men packing this kind of weaponry in their pants and taking her
in both lower holes. With her not moving herself any more, Punk takes it upon
himself to move his hips upward, thrusting into her soaking pussy with firm
movements that has skin slapping against skin with each pump into her. His
hands stay on her large tits, enjoying playing with them and their hardened
nipples with and occasional lick around each of them. Her tight pussy handles
the multi-time world champion's tool with ease as it travels in and out of
her, leaving it coated in her juices that trickle all the way down to cover
his crotch and balls to only enhance the pleasure he feels.

It's clear now all three have long forgotten the fact that they work in rival
companies as they sinfully engage in a double penetration threesome. The
sexy, sometimes dark and infamous screamer Daffney being the meat between a
WWE sandwich of the Guru of Greatness John Morrison who's fucking her juicy,
well rounded ass while the Straightedge Superstar and her former real life
boyfriend CM Punk fucks her tight and smoothly shaven pussy. All three are
moaning loudly and are sweating hard as they use all their energy and
strength to get the most out of this sexual three way. Daffney has long given
up on trying to move, more than happy to just take both huge dicks into her
snatch and back passage, her large tits bouncing as the pounding makes her
rock back and forth against both handsome wrestlers. She smiles, leaning back
slightly and catching Morrison's attention with a seductive look that in turn
makes him grin, leaning in to flick his tongue against her devilishly long
one as they make out and he shows great sexual prowess in not slowing down
his pounds into her tight asshole for a moment. Punk licks his lips, eyes
remaining on the hypnotic sight of her bouncing chest inches in front of him
as he holds her waist to keep her in place, allowing him to easily pump up
hard and fast into her only slightly less tight but extremely wet snatch.
Looking up and seeing his ex making out with a former rival in ECW makes him
slightly jealous so not to be outdone he leans his head in, taking a nipple
in and lightly biting down on it to make her groan but showing her freaky
side she just laughs it off, giving John a last lick on the lips before she
turns back down and playfully pats Punk on the head. Morrison brings her hand
up to firmly spank her ass, making her giggle slightly again as he fucks her
back passage at a hard and fast pace. As Punk lifts his head up he gets
surprised when she drags her tongue with a long, teasing lick across his lips
and piercing which makes him groan, before opening up his mouth as they begin
to make out deeply. Moaning into each other's mouths, Daffney starts to
bounce away on his tool, catching both guys off guard as they now have to
keep up and keep her somewhat steady to continue fucking her ass and pussy
hard like they have been as she starts to ride the thick, hard tool of Punk's
while taking Morrison's from behind.

Punk starts to moan lowly and deeply, head leaning back as he feels himself
approaching his peek, his thrusts getting very rapid and hard up into her,
only helped more by the fact she herself is riding him at an impressive pace.
John takes in plenty deep breaths, trying to hold himself off as much as
possible to not only enjoy pounding the behind of Daffney but to give her as
much pleasure as he can to prove just why he's the guru of greatness.
Speaking of the sexy Knockout, she's gone into her own world of pleasure,
head tilted back and moaning with her bounces on her former boyfriend from
years ago in their ROH days. Her soaking wet pussy suddenly gets extremely
tight, clamping right around the dick sliding in and out of her as she cums
hard, juices flooding out of her as she moans the loudest she has all during
this "interview". In turn Punk moans lowly, the pressure around his manhood
too much and he can't hold back so explodes inside her, streams of his spunk
shooting deep into her pussy to make her shiver and groan as she feels his
cum mix with hers. As they both ride out their sexual peaks, Morrison pulls
his throbbing cock out of her tightening asshole, patting it against her
sweat covered ass cheeks for a moment before stepping back, allowing the
other two enjoyment of their orgasms as they gradually slow down their
thrusts and bounces to finally come to a stop.

Daffney laughs again after catching her breath, drenched in sweat as she
plants a little kiss on Punk's lips before stepping off of him and letting
his now limp cock fall from her cum filled pussy. The Straightedge hunk just
sighs happily, managing to smile at his former girlfriend as she turns her
attention to Morrison and his still rock hard manhood. Smiling, she lowers
herself down and takes his shaft in her soft palm and starts to quickly jerk
him off, her hand working all over the bottom of his thick, long cock
smoothly. She leans her head down, opening her mouth and using her tongue to
lightly and teasingly lick the underside of the head of his cock, treating it
like an ice cream in an effort to bring him quickly to his peak and in the
process tasting a little of her own ass on her tongue. This of course works
to perfection as not even a stud like John Morrison can withstand this for
much longer, and he can't even warn her before he lets loose, a thick stream
of creamy, warm cum shooting out and splashng across her cheek and nose. She
pulls back slightly, continuing to stroke him as she aims the dick to her
mouth, collecting his spunk in her mouth and on her long tongue. He groans as
the last streams pump out, leaving the Scream Queen with a big mouthful of
his jizz and plenty on her tongue as well. Daffney lets go of his now
softening cock, looking to the camera with a sexily raised eyebrow and a
smile before pulling her tongue in to close her mouth and with a loud,
shameless gulp she easily swallows the whole load down in one go.

"Mmmm... Tasty!" Daffney says with a laugh, reaching up to scoop up the spunk
on her face on her finger before licking it clean.

"Fuck Daff', those TNA guys are lucky as hell to have you." CM Punk says,
running his hands through his dark, sweat soaked hair. "You can fuck like a
demon now!"

"Second that, there's definitely a place for you here if TNA lose their minds
and fire you." John Morrison agrees, wiping sweat off his forehead. "One
question... All this time, I thought you'd be a complete screamer in the
sack. You never let out a yell once..."

She smirks up at Morrison. "Oh, you mean like this?"

Daffney tilts her head back, letting out her trademark scream that makes Punk
and John shiver, but most of all the lens of the camera cracks, making the
image look distorted through the crack, not helped by the cameraman falling
to the ground in fear of the outburst.

The Scream Queen of TNA and SHIMMER giggles. "Sorry! Don't know my own
screams sometimes!"

"Hmmm... Guess I'll have to hold of tomorrow's show..." Morrison replies
coolly, looking down into the lens. "Today MoFos, we learned that it doesn't
matter if you were a cult favourite for years, or work for a far inferior
company, a good screamer is always welcome in the Palace of Wisdom. Join the
Shaman of Sexy next time as I continue the Quest for Greatness. Be Jealous."

* * *

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