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Featuring: Jillian Hall (WWE Raw), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown)

The Quest For Greatness Part 2: Jillian Hall
A WWE erotic story
written by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome Superstar stud John Morrison
clad in expensive looking ring pants and outrageously designed open coat, all
of which does nothing to hide the sizeable bulge in his pants and his
incredibly well defined chest and stomach muscles. He is walking forwards
towards the camera down a corridor that has many platinum and gold record
discs proudly displayed on the walls.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the second edition of my Quest For Greatness.
After the incredible success of the debut which sent the Internet into
meltdown and had The Shaman of Sexy inundated with calls from women of
wrestling across the world and from all promotions begging to be in the next
episode, it is your pleasure to watch me as I set out to find out which women
can fuck, and which just suck."

He stops as we hear painfully pad singing coming from off camera.

Unfazed, Morrison raises an eyebrow at the sound. "And speaking of sucking,
that word springs to mind when you consider the self proclaimed singing
sensation of the WWE, Jillian Hall. She is terrible at singing, worse than
American Idol rejects, but the Guru of Greatness will brave the potential
destruction of his ears to discover if she can use her mouth better for other
things. Follow MoFos."

With unbelievable self-confidence Morrison goes on, the camera following as
he enters a room and goes into a recording studio that unsurprisingly is
completely empty considering that the Tone Deaf Diva Jillian Hall is in the
booth. She's dressed in a sexy, figure hugging blue dress that is low cut at
the front and does nothing to hide her incredible cleavage as her massive
breasts are looking ready to burst out from it. She flips her long, blonde
hair back over her shoulders just as she spots Morrison through the glass.
She smiles at him, quickly making her way out of the booth and into the main
room where he is.

"John Morrison!" Jillian says excitedly as she comes up to him. "I didn't
know you were a fan of my music!"

"Neither did I..." He says coolly. "But from the way your twins are on
display right here, I can guarantee that I'd tune into any music videos of

"You're not here to hear my new album?" She notices the camera filming her,
specifically her breasts before going up to her face. "Wait, is this about
this Quest thing that you're doing when you're having sex with all the Divas
and those... Other women as well?"

"A smart blonde singer? We've just recorded history..." Morrison dramatically
throws his coat back down his arms, showing off his chiselled out of stone
upper body to the busty Diva. "My search for real talent includes Divas from
within the grounds of World Wrestling Entertainment as well as beyond."

"Baby, if it's talent you're after..."

Jillian smiles, sliding down the tops of her dress all the way from the
shoulders, which frees her mammoth, and perfectly rounded breasts from the
tight constraint. Before she even can even say a word, Morrison comes forward
and cups them, squeezing the massive mounds in his hands and smiling as he
sees that they are so big he can't contain either completely with one hand.
The blonde Diva moans, putting her hands on his arms to rub his muscles as he
plays with her tits, pushing them together to slightly rub them against each
other. Showing off his skill, John brushes his thumbs over and around her
nicely sized nipples, getting them nice and erect while still cupping her
boobs greedily, all of which makes Hall groan and feel a little weak at the
knees. The handsome former ECW Champion lowers himself slightly, bringing his
face in line with her chest and he switches the position of his hands, the
left going onto her waist to hold her steady while the other holds the right
tit, squeezing it for a moment. Leaning in towards her, Morrison flicks his
tongue out to lick right around her nipple, circling slowly a couple of times
and making her groan in the process, eyes half closed as she looks down at
him. He plants a couple of quick kisses all around her large breast,
occasionally sticking his tongue out for a little taste of her before going
back to the nipple, batting it with some rapid flicks all over it, dabbing it
in his saliva which makes her shiver in pleasure ever so slightly.

With every intention of enjoying her huge "assets" for a long as possible,
John starts to suck on her nipple, squeezing her breast as much and as best
he can, but the more than ample tit flesh means handling it all with just one
hand is impossible. Jillian groans, eyes closed and placing her hands onto
the back of his head as she feels his lips tightly attached to her hard
nipple and working with the force of a vacuum cleaner. His other hand moves
up now, joining in on cupping the boob so both hands are playing with it as
he shows off mouth skills of his own on the wannabe singer of Raw. But he's
not forgetting that there's another tit that needs attention so he moves over
to the other, both hands now grabbing it gently and bringing it up to his
mouth with a squeeze before giving the nipple the same treatment as the
other. Hall moans, running her fingers through his hair to encourage him to
suck away on her tits, which clearly he doesn't have a problem in doing as
his tongue slightly flicks upward to tease the nipple. She's enjoying the
treatment her attention grabbing chest is receiving in more ways than one,
feeling herself getting wet down below and not in the same way her boobs are
now from John's saliva lightly covering her nipples.

The Guru of Greatness lifts his head off from her nipple, taking in a quick
breath before lashing out with his tongue to lick right across her extremely
large tits, followed by a long lick right down between her breasts which is
helped by his hands pushing them apart for a moment. Smiling, the busty Diva
suddenly catches him off guard, pulling his head right forward into her as
she pushes her chest out to meet him. Now he's the one to groan, as he's the
"victim" to the move the vast majority of the WWE audience would love to be
caught in. John is getting smothered between her vast chest as they rub all
across the sides of his face thanks to the combination of her forcing his
head to stay down in her cleavage and her slightly shaking her boobs from
side to side. He moans as he receives the "Boob Job", licking away as best he
can, a hand around her to keep himself as close into her tits as he can. The
other hand has now drifted down, rubbing his package through his expensively
designed pants as he enjoys being rubbed into her chest. He's in fact
forgotten that he also needs to breathe as he takes this breast massage all
across his face, but luckily for him she releases him and he comes out taking
in deep breaths which makes her smirk.

"Enjoyed my talents?" The Tone Deaf Diva asked, moving her hands onto her big
boobs to push them together, also rubbing his saliva across her tits in the

"More than any of your singing attempts..." The Shaman of Sexy coolly
replied, standing up and starting to undo the belt of his pants. "But let's
see how well your oral skills really work."

Her eyes wonder downward, a long look at his chiseled upper body before down
to his crotch as he drops his pants to the floor and his rock hard, thick
manhood that has to be around thirteen or fourteen inches long. "I guess I
could show you why I'm the hottest thing since sliced bread."

Raw's curvaceous wannabe pop starlet eagerly lowers herself down to her
knees, her fingers wrapping around his shaft as she takes a hold of it, a
couple of light pumps up and down to test out his hardness. She can't help
but moan a little as she gets to grips with this massive piece of man meat,
easily bigger than any cock she's had before, and she hasn't taken her eyes
of it yet. Brushing her long blonde hair back over her shoulders she leans
her head down towards it, pressing her luscious lips together and running the
head of his dick right across them in a slow motion back and forth. John
smirks down, enjoying the teasing she's doing with her pouty, lightly lip
gloss-covered lips but knowing she's capable to doing much more. Jillian
looks up and gives him a smile, her hand lightly stroking him off all the way
from the base up to just under the head. Still looking up at him she plants a
couple of quick kisses onto his large bell end. Even she knows this won't
satisfy him, and she has no intention of just doing this to one of the most
handsome young studs in WWE history.

With her large tits sexily rising and falling slightly as she breathes,
Jillian finally starts to show what her mouth can really do when she opens
her mouth wide, wrapping her lovely big lips right around his tool which
instantly makes him moan. She giggles a little at his pleasure since she
hasn't started yet, so lets him enjoy her lips like this for a bit longer as
she starts to lightly suck him, rubbing her lips around the head of his dick
with her hand now jerking him off at a slow by steady pace along his vast
length. She twists her head around from side to side a couple of times,
grinding her much talked about lips against his bulbous bell end, showing she
knows exactly how to handle even a manhood of this length and thickness. A
brief flick of her wet tongue against the tip of him causes Morrison to moan
and lightly lick his lips as she watches her suck him off in an almost
painfully slow and teasing way, the temptation to swat her hand away and
shove his over foot long cock deep into the singing Diva's mouth growing by
the second. She knows this by the look in the multi-time champion's eyes,
but now she's taken control it's going by her rules for now at least, so she
uses her free hand to squeeze her huge tits, rubbing each of her nicely sized
nipples for a moment each to further tease him.

Morrison moans again as he watches the attractive, busty blonde bombshell
start to lower her head down properly on his shaft, taking his thickness into
her hot, soothing mouth with her lips still firmly locked around it. She
easily manages to handle over half of his cock inside her, seven inches of
his fat dick captured inside before she raises her head back upward to the
head, dragging her lightly pink-coated lips sexily across his length as she
does so. She flutters her eyelids for a moment, moaning around his tool as
she enjoys the magnificent dick she's getting to suck off as much as the man
receiving the oral pleasuring, shown by her hand travelling downward and
underneath the bottom of her dress. Surprisingly for the woman who can't sing
a single not, Jillian starts to establish a rhythm in her motions, smoothly
bobbing her head back and forth along his cock to give him a pop star quality
blowjob he no doubt won't soon forget in a hurry. With her hand stroking the
bottom part of his cock at a much slower pace, she's working her pouty lips
across his long shaft as she takes it inside and then out of her lovely mouth
with tiny, teasing flicks up to the underside with her well-trained tongue.
This all makes the handsome Superstar moan in pleasure, and he's not alone as
she's moaning around his tool thanks to her other hand rubbing her pussy
through the material of her panties, making them get slightly damp from her
juices as she gets more and more turned on.

He reaches down, running his hand through her long blonde hair to encourage
her to continue to blow his mind as she blows another part of him. Responding
to the touch she moves her head down even lower onto him, simultaneous moans
coming from both sexy wrestlers as inch by thick inch passes between her
thick lips. He groans as he watches her face start to get closer and closer
to his crotch, and when she's handling just over ten or so inches of his more
than impressive manhood she raises her head back up to bob away on his dick,
blowing him with quick and smooth motions back to the top and down to where
her fingers and holding the last unsucked portion. His shaft is easily
sliding in and out of her warm, welcoming mouth thanks to it being nice and
wet from her own saliva which feels wonderful coating his dick and is also
slightly trickling past her lips, making them sexily wet and dripping down
her chin and onto her huge, logic defying tits. Similarly wet now are her own
fingers of her hand that's between her legs, having now dipped her hand into
her panties to rub her damp snatch with teases over the entrance. This keeps
her turned on as well as giving herself pleasure, and gives her all the
encouragement she needs to keep blowing him with all she's got. John moans
loudly, licking his lips as he enjoys her sucking him off deeply with her
talented (but not for singing) mouth with steady long movements all across
his cock, holding a handful of her perfectly kept hair to keep her mouth
firmly clamped down on him.

Giving in to her own urges as well as his clear demands for even more oral
satisfaction, the big breasted Diva lifts her head up to the very tip so that
just half an inch of his bell end is in her mouth, allowing her to lash
around it with her experienced tongue for a few seconds during which the
former Tag Team, Intercontinental, and ECW Champion groans as he has to
survive through more teasing from the self proclaimed pop princess of the
WWE. But his patience is rewarded when she lowers her head right down, not
stopping until her nose touches his crotch and her slightly dripping with her
own saliva chin meets his ball sack. All motions stop for a moment as Jillian
Hall has completely deep throated all fourteen inches of John Morrison's
thick cock, the only sounds heard are deep moans from both stars of sports
entertainment. The studly Shaman of Sexy places his other hand onto her head
to hold two big handfuls of her blonde locks causing her to groan, as it's
made clear he wants even more out of her and her fantastic oral abilities.
The busty Diva is unable to resist and starts to go to work, moving her back
and forth along his cock completely with long sucks all the way up and down.
Her mouth is almost working as quickly as her fingers are, two digits placed
deeply into her tight, soaking pussy and slipping in and out with naughty
ease as she's getting off on giving a smash hit of a hot blowjob to a
handsome man.

He moans, starting to sweat as he lustfully enjoys getting deep throated by a
beautiful, blonde female wrestler with huge breasts. He can feel the head of
his cock touch the back of her hot mouth when she goes right down on him, and
impressively she doesn't gag for even a second every time she does. There's
no holding back right now as her head is bobbing at a quick speed back and
forth along his shaft, her pink lip glossed and saliva coated lips tightly
placed all around his dick as they travel across the length. Her mouth is
still as warm and damp as ever, skillfully containing all of his massive
manhood when she take him all in, her tongue quickly flicking up at the
underside of his dick as it passes in and out, making double sure it's
completely covered in her spit. With one hand still buried deep in her
panties as she rapidly fingers herself, her other one takes a hold of his
ample balls, cupping them and rolling them about in her soft palm which
causing John to groan in pleasure as now his cock and nuts are receiving
perfectly applied treatment. Jillian is sweating as well, using a lot of
energy to give the gorgeous Superstar with a body to die for the blowjob his
sensational cock deserves, and it's also due to her getting herself off, now
slightly lifting up and down on her own plunging fingers which makes her
large tits bounce in time and her head work even more on the thick manhood
deep in her mouth.

It looks like this better than porn star quality blowjob could have gone on
for hours, but it's Jillian who gets surprised when he forces her head back
and completely off of his drenched cock, making her groan in disappointment
before she takes in plenty of deep breaths, causing her boobs to heave
seductively as she does so.

"Why... Why did you do that?" Jillian stares up at him confused, but is still
fingering herself as she's so turned on from sucking his huge dick.

"Because in the Palace of Wisdom, we give as well as receive..." He says with
a confident smirk as he starts to lay down on the floor, motioning for her to
come closer to him.

She grins like a cat getting the cream, the sexy Diva quickly pulls her
panties down her smooth legs as she stands, stepping out of them before
getting on top of him in a sixty nine position, her head placed directly over
his thick dick which stands erect and proud like a flagpole and her wet pussy
inches above his handsome face. She's only able to take a hold of his cock in
her hand through before she moans as she feels his hands move the lower part
of her figure hugging dress up out of the way. This allows him to hold onto
her ass to lower her snatch down towards him as he lifts his head up,
sticking his tongue out to lap up her juices from her entrance. Jillian bites
down on her bottom lip, looking back over her shoulder at him as his tongue
teases her love hole with slow licks around to savour the taste. Feeling his
hands slightly groping her cheeks, she starts to grind herself down onto his
tongue to try and get him to venture deeper inside her but he just smiles,
deliberately pulling his head back which causes her to groan in frustration.
The same fingers that were a few moments deep inside her now wrap around his
tool, stroking him off steadily and rubbing her own pussy juices all over his
length, the feeling making him moan but he keeps control, refusing to
properly eat her out for the moment.

Knowing that she's not in control of him anymore, a fact that turns her on
more, she does what she knows he wants her to - resuming sucking him off with
her very skilled mouth. With a big lick of her lips she turns her attention
back to the massive cock, lowering her blonde haired head down to swirl her
tongue all around the bell end before licking all the way down the side to
the base and then all the way back up. She closes her eyes as her big lips
once again wrap around his dick and not wasting a beat she's back to bobbing
her head like an elevator going up and down as she takes over half of his
thickness into her oral hole, moaning around him as she does so. She sucks
away with plenty of licks around his dick, stroking the rest of his length
with her hand to keep it stimulated as well.

But just as she gets back into the swing of things, she gets distracted when
she feels John's tongue licking right along her pussy, making her shiver from
the long drag that laps up plenty of her sweet tasting juices. Rubbing her
ass and thighs with his hands, he lifts his head up more to finally push his
tongue into her tight hole to move right around the inside of her folds
causing her to moan quite loudly as she enjoys the circling motion, almost
making her stop sucking him off but she's able to keep bobbing away at a
slower pace than before. Greedily he laps away, darting his educated tongue
in and out of her snatch, licking up her wetness as more comes trickling out
to greet him, before changing up with slower, more sensual movements back and
forth inside her. He's moaning both at the very enjoyable taste of her and
her work sucking him off even though it's clear it's not as effective as when
she was doing it her way, but her lovely mouth and soft hand are doing more
than a great job working him over, her other hand resting on the floor for
support as the moaning Diva tries to show off her skill the best she can.

Moments pass as the attractive, sweat covered stars of the WWE give each
other oral pleasuring, and with both so sexually skilled this could go on for
a very long time, which neither of them would mind one bit. Jillian's large
breasts rubbing against his body as she moves her thick lips over his huge
tool, her dress now erotically sticking to her body as she was so turned on
she didn't even want to waste time in taking it fully off. John is working
his tongue overtime now, forcing it deep as he can into her tight, soaking
hole as he fully plans on showing that she isn't the only one with a skilled
mouth. Added sensation comes from him rubbing her nicely sized butt cheeks
with his hands, and each time he moans into her pussy it makes her groan
around his cock as she blows him. Both have their eyes closed, focusing only
on giving the other all the mouth work they are receiving themselves, and
then some. A deep moan comes from her, using a hand to play with her big tits
by cupping them, rocking back to grind her snatch against the handsome face
of the man eating her out which he responds to by increasing the flicks of
his tongue up into her.

Jillian lifts her head up, a sexy slurp of his dick before a low moan escapes
her mouth. "Mmmm... Fuck John..." She groans, stroking his length completely
off with quick jerks. "Eat that tasty pussy baby!" She says with a grin,
glancing behind her for a moment and all she sees is his face buried deep
between her legs, not even stopping for a moment as he dines on her soaking
snatch. If she was trying to make him let up for a second she failed as he
starts to move a hand around and down to between her legs, slightly rubbing
the outside of her hole as he continues to eat her out. She moans, eyes
closed before she manages to force her head back down and open her mouth to
take his drenched with saliva and pussy juices cock back in to resume the now
much harder task of dishing out a blow job as the much more than a
distraction of his superb oral skills are having a big effect on her.
Morrison on the other hand is finding this situation much to his liking as he
can enjoy her warm and welcoming mouth and luscious, thick lips moving back
and forth over his manhood while using his well-used tongue to create a
waterfall of pleasure from her pussy.

It's getting to much for her, and try as she might she can't carry on doing
this so gives into the pleasure, lifting herself off of his cock with a
groan, almost panting with a wide open mouth as she leans back. She bites her
lip as she starts to rock back and forth, grinding her pussy across the stud
from the Palace of Wisdom's facial features, giving up on giving him the
naughty, deep blowjob as she feels herself getting close to ecstasy. He
smirks, looking up at the moaning Diva for a moment and seeing her going wild
for his oral ability, and not one to deny a stunning, busty blonde of what
she wants he endeavours to get her off as soon as he's able. His tongue moves
faster and faster around her pussy, lashing around to venture into every area
he can reach, slurping down the juices he collects with smooth gulps straight
down. Now Jillian is starting to bounce on his face slightly as she gets
closer and closer, loud lusty moans coming from her as she grips both her
massive breasts in her hands for more erotic pleasure.

What finally sends her over the edge is when John moves his hand up and uses
two fingers to brush all around and over her clit to stimulate it. This
combined with his world class pussy eating is too much to bare and Jillian
lets loose, tilting her head right back and letting out a long, deep moan as
she twists her nipples between her fingers. He moans as a wave of juices
splash down his tongue and across his face, covering him as he tries to drink
down as much as he can but there's so much some drip down onto his neck and
rock hard chest as well as the floor he's laying on. She rides her orgasm
out, continuing to play with her boobs as she grinds her soaking pussy
against his flicking tongue, groaning as she takes in deep breaths of much
needed air while at the same time trying to come back down to Earth.

"I must take out a reservation for a future meal here." Morrison states with
his unique confidence as he slightly pushes her away from him, using his hand
to wipe off the juices from his face before licking it off as well to drink
it down.

"Anytime you want it, it's yours after that!" Jillian says with a laugh as
she gets off of him, still tired so she lays on the floor, her huge sweat
covered chest heaving big time from her getting her breath back. He sits up,
looking at her and smirks. "Perfect..." He states, getting up slightly and
making his way over to her.

She watches and smiles as he straddles her chest, positioning his long, thick
dick right in between her incredible breasts and she doesn't need any hints
to guess what he wants from her. With a giggle she moves her hands up and
pushes her tits right against the shaft, sandwiching it between the huge
mounds, licking her lips at the sight of this big cock nearly completely
vanishing between them but the bulging head is poking right between them and
up at her. Moaning for a moment at the feeling of the soft flesh all around
his manhood, he starts to move his hips back and forth, pumping his cock in
and out of her vast cleavage, a task made easy thanks to the sweat all over
her tits and the coating of her saliva his dick is covered in.

It doesn't take him long to start to pound away at her tits, fucking them
with deep, sharp thrusts that make her rock slightly back and forth as she
keeps her huge boobs held up in place to let him get his share of pleasure as
she died moments before. He moans with a smirk, putting his hands onto her
mountains to squeeze them greedily which makes her groan as she moves her own
hands to the sides to keep them pressed right against his long, thick cock as
it pumps between them. She licks her lips as she looks down at the cock head
poking up and out of her cleavage for a moment before disappearing back down,
as only a huge, fourteen inch dick could possibly handle her super sized
breasts and give them the fucking millions of red blooded men around the
world would offer their right arm and leg to do. With his fingers brushing
over her hard nipples, he groans knowing he's getting close to cumming now so
speeds up his thrusts to solid, hard movements back and forth and to her
credit she's keeping her tits right in place where he wants them. Going
further by slightly moving them to rub them against his thickness for that
extra pleasure which is much appreciated if the lustful look on his face is
anything to go by.

She gasps as she watches him titfuck her with nearly reckless, sinful
aggression, wondering how that massive cock would feel buried deep into her
tight pussy. But for now she has to let him get his, and sees no reason why
she can't do a little more to help him on the way as he carries on pumping
his shaft between her huge breasts. Leaning her head right up she spits down,
her soothing saliva landing perfectly onto his bell end to make him groan,
and by sticking her tongue right out she's able to lick the tip of his dick
for the brief moment that it pops up between her boobs when he pumps forward.
Not only does she know the effect her large assets have on men, she knows
exactly how to use them by moving them back and forth in time with his
thrusts to make it feel even better, and the addition of her tongue raises it
to heavenly levels of lusty pleasure.

He can hold back no more, and with a final big thrust into her cleavage he
lets go of her tits, moving slightly up from her and gripping his shaft,
starting to jerk himself off like a man possessed which only makes her gasp
and watch on with a grin. She keeps her boobs pressed together, knowing
exactly what he's planning to do now after he gave them a fucking of a
lifetime. She's got it right as he aims his cock down at her, and after a few
quick pumps and deep moans he starts to shoot his load. Thick, streams of
John Morrison's sticky cum blast out and land across both of Jillian Hall's
massive, mountain-like breasts, giving them a sexy coating of his hot load.
As he jerks out the last few drops of his spunk from his cock, she uses her
hands to rub his jizz all over her chest, both of them moaning as she does so
and it results in her tits looking like they've taken cum from a group of men
rather than just the one.

John lets go of his now limp cock, admiring his work as she slightly sits up
with her chest covered in his cum. "You have talent Jillian, but sadly you're
not going to Hollywood." He smirks, running his hands through his still
perfectly set hair. "It's straight to the Palace of Wisdom."

"Baby, after a performance like that, you couldn't stop me from doing an
encore." Jillian replies back with a big smile, scooping up a little of his
jizz from her breasts on her finger before sucking it off with a moan. "And
screw a microphone, just tell me what hotel room you're staying at tonight."

Morrison looks over to the camera. "Today MoFos, we learned that even if you
suck at something with your mouth, you can do anything but suck at sucking.
And that a pair of bought for breasts are always welcome in the Palace of
Wisdom. Join me, the Shaman of Sexy, next time as I continue the Quest for
Greatness. Be Jealous."

* * *

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