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Featuring: Christy Hemme (TNA/former WWE), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown)

The Quest For Greatness Part 3: Christy Hemme
A TNA/WWE crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with a the handsome WWE Superstar John
Morrison clad in expensive looking ring pants and a lavish shirt deliberately
left unbuttoned, and he's relaxing with legs spread on a wooden bend couch
and doing nothing to hide the sizeable bulge in his pants and his incredibly
well defined chest and stomach muscles. Behind him many people are walking up
and down the street in bright afternoon sunshine.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next installment of the Quest For
Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison. Today I am here in the great city of Los
Angeles, made greater by my own presence, but I have left countless clubs and
establishments disappointed as rather than rock the party scene as I always
do, I shall be rocking in more pleasant manner. For the Quest For Greatness
once again "crosses the line" into far lesser promotion, but with a familiar
face to long time fans of the WWE..."

Before he continues, he looks over to the side as does the camera, and
walking towards him with a sexy sway in her step is the former Playboy
covergirl, former WWE Diva, and current TNA Knockout, Christy Hemme. The
stunning Diva Search winner flips her red hair with black streaks running
through it back, smirking as she eyes him up, before coming to a stop and not
minding one bit as he blatantly checks her out. She's clad in black, open
high heeled shoot, a short, black leather like skirt that hugs her rounded
hips and ass, and a very tight black top that's open at the front, showing
off teasing cleavage from her large, perfectly rounded chest.

"Long time no see Johnny..." Christy says with a smirk, returning his looks
by taking a long glance at his exposed and tanned chest.

"It's John..." He corrects her as he stands up. "And it has been a while
since the WWE Universe saw you. It is impressive that you look hotter than
ever, considering where you've worked since your Smackdown days."

"You want impressive?" She laughs a little, motioning with a finger for
him to follow her as she stars to walk backwards a little. "Follow me and
I'll rock your world better than any of your Divas ever could."

Morrison casually motions for the camera to follow as he walks behind Christy
as she turns and stars to lead him down the busy L.A. street. He pays no
attention to the long looks people are giving them, more concerned with the
swaying, skirt covered ass he sees on the babe of wrestling in front of him.
After a short distance, Christy glances behind her to give him a wink before
turning off into a side street, and curious about this action John follows
her down. Turning a corner and then walking a short bit more, both are now at
a dead end of this back alley, the bright sun above shining down above them
but they can hear the busy noise from the street they just left a distance

With a saucy, mischievous smirk the stunning redhead turns around to face
him, leaning back against the bare brick wall and reaching down to lift up
her short skirt and slowly lifting it upward. Morrison's eyes are instantly
drawn to her smoothly shaved and hot looking pussy, completely exposed as the
naughty Knockout is not wearing any panties, and he needs no further hint as
how to start this off. He lowers himself down between her spread legs,
placing his hands on her lovely legs before raising his head upward and
flicking out his tongue over her entrance for a few moments. She grins down
at him, feeling him start to lick around the outside and just up and down her
lower lips to tease her, but it makes her giggle rather than feel frustrated,
and this in turn makes him raise a questioning eyebrow up at her.

"Come on Johnny..." Christy teases, patting him on the top of his head like
this is a fun game for her. "You talk enough with your mouth, let's see you
do something else with it."

Accepting the challenge, the Guru of Greatness moves a hand down to in
between her thighs and then up to her snatch, spreading it apart with his
fingers which makes her moan a little as she feels the digits brush across
her folds. Taking a moment to gaze at her tight looking, perfect pussy, he
then brings his mouth right up onto it, pushing his tongue deep inside her as
he eats her out. His well trained tongue is circling around inside her, going
clockwise for a few moments as he judges which spots to focus on the most,
before swirling around in the opposite direction with long, paced licks. His
free hand goes onto her smooth thigh, slightly rubbing it as he focuses on
the task of dining on her "fire crotch".

The leading rock and roll lady of TNA is moaning now with a lick of her lips
as she looks down at the handsome WWE Smackdown Superstar with his head
buried in between her legs. She knew exactly what to say to get him to get to
work on her, taking naughty pleasure at teasing guys like him and all the
male audience on a weekly basis. She's very much enjoying his tongue work
inside her pussy, feeling him probe deep and around to touch almost every
possible area in such an efficient, perfected manner that professional porn
actors should watch his work and take notes on now to orally please a woman.
If the pleasured look on her face is anything to go by, then a master class
is currently in session. As well as his oral work, the slightly rubbing
motion his hand is doing while keeping her pussy lips spread is only adding
to the sensations.

Closing her eyes and letting out a moan, the sexy female with flaming red
hair with sassy black streaks running through it lifts a leg up, draping it
over his shoulder while keeping standing on the other leg and leaning back
against the bare wall. This only encourages John to increase his licking
efforts, starting to whip his tongue around inside with quicker motions than
before, starting to really taste her as he can feel juices beginning to form,
and he doesn't hesitate to lap them up into his mouth before swallowing them
down. At the same time, his rubbing hand holding open her snatch is moving
more, slightly rubbing upward and then down as he can tell this is turning
her on that little bit more than only eating her out would do. His other hand
is kept busy by moving around and squeezing a big handful of her perfectly
rounded ass cheek, and reacting to the touch she giggles again before moaning
again in response to his pussy licking skill.

Moving a hand down onto the back of his head for both an extra bit of support
and to encourage him to continue, Hemme starts to move her hips back and
forth towards him, rubbing her pussy over his mouth and face which makes him
moan into her dampening hole. He flicks his tongue away quickly for a few
moments like a thirsty dog with a bowl of water, drinking down the juices he
collects before moving his head back and away from her completely which makes
her groan in disappointment. But that feeling is short lived as the Shaman of
Sexy has a new plan of attack, moving the hand he used to rub her pussy off
of it, and then slowly pushing two fingers right up into her tight hole. She
moans, moving her hips again as she slightly rides his digits as they stay
firmly lodged in her snatch, licking her lips slightly as flips her hair back
and erotically pushes her chest outward.

He starts to slide his fingers in and out of her with ease, already able to
go at a brisk pace, pulling them out until about a third of his fingers are
still inside before pushing forward until the knuckles are just touching the
folds of her snatch. She moans as she takes a fingering from the man who
works for a rival company, running the fingers of her own hand through his
perfectly set hair while the other stimulates herself by brushing up over her
toned stomach and across her exposed cleavage. Not content with just using
his digits onto her, he moves his head back up and starts to flick his tongue
over the top area of her pussy entrance, just above where his fingers are
pumping in and out, and also over her clit which really makes her groan and
grind her snatch against his hand and tongue.

"Mmmm... Give me those fingers up here..." Christy moans out, a sexy and
naughty smile on her face as she slightly scratches the back of his head.
Pulling his hand out of her, he stands in front of her, lifting up his
fingers which are coated with her juices. But before he can enquire why, she
takes his arm by the wrist, bringing his hand towards her and taking the
extended fingers right into her mouth completely, cleaning them with deep
sucks of her hot mouth and tasting herself with her swirling tongue all
around them.

"The Palace of Wisdom already holds record of singers' ability to utilize
their mouths better than others..." Morrison says coolly, unfazed by the drop
dead gorgeous woman sucking on his fingers.

She lets him pull his hand away, licking her lips for a moment as she smirks
at him. "Well let's get to the main fucking set list then!" She says with a
forceful, excited tone as she playfully pushes him back a couple of steps.

The intentions of the sexy original winner of the WWE Diva Search soon become
clear when she grabs onto the broad, strong shoulders of the current WWE
Superstar and proceeds to jump upward, wrapping her legs around his
magnificently defined midsection. She flicks her tongue over his lips to
tease him, playfully pulling her head away when he pushes his tongue out to
meet hers and giggling at the curious look that forms on his face. Reaching
around and beneath her short skirt, he holds her with one hand on her
stunning ass and the other moving lower onto his pants to skillfully undo
them so they drop to the ground, letting his huge, over foot long and very
thick cock spring free in all it's glory. She leans her head back in, batting
her tongue against his to swap spit properly as below he holds his shaft up,
guiding it into her as she starts to lower herself downward.

Thanks to her already being wet from the earlier eating it received, her
pussy is easily and impressively able to take in inch by thick inch of his
massive tool inside her until he is literally balls deep inside her hot,
tight and damp snatch. She closes her eyes for a moment, moaning as she
grinds herself against his crotch to just enjoy the feeling of him completely
filling her up, her hands slightly rubbing his shoulders while at the same
time both of his hands are groping her stunning ass cheeks. When she opens
her eyes she gives him a sassy, smoldering look before she starts to lift
herself up and down, slowly riding his big cock with long movements up until
just under half of his shaft is still inside her before she drops down to his
nuts where a sexy slapping sound of skin meeting skin rings out.

Morrison has no problems letting the beautiful former Playboy cover girl take
control for the time being, the feeling of his cock lodged deep into the
moving like an elevator lift pussy of hers not one he plans on stopping any
time soon. Likewise, she doesn't intend letting up on her actions, using all
the strength in her arms and smooth legs to aid her in lifting her hips
upward and back down to fuck him in this standing position. There's no added
support, just their own attractive and desirable bodies being used in this
outdoor sexual session as they fuck in broad daylight in the far end of an
alleyway, the bright L.A. sun beating down on them from high above.

She moans as her bounces start to quicken on him, her wet pussy smoothly
rising and falling back down with some force that makes her large boobs shake
and bounce in time with the movements, her nipples hard and poking through
the material of her tight top. He too gets into the full swing of things,
starting to move his hips to meet her pussy each time it comes rushing down
with a firm thrust upward, sending his shaft deeper inside which makes them
both groan in pleasure every time. Despite having to focus not only on
maintaining this pace of fucking and remaining standing on the spot, harder
for John who's pants are still just down around his ankles, they still let
their full lust take over. Their lips press together to deeply kiss, tongues
forcing their way into the other's mouth to wrestle with one another while
their hands roam over the body of the other person, his hands moving to rub
along her sides and hers across his sculpted out of stone chest.

With a naughty, animalistic growl, Christy takes a hold of his bottom lip in
her, mouth, slightly pulling it back which makes him groan and in reply he
deeply grabs her ass, fingers digging in slightly to the more than ample
flesh to make her moan and then release his lip with a grin. Deciding to go
further to answer her moment of roughness, he brings his hips right back
before slamming hard up into her soaking pussy which makes her squeal in
delight, her hands grabbing onto his hair as she stops riding him to let him
hammer away at her. He grunts, looking down at his completely coated in her
pussy juices, thrusting cock as it works deep in and out of her snatch with
sharp, strong pumps that makes her whole tanned and beautiful body jolt every
time. Putting on a show for him she flips her flaming hair right back with a
deep moan, eyes narrowed seductively as she stares into his, a dare for him
to get even rougher and wilder. Even though the pace he's using already is
hard and fast enough to make her tits bounce away and have both of them sweat
from both the energy being used up to fuck like this and from the naturally
high Los Angeles temperature they're in.

"Come on Johnny!" Christy dares him, face leaning in to brush her nose
against his and deeply look into his eyes. "I thought your Palace of Wisdom
was for enlightening me!"

"My name is John..." He says through a deep breath of air as he gives her
snatch a couple of quick, deep pumps. "And the Guru of Greatness needs to
test out all potential candidates before allowing them full entry..."

She smirks, running her hands down his chest for a moment before starting to
unwrap her sexy legs from around him. "Oh, need a little extra convincing do
you? Set me down stud and I'll rock your world..."

Not one to argue against a hot woman of wrestling who wants a piece of him,
he brings himself to a stop, lifting her up slightly to pull his thick, long
cock right out of her tightness before setting her down on the ground.
Stepping out of his pants for a moment before glancing over to see if there's
anyone watching them apart from the camera, he turns his full attention to
the stunning and still fully clothed bar underwear redhead who's now
squatting down in front of him with a naughty smirk on her face. She reaches
behind her and unhooks the neck part of her top before pulling it completely
up and over her head, exposing her full and perfectly rounded breasts in
their bare, sweat covered glory. Grabbing a hold of his long cock in her hand
she strokes it for a few moments, rubbing her own pussy juices which coat it
into her soft palm and fingers, before she holds it by the base and lowers
her head down towards it.

The Shaman of Sexy watches on with a smirk as he watches inch by inch of his
dick quickly disappear between her full, luscious lips and into her soothing,
hot mouth with out a single moment of hesitation or the sound of gagging. In
a time period that would put millions of others women to shame, the TNA
Knockout has deep throated the whole, meaty, at least thirteen or fourteen
inches of the hunky WWE Superstar. She moans softly as she keeps her face
right down to press her nose against his skin, sexily using only the sucking
ability of her mouth with no movement of her head at all. He moans, feeling
her tongue slap against the underside of his massive tool as it's buried deep
into the voluptuous mouth of the busty redhead, her deep, long sucking making
this lustful, open air blowjob feel all the more incredible. She moans around
his shaft, not put off at all by the fact that she's tasting herself as this
cock that she's blowing has only just been pounding her tight, soaking pussy,
in fact it's only giving her an excuse to make sure it's well "cleaned". She
looks up at him and seeing the pleasured look on his handsome face turns her
on, feeling encouraged that he's enjoying this as much as she is.

Slowly dragging her desirable, pouty lips back along his shaft, Christy moves
her head up until over half of his cock is still inside her mouth before
lashing around it with her saucy tongue, in the process dragging her rock n'
roll tongue piercing across it which makes him groan. She lifts her head
further up, deliberately pressing her full, lip gloss covered lips right down
against the thick cock she's working over, until she reaches the bulbous bell
end. Here she twists her head around from side to side, shaking her long red
and black streaked hair about slightly as she grinds her perfect lips against
the head of his dick for a few moments, knowing exactly what she's doing as
she also jerks off the rest of his manhood with rapid movements up and down
with her hand, still slightly sticky with her own juices.

With a lick of his lips, the hunky wrestler with abs of steel places a hand
onto her head, running his hands through her flaming dyed hair as he enjoys
her much better than simply excellent oral skills. Directing a wink upward at
her former Smackdown co-worker, she starts to bob her head on his
staggeringly long cock, her mouth travelling all the way down to his balls
before rushing back upward to over half way before repeating the process
without a moment of hesitation and impressively no gagging at all. She
swiftly moving her head up and down now, one hand resting on his strong thigh
for support while the other is right between her legs so she can plunge a
finger deeply in and out of her wet pussy. Her self stimulation makes her
moan around the thick dick in her mouth, the vibrations also making him moan
in turn, as well as making her work her head and mouth quicker and harder.

Looking up with an intense, dirty look, the sexy former Playboy cover girl
again pushes her face right down to fully deep throat his length to
perfection, the tip of his cock head touching the back of her mouth to
further the mind blowing sensation of her hot, wet mouth. This as well as her
lashing tongue action has "cleaned" off her pussy juices from his huge dick,
replacing them with a more than ample coating of her soothing saliva which
has also erotically splashed onto his balls and dripped down onto the alley
floor thanks to her rapid bobbing motions. Keeping her mouth right down into
his crotch, she moves her hand over to gently hold his nuts, slightly
squeezing them while she runs her tongue piercing across one side of his
thick manhood as far up and down as she can manage, before dragging across
the underside before repeating the motion along the other side. She keeps her
smoking hot eyes locked onto his, both completely filled with lust as she
trying to swallow his dick right down into her throat, not caring one bit
that they are still not too far from the busy L.A. streets and they could be
caught in this sex act is a curious member of the public ventured down to
where they are.

With a deep moan the rock and roll Knockout of TNA lifts her head off of his
dick, licking her full lips for a moment as she admires her saliva dripping
off his length before giving the crown a quick lashing with her well trained
tongue, the brushing of the piercing making it feel even better for the Guru
of Greatness. Taking in a much needed big breath, she rises up to her feet,
showing John her juices covered fingers that were stimulating her pussy as
she blew him before taking them into her mouth, making them clean with
deliberately long and teasing sucks. He smirks, answering this by reaching
behind her to squeeze her booty hard while using the other hand to grope her
chest through her tight top that's clinging to her sexy body due to the sweat
covering her. She moans, reaching up to grab his head with both hands,
bringing him into a deep, lustful kiss and forcing her tongue into his mouth
to wrestle around with his, moaning being exchanged as well as saliva.

"Mmmm..." Morrison manages to push her back a little to allow him to speak.
"Safe to assume that in the four years you've been away from the WWE you've
never seen such a physical specimen like myself down in Orlando."

Christy flips her hair back, giving him a naughty grin as she steps backward
towards the bar wall of the alley. "You talk to much, and don't fuck enough
Johnny..." She says as she turns around, leaning in towards the wall while
pushing out her skirt-covered ass back outward.

"It's John..." He tells her off as he moves up behind her, pushing up her
clothing to reveal her hot, tanned, and perfectly rounded butt. "And in the
Palace of Wisdom we always back up everything we declare."

"Oh shut up and fuck me you hung bastard!" Hemme moans as she feels his hands
roam over her behind. "Shove that fucking huge dick into my pussy, my ass,
just slam the hell of me damn it!"

Smirking at the stunning red head's demands for sex, the Friday Night Delight
spreads her cheeks apart before forcing his coated her own saliva shaft into
her extremely tight asshole, making them both groan as he works inch by inch
of his long, thick cock into her incredible ass. She moans, leaning forward
and turning her head to press her face and large chest against the wall and
at the same time arching herself to push her behind out more towards him to
aid his dick in entering her back passage. As more and more of his cock
slides into her, with only her own saliva being the form of lubrication to
help, she slips a hand down below her once again to rub her pussy in
preparation to make the fucking she's about to take all the more better.

After what seemed like an eternity to her, finally all of his over foot long
cock is now firmly inserted into her sexy, round ass, her cheeks pressing
against his waist and his balls touching her dripping wet pussy. Feeling him
there she can't resist playing around with him, moving her hips from side to
side to grind her but against him even with his dick lodged deep within her
back passage. Smirking and suppressing a moan from her movements, he raises
his right hand up before bringing it down swiftly to spank her ass hard, a
hot slapping sound echoing around the alley way. She laughs sexily as she
looks over her shoulder at him, a slight lick of the lips as she looks down
at her ass and how it's right up next to him. At the same time she moves one
hand down her body until it slips under her skirt, plunging a couple of
fingers deep into her soaking snatch as she starts to play with herself,
getting off on his manhood being deep inside her butt. But soon she groans as
Morrison takes control, moving a hand up to press against her back, making
her upper body go right against the wall, causing her to groan as her large,
beautiful and clothes covered boobs are slightly pressed into the bare wall,
her hard nipples slightly rubbing against the brick.

With the one hand keeping her pressed against the wall, and the other making
sure her hips stay in place where he wants them, he starts to move his own
hips, working his magnificently long and wonderfully thick cock in and out of
her asshole with perfectly paced pumps that aren't too hard or fast to hurt
her as her ass tries to get used to huge tool inside it, and not too slow or
tame to just tease both of them. The stunning red head moans as she feels
herself getting taken from behind in the ass by the big dick of a rival
sports entertainment company's wrestler. She closes her eyes, lips slightly
open to let moans freely and unashamedly escape and to take in much need
breath as sweat really coats all the exposed skin on her clothed by tight
black top and skirt body, and said attire now erotically clings to her body
as if it was painted onto her.

The master of the Palace of Wisdom is moaning as well, now moving his hips at
a great pace to give the sexy Knockout's perfect ass the fucking it well and
truly deserves. Every time his huge cock goes balls deep into her behind her
butt cheeks jiggle from the force of the impact, her body rocking between him
and the solid wall as she pushes back to meet his thrusts with her own
behind. He lifts his hand up again to deliver another big spank to her cheek,
making her groan as she takes this intense pounding in her tight asshole but
doesn't try to push herself away from the wall her face and chest is pressing
against. His over foot long manhood sliding smoothly out until just half of
his shaft remains inside her before he slams back forward with force to make
his balls smack into her pussy and against her hand as she fingers herself.
His hand on her back slightly massages her, while the other grips her hips as
he really gets into pumping her gorgeous booty that shakes with every
movement he makes into her.

She opens her eyes slightly, looking back and moaning at the sight of his
chiseled out of stone chest completely bathed in sweat both from the immense
amounts of energy being used up the pound her tight, incredible ass and from
the high Los Angeles temperate from the sunshine beating down on both of
them. She is loving how her very tight asshole is filled up to the max by the
thick manhood of her former WWE Smackdown co-worker who is thrusting into her
like his life depends on it, and likewise he is very much enjoy her tight
back passage around his tool as he pounds it with all his might. Both sexy
wrestlers of sports entertainment aware that they have been fucking in broad
daylight in the middle of the afternoon for an impressively long amount of
time, and they are not more than a short walk away from the rest of
civilisation who could walk down and see them in this sexual act at any
moment. They both know this, and this is turning them on even more, and if
anyone did see them they wouldn't stop until they both got off, and from the
loud, deep moans both are letting out that isn't too far away from happening.

Even though this intense, lustful ass fucking has been going on for minutes,
it's finally taken it's toll on the both and the first to reach their climax
is the gorgeous Diva Search winner and current TNA Knockout who moans and
gasps as he eyes slightly roll back into her head as she gives in to the
feelings in her pussy. Christy Hemme cums hard on her own fingers as they
quickly work in and out of her, riding out her orgasm from being fucked in
the ass while still fully clothed and in a back street, her digits getting
covered in her juices. Her mouth hangs open slightly, sucking in as much air
as she can as her legs weaken as she finishes herself off. At the same time,
her back passage clamps down around the cock pounding her like a vice, and
this causes the handsome, stud of WWE Smackdown to explode. John Morrison's
starts to shoot his load deep into her ass, continuing to thrust away into
her as stream after stream of thick, warm jizz fires out of his cock which
makes them both groan from the naughty sensation.

With a final moan and a lick of his lips, he steps back as he pulls his
softening cock from her tight hole that's now filled up with his spunk,
smirking as he pulls her black skirt down to cover up her butt now that his
job has been well and truly done. With an exhausted but still sexy laugh she
turns around, steadying herself against the wall for a moment before she
drops down slightly, grabbing his shaft and flicking out her horny tongue to
clean off the cum that's still on it, making him groan as she licks it up and
has no problem swallowing it down as well.

"Christy... If you keep licking like that I might have to push you against
that wall again and prove why I'm the Shaman of Sexy..." Morrison smirks down
at her. "And I give no guarantees that your clothes will remain on this

Hemme flips her red and black streaked hair back as she stands up with a
grin. "Then how about we go for an encore back in my hotel room, and you can
rock my world again?" She dares him, making the rock and roll horns sign with
her hand, flicking her tongue between the fingers to lick across his lips.

"In that case, I can guarantee things will be turned up to eleven..."
Morrison replies coolly, before looking into the cameras. "Today MoFos, we
learned that you can take the Diva out of the WWE, but she can just plain
take it, and in more ways, and holes, than one. Join the Shaman of Sexy next
time as I continue the Quest for Greatness. Be Jealous."

* * *

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