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Featuring: MsChif (SHIMMER/ROH/NWA), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown), Evan
Bourne (WWE Raw)

The Quest For Greatness Part 4: MsChif
A SHIMMER/WWE crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with a the handsome WWE Superstar John
Morrison clad in expensive looking ring pants and a lavish shirt deliberately
left unbuttoned, leaning against a brick wall and doing nothing to hide the
sizeable bulge in his pants and his incredibly well defined chest and stomach

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison. Today I have risk life, limb, and physical
well being to lower myself down the horrors known as the independent circuit
of wrestling to be backstage at this Ring of Honor show..."

"Hey!" A voice says with a laugh beside him. Zooming out, we see that it's
fellow WWE Superstar Evan Bourne, clad in jeans and a nice shirt, not as
unbuttoned as the other man's. "This is my old home, I happened to have a lot
of great memories here."

"Once you're over your rookie stage on Raw that will change..." John coolly
replies. "As you can see, I have been joined today by Evan Bourne as his
insider knowledge on today's starlet will result in the smooth, sensual
running of this show."

"In other words, you heard rumours that she could bite you in a very private
area and you got worried." Evan says with a smile as he points to a nearby
door. "She's in there."

"Fear is nothing but a four letter word at the Palace of Wisdom..." Morrison
calmly states as he approaches the door and doesn't even knock as he enters
the room.

Inside is none other than the reigning Women's Champion of the NWA Midwest
territory, the whole NWA as a the Women's World Champion, and the Champion of
SHIMMER Women's Atheletes, the dark and banshee like MsChif. Clad in her
signature dark green and black pants and top which cling to her full,
perfectly curved and rounded body, especially to her large chest and her
juicy looking ass. Her eyes narrow sinisterly, emphasized by green and black
eye make-up streaking outward, and her black lipstick covered lips scowl at
Morrison as he approaches the table she's standing beside which has her
spiked entrance garments set out on it.

"So you have dared to enter my world..." She states in a dark tone. "You
have no understanding on what you are getting yourself into..."

"The Guru of Greatness knows all..." He states, dramatically pulling open his
shirt to full reveal his magnificent chest before tossing the garment aside.
"And experiences even more."

"Right, I'm assuming that's some kind of code for I'm here to bang you."
Bourne says with a laugh, closing the door behind him and locking it as
he enters.

"Matt Sydal?" She refers to the hunky high flyer by his independent career
ring name, slightly surprised to see him. "You I may allow to participate in
this "sin", but you..." She eyes him up with a long look. "Must prove
yourself worthy of entrance to The Inferno..."

"Challenge accepted." John smirks, reaching down to his waist and undoing his
pants, letting them drop to the floor to reveal his semi hard but already
very impressive looking cock.

MsChif narrows her eyes to give Morrison a less than friendly glare but she
still approaches him, standing in front of him and reaching down to take his
manhood in her hand, instantly squeezing it once her fingers wrap around the
shaft. He moans ever so slightly at the touch, his dick twitching a little in
response and getting harder just a little. Still with a dark, intimidating
look on her face she starts to move her hand to stroke him, moving her
pleasantly soft palm along his tool with slow, steady movements up and down,
taking a bit longer each time as he expands and approaches full hardness.
Still unfazed by the talented, sinister woman, he reaches up with both hands,
placing them onto her breasts to squeeze them through the material of her
green top. She grits her teeth slightly, never breaking off the cold stare
she's giving him and answers back his groping by giving his cock another hard
squeeze, increasing the pace of her jerks as she now has his fully hard, very
thick, and over foot long dick held in her hand.

Moving behind them, Evan is shaking his head with a smile at the tension, and
not just sexual, going on between the other two. He places his hands onto the
waistband of the green bottoms of her ring attire, before sliding them right
down her legs to her feet, in the process revealing her bare, nicely rounded
and juicy ass and her perfectly shaven pussy. Letting her step out of her
clothing, the handsome high flyer slides himself into position underneath
her, placing his hands on her thighs as he lifts head up towards her snatch
and he wastes no time in getting himself a taste. A long lick up the entrance
is the first move, briefly touching over most of the outer parts of her lips
with his tongue, before he slightly pushes it inside her to trace around just
the top of the inside of her pussy with well trained skill and practice. His
hands slightly rub her thighs as he starts to dine on her, almost teasing as
he savours both the moment and the taste of her sweet but sinister snatch
with no intention of rushing the job he's doing.

She narrows her eyes again, but the cold expression on her face has softened
as she starts to feel the pleasure being given to her by both WWE Superstars.
She has to try and hold back a moan as she feels the tongue of her former co-
worker from the indie scene working over her pussy, not made easy by the
equally well used hands feeling up her large chest. Her hand is jerking off
John at a quick pace now, travelling all the way up from the base to just
under the bell end before going right back down to repeat the process, not
only keeping him nice and hard but giving him enjoyment from this handjob.
She subconsciously spreads hers legs apart bit more, allowing the former
Generation Next star of Ring of Honor easier and hopefully for her deep
access into her. Her other hand is on the shoulder of the man she's jerking
off, perhaps to ensure that she keeps staring into his eyes as they both try
to win this game of intimidation.

But Morrison is just enjoying this attempt by her, but liking more the way
her hand is nicely working over his tool. He slightly rocks his hips upward
to meet the motions of her hand, almost fucking her soft palm as it works his
cock over and making his balls lightly bump into the bottom of her hand. With
a smirk he lets go of her tits, taking a moment to notice her nicely sized
hard nipples poking through the material of her top, before he reaches down
to grab the bottom of them so he can lift it up and over the top of her
breasts, going no further as she darkly glares at him again. But it's more
than up enough to show off her perfectly rounded, large chest in all their
glory. His hands go back onto them again, squeezing once more but with more
force than before as he lets his fingers roam over the plentiful, pale flesh
of her boobs which makes a moan escape from her lips.

Hearing the noise come from the star of SHIMMER and women's wrestling makes
Bourne smirk, his hands moving all the way around onto her ass as he moves
his face right into her so his nose is touching her skin. His tongue now
probes deep inside her love hole, trailing around in a steady, circular
motion that's paced just right to get her increasingly aroused with each
completed movement, feeling her starting to get wet which in turn allows him
to begin to really taste her and that makes him moan a little. His hands
squeeze her butt cheeks a little, flicking his tongue across the bottom area
of her snatch for a few moments to switch up his style of eating her out
before he goes back to the swirling motion that's doing the trick to get her
in the mood for this.

The sinister wrestler from "The Inferno" closes her eyes, as even though
she's one of the most unique personalities to ever grace the squared circle,
no one could possibly hold back against this double onslaught from two of the
hottest studs in all of sports entertainment. She begins to grind her snatch
against the face of the gravity defying Raw Superstar, encouraging his
licking work on her as she moans through pressed together lips. Leaning
slightly forward, she gives the dick of the stud from Smackdown a deep
squeeze over the head, rubbing her head all over the thick bell end before
she goes back to firm, quick strokes all the way up and down his extremely
long and thick manhood. But opening her eyes and seeing the smirking face of
said man, she darkly narrows her eyes, gritting her teeth. She releases his
shaft for a moment, allowing her to dish out her own form of sinister
punishment as she drags her painted black nails along the sides of his long
cock, making him groan from the unexpected but oddly pleasurable sensation.

Not one to back down or be put off by any sort of trick, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom uses his hands to slightly push the current triple women's
champion back slightly, and his intentions become clear when he lifts up her
breast to his mouth. Now he shows off his own oral skills, swirling his
tongue around the nipple a couple of times followed by flicking it for a
moment before he moves around her ample tit to lick around it, all of which
makes the sinisterly stunning female wrestler moan. Taking the hint to
continue by her pushing her chest upward towards him, he moves his head over
to work over the other breast, lifting it up to him and licking away all over
it and its hard nipple, lightly covering it with his saliva as he does so.

Underneath her, the former breakthrough star of ECW has changed from just
using his mouth to applying a couple of fingers to her, sliding a couple of
digits completely into her snatch up to the knuckle before pulling them out
to just the tips remain inside and easily pushing them back in. Not
neglecting other available parts of her to pleasure, he flicks his tongue
against the top of her entrance, slightly lapping up a little of her forming
juices but most are covering his pumping fingers. His other hand is down on
his own crotch, occasionally rubbing the bulge through his clothing to keep
him hard, also making him moan but his main focus being on unselfishly giving
pleasure out to his long time friend from his early days of beginning his
whole career.

Morrison smirks as he gives her boobs one last grope before leaning back and
looking her in the eye. "It appears that the dark side isn't as difficult to
survive as it seemed." He taunts her in his own, unique fashion.

MsChif gives him a look that would make most men freeze on the spot. "Your
ignorance will lead you to your own personal oblivion..." She warns coldly,
ceasing jerking him off and moving her hand lower to squeeze his balls in her
hand, making him groan deeply.

Moving his head away from her now damp pussy and doing the same with her
coated with her juices fingers, Evan laughs a little. "You need to lighten up
'Chif." He says, moving himself out from under her and starting to stand up.
"You know when he says he wants to take you to the "Palace of Wisdom" he just
means he wants to bang you."

The woman who calls herself "Your Soul's Tormentor" turns around and darkly
smirks at Bourne. "Are you suggesting you wish to do the same Matt?" She asks
a clearly rhetorical question, taking a long glance down at his hard package
through his pants.

"The Shaman of Sexy suggests nothing..." John says coolly, slightly sitting
up from the table as he looks over the curvy body of the attractive and
talented female grappler. "When he can merely act."

He certainly does act, surprising the black and green streaked haired woman
by grabbing her around the waist, slightly lifting her up as he moves back
and effortlessly sits back down onto the table. She groans as before she can
resist, she finds herself being lowered down onto his incredible manhood,
inch after thick inch entering her wet pussy. They both moan as in an
impressively quick time, all of his at least thirteen to fourteen inch long
cock is completely inside her very tight and wet snatch which she slightly
grinds against his crotch and ball sack as she adjusts her legs to properly
get in a reverse cowgirl position. Morrison lies fully back with his legs
slightly hanging down off the edge of the table, moving his hands up and onto
her ass as he starts to thrust his shaft up into her hole. Leaning forward
slightly, the banshee-like grappler moans as she feels his massive cock
pumping in and out of her, causing her to raise up her hips so he can really
fuck her wet hole. A sexy slapping sound of skin hitting skin rings out every
time he pushes his hips upward and his nuts smack into the bottom of her

As they have gotten into the swing of their position, Evan has removed his
shirt to show off his attractive and well defined chest and torso, and this
is the first thing that she sees when she opens her eyes. She slyly smirks as
she watches him undo his pants, dropping them to the floor to reveal his very
impressive foot long and nicely thick cock. As he gives his hard shaft a
couple of quick strokes, rubbing her juices that covered the fingers she's
put into her pussy earlier over his dick, she leans right forward, showing
her flexibility as she keeps her hips and pussy in position to fuck John's
big dick and also to have her upper body and head in line with Bourne's cock.

The reigning SHIMMER Champion places her hands onto the waist of the former
Matt Sydal, before opening her mouth and taking his dick inside with a smooth
movement forward of her head. He moans as he feels her lovely, black lipstick
coated lips dragging along his length as more and more of his cock disappears
into her sinister, damp mouth. She moans around the shaft as she stops with
about two thirds of him handled inside her, before starting to move her head
backward slowly until just the head of his cock is still past her lips as she
starts to suck him off. She smoothly rocks her head back and forth along his
manhood as she blows him, impressively managing to stay in this unusual,
flexibility testing position as a human bridge between the two thick and very
long cocks in her holes.

The Guru of Greatness moans as he thrusts his meaty shaft into the tight, hot
hole at a steady, quick pace that has his balls slapping up against her
entrance each time he pumps upward. His hands rub over her ass cheeks as she
raises and lowers her hips to meet his pumps so the dark and beautiful
independent circuit wrestler rides his piston-like dick with quick,
effortless bounces that causes her ass to smack against his chiselled waist.
She's moaning as well, her pussy getting wetter by the moment as his
incredibly long and wonderfully thick cock is filling her up completely, and
likewise he is loving fucking her very tight but impressively accommodating
snatch with quickening thrusts with the force being each increasing bit by
bit as this threesome continues.

At her other end, the handsome young WWE Superstar is helping her to make the
most of her infamous mouth from this unique position by moving his hips
forward and back to steadily and smoothly pump his shaft fully between her
full lips. This combined by her quick bobbing head motions allows her to now
easily deep throat his entire cock, sucking away as his nuts touch her chin
as his cock head taps the back of her mouth and there isn't even a hint of
gagging coming from the sinister female wrestler. She moans around his dick,
her soothing but eerily cold tongue sending shivers down his spine when it
taps up onto the underside of his passing tool which makes him groan in
pleasure as well. He puts a hand on the back of her head, holding her steady
so he can best enjoy her oral skills, and she is unfazed by having her upper
body suspended essentially in mid air as she sucks off a long time friend in
wrestling and fucks one of his co workers who up until now she has never met

The sinisterly sexy star of ROH, SHIMMER, and the NWA is moaning quite loudly
now as she's getting fucked in her mouth and pussy with fast, firm thrusts
and she's meeting their pumps with hard bounces and deep sucks of her own.
Her hips slightly rock back and forth as she keeps her pussy moving up and
down like an elevator lift on the huge cock of the Shaman of Sexy which is
slamming up into her tight snatch and is now slightly and erotically coated
with her pussy juices. In the same way, the dick of the gravity defying
Superstar is now covered with her saliva thanks to the expert mouth and
tongue action being given out by the intimidating and attractive female
wrestler, and his own thrusts back and forth into her talented oral hole.

Evan moans with a lick of his lips as he takes a step back to pull his long,
fantastic cock out of the mouth of the Women's World Champion of the NWA. "I
knew you would still love to get freaky." He says, watching her lean back
upward and grind her pussy down onto Morrison's dick which makes him groan.

MsChif smirks slightly as she starts to lift herself up and off of the cock
of the Smackdown Superstar. "I doubt you can still handle me Sydal..." She
dares him as she gets into position, lying down on the table now that John
has rolled off of it to stand up.

"In the Palace of Wisdom focus not on discussion of the past..." Morrison
states as he moves around so his dick is hovering just by her head. "But
create glory of the present."

Positioning himself between her legs, Bourne inserts his cock deep into her
wet, tight pussy with one big push forward that sends him balls deep
instantly into her and makes them both moan. She then wraps her legs around
his waist, keeping him right inside her as he begins to work his shaft in and
out of her with already sharp and quick thrusts. Placing his hands on either
side of her on the table, he smirks as he watches her close her eyes and
moan, taking a long glance at her large, nicely rounded chest which is
bouncing every time he pumps into her. Her body is slightly rocking back and
forth in time to meet his movements, her black sliding along the surface of
the table she's laying on to take a fucking from a long time friend for many
years prior to his WWE career.

Taking advantage of her open mouth, John pushes his wide, long shaft deep
into her infamous for screaming mouth, muffling her moans which now vibrate
around his length. Tilting her head back more as it hangs off the edge of the
table, she impressively starts to bob her head forward and backward to
smoothly and deeply suck him off, unfazed by this upside down position.
Gripping the sides of the table she's laying on, she wraps her black lipstick
covered, soothing lips firmly around his cock, having no problem handling the
huge dick that's already pushed balls deep into her mouth, even in this
unusual position. He smirks as he watches his shaft passing in and out of her
hot, wet oral hole, his nuts lightly smacking against her slightly covered
with sweat face and making him moan a little more as he enjoys her talented

The reigning women's champion of the NWA and SHIMMER is moaning loudly as her
body rocks between the quickly pounding cock of the man formally known as
Matt Sydal that's completely moving in and out of her tight and soaking
pussy, and the huge dick of the former Johnny Nitro that's lodged deep in her
wet mouth. Her perfectly curved, sinisterly pale body is sexily covered with
sweat as she enjoys the unavoidable pleasure coming from having over twenty
four inches of thick, WWE Superstar cock pumping in and out of her snatch and
mouth. Even with blood rushing to her head from it being upside down off the
table, she's still able to move her mouth along the dick inside it to
perfection, her long, wet tongue slapping around the shaft as it passes in
and out to make it completely covered with her own saliva. The talented, fear
inducing female wrester of the independent circuit is pushing her hips down
to meet Evan's thrusts in which makes both of them get more pleasure from the
intense, lustful sex. Her big tits bounce in time with her body's movements,
and her long, black with green streaks hair hangs right down, slightly
swaying as her head bobs along the thickness balls deep in her mouth.

Moving his hands up, Bourne squeezes her large breasts as they shake, moaning
as he plays with them while continuing to fuck her tight, wet pussy with
fast, hard thrusts that make his nut sack smack into her. He licks his lips
with a moan, getting off on both the great, damp snatch he's pounding like
there's no tomorrow and the fact he's fucking a great friend who also happens
to be a very attractive banshee-like wrestler of the indies. He moans as his
fingers brush over her hard nipples, continuing his beep movements in and out
of her pleasurably tight and soaking pussy which is completely drenching his
shaft with her juices. The pleasure is made better by her meeting his thrusts
with a smack of the hips up into him, making her snatch grind against his
crotch and his balls rub against her with the erotic sound of skin touching
skin echoing around the room each time their bodies connect.

The founder of the Palace of Wisdom is moving his hips back and forward to
pump his huge, extremely long cock completely in her mouth as she blows him,
saliva dripping off his length as some of it slightly falling onto her own
face and her hair. He's impressed that in this unorthodox position she has no
problem handling his manhood, feeling the tip of him touching the back of her
mouth and using great skill to pleasure him with equal use of her dark
coloured lips and her lashing out tongue. He moans, hands resting on the
sides of her head as it bobs along him, her moans bouncing off his dick as
it's encased in her mouth, the deep sucks working over all over his over
foot long shaft right up to the balls to make him moan loudly as well.

Pulling his impressive and nicely thick cock out of her snatch, Evan holds it
by the base to slap it's bell end against the entrance to her soaking hole.
"Head up `Chif, got something else I want to do to you." He says with a
handsome smile.

"I would say great minds think alike..." John says, pulling his dick out of
her warm mouth, letting her lift herself upward. "But you're not at greatness
yet like the Guru of Greatness, the Shaman of Sexy, the..." He gets cut off
when MsChif lets out a trademark, blood curdling scream that sends shivers up
both men's spines. She glares back at Morrison.

"Shut up!" She hisses at him, before looking back and smirking darkly at the
young high flyer. "But you may do as you wish..."

Needing no further instruction, Bourne quickly hops up onto the table,
pushing her down lightly with hands on the shoulders. With a charming smile
he positions himself over her chest, putting his hands onto the sides of her
nicely rounded, large breasts to push them up and around his long cock to
sandwich it between her mounds. Not wasting any time he starts to pump his
shaft in and out of her cleavage, a task made easy thanks to her sweat
covered tits and her own pussy juices that coat his manhood, so he can
already start fucking her boobs at a swift pace. She slightly props herself
up with her elbows, watching the tip of his cock popping up from her chest
before disappearing down again, moaning slightly as taking this is a turn on
as well.

Meanwhile, Morrison has moved around the table, and is lifting up the dark
and dangerous female wrestler's lower body up by her hips so it's in line
with his waist, before reaching down to spread apart her very juicy ass
cheeks. He pushes forward, forcing his huge, thick cock deep into her tight
asshole, moaning as he pushes inch after inch into her back passage, using
only her own saliva to do so. She groans as she feels her ass being entered,
the around fourteen inch manhood being entirely inserted so his balls rest
against her butt cheeks, but there's no time to adjust to the massive size
inside her as he instantly gets to work. He starts pumping his dick in and
out of her ass with hard, deep thrusts that make her body rock back and forth
from the force of his movements, making them both moan from the sinful
sensation. His hands squeeze her butt cheeks as he pounds her, keeping them
spread apart for ease of entry as he takes the SHIMMER Champion up the ass.

The usually completely dominate woman seems content with letting these
attractive, well hung studs of sports entertainment have their way with her
in this double team fashion. She groans as she feels the vast dick fucking
her thick, perfectly rounded ass with balls deep movements in and out, her
pussy still getting more wet with every thrust. Her hips bounce against his
pumps, her cheeks smacking into his crotch and balls to make him groan as she
gives back just enough of what she's getting to show she's not just letting
him get this all his own way. Her main focus is on her good friend from her
early days in wrestling, putting her hands up onto her tits so she can rub
them back and forth along his pumping cock to wank him off with her breasts
as she fucks them. Hearing his moans encourages the sometimes freaky wrestler
who lifts her head up to flick her long, sinister tongue across the crown of
his dick when it comes out towards her from her boobs for even more pleasure.

As sweat starts to really drip off his young, muscular body, the former star
of ROH and Dragon Gate who's now thrilling the WWE Universe is giving pumping
the ample breasts of the black and green streaked haired woman. He rubs his
thumbs over her nipples, smiling as he watches her moan and never missing a
beat as he slips his long, hard cock in between her tits as they're rubbed up
and down his pumping cock at almost the exact same speed and pace. He knows
he's getting close and isn't holding back, deeply and loudly moaning with
half open eyes, looking down at the piercing gaze of the woman from "The
Inferno" who's wet tongue is almost painfully teasing in the way it brushes
over the tip of his dick when it pumps right up from her breasts.

At the other end, Morrison is moaning loudly as well as he puts all the
energy he has left in his magnificently defined, sweat coated body to fuck
the tight, juicy behind he's balls deep into with his stunningly long and
thick cock. Her legs slightly drape over his shoulders as he takes her back
passage with unrelenting and stiff pounds deep into her butt, her cheeks
jiggling each time his waist connects into her as his entire, over foot long
shaft fits perfectly into her very tight hole. One hand stays on her ass,
squeezing it to keep her in position while the other is on her wet pussy,
rubbing it to make sure she gets plenty of pleasure as he fucks her rounded
ass. The moans both are letting out are proof enough that not only are they
certainly getting off on this, but neither of them nor the Superstar fucking
her tits are going to be able to last for much longer.

It's a lusty, sweating, and hot sight that would shock and stun many
wrestling fans of both sports entertainment and independent wrestling. The
intimidating, sinister banshee World Women's Champion of the National
Wrestling Alliance and SHIMMER Women's Athletes known as MsChif is getting
fucked hard and fast by two of the most talented and handsome Superstars of
World Wrestling Entertainment, as John Morrison pounds away at her nicely
rounded, very thick and juicy ass while Evan Bourne pumps her big titties.
This performance by all three puts even the most downloaded of all time porn
stars to shame as she handles both over their over foot long cocks with ease,
and they thrust like they've only just started this sex session, rather than
the very long time that this has been going on for.

But it has taken it's toll on all of them, and it's the gravity defying
Superstar of Raw who is the first to reach their peak. Feeling his cock
twitch, he tries to pull his cock out of her tits but she just squeezes her
tits around his shaft tighter to make him groan and keep him right there.
It's the last straw as Evan lets loose, a thick stream of hot, white jizz
shooting right out and splashing across her face and cheek, making her moan
as she feels it. Opening her mouth, she's able to catch some of his load as
it fires out but most of it lands across her sweat covered facial features as
well as her neck, continuing to move her breasts across his shaft to force
out every last drop of his cum out of him.

And the other star of the WWE is soon to follow, letting out deep groans as
he gives hard thrusts up into very tight back passage as his balls tighten .
With a firm squeeze of her butt cheek he starts to explode, firing off load
after load of his thick, creamy cum deep into her anal passage, continuing to
pump away at her thick booty to get the most pleasure he can as he rides it
out. He shows great skill to not only keep fucking her ass as he's cumming,
but to keep holding her and rubbing her snatch with his other hand just as he
feels the last drops of jizz dripping out of his cock which remains buried in
her backside.

The feeling of the spunk shooting up into her is the trigger that sets her
off as well, letting out a loud, deep moan as her pussy explodes with juices.
Morrison's hand gets covered as it continues to rub her, helped by the
grinding action of her snatch against his well trained hand as she intends to
hold off for as long as she can before some comes back down to Earth and
reality from her orgasm. Her eyes are closed, moaning even with a mouthful of
Bourne's cum as she lets go of her tits, freeing his spent cock before she
closes her mouth, swallowing down the spunk in one gulp no problem at all.

"Now that's the MsChif I remember..." Evan says with a smile, getting off the
table to stand on the floor. "One heck of a freak when it matters."

MsChif sits up, her face still covered in spunk which she doesn't seem to
mind behind there as she smirks at him. "Never doubt me again Matt..." She
looks over with a dark glare to Morrison who's just pulling his softening
dick from her cum-filled ass. "You should be thankful for this once in a life
time moment..."

"The Guru of Greatness never turns away those worthy of admittance to the
Palace of Wisdom..." John says as he casually looks over her juices that are
on his hand. "Consider yourself welcome to test yourself at any time."

Bourne shakes his head with a laugh, stepping between them as MsChif hops off
the table not looking happy. "You guys are weird... We just fucked each
other's brains out and you're arguing? How about we not worry about who`s in
who`s palace and we just keep having fun, right?"

The Champion of SHIMMER smirks at Evan. "Fun? I'd rather ravish you Matt
until you're begging for more..."

"Interesting to know they enjoy their intercourse down in the depths of The
Inferno..." Morrison states coolly, before looking into the cameras. "Today
MoFos, we learned that there is a lot of truth in the cliche that the
freakiest chicks can also get freaky in the sack, and once again screamers
are the ones who can get very down and dirty. You learn something new
everyday. Join the Shaman of Sexy next time as I continue the Quest for
Greatness. Be Jealous."

* * *

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