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Featuring: Layla El (WWE Smackdown), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown).

The Quest For Greatness Part 5: Layla El
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with a the handsome WWE Superstar John
Morrison clad in expensive looking ring pants and a lavish shirt deliberately
left unbuttoned, walking along a backstage corridor and doing nothing to hide
the sizeable bulge in his pants and his incredibly well defined chest and
stomach muscles.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison. Today I take my epic journey to #discover
the finest sexual ability in all of wrestling to my "home", the very brand
where every night I am the Friday Night Delight, WWE Smackdown. Tonight, I
have selected a Diva who makes claim to being the only true "Nasty Girl" in
the WWE."

Coming up to a door with a sign that reads "DIVAS DRESSING ROOM", he doesn't
even stop to knock as he steps inside. He instantly spies his "target", the
former winner of the 2006 Diva Search and dancer for Extreme Expose, the
sassy and arrogant Layla El. She's clad in a short sleeved tight white top
which clings to her large, nicely rounded chest and has a low neckline that
shows a little cleavage off, a pair of tightly fitting jeans that hug her
juicy, sexy ass, stylish large earrings and a red, knitted-style hat. She
hasn't noticed John entering yet, being busy with taking a picture with the
camera on her cell phone as she poses by taking a drink of fruit juice from a
drinks bottle. But when he slams the door shut behind him, she turns and
looks at him, putting her phone away as she eyes his chiselled body up with a

"Hey baby, you're looking fine tonight..." She says, a long glance at his
bulge. "But you know that this is the Divas' locker room don't you?"

"The Shaman of Sexy is always aware of where he is." He states. "It is a
question of where you will be tonight." He unashamedly starts to take off his
shirt, fully showing off his stunning upper body.

She licks her lip-gloss covered lips. finally looking up to look him in the
eyes. "Oh, so you finally want a real woman in this "Quest" of yours? You
shouldn't have wasted your time with all those little girls when you could
have had this Nasty Girl from the start.

"Then feel free to prove yourself worthy of residence at the Palace of
Wisdom." He says, undoing his pants and dropping them down to the floor,
showing he isn't wearing any boxers underneath.

Layla smirks, eyes drawn down to his semi hard manhood as she slips down onto
her knees in front of the hunky Superstar, glancing up for a moment to check
he's watching before she leans in, brushing her tongue along the side of his
tool with a slow, teasing lick that makes it twitch and harden slightly. She
continues this action, moving her soft, wet tongue along the sides as it gets
erect, allowing her to explore the underside and all around as only with
lashing tongue action she gets him fully hard to a staggering fourteen inches
of thick cock. She smirks again, showing no fear of what a weapon like this
could do to her as she gives him a sly wink before she opens her mouth and
captures his bell end inside, beginning to suck on it with her luscious, full
lips that are wrapping tightly around him.

Unfazed by the sexy, sassy Diva, Morrison stands with his hands on his sides,
allowing her to kick things off her way at least for the moment. It's clear
she knows what she's doing, expertly focusing on the head with slight pushes
forward to grind her luscious lips across the tip of him as she sucks, but
considering the kind of man she's pleasuring she's going to need to do much
more than this to get him going. Not that he isn't enjoying this work on the
head of his shaft and the occasional flicks of the tongue into it she's
giving, but they both know she's capable of doing much more than this and
that's what he's waiting for.

Letting out a slight moan, she starts the push her head further forward
towards her fellow SmackDown co-worker, inch by inch of his massive cock
passing through her juicy, lip gloss-covered lips which drag over his dick
until half of him is firmly lodged inside her soothing oral hole. She closes
her eyes, focusing on the task at hand, moving her head back until just the
head is still in her mouth before she pushes back down to where she was.
Now's she properly blowing him which gets him moaning slightly in enjoyment
which is music to her ears as puts down the juice bottle and places both
hands on his thighs. Her stylish earrings slightly sway as she bobs her head
slowly along him, a steady movement that isn't too teasing but is enough to
keep them both happy with this action.

Happy the Guru of Greatness certainly is, reaching down and brushing some of
her long, well kept hair out from her face so he can completely see her
working on his exceptionally long and thick manhood. Placing a hand on the
back of head, he moves her closer to him with enough force not to simple pull
her all the way down but instead to "suggest" that she go down further on
him. It works to take another inch or so into her lovely mouth, but looking
up with a sassy, defiant look she pulls her head all the way back to just
have the crown in her before she twists her head around from side to side,
grinding her lips against him. The raised eyebrow she's giving him is a clear
message that she's not just going to give, so he'll have to take as well.

Giving a smirk back, he does just that, surprising her by putting his other
hand onto her head and jolting her head forward as he pushes his hips
forward, sending his shaft deep into her mouth as she comes into him, causing
her to completely deep throat his huge dick as his bell end touches the back
of her mouth and his balls slightly smack into her chin. Rather than gagging
or trying to resist, the Nasty Girl of the WWE simply moans with closed eyes,
twisting her head around once again as she flicks her tongue around him to
get it slightly wet as she's kept in this position with her nose touching his
crotch for a few moments. The way her hands are moving over his thighs and
legs indicate that not only doesn't she mind this, she was probably teasing
him into this from the start.

Taking full control now, John starts to pump his cock in and out of her mouth
with slightly sharp movements back and forth that makes around four or five
inches slide pass out from her full lips before being driven right back into
her with no resistance even with her pressing hard down against him for added
pleasure. Inside, she's lashing her tongue up and around his tool, focusing
mostly on the top portion that isn't leaving her, showing great cock sucking
skill as she's not skipping a beat even when having her beautiful face fucked
by a gorgeous Superstar. Echoing around the room are the sounds of this oral
sex, the slapping of his balls against her chin, the slurps as a result of
her sucking him deeply as he pumps in and out of her mouth, and the moans
coming from both sports entertainers although hers are vibrating around his
thickness which is by no means a bad thing as far as he's concerned.

Releasing her head, he lets her pull back completely off of him, showing his
hard cock that is coated with a more than generous amount of her own saliva
that's also slightly dripping off her chin as a result of the pumping her
face has just taken. She takes a deep breath of air to recover before she
reaches down, taking the bottle of juice and taking a big gulp of it. Not
finished with it, she tips it slightly to make some of the fruit-flavoured
liquid splash out over his cock with makes him moan, as does her next action
of taking his dick back into her mouth to deeply suck him off, licking the
juice off as she tastes and swallows it down. After a couple more deep sucks
for good measure she releases him before standing up with a slightly arrogant

"So baby, still don't believe that I'm a Nasty Girl yet?" She says, fully
confident of her own sexual abilities.

"Any third rate porn fluffer can use their mouth like that..." The multi-time
singles and tag team champion coolly replies. "It takes more than that to
gain entry to the Palace of Wisdom."

She narrows her eyes in a very bitch manner "Oh, so you think you can do
better than that?" She challenges. "Then bring it little boy, let's see what
you've got."

Unfazed by her attitude, he catches her off guard by snatching the bottle out
of her hand with no warning. She's about to protest about it but all that
comes out of her already well used mouth is a gasp as he pours the bottle
right out onto her chest, completely drenching her tight, white top with the
juice that makes it go see-through, her perfectly large and nicely rounded
chest essentially on full display with hard nipples poking out. The furious
look on her face soon fades away when he puts his free hand right on her
breast, squeezing the wet material as he feels her up while also leaning his
head in, dragging her chest over the exposed skin to lap up the flavoured
drink. She hisses through her teeth, trying not to enjoy this and remained
pissed off with him but it's no use, his combined hand and tongue work is too
good to ignore and more importantly stop.

The former Diva Search winner moans, head tilting back slightly as she lets
him do as he pleases which currently amounts to firm licks all across the
skin above the neck line as he cups her ample chest with quick gropes on one
before moving onto the other to do the same. She moves a hand onto the back
of his head, slightly grabbing his perfectly set hair to pull him deeply into
her chest, pressing his face into her cleavage and the soaked material of her
top. He smirks as she rubs her boobs over her face, the feeling erotic with
the addition of her dampened clothing, so he moves his free hand around her,
grabbing a handful of her sexy ass through tight jeans. She licks her lips,
pulling his head up and looking into his eyes with a lusty glare before
pressing her mouth into his, not hesitating for a moment to use a lot of
tongue which he clearly has no problem with as they begin to lewdly make out
with no shame at all.

As they swap spit with their tongues swirling around one another, the
Superstar with abs to die for moves her backward step by step until she's
pushed against a table in the room and not resisting she slightly hops up to
sit on it, spreading her legs as she anticipates him taking her right there
and then. But he steps to the side, making her turn her head towards them so
they can still French kiss to distract her as he puts down the bottle onto
the table before sliding his hand down the front of her jeans. She moans into
his mouth as she feels him start to rub her smoothly shaven pussy, thanking
herself for not wearing any underwear today as she feels his strong fingers
brushing across her entrance. His other hand keeps busy, reaching up and
taking off her stylish hat to toss it out of the way, allowing him to run his
hand through her lovely, long hair, a motion being returned by the stunning
Diva as they continue to make out with no signs of either stopping for air.

Leaning back to slightly push her large, wet but still clothes covered chest
out, the former Extreme Expose dancer reaches down to undo her jeans, letting
them drop down her smooth, tanned legs before kicking them off, knowing full
well it's going to give him full access to her tight, starting to dampen
snatch. Not foolish to ignore such an opportunity he slides a finger deep
insider her to make her groan as she feels him twisting his wrist around to
make his digit turn around and back inside her. Using a unique way to say the
least way of her appreciation she pulls back slightly, catching his bottom
lip in between her teeth and gently biting and pulling back as she gazes
lustfully at him. He groans, pulling his finger out and dragging it right
around her clit which makes her release his lip and moan with her head
tilting back, the sight of which makes him smirk as he goes to finger her
again, this time using a second finger to not only pleasure her but to force
her snug hole open a little in preparation.

Reaching over to him, the British bombshell takes his hard shaft in her palm,
tightly gripping him as she starts to stroke him with quick, firm movements
right from the base upward to the very top, not feeling so selfish as she
usually is as she's submitted to the expert touch of the Shaman of Sexy. He
moves his other hand up and squeezes her tit for a moment before doing the
same to the other, showing his ability as he keeps sliding his fingers in and
out of her lower hole with sharp, quick pumps that never get awkward because
of his other actions. His digits goes right in to the knuckle before moving
back until the tips remain inside and then his hand goes right back forward
into her, resulting in making her moan and making his fingers damp from her
forming juices, and not the kind that have stained and no doubt ruined her

"Mmmm... Shit John..." Layla moans, eyeing him up as he strokes away at his
long, thick dick. "You've got me all fired up now. Let's really get nasty
baby." She gives him a firm squeeze to make the point clear. "If you believe
that a simple fingering qualifies as "nasty", then you should consult a new
dictionary." Morrison states with more than hint of cockiness as he pulls his
fingers out, dragging them up her to rub her juices over her crotch.

She raises an eyebrow. "Honey, I wrote the book on how to be nasty. You can't
teach me anything I don't already know." She states, letting go of his cock
and reaching down to pull her top up and over her head, leaving her
completely naked in all her gorgeous, perfectly curved and sexily tanned

As she's been bragging, she's failed to notice that he's picked up the bottle
again and has moves closer to her legs. "In theory, everything works, but the
Shaman of Sexy believes in actions as well as words."

Just as she's about to make another sassy statement in reply, her eyes go
wide as she feels his hand pulling her pussy lips apart and before she can
stop him, he's slowly pushing the drinks bottle right into her tight pussy.
She moans and groans at the same time as she feels the cold, hard object
forcing her hole open as its moved into her, eyes tightly shut as she doesn't
know whether she should be completely ashamed or turned on as half of the
bottle is firmly lodged into her. He licks his lips, using his hand to twist
the bottle around, making the textured sides brush into her inner walls,
before he releases his other hand so that her lower lips press against the
inanimate object that's become a makeshift sex toy.

The sassy but arrogant Diva groans, unable to resist the sexual domination
she's been placed under that makes her reach down, holding her thighs apart
as wide as she can, now unashamedly accepting the drinks bottle that's being
moved in and out of her tight, wet pussy. The Superstar in full control is
now taking his time, enjoying the moment and her humiliation mixed with
increasing lust as he gently pulls the bottle out bit by bit, keeping about
three or four inches inside her before he stars to push is back into her
gradually widening and accepting snatch so seven or so inches are lodged deep
into her. Moving around her but keeping an arm over her leg so he can still
work the bottle, he moves close up to her, running his other hand over her
incredible body.

John moans again as her hand finds its way back to his shaft, starting to
give out a handjob at a fast pace with a very tight grip, no doubt a result
of what's going on between her legs at the same time. Her skilled fingers
brush all across his meaty shaft from the very tip all the way to the base so
her hand bumps into his nuts before going right back upward. Aiding her this
motion he slightly pushes his hips forward into her hand which gives him a
little extra pleasure as his cock slides in and out of her soft palm while
her digits grind around him.

It's no surprise that the former Miami Heat dancer is finding it hard herself
to concentrate on jerking him off as the bottle being worked in and out of
her now soaking pussy is a major distraction to say the very least. She
starts to move her hips in towards the unusual "sex toy" to meet it's
movements as it gets pushed into her, causing it to go deeper that either of
them thought possible which makes her moan even louder, biting down on her
bottom lip as she shows how nasty she can as she essentially is being slowly
fucked by a common drinks bottle and she is clearly loving it. Her other hand
is moving downward, rubbing over his arm as she's actually encouraging him to
work the bottle deeper and faster into her tight, wet hole.

Of course, the Friday Night Delight has his own ideas of what he wants to do
with her, so he just lets go of his grip on the bottle, leaving it half
inside her snatch which makes her groan as she continues to move herself
against it. As her hand now goes onto it, she's forced to let go of his
manhood as she's made to roll slightly over onto her side with her back
facing him, his hands roaming over her fantastically curved and tanned body
before resting on her plump ass cheeks. She looks over her shoulder at him,
licking her lips as she gets to grips with the bottle to test how she can now
control it but her thoughts are broken when he gives her butt a firm spank
that makes her cheek jiggle erotically.

"Fuck baby..." She moans, moving her other arm out across the table to give
her some support. "Don't wait for it. You want that ass? Just get in there
and take it!" She practically demands before groaning as she manages to pull
the bottle out a little.

"I'll certainly believe that you're as nasty as you claim if you pleasure
yourself with that bottle while I pound this behind of yours." He says with a
smirk, challenging her to do just that as giver her ass another hard spank
that just makes her groan in lust.

She smirks back. "Honey, like you said you believed in, I'll use my actions
instead of my words..."

With one leg put out forward and the other raised up high and straight before
draping it over his shoulder, the beautifully tanned and sexily curved
wrestler uses her hand to pump the thick, long and hard bottle in and out of
her tight, soaking wet pussy. She finds herself unable to take her eyes off
her own snatch, transfixed in disbelief that's she's actually fucking herself
with an ordinary drinks container but so turned on by it she's unable to
stop. She bites down on her bottom lip, feeling herself getting filled with
seven to eight inches of it when she puts it forward, and still having a good
three or four remaining in when she pulls it out, treating it just like a
regular dildo to pleasure herself. Her snatch has managed to get used to the
unusual and vast size of it, allowing her to quickly move it back and forth
into her needy hole and her loud moans are proof she`s very grateful for

The multi-time singles and tag team champion can't help but stare as the hot,
sassy Diva from across the pond starts to pleasure herself with the bottle,
but running his hands over her juicy behind with his hands his thoughts turn
to taking her mighty fine booty. Spreading her cheeks apart, he positions his
shaft in line with her back entrance before forcefully pushing forward with
no warning, penetrating her and sending at least six inches straight into her
ass which makes both of them moan loudly. He wastes no time in establishing a
rhythm, moving his muscular hips back and forth to work his mighty shaft in
and out of her tight hole at a quick pace, not caring if it's causing her
pain but knowing that if he is, she's no doubt loving it as well. With his
hands keeping her butt cheeks apart to allow him to plunge deep into her,
more and more of his thick dick is forcing its way into her, making her anal
passage accommodate his vast size but still remaining pleasurably tight all
around him.

Her eyes close and her head tilts back, moaning as she feels the SmackDown
stud pumping her stunning, plump ass deeply and forcefully while she fucks
herself with a hard drinks bottle that's she's sliding in and out of her
tight, horny pussy. She runs her hand down over her sweat-covered body,
brushing around the opening of her snatch as she pumps it before travelling
back up to her chest, squeezing her breast to add even more pleasure to this
already extremely sexual encounter. Doing the same to the other tit, rubbing
her rock hard nipple between her fingers, she works the bottle even harder
and deeper into herself, making her love tunnel take it as if it were a real
dick with nearly ten inches of it inside her which makes her hold it around
the bottom of it to keep control as she pulls in out before pushing it back
in. Showing her skill she's rocking her ass back against the thrusting
Superstar to meet his movements, causing her cheeks to smack into him each
time he pumps into her.

The Shaman of Sexy has a layer of sweat covering his magnificently well
defined body as well, showing the effort he's put into this entire sexual
encounter and most of all the pounding he's giving her juicy behind. His
entire fourteen inch cock is now deep inside her back passage, his balls
smacking into her skin each time he pushes forward and at least ten inches
still remaining in her when he pulls back, thrusting hard to make her cheeks
jiggle and causing both of them to moan loudly as he holds nothing back. The
sight of her sticking a bottle deep in her pussy would make the majority of
red-blooded males explode right there and then, but he's putting even the
most experienced porn stars to shame with his ability and self control. He's
looking to enjoy her ass for as long as he can, pumping deeply and hard into
her but he's not going to slow down either, knowing his peak is coming soon
and he won't put that off no matter what.

Even as nasty a girl as she clearly is, there's only so much that any woman
can take. For Layla El getting essentially double penetrated by a gorgeous
wrestler fucking her tight, perfectly rounded ass while she herself fucks her
pussy with a common, vending machine drinks bottle is too incredible to deny.
Mouth open with nothing but loud, lustful groans escaping and her eyes
clamped shut, she stars to cum hard around the bottle, keeping it moving in
and out of her as juices flood all around it and out her snatch, trickling
out down her legs and onto the table to leave a sticky, erotic mess on it.
Whether she feels it or not, some of her juices are actually collecting in
the bottle itself, entering through the neck as it continues to move
gradually slower and slower as she comes down from her orgasm.

As she cums, her back passage clamps tightly around the thick, fourteen inch
cock of John Morrison as he continues to pound her backside with all his
might, groaning loudly as he feels his shaft throbbing inside her amazing
ass. But he manages, with some reluctance, to pull his cock out of her
tightness after a couple of deep pumps, and he turns her over onto her
stomach to set her up before starting to stroke his dick furiously as he
looks to reach a peak of his own. It's not long before he's moaning deeply,
thick streams of spunk blasting out of his bell end and splashing down onto
both her sexy ass cheeks, covering her with his creamy load. Some drops land
down into her crack, trickling down over her well used asshole and further
down to her similarly worn out pussy which makes her groan as she feels her
jizz brush into her lips. With a contented sigh, he lets go of his now
softening cock, admiring the sight of the worn out Diva who lays panting on
the table with her ass almost entirely coated with his spunk.

"I think we have all the proof we need that you are, indeed, a Nasty Girl."
Morrison complements her in his own, unique way as he walks over to his
clothing, beginning to dress.

"Baby..." She manages to gasp out, groaning as she pulls the bottle
completely out of her pussy. "I think you're one hell of a nasty boy as

The Guru of Greatness raises an eyebrow as he pulls his lavish pants up,
buttoning them up. "There is nothing nasty about the Palace of Wisdom."

She smirks, lifting up the bottle to her lips, making sure he's watching as
she tilts it back, drinking her own juices out of it with greedy gulps.
Finishing it off she licks her luscious lips. "There will be after I finish
with you back at your hotel room tonight."

"You are more than welcome to attempt that." He says, accepting her offer
before he looks to the camera. "Today MoFos, we learned that while some women
can talk the talk, and some can walk the walk, you need to have a whole lot
of "bottle" to really be a Nasty Girl. Join the Shaman of Sexy next time as I
continue the Quest for Greatness. Be Jealous."

* * *

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