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Featuring: Angelina Love (Former TNA), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown).

The Quest For Greatness Part 6: Angelina Love
A WWE/TNA crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with a the handsome WWE Superstar John
Morrison clad in expensive looking ring pants and a lavish shirt deliberately
left unbuttoned, standing outside the front door of an apartment room, doing
nothing to hide the sizeable bulge in his pants and his incredibly well
defined chest and stomach muscles.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next installment of the Quest For
Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison. Today I take my epic journey to discover the
finest sexual ability in all of wrestling to the sunshine state, Florida, and
to a former member of the roster of the extremely sub-par company known as
TNA. My sources tell me she is here, unless she`s been deported because of...
Well, you`re watching this on the Internet, you can look it up."

He turns and firmly knocks on the door, and a few short moments later it
opens and standing in the doorway is the former TNA Women's Knockout Champion
as well as a former developmental Diva for the WWE, Angelina Love. The
gorgeous blonde has on an unsurprisingly from her Impact appearances
outrageously figure showing outfit of very tight jeans that hug her infamous,
juicy and rounded ass, and a very low cut and tight fitting back top that
shows off a lot of clevage from her large, sexy chest.

She smiles, instantly eyeing him up. "John, long time no see, right? Or have
you forgotten about my time back in developmental?" She steps aside and
motions for him to enter. "I know you're about testing those lesser, ugly
chicks, but I want to see what you are all about."

"The Shaman of Sexy always accepts any challenge." John says as he steps in,
wasting no time as he removes his shirt and tosses it away from him.

"Well then, let's cut the bullshit and get down to it!"

Turning around, Angelina slowly bends over, pressing her sexy ass right up
against his crotch as she places her hands on the wall in front of her,
looking back over her shoulder at him with a smile. She starts to perform her
infamous booty shake that made her ring entrance the most popular in TNA
history, rubbing her cheeks from side to side to grind herself right into the
handsome Superstar, her jeans covered behind making him moan slightly as his
cock starts to harden in his pants. Feeling his increasing size right up
against her only encourages her to keep moving her ass up into him, licking
her juicy lips as she mentally sizes him up with her eyes roaming up and down
his chiseled body.

Reaching down, the Guru of Greatness unbuckles his belt, dropping his pants
to the floor which lets his massive fourteen inch cock spring out and rest
right on her ass. The gasp that comes from the stunning blonde when she sees
his length for the first time makes him smirk, her wide eyes only making him
more excited, shown by him slowly pushing himself forward and back to move
his shaft in between her thick, jean covered ass cheeks. Smirking back, she
pushes her butt back against him to grind herself against the moving dick,
the teasing being done by both getting them right in the mood even with the
thin layer of clothing causing a little friction to this motion.

Moving his hands onto her hips, he starts to pull her tight jeans right down,
revealing her bare, perfectly tanned and gorgeous ass along with her smoothly
shaven and inviting pussy, before pulling them right down her smooth legs to
her feet. Allowing her to step out of them, he moves back into position and
raises an eyebrow slightly as she spreads her legs apart, another big lick of
this lips to drag her piercing across them as she slowly shakes her butt from
side to side again. Stepping back close to her, he holds his mighty shaft to
position it before pushing forward and plunging himself into her nice and
tight snatch, both attractive wrestlers moaning at the penetration as six
thick inches easily fits into her. Still remaining bent over and holding onto
the wall, she arches her back slightly to raise her head and chest up a
little and push her ass right into him, a clear sign she wants a whole lot
more from him and she wants it right now.

Clearly denying the sexual demands of a very hot female wrestler is not
permitted in the Palace of Wisdom as he places his hands on her toned waist
and begins to pump into her tightness. His long cock starts to slide in and
out of her hole with relative ease despite the gripping pressure all around
it, and he's able to work more and more of his vast size into her each time
he pushes forward into her. She moans, looking back and watching as he's
starting to take her snatch, remaining steady in position and letting him do
all the work for the moment, her body only moving slightly away and back in
response to his movements, moving one hand back to run her fingers teasingly
over his arm as he holds her, before going back to rest on the wall as she
presses her lips together. Now she raises an eyebrow, questioning if that's
all he's got to give her.

In response he pulls himself back so that only his head remains in her hot
pussy, before he slams himself right forward, going balls deep into the
stunning Canadian beauty so his waist smacks into her ass cheeks, making them
erotically jiggle and his balls slap into her skin. She groans in pleasure,
head tilting back and eyes closing as she enjoys all of his thick, hard shaft
inside her dampening hole but this is only the start of it. Now he starts to
give it to her, fucking her with strong, steady thrusts that has him pulling
back so eight inches remain lodged in her tightness before he pushes forward
to insert himself fully with a loud smack of skin meeting skin sounding out
as a confirmation. He moans as well, pleasantly surprised as her pussy isn't
loosening at all despite his size, making it all the better to fuck nice and
slow as he plans on making this last for as long as possible which she will
have no complaints with either if her moans are anything to go by.

The former TNA Women's Knockout Champion now starts to push her ass back
against his thrusts, her cheeks meeting his waist to make the resulting
slapping sound louder than before, similar to how the moans coming from both
are increasing with volume as does the pleasure. Her pussy is now nice and
wet, with her juices beginning to cover the pumping cock moving in and out of
her, and her nipples are rock hard and poking through her top, her swaying
tits nearly popping out of their tight restraints as she moves herself back
against him. In turn he's picking up the pace a little more, speeding up to
get into a nice rhythm with effortless-looking pumps deep into her love
tunnel as his hands move up to rest on her tanned, sexy butt cheeks to
squeeze them as he fucks her in a standing doggy style position.

Hand raised, John brings it right down onto her plump, sexy behind as he
continues to firmly fuck her tight snatch. She groans for a moment, before
looking back with a smirk as she starts to lean herself backward to stand up,
forcing him to lean back to keep his cock firmly inserted but he can't move
too far as she reaches back with a hand on the back of his head, pulling him
into a deep, lustful kiss. They moan into each other's mouths, tongues
rolling around with her piercing making him groan at the sensation of feeling
it, and their eyes are closed while she skillfully grinds her hot, perfectly
curved and full ass back into his crotch. He responds by reaching down and
lifting up a leg of her, slightly turning himself to give her easy access to
resume thrusting, moving up into her wet hole and back out to make her
balance on one leg, now with her arm around his head for support.

Breaking off the lip lock, her mouth stays open with long moans escaping as
she lets the handsome WWE Superstar take her in this position which gives her
no control of the situation and she certainly doesn't mind that, perhaps even
enjoying that fact. She's certainly loving the rock hard and thick cock
that's being driven into her pussy with swift, hard motions that make her
body jolt and her clothes-covered breasts bounce in time with his motions. A
groan escapes her as she feels him kiss up the side of her neck, eventually
cut off when she turns her head and meets his lips with hers for another
horny, French kiss as he continues to pound her tightness, never pausing or
missing a beat for a moment. Showing even more impressive sexual ability, as
he keeps up the unrelenting pace of his thrusts and keeps her leg held, he
reaches around with his other hand, groping her breast through the tight,
straining top its encased in, feeling the nipple poking through against his
palm. Moaning a little louder at the touch, her own free hand goes onto his,
encouraging his groping by squeezing his hand and pushing her chest out
towards him.

"Fuck John!" Angelina is able to exclaim after taking a deep breath. "If they
taught you that down in OVW, then I was at the wrong territory!"

"Unsurprising..." John smirks, pulling his cock out of her which makes her
groan. "The "stars" of TNA must be lacking where it matters."

She smirks back. "You think I let just anyone have a Beautiful Person?" She
turns around, tossing her hair back behind her. "Besides, you caught me off
guard. Where's the fun in just going straight for the action?"

"The Shaman of Sexy is always willing to broaden his horizons." He coolly
replies. "I take it you are one to indulge in foreplay?"

"Oh, I'll indulge on something alright..."

Slipping down to her knees, she wastes no time in gripping his massive length
in her hand by the base, just holding it steady as she makes sure he's
watching her, before putting out her tongue, licking around the bulbous tip
which makes her sexy piercing drag around to make him groan and causes her to
taste a little of her own pussy juices off from him. With a satisfied smirk
on her face from his reaction she gives another quick little lick around
before opening wider, taking his dick inside her nicely wet mouth, her lovely
thick lips pressing around as she holds him inside for a long moment before
running her tongue piercing gently along the underside of him, groaning
herself as she tastes some more of herself as she unintentionally cleans her
juices off from his dick. He reaches down, slightly running his fingers
through her long blonde hair as she continues to tease him some more with
light licks and only her plump lips holding his cock, not sucking yet.

Soon though she starts to get going, moving her head down his shaft, taking
inch by thick inch into her accommodating and confident mouth, a moan
vibrating around his tool as she feels his vast size deep inside her oral
hole as she doesn't stop until easily nine or more inches has passed between
her sexily full lips. It's not long at all before she raises herself back
upward so only three inches stay in her and then it's right back down as she
uses a steady, bobbing motion to blow him with her made for blowjobs lips. He
moans as she watches her head move along his length, enjoying the clearly
perfected from experience treatment she's giving the cock that was moments
ago pumping deep into her pussy, and now is damp in a different way with her
juices replaced by soothing, erotic saliva. He holds onto her head, letting
her use this calm pace for the moment but ready to take over and use her
mouth if she starts to slack off, the idea of fucking the face of one of the
original Beautiful People of TNA very appealing.

No worry about that just yet though, as almost reading his mind she quickens
her motions, her long hair swaying in time as she sucks him smoothly with her
lips pressed firmly around him, a sexy slurping sound being heard as she
shows off what she can do, the occasional flick up of her tongue reminding
him, as if he could forget about it, of that hot additional pleasure of the
tongue piercing. She's moving swiftly along him, eyes closed in concentration
as she's taken more of him into her mouth so she's nearly deep throating him,
not even gagging for a moment from his thickness. She's not holding onto him
anymore, which allows her to reach a hand down between her legs and finger
herself, two digits firmly inside her wet snatch to keep her going, perhaps
even getting off on sucking off a man who works for the rival company to the
one she was a part off not too long ago.

The multi-time Intercontinental Champion moans as the former Knockout is
gorging herself on his dick with no signs of stopping, taking note of how
she's playing with herself not just with her masturbation but her squeezing
of her own tits through her top. Using this distraction, even though she was
still blowing him with the same quick pace with no pauses or delays, to push
his hips forward, catching her off guard as his cock touches the back of her
mouth and her face is right into his crotch as all of his massive fourteen
inch tool is deep inside her. She groans in pleasure as she tries to keep
bobbing away but he's keeping her held down to impale her face with his shaft
for a few moments, and rather than be mad at this she responds by moving her
hand from her boobs and up to his balls, gently squeezing them briefly which
surprises him enough to make him moan.

Letting her move again, Love is right back to sucking away, quick movements
all the way up and down his entire length to deepthroat him, moaning all
around him as she wraps her tongue around the underside to make it completely
covered with her saliva. The Friday Night Delight is responding to her
motions, pushing himself forward to lightly pump into her mouth each time she
lowers her head down so his cock travels right into her and his nutsack
gently smacks into her chin. A little trickle of her own saliva is escaping
past her juicy lips from the speed she's using on his tool, going down her
face and dripping down onto her tightly fitting top, and speaking of dripping
she's continuing to fuck herself with her fingers, slightly bouncing onto her
hand as she pleasures herself while pleasuring him with her talented mouth.
She puts her head right back down onto his dick again, her nose pressing
into his skin as with his whole length inside her tongue flicks around him,
leaving no part untouched for the oral assault before she lifts herself back
up all the way to just have the bell end encased in her mouth. She twists her
head slowly from side to side, grinding her luscious lips around the head.

"Quite impressive..." Morrison states as a form of compliment. "So it seems
that you've had a fair share of practice, despite your claims..." Angelina
narrows her eyes, lifting her head right up from him. "Watch your mouth
"Guru", I didn't hear you complaining when I was blowing your mind just

"Any ring rat can blow to an adequate level." He dismisses her challenge. "It
takes a lot more to gain entry to the Palace of Wisdom."

"Fine!" She somewhat arrogantly states, standing up. "You, bedroom, now!" She
orders, not even waiting to see if he's following as she struts along the

He's naturally following, his gaze completely on her ass it sways from side
to side, sexily jiggling with each step she takes, so he misses her pulling
her top off over her head, finally freeing her very large and perfectly
rounded tits so she is completely naked and lightly covered in sweat.
Arriving in the bedroom, she turns around ready to give him another piece of
her mind but she's cut off when he's right there, both hands on the sides of
her face to draw her into a deep kiss. She groans, eyes closed and almost
melting in his arms as she's unable to resist the handsome and talented
sports entertainer, losing track of the seconds held in the lip lock before
she's pushed backward, falling onto the Queen-sized bed.

Not giving the former Knockouts Champion a moment to catch her breath, John
is right on her, grabbing her by the hips and lifting her lower half off from
the bed and back towards her. Reacting, she reaches up and grabs her thighs,
spreading her legs and draping them across his shoulders and still lying back
on the bed so she`s almost folded up into herself, biting her bottom lip as
she watches position himself. Putting a hand on her curvy ass, he spreads her
cheeks apart, using the other hand to line up his immense, covered with her
saliva shaft with the entrance to her back passage and with no forewarning he
pushes right forward, forcing his way straight into her ass.

She groans loudly, feeling her asshole being forced to widen as he's pushing
onward, driving his cock deeper and deeper still into her perfect butt, by no
means an easy task with the tightness of this hole and the only lubrication
being the saliva from her oral work from a moment ago. She's managing to keep
herself under control, blocking out the initial pain of entry and keeping
herself aroused by moving a hand onto her soaking pussy, rubbing it for a
moment before pushing a couple of fingers back inside her, resuming the task
of self-pleasuring herself. He licks his lips, pausing for a moment to take
this particular sight in before he goes back to his own mission here as he's
only managed to get half of his length into her and there's still, literally,
a long way to go yet.

Pulling his hips back, he gives her a couple of quick pumps to force her back
passage to accommodate his vast size, making her moan and groan at the
sensation, eyes closed and a lick of this lips as she feels him going further
into her infamous behind. Repositioning himself with his cock still in her,
he mounts her so he's arching his body off the bed, feet on the sheets and
arms out with hands resting by her sides, and this allows him to dip his dick
straight down and back from her hole while looking straight down at her sexy,
large tits that are heaving as she fingers herself and her pretty, moaning
face. Smirking, he starts to rock his body back and forth, sending his dick
in and out of her which makes them both release lusty sounds of pleasure.

This seems to be the winning position as now he's really getting into her,
his crotch gradually getting closer and closer to her with every thrust, her
legs slightly rubbing against his shoulders in anticipation and sure enough,
he finally has his entire, thick cock completely inside her ass with his
balls resting against her butt cheeks. Love moans loudly, her free hand going
to her breast to grope it and tease her own nipple and her head tilting back,
trying to grind her ass back into him but it's not possible as she's too busy
taking care of her own pussy with steady pumping fingers in and out of it.
This is more than enough for her, who at this point doesn't care what she can
or can't do as long as this WWE stud fucks her ass enough to make her cum
hard right on her own bed.

Now he's the one reading her mind as he starts to give her ass the kind of
pumping that millions of red-blooded men around the world would give their
right arm to dish out. He moves his hips back far enough so eight or so
inches remain firmly lodged inside her before sending himself straight back
in with force, the smack of skin meeting skin ringing out as well as his
balls slapping into her ass cheeks. Repeating the motion he's already
established a rapid, firm pace, no doubt brought on in direct response to her
attitude and the clear unashamed lust between the two. It's hard to tell
who's getting the most pleasure out of this, as she seems unable to move out
from this position, just moaning and playing with her own tanned and
perfectly curved body, and he's gone into the zone, focused on only pounding
her butt straight through the bed with his pistoning cock.

Forcing her eyes open, she looks right up and seeing the intensity in her
eyes only drives her even more wild than before, her fingers going as quick
as she can, now adding a third in as she works herself up even more if that's
even possible considering how he's pumping her ass right now. Her other hand
is gripping the sheets to try and steady herself as his thrusts are making
her rock back and forth on the bed, her large chest bouncing in time with his
motions into her butt. She licks her full lips, drawing deep breaths and
mouthing for him to "give it to me", as if this already staggering pace he's
using isn't enough for her to handle already.

Grunting and giving a deep thrust into her for good measure, he leans his
head right down, forcing his lips onto hers and not for the first time since
this encounter began they are lewdly making out, tongues lashing out once
more and giving him another experience of her sexy piercing. As they kiss,
their sweat coated bodies are pressed together, his chiseled out of stone
upper body slightly grinding against her juicy, large breasts. Having paused
for a moment to enjoy the lip lock, Morrison resumes working his hips back
and forth, driving his massive dick deep in and out of her back passage like
there's no tomorrow and the effects are very clear with both stunning,
attractive wrestlers moaning loudly and not giving a damn if the whole
neighbour hood can hear what they're up to.

Unsurprisingly, this kind of pace of anal sex from without a doubt the
longest and thickest piece of man meat she's ever experienced combined with
her own finger fucking of her soaking wet and tight pussy is all taking it's
toll on the former founding member of The Beautiful People. With eyes rolling
back and her mouth open wide Angelina Love starts to cum, her back passage
squeezing even tighter than before around John Morrison's thrusting cock and
her fingers and hand becoming drenched in juices as she explodes all over
herself. She groans, gasping for breath with a smile on her face as comes
down from her sexual peak. He moans as well, continuing to pump into her
gorgeous behind some more, showing great control in not just exploding right
there and then, but he's got something else in mind as he pulls out of her,
causing her to sign contentedly.

"Oh God..." Angelina moans, starting to sit up but she's pushed back down as
the Shaman of Sexy is getting on top of her, mounting her sexy chest. "Shit!
You're still not done?"

"The Guru of Greatness is not a part-time performer, unlike many of your
former co-workers." Morrison states.

"Well, since I got mine, I suppose I can make you beautiful..." She grins,
moving her hands up onto her breasts.

Knowing exactly what he wants, she pushes her big breasts right against his
cock, sandwiching it between her mounds to grind them against and around the
very member that was moments ago thrusting deep into her ass. Now he's
pumping it between her cleavage, titfucking the former TNA Knockout with long
movements back and forth as she keeps her boobs firmly in place and against
his dick. She licks her lips, watching the head of his cock appear from
between her tits before disappearing back down, the process repeated quickly
as he's not planning on using this to give her any pleasure, it's all about
getting himself off and from the moans he's giving off and the sweat covering
his body that won't be too long in happening.

Leaning her head up, she spits down in between her breasts, timing perfect to
land on his pumping length to make him groan, the saliva then rubbing across
her cleavage to reduce the friction a little when he goes back down. Watching
his shaft thrusting away into her tits, she starts to move her breasts back
and forth along his length in opposite timing to his movements so when he's
pushing up, she's moving her boobs down in order to wank his cock with her
chest as he's fucking them at the same time. Intending on helping him along
to reach his sexual high she leans her head down again, this time sticking
her tongue right out and lashing it out and around his bell end every time it
comes up towards her face, knowing the effect had on him is a good one from
his deeper, louder moans. She can't help but to tease her rock hard nipples
as she does this even though she's already came here and hasn't moved since
then, turned on by watching the handsome star of SmackDown moaning and
plowing in between her hot, large titties.

If that turns her on, then more is soon to come as Morrison's cock begins to
throb but he continues thrusting between her tits, so he starts to unload
with thick streams of spunk shooting out and landing across her upper chest
and neck. She groans, licking her lips as she feels his load splashing out
onto as she receives a "pearl necklace", but she's nowhere near as loud as he
is, deep satisfied moans coming from him. He pulls his cock out from between
her boobs, stroking the last drops of his load out onto her mounds before
letting go so his limp cock hangs free.

"Mmmm..." Angelina moans, moving a finger up to scoop some cum up on it.
"That's a different ending that I usually get." She says with a smirk before
she licks off the jizz from her digit. "You're a keeper "Guru"."

He smirks back. "Your performance has certainly earned entry to the Palace of
Widsom." He complements back in his own way.

"If that's what I can expect then I'll be moving into it!"

"A request worthy of consideration, since you have a large amount of free
time available." He states before looking to the camera. "Today MoFos, we
learned that even the most Beautiful of People can become filthy, nasty, and
most off all, an extremely good fuck, with or without a work Visa. Join the
Shaman of Sexy next time as I continue the Quest for Greatness. Be Jealous."

* * *

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