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Featuring: Cousin Cassie (Wrestlicious), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown).

The Quest For Greatness Part 7: Cousin Cassie
A WWE/Wrestlicious crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with a the handsome WWE Superstar John
Morrison clad in expensive looking ring pants and a lavish shirt deliberately
left unbuttoned, standing in a backstage corridor, doing nothing to hide the
sizeable bulge in his pants and his incredibly well defined chest and stomach

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison. Today I am taking a break from my usual
quest to find the very best in sexual ability in female wrestlers to visit a
new promotion involving a WWE Hall of Famer. Actually, Mr McMahon himself was
invited here but made reference to the fact he'd rather job to someone called
Double J than waste time here. So here I am at the company called
"Wrestlicious" which seems to be an all-female promotion. Naturally, and in
the interests of furthering my completely scientific and not just an excuse
to bang hot chicks study, I felt the need to accept."

Suddenly the sound of a loud vacuum cleaner is heard, cutting of Morrison as
he was about to speak. Motioning for the camera to follow him, he turns a
corner and sees a very odd sight - legendary manager and WWE Hall of Fame
member "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart in his trademark colourful and
personalised outfit apparently using the cleaner to tidy up the hallway.
Raising an eyebrow to the camera, John taps him on the shoulder to get his
attention. Hart looks to him with a smile and says something, but it's not
heard because of the noise.

Realising this, Jimmy switches it off. "John Morrison! You got my invite man,
good to see ya! I'm real excited for you WWE guys to come down here and see
what Wrestlicious is all about!"

"Indeed..." John says.

"But what's with the vacuum cleaner?"

"Well somebody's got to do the vacuuming!" He states, before strangely a
laughter track is played out for the "punchline", causing John to look around
to try and identify the source of it.

"I can get back to that later man, come on I'll show you around!"

He starts to walk down a corridor, with John following behind, still confused
by the random laughter just played out. "I'll show you the ring, you can meet
my main man J.V., meet all of the girls... Hey, there's one right there! Hey
Cousin Cassie, come on over here!"

John spies the female in question and starts to smirk, knowing in an instant
that this trip will not be a waste of his time. A young, cute blonde with her
hair in pretty pigtails tied with pink bows, a white tied in a know at the
front shirt with pink short sleeves at the shoulders that shows off small but
perky cleavage, and classic Daisy Dukes shorts that show off her completely
tanned legs. Making eye contact with him, she gives him a big, friendly smile
as she comes over.

"Howdy there!" Cassie says. "My name is Cousin Cassie, and I'm just a good
old country girl who loves to wrestle! And what's your name, mister lookin'
all fancy and dressed up like that?"

"John Morrison, the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness..." John starts to
say when he's cut off.

"This is gonna be great!" Jimmy Hart says. "Wait right here, I'll find J.V.
and then we can get all the paperwork and it's gonna be fantastic!
Wrestlicious baby, yeah!"

Jimmy heads off in another direction, causing Morrison to watch him leave
with a bemused look on his face before he turns back to Cassie, catching her
eyeing up his muscles with a cute smile.

"Geez, are you one of them city boys?" She asks, looking him over. "We don't
have anybody lookin' like this back down on the farm."

"There's no one who looks like this anywhere in the world." He states with a
smirk. "But I am new around here. Perhaps you'd like to give me proper
"welcome" since we've just met?"

"Can I??" She excitedly states. "I mean, bein' around girls all day is nice
and that, but you mister? You're just as handsome as handsome can be! You
sure you'd want to be around a country girl like me?"

He boldly reaches forward, putting his arm around her waist to bring her
close to him. "Perhaps the question is if you can handle a "city boy" like

She giggles for a moment, biting down on her bottom lip as she runs a hand
over his incredible chest. "I've... My locker room is right down the hall!"

* * *

Moments later, in the empty locker room, the currently topless cute country
girl lowers herself down to her knees with a happy, energetic look in her
eyes, in front of the hunky, naked WWE Superstar, wrapping her fingers around
his hardening shaft and beginning to stroke it softly, her smile getting
wider as he gets bigger in her hand, blushing as he takes a long look at her
bare, nicely sized, and perfectly tanned tits. It doesn't take long before
he's standing at full attention, his over foot long and impressively thick
cock pointing right at the young, pretty blonde who lets out a cute, slightly
nervous giggle, not believing someone could have a package quite like this
which is far bigger than anything she's seen before. Giving his dick a few
more stokes, she leans her head down slightly so she can touch the tip of him
with her soft tongue, pulling back slightly out of surprise when she hears a
light moan come from him. Giggling again, she goes back, this time slowly
brushing her tongue across his bell-end, going clockwise all the way around
the bulbous head until she's back on the top where she pats the very tip for
a few moments, all the while her hand continues to jerk him off with steady,
long moments from the base all the way to nearly the top.

He's pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm from the fun loving fan favourite
of Wrestlicious, who hasn't taken her eyes away from looking up at him since
she started, not having expected a "good girl" like her to have much
experience in this kind of act. He's going to be surprised more as she lowers
her head down further, her sweet mouth opening to take his cock inside,
giggling to herself as she doesn't blow him yet, perhaps seeing herself how
much of him she can handle to start off with as she goes half way down his
thick shaft. Going back up slightly, she starts to go to work on him, moaning
a little as she feels her lips rubbing against his tool as they press down
and around him. With her hand working over the bottom portion, Cousin Cassie
starts to give John Morrison a nice, soft blowjob as her head moves back and
forth smoothly and slowly on his dick, managing to still look as adorable as
ever as she looks up at him with happy, energetic eyes.

The founder of the Palace of Wisdom smirks down at her, watching as her
pigtails sway slightly in time with the movements of her head, figuring out
for himself that the farm girl isn't all as sweet and innocent as she seems,
not by the way she's using the combination of pumping hand motions and hot
mouth action to pleasure him. About four or five inches doesn't seem to be a
problem at all for her, her mouth getting him nicely wet while her soft lips
grinding against his dick as it passes back and forth only increases the
feeling. She blushes, as if getting a smile from the gorgeous male has means
more to her than the actual sexual act she's performing, but the look gives
her encouragement to give him more of what he wants. Her pace starts to pick
up, movements increasing in tempo but still being as smooth and tender as
ever as she closes her eyes, moaning around his cock as she's going down
further on him, taking more of his magnificently long and hard manhood into
her warm and ready mouth.

Now's she's well over halfway down on him, managing to fit in ten or so
inches of his fat, long piece of man meat into her mouth, and showing no
signs of stopping as she moves steadily back and forth along him, a light
layer of saliva now coating his dick as well as her own lips as they press
down perfectly around his thickness. Moving a hand up to brush through her
blonde hair, Morrison moans as he clearly enjoys her oral abilities, and her
slightly out of sync stroking hand on the bottom portion is an added bonus.
Reacting to his hand, she looks up and smiles again, drawing her head up
slightly to hold about six or so inches inside her before she swirls her
energetic tongue all across and around his cock for a few moments, which
makes both of them moan although his is obviously the louder of the two.

Soon though she goes right back to work, bobbing her head up and down like
she's a bouncing spring with her mouth impressively handling almost all of
his well over twelve inches of Superstar cock, her hand now stopping stroking
and being used to hold his tool straight so she can give it the treatment it
so rightfully deserves. Talking about control, the Guru of Greatness is
having to resist the urge to grab her by the pigtails and start fucking the
sweet and innocent face of the stunning farm girl, the hot blowjob he's
getting is making him more than just a little fired up already. But why stop
a good thing when it's going, and that's why he lets her work his dick over
with her clearly anything but completely pure mouth, the sexy sound of her
slurping on his shaft mixed with soft moans and her cute pigtails are now
slightly brushing against his skin as she's nearly so far down on him that
she just might fully deepthroat him.

Sadly for John at least, that doesn't happen as she moves her head back and
forth a few more times before she slowly pulls herself up and off of him,
taking in a deep breath of air once she does before grinning up at him,
licking her soft lips for a moment before swirling her tongue all the way
around his bell end, finishing it off with a kiss on the very tip. Hearing
him moan at the touch she giggles again, letting go of his cock as she stays
down on her knees and resting her hands on her thighs, smiling and shaking
her head a little as she gazes at his at least fourteen inch shaft that is
now covered in her own saliva.

"Golly mister!" Cassie exclaims. "They certainly make you city boys big don't

"In the Palace of Wisdom, size is meaningless unless you can actually use
it." He cooly replies. "Just ask my ex girlfriend why she keeps trying to get
back with me."

Once again the cute country girl giggles at him. "Ya'll talk real funny! Come
on, you gonna treat me nice now?" She asks as she starts to stand up and
takes him by the hand, leading him over to the bench in the locker room.

"I'm never one to just receive when I can give." He smirks in reply, watching
as she sits down on the edge of the wooden seating, adorably wiggling her
toes as she lifts her legs up.

"I hope so!" She says, lifting her jean shorts up her smooth, tanned legs,
revealing her perfectly shaved and already wet pussy, before tossing her
clothing away in a lasso throwing motion. "Now show me how you treat those
city girls to a good time!"

He needs no further invitation to proceed, using the position to his
advantage by spreading her legs apart by the ankles, keeping them held as he
moves closer and down towards her, lining up his shaft with her entrance.
Biting down innocently on her bottom lip, she can't take her eyes off of the
sight of his massive cock getting closer and closer towards her. She then
gasps, followed by a loud moan as he penetrates her with a sudden thrust, ten
inches forcefully entering her very tight hole but with the lubrication
from her own spit coating the invading shaft and her hole already being
nicely wet there's no pain at all, only pleasure that makes her close her
eyes and groan, arms spread to the sides of the bench as she leans slightly
back. He moans as well, enjoying the sensation of her tightness all around
his dick for a moment before he draws back so that only his bell end is still
inside her, now wasting no more time as he commences the task of fucking the
hot, young starlet of Wrestlicious.

With his rock hard member now slick with a combination of fluids from both of
her holes, there's no friction at all as he eases his hips backward and then
right forward, pumping her snatch with almost effortless ease that's already
at a pace just as quick, if not a little more than what she was using on him
at the end of the prior blowjob. Clearly he's not taking her start off slow
approach, putting enough force into his thrusts to make her completely tanned
and nicely curved body rock in response, her hips slightly pushing out to
meet his incoming cock, causing him to go that little extra deeper inside
her, which neither would ever complain about. Keeping her legs spread wide
apart, he's in full control of the petite beauty, taking in the sight of her
moaning frame as her perky chest starts to slightly bounce in time with his
pumps into her, moving his thumbs slightly over her feet as he holds the
ankles, causing her to cutely giggle for a moment before continuing to moan
from his expert fucking.

Gazing across through half open eyes, she has to bite her lip again as the
sight of his chiseled upper body and handsome face is usually just enough to
make any red blooded woman weak at the knees, but an even better sight is
down between her legs as she watches his incredibly long and perfectly thick
cock quickly sliding in and out of her love tunnel. She's being stretched out
like never before but loving every minute of it, actually wanting for him to
go ever further but unable to find any words as only groans of pleasure
escape her mouth. Pushing herself forwards slightly, she raises her arms off
from the bench to place them on his broad shoulders, massaging them a little
as she tries to lift her hips up to meet his thrusts, but only managing to
slightly grind her pussy against his dick as his motions are too swift and
powerful for her to move against them.

Smirking and sensing what she wants, Morrison leans in closer, letting go of
her ankles and allowing her to wrap her arms around his neck before he sends
himself fully inside her with a firm thrust, his balls slightly smacking into
her skin as all of his rock hard shaft fits inside her, causing her to groan
in delight with wide, excited eyes as she wraps her legs around his body.
Grunting as he enjoys the superb tightness of her hole, he starts to thrust
away again, her moans music to his ears as he pounds into her wet hole, his
well defined chest pressing against her nicely rounded tits as they slightly
rub up and down, movement caused by her whole body jolting every time his
dick rushes upward into her tightness.

Moving his hands up to her hips, gripping them to keep her from rocking to
much against his pounding motions, he surprises her by leaning his head in,
pressing her lips against hers, smirking as he's sure he hears her squeal
with glee before enthusiastically and deeply kissing back. The sexy smacking
sound of skin meeting skin rings out around the locker room as the Friday
Night Delight deeply and quickly fucks the soaking wet snatch of the girl who
loves a Hoedown Throwdown. The noise they're making would be louder if not
for the fact that currently they are muffling each other's moans, exchanging
them into the other's mouth as they lustfully make out, hers in particular
getting deeper as her pussy gets wetter, struggling even to keep her grip on
him as she's being wonderfully ravished by the handsome WWE Superstar.

"Oh... Ya'll are somethin' else darlin'!" She manages to moan out, sweat
starting to form on her forehead as she feels the effects of his intense,
strong pace.

"Tired all ready?" John smirks, starting to slow himself down but still
pumping into her pussy. "And here was I thinking you "country girls" knew how
to have fun..." He adds, playing on her own words. She smiles back at him,
not picking up the sarcasm. "You bet we do! If you'll be so kind as to lie
down, I'll show you how a real cowgirl rides."

Having to hold himself back from laughing, Morrison holds onto her waist,
skilfully turning himself over while keeping her held down onto his shaft as
he lies down onto the wooden bench with the hot, young blonde known as Cousin
Cassie still impaled on his huge, long cock. Taking advantage of this classic
cowgirl position, she puts her legs down onto the floor on both sides,
leaning slightly forward before rocking her hips back and forth a little,
grinding her very wet snatch against his crotch. Both moan at this, as she
gets used to all of this over fourteen inches being deep inside her while he
experiences the tightness and the feeling of her cute ass brushing against
his balls, making him wonder what kind of "farm" she lives on that makes her
so good at this.

Although he's keeping his hands on her waist, it's just for support as he's
letting her do this at her pace, soon being rewarded as her hands move across
his chest before she starts to raise her hips up and then eases herself back
down, starting to work her pussy over his length in a smooth and decently
paced motion that soon has them both groaning away once again. She can't help
but look back over her shoulder, watching herself bouncing on the rock hard
shaft of a man she has barely known for a few minutes, amazed with herself
that she's able to take such a piece of man meat balls deep into her tight
hole, and loving every moment of it. She closes her eyes, giving in to the
task as if an autopilot was taking over, only concerned with rocking her body
back and forth to raise herself up off his cock until seven inches are still
inside, before going right back down to the balls with an erotic smack as her
butt meets his crotch.

Impressed with the enthusiastic and most importantly great work his cock is
currently receiving from the Wrestlicious starlet, the Shaman of Sexy decides
not to be too lazy at this point, even though she probably wouldn't mind if
he let her just bounce away on his massive cock like she currently is. He
reaches up, cupping her perky, nicely rounded chest in his hands, pausing for
a brief moment to smirk at her moan from his touch, before raising himself up
enough to lash out with his tongue, circling all around the hard nipple of
one breast a couple of times before quickly switching to the other to give it
the same treatment. She groans loudly at this, her hands going to the back of
his head, drawing him in to her chest as she starts to ride him quicker than
before, pushing her ass out slightly so she can go further up his tool before
slamming right back down again.

Now the petite, gorgeous blonde looks anything but the innocent country girl
as she shamelessly moans away, her whole tanned and nicely curved body
lightly coated with sweat as bounces hard and fast on the dick of a wrestler
who isn't even employed in the company she's working for. With eyes closed
and head titled back, she lets out the beautiful sounds of sin as she works
her soaking wet snatch nearly all the way up and down his over foot long
manhood at a pace that most professional porn stars would find it hard to
keep up with. She's not alone in enjoying this of course, as the man she's
currently riding is feeling the effects of her intense work as well, starting
to sweat as he gropes and licks her titties, even biting down slightly onto
her nipples to make her gasp and groan some more.

Despite her best intentions though, her energetic pace starts to take its
toll on her as she feels herself slowing down on him, groaning in
disappointment at herself and wanting to continue to finish the job. Feeling
this, John moves his hands down to her nicely rounded ass cheeks, gripping
them for support before he starts to send his cock hard up and deep into her
wet and ready snatch, making her cry out in joy at the sensation. Her mind is
a blur, her eyes trying to focus on anything ahead or above her but all she
can think about is how good it feels to have his massive shaft hammering into
tightness like there's no tomorrow. All she can do is hold onto his shoulders
tightly as her body jolts in response, rocking off his thrusts into her and
causing her tits to bounce in time as her now soaked with sweat pigtails
swing away from the movement of her whole body.

Grunting deeply, he's not holding back, a part of him wanting to corrupt her
innocent mindset by making her a moaning mess, and the other just wanting to
ensure that neither of them leaves without getting their sexual high.
Squeezing her butt cheeks, he's helping her to move back and forth on him by
lifting her up as her pulls out of her, before bringing her right down as he
sends himself right up with his nut sack smacking into her behind the signal
that he's fully in her and it's time to repeat the process. Piston like
motions that are even faster and perhaps even harder than what she was using
on him moments before all ensures that her pussy is getting well and truly
fucked like never before, her soaking hole leaking down to coat his whole
dick as well as drip onto his crotch and balls, only added to the sensation.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this pace won't last for very
much longer, and for the stunning little blonde that's very much the case.
Mouth slightly open but still with a smile, Cousin Cassie starts to cum hard
on the thrusting cock of John Morrison, her pussy clamping down tightly
around him as a flood of juices splash out over his already covered dick and
balls, enough that trickles further down, dripping onto the wooden bench they
are on. Moaning away, her hands rub his shoulders as if in a way to thank
him for such a great fuck before she almost collapses onto his chest, worn
out from the intense, lusty, and hard fuck she's just went through.

Mercifully for her, as soon as he felt her tighten around his length he
started to slow himself down and ease up on the force of his thrusts, to the
point that when she rode out the last of her orgasm he was at a complete
stop, just holding his whole over fourteen inches of thick dick inside her
soaking and well used pussy. Pulling himself out of her and smirking at the
groan she let out when he did so, he carefully lifts the hot star of
Wrestlicious off from him, shifting himself upward so that she can take a
seat on the bench before he swings his legs over, sitting up next to her.

"Darlin', words fail me!" Cassie says with a laugh. "Those city girls must be
real lucky to have a nice fellah like you to take care of them!"

"Flattery gets you everywhere in the Palace of Wisdom..." Morrison states.
"However, if you wish to really thank me, then there's still one more matter
to take care of." He states the obvious, pointing down at his still hard but
slightly throbbing member that's completely covered in her pussy juices.

"Where are my manners? Don't you worry mister, I'll get hands on with this
one just like I do down at the farm!" She says with a happy grin.

Before he can question that statement, he's cut off when she stays true to
her word, leaning over slightly and grabbing his shaft in her hand so she can
start to swiftly stroke it, going all the way up to the bulbous bell end and
right back down to the base in swift, smooth motions that soon have him
moaning again. Her other hand comes in, running her fingers across his balls
before cupping them and giving them a little squeeze as she jerks him off,
not seeming to mind at all that her hands are now getting sticky from her own
pussy juices. She's too busy thinking about giving him the tender treatment
he deserves after showing her such a good time.

Moaning loudly, he slightly pumps his hips upward, adding to the already
great pleasure from the handjob by making his cock slide in between her soft
palm and her tightly gripping fingers as the work over his whole,
impressively long and wonderfully thick shaft. Her other hand continues to
grope and cup his nicely sized balls, her thumb brushing over them as she
holds them, perfectly using the combination of both hands to get the sweat
covered stud off, surprised herself that after all this time he is still as
rock hard as even and looking like he could get back to fucking her at any

Every man has his limits though, and John Morrison reaches his with a deep,
low grunt as a thick stream of jizz shoots directly upwards before splashing
right down onto Cousin Cassie's still stroking hand, landing on the wrist as
well. She giggles in surprise, looking fascinated as she strokes away as load
after load of his warm cum flies out before coming right down, leaving her
hand nicely stained as some spunk lands and drips onto his crotch and balls,
an erotic sight to go with the mess now made by both of their sexual work.
Finally letting go of his now softening dick, she looks over her hand at all
of his cum that's sticking and dripping off her finger, lifting one up to her
mouth and flicking her tongue out to taste and lick it off, moaning at the
enjoyable taste of him.

"They make you taste real good up in the city too!" Cassie says with another
adorable giggle, helping herself to some more of his cum from her hand.

"I could say the same for how you've been raised in the country." Morrison
coolly replies. "I assume you don't welcome everyone quite like that, do

"Oh goodness no! We don't get any fellahs lookin' as handsome as you round
these parts. Besides, if my cousin knew I'd just done this too you, she'd be
well mad at me!"

"You bet I am!" A third voice suddenly speaks up, making the two look around
to the doorway.

Standing there is the afore mentioned cousin of Cousin Cassie, the equally
gorgeous and stunning Tyler Texas with trademark pink guitar in hand and clad
in her pink top and bottoms with white chaps wrestling outfit. Cassie is
blushing furiously while calm as ever, Morrison stands up, taking a long look
at the far more bustier girl from the country.

"I can't leave you along for one minute can I before you get yourself into
trouble." Tyler reprimands her cousin as she comes in.

"Tyler, this ain't what it looks like!" Cassie tries to deny, becoming ashful
as she tries to cover herself up with her hands.

"It actually is, we just fucked each other and enjoyed every minute of it."
John unashamedly states, drawling a mean look from the protective cousin.

"You're one of them trouble makers I can tell." Tyler says, coming towards
him. "You better not have done anything mean to my... Sweet lord!" She gasps,
seeing his limp but still impressively sized cock hanging between his legs.
"Is that thing real??"

"It is!" Cassie states with a happy grin. "It's the biggest I've... I mean,
you're ever gonna see I bet!"

Biting her bottom lip a little, Tyler take a good long look over the stunning
body of the WWE Superstar. "Well... I guess I can let you off this time
Cassie... But you... Ummm..."

"Perhaps you'd like to see for yourself what your Cousin just enjoyed?"
Morrison easily reads her mind, smirking as she's almost staring at his cock.

She snaps out of it, blushing herself now. "We've got a match!" She blurts
out. "Cassie, ya'll go get washed up right now missy! We got work to do!"

"Sure thing!" Cassie happily states as she heads off to the shower area,
followed by Tyler who stops at the door and gives John a smile.

"Back here, after our match." She says, looking him over again.

"Darn straight I want me a piece of your hide!" She adds with a wink before
going to make sure her cousin doesn't get into any more mischief.

John smirks with a shake of his head. "I'm not quite sure where Jimmy Hart
found these women, but I'd like to visit it for myself." He turns to look at
the camera. "Today MoFos, we learned that you might take the girl out of the
country, but you can certainly put a lot in, and back out, of her over and
over again. Join the Shaman of Sexy next time as I continue the Quest for
Greatness. Be Jealous."

He pauses, looking slightly over to the cameraman as if he's mouthing
something to him. "There is no way in hell I am doing a Wrestlicious rap.
Forget about it."

* * *

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