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Featuring: Kaite Lea (WWE Raw), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown), Matt Hardy
(WWE Smackdown).

The Quest For Greatness Part 8: Katie Lea
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with a the handsome WWE Superstar John
Morrison clad in expensive looking ring pants and a lavish shirt deliberately
left unbuttoned, standing in a hotel corridor, doing nothing to hide the
sizeable bulge in his pants and his incredibly well defined chest and stomach

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison..."

He's interrupted when suddenly none other than fellow WWE SmackDown star Matt
Hardy comes into shot, wearing jeans and T-Shirt advertising The Hardy Show
online video series. "What up WWE Universe! Matt Hardy here, helping out JoMo
here in this little "quest" of his, which from what I've seen is just an
excuse for him to nail some chicks."

"Matt, we do things differently here on the Quest For Greatness." Morrison
says to Matt. "This isn't one of your YouTube videos where you can have your
brother dress as a zombie while you say whatever you want."

"Hey, that was Jeff's decision, and I thought he made a great zombie.
Besides, you asked me to be on this. I wanna settle this rumour like she

"Yes, indeed. Today, we are going to settle a rumour regarding Matt here and
a certain WWE Diva, with that rumour being that they are, or at least were,
more than just "friends". I believe she is right behind this door..."

Morrison goes over to a hotel door, knocking on it and stepping back. The
door opens and stood in a nicely fitting black outfit is the dark and
mysterious Katie Lea, a smirk on her face as her attention grabbing outfit of
a low cut, cleavage showing top and tight, figure hugging bottoms instantly
catches the attention of both men.

"Boys..." She says teasingly. "Have you been spreading rumours about my love

"No way Katie!" Matt quickly answers. "We're just here to clear them up,
since there's nothing going on between me and you, right?"

"I'm afraid so." She says, leaving the door open as she turns to go back into
the room. "Quite the shame really..."

Glancing over to John for a moment, Matt quickly follows her in. "Wait, what
was that? You mean, you'd be interested in me?"

She laughs, turning to face him. "Oh Matt, I think you and me would have been
quite naughty together." She smirks, glancing over as Morrison welcomes
himself in and closes the door behind him.

"Besides, I know his little game. Make up some excuse to meet a lady, sweet
talk her, and then have her on her back begging for more."

"I am in the process of conducting a highly scientific and important survey
about sexual ability." John coolly states.

"Yeah... Right... Me on the other hand, I'm very ready to get "naughty" with
you right now." Matt says, looking over the nicely curved Diva.

She smirks. "Well then, since we're not playing games anymore... How about we
play "Katie says"? And right now Jonathan, Katie says get down right

Obeying the commands of the devilishly hot Diva, Morrison lowers himself down
to sit on the hotel room floor, his back nearly touching the bed, watching
and licking his lips as she starts to lowers her bottoms, revealing no
underwear as her smoothly shaved pussy is in full view. He's about to get a
real close look at it as she strides over, mounting his shoulders by putting
a leg over each, her crotch pressing into his face as he wastes no time in
starting to kiss over her snatch. With a smirk she leans forwards, ass
pushing out so she can slightly grind her pussy against the handsome face of
the Friday Night Delight, resting her hands on the bed for support as she
feels him teasing her sensitive entrance with light, testing kisses.

Hardy isn't just going to stand by and watch though, taking a moment to
remove his shirt before he comes over, squatting down slightly as he places
his hands on her nicely tanned and sexily rounded ass, taking a long feel of
her cheeks that causes her to look back over her shoulder with an inquisitive
raised eyebrow at him. He just smirks back, spreading her ass apart before he
leans his face in forward, slowly dragging his tongue up her ass crack,
brushing across her asshole in the process to make her lightly moan. It seems
he's used to treating a female companion like this, knowing exactly how to
tease by lightly licking his way up and down her crack and over and around
the entrance to her back passage but never actually penetrating her just yet.

The British babe tosses her black with witch-like blonde steaks hair back,
eyes closed and a smile on her stunning face as she clearly enjoys the work
the studly men are giving to her most private lower areas, feeling their
mouths brush over her holes. Her warm and inviting pussy is pressed right up
into John's face, rubbing into him as he begins to run his tongue over her
entrance and around the outside, further preparation before he thinks about
venturing inside to properly taste. Behind her, Matt has his hands full,
literally, of her juicy backside, groping away as he too teases her sensitive
asshole with light licks across and around it, also not diving straight in
just yet even though his face is right in between her sexy cheeks.

It's the action of the former co-host of The Dirt Sheet that makes her really
moan though, as he forces his tongue deeply into her already slightly wet
snatch and begins to lap away at her folds, no steady motion or plan of
attack as he just moves his tongue around inside her, trying to touch every
part of her that he can, a task made easier by her pushing herself right up
into him. Wisely tilting his head up so his nose can freely breathe, he
responds by reaching up to smooth thighs and running his hands over them as
he dines on her tasty snatch, starting to circle his tongue around inside her
all the way around the furthest he can before licking over the centre.

Not to be outdone, the star of The Hardy Show pushes his tongue into the hole
he was working over, starting to eat out the ass of the gorgeous woman from
England. Going in as far as he can, he twists and turns his tongue as best as
he can, tasting her back passage and trying to open it up as best he can
while his hands remain groping and cupping her more than ample butt cheeks
while also keeping them far apart, allowing him unrestricted access to orally
pleasure her asshole. Carrying out this erotic task already has him rock hard
in his pants, but he's only focused on giving the stunning Raw Diva exactly
what she wants, so he starts to dart his tongue in and out of her hole,
getting her nice and damp with the intention of much more to come.

Having two chiseled Superstars give their ass and pussy a though work over
with their tongues might sound like pure heaven to many a female fan of the
WWE, but Katie Lea is managing to take in her stride, remaining in position
straddling the strong shoulders of Morrison while bent forward enough to give
Hardy his entry into her ass. Moaning at their expect tongue work, she starts
to rock her hips, almost bouncing on the Shaman of Sexy's face as he eats her
that makes his job slightly harder but makes her feel even better, and even
though with his hands on her legs he could stop her motions, he decides not
to, perhaps too caught up in tasting her dampening hole.

In contrast, Matt is smirking as his mission to eat out her ass is getting
even harder because of her bounces, as he has to almost bob his head in time
with her to keep his mouth presses against her back passage, and he's not
doing all too well as his tongue slips out, licking around and against her
asshole instead of right inside it. Trying to give her a hint of what he
wants to do, he lifts a hand up before sharply bringing it down against her
cheek with a spank that echos around the room, but it only succeeds in making
her further moan rather than slow down at all, so he'll have to settle with
licking over her crack and against her hole. Realising that this isn't going
to get him what he wants, he lifts his head up from her ass, taking a moment
to spit down into her ass crack and watching his spit trickle down over her
asshole and right down, he gives her ass another hard spank this time to the
other cheek.

Licking her lips slightly, Katie looks back at him. "Something wrong Matt?"
She teases as she slows her bouncing motion down.

"Yeah, I wanted to get that ass ready before I got a piece of it." The
handsome man from Cameron, North Carolina said with a smile, putting his
hands back on her butt to rub her cheeks.

"Oh darling..." She says with a slight laugh. "I can't have you put your dick
in there without getting a taste it." She says, starting to lift herself off
from Morrison's shoulders.

"That can be arranged." Hardy says, wasting no time in undoing his belt and
dropping his pants, showing his already rock hard and twelve inch cock.

She licks her lips again at the sight of his meat, then looks down to the
other Superstar. "John? Would you kindly take a seat up here?" She asks,
before she lifts her black top up and tosses it aside, revealing her
perfectly rounded and large breasts, topped with rock hard nipples as she now
stands completely naked.

"Glad to see I'm not being forgotten about here..." The Guru of Greatness
said, taking in a deep breath after having so much time with almost his whole
face in her pussy, but the sight of her naked frame is more than enough to
get him ready to go.

John takes a seat on the edge of the bed, and no sooner had he settled in
place than Katie had turned around, positioning herself with legs spread
apart and lowering herself down onto his mighty cock, moaning as he felt her
tightness being stretched by his vast, thick size but impressively she's able
to take at least ten inches of him inside before she stops her decent. Taking
a moment to grind her pussy against his dick, she uses planted feet on the
floor to begin to lift and lower herself on his shaft, riding his shaft as
he stays sitting up with his hands moving onto her smooth hips to give her
support for her actions.

She starts to lean forward while still bouncing on Morrison's dick, smirking
up as Matt comes forward, slightly stroking his just as impressive shaft as
her face comes in line with him, allowing her to open her mouth wide and
taking the hint, he guides it straight into her oral hole, slipping a good
seven inches in before she closes her lips around him, the feeling causing
them to both moan although hers was also due to the one working in and out of
her snatch. Now she starts to bob her head along his thickness, tightly
sucking his manhood with smooth motions up and down, in no time at all
establishing a steady rhythm that has her long hair slightly swaying in time
with her action as looks up at the smiling face of the Hardy brother who's
clearly enjoying this already.

The lovely beauty from the United Kingdom is looking in her element here,
having no problem handling two long, thick cocks in two holes as she is
almost bent over forwards, standing doggy style, bouncing on the lap of the
Guru of Greatness and resting her hands on the toned waist of the former
Version One as she deeply sucks on his length with ease. Her moans are still
quite loud, despite being muffled by the cock in her mouth that she's blowing
almost completely down to the balls, doing almost all the work on both men
here but liking the fact she's in charge of them as her pussy is nicely
filled up and she's getting the other dick nicely wet with her soothing

Pumping himself upward, John starts to thrust into her snatch as she comes
down onto him, giving something back to the most underrated Diva on the
roster who's super tight pussy has had him moaning ever since he entered her,
working in time with her movements to increase the pleasure. This results in
just about all of his fourteen inches being lodged inside her, his balls
smacking into her skin from the motions so a sexy slapping sound rings out
every time their bodies connect. Impressively, this only encourages her to
take things up to the next level, quickening her pace to drop down faster
before lifting back up, which in turn makes all of him slip inside so he is
ball deep into her wet pussy.

At her other end, Matt has placed a hand on the back of her head, lightly
running his fingers through her hair as he rocks his hips back and forth,
sending his cock deep into her mouth before pulling it out, feeling her soft
lips brushing over his size as it passes between them which also causes a
little saliva to drip past said lips. He too is also enjoying of having his
entire length inside a wet and ready hole, his balls touching her chin each
time she goes right down on him which makes him groan, along with the nice
layer of dampness coating his shaft, and just to top it all off she's even
brushing her tongue slightly along his underside for that little extra

The mysterious and sexy Katie Lea somewhat reluctantly lifts her head right
off from Hardy's dick, swirling her tongue around his bell end for a few
moments before she spits down onto the head, smirking at his moan before she
again lashes her tongue all around the crown. She brings her hips to a stop
to cease her bounces, but Morrison continues to pump himself up into her,
causing her to keep moaning as she smirks back at him, before she looks back
up at Matt, sexily leaning her head in to slowly lick her way from the base
of his shaft all the way to the tip, making him groan deeply.

"So Matthew, still wanting to "tap that ass" as you boys like to say?" Katie
teases with a smirk, lifting herself completely from both men, much to
Morrison's disappointment as his dick slips out of her pussy.

"Sure am..." Matt says, eyes glued to her sexy ass as she turns around,
gently pushing John backward so he lays on the bed.

"The last time I checked, this is supposed to be my show." The Shaman of Sexy
says as he watches her climb up onto the bed with him.

"Sorry Jonathan..." She says as she mounts herself over his crotch. "But
whatever Katie wants, Katie gets."

With that, Katie lowers herself down onto his cock, sinking lower and lower
until he's fully inside her, allowing her to grind herself slightly against
his crotch with her knees and lower legs resting on the bed on either side of
him, enabling her to lean right forward, sensually running her hands over
John's broad shoulders as her breasts lightly press against his muscular
chest. She looks back over her shoulder, deliberately swaying her ass at the
man formally known as Version One who's grinning as he comes over towards
her, running his hands over her perfectly rounded and tanned ass while
she keeps her pussy completely filled with the other Superstar's huge cock.

Matt waits no longer, spreading her juicy cheeks apart and lining up his wet
with her saliva cock with her already nicely tongued asshole, and with one
firm thrust his pushes himself straight into her tight back passage , making
them both groan as they enjoy the penetration. It's only for a moment as he
starts to pump into her with nice, long movements as his cock slides with
ease in and out of her sexy ass, at least eight inches already fitting inside
her with the length increasing bit by bit every time he pushes himself
forward. He licks his lips with a moan, eyes glued down to her butt he's
thrusting into as he rubs her cheeks, almost forgetting that there's another
man underneath the moan beauty from Britain.

The founder of the Palace of Wisdom might be lying down but he's not
intending on slacking off here, moving his hands up to her waist before he
starts to quickly push his hips upward and bring them down, making his cock
rapidly thrust into her tight, wet snatch with his balls slapping into her
skin every time he moves upward. He's well aware he's going at a much quicker
and harder pace than his fellow WWE wrestler is, but he's not going to take a
back seat anymore with a willing and horny woman being double teamed, so his
cock continues to slam upward into her like it's drill looking for oil,
making him moan as he enjoys her snug, damp hole.

Holding onto the shoulders of Morrison almost for dear life, the gorgeous Raw
Diva is in a state of pure, blissful lust as she gets hammered in both her
ass and pussy by two SmackDown studs, making her close her eyes and just take
the pounding she's been waiting for that has her moaning loudly. Her body is
gently rocking back against the incoming thrusts into her backside, a
contrast to the hard and fast ones being experienced in her snatch, but the
motion is still causing both cocks to enter into her deeply as her tits rub
against the chest of the man underneath her, and her ass pushes back against
the other man's crotch. Already both men have worked themselves fully into
her, so now Katie Lea is taking over two feet of thick cock hard into her
tight holes and is doing so with such ease that it puts the most seasoned of
professional pornstars to shame.

Hardy continues to slam himself deeply and forcefully into the tight back
passage of the sometimes dark and quite mysterious Diva, his balls smacking
into her shapely ass checks with each movement forward into her, the sinful
smacking sound that rings out each time only increased by her body rocking
back toward him with more than enough force to give him back pleasure as
well. With now well she's able to take his thick, impressive dick inside her
arse on top of how amazing it feels to fuck her up the ass, it makes him wish
that the rumours between her and him were more than just that. Certainly,
if she's kinky enough to do a threesome with two co-workers from the other
WWE brand that has both her ass and pussy filled up, who knows what she can
get up to sexually with just one partner, and he isn't thinking about any tag
match either.

Likewise, the self proclaimed Friday Night Delight is loving this state of
affairs, pumping his huge dick forcefully upward into her soaking pussy as it
grinds against him from her rocking back and forth movements that also cause
her well rounded and large tits to rub against his own chest, her rock hard
nipples unintentionally teasing him as they grind against his chiselled out
of stone upper body. He grunts, a sign of the energy he's expending to keep
up this intense, quick pace that's fuelled by his own primal urges and the
moans of passion escaping the mouth of one of the United Kingdom's finest

With a sexy layer of sweat starting to coat the curved, tanned body of the
Raw Diva, her moans are getting louder and deeper as she really feels the
effects of the fucking she's taking in both of her tight holes, perhaps now
paying for all the earlier teasing she did as they are not slowing down or
showing any signs of doing so. All she can do is rock her stunning body
between the two men, focusing more on the man thrusting into her ass but it's
impressive enough that she has any ability to control herself considering how
she's getting the fucking of a lifetime courtesy of the handsome wrestlers
of SmackDown. The two rapidly pistoning shafts are doing their job, driving
her wild with desire as the much underrated female has her snatch pumped by a
fourteen inch thick cock while a just as a twelve inch one stuffs her juicy
ass at the same time.

Sandwiched between two WWE studs would have been too much for a regular
woman, and lasting this hard double team for so long is staggering, but even
the native of England has her limits, and they are reached as Katie Lea
begins to cum forcefully on the pumping cock of John Morrison, her pussy
juices flowing out and over his shaft as he continues to thrust up and she
still rocks back and forth, slowing herself down as she rides out her intense
orgasm. Matt Hardy moans, feeling her back passage clamp around his cock as
she cums but it doesn't stop him from pounding away at her sexy backside, and
likewise the other Superstar continues to thrust up into her also now vice-
like snatch, the wave of liquids coating his cock only encouraging him to
continue to fuck the sexy, somewhat dark Diva for a few more moments.

"Mmmm... You boys are too naughty..." Katie says with a moan, able to push
herself up off from Morrison, her changing position forcing the men to slow
down their thrusts.

"There's no place for saints in the Palace of Wisdom..." Morrison says with a
smirk, eyeing over the sweat covered frame of the British babe. "When there
can be room for sin."

"Anyone ever tell you that you're weird sometimes?" Matt says with a laugh,
slowly pulling his cock out of her well fucked ass which makes her groan. "We
just fucked her into next week and all you've got is catchphrases?"

"Now boys..." Katie teases, helping herself off of John's mighty cock. "What
did I say about arguing? Besides, I see I'm not quite finished with you two
just yet..."

Before either can ask what she means, she sits herself onto the edge of the
bed, taking a hold of Matt's dick and shockingly taking the same cock that
had just been balls deep in her ass and putting it straight into her wet and
ready mouth, her luscious lips wrapping tightly around it as she begins to
smoothly suck away on him, tasting her own ass off him as her tongue brushes
up and around it. He moans loudly, hands going to the back of her black with
bewitching blonde streaks hair as he can't help himself from pumping his cock
into her mouth, allowing her with ease to deepthroat his shaft, moans
bouncing around his length as she does do.

Moving off the bed, Morrison moves around to stand beside the other Superstar
and looking across, she smirks around the cock in her mouth as she reaches up
to him, wrapping a hand around his manhood and lightly stroking him, getting
her fingers sticky from her own pussy juices that coat him. He moans at the
jerking motion, likewise not holding back as he two pushes his hips back and
forth, almost fucking her soft palm as it works over the bottom portion of
his incredibly long dick, deliberately not touching the top half so her hand
sensually brushes against his balls as she strokes him.

Smoothly bobbing her head along the Hardy brother's cock, the sweaty, well
fucked Diva is showing great sexual ability in being able to still handle
these two hung studs even after such a hard orgasm, her mouth almost
gracefully rising up and going right back down on the throbbing foot long
dick of the multi time champion, making said star moan loudly at the near
perfect blowjob he's receiving. He naturally groans in disappointment when
she lifts her head up, replacing her mouth with the not quite the same but
still pleasurable feeling of a stroking hand that works over all of his
massive size from the base to the very tip with swift, tight gripped motions.

The reason for the switch becomes clear as she guides the shaft of the Guru
of Greatness into her soothing, wet mouth and now gives him some oral
treatment that instantly has him moaning loudly, her tongue licking up all
her juices so she's now tasting her other hole and rather than be disgusted,
knowing this only turns her on even more. Pumping his cock past her full,
sexy lips causes his balls to smack into her chin as she impressively handles
all of his over fourteen inch dick in her mouth that's sliding back and forth
on him, enhancing the pleasure with her lips grinding against his manhood and
her flicking tongue also working him over.

The sight alone of the stunning Diva sucking and stroking two long cocks
would be enough to make most members of the WWE Universe explode in their
pants in an instant, but to actually survive such a sensation is an
achievement immeasurable. But both Superstars know that they can't hold back
for much longer, and are getting their reward for getting her off as she
lifts her head up again, grabbing both cocks in her hands to jerk them off,
this time swatting her tongue rapidly between both of their bulbous bell ends
so they both enjoy her almost feverish but still very erotic oral work. It's
hard to tell who's enjoying it more, the two moaning and handsome men getting
serviced, or the also moaning and smirking female who's doing it to them.

The first to go is one of the prides of Cameron, North Carolina, as Matt
Hardy lets out a loud, long groan as streams of hot, thick cum starts to
shoot out of his cock, landing right onto the side of Katie's beautiful face
which makes her moan as she feels his jizz land on her skin. She turns her
face, mouth open to capture as much of his load as she can, her hand still
stroking to milk every last drop out of him which gets her a lot of his load
but still some lands on her face, chin and across her thick lips which she
eagerly licks up so she can swallow down his tasty cum with a moan. Her
jerking fingers end up collecting the last drops of his loads, rubbing it
into his cock as it starts to soften and he takes in deep breaths to recover.

Soon after, John Morrison begins to explode as his cock can take no more of
her strong, quick stroking action so he too begins to fire out his load, this
time into the wide open and waiting mouth of Katie Lea as all her
concentration goes to him and getting him fully off. Her jerking hand is more
than enough to direct his streams of creamy goodness into her oral hole,
filling her mouth up with a little missing the mark and landing on her cheek
while he can only watch and moan as she greedily takes his load before
swallowing it all down with a satisfied gulp. She smirks up at the sweating,
spent Superstar, leaning down to lick clean the last drops of cum from his
cock before letting his now limp cock go so she can clean off her fingers
with long licks all around each one.

"Damn Katie!" Matt exclaims, watching her stand up. "This just makes me wish
that we were really an item!"

"Oh Matt, your flattery needs some work..." Katie Lea teases, running a hand
over his chest. "Besides, you really want to give the whole Internet even
more gossip about you?"

"There is nothing wrong with the web..." Morrison states with a smirk. "I
know of two writers on there who have an exceptional ability to write WWE

"Boys, you really, really talk too much..." Katie says with a laugh, starting
to walk over to the bathroom. "When you're done talking about hobbies, maybe
you'd care to join me? I feel awfully dirty you know..." She adds, putting an
extra sway in her step as she enters the side room, and shortly the sound of
running water is heard.

"Gotta go John..." Matt said, already following after her as he talks.
"She'll need someone to wash her back, or something..."

"There is nothing wrong with personal hygiene..." Morrison says aloud to a
now empty room before he looks to the camera. "If only my ex girlfriend was
so clean. Today MoFos, we learned that while some dirt sheet gossip can be
good, and some can be bad, it's sometimes even better to make it a reality,
and hotter than it claims to be. Join the Shaman of Sexy next time as I
continue the Quest for Greatness...

He's cut off when a loud moan comes from the bathroom, which seems to be
Katie Lea. "Oh yes Matt! Eat that pussy you naughty boy!"

"...Be Jealous." John finishes, looking off to the side as he says it before
he takes his leave, heading right for the bathroom and slamming the door shut
behind him.

* * *

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