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Featuring: Daizee Haze (ROH, SHIMMER), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown), Evan
Bourne (WWE Raw).

The Quest For Greatness Part 9 - Daizee Haze
A WWE/SHIMMER crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with a the handsome WWE Superstar John
Morrison clad in expensive looking ring pants and a lavish shirt deliberately
left unbuttoned, standing in a plain looking corridor, doing nothing to hide
the sizeable bulge in his pants and his incredibly well defined chest and
stomach muscles.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison..."

"Are you going to start all of these with the same speech?" A voice off
camera says, and panning across it's revealed to be the handsome high flyer
of Raw, Evan Bourne, who's clad in jeans and his Bourne to Fly merchandise

"If it's not broken, there is no requirement to fix it." John coolly replies,
before looking back to the camera. "As you can see, I have enlisted the help
of Evan as I've heard today's focus has a reputation of being strongly
opposed to "Diva"-like women, so may need some convincing to partake in this
Quest. Today, we are at the training centre for Ring of Honor, to meet its
trainer for female wrestlers."

Moving with Evan following behind, John goes over to a door and enters,
walking into a changing room and there is the talentled and beautiful woman
in question, the star of ROH and SHIMMER known as Daizee Haze. The blonde
hippie is wearing black, baggy workout shorts and a loose, cut off at the
bottom yellow T-shirt with the SHIMMER logo on the front in purple which
shows off her stunning, well defined body, in particular her rock hard abs.
Turning around, she smiles as she locks eyes on Bourne, her friend for many
years from his days on the indy circuit as Matt Sydal.

"Dude, good to see you!" The Haze says with a smile. "Man, it's been way to
long!" He smile fades though as she looks over Morrison.

"What's up with you being here?"

"I've heard that you're one of the best wrestlers and trainers that the
indies have to offer..." John says, unaffected by her resistance. "But in the
Palace of Wisdom we demand proof rather than rumours."

She smirks, folding her arms over her chest. "I'll gladly kick you in the
head if you want, but don't expect me to fall for this skirt chasing "quest"
of yours. You might get your Divas and floozies to do it, but not me man."

"Is that so?" Morrison smirks back. "Evan here was telling me earlier that
you're not as sweet and pure as you make out, and I don't mean your interest
in "smoking" every once in a while."

Daizee glares at Bourne. "Dude! What'd you go say that for?" She says,
slightly blushing, an indication that it might be true.

"Sorry, but I haven't had a dose of The Haze in way too long..." He smiles,
coming up to her. "So I'm not passing this up." He says, before catching her
by surprise as he makes his move.

Daizee gasps as her shorts are sharply pulled down by the man she used to
manage years ago, exposing her tight looking and smoothly shaved pussy,
making her fall back onto a bench as he pulls them down to the ankles before
tossing them away. She sits up to protest, but quick as a cat he's spread her
legs apart, diving in and putting his face right into her pussy, mouth pushed
up to her snatch as he starts to kiss and lightly suck on the entrance which
makes her moan as she looks down, stunned at the brash action that makes her
hesitating in saying no to him as he teases her sensitive lower lips with
brief, quick touches from his own lips.

Taking advantage of her shocked state, Morrison steps forward, placing his
hands on her blonde haired head and turning her towards her, and she sets
herself up by opening her mouth to say something, which allows him to push
his long, thick cock into her, causing her to groan as she feels him slide a
large portion into her already. Acting before she tries to pull away, he
begins to pump himself back and forth into her warm, soothing mouth at a slow
but steady pace, so he's not fucking her face but is making her blow him,
helped by her pressing her pouty lips down against him, perhaps trying to
resist by applying friction but it only makes the feeling even better.
Knowing that she's not got much of a choice in the matter, she closes her
eyes, moaning a little around the shaft as she's held in place which his very
impressive dick moving back and forth from her mouth.

With his hands on her legs to keep them apart, the former Matt Sydal starts
to push his tongue out, doing some more teasing as rather than push into her
folds her licks slowly all the way around her entrance, slightly brushing
against her lips but intentionally never really going in, clearly knowing
exactly what he's doing as he works on "convincing" his long time friend from
the indies. Hearing her muffled moans only makes him smirk, moving his face
up slightly to kiss across her pussy for a moment before he lashes his tongue
around her clit, the motion making her moan noticeably louder but then groan
as he goes back down to lightly lick her pussy, still not actually entering
her but concentrating on the outside to get her all warmed up. At this rate,
that won't take long at all as he can feel slight wetness already building
inside her, having to hold himself back from just darting straight in to
really taste her, but his clear experience with her means he knows exactly
what to do with the stunning female wrestler.

Meanwhile, it's her mouth that's having to work as the hunky Smackdown star
slides his thick man meat deep into her mouth and then back out until just
about two inches remain in her, before pushing back in quickly so that eight
inches are being easily handled by the gorgeous hippie who still has her eyes
closed, still in a little denial and resistance to this although the rest of
her body has already given in to this. The proof being that she's starting to
move her head in time with the incoming pumps, sucking sounds being heard as
well as her moans as she works her mouth on his shaft, her lips grinding
around him as he lightly runs his hands through her long hair. He smirks
down, knowing she'd come round soon enough like they always do, enjoying the
sight of her pretty face moving down towards him as he pushes into her very
pleasant mouth, moaning as he receives an already great blowjob but knows she
can take even more of him.

Her moans get louder now as Evan finally pushes his mouth right up to her
pussy, his tongue venturing inside and starting to probe and lick all around
her, no longer tentative or teasing as her properly eats her out, moaning
himself as he tastes her sweet and dampening snatch, running his hands across
her thighs as he does so. His eyes are closed, concentrating on the task at
hand and he swirls her tongue quickly all around the furthest, deepest parts
of her hole that he can reach, before licking all the way across the middle
vertically, bouncing from the base to the top like he's flicking a switch.
He's helped doing all of this as she's grinding her pussy against his
handsome face, making him smile as he responds by further quickening his
motions, lapping up her forming juices and moaning at the very pleasant taste
of it, bringing back memories of his days in ROH many years ago.

The other WWE star is moaning as well, now his turn to be surprised as he
sees her face go right against his crotch, her nose and chin touching him as
she manages to handle all of his at least fourteen inch cock deep into her
mouth with no sounds of gagging at all. Moans vibrating around the shaft, she
keeps herself held down on him for a moment before resuming a swift bobbing
motion as she rocks her head back and forth, moving all the way to the top
before rushing back down and then repeating it again and again, the early
signs of resistance now well and truly gone as she sucks off a wrestler who
works for another promotion while another dines on her tasty snatch. She
pauses at the bell end, twisting her head from side to side and causing her
hair to shake as she grinds her lips around the bulbous crown to make him
groan, before she goes back to blowing him at a quick, firm pace that has her
deep throating him each time she pushes herself right down onto him.

"Damn I've missed that pussy..." Evan says with a laugh, lifting his head
from her snatch and lifting off his T-shirt to show off his chiseled upper

Daizee groans, pulling her head off of the other man's cock which causes him
to also groan but in disappointment. "You! I can't believe you got me doing
this!" Daizee says, eyes slightly glaring at her friend for a moment before
she starts to smirk. "You're going to have to make it up to me."

"Well, how about I give you something to "smoke" then?" He says, starting to
lower his pants to reveal his already rock hard and foot long dick, the sight
of which makes her lick her lips.

"I guess that will do!" She says playfully, moving herself to get up onto the
bench before she looks back at Morrison. "You want a dose of The Haze too?"

"The Guru of Greatness will ensure that you are experienced..." John
says, moving behind her.

Turning back to Bourne, she gives him a smile before opening her mouth,
leaning forward and taking his thick, long cock into her mouth, pressing her
lips around the shaft as she begins to bob her head along with smooth, firm
motions that have him moaning already. Keeping eye contact with him, she
smiles around his dick, softly blowing him as she goes down to have about
seven inches in her warm and ready mouth before lifting herself up to just
have the head contained before going right back down. He returns the smile,
reaching down to brush some hair out from her face, making her giggle around
his dick before she lifts herself right up off him, giving the crown a lick
all the way around with her tongue to make him groan before she returns to
sucking him again.

Behind her, Morrison has gotten himself in position, admiring her perfectly
rounded ass as it's sticking out due to her being on her hands and knees on
the bench, but for now he opts to line up his dick with her already wet
snatch and with a firm thrust he enters her, causing her to moan from the
sudden penetration and him to do the same but from feeling her very tight
snatch all around him. Putting his hands on her hips he starts to thrust into
her, using a steady pace to work himself in and out of her with at least
eight inches already stuffed into her, but he's not going too hard at the
moment so she can get used to his vast size. He slightly rubs his hands over
her smooth, tanned skin, again looking down at her butt and also his cock as
it slides back and forth into her, never completely leaving her when he
brings it out so he's already getting some of her juices on his dick.

Turned on by being taken from behind by a man she's only just met, the star
of SHIMMER increases her efforts to blow the other wrestler, using a faster
motion to go all the way to her bell end and then back down, going closer and
closer to him to make even more of his thick inches into her surprisingly,
considering her reputation, expert mouth as she again doesn't gag at all even
as her nose approaches his crotch. The Superstar on the receiving end of
this top notch head has a mile wide grin on his face, holding a handful of
hair as he lets her do the work, feeling her saliva coat his long shaft as it
seeps out slightly between her full lips and trickling slightly down her
chin, a sign she's really into the act and that just makes it feel all the
more better.

Also moaning is the multi-time singles and tag champion currently thrusting
into her tightness, who's now able to go balls deep into her hole so all of
his wide, fourteen inches are deep inside the grappler who's all about pace,
love, and a little purple haze. Satisfied she's used to him enough, made
clear already by her muffled moans, he picks up the pace, putting power
behind his quickened thrusts to really send himself into her with his balls
smacking into her each time he goes forward. He is keeping nine or so inches
in her at all times so her can use some nice, sharp thrusts that cause her
body to rock forward slightly and her ass cheeks to jiggle a little upon
every impact which rather than cause her any pain only makes talented and
athletic wrestler feel even more pleasure.

With eyes closed and smile on her beautiful face, the woman known as The Haze
is secretly glad she's engaging in this hot, sexy threesome with two WWE
studs who are filling her in both ends with their long cocks so that she's
got well over two feet of thick man meet easily sliding in and out of both
her mouth and her pussy, and quite rightly she's enjoying every minute of it.
She's not just receiving, but giving back as well as she pushes her butt back
against the incoming thrusts she's getting in her tight snatch, and flicks
her tongue up and around the cock she deep throating over and over again
to make sure it's soaked in her spit. The hippie is definitely showing
something about sexual liberation here, moaning as she rocks between the two
massive dicks that have her soaking wet but impressively she's not tiring
yet, clearly ready for a whole lot more from both stars of sports

Lifting her head up and taking a deep breath, Daizee grins up at her former
Generation Next teammate. "Did you get bigger since back in the day?" She
says before letting out a moan as John carries on pumping into her.

"I think you got better at sucking me." Evan replies with a playful grin.
"Delirious must be a lucky, lucky man."

"Hey! We're just friends!" She quickly says with a blush as he touches a
nerve, before she groans as now the Shaman of Sexy pulls out of her snatch.

"Friends with benefits are greatly encouraged in the Palace of Wisdom."
Morrison states. "As is a healthy dose of double penetration." He adds,
before taking a hold of her by the waist, easily lifting up her light but
incredibly toned frame up as he lay down onto the bench.

Bourne just laughs. "I actually think we can understand Delirious better than
we can John here!"

The head trainer of the SHIMMER Wrestling Academy gasps as Morrison shows his
strength by holding her up and spreading her butt cheeks, bringing her down
to impale her ass on his huge, thick cock with the only lubrication being her
own pussy juices. She groans as inch by wide inch is stuffed into her super
tight back passage, forcing her asshole to stretch as he already manages to
work seven inches into her backside before he stops, letting her get used to
it as he holds her back her perfectly rounded and sexy ass while he's laying
on the bench, forcing her to lean back with her arms to grab onto the sides
of it for support as she slightly grinds her ass back against him to get more
adapted to the massive size, the action causing them both to groan in

Bourne steps forward, positioning himself and taking a hold of her waist,
admiring her rock hard abs for a moment before he pushes his equally thick
and only slightly less longer shaft into her already wet pussy, moaning as
with ease he's able to venture deeply into her hole that's to the previous
fucking she'd taken, so already he's able to go balls deep into her which
makes her moan in delight. She manages to bring her legs up, wrapping them
around the waist for the former ROH World Tag Team Champion, keeping him
close in and is soon rewarded as he starts to briskly pump into her snatch
with quick movements back and forth from his hips, making him moan as well as
he enjoys her hot, snug pussy that feels as close to perfection as it gets.

Head tilted back and eyes closed with a big smile on her face, the gorgeous
blonde happily sighs as she's getting two long, thick dicks thrust into her
holes, filling up the Woman of Honor in a way she never dreamed possible but
is very glad that's happening in reality. With the cock of the SmackDown
Superstar being smoothly pumped up into her ass with enough force to make
more and more of it pass up into her as she's been gradually lowered down
onto him, and the dick of the star of Monday Night Raw getting completely and
quickly slammed into her snatch, no one would quite believe that this woman
prides herself on an "anti-Diva", purely athletic and no-nonsense mindset
when it comes to wrestling. The load moans escaping her tell the real story
that she just like any other red blooded woman on the planet, would not say
no to two hung and handsome studs, especially when she can keep up with them
every thrust of the way.

When her ass cheeks touch Morrison's crotch, indicating that even more
surprisingly considering her small but extremely well built frame, she's
taken his fourteen inch dick completely into her ass, he smirks, letting her
grind her butt against him which is mostly reflex from jolting against the
other man's thrusts. He soon begins pumping her once more, squeezing her hot,
rounded ass as he quickly slams his cock into her with powerful thrusts that
cause his nuts to bounce off her butt each time he goes up into her. He
moans, amazed at both how tight her back passage remains despite his thick
manhood repeatedly pumping her from below and how she's able to show any
pain, perhaps an indication that she's not as sweet and pure as she makes out
to be, but he's just concerning himself with fucking her incredible ass and
showing off his strength to keep her held up above him.

Reaching up with both hands while continuing to swiftly thrust all of his
foot long dick into her soaking wet and still very tight pussy, the former
Matt Sydal reaches under her shirt, running his fingers across her small but
perky chest and playing with her rock hard nipples, slightly rubbing them
between her fingers. She moans, looking across at him with a smile as her
long hair shakes from her body jolting between both men's still and fast
thrusts into her holes, showing that she wants more of what he and the other
WWE star have to offer. He smirks back, one hand going back to hold her as
he feels her legs slightly rubbing around him in an attempt to grind her
snatch against him as his balls smack into her skin every time he pumps up
into her wet hole, while the other remains up to toy with her nipples.

The hot, intense fuck in the gym shows no real signs of stopping any time
soon, the three bodies connected and only moans coming from them as she's
sandwiched by the two men who are perfectly fucking both her pussy and ass in
a scene that would sweep the board at any adult film awards. Most women would
faint at the sight of one foot long dick, let alone with another that's even
longer, but The Haze is taking this in her stride, her erotic moans only
serving to encourage the men pounding her as it's clear she's not going to
get worn out any time soon, looking even hotter than ever as her tanned,
incredibly well toned body is covered in a light layer of sweat. Grunting as
they give the task their all, likewise the stars of sports entertainment are
showing the effects as sweat is on their muscular bodies, giving all the
effort to give the sexy female wrestler the top notch fucking she deserves.

"So much for you SHIMMER athletes being "classier" than what our Divas do..."
Morrison says with a smirk, giving her ass a couple more firm pumps before
coming to a stop, lifting her up so she can get off of his cock.

Daizee laughs, looking back at him with a smirk. "We can wrestle, that's the
difference, not have car wrecks that barely last a minute just so all the
chicks can be out there." She steps onto the ground, smacking the side of his
dick with her which makes him groan before she finally takes off her top,
leaving her tanned and astoundingly toned body exposed for both men to enjoy.

"Easy there Daizee!" Evan laughs, catching her off guard by lifting her up
around her incredibly well defined waist. "We're here to have some fun, not
pretend to be an Internet forum."

"You want fun, or you want a piece of my ass again?" Daizee smirks at her
long time friend for many years as he sets her down again onto Morrison, this
time facing him as her pussy gets lowered down onto his thick dick, making
her moan.

"Just like old times..." He smiles back, running his hands over her ass. "But
don't start calling me Matt again..."

Haze had only just settled right down onto the massive cock of the Guru of
Greatness that had only moments before been stuffed right into her back
passage, balls deep once again with all the shaft deep in her soaking wet
hole, before Bourne steps forward, using this cowgirl position to push his
own cock into her asshole, with ease managing to also completely insert
himself so all of his foot long man meat is inside her other hole. With a
moan and then a quick smirk to both me, it's her who takes the lead, putting
her hands on her thighs as she starts to rock herself between both men,
managing to bounce on the dick in her snatch which in turn pushes her back
and forth against the one in her ass, surprising both of them as she's
essentially fucking herself on their long, thick cocks.

The master of the Shooting Star Press moans, watching her ass move towards
and away from him as he enjoys her tight back passage around his shaft,
surprisingly still vice-like despite the slightly longer but just as thick
dick that had previously been working on her. He's not complaining though,
watching a little in awe as the hottest hippie in all of wrestling is putting
porn stars to shame with her sexual ability as she's now dominating both his
and his fellow WWE Superstar's cocks by rocking swiftly between them, taking
each one right in until the balls touch her skin when rocks back against or
drops down onto it. Licking his lips he reaches forward, holding her arms by
the wrist and pulling them back behind her much like in the setup for the
surfboard wrestling hold, but it's only to give her even more support for
what she's doing, and the way she looks back and grins at it him, it's clear
that maybe this isn't the first time they have been in this position, but
with a different third person involved.

Speaking of said man, the former co-host of The Dirt Sheet is enjoying
himself greatly, already impressed enough by her fucking so far, but watching
her raise and lower her hot, tight pussy on his cock while still managing to
take a cock from behind in her ass makes him wish that she was in the WWE
rather than being dedicated to the indies and training the future of women's
wrestling. But it's a great consolation prize to watch her stunning body, the
product of countless hours of gym time, bouncing away on his cock and making
him moan deeply and loudly. He places his hands onto her smooth thighs as her
legs are straddled on either side of him, feet firmly on the floor to give
her the best position to lift herself up, push back and then drop down so
both men can enjoy her tight and already well used holes.

There's a look of pure bliss on the face of the stunning blonde as she moves
her hot, to die for body with ease between the two handsome, just as well
defined men so that he handles over twenty four inches of thick cock in both
her dripping snatch and her tight ass, causing her to moan each time she
takes one fully inside and their ball sack smacks against her skin. Drops of
sweat trickle downher rock hard abs, making them shine under the locker room
lights as she gives this lust-fuelled sex act all she's got, knowing it goes
against her pure and wholesome reputation and loving the fact that it does,
and the moans the men she's riding are giving off show that they greatly
appreciate it as well.

Knowing that he might not get another chance to enjoy some "peace and love"
with the beautiful hippie for a long time, Bourne is now pumping his cock
swiftly into her back passage, moaning as he goes even deeper into her and
his balls bounce off her sexy, perfectly rounded ass with every thrust into
her. Keeping her arms held back in position, he doesn't hold back as uses
hard, quick thrusts that mean he always has at least nine inches of his dick
deep in her back passage, with such force and pace behind each pump that
would cause a normal woman to be unable to walk for over a week if they were
lucky. Instead, it's just driving the star of ROH and SHIMMER wild, her moans
a call for even more as she continues pushing her butt back against his
incoming thrusts, even though he's already giving it to her with more effort
and energy than he's ever used during any wrestling match.

Likewise, the Shaman of Sexy is pumping his long, thick dick up into her
soaking hole, his nut sack smacking up into her as she drops down onto him,
causing them both to moan from the sensation as he uses hard, forceful pumps
to meet her swift bounces, both showing great skill as she times herself
perfectly between both thrusting dicks in her holes and he ensures he does
use a pace that's too fast so he misses out of the perfect moments of
pleasure. His manhood is slick with her juices, allowing him to easily ram
himself deep into her with all thick, fourteen inches of his shaft and pull
back so just eleven or so inches remain stuffed in her, further helped by
her rocking back and forth motions which all leave him moaning deeply, eyes
locked on her toned, stunning body which only makes him lick his lips more as
he enjoys the steamy sex.

But this kind of intense, fast and furious pace takes its toll, even on well
conditioned and sculpted out of stone wrestlers like these, and if the fact
that all three of their bodies are coated in sweat wasn't a sign enough, the
way that the cocks of the two WWE Superstars are throbbing inside of her well
fucked but still very tight holes is the biggest indication that time is
running out on this hot and heavy threesome. The sexy female in the middle of
this is feeling it too, her pussy soaking and almost dripping juices out
around the dick deep in her, but still controlling the action as she works
herself between both men, moaning with a sunshine-bright smile as she does so
which is the result of having over two feet of thick dick thrusting in and
out of her, the only kind of meat the vegetarian will ever enjoy.

It seems the first closest to nearing their limit is the man who's Quest For
Greatness led to this situation in the first place, who has to use his hands
to lift the bouncing hippie off from his dick which makes her groan and
catches the other man by surprise as he's forced to pull out of her ass. She
licks her lips, smirking as she now lays down onto the bench, watching the
hunky SmackDown star as he starts to furiously stroke his dick, and as he
does, she moves her hand down and underneath her leg as she lifts it up,
going to her snatch and inserting two fingers, starting to get herself off
as she watches him jerk off, attention diverted for a moment by the Raw star
coming over to her head and pointing his cock right at her face.

With a grin she opens her mouth, letting him push his thickness deep into her
and she already starts to blow him, bobbing her head quickly with her
luscious, pouty lips firmly wrapped all around him as she blows the cock that
has just come straight from her ass and into her mouth, a fact that doesn't
seem to mind at all. The position isn't perfect so she can't deep throat him,
but it's more than enough for her to handle at least eight or so inches at
the most which is all that's needed as they look to finish the job. As she
sucks on his throbbing, long cock, she keeps her eyes focused on the other
man's stroking, while at the same time giving her pussy the attention it
needs with rapid pumps of her fingers in and out, her hand getting covered in
her juices as she plays with herself while giving a blowjob and watching
another man getting himself off at the same time.

The sight of the perfect, athletic bodied wrestler and trainer finger fucking
herself while sucking a cock is an erotic sight too much for John Morrison,
who lets out a deep groan before he shoots his load out, stroking away as
thick streams of his cum shoot out and land across the rock hard abs of
Daizee Haze, causing her to groan as she feels his jizz splatter across her.
Making sure every last drop of his load is dispensed, he lets go of his spent
cock that's beginning to go limp, leaving him to look at her incredible
abs which are almost completely covered with spunk which only makes them look
even better than before.

At the same time, her deep, slurping motions on his cock have driven the
other star of sports entertainment over the edge, and he's unable to warn his
long-time friend before he reaches his peak which results in Evan Bourne
shooting his cum into the mouth of Daizee Haze who moans as she feels streams
of creamy goodness flowing into her mouth, and tasting said jizz on her
tongue only causes her to greedily swallow down every drop that he fires out.
Continuing to bob her head along his shaft, her soothing mouth milks him
completely dry, the sexy sounds of her gulping down load after load being
heard mixed with her deep moans.

Her deep moans are not just because she's enjoying tasting and drinking down
the former Matt Sydal's cum, but because she's gotten herself off with her
own thrusting fingers, along with a little help from the spunk covering her
abs. Her pussy tightens around her digits, juices pouring out like a flood
all over the rest of her hand and even dripping down to her wrist as she
rides out her orgasm all the way, still managing to suck away on Evan's cock
with closed eyes and a very big smile on her face. Letting his limp cock fall
from her mouth, she sighs happily, bringing her hand out from her snatch and
wiping up some of Morrison's cum from her abs, mixing it with her own juices
and looking at her hand with a grin.

"You jerks!" She says with a laugh, looking at both men. "I can't believe you
got me to do that!"

"Like you didn't love every moment of it." Evan says back. "Just like in
Generation Next, just like my last night in ROH, and just like now - still
the same, great Haze."

"If this the standard of the trainer, then your students will be more than
welcome in the Palace of Wisdom." Morrison says with a smirk, which causes
Daizee to narrow her eyes at him.

"You keep your skirt chasing quest away from Rayna and Jamillia, or else
BAM!" She makes a motion of delivering a punch. "You're getting a Heart

"How come whenever I'm with you, you just start trouble?" Bourne laughs,
coming over to Haze and putting a hand on her shoulder. "Come on, where's the
peace and love here?"

Haze smirks, looking to him. "Well... You and me have some catching up to do,
so I might have some more love for you man..."

"One of the foundations of the Palace of Wisdom is seeking out friends with
benefits." John smirks, before looking to the camera. "Today MoFos, we
learned that reputations are all well and good, but everyone can get a
healthy dose of The Haze that exceeds all expectations, and won't get you
fined for violating the Wellness Policy. Join the Shaman of Sexy next time as
I continue the Quest for Greatness. I am John Morrison. Be Jealous."

* * *

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