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Featuring: Candice Michelle (Former WWE), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown).

The Quest For Greatness Part 10: Candice Michelle
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
standing on a sandy beach, the ocean behind him which shows the sun beginning
to set. He's clad in only fashionable but not quite loose enough swim shorts,
which do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within them, which if it weren't
for his incredibly well defined chest and stomach muscles also being so eye
catching, it would attract the attention of everyone.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison. Today I am here at a private resort beach,
so private in fact that if I reveal its exact location that I would have to
single handled kill everyone watching, and I do not wish to go through such a
process again. But rather than to relax, I am here on business to meet a
former WWE Diva who managed against all odds, and some would say rational
thought, to become WWE Women's Champion."

He starts to walk along the beach, and soon approaches the person in
question, the stunning former Diva, Women's Champion and Playboy Covergirl,
Candice Michelle. Clad in a sexy, black bikini which hugs tightly to her
large chest and her juicy ass, she's laying back on a sun lounger, catching
the last few rays before the sun disappears from the sky. Hearing footsteps
approaching, she sits up slightly, removing her sunglasses and beginning to
smile, already checking out the current WWE Superstar.

"John Morrison, now this is a welcome sight..." Candice says, swinging her
legs over to the side so she can sit up. "And with a camera crew? This
wouldn't be for that little "Quest" of yours, would it?"

"That is an accurate description..." He smirks. "Would I be accurate in
saying that you have been watching them?"

She laughs slyly. "Let's just say I have a harddrive ready to save all the
upcoming parts. But I know what would be even better than just watching

John steps closer to her so he's standing in front of her, knowing what she's
getting at so he deliberately rubs himself through his shorts for a few
moments, using her hot bikini clad body as visual stimulation. "Which would

"Being in one!"

Looking up at him with a sexy smile and a smoldering look in her eyes, she
pulls down his shorts and lets out an erotic moan as her gaze locks on his
thick, fourteen inch cock which is already making her mouth water. Glancing
up at him for a moment, her hand takes a hold of his shaft, giving his length
some slow pumps from the base all the way to over the head as she rubs her
soft palm all across it, making sure he's rock hard for what she has in store
for him next. He watches carefully, hands on his waist as he watches the
sexy, bikini clad former Diva give him a nice little handjob, able to tell
from the loose grip that she's using that this isn't going to last for long,
merely a warm up and he's looking forward to seeing what she can really do to

He gets his wish when she lowers her head down to his meaty cock, holding it
to run the bell end across her pouty lips back and forth for a few moments
before planting a couple of kisses onto his bulbous head, going back to
rubbing her lips across the tip of his dick again as she lightly strokes the
rest of him. Opening her mouth she takes the crown inside, pressing her
luscious lips all around him as she begins to suck him, holding his cock
steady with her hand as she works her mouth over the very top of his manhood,
her tongue lightly tapping against him as she softly blows him, making sure
to keep eye contact with him with a stunning, sexy look in her eyes.

She moans, her hand using a tighter grip to hold him as she starts to push
herself down further onto him, moving her thick lips across his shaft as
properly blows him, using a slow, somewhat teasing pace as she moves down to
handle six inches of his dick inside her before she lifts herself up until
the head of his manhood is just left inside her, then repeating the motion as
she establishes the pace. The busty former wrestler is slurping on his
massive shaft, lightly moaning around the thickness as she works over the top
portion, her soothing mouth also making him moan as he enjoys her warm, wet
hole as her tongue occasionally taps up onto her underside as she smoothly
bobs her head back and forth along his manhood with her hand just holding
onto him, although she could easy stroke over the lower part if she wanted

Closing her eyes, the former WWE Women's Champion now pushes her beautiful
face down closer towards his crotch, taking more and more of his vast dick
into her wet and ready mouth with ease, continuing to use the same slow and
steady pace to orally pleasure the current Superstar, now handling ten or so
inches of his cock when she goes down before she goes all the way back up to
the bell end and then straight back down. Her long, black hair slightly sways
in time with the movements of her head along his shaft as she presses her
full, made for blowjobs lips tightly against his meat as she gives it the
kind of appreciation it truly deserves. Her light moans vibrate around his
dick, clearly turned on by the act of giving the handsome and hunky man some
head, a fact made clear by her using her free hand to reach up and squeeze
her breast through her bikini top, playing with herself as her rock hard
nipples can be seen poking through the material.

He smirks, gaze switching between looking down at her large tits as she
fondles herself and back to her pretty face as she moves close to and then
away from his waist, deeply sucking him off with the same slow but none the
less very pleasurable face, keeping the base held with her fingers as she's
almost got his entire length handled within her hot, sexy mouth. Deciding to
help her achieve this, he pushes his hips forward to send his cock into her
hole as she pushes down onto him, making her noticeably moan louder as the
tip of his dick touches the back of her mouth, impressively not gagging for
even a moment as she deep throats all of his over foot long shaft. She lets
go of him, allowing her to feel his balls touching her chin each time she now
goes down onto him, keeping her eyes closed and just enjoying the feeling as
her now free hand joins the other in pleasuring herself, grabbing her breasts
and pushing them against each other while still blowing the cock moving back
and forth into her mouth.

The woman who prides herself on "Defining Beauty" is defining something else
right now, her lovely, full lips working away as she deeply and slowly sucks
away on the cock that's lightly fucking her gorgeous mouth, causing them both
to moan as she's blowing a naked man while still semi-clothed in a skimpy,
tight bikini. She looks up at him, eyes bright with lust as she groans,
pushing her head right down onto him and keeping herself down to deep throat
him for several moments, her hands teasing her nipples through her top as
she does so before she slowly lifts her head all the way up to the top. Here
she twists her head from side to side, grinding her full lips all around his
bell end while flicking her tongue across the very tip, making sure that now
his whole cock is nicely covered with her saliva, the sign of a job well done
before she fully lifts her head off from him, letting out a moan as she gazes
at the cock she just sucked off.

"Very nice..." Candice says, her voice dripping with sex appeal as she looks
over his cock again, reaching behind her to untie the string of her bikini
top, letting it fall off to reveal her large, perfectly rounded and tanned

"The same can be said for you." John replies, smirking as she looks at her

She smirks, giving her lips a long lick. "Are you going to fuck me with that
nice, big cock of yours now John?" She asks, squeezing her boobs with her
hands as she knows he's looking right at them, making herself moan in the

He turns the look. "Lose the bottoms and allow the Shaman of Sexy to show you
what love really is." He says, playing on the lyrics of her WWE theme song
which makes her laugh slyly.

The stunning original Go Daddy-dot-com girl stands up, turning around and
looking over her shoulder at him with a sensual pout of her lips, her hands
reaching back and slowly lowering her bikini bottoms down her smooth legs,
bending over in the process as she reveals her perfectly shaved and already
wet looking pussy as well as showing off her juicy ass to leave her
completely naked in all her tanned, gorgeous glory. Stepping out from her
bottoms as they drop to her feet, she spreads her legs apart, remaining bent
over as she gives him a clear signal to proceed anyway that he wants to,
moving a hand between her legs to rub across her pussy for a moment before
the other hand lifts up before she spanks herself sharply, causing herself to
lightly moan as she keeps her eyes locked on the handsome and hung WWE

Stepping forward, he considers his options before he boldly makes his choice,
placing his hand on her thick ass cheeks to spread them apart before using a
firm thrust to insert himself into his tight asshole, moaning as he instantly
feels her tightness all around him and rather than call out in pain, she also
moans in lust, feeling her back passage being invaded by at least four inches
of thick man meat already. Rubbing her cheeks for a moment, the Guru of
Greatness begins to rock his hips, moving himself back and forth as he works
his big cock into her tight hole, going slow and steady for the moment to let
her adjust and accept his shaft, with every intention of eventually pounding
into her backside sooner rather than later.

Tossing her dark hair back so she can continue to look over her shoulder, the
sexy former Diva looks to have absolutely no problem with taking a cock
straight into her ass that's only lubricated by her own saliva, thanks to it
having just come straight out of her mouth to now sliding in and out of her
backside. Moving one hand down to hold onto the lounger for support so she
can remain bent over for him, she keeps her other hand between her legs,
lightly teasing herself as her fingers brush slightly across the entrance
to her other lower hole, moaning both from her own touch and the feeling of
more of his thickness gradually entering her butt with every pump he gives.

Letting out a grunt, he starts to pick up the pace, going quicker as well as
putting some more force being his thrusts, the motion already impressively
swift as keeps her ass spread so her can easily and deeply move himself in
and out of her tight back passage, already managing that as already he's got
ten inches of his thick cock in her. Looking over and making eye contact
again, the multi-time single and tag team champion smirks, giving her butt a
firm spank that makes her groan in pleasure, so he gives her other cheek one
for good measure as he continues to fuck her ass forcefully, moaning every
time he pulls himself slightly out so he's always inside her hole and every
time he pushes forward to get more of his meat inside her.

Continuing to put on a show for him, she slightly tilts her head back,
letting out a moan as she sways her hips from side to side, shaking her ass
slightly before she starts to push back against his incoming thrusts, causing
her backside to smack into her crotch as he's able to go balls deep into her
which causes them both to moan louder than before. Licking her lips again,
her hand goes down further, rubbing her pussy with circling motions that
cause her fingers to slightly get wet as her juices escape out as she gets
more and more turned on by the second, her large tits swaying in time with
her rocking motion against the handsome former co-worker who's pounding into
her tight, sexy ass.

She's not the only one enjoying this moment, as he's smirking as he looks
over her perfectly curved frame as she's bent over, taking all of his
fourteen inch and thick cock completely into her ass like it was just a
normal daily activity for the raven-haired beauty. Holding onto her juicy ass
cheeks, he's really thrusting into her quickly, his balls slapping against
her skin with each forward pump, the sound only made louder by her pushing
out her backside to meet him every time which only encourages him to give it
to her harder as he fulfils many a red-blooded male's fantasy of fucking one
of the sexiest women ever to be in the WWE up her perfect ass. The moans
coming from said female indicate that she's enjoying it just as much as she
is, playing with herself as she takes the pounding from behind, looking back
over her shoulder at him with a sinful, dirty look that would make most men
explode in their pants in a second.

Pulling his shaft out of her ass, making her groan as he does so, Morrison
smirks as he rests his cock between her juicy cheeks, sliding his shaft in
between them for a moment which makes her lick her lips as she rubs her pussy
for another long moment. She then stands up, turning around and looking down
at his cock for a moment before moving up close to him, surprising him by
taking a hold of his shoulders as she leans in, slowly and erotically giving
his face a long lick all the way up his cheek, finishing it off with a smirk
as she steps back, running her hands over his chiseled out of stone upper

"Your dick felt so good in my little ass John..." She says with a moan,
taking a long look over his outstanding body.

"That can be arranged." He coolly replies, also unashamedly checking out her
hourglass figure.

She slyly laughs. "Oh, it will, but first I want to taste me ass of your
cock." She bluntly says, taking him by the hand to direct him over onto the

"Your place in the Palace of Wisdom is looking more and more certain." He
says with a smirk as he goes along with it, laying back-down onto it.
"Perhaps you would be so kind to allow me to taste yourself as well?"

She smirks back as she starts to climb on top of him in the classic
sixty-nine position. "You'll find my pussy is just too hot to handle, but
Candylicious to eat..."

Now in perfect position, she lowers her head and takes his cock into her
mouth, moaning the moment she can taste her own ass off of his dick, quickly
beginning to bob her head up and down on his thick, long shaft with her full,
luscious lips tightly pressed against him and making loud, unashamedly
naughty slurping. Resting her hands on his strong thighs she's already using
a steady rhythm that has her head moving like an elevator on his manhood,
travelling up to the bell end before heading right down to have ten inches
contained, all the while flicking her tongue out and around to make sure she
can taste all of her own back passage off of him that he can, soon replacing
it with her own saliva as she blows him, softly moaning with every movement
along his vast size.

Moving his hands up to hold her by her smooth thighs, the man once known as
Johnny Nitro lifts his head up, placing his mouth onto her already wet pussy
and starting to suck on her snatch, working over her entrance but not yet
entering her, but even this is more than enough to make her moan around his
cock, causing him in turn to smirk as he now teases her by working his mouth
around her folds. Now using his tongue, he continues to stimulate by licking
his way slowly all the way around her sensitive lower region, making her
groan as he's not even touching her snatch as he slowly goes clockwise around
her, but soon she moans as he actually touches her needy pussy, but again
goes around the very outside of it, taking his time as he lets out moans of
enjoyment himself from the oral treatment he's getting.

Softly whining as she badly wants him to dive into her snatch, she figures
that he must need a little extra incentive to really get going on her, so she
moves her head right down onto his meaty cock, her lips pressing into his
crotch as she manages to deep throat him once again, moaning rather than
gagging around the shaft as she keeps herself right down onto him several
moments, using this to lash her tongue all around as much of his size as she
can to enhance the feeling. Satisfied that the moans she heard him let out
are a sign he's got the hint, she goes back to bobbing her head quickly up
and down him, now just going half way up him before heading straight back
down and quickly repeating the process, closing her eyes as she pushes her
ass back so her snatch gets presses right up into the handsome face of the
SmackDown star.

Her "incentive" did it's trick as he's got his tongue right inside her
already damp pussy, swirling his tongue around in slow but steady motions,
taking his time and allowing him to drink down her tasty juices, knowing
exactly which areas to work over as he can easily go really deep into her
thanks to her pushing herself back into him. Moaning into her snatch from her
superb cock sucking skills, he licks away, his hands grip her thighs,
slightly stroking over them, while his head is tilted back so he can breathe
through his nose and continue to dine on her hot, soaking wet hole that's
creating a seemingly endless stream of sticky goodness for him to lap up.

Letting out a groan, Candice has to lift her head up for a moment, biting
down on her bottom lip as she looks back over her shoulder at him, moving her
hips so she can grind her pussy against his face, using a hand to swiftly
jerk him off which gets her fingers sticky from her saliva that's coating his
thick cock. Knowing she can't just ignore her part in this tried and tested
position, she brings her head back down and resumes sucking him off with
quick motions up and down, her pouty lips tightly pressing onto him as she
slurps away, feeling his bell end touching the back of her mouth when she
goes right down onto him which just causes them both to moan at the
sensation. The always oozing with sex appeal woman goes a step further,
moving a hand over to brush her fingers across his perfectly sized ballsack,
cupping them in her soft palm as she blows him to make sure he's well taken
care of as it's staggering how he's able to withstand this heavy oral
onslaught from the former WWE Diva.

The founder of the Palace of Wisdom shows his appreciation for her top notch
cock sucking by showcasing his own expert tongue, lashing it all the way
around and about her soaking wet but still begging for more pussy, moaning
into her hole as he drinks down as much of her liquids as he can. His hands
move up to her ass, giving her cheeks a quick squeeze and he smirks as he
hears her groan because of it, so he gives her another one for good measure,
before going back to her thighs to keep her from rocking too much against his
face. Her grinding movements have already caused some of her pussy juices to
escape out, coating his mouth and chin as he concentrated on eating her out
and in such a state of lust, he greedily wants to swallow down as much of her
as he possibly can, which neither of them is going to complain about.

Lifting her head up with a moan, she looks back over her shoulder at him,
licking her lips. "I think maybe you're too hot to handle..." She says,
lifting her leg up so she can climb off of him.

"I think I've heard that somewhere." John says with a smirk, now his turn to
lick his lips to clean up some of her juices that he missed. As he sits up
and moves back slightly, Candice straddles the lounger so she's leaning on it
in a doggy style position, sticking her sexy, juicy ass back at him.

"John..." She says with a moan, swaying her butt from side to side for him.

"Are you going to stick that huge fuck stick of yours back into my tight
little ass?" She almost begs, a hand already reaching underneath her to rub
her pussy in anticipation.

He smirks, standing up so he can line himself up with her backside. "I think
that can be arranged..."

Giving her exactly what she so badly wants, he pushes his cock firmly into
her back passage, still as tight as ever despite the previous strong fucking
that he'd given her before, and they both groan as his covered in her saliva
dick slides in inch by thick inch, not stopping until his crotch presses
against her sexy ass cheeks and his balls touch her skin so all of his over
foot long shaft is fitting perfectly inside her back passage. He raises his
hand, delivering a sharp spank to her butt which makes her gasp in pleasure,
before he starts to thrust into her juicy rump, already giving it to her with
a quick and firm pace that has his balls smacking into her each time he pumps
himself forward and into her, licking his lips as he looks down as her
slightly jiggling cheeks and holds her in place by the waist.

She moans loudly and lustfully as she feels his huge dick ploughing into her
ass with speed and enough force to make her body jolt forward every time he
goes balls deep into tightness, causing her large tits to swing back and
forth as they hang down, keeping herself in position with one hand firmly
placed onto the lounger. Her other hand is right between her legs, moving
back and forth over her pussy to rub it, already wet enough and she could
probably get herself off just by taking such a thick, long cock from behind
into her ass, but the sexy former WWE Women's Champion just can't resist
helping herself along that little bit extra, moaning as she closes her eyes
as she knows she's getting one hell of a pounding from the young, handsome

Speaking of said star of sports entertainment, he's beginning to show the
effects of such a hot and heavy fucking, his magnificent upper body covered
in a layer of sweat that makes him glisten in the fading light, his breathing
deep and heavy as he keeps up this relentless pace of thrusting his meat in
and out of her back passage. His movements are short and sharp, pulling back
so he just slides about four inches out from her butt before slamming it
straight back in to the balls, the erotic smack of skin hitting skin ringing
out as her full, perfectly rounded ass cheeks jiggle from the impact, able to
take everything being delivered into it which is just as well, as a normal
woman would be left unable to walk for a week, even longer after this kind of
near abuse into their back passage.

All she feels is deep lust and pleasure, moaning away and not caring if
anyone hears her which could happen since they are fucking in the open on the
sandy beach, but she only cares about the cock driving in and out of her ass
and making sure her pussy is well taken care of by her own hand action. She's
swiftly driving two fingers in and out of her snatch, her digits coated and
slick with her juices which just makes it all the more easier for her to
finger herself rapidly, leaning down slightly to push her ass right up into
the incoming thrusts and rest the side of her face against the lounger in an
almost whorish way as her constant moans and groans are begging for more. She
may want all he's got, but whether she'll be able to last to get it is
another story as her tanned and perfectly curved body is covered in sweat,
making her look even more drop dead gorgeous than ever before.

Even though he knows he's getting worn out by keeping up this kind of pace,
he still has a smile on his face as he looks down at the stunning former WWE
Diva, knowing that it's quite the accomplishment to turn the oozing with sex
appeal woman into a moaning mess, a mere bonus to having fucked her ass no
doubt better than anyone else has in her life, which might have been quite a
few before him considering how much she ask for some hard anal sex. He gives
her juicy ass another spank as he continues to thrust into her backside, his
shaft slightly throbbing inside her tightness as his balls slap into her
smooth, sweat covered skin each time he sends all of his thick fourteen
inches of man meat into her ass.

Mouth hanging open with nothing but blissful moans escaping from it, her eyes
begin to almost roll into the back of her head as she works her fingers with
breakneck speed into her dripping snatch, and soon enough Candice Michelle is
driven into a hard orgasm thanks to John Morrison fucking her up the ass. Her
pussy tightens around her fingers, her juices flowing out over her fingers
and then down onto her hand, splashing out to drip down her thighs and legs
as she rides out the wave of pleasure, gradually slowing down her fingering
as she comes back into reality with a big, contented grin on her beautiful,
sweat covered face.

As she cums, her back passage tightens all around the pounding cock in it,
clamping around it like a vice which causes John Morrison to also go over the
edge, blowing his thick, creamy load deep into her ass which makes them both
groan as stream after stream shoots out of his thrusting cock, filling up
Candice Michelle's ass with spunk. He licks his lips, breathing heavily as
she slows down his pumps, eventually pulling himself out of her well fucked
ass and giving his dick a stroke, letting the last few drops of his load fall
out and onto her juicy ass cheeks, before he lets his now limp cock go.
Taking a moment to stand back, he admires his "work" as Candice remains bent
over, moaning as she just enjoys the feeling for a moment longer, knowing she
just got ass fucked in the open on the beach at sunset.

"Oh John..." She manages to moan out. "That was "defining beauty" on a whole
new scale." She says, managing to push herself up off the lounger to stand.

"The Guru of Greatness has no limits..." He says with a smirk. "And expects
the same from those willing to enter the Palace of Wisdom."

"Oh, there's going to be "entering" when we're together again." She licks her
lips, already looking over his body again. "We're all so sweaty John... How
about we head back to the hotel, and we can... Clean up?" She says, and it
doesn't take a genius to figure out she's talking about going for round two
back in her room.

"You would need someone to wash your back I imagine..." He says with a
knowing smirk, before he looks to the camera. "Today MoFos, we learned that
sometimes not all women who act sexy are just putting on a show, because
sometimes they can go, even if their definition of beauty is a codeword for a
damn hot fuck. Join the Shaman of Sexy next time as I continue the Quest for
Greatness. I am John Morrison. Be Jealous."

* * *

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