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Featuring: Madison Rayne (TNA), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown).

The Quest For Greatness Part 11: Madison Rayne
A WWE/TNA crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch. He's clad in
fashionable, expensive looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide the
sizeable bulge within them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart,
and a similarly flashy-looking shirt that's left open, showing his incredibly
well defined upper body and chest.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison. Today I am here at an incredibly secret
location, at WWE Studios, to conduct a one-on-one meeting with a TNA Knockout
who, despite all conceived odds, has managed to become a star stuck carry the
likes of Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erick in The Beautiful People. I refer to
my guest, Madison Rayne."

Entering into shot is TNA Knockout and member of The Beautiful People,
Madison Rayne who is a jaw dropping outfit of tight fitting, pink and black
designed bra which looks to be straining to contain her large, perfectly
rounded tits, and matching panties with an almost see-through tiny "skirt"
over her panties. The busty blonde has a big smile on her face as she looks
over Morrison, moving up close to him on the couch and already putting a hand
onto his exposed chest, running it over his muscles.

"Thanks for the invite John..." Madison says, licking her lips a little as
she looks over him again. "So, you want to be with a Beautiful Person?"

"The Guru of Greatness has tasted a vast cornucopia of vagina..." John coolly
states, although he's also checking her out by taking a good look at her
large chest. "Impress me if you can."

Rayne raises an eyebrow slightly, as she moves her hands onto his shirt,
pushing it back. "Show me what you're packing and I'll do more than just
"impress" you." She says, as he leans forward so she can slide his shirt of
his completely tanned and muscular body.

Morrison smirks, moving his hands down and unbuckling his jeans. "Ask and you
shall receive." He states, pushing his bottoms down hislegs and letting his
already starting to harden but already impressively sized and thick cock

Eagerly, the stunning blonde lowers herself in front of the handsome, hunky
Superstar as he stand up from the couch and steps out of his jeans, kicking
them aside before her hand quickly latches onto his shaft to give it a quick
stroke before she guides it into her mouth, wrapping her lips around the head
and softly sucking at him, light strokes being given to the bottom portion so
all of his hardening length is being cared for. Soon enough, he's fully hard
and standing proud at over fourteen thick inches from her work but she isn't
stopping yet, continuing to use her mouth over the bulbous head and jerking
the rest of him off with slow but steady movements back and forth down to the

She looks up, and while she can see that he's somewhat enjoying this so far,
she knows it's going to take a whole lot more to even impress him. Looking
back down, she starts to lower her head down further onto his length, take
more and more inches into her wet and ready mouth, moaning a little as she
feels his size sliding between her luscious lips that press around him. With
about six or inches now handled inside, she raises herself back upward until
just the bell end is still contained within her oral hole before she pushes
back down again, establishing a firm and decent pace with which to blow his
massive cock with. At the same time, her hand carries on with the task of
stroking the rest of him, not moving in time with the movements of her head
as her soft palm is working much quicker, but the combination of variation
has him both smiling and moaning so there's absolutely no complaints.

Moving a hand down to brush her long blonde hair out of the way, he takes a
long look down at the sight of the hot TNA Knockout bobbing her head smoothly
along his shaft, before he tilts his head slightly to the side to take a
glance at her large, bra-encased tits that are making said garment strain
from the size. He licks his lips, feeling her starting to quicken her sucking
motion and taking a little more of him inside her, so he puts a hand onto the
back of her head, catching her attention in doing so which makes her look up
at him with a sexy smirk. He smirks back as well, but he shows his true
intention by pushing his hips forward to send even more of this thick dick
straight into her mouth.

Groaning as she closes her eyes, Rayne doesn't resist or pull back, instead
letting go of his cock with her hand, getting the hint and actually giving in
as she quickens her pace, having no problem now in taking over ten inches of
him inside her wet mouth as she moves all the way up to the top before she
comes down, all of which is making his dick get nicely covered with her
soothing saliva. Impressed by her ability to take this, he moves his other
hand onto the back of her head, holding her head in place as he begins to
pump himself deeply into her mouth, movements firm and steady as he starts to
lightly fuck the hot mouth of the TNA Knockout. Again, she doesn't try to
pull away, not that she could because of his strength to keep her right on
the spot, and if the muffled moans that are coming from her are anything to
go by, it seems that she's enjoying this moment of domination she's under.

She's not alone in enjoying this of course, he's moaning as he slides his
dick in between her pouty, soft lips, feeling her tongue slightly brush
against the underside of this thickness as he's soon able to stuff her mouth
completely full with his over foot long cock. Each time he sends himself
forward into her his balls lightly tap into her chin, and even though his
bell end touches the very back of her mouth and beyond, she doesn't gag even
for a moment, showing great oral skill to take this kind of treatment from a
man who's working for the rival promotion. That's not in her thoughts
though as she just sits up on her knees as the stud pumps swiftly into her
mouth, keeping herself busy as she moves her hands onto her tits to squeeze
them firmly through the material of her bra.

Pulling his cock back slightly, he sends himself back in with a stronger
thrust that makes her groan, but now keeps himself completely inside her so
her nose is pressing against his crotch as she's made to deepthroat his
thick, fourteen inch dick which she does superbly. In fact, she even manages
to twist her head from side to side while being held down onto him, grinding
her lips around his shaft as well as being able to lash around him with her
tongue as much as she can and this all has him moaning as she looks down at
the talented but often teasing female wrestler. Letting go of her head, he
smirks down as he watches her lift her head slowly back up, until she's
finally off of him and here she gives his bell end a lick all the way around
before finishing it off with a kiss, taking a moment to take a deep breath
from having her mouth more than used well by his actions.

"I think that proves where the real talent lies in your group." Morrison says
in a backhanded way, watching her get her composure back.

Madison smirks with a raised eyebrow directed at him. "Admit it, that was
beautiful." She says as she stands up, looking him over again and licking her
lips as she does so.

"I wouldn't go that far..." He replies coolly as he motions to her
bra-covered chest. "Those on the other hand I might say are. That is, if I
could see them properly."

"Oh, that can happen baby..." She says. "But first, you need to take a
seat... Right... Here." She points to the couch.

With no problem in doing this, John sits himself down on the couch and
watches as the stunning blond reaches behind her and unclasps the bra,
peeling it away to reveal her large, perfectly rounded and tanned tits, her
nipples already rock hard from just sucking a man off. She walks right over
to him, and before he can even enquire what her plan is, she mounts herself
onto his lap, raising her hips enough for her to reach down and with one hand
pulling the panties to the side and using the other to guide his rock hard
and covered with her own saliva dick straight into her pussy. Both hot,
attractive stars of sports entertainment moan at the sensation of her hot,
damp hole getting slowly filled with inch after inch of thick cock, and he
wastes no time in putting his hands straight onto her more than ample mounds
as she concentrates on starting to ride his wonderful manhood.

With her snatch now lowered down enough onto him to take in about ten or so
inches of his meat inside, she begins to rock herself back and forth with her
knees on the couch on either side of him, moaning as she lifts herself up
until just five inches remain within her tightness, and here she sharply
drops down which takes a little more of him into her before she soon repeats
the motion. She closes her eyes, biting down on her bottom lip as she's even
surprised at how she's able to handle such a huge cock like this, but she's
doing it with an already swift and steady bouncing motion, resting her hands
on the back of the couch for support as she rides him, her tight hole just
wet enough along with her own saliva that coated his manhood acting as lube
to make the motion almost effortless in its smoothness.

Greedily, the multi-time singles and tag team champion in the WWE gorges
himself on her huge titties, cupping and squeezing them both with his well
educated hands as his fingers grope the soft flesh and tease her hard
nipples, rubbing them between a finger and thumb for a moment before he goes
back to playing with her big boobs. Doing this is not an easy thing as her
already swift rocking back and forth on his shaft means her chest is also
moaning up and down, but he shows his own ability by keeping his hands firmly
on her chest, with no intentions on passing up the chance to have his way
with such a pair of breasts, even if they are the result of money being
well spent. Moving his head in close to them, he puts his lips to her left
nipple so he can flick his tongue against and around it, tasting her tit
before he wraps his lips around it to suck her which makes her moan loudly at
the sensation. Smirking and moaning around her himself from her motions on
his dick, he soon switches to the other tit, sucking away at its nipple
before he lashes his tongue across and around it.

Moaning wildly with lust because of his licking and sucking on her tits, she
has all the encouragement that she would even need to really ride his thick
cock, quickening her pushes back and forth onto his dick and even pushing her
ass out slightly more to get a better angle that will get his dick as deep
into her wet pussy as possible. The rapid, firm motions are more than
achieving this, and soon her juicy, panties covered backside his touching his
skin as she takes him balls deep inside her, his full fourteen inches lodged
into her snatch with his balls also touching her covered with thin material
backside. She doesn't stop even though just fitting all of him inside would
be a task too much for a normal woman. She continues to bounce away on him,
the sexy sound of skin smacking against skin being heard each time she drops
down before rises up to just about halfway so she can slam back down with
ease and repeat the motion that has her pussy soaking wet and has him moaning
loudly and deeply because of it.

Pulling his head back from her now coated with his saliva chest, he tilts his
head back to both moan and take in a deep breath, in the meantime putting his
hands to use by moving them down onto her well rounded ass to grip them and
give her support as she rides his dick. Moving his head back down, his flicks
his tongue across her bouncing chest as it comes up close to him, but soon
has to give up on this motion when she moves her hands onto the back of his
head, drawing him in between her breasts as she almost smothers him with her
huge, juicy tits, He groans, mouth open to lick around the best he can,
whilst getting her soft boobs rubbed against the sides of his face, a
position that many red blooded men, and maybe some women too, would willingly
give an arm and leg to be trapped in.

Looking down and realising what she's doing to him, she grins as she pulls
his head back away from him, her eyes sparkling with lust as she watches him
take a deep breath in to recover, but soon she moans as she enjoys having his
huge dick sliding in and out of her snatch from her own bouncing motions onto
him. Feeling his hands groping all across her ass only adds to this as well
as the member of The Beautiful People is putting all her effort into riding
his magnificent cock and giving it the treatment it well and truly deserves,
and considering that said manhood is now completely covered with her pussy
juices now, she's well on her way to doing just that and then some.

"Oh God!" Madison moans loudly, coming to a stop on his cock to grind herself
down onto him. "You're so fucking big!" She groans as he takes the moment to
give her tits another quick lick.

John smirks as he pulls his head back. "I am aware of that fact. You have
some pretty ample qualities yourself..." He adds, making the point clear as
he gropes her titties.

She returns the look, putting her hands on his shoulders so she can lift
herself up from him. "You want some more of my tits?" She already knows the
answer herself so she gets down onto her knees in front of him.

"I'm a firm believer in value for money, and those were a great investment."
He states coolly, referring to the fact that her rack isn't completely

Biting down on her bottom lip for a moment, she gets herself in position,
gazing down at his rock hard shaft that's standing proud, covered with her
own pussy juices which makes it glisten slightly under the studio lights. She
leans forward, bringing her large, rounded breasts up and brushing them
lightly against his shaft, before she uses her hands to push them against
him, sandwiching his meat in between her mounds which makes him moan as he
feels the soft flesh all around him. She grins, letting him just enjoy this
moment as she doesn't move her tits at all, just pushing them against his
cock to almost make it vanish between her tits, with just the thick head
sticking out between them.

Tossing her blonde hair back, she starts to move her boobs up and down his
dick with smooth, slow motions, tilting her head back slightly so she can
gaze up at him while she pleasures his over foot long manhood with her big,
perfectly tanned breasts, groping her own chest with her hands as she does so
to give herself some pleasure as she performs this sexual act on the hunky
wrestler. He licks his lips slightly, looking straight down at her moving
breasts as they rub up and down his cock, giving him an already great titwank
as she moves herself up to the bell end before going back down to the base,
causing a hot slapping sound to ring out when her boobs touch his crotch
before she repeats the action, picking up the pace of the motion as she hears
him moan from her efforts.

Pumping his cock a couple more times with her tits, she stops the action but
keeps her boobs pressed down on the lower portion. Glancing up at him, she
smirks as she lowers her head down towards the exposed crown of his dick,
before she extends her tongue, swirling it around him a couple of times to
make him moan as she starts to double team his shaft with her breasts and
oral work. Patting her tongue against his piss slit for a few moments, she
goes back to the swirling motion with quick little clockwise licks all
the way around his bell end, while slightly rubbing her tits against the rest
of his rock hard shaft and at the same time teasing her own nipples by
rubbing them between her fingers.

Groaning as she wishes she could also take care of her dripping pussy while
she takes care of him as well, she leans her head down even further as she
takes the head of his dick into her mouth, wrapping her pouty lips around him
and quickly starting to suck away at him, smirking at the moans that come
from him as she does this. Not content with using her mouth to blow him, she
starts to lightly work her tits over his cock as well, not put off at all
when she moves her breasts up enough to touch her own cheeks as she jerks his
massive dick off with her boobs while sucking away at the crown. She clearly
knows exactly what she's doing here, not wasting a moment with this mind
blowing cock and doing a great job herself in blowing his mind with her own
sexual ability as the gorgeous Knockout sucks and tit wanks the WWE

Unable to take his eyes off of the slightly bobbing blonde head of the hot
TNA starlet and her moving tits, he could happily let her just go to work on
him all night long, but he's not going to just sit back and just receive when
he knows he can give just as much as he can get. He moves his hands down,
squeezing her tits which makes her moan and lift her head up, licking her
lips as she lets go of her breasts to let him take over as she keeps them
pressed firmly against his shaft and moves them up and down his cock to
technically jerk himself off with her sexy boobs. This allows her to move a
hand down between her legs and rub her wet pussy, again causing her to moan
as she takes care of herself while he gropes and uses her chest to pleasure

Brushing her hair out of the way, she lowers her head down slightly again,
flicking her tongue out to brush it across and around the head of his dick
when her moves her tits down to the base of his manhood, again making sure
all of him is being taken care of even though the way he's moving her boobs
quickly all the way up and down does that anyway. He's not complaining,
unashamedly squeezing and rubbing her rack as they wank his cock off, her
tongue work keeping his cock nice and wet as her tits take the saliva she
dabs onto the bell end and rubs it onto the rest of his dick and also onto
her own tits to create a perfect, smooth and erotic motion that has them
both moaning. Although her moans are greatly helped by the fact she's quickly
moving her hand back and forth across her needy, wet pussy.

Madison gives his cock a couple more licks across the tip before she pulls
her head up and away, letting out a moan as looks up at the handsome WWE
Superstar. "Fuck, I'm soaking wet right now..." She says, continuing to rub
her snatch as he rubs her large tits up and down his thick cock.

John smirks down at her. "Then allow the Shaman of Sexy to take over..." He
says, letting her breasts go from around his dick.

With a hungry grin, Rayne scoots back, turning herself around and getting
down onto her hands and knees, looking back over her shoulder at him. "Ready
when you are." She says with a moan, slightly swaying her backside at him.

Moving off the seating, Morrison gets down into position behind her, stroking
his cock a little as he lines it up with her dripping wet pussy. "This is
going to be quite... Beautiful..." He says, before pushing himself forward.

Both stunning wrestlers moan as his thick, over twelve inch cock slides
effortlessly and deeply into her tight pussy, having no problem at all going
completely inside her so his waist and crotch is soon pressed against her
nicely rounded ass cheeks. Licking his lips for a moment, he places his hands
onto her toned waist before he starts to pump her with quick, steady thrusts
that have her butt jiggling slightly each time he goes balls deep into her
snatch from the already quite forceful movements that he's using. He looks
across, his gaze locking with her smoking eyes as they enjoy properly fucking
once again, only moans escaping from their mouths as she takes his shaft from
behind in the classic doggy style position.

The talented competitor of The Beautiful People is pushing back against the
incoming thrusts to her tight hole, making sure her ass meets his crotch each
time he pushes forward sharply into her, lightly biting her lip as she looks
over his chiselled, sweat covered body. Her large tits are swaying slightly
from the movements of her body as they hang down, and her long blond locks
shake as she puts a little more force behind her rocking back and forth
action, causing a loud, erotic smacking sound as her skin meets his,
increased by the fact his ballsack is also slapping into her when he pushes
himself into her over and quickly over again.

Letting his eyes roam over her sexy, perfectly curved and sweat covered body,
the multi-time former Intercontental Champion lets out loud, almost primal
moans as he forcefully fucks the wet, tight snatch of the Knockout in front
of him who likewise is letting her enjoyment of this hot sex known through
unashamed moans. His hands move across her ass cheeks for a moment as his
dick slams in and out of her snatch, never more than four inches leaving her
when he pulls back, and then sending all of his near fourteen inches straight
into her when he pushes his hips forward. Letting out a grunt, he has a
pleased smirk on his face as he enjoys pounding the tight pussy of the
uptight and self-centred on TV at least female, who's now a moan, sweat-
covered mess as she pushes her ass quickly back out to meet his cock as he
sends it slamming deep into her soaking wet love tunnel.

Saying that she loves behind hammered from behind by the handsome man who
works for the rival sports entertainment promotion to hers is a major
understatement. Her pussy is already far wetter than it's ever been in her
life, her juices completely coating his cock and dripping onto his balls and
crotch thanks to the hard impact when he pumps balls deep into her. Mouth
open and moans freely flowing out, she lifts a hand up and gives her large,
sexily curved tits a quick squeeze, further turning herself on while still
rocking herself forward and then back to take the huge, magnificent cock
being pumped rapidly into her snatch like it's drilling for oil. Eyes closed
and head tilted back slightly, she doesn't give a damn about the possible
trouble she'll be in for getting fucked by a WWE star, only caring about
taking it hard and fast like she currently is which has already driven her
wilder than she's even likely to get from any sexual encounter, past and

Tossing his impossibly perfect hair back, Morrison shifts his position so he
can lean himself over the stunning blond but continue to thrust into her
tight and wet hole with such speed and force that most normal woman would
have been fucked into unconsciousness by now. Pressing his chiselled out of
stone chest into her back, he's able to reach down and grope her large tits
with both hands as they swing from the movements back into his pounds that
she's making. This makes her groan loudly, not resisting at all as he has his
way with greedy squeezes of her huge boobs, loving the feeling of dominance
that he's having over her and especially in this hot, primal-like position
that has their fantastic bodies pressed close up to one another as they fuck
hard and fast, putting professional porno stars to shame with their ability.

Such speed and almost uncontrolled lust has its toll, already shown by both
wrestlers being covered in sweat, making their bodies shine under the studio
lights, the loud moans that come from their mouths, and the way their chests
are heaving as they take in deep breathes so they can continue fucking like
this for as long as possible. The sexy blond underneath is trying her best to
keep pushing her hips back to take his thrusts even deeper inside her, a task
not made easy by the fact he has almost all of his weight pressed onto her as
he cups and plays with her big breasts while rapidly pounding his thick, long
cock into her snatch like the fate of the world depends on it. He wants to
give the hourglass-figured female the fucking she well and truely deserves,
and has already done that and then some from his intense, forceful pumps into
her pussy that has ass shaking from the impact his waist has when he slams
forward straight into her.

Eyes closing tightly, with and an euphoric look on her face, Madison Rayne
begins to cum hard on the thrusting cock of John Morrison. Her pussy explodes
over his already soaked with her jucices dick, and some trickle out and down
her thighs and legs, and splash out onto his balls and crotch as they smack
into her snatch from his continued thrusts into her. He too moans loudly,
feeling her hole tighten all around his big dick but to his credit he is
still able to thrust away into her, making her ride out the wave of pleasure
as he fucks her doggy style, leaving her moaning and panting as she loses the
strength to keep pushing back, nearly collapsing onto the studio floor from
the force of her orgasm. She's only really kept up by the fact he's still
playing with her large, tanned tits, and he gives them one last squeeze
before he pulls his cock out of her, making her groan with pleasure as he
turns her over and puts her onto her back on the floor.

Breathing hard as she tries to get her senses back from cumming so hard,
Madison is just able to open her eyes in time to see the WWE star in position
just over her, his hand furiously stroking his long, throbbing cock as it's
clear he's also reaching his climax. Sure enough, John Morrison starts to
shoot his load across the pretty facial features of Madison Rayne, who closes
her eyes and moans as he feels his warm, sticky cum splash across her cheeks,
lips, forehead and nose. Resisting the instant urge to start licking it off
from her, she waits and takes load after thick load of his jizz across her
face, leaving her with such a covering that it looks like three or more
normal men had just busted a nut on her, rather than just the one who is
stroking out the last few drops with a large, contented and no doubt proud
smile on his face.

Opening her eyes, she starts to smile as well, leaving the cum on her face as
she leans up slightly, taking his softening dick on her hand to guide it
down, using her tongue to gently lick his manhood clean of both his cum and
her own pussy juices that cover it. He moans lightly, watching her clean up
his mighty tool with greedy licks, noting that she has no apparent problem
tasting herself as she gives one last treating to the dick that brought her
to a mind-blowing orgasm moments before. Finally letting go of his cock, she
takes a deep breath of relief, smiling up at him and looking hotter than even
with her cute face coated with his dripping spunk.

"That..." Madison manages to say after a long pause. "That was better than
beautiful!" She states the clearly obvious, a little dazed as she takes his
hand as he helps her up to sit down on the couch.

"The Palace of Wisdom does not believe on settling on anything regular." He
coolly states, giving her a look over as she relaxes.

"Fuck, if you're like that here, then I want to visit this Palace of yours!"
Rayne states, using a hand to scoop up some of the cum from her face before
licking it off her finger with her tongue and moaning at the taste.

"That can be quickly arranged..." He says, focused on her as she taste his
spunk from her face, but soon he snaps back to reality, turning to look at
the camera. "Today MoFos, we learned that while they say true beauty is
beneath the skin, it damn well helps to not only have a body on the outside
that looks good, but be also able to use it. Even if you have to carry Lacey
Von Erick through your matches. Join the Shaman of Sexy next time as I
continue the Quest for Greatness. I am John Morrison. Be Jealous."

* * *

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