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Featuring: Tiffany (WWE Smackdown), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown), Drew
McIntyre (WWE Smackdown).

The Quest For Greatness Part 12: Tiffany
A WWE crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch. He's clad in
fashionable, expensive looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide the
sizeable bulge within them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart,
and a similarly flashy-looking shirt that's left open, showing his incredibly
well defined upper body and chest.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next installment of the Quest For
Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison. Today I am once again at the incredibly
secret location, at WWE Studios, to conduct another of my in-depth, hard
hitting interviews with one of the WWE's very own Divas. Oh, and she's
brought along a close "friend" as well..."

Looking across, the Diva in question is the beautiful blond known simply as
Tiffany, who happens to be sitting with a big smile on her face next to her
is WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre. The former General Manager of the ECW brand
is clad in a short fitting black skirt that clings to her nicely rounded
hips, and a tight fitting grey top that shows off her large tits. McIntyre,
is dressed in simple dress pants and a blue shirt, and seems to be carefully
looking over Morrison in case he's trying anything funny.

"Well, John, it's nice to be here..." Tiffany says with her trademark wide
smile. "But I'm afraid I couldn't let come here for the kind of "interview"
you usually give women without my man Drew being a part of it."

"I have no clue what rumours you are referring to." John replies coolly.

"Sure you don't..." Drew says with a raised eyebrow. "So you want to see if
Tiffany here can blow the other hussies you've had on this "show" of yours
out of the water eh?" He smirks slightly. "You and the rest of the world will
be jealous when you see what my woman can do, that I can guarantee."

"Well, if we're going to skip the formalities..." Morrison says as he moves
off from the couch. "Allow the Guru of Greatness to carry out a full

With a big grin, the stunning blond looks down, watching as the handsome
Shaman of Sexy lowers himself down to his knees and them pulls her skirt down
her smooth, tanned legs and off from her feet, legs spreading to fully expose
her perfectly shaved pussy. Her attention is soon drawn to the sound of a
zipper being pulled down, and looking to the side she finds the Scottish stud
lowering his pants enough to leave his already nicely thick and hardening
cock hanging freely. With a sly look up at him, she takes his dick into her
hand, giving it some light, soft strokes to get him fully erect, and if the
feeling he's getting from her soft palms, and past experience, is any
indication, that will not take too long at all. Glancing back down, she sees
the other WWE Superstar getting into position between her legs and catching
his attention, she gives him a wink before she drapes her legs across his
strong shoulders, inviting him in for a feast.

Giving a smirk back in response, Morrison moves his head in and brushes his
tongue across the entrance to her snatch, instantly making her let out a
small moan of enjoyment at the touch which only continues as he moves his
tongue all the way up and then back down in steady motions, working over the
outer lips with brief touches further in. Looking to warm her up, his hands
run over her thighs as he licks across her pussy, almost teasing with the way
he's using calm, controlled pushes, not yet diving in but doing more than
enough to stimulate her and start to taste her hot hole, his mouth barely an
inch away from her as he only uses his tongue to work her over.

The former General Manager of the ECW brand is using her mouth however,
leaning her head in towards her real life partner and taking the head of his
now fully hard, foot long cock into her warm and nicely damp mouth, pressing
her soft lips around him as she does so. Using her hand to continue to
lightly stroke him, she starts to suck on the bulbous head, a little flick of
the tongue across the tip as she does so, closing her eyes and using the free
hand to brush her long hair back over her shoulders, and the unrestricted
view of the stunning Diva starting to blow him would be pleasurable enough
for McIntyre, let along experiencing it as he is. With his hands on his
waist, he watches intently as she twists her head from side to side, grinding
her lips around his bell end as she concentrates on the top for the moment,
using her hand to ensure the rest of his length is also taken care of.

Back down below, the former Johnny Nitro now has his face pressed into her
lower region, mouth firmly against her pussy which allows him to suck and
kiss over the entrance, moaning a little into her as he starts to really
taste her forming juices. He can now fully use his hungry tongue, working it
across and around inside her snatch with smooth, steady motions with no set
direction or course, randomly moving from one area to another in an attempt
to make sure no part of her is left untouched. Hearing the moans coming from
the Diva, muffled as they are by the other man's cock, gives John all the
encouragement he needs to further his efforts, quickening his licking motions
and lapping up the sweet liquid forming from her pussy.

Bobbing her head along his thickness, Tiffany is also properly showing off
her oral skills as she sucks on the impressive manhood of The Chosen One,
easily handling over six inches of him inside her as she glides her head
forwards and then back along his dick. Her hand is just gripping him by the
base, keeping it steady as she blows him, her hair lightly swaying from her
movements as she starts to get his shaft nicely wet thanks to her soothing
mouth and tightly pressed lips against his dick. Drew licks his lips, not
seeming to mind that he's sharing his girl with another man, and with an
already top-notch blowjob like the one he's getting, it would be very hard
for any normal to concentrate at all with such a beautiful face impaled on
their cock.

With one Superstar between her tanned legs, eating her out with great skill
and another's dick in her mouth as she blows him, it can be argued that this
is many a red-blooded woman's fantasy coming true, but the sexy Diva is
taking it in her stride, one hand down onto the back of Morrison's perfectly
set hair to keep his face right into her snatch, while the other grips and
slightly twists the Scotsman's shaft as she sucks him off with a quickened
pace. She's obviously turned on, moaning around the dick in her mouth and her
nipples hard and poking through her top, which only has her furthering her
efforts as she moves her head further down onto the cock she's blowing,
taking more and more inches inside while she starts to grind her pussy
against the other man's handsome facial features.

Tongue lashing away back and forth inside her now wet snatch, the Guru of
Greatness eats away at the tasty, tight hole that's rubbing across his mouth
and chin, moaning into her as this situation has him rock hard in his pants
but he shows his control by focusing on the task in hand, not that the way
she's keeping him down into her with her legs almost wrapped around his head
would allow him to escape anyway. He's clearly no novice at this sexual
skill, drinking down the flow of juices she's giving to him with quick flicks
of his tongue, working around and across her quickly and firmly, pushing his
face into her movements so he can slide his tongue as far into her pussy as
he can.

Likewise, the perfectly curved Diva is showing how low she can go, her nose
touching the crotch of McIntyre as she completely deep throats his foot long
shaft when she pushes right down onto him, before smoothly and without a hint
of gagging moves back up to about halfway where she dives right back down
with a muffled moan. The wrestler receiving this oral pleasure is moaning as
well, familiar with the feeling of getting a blowjob from the lovely blond
but it still feels as great as ever. Looking up at him, she smiles around his
dick, pushing her face right down to take him entirely inside her mouth for
a few, long moments to make him groan before she slowly lifts herself all the
up his length, letting him see how her saliva is now coating his dick before
she pulls away, giving the tip a kiss to finish off.

"Enjoyed that Drew?" Tiffany asks with a big smile, even though she
can easily guess the answer.

McIntyre smirks back, glancing down at his dick as he takes a step back.
"Aye, and you know I did. How's the "Shaman" doing?" He nods down to Morrison
who's giving her pussy a couple of long, slow licks.

"He's not too bad..." Is the blond's answer, raising her legs off of the
shoulders of the Guru of Greatness as she gives him a slight pat on the head,
a signal that he can stop eating her out before she reaches down and pulls
her stylish top off over her head, revealing her large, perfectly rounded

Lifting his head up, John raises an eyebrow up at her. "Negativity is not
allowed in the Palace of Greatness..." He coolly states, pausing as he, much
like the other Superstar is, takes a good look at her bare tits. "The clue is
in the name."

"Well, how about you come around here..." The sexy Diva says as she positions
herself up onto her hands and knees near the end of the couch, motioning for
Morrison to come around to her head. "And you won't need a clue to guess what
to do next." She adds with a wink.

Guess correctly he can, and he's soon up and loosening his pants before
letting them drop to the floor, finally freeing his massive, over foot long
cock as he steps out of them and moves towards the blond-haired head of the
stunning Diva. Still smiling, she nods her head approvingly at the sight of
his manhood, and she wastes no time when he gets into position in front of
her in leaning her head in, swirling her tongue around the bulbous bell end
and rubbing her lips across the very tip of him. With her hands holding onto
the edge of the couch for support, she opens her mouth and takes his thick
dick inside, starting to work over the top few inches of him, keeping eye
contact by looking up at him as she lightly pushes her head forwards and then
back on him which is already more than enough to make the multi-time former
champion moan.

Moving behind her, the native of Ayr, Scotland gets up onto the couch,
smirking down as he looks over her tanned, nicely rounded ass, before he
positions himself so he can push his shaft into the wet, needy pussy of his
real-life fianc‚. Both moan at the penetration as he with ease slides well
over half of his shaft into her tightness, placing his hands on her waist
before much like her with the other man he doesn't wait before continuing,
rocking his hips back and forth to pump her with firm thrusts. Already she's
pushing herself back in time with his movements, her backside pushing back as
he comes in, taking more of him inside her as it seems she also doesn't want
to wait longer than she has to when it comes to taking his cock in her, and
there's no complaints from him as he uses the firm, steady pace to pound her

Placing a hand on the back of her head, John has his gazed glued on the
pretty face moving over his cock as she smoothly and quickly bobs along his
length, a motion no doubt helped by the rocking movement her whole body is
doing in response to getting fucked from behind as well as handling another
man in her already well worked-out mouth. With her eyes closed and moaning
around the shaft, she's already getting his dick nicely covered with her
saliva as she handles a large amount of him inside her, her pouty, soft lips
pressing tightly around him to make them grind around his tool as she swiftly
works him over, gradually taking even more of him into her each time she
pushes down towards the base. The former member of MNM is having to hold
himself back from thrusting himself up to make her take him all in, and it
seems very likely that she could be able to, but he lets her handle him in
her own way, using only her mouth to dish out some oral pleasure to the hunky

Picking up the pace, Drew makes his thrusts forceful as he goes balls deep
into the former G.M. of ECW, his entire thick, twelve inches buried inside of
her each time he ploughs into her, his waist smacking into her ass cheeks as
she pushes back towards the thrusts, making them jiggle from the impact as he
takes her from behind while she sucks off another man at the same time. The
deep fucking is making them both moan loudly, of course with hers being
muffled by the thick cock stuffing her mouth full, the sounds just as loud as
the smack of skin meeting skin ringing out each time their bodies meet and he
goes balls deep into her tightness. This perfect spit roast position allows
both thick dicks to slide in and out of her holes so she can impressively
handle over two feet of man meat, the only kind of meat the proud vegan
enjoys, with porn star-like ease, and has her large breasts swaying from the
movements as they hang down.

Feeling the tip of his shaft touching the back of her mouth, Morrison can't
help but smile as she watches another man's woman deep throating all of his
dick while said boyfriend is pounding her from behind as she does so, and the
Shaman of Sexy can feel his dick being completely covered by her saliva which
is also dripping down onto his balls as she rapidly moves her head back and
forth along him, never gagging for even a moment. While he does not have to
push himself into her mouth, he decides to give something back by reaching
under and giving her large tits a grope, feeling the more than ample flesh
topped off with rock hard nipples, and as he plays with her he can hear and
feel a low groan of enjoyment vibrate around his cock.

"I'm seeing why you wanted to keep Tiffany to yourself..." John says with a
smirk, looking over to the other WWE Superstar as the perfectly curved Diva
rocks herself between them to take their cocks in both ends.

"I don't play out my private life online, like some people around here." Drew
smirks back, giving his real life other half a couple more pumps before he
eases his shaft out from her still tight pussy.

Lifting her head off from Morrison's cock with a groan, Tiffany smiles back
at the Scotsman as he steps off the couch altogether. "Be nice Drew, we're
the guests here." She says playfully.

"Nice to see someone understanding that..." The founder of the Palace of
Wisdom says, watching as the blond starts to lie down on the couch. "Even if
they seem to be taking over the Quest of Greatness for

"Well, I thought this was all about fucking Divas..." She teases, lifting a
leg up into the air. "If you're saying that you don't want to..."

Answering with actions rather than words, Morrison moves up and positions
himself on the couch, one foot still on the floor as he holds onto the raised
up leg, pushing his long, saliva coated cock into her already soaking wet
pussy, the fucking it had previously taken allowing him to easily fit most of
his vast size into her with the first push, and it's not long before he's
already established a quick, steady rhythm with which to give it to her.
Letting out moans of lust, the curvaceous blond sits up slightly and looks
down at the shaft sliding back and forth into her, loving how her tightness
is being stuffed to the maximum yet again, turned on further by the fact that
she's getting it from a man other than the one she's engaged to.

Speaking of said Superstar, he pushes her back down onto the couch and
positions himself over her, straddling her chest as he puts his rock hard
length between her huge breasts and in an instant she moves her hands up onto
them, pushing them together to sandwich his manhood together, not bothered at
all by the fact that his cock is covered with her pussy juices. She licks her
lips, letting out a moan as she feels the other wrestler's dick thrusting
into her, causing her body to lightly rock back and forth, not enough to make
her tits rub across the shaft in the middle of them but that's soon taken
care off when The Chosen One starts to pump between her large mounds, fucking
her tits with a smooth pace that has him moaning and her intently watching as
his cock appears and then vanishes between her chest.

Keeping one hand on her ankle to keep her leg raised up, and the other on her
thigh to slightly rub it, the Friday Night Delight is having no problems at
all in going balls deep into the stunning woman's snatch, using long but
quick thrusts to send all of his fourteen inches into her each time he pushes
forward, his balls slapping into her skin every time he does. He's paying no
attention to the other man in front of him, looking down as his cock slides
quickly in and out of her wet and ready hole that's still as tight as ever
despite the size of dick she's already taken so far, and the look of pleasure
on his face shows he's very glad this is the case, so in return he's keeping
up this fast, strong pace that has both the receiver and giver of it moaning

Most women would be content enough with just laying back and taking this,
especially when it concerns to handsome studs such as the ones currently
fucking Tiffany's pussy and tits, but showing her frisky side she can't help
but give a little back to them both. First she lifts her other leg up,
smiling to herself as she feels him take a hold of it to allow him to get
even closer into her soaking love tunnel as he picks up the pace even more
with quicker, strong thrusts. Next, she lifts her head up, sticking her
tongue out and slapping it against the head of Drew's cock when it pops up in
between her big breasts as he pumps them, slightly tasting her own pussy
juices off of his dick but she's more concerned with making the sensation
feel even better for him, moaning herself as she gets the timing perfect to
lick him as much as possible.

To say that it's working is an understatement, as Drew groans with delight
when he feels the soft, wet tongue of his future wife connecting with his
thrusting cock as he enjoys the feeling of her tits pushed up tightly against
his rock hard shaft as he sharply but firmly has his way with her boobs,
knowing the exact kind of pace to use that's perfect for her. Even though her
body is jolting slightly from the force the other WWE star is using, she's
managing to keep her breasts almost steady and in place, letting him do all
the work as he pumps his cock right between her sexy cleavage, almost even
deeper than before now that there's the added "incentive" of a licking tongue
at the other end awaiting him.

Meanwhile, John has crossed the long, smooth legs of the stunning blond by
the ankles, pressing himself as close up to her as he can and using swift,
suddenly thrusts into her snatch that's even tighter now because of the way
he's holding her legs. Moaning, he can feel sweat starting to cover his body,
a sure sign of the effort he's putting into giving the "guest" on his show
the treatment she deserves, as wellas ensuring that he gets what he wants out
of this as well. The fact that is very long and thick cock is coated in her
pussy juices is proof enough if the lusty moans filling the air weren't the
clearest sign of all, loud enough that even the strongest soundproofing would
be hard pressed to contain and he deeply slams himself completely into her
over and quickly over again.

Likewise, Tiffany is thinking to herself that she's in a little piece of
heaven as she's stuffed to the brim by one man's cock while another one,
belonging to her fianc‚ is feeling divine between her huge tits as he fucks
them, all of which has her moaning loudly and also has her sexy, tanned body
covered in a layer of sweat that only makes her look hotter than ever before
as she takes a pounding between her boobs and deep in her snatch. Even with
another man in the equation she's not forgotten who matter the most to her,
keeping intense eye contact with McIntyre who just like the rest of them is
breathing deeply as he sweats, obviously loving the feeling of her large
breasts pressed against his shaft as he slides it back and forth between

"So... Having fun?" Drew gasps out with a smile, bringing himself to a stop
but still with his cock trapped between her tits.

The gorgeous blond has her trademark wide smile on her face as she nods up at
him. "Of course!" She pauses, groaning as Morrison pulls his cock out of her
snatch. "Hey! I was enjoying that." She playfully scolds him, letting go of
her tits.

"Don't mind the Friday Night Delight..." John calmly states as she sits back
in the couch. "Just sitting here, letting my aura of fantastic flow out."

"Well, I do mind!" She says with a little laugh as McIntyre gets off of her,
which in turn allows her to move across and straddle his lap. "I still want
some more of that "delight" of yours!"

Not planning to argue against her demand, John just sits back and watches as
she lowers herself down onto him, taking his shaft back into her pussy and
not stopping until she reaches the base, moaning as she's filled up once
more. Giving him a sly grin, she places her hands on his strong shoulders for
support before she starts to bounce on his massive cock, lifting up to about
half way before dropping sharply down to take him balls deep, biting down on
her bottom lip as she hears the sexy smack of skin hitting skin ringing out
from each drop down she makes. Helping himself to a feel of her, the handsome
wrestler takes her tits into his hands, squeezing them as they shake in time
with her body's movements onto his dick, the touch only making her moan again
in approval.

Soon she has to look back over her shoulder, feeling Drew's hands on her
shapely ass cheeks as he spreads them apart and knowing what's coming next
she intently watches him with passion burning in her eyes, still not missing
a beat as she rides the other man effortlessly. With a deep thrust, she soon
has his shaft buried and then quickly thrusting in and out of her ass,
gasping with joy as he doesn't ease her in at all, going straight in with
firm repeated pumps with just her own pussy juices seemingly enough
lubrication to let him fuck her up her curvy ass, a sign that this might not
be the first time doing anal for these two, but perhaps the first during a
threesome. Whatever the case, she's loving every moment of it, head slightly
tilting back to touch his shoulder as he presses up into her, looking to have
all of his dick in her back passage sooner rather than later.

Not one to waste an opportunity, the founder of this very Quest For Greatness
just lets this all unfold, more than happy as long as the former G.M. of ECW
continues to bounce away on his over foot long dick like she's currently
doing. He continues to play with her big breasts, cupping and squeezing them
as the shake in his hands, licking his lips as he enjoys how her pussy is
still tight as ever despite being more than well fucked over the course of
this sexual encounter. Figuring that she's going to be more focused on the
other Superstar, he leans his head forward and takes a nipple into his mouth,
greedily feasting on her breast as he sucks away, groping away at her chest
as he does so before soon giving the other one the same treatment, slightly
moving his head in time with the bouncing her chest is doing.

The busty blond is being driven wild, so much attention being given to so
many parts of her hourglass figure body that all she can do is keep moving up
and down on the shaft in her snatch while she's getting banged from behind in
the ass as well, her mouth open and letting nothing but moan after moan
escape. Taking advantage of this, McIntyre turns his head in, pressing his
lips against hers and having no trouble in pushing his tongue into her mouth
and engaging in some hot and heavy making out. Moans as well as saliva is
getting exchanged as they kiss, all the while he thrusts away into her
backside, balls deep with all of his nicely thick and foot long dick fitting
inside her as he pumps her with quick, hard slams that have his waist
smacking into her butt cheeks every time he pushes forward into her, the
slight sting not registering at all with either of them.

The Diva who's entrance theme states that she is "insatiable" is definitely
proving that to be very true as she literally can't get enough of getting
double teamed by two handsome studs, with over twenty four inches of thick
cock moving in and out of her soaking pussy and tight ass, making the former
General Manager look more like a dirty whore with the way she's unashamedly
moaning and loving every second of this intense fucking. Almost wildly
bouncing away on the man below her, she breathes heavily, coated with sweat
as the man pounding her butt kisses and licks across her neck, making her
further groan along with the sucking treatment her tits are also receiving.
It's clear that she's not going to be able to take a whole lot more of this
intense action, but she's too lost in lust and passion to even care about

She isn't the only one who looks soon to be reaching a sexual peak, as both
WWE stars are likewise breathing heavily and are sweating as a result of
their intense efforts in keeping up the pace demanded from the stunning
blond. The native of Ayr, Scotland gropes her ass cheeks as he sends his
starting to throb cock swiftly up into her back passage, nearly panting as he
gives his fianc‚ all she can handle and then some, and at the same time the
Shaman of Sexy moans deeply as his manhood is worked over by her damp snatch,
leaving his likewise pulsating shaft and balls coated with her pussy juices.
While they have both shown endurance rarely seen even from professional porn
stars, even they have their limits which look to be also fast approaching and
perhaps mercifully so.

With her hands reaching back and grabbing onto her future husband's sweat
drenched hair, Tiffany starts to cum hard on the cocks of Drew McIntyre and
John Morrison, almost screaming out as a flood of juices are released over
John's shaft and at the same time her back passage clamps tightly around
Drew's cock, causing both men to groan as they help her to ride out the
intense orgasm by thrusting up into her, gradually slowing their movements
down as her moans lower in pitch and volume. Neither man blows their load
just yet, impressively holding back until she's done getting hers and
eventually, she comes to a full stop down on the cock in her snatch, sighing
contently as she tries to catch her breath back, not resisting as she's
lifted up off of him and sat down on the couch.

Opening her eyes, the first thing she sees is both WWE studs in front of her
with their cocks pointing at her face as they quickly stroke their lengths
and she can only moan at the sight, opening her mouth wide in anticipation of
what's coming next. It isn't long at all before both John Morrison and Drew
McIntyre start to let rip, thick streams of cum splashing out and landing
across her beautiful face and into her mouth, soon filling it up with spunk
as some lands across her cheeks lips, and even forehead as John is looking
more interesting in giving her a facial while Drew is trying to aim himself
into her mouth. Stroking the last drops of jizz out of them, the Superstars
let go of their now softening cocks, taking a moment to admire their
handiwork as she keeps the cum held in her mouth before closing it and with a
loud gulp, swallowing down the mix of two men's spunk down with ease.

"Oh fuck..." Tiffany manages to state, spent as she leans back on the
couch. "Drew baby, thanks for letting me do this..."

Drew smirks, taking a seat down next to her. "Not a problem. Besides,
I don't think John here can be a faithful, one woman man like I can."

"Commitment is something encouraged, but not personally practiced at the
Palace of Wisdom..." Morrison states, wiping sweat from his forehead. "I have
no intention on "putting a ring" on anyone, just yet anyway..."

He then turns to look at the camera. "Today MoFos, we learned that good girls
can go bad, can go naughty, and can go into plenty of positions with another
man in the mix. So remember, share and share alike with both sides of the
pond. Join the Shaman of Sexy next time as I continue the Quest for
Greatness. I am John Morrison. Be Jealous."

* * *

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