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Featuring: Rain (SHIMMER, WSU), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown), Evan Bourne
(WWE Raw).

The Quest For Greatness Part 13: Rain
A WWE/SHIMMER crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with a double dose of handsome WWE stars, as
we see John Morrison and Evan Bourne standing in what looks to be a corridor
in a small town venue or bingo hall. Morrison clad in fashionable, expensive
looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within
them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart, and a similarly flashy-
looking shirt that's left open, showing his incredibly well defined upper
body and chest. Evan is more reserved in an "Air Bourne" T-shirt and plain
blue jeans, and is grinning at the camera and giving it his signature peace
sign gesture.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness." John says, delivering the familiar introduction to his show. "I
am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the Palace of
Wisdom, John Morrison. As you can see I am joined once again by Evan Bourne,
as today I venture in the world of the unknown, the strange and curious
dimension known as the independent wrestling circuit."

"What he means is, he thinks he's going to have a better chance to nail an
Indy star if someone they know is around." Evan states. "I'm becoming his
"go-to" guy when it comes to ROH or SHIMMER stars."

"That... Would be accurate." Morrison says with a glance at Evan. "In any
event, today's show focuses on a long time Indy star who has been around
America and Mexico, and even survived a brief time in TNA as Payton Banks but
let's not hold that against her."

Morrison starts to walk down the corridor, with Evan following behind with a
smirk as they head straight into a locker room where inside is the beautiful
star of SHIMMER and WSU known simply as Rain. The busty brunette is clad in
perfectly fitting blue ring pants and tops combo, which hugs nicely to her
juicy ass and shows off her large tits with plenty of sexy cleavage. She
turns around, raising an eyebrow for a moment at them both before she smirks
at them both.

"Looks like trouble, and you as well Matt, or should I say Evan now." Rain
coyly directs at Evan, referencing his prior Indy scene ring name of Matt

"No idea what you mean Rain..." Bourne smiles at her as he comes close.
"We come in peace, not to start anything."

The leader of the Rain's Army stable in WSU puts her hands on her hips,
narrowing her eyes slightly as she glances at them both. "Bullshit. Everyone
knows about this "Quest" that flashy-coat here is doing. Let me guess, you're
both here because you want to bang me, right?"

"If we are, is there any problem with us doing that?" Morrison coolly asks as
she checks out her stunning, curvy body.

"...Maybe, maybe not..." The International Home Wrecking Crew member licks
her lips a little as she also checks them both out. "Show me what you've got,
and maybe we'll see if you guys can handle me."

If Rain expected any complaints from them both, she is soon proven wrong as
both men soon unbuckle and drop their pants to the floor, showing they aren't
wearing any underwear at all. Narrowing her eyes seductively, the stunning
independent circuit wrestler lowers herself down to her knees, unable to stop
herself from licking her lips as she wraps a hand around both of the cocks of
the WWE Superstars, running her soft palm across their hardening lengths as
she glances up at them both, still acting tough and bitchy towards them but
it seems that she isn't resisting the handsome men too much. Especially with
the way she's stroking across both their lengths all the way from the base to
the crown with perfect, quick motions and a grip that's more than just right,
and it's no surprise at all that she soon has two rock hard and thick dicks
in her hands, with Bourne's being a good twelve inches in length and
Morrison's at an even more impressive fourteen or so. Eyes widening, she
starts to smirk as she looks over their manhoods, and the look is being
returned by both men she's jerking off, as they can already tell just by her
hand work that this is going to be very enjoyable for all three of them.

Leaning her head in, she begins to pat her tongue against the bulbous bell
end of Morrison's dick, moving across the very tip before slowly swirling her
tongue around the head, dabbing it with a little saliva as she continues to
stroke the rest of his vast size. All the while she's looking up at the other
man, still jerking him off as well to keep him nice and hard, but teasing him
by making sure he's watching her lick the top portion of John's cock as she
lets out a slight moan while the Superstar receiving this treatment lets out
a louder one as he feels her tongue piercing drag across and along his shaft.
Evan pulls his T-shirt off over his head, revealing his muscular upper body
as he watches intently as she moves her head down further, giving the side of
John's cock a long lick across the side up to the top where she again works
over the very tip, knowing just how to use the piercing in her tongue to
enhance the pleasure.

Soon she pulls her head back, a smirk up at Morrison as her hand moves up to
twist around the crown of his cock, rubbing her saliva into his shaft as she
resumes stroking his whole thick length to make him groan in pleasure at the
feeling. The SHIMMER star turns to move her pretty face closer to the manhood
of the former ROH wrestler, again moving her tongue across and all around the
head for a few moments to get him warmed up, as if her jerking hand motion
wasn't doing the job already. Evan smiles down at her, tilting his head
slightly to take a good look at her vast, sexy cleavage that's on display,
but soon his attention is brought right back to her face as she opens her
mouth, taking the first few inches of his dick inside as she starts to
lightly bob her head along him, her soft lips pressing down and all around
his cock as she begins to blow him, using the hand to hold him in place with
an occasional stroke.

The Shaman of Sexy watches on, tossing his shirt out of the way to leave him
only in his footwear as he down at her, making eye contact as she looks to
the side and up at him with a seductive glare while still smoothly moving her
head back and forth along the other WWE star's dick, easily handling six or
so inches of him as she also strokes off John's hard cock with firm movements
all the way up and down. He decides not just to take it, starting to pump his
dick in and out of her palm as she jerks him off, making his balls lightly
touch her hand as he does so. Letting out a moan, Bourne runs a hand through
her long, brunette hair as she sucks him off with a steady, quick pace as she
goes further down onto him, in the process getting his cock nice and wet with
her soothing saliva and feeling his hand she looks up at him, smirking around
his cock as she gives him a couple more sucks before pulling up and off him,
finishing off with another swirling motion around the head to let him feel
her pierced tongue again which makes him groan out.

Now The Radiant Rain turns her head towards the even longer cock, not fazed
by its size as she takes it into her mouth and begins to work it over with
her mouth, again having no problem fitting around half of it inside her as
she moves her head back and forth along it, he hair slightly swaying from the
motion as she looks up at the Friday Night Delight who's smirking down at
her. John is clearly enjoying her oral ability, letting out a moan as he
feels his pouty lips pressing tightly around his thick shaft as she smoothly
bobs her head along his manhood, just like on the other man going further
down gradually as she looks to make his dick be covered with her saliva.
She's making sure said other wrestler's needs are being taken care off as she
jerks him off firmly and quickly, her fingers getting slightly sticky as she
strokes her own spit into his dick which makes the former ROH World Tag Team
Champion moan with approval.

Impressively bobbing her head along a large amount of Morrison's cock, the
sexy female slowly lifts her head off from his cock, licking her lips for a
moment as she looks over his saliva covered shaft before she uses her hand to
rub it all in and over his length. Glancing up at both men, she smirks
seductively as she moves both of their rock hard dicks close to her, using
her pierced tongue to perfectly as she swats it between both of their bell
ends, smacking her nicely wet and soft tongue against John's and then Evan's
and then back again at a rapid pace, at the same time stroking off the rest
of their size which all has them moaning at her skills. She lets out a moan
herself, getting turned on by the situation she's found herself in as she
pleasures the long cocks of two sports entertainers, swirling her tongue
around the head of one for a moment before giving the other one the same
treatment, switching between them in rapid succession.

"Mmmm... Shit Rain..." Evan says with a moan as he smiles down at the busty
brunette. "You must have gotten more practice since I left the Indies..." He
says with a playful wink.

Rain narrows her eyes up at him. "What's that supposed to mean?" She demands,
letting go of both men's cocks. "I'm not a whore like the Divas you work with

"You could have fooled me..." John says with a smirk, taking a long look at
her huge chest and the hard nipples poking through her top. "You seemed to be
enjoying sucking us off more than just a little bit."

She turns and smirks up at him. "Maybe I did... Maybe you want some more?"
She licks her lips, not exactly hiding the fact that she'd want some more of

"Feel free to feast on the Guru of Greatness." Morrison coolly replies as she
moves herself to be right in front of him, while Bourne moves around to get
behind her.

Placing her hands on his thighs, she lowers her head down to take his thick
rod back into her mouth, moaning around the shaft a little as she starts to
bob her head long his dick, her soft lips tightly wrapped around him as
smoothly works him off with a steady pace, not having any problem taking in a
big portion of his length already. She looks up at Morrison, eyes narrowed to
seductively glare at him as she moves her head back and forth along him, and
he returns the look as he brushes her long hair back away from her face,
moaning as he enjoys her giving him a full display of her oral ability as she
sucks him off, her tongue slightly tapping up into his underside occasionally
as she does so.

Behind her, the former Matt Sydal is lowering himself down to his knees,
placing his hands on her perfectly fitting blue bottoms to pull them down her
legs, exposing her juicy, well rounded ass along with her perfectly shaved
pussy and the hunky Raw Superstar smiles at the sight as he pulls the
clothing along and off her legs. Moving in close, he holds his cock and
carefully lines it up before he inserts himself into her snatch, moaning as
he feels her tightness all around him and likewise the stunning SHIMMER star
lets out a muffled moan at the penetration. Licking his lips, he places his
hands onto her waist and starts to pump himself in and out of her,
establishing a steady rhythm as he looks to give it to the hot Indy worker.

Closing her eyes, the former Payton Banks of TNA starts to push herself back
into the thrusts she's taking from behind, rocking her curvaceous body
between the two men as she continues to move her head back and forth along
the thick, long cock of the man in front of her, moans vibrating around the
dick as she with ease she handles two men at the same time. Bobbing her head
along Morrison's cock quickly and firmly, she's handling almost all of his
length now, ensuring that he's getting coated with her saliva as seeps past
her full lips and enhancing the pleasure by teasing with her tongue piercing.
On her hands and knees she's pushing her ass back into the pumps from Bourne,
looking to make sure she takes all of him inside her as well, loving the way
her pussy is getting stuffed full of his man meat and the moans he's giving
off show he feels the same way about fucking her tight snatch.

Moving a hand down to grab a handful of her brunette hair, the muscular
multi-time former singles and tag team champion starts to move his hips back
and forth, working his vast, thick dick in and out of the damp mouth of the
sexy female wrestler, catching her by surprise as she groans around his shaft
but doesn't flinch or stop her own bobbing movement at all. This means she
can easily deep throat all of his fourteen inches when he sends himself into
her, not gagging for a moment when his bell end touches the back of her
mouth, only serving to turn her on more as she quickens the motion her head
is doing along him, working her soft, pierced tongue across and around his
dick as it passes back and forth between her lips.

With a moan and a grin on his face, Evan likewise is having no problems
fitting all of his cock into her tight hole especially thanks to her pushing
herself back with perfect timing to meet every incoming pump he gives her,
his balls smacking into her skin as her ass slaps back into his waist when
their bodies connect, using firm quick thrusts in and out of her snatch as he
takes the busty WSU star doggy style while she gives another WWE Superstar a
deep blowjob at the same time. He runs his hands over her juicy ass cheeks
for a moment, picking up the pace and putting more force behind his thrusts,
feeling her juices start to cover his cock as he slams it back and forth into
her nice and tight pussy, making him and the receiver of this moan in
pleasure and lust at the feeling.

While she might act like she's "above" what the Divas do on TV, the half
naked Rain looks anything but wholesome and pure as she moans away, spit
roasted between two handsome WWE studs who are fucking her mouth and pussy at
the same time, filling her up with well over two foot on cock which would be
a dream come true for many a red blooded woman, let alone an actual wrestler
like she is. The stunning Indy star moans lustfully as she grabs onto John's
thighs, forcing her head right down onto his dick to take him all in and keep
him head for a long moment, making him moan loudly at the feeling, while her
body jolts back as she takes Bourne's deep, hard thrusts from behind that has
her snatch very wet but still very tight, a sure sign that she can take a
whole lot more from them both.

Lifting her head off from his cock, Rain lets out a moan as she takes a deep
breath. "Fuck!" She groans, looking back at Bourne. "You've gotten better at
this!" She smirks back at him as he gives her a couple more thrusts for good

Evan smirks back at her. "I could say the same about you..." He pulls himself
out of her wet snatch, causing her to groan. "Although last time, Lacey was
the one hogging me all the time."

"If we need a history lesson, we'll look up your Wikipedia pages..." John
states as he lies down on the locker room floor. "The Shaman of Sexy wants
you right here, right now." He coolly points to his rock hard, coated with
her saliva dick.

She raises and eyebrow as she stands up, coming towards him as she unzips her
tight top. "Not surprised, you want a real woman to do all the work..." She
arrogantly states as she removes the garment, revealing her very large and
perfectly tanned breasts. "All right, get ready for me to ride the hell out
of that thing!"

She isn't trying to bluff, lowering herself down onto him, lining his dick up
with her wet, tight pussy so she can take it inside her as she eases herself
down onto it, moaning loudly as she's now getting filled up by an even longer
and thicker cock as impressively she goes down right to the base, taking a
moment to grind her snatch down against his manhood as she adjusts to the
size. True to her word, the International Home Wrecking Crew member starts to
bounce on his dick, her hands resting by Morrison's sides as she moves
herself up and down on his shaft, moaning as the combination of her already
wet pussy and her own saliva that coats his cock allowing a smooth, quick
motion to be used which has the Superstar being ridden smirking as she
watches the stunning female bouncing on him.

Moving up close behind her, Bourne places his hand onto her juicy ass cheeks,
spreading them apart which makes her lean forward slightly and look back at
him as she lifts herself right up and down on the other man's cock, lust in
her eyes as she knows what's coming next and isn't protesting to it at all.
She gets her wish as the high flyer pushes his long cock into back passage,
moaning as he fits himself into her very tight ass, forcing inch after thick
inch inside which makes her groan shamelessly as she feels the penetration,
just rocking on John's dick as she lets the other WWE star get used to the
feel of her backside. Keeping his hands on her butt, Evan starts to pump his
cock back and forth into her asshole, a steady pace at the moment as he
looks to gradually work himself into her, licking his lips as she looks down
at his meaty shaft sliding in and out of her perfectly rounded backside.

Rocking herself back and forth towards both men's cocks, Rain can't believe
the sensations travelling through her body as she's being double penetrated
by two sports entertainers as she rides the huge dick of the Smackdown star
underneath her while taking a Raw Superstar's shaft deep into her ass. Eyes
closed as she moans, she's showing great skill in smoothly moving herself
against both men, not missing a beat as she quickly lifts herself up and down
to take the Shaman of Sexy's dick balls deep into her tight snatch, in turn
pushing her butt back to meet the incoming firm thrusts into her ass that the
wrestler formally known as Matt Sydal is giving her. Her huge breasts are
bouncing from the motion she's using, only serving to make the sight look
hotter as she seems to be handling the supposed challenge of getting fucked
by two hung men look like a walk in the park for the busty brunette.

Unable to just keep his hands doing nothing, Morrison moves them all the way
up and onto her big tits, groping them as they bounce as she moves up and
down on his cock which is now getting coated by her pussy juices as she
quickly raises herself up to half way up his man meat before dropping right
down to the base, a smack of skin hitting skin ringing out each time she
comes down onto him. As he squeezes her more than ample boobs he starts to
pump his dick up into her tight snatch, meeting her when she comes down onto
him to make sure his manhood can go as deep as possible into the WSU star's
soaking hole, an action clearly appreciated as she moans out, her hands going
onto his to encourage him to squeeze and play with her tits even more. A
request he's not turning down as he gropes both of tits as she rocks back and
forth onto him, his gaze shifting from watching his cock slam up into her
pussy as she drops down onto him, and up to her breasts as he greedily toys
with them, rubbing and slightly twisting the rock hard nipples to make her
groan deeply.

Letting out a grunt, Evan is picking up the pace as he sends his cock deeply
and quickly into the very tight and juicy ass of the sexy Indy worker, having
no problems fitting all of foot long dick right into her backside as his nuts
smack into her skin each time he sends himself balls deep into her. Lifting a
hand up, he delivers a sharp spank onto her ass cheek, making her hiss from
the slight pain before she looks back at him with a extremely horny
expression, continuing to push herself back into his pumps which makes her
ass smack back into his waist. The handsome Raw star leans in towards her,
and soon their lips and connected as they start to make out, forcing their
tongues into each other's mouth as they begin to wrestle while still keeping
up the pace to ensure there's no interruption as he takes her up the ass
while at the same time she fucks another man with her soaking wet snatch. The
two exchange moans as they focus on deeply kissing the other, but the other
person in this hot threesome doesn't feel left out as he thrusts up into her
tight pussy, keeping his gaze onto her big bouncing tits as he squeezes them.

As gorgeous and talented as she is, it's clear that getting sandwiched
between two handsome studs like this is taking its toll on her, with sweating
forming across her perfectly curved body as she continues to move herself
rapidly up and down on the pistoning cock that's being driven into her pussy,
while at the same time slamming herself right back into the man who's fucking
her ass hard and fast. Rain groans as she breaks off the kiss, taking a deep
breath as she finds herself having to stop her bouncing motion, just
remaining down on John who carries on pumping his dick into her while Evan
thrusts away into her still super tight back passage. Both men similarly
showing the effects of the long, intense fucking so far as sweat is coating
their muscular bodies to make the scene only that much more hotter as the two
WWE wrestlers continue to pound the SHIMMER hard and fast for a few more
moments to keep her moaning loud and long as she takes it over and over

"Guys, guys!" Rain manages to groan out, glancing at both of them. "Hold on a
second... I think I need a break..." She admits, taking in a couple of deep

Evan smirks, slowing his thrusts down. "It's not your call. This is John's
show after all..." He states, pulling his cock out of her ass which makes her
groan. "What do you say John? Break time?"

John smirks back at his fellow WWE Superstar as he too stops thrusting. "A
break? When you were acting like you could handle us both?" He says in a
taunting manner.

"I didn't know you two would be this fucking good!" She moans out as Bourne
surprises her by lifting her up off of Morrison's cock and to her feet.

"Sounds like you don't get a break..." The former Matt Sydal states. "But you
are going to get this."

Before she can even protest, she finds herself being lifted up off her feet
by Evan who then lowers her down pussy first down onto his cock, and unable
to resist the feeling of being filled up again by such a thick piece of man
meat she moans, quickly wrapping her legs around his waist and draping her
arms around his shoulders and neck. Putting his arms on her waist he starts
to move his hips back and forth, not wasting time as he goes right into a
hard and fast rhythm as he sends his shaft slamming deep into her soaking wet
but still tight pussy, causing the beautiful female wrestler's body to jolt
and her huge breasts to bounce every time he sends himself up balls deep into
her. Knowing it's useless to resist she just holds on almost for dear life
as she lets the fellow former ROH star fuck her as she's held up completely
off the ground.

If she was moaning before, she soon cries out in pure lust as John comes up
behind her and without warning spreads her ass apart and almost rams his huge
cock into her asshole as he uses a deep, forceful thrust to send himself deep
into her back passage, the hard fucking it had already received allowing him
to easily start pumping her smoothly and deeply even though his shaft is
longer and thicker. Holding her cheeks apart with both hands, he doesn't hold
back either has he quickly sends his cock back and forth into her even
tighter hole, moaning as he feels his cock getting squeezed by her as her
body rocks between both hunky wrestlers as they repeatedly drill her lower
holes like they are drilling for oil, balls slapping into her skin each time
they send themselves straight into her.

Being sandwiched between the two sports entertainers leaves the stunning Indy
worker unable to really do anything except take a pounding in both her pussy
and ass, and it doesn't seem to be a situation she has a problem with if her
gasps for air and deep moans are any indication. Grinding her snatch as best
she can against the cock slamming into it, she pulls Bourne's face close into
her chest, smothering him for a moment between her large tits before letting
out a groan as he starts to kiss and flick his tongue out across the flesh,
giving her what she wanted as he carries on pumping all of his foot long dick
into her soaking wet hole. She can feel the other man's hands groping her ass
cheeks as his waist smacks into them with force every time he sends his
manhood deep into her backside, a pounding that alone would have rendered a
normal woman unconscious long before now, let alone a moaning mess like Rain
currently is.

The handsome high flyer hungrily flicks his tongue across her nipples,
sucking on them and any parts of her incredibly large breasts that he can get
to, never forgetting to keep on sending his dick repeatedly in and out of her
snatch with quick, hard movements that have his shaft completely slick with
her juices. He moans, feeling his cock throbbing slightly inside her
tightness as he goes balls deep every time, giving the curvaceous beauty the
kind of fucking she deserves and then some as he, along with the other man,
keep her suspended above the ground as they pound her over and over again.
Their bodies are pressed right against each other, sweat dripping off and
onto one another as they rub together, moans and the slap of skin hitting
skin echoing around the locker room as they look to enjoy every last moment
of this session that they can.

In the same way Morrison can feel his shaft begin to throb as he quickly and
forcefully slides it in and out of her still very tight ass with impressive
ease, his hands roam over her ass cheeks and along her sides as he gives it
to the sexy Minnesota Home Wrecker. Despite having had more than his fair
share of female wrestlers already during his Quest For Greatness, he's still
pumping into her backside like it's the one and only time he'll every fuck a
juicy ass like this in his whole life, giving it his all as he moans and
groans with every motion back and forth. He, much like the others involved in
this steamy threesome know that this can't unfortunately last forever, but
they are intending to savor every last moment of it that they can. Her ass
and dripping pussy have been well fucked already, but can still take as much
more that they have left to give her as she moans away, sweating hard as she
willingly takes it in an almost submissive way, letting the two studs from
the WWE have their way with her.

The repeated thrusts into both holes, the gropes on her ass and the licks and
sucks to her tits all claim their first victim, as Rain starts to cum hard on
the cocks of Evan Bourne and John Morrison, her pussy exploding with a flood
of juices over the thrusting cock of the former Matt Sydal as her snatch and
back passage clamp hard around the dick pumping into it, causing the men to
groan as well at the tight grip but impressively they keep control and
continue to thrust away into her. The beautiful, sweat covered star of
SHIMMER and WSU moans loudly with her head titled back, riding out the waves
of pleasure pulsing through her which is only helped as the men who caused
continue to pound her, slightly slowing down themselves as they feel and hear
her coming down from that incredible sexual high that she hit.

Letting out a groan as she feels their hard cocks getting pulled out of her,
she has just time to breathe as she's set down on the ground, her head being
turned to the side before John takes advantage of her open mouth as he puts
his dick straight into her, starting to pump her mouth quickly which causes
her to groan all around it as she bobs her head along the pumping shaft. At
the same time, Evan comes up close to her, placing his coated with her juices
cock in between her massive tits and feeling where he's placed himself, she
pushes her tits up and against his cock to sandwich it and with a grin he
starts to pump her cleavage, looking to get himself off using her large,
perfectly rounded breasts. Both men moan loudly as they shamelessly use her
body to service themselves, and she seems to love it as she moans softly
around the cock stuffed in her mouth as she blows him deeply while grinding
her boobs against the dick in between them.

While she gets her tits fucked quickly and sharply by one man, the other one
is the next to blow as John Morrison shoots his load straight into the mouth
of Rain, her lips tightly wrapped around his thick, fourteen inch rod to make
sure none of his cum escapes as stream after thick, creamy stream blasts out
and fills her mouth up. She looks up the Shaman of Sexy, continuing to suck
him off to milk out every last drop of him as he moans deeply, lightly
pumping her expert mouth as he feels the final drops trickling out of her.
When he pulls his softening cock out of her, he smirks down as she shows him
the mouthful of spunk that she's collected, before she closes her mouth
and swallows it all down in one, satisfied gulp.

As she does this, she makes sure that the high flyer is well taken care off
with her huge, sweaty tits rubbing up and down his shaft as he fucks her tits
with no intention other than making sure he explodes and he soon gets his
wish as he has to pull his cock out from in between her titties. Stroking his
dick quickly, Evan Bourne starts to shoot his load across Rain's chest, his
thick cum splattering all across both of her breasts and dripping down her
cleavage, moaning as load after load shoots out and down onto her boobs which
makes her groan as she feels the jizz landing on her breasts. When he's
stroked the final burst out of his now limp dick, her boobs look like they've
been cummed on by at least three or more men, rather than the one, former ROH
star that actually did, and the sexy independent circuit worker just smirks
down at the sight, scooping up some cum with her finger and licking it down,
moaning in approval at the taste.

"Mmmm... Fuck, there goes my reputation..." Rain moans as she rubs Evan's cum
across her big breasts, smirking up at both men.

"Your new reputation guarantees you entrance to the Palace of Wisdom." John
says, looking over the sweat covered and perfectly curved frame of the Indy

"And by that, he means if the stuck up Indies don't want you, come see us."
Evan winks down at her. "We might not get you a job, but we'll have a
position or two for you to try out."

"Oh yeah?" She stands up, brushing a finger across Bourne's sweaty chest.
"Well, I've got an army of girls in WSU and some ladies in a Legion down in
Mexico. Maybe you two should come visit me again sometime when I've got some

Bourne grins back. "I'd even take meeting all you Home Wreckers again."

"That can all wait for another show..." Morrison coolly states, as he turns
to the camera. "Today MoFos, we learned you can claim to be Radiant or a Home
Wrecker, but when it really "Rains", it damn well pours, and just look at
Evan's dick for proof of that. Join the Shaman of Sexy next time as I
continue the Quest for Greatness. I am John Morrison. Be Jealous."

* * *

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