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Featuring: Chelsea (TNA), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown).

The Quest For Greatness Part 14: Chelsea
A WWE/TNA crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and to the familiar site of the handsome stud, clad in
one of his signature fashionable, expensive looking and tight jeans which do
nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within them, not exactly hidden as he sits
with legs apart, and no shirt on, openly showing off his incredibly well
defined upper body and chest. He's sitting in the inside of a limousine,
casually looking out of the window before looking to the camera.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness." John says, delivering the familiar introduction to his show. "I
am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the Palace of
Wisdom, John Morrison. Today I have acquired this limo to pick up the star of
today's show from the alleged "wrestling show" that's filmed in the studios
here in Orlando, Florida. She might not be an actual wrestler, but she's
turned heads and let's face it, looks damn good in photoshoots." He pauses,
hearing a tap on the window. "And she's now here..."

The door opens, and stepping in is the stunning TNA Knockout and valet known
only as Chelsea. She looks seductively at John, closing the door behind her
and sitting down next to him, crossing her smooth legs and looking over him.
She's dressed in a figure hugging purple dress that nicely hugs her juicy ass
and shows off a little cleavage from her perky chest, and a pair of sexy high
heels. Once she's sat, the car begins to drive off, the sound of the engine
being heard as the two openly undress each other with their eyes.

"Nice to meet you John..." Chelsea says seductively, leaning in and placing a
hand on her shoulder. "Thank you for the ride, although you know I could get
in trouble for this."

"With the ratings that Impact gets, they'll appreciate this publicity..."
John smirks back. "And you can use this to show your worth."

"Well, I guess I need to thank you for giving me this lift..." She glances
down at the bulge in his pants. "Besides, what I want, I always get."

"In that case..." Morrison reaches down, undoing the belt in his pants. "Feel
free to feast on the Guru of Greatness." He states, pushing his clothing down
to the floor, revealing his semi-hard and already thick and long cock.

Nodding her head in approval at the sight, she swings her legs up so she can
lean across him before the stunning valet wraps her fingers around his
hardening shaft, starting to smoothly stroke him off as she brushes her long
hair back over her shoulder, a sultry look directed at him as she works her
soft palm across his rod, her other hand going onto her thigh for support and
in no time at all she's got him rock hard. Hey eyes widen at the sight of his
over foot long and thick cock that she now holds, a smile forming as she
continues to jerk him off, sizing up all of his size before casting him
another look, shifting her body back a little so she can lower her head down
to his tool, planting a soft kiss on the tip while still using his hand to
move all across his meat.

She slides her soft tongue across the very top of his shaft, brushing across
the piss slit for a few moments before moving it all around his bell end in a
slow, circular motion, lightly moaning herself as she teases the handsome
wrestler, dabbing a little bit of saliva on his dick as she swirls her tongue
around the bulbous crown. She lifts her head up a little, allowing her to
spit onto his cock and immediately use her hand to rub it into his dick with
a steady jerking motion that makes him moan a little before she goes back to
using her soft tongue to work over the top of his shaft, licking all the way
around and across the head as she gets him all warmed up.

Keeping himself busy, he moves a hand across her back and down to her shapely
ass, rubbing it through the material of her dress for a moment before he
moves under it, feeling the smooth skin of her perfect ass cheeks and
squeezing them, smirking as he doesn't feel her wearing any underwear at all.
Responding to the touch she lets out a moan, looking at him seductively as
she pats her tongue against the underside of his dick, holding him steady as
she does so before once more swirling her tongue around the head, a soothing
layer of saliva now coating his bell end as she resumes stroking off his big,
thick dick with a tight grip that shows this might not be the first time
she's given this type of sexual act.

Lowering her head down a little more, she opens his mouth to finally take the
Shaman of Sexy's dick inside, wrapping her pouty lips around him as she sinks
down to take about four inches of his man meat inside her, using her hand to
take of the portion of him not currently being sucked off. She begins to move
her head along his shaft, moving up and completely off of him to take a
breath before she dives down to almost exactly where she was before on him,
repeating the slow, steady motion on him and all the while lustfully looking
out of the corner of her eye at her, pushing her backside back against his
hand as he runs it across her cheeks.

He licks his lips, enjoying the feeling of her mouth as she's moving it up
and down on his cock and the sight of her pretty face as she goes down on
him, a vision far removed from the sultry, sophisticated look she presents
herself as on TV. His hand runs across her juicy ass cheeks, giving her a
light spank which makes her groan around his cock before he gropes her butt
again, watching intently as the TNA Knockout sucks him off in the back of the
moving limousine. Moving his hand down further, he brushes his fingers across
her pussy, smirking as he feels that's she's completely shaved before giving
her a rub back and forth to make her notably moan, again pushing herself back
against the moving hand.

Encouraged by the teasing being done to her pussy, Chelsea starts to bob her
head along his thick cock, eyes closing as she gets into it with a smooth
motion up and down, this time not lifting her head completely up as she goes
just up to the bell end before travelling back down, her hand still stroking
off the portion not yet taken into her mouth but she's gradually going
further down onto him to take more and more of his massive cock into her
mouth. Already now she's gone past the halfway mark on his shaft, her moans
bouncing off him as she lifts herself up and down on him, feeling his fingers
moving over her snatch as her hand works over the lower part of his dick
which is getting nicely covered with her saliva.

Leaning back against the seating, the handsome WWE Superstar lets out a moan
as he feels her soft lips brushing over his dick as she smoothly blows him,
having no problems handling his thick size and using the combination of oral
and hand pleasuring to perfection, still being able to slightly rock her body
back against his rubbing hand as he takes her of her starting to get wet
pussy. He soon lifts his hand up though, making her groan and open her eyes
to look at him before gives her backside another spank, force behind this
blow which catches her by surprise as her head jolts down, unintentionally
deep throating him which makes them both groan at the sensation. Impressively
she doesn't gag, actually moaning as she stays down for a few moments before
slowly lifting her head up and off from him, giving him a smirk as she
strokes off his length with her hand.

"That was very naughty John." Chelsea playfully scolds him, still jerking him
off as she looks over his muscular body.

"You didn't seem to mind..." Morrison smirks back. "In fact, the Guru of
Greatness detects that you even enjoyed it."

She removes her hand from around his dick, getting up from him to sit back
down beside him. "I may have..." She says, reaching up as she pulls the
straps of her dress down. "Do you enjoy looking at these?" She teases as she
slowly reveals her perky, nicely rounded breasts.

John nods, kicking his pants away. "I think I'd enjoy something else of
yours..." He says, moving off from the seats as he comes around to face her.

Now it's her turn to lean back, spreading her legs as she offers no
resistance as she comes in close, pushing her dress up over her waist to show
her shaved and tight looking pussy, and the two exchange smirks as he grips
his manhood, feeling the stickiness of her saliva all over it before he lines
it up, pushing it into her snatch with a firm thrust that sends a good five
inches deep into her tight hole. They moan at the penetration, with the sexy
valet licking her lips as she wraps her smooth, long legs around his waist
and he places his hands on her toned midsection, just holding his cock inside
her for a few moments before he decides to start giving it to her.

With a moan she wraps her arms around his head, feeling his rod start to
slide back and forth into her hole, his shaft never leaving her as he goes
right back into her with each push towards her body, looking to work more and
more into her pussy as he does do. Her sultry eyes are locked with his, a
dirty look that would have made most men blow their loads right there and
then but she's not dealing with a normal man, as made obvious by the huge
thick cock he has that's getting stuffed right into her snatch. Almost
completely naked bar a pair of high heels and her dress that's now pushed
around her waist, she is more than happy to just sit back and take it from
him, moaning as he feels this shaft working in and out of her.

As he builds the steady rhythm to bang her snatch with, he smirks down as he
watches her nicely sized tits start to bounce as her body rocks against the
incoming thrusts he's giving her, which in turn helps him to work even more
of his thick dick into her box. He can tell she wants all of him, and she's
going to get just that as moves his hips back and forth, feeling her snatch
starting to get wet as he works his cock in and out of the TNA Knockout,
moaning at the tight hole his pushing his stiff, hard rod into that has the
stunning female moaning already and not all of his thickness is inside her

She tilts her head back, groaning as he feels his huge dick pumping in and
out of her, driving her wild as this is without a doubt the biggest and
longest cock she's ever had in her life, loving the wonderful feeling of
being stuffed full of his man meat as he gives it to her with a quickening
and firm pace, a good ten inches now deep inside her pussy and it's clear
she's ready and willing to take even more of him. Catching him off guard now
she pulls his head down towards her, pressing her lips against his and a
split second later they are passionately kissing, exchanging moans as they
make out and fuck at the same time, with the multi-time singles and tag team
champion never missing a beat as he pumps her snatch over and over again.

With their tongues venturing into each other's mouths to wrestle around one
another, he moves his hands up her gorgeous, tanned body, going to her
breasts and squeezing them for a moment to further make her moan before he
goes back down to hold her by the waist, using his strength to move her body
up and down so that her pussy comes down to meet the thrusts up into her that
he's giving her. This results in him being able to go balls deep into her
dampening snatch, all of his fourteen inches driving in and out of her still
tight hole as their bodies remain close, her legs still wrapped around her
and her hands running through his hair as they lustfully kiss, swapping moans
as well as spit while she takes a deep fucking from the stud who works for
the rival sports entertainment company.

They finally break off this kiss, allowing each other a moment to breath
before they moan once again, his long cock pumping completely into her so
that his balls slap into her skin every time he pushes forward into her, and
when he pulls out it's only to take out four or so inches so he can quickly
send himself right back into her tight, wet pussy. She licks her lips, her
eyes roaming all over his desirable body and soon focused down on his crotch,
watching his rock hard dick as it's sent back and forth into her snatch to
really fill her up like never before as it very much looks like that she
wanted him to fuck her, and whatever Chelsea wants, Chelsea gets, and she's
getting it in the form of quick, steady, and repeated thrusts deep into her
pussy courtesy of the over foot long cock of the founder of the Palace of

"Shit... With a body and "talent" like this, you're in the wrong company..."
John says with a smirk, bringing himself to a stop but keeping all of his
cock deep inside her pussy.

Chelsea runs her hands over his broad shoulders, unwrapping her legs from
around him and looking over his chiseled body. "Is that a compliment, or is
that just what you want?" She teases, licking her lips as she looks straight
at him.

"Perhaps, you have about as much training as half of the current Divas do..."
Morrison coolly replies. "What may the Shaman of Sexy ask is it that you

She smirks, giving him a very saucy look. "What I want, is for you to sit
that gorgeous body down so I can have some fun on you..."

No complaints will be heard from him, and he shows his skill by holding her
by the waist and rolling over with her still impaled on his dick, but now
she's on his lap as he sits back on the limo seating, his hands holding onto
her toned waist before he takes the material of her dress, lifting it up over
her body and she helps him by raising her arms up so the garment is
completely removed, leaving her stunning body naked except for a sexy pair of
high heels. His hands go back to her toned waist, and hers onto his shoulders
as she brings her knees up onto the seating by his sides, her legs hanging
back off them as she grinds her snatch down against his crotch to make them
both groan for a moment as she adjusts to the position.

It's not long though before she does as she said she would, and begins to
bounce on his long cock, her ass cheeks smacking off his thighs as she starts
to ride him with a smooth, slow motion as she lifts herself up to about half
way up his dick before she goes back down to the base, looking back over her
shoulder as she does just to check that it's working as she wants it to.
Smoothly she moves her tight pussy along his rod, easily handling him now as
his cock is starting to get coated with her juices as the beautiful brunette
rides him, moaning as she watches his massive length appear from and then
vanish back inside her tight hole.

He could just sit back and let her do all the work, but using his hands he
helps her to ride his big cock, lifting her up and down on his length as she
rocks herself back and forth on his length, getting his shaft slick with her
juices as her perky tits sway slightly from the movement of the rest of her
sexy body. Letting out a moan, his hands roam across her waist and sides, his
gaze switching from her beautiful face as she moans, her bouncing chest, and
down to watch his cock as she smoothly moves her pussy up and down to fuck
his big dick, her tight snatch being a perfect fit to take all of his over
foot long and thick manhood inside her each time she drops down.

Moving her hands onto his face, she tilts his head up and gives him a sly
smirk as she again forces her lips against his, and once more they lustfully
make out, moaning loudly into each other's mouth as she starts to quicken her
bouncing movement on his rock hard cock. He moves his hands further down,
grabbing her ass and squeezing it as his tongue wrestles around hers, feeling
her hands now rubbing across his muscular chest as she drops herself down
hard and fast on his member. Her pussy is soaking wet but still very tight
despite having been fucked and now quickly fucking his long shaft over and
over again as the sexy "Bond Girl" like Knockout looks to make the most of
this limo ride with the hunky WWE star by using a very different ride on his
incredible cock.

Groping her butt cheeks, the Guru of Greatness starts to pump his cock up
into her snatch, making her moan loudly as he sends himself right up into her
as she's coming down onto him, insuring that he goes as deep as he can into
her and not easing her into the new action either as he's already using a
quick and forceful pace to pound her. She groans, biting down on her bottom
lip as she tries to keep up with the change of pace, hearing and feeling his
balls smacking into her backside with each upward thrust into her wet hole as
he cups her shapely ass cheeks, dishing out the occasional smack to them
which just drives her even wilder as she takes it from the handsome wrestler
from the rival promotion to the one she works for.

Holding onto his shoulders, she's almost hanging on for dear life as it's
clear she's no longer in control of this situation, giving in to him and just
taking this hard banging as he slams his stiff rod hard and fast up into her,
the erotic sound of skin hitting skin ringing out around the limousine as the
sultry woman known as Chelsea is getting her snatch stuffed full of thick,
Superstar cock. Her tanned, perfectly curved body is starting to get covered
in sweat as she's being lifted up and down the thick dick that's pumping
rapidly in and out of her pussy, a clear sign that while she can take this
kind of pace, she's never been fucked like this, or by someone like this,
before in her life, and she's loving every steamy moment of it.

Likewise, the handsome wrestler is beginning to sweat himself as he puts
plenty of energy behind his thrusts into her tight, wet pussy that feels made
for taking a huge dick like his, and watching her moan and call out in
pleasure just makes the feeling all the more better above the fact that he's
giving it to a worker who works for the other major sports entertainment
company in America. His dick is completely coated with her juices, the result
of the repeated pumps into her snatch over such a long time, some of which
have trickled down onto his crotch and onto his balls as he continues to slam
up into her with lustful aggression, showing exactly why being the Shaman of
Sexy is not just a catchy nickname.

"Mmmm... Guess you don't let many of the TNA guys get a piece of you..." John
says with a smirk, slowing his thrusts down as she moves his hands back onto
her waist.

She narrows her eyes at him. "What kind of girl do you take me for?" The TNA
Knockout answers back, grinding her pussy down onto his crotch.

"A hot little prick tease for starters..." He coolly replies, lifting her up
and off his cock which makes them both groan. "And I know exactly what girls
like you want."

Chelsea licks her lips, not resisting as he turns her around so she's
kneeling on the couch, facing the seating with her ass facing him. "And what
do I want?" She teases, looking back over her shoulder at him.

"Chelsea wants me to tap that ass..." He says, coming up close to her. "And
Chelsea is going to get it."

Spreading her shapely cheeks apart, he pushes his cock past her asshole with
a stiff thrust, making her gasp and the groan loudly at the invasion into her
even tighter hole, as he uses only her own pussy juices a lubricant as he
starts to move his cock back and forth into her ass, giving her a chance to
get used to it and also himself as he looks to work more of himself into her
over time, with just four or so inches inside her butt at the moment. His
hands keep her cheeks spread, allowing him both easy access into her
tightness and a clear view of what he's doing as he slowly but surely plunges
his cock into her one of a kind ass.

Despite having her back passage being forced to open and accept the invading
dick sliding in and out of her, she has a look of pleasure mixed with shock
on her face, clearly surprised not only by the fact that he actually put his
huge cock into her ass but surprised by how good it feels to her as she still
looks back at him, watching his waist as he rocks himself close to and then
away from her backside. She grips onto the limo seating, leaning her body
down and in towards it, pushing her ass out towards him as he pumps himself
in and out of her tight hole, indeed wanting it and wanting more of him deep
in her butt and from the looks of it she's going to get it as he's now worked
over half of his meaty dick into her back passage.

Moving his hands onto her waist now, he starts to put force behind his
movements, properly fucking her ass but using a steady pace, pulling himself
out until just the head remains inside her before going back into her,
staring right down at her cheeks as he takes her up the ass, feeling more and
more of him going into her each time he pumps into her. Morrison moans,
feeling her vice-like passage all around his cock as even though her ass is
taking more of his length as he fucks her, she's not becoming totally loose
at all which makes it all the more better for him, impressed at how she's
able to handle such a thick dick in her butt that would have rendered many a
normal woman unable to walk for a week by this point.

Closing her eyes and just feeling his shaft pumping back and forth into her
ass, she keeps a grip on the seating with one hand, her fingers digging into
the material as her other hand travels down between her legs, going straight
to her wet pussy as she starts to rub it, looking ready to make sure she gets
herself off while being fucked up the ass. She moans deeply as her fingers
brush across her snatch in quick little circular motions, in no time at all
making her digits wet from her juices as she works over the entrance to her
well fucked hole as her other one is being filled to the max by hard WWE
Superstar cock, her body beginning to jolt back against his movements as he
begins to use more force and also quicken his thrusts into her stunning ass.

Letting out a grunt, he's not intending on holding back anymore, seeing that
he's almost balls deep inside her and not wanting to wait another moment to
fully fill her up, so he's steadily pumping in and out of her butt, his hands
only holding onto her but not keeping her in place as her slightly rocking
motion is actually helping him to go further into her sexy booty. Soon
enough, his waist is smacking into her ass cheeks and his balls slapping into
her skin, the sign that all of his thick, fourteen inch cock is stuffed
inside her back passage and rather than take a moment to grin at the sight
he's only spurned on to give it to her, starting to use sharp thrusts that
have him pulling out just a couple of inches before quickly driving back into
her ass, a smack ringing out around the moving vehicle as she ass fucks the
TNA Knockout in the back of it.

The stunning model-turned-wrestling valet moans and grunts, her fingers
quickly rubbing across her pussy to make sure the great pleasure she's
getting from taking it up the ass from behind overrides the pain from having
such a huge dick quickly pumping in and out of her butt. She leans her face
against the seat, allowing her to push her ass up and back towards him as
much as she can to deeply take him, able to also slightly rock back against
the incoming thrusts to her tightest of holes but really she can only stay
like this and take it as the handsome stud pounds her backside, with never
any less than ten inches being deep inside her each time he pulls out to send
all of his cock right into her. The stunning valet is starting to sweat hard,
showing the effects of taking such a pounding as she moans loudly and without
shame, getting roughly butt fucked and taking it with such ease that she
resembles a professional porn star rather than ringside eye candy.

As he stares down as her ass cheeks, watching them jiggle from the impact as
his waist smacks into them every time he drives himself ball deep into her
backside, he knows himself that he's not going to be able to keep up this
intense pace forever, clearly shown by his chiseled out of stone body being
coated in sweat as well as he deeply moans, feeling his cock beginning to
throb slightly inside her back passage. He doesn't stop or even slow down his
movements though, driving himself deeply in and out of her ass like his life
depended on it as his nut sack smacks off her skin every time he pushes
himself forward into her butt, ensuring that her perfect ass gets the kind of
fucking it well and truly deserves.

Soon, it becomes too much for the TNA Knockout, and letting out a long, deep
groan Chelsea starts to cum hard on her own hand thanks to the deep ass
fucking she's getting from John Morrison, her juices flowing out of her pussy
and across her fingers, continuing to rub her snatch as she rides out her
orgasm, moaning with eyes closed as she enjoys the sinful pleasure from
getting banged in the ass from a man she has only just met. As she cums, her
back passage clamps down around his thick, fourteen inch dick, causing him to
moan loudly, showing impressive control as he keeps control despite the
increased pressure, still thrusting stiffly into her but slowing down the
pace so he can enjoy her stunning ass just that little bit longer.

Just as she sighs with relief and satisfaction, taking her sticky with juices
hand away from her soaking pussy, she finds herself being turned around so
she's sat on the limousine seating, able to take a moment to breathe before
she's face to face with the WWE Superstar's throbbing cock as he leans over
her. The TNA Knockout licks her lips, watching him furiously stroke his thick
shaft before tilting her head back and closing her eyes, knowing exactly
what's going to happen next and after getting fucked into such an intense,
mind blowing orgasm just moments before, she has no problem in letting him
get his as well.

After a couple of fast jerks and a deep moan, John Morrison shoots his load
across the pretty face of Chelsea, thick streams of his warm cum shooting out
of this massive dick and splashing across her cheeks, nose, lips and
forehead, continuing to stroke himself off as load after load fires out.
Feeling the spunk landing on her stunning facial features makes the TNA
Knockout moan, not flinching at all as she takes a hot facial as he makes
sure all of his load is squeezed out of his cock, moaning all the way and
leaving her looking already like she's had a group of men busting their nuts
over her face rather than the one WWE stud. Finally letting go off his now
spent cock, the Shaman of Sexy takes some much needed rest, sitting back down
next to her and grinning as he looks over her sweat covered body and her
cum-coated face as she wipes some jizz from her eyes so she can open them.

"That... Was exactly what I wanted..." Chelsea says, resting back in the
seating and looking up to the roof.

"If that's the case, then you're not likely to get it again from anyone in
TNA." John states, still smirking.

She turns her head, smiling at him. "I may, I may not..." She is still able
to tease, even with her face covered in his cum. "I may need some more
convincing from you."

"In that case, we'll continue this back in the temporary Palace of Greatness,
also known as a hotel suite." Morrison coolly states, as he turns to the
camera. "Today MoFos, we learned that you don't need to have wrestling or mic
skills to make it in sport entertainment, sometimes a hot body and a bangable
ass will do the trick, at least for a while. Join the Shaman of Sexy next
time as I continue the Quest for Greatness. I am John Morrison. Be Jealous."

* * *

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