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Featuring: Sexy Star (AAA), John Morrison (WWE Smackdown).

The Quest For Greatness Part 15 - Sexy Star
A WWE/AAA crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch. He's clad in
fashionable, expensive looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide the
sizeable bulge within them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart,
and a similarly flashy-looking shirt that's left open, showing his incredibly
well defined upper body and chest.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the
Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison. Today I am once again at the incredibly
secret location, at WWE Studios, to conduct another of my in-depth, hard
hitting interviews with a star who comes all the way from Mexico. Something
different for my quest, as she's a luchadora who wears a mask, but claims to
be able to out-do anything that any other female wrestler can do." He looks
off to the side, standing up as someone approaches. "We're about to see if
it's true."

Walking into shot is the top female star of the AAA lucha libre promotion,
the curvaceous blond known as Sexy Star. The blond is wearing a trademark
silver mask topped off with a star that covers almost all her face, just
leaving her eyes, mouth and chin exposed, and a tight fitting black body suit
that hugs her nicely rounded tits as well as her thick, juicy ass. She smirks
at Morrison, looking him over as she stands in front of him.

"Typical Americans and their one track minds..." Sexy Star says, although
she's still eyeing up the muscular frame of the handsome stud. "You're
probably expecting me to just drop down and start pleasuring you."

"That usually happens here..." John coolly replies as he too looks over the
perfectly curved body of the luchadora. "Unless you're one of those chicks
that claims to be "sexy" but it's all an act."

The AAA star places her hands on her juicy hips. "Oh no, believe me Gringo,
I'm Sexy not by name. I can prove it."

"In that case..." Morrison reaches down, undoing his belt. "Feel free to give
me a demonstration..." He states with a smirk, letting his pants fall to the
ground and it's instantly clear that's he not got underwear on.

Narrowing her eyes at the WWE stud, the masked female slips down to her knees
in front of him, brushing her blond hair back as she takes a hold of his
hardening cock, stroking back and forth along him with a firm grip as she
looks to get him standing at full attention at no time at all. As she sharply
jerks him off, her other hand goes up and cups his nicely sized balls, giving
them a squeeze and playing with them while continuing to stroke him off all
the way up and down, her soft hands knowing exactly what to do to tease and
get him all warmed up, all the while looking up at him with a smoldering hot
look in her eyes.

Soon enough, he's rock hard and looking at his manhood her eyes widen and she
grins, very happy to see a thick and fourteen inch long dick in her hand,
seeing such a cock making her jerk him a little quicker as her hand slides
all the way up and down his rod, the other hand going onto her own leg as she
shifts herself closer towards him. Gripping his shaft by the base, she runs
the head of it across her soft, full lips, brushing them slightly across his
bell end as she moves it from side to side across her lips, causing his dick
to slightly touch the sides of her mask by her mouth, all of which makes the
Shaman of Sexy smirk down, a slight moan escaping from him as he watches the
sexily curved luchadora toying with his meat.

The top star of AAA glances up at him with a confident smirk, leaning her
blond-haired head in and opening her mouth to take his shaft into her mouth,
moaning a little herself as the first few inches slide past her pouty lips as
she presses them tightly around his cock. As her hand lightly strokes over
the bottom portion of his cock, she starts to bob her head slowly along him,
focusing on the top part as she lifts herself up to half-way up the crown,
faking that she's going to pull off before she goes down to swallow up four
or so inches and then repeating the motion, still looking straight up at the
WWE Superstar as she gets to work on blowing his impressive dick.

Licking his lips himself, he reaches down and runs a hand through her long
hair, unable to take his eyes off the woman whose covered-up face is moving
towards and then away from his crotch, the element of mystery due to the mask
making the blowjob look even hotter than it already is. Her soothing mouth
feels great and he can feel a little saliva starting to coat his cock as she
moves along and then back on his rod, still using the steady, firm pace but
going down deeper onto him to take even more of his thick dick inside her,
already now over half-way along him and still using her soft palm to take
care of the rest of his that she hasn't yet taken into her oral hole.

Closing her eyes, she moans around his cock, her free hand moving up to
squeeze her breasts through her black ring gear, really getting into it now
as she begins to bob her head quicker back and forth along his dick, her
tongue slightly flicking up and around his shaft as it slips past her pouty
lips as they grind across his thickness. He hand lets go of his shaft, moving
onto his muscular thigh as her faces moves closer and closer still towards
his body, not gagging at all as her mask soon touches his skin when she goes
right down onto him before quickly rising back up to halfway and repeating
the sensual process as she shows her skill, making the task of deep throating
Morrison's over foot long cock look all too easy.

Holding onto her blond hair, he smiles and moans as he feels her chin
touching his balls when Sexy Star lowers herself right onto his dick,
pleasantly surprised when he feels the tip of his dock hitting the back of
her mouth, his shaft now covered with her saliva as it's trickling past her
lips and slightly down her chin. The perfectly curved Mexican is showing what
she's capable off as she slobbers over his massive dick, bobbing along his
member with a smooth, quick pace with her moans vibrating around the cock
stuffed into her as she stimulates herself by groping her own tits through
her clothing.

Lifting her head up to the top, she twists her head from side to side,
causing her hair to slightly sway as she grinds her lips around his dick to
make him groan, her hands going onto his thighs and slightly rubbing them as
she goes back to sucking him off, diving right down to the balls to
completely handle him as she feasts on his thick, American man meat. He
doesn't even have to force her to move her head as she does all the work,
willingly and hungrily blowing him to make him moan and ensure his cock is
completely covered with her saliva, the material of her mask pressing into
his crotch when she goes right down onto his length, the unusual sensation
only enhancing the pleasure he's getting from her superb oral ability.

Raising her head complete up and off, the luchadora licks her lips as she
looks over his saliva coated cock. "Mmmm... You sure you don't have any
Mexican in you?" Sexy Star smirks at him as she stands up. "To have a dick
like that I mean." She adds, somewhat mockingly as she reaches behind her,
unclasping the neck of her ring gear.

"One hundred percent American." John says with a smirk, watching her as she
starts to pull down the top part of her clothing, revealing her nicely
rounded breasts in full view. "With tits like those, maybe you have some
American in you?" He coolly asks back as he removes his clothing as well,
tossing his expensive shirt aside and out of the way.

The AAA star smirks, looking over his muscular, tanned body. "I think I will,
in a couple of seconds..." She seductively states, continuing to push down
her clothing down her smooth legs, revealing her juicy, thick ass along with
her smoothly shaven pussy.

Morrison motions to the couch in the set beside them. "Well, make yourself
comfortable and the Guru of Greatness will show you some good old USA
"hospitality"." He says, taking a good look over her perfectly curved and hot
body as she kicks off her heeled boots.

The stunning female walks over to the couch, lying down on her side on it
with her head on the side rest as she looks at him, lifting a leg up and
holding it up by the thigh to give him an invitation to her shaved snatch,
licking her full lips as she's completely naked except for her sliver mask
that covers most of her face. Moving into position, slightly sitting on the
couch with one leg up on it as the other stays on the floor, he takes her leg
and puts it over his broad shoulder, his other hand moving the other to the
side as she pushes his covered with her saliva cock into her pussy, both of
them moaning at the initial penetration and then again as he moves forward to
work himself into her tight pussy.

The reigning AAA Queen of Queens Champion moans, looking right between her
spread legs to watch him start to slide his dick in and out of her snatch,
feeling her pussy getting filled right up already and having to accept the
thick shaft that's gradually going further and further still into her as he
uses a steady but firm pace as he pumps the talented female wrestler's box.
She grits her teeth a little, a slight hiss escaping as she takes his huge
cock, one of her hands propping herself up on the couch while the other roams
across her breasts, giving each a little squeeze to make her further moan as
she can't take her gaze away from his crotch as it moves towards and then
away from her body.

Just using one hand to hold onto her leg that's over his shoulder, John is
also focused down on her pussy as he sends his shaft back and forth into her
tight, dampening hole, moaning as he feels his tightness all around his
length as he picks up the pace a little, not going to be satisfied with just
having over half of his length working into her like he currently has. Going
quicker in and out of her snatch, he's pushing more of himself inside her
hole every time he sends a firm thrust straight into the hot bodied
luchadora, feeling her juices start to make his stiff rod slick as it's clear
she's enjoying this as much as she is, her moans of lust more than enough
fuel for him to really give it her.

Tilting her head back a little and grabbing her tits with both hands, she
lets out a loud moan as she feels the thrusts into her tight snatch getting
harder and quicker, knowing that he's getting close to going balls deep into
her and it's exactly what she wants as well. As she plays with her erect
nipples, pinching them slightly, she rocks her hips in towards his incoming
pumps, grinding her pussy against his cock as it slides back and forth into
her still tight but now very wet hole as his thick, American dick is
completely filling her Mexican pussy to the maximum as all fourteen inches
are now being driven deep into her snatch. She moans louder at this, feeling
his body smacking into hers when he drives into her, the sensation skin
meeting skin making her open her eyes and gaze over the muscular upper body
of the man she's only just met but is now getting fucked by.

While during his Quest For Greatness he's experienced many different women
already, giving to a woman with a stunning body but a covered-up face is a
completely new and very exciting feeling altogether, and from the look he
sees in her eyes and the moans he hears from her open mouth are all he needs
to know that he's not along in loving this sexual encounter already. As he
pounds her tight box with repeated, quick movements that have his balls
smacking into her skin he focuses on her slightly bouncing breasts, the
result of her body jolting from the thrusts she's taking, and smirking as he
watches her playing with them, rolling them both around and rubbing them
against one another as she stares almost in amazement down at his cock as he
sends it in and out of her wet snatch.

Looking across and locking eyes with him, she smirks at him, deliberately
putting on a little show for him by slowly licking her lips as she rubs her
nipples between her fingers, moaning because of this as well as due to the
repeated stiff pumps she's taking into her pussy as his massive length isn't
slowing down for a moment as he pounds the luchadora's tightness. He smirks
at her, seeing what she's doing and responding by drawing his shaft almost
completely out of her before driving straight into her snatch, groaning
himself as he keeps all of his cock buried deep in her for a long moment,
moaning along with her as she grinds her snatch against his dick as he keeps
it held inside her before giving her wet hole a couple of more long, hard
pumps, using his entire length each time to really fill her up.

"Mmmm... You always treat your guests like this?" Sexy Star asks with a
smirk, her smoldering hot eyes looking over his chiseled out of stone body.

"The Palace of Wisdom was founded on treating all women to the very best."
Morrison answers her, pulling her cock out of her pussy, causing her to groan
as he does so.

"Maybe I need to cross the border permanently..." The AAA luchadora says,
sitting up and running her hands through her long, blond hair.

"A masked Diva?" John raises an eyebrow slightly as he sits back onto the
couch. "Hmmm... After bald chicks, vampires, psychos, and Ashley Massaro,
you'd probably be normal around the WWE..." He remarks, watching with
interest as she smirks back at him, erotically crawling along the couch
towards him to cut him off mid sentence.

Swinging a leg across, the masked wrestler straddles his lap for a moment,
reaching back to hold his slick with her pussy juices cock as she lifts her
hips up, bringing herself back down as she lines him up but surprises him by
not taking it back into her snatch, instead rubbing his bell end against her
ass hole for a moment before she pushes down onto it, gasping as she takes
his dick into her even tighter back passage. He moans loudly, feeling her
taking his dick in her juicy ass as his hands instantly go onto her butt
cheeks to squeeze them, and in turn her hands go onto her boulder-like
shoulders as she grinds her hips back and forth, adjusting to the vast, thick
cock she's pushed a couple of inches off into her ass.

Closing her eyes and focusing on what she wants and needs to do, she starts
to lift herself up and down on the handsome WWE Superstar's dick, moaning as
it moves in and out of her tight butt but never completely leaving her back
passage as she handles four or so inches to start off with, using a slow,
steady pace as she does so. His hands groping her thick cheeks serve as a
reminder that she's not going to be able to coast by like this for too long,
especially if she wants to show how truly "sexy" she can be but for this
moment lightly bouncing on his dick is good enough to let her ass get used to
his size in her, before the real fun can begin as she starts to quicken and
put a little force behind her movements.

Likewise, the Shaman of Sexy can't help but moan as he feels her ass moving
at much more enjoyable pace on his thick shaft, with only her own pussy
juices being used as lubricant as she rides his stiff rod with her juicy,
Mexican ass, already working herself down further onto him so she's about
half way along his magnificent cock. He switches his gaze between her
perfectly rounded tits and her moaning, mask covered face as she rocks back
and forth along his dick and he can tell she's determined to make the most
out of this sexual opportunity that she's able to do, which right now means
bouncing her gorgeous ass on his meaty dick. Starting to smirk, he moves his
hands across her butt, feeling the more than ample flesh jiggle slightly from
her movement before he digs his fingers into them, letting her ride his
cock but now deciding he's not going to just sit back and take it, even
though he's sure she wouldn't mind if he did.

Instead, the multi-time singles and tag team champion in the WWE starts to
send his cock up into her ass, moaning as he makes his shaft venture deeper
and deeper still into her tight back passage, timing his movements perfectly
to meet her backside when she drops down onto him which in turn makes her
moan and groan loudly as she feels her ass getting stuffed full more than she
could have ever fantasized possible. Her hands rub across his shoulders as
she increases her efforts, using his incoming thrusts as encouragement to
further ride the hell out of his huge cock, her pussy getting soaking wet as
she gets off on just taking it up her thick ass, her head tilted back as she
stares up at the ceiling and moans away.

With his balls starting to smack against her skin, he's now able to send all
of his over foot long and thick dick into the juicy backside of the top
Mexican wrestler who's riding said cock like her very existence depended on
it, her breasts bouncing in time with the rest of her body as she rocks back
and forth on the pistoning cock. Her stunning body is starting to get covered
with a layer of sweat as she shows how much energy and effort she's putting
into keeping this intense pace up but all she's focusing on is making sure
that cock is sliding quickly and hard in and out of her back passage over and
over again as she handles with impressive ease the kind of ass fucking that
would have left most women unconscious long before this point.

Similarly, the handsome sports entertainer is also starting to sweat as he
slams his cock straight up into the blond's still extremely tight ass, the
smack of skin hitting skin ringing out each time their bodies connect hard as
she drops right down onto him and he thrusts his shaft straight up into her
juicy booty, the only other sound apart from the unashamed moans both
attracter wrestlers are letting out. Moving his hands around to her toned
waist, he forces the luchadora to come to a stop, and with a relieved groan
she does, using the moment to catch her breath and rock her ass back and
forth on his crotch to grind his cock as it remains lodged deep inside her
butt, causing him to groan as well at the sensation.

"Mmmm... So big..." Sexy Star moans as she feels herself being lifted off
his huge cock, sighing as her ass if left to recover from the pounding
it took. "You loved that ass, didn't you Gringo?"

"A hot piece of Mexican ass begging for more?" John says with a smirk.
"Yeah, it wasn't too bad, but I'm not finished yet with you."

"Good..." She says seductively, slipping down off the couch and onto the
floor, looking back over her shoulder as she gets onto her hands and knees.
"Because I want that huge fucking American cock back in me, now!" She almost
demands with pure lust.

"I need to ask Mysterio if putting a mask on a chick makes them instantly
into a slut..." Morrison says as he gets up and gets behind her.

The last comment from the WWE Superstar makes the stunning luchadora glare at
him, but as she's cursing in Spanish at him she's cut off mid-insult when he
stuffs his dick straight back into her pussy making her moan out and
instantly push herself back against him, clearly wanting to be fucked hard
once again even though her snatch has already been well taken care off
already, as shown by how wet she still is. Licking his lips, his puts his
hands onto her perfectly curved hips and starts to pump his cock back and
forth into her tight box, not holding back now as he soon gets into a firm,
steady motion that already has a large amount of his thick cock inside her.

Moaning out, the stunning star of the AAA lucha libre promotion rocks her
body back and forth, her ass pushing back with perfect timing to meet every
thrusts he sends into her, soon so her juicy cheeks are smacking into his
well defined waist and the familiar, erotic sound of skin hitting skin
ringing out each time to signal that he's gone balls deep into her once
again. Still looking back at the man pounding her tight, soaking hole, she
can only gaze over her body and let her mouth hand open, moans escaping from
her as once more she's getting fucked nice and hard, not even disgusted for a
moment by the fact that she's taking a cock that's just comes straight out of
her own ass and now it's deep inside her dripping pussy, this fact no doubt
actually turning her on even more than she already is.

Most men might be hesitant to fuck a woman, even one with such a stunningly
curved body like the one of the wrestler getting fucked from behind doggy
style by the hung stud of Smackdown, whose face they can't completely see.
Such a fact doesn't faze the Guru of Greatness, getting off the slightly
kinky fact that he's only seen her mouth, chin and eyes that have been
exposed by her mask and having tried out all her holes already, he's more
than happy with the fact that she's built to fuck and can damn well take it,
shown by how tight her pussy still is even with his hard, fast thrusting into
her that he's dishing out, his hands still holding her smooth hips and
slightly rubbing them as he pumps his manhood in and out of her dripping wet

With her ass cheeks pushing back against his body and jiggling from the
impact of his waist smacking into her, the blond female wrestler is sweating
hard now, her pussy getting filled like never before as she rocks back and
forth on her hands and knees against the dick being driven in and out of her
snatch at a relentless pace to make his tool be completely coated with her
juices. Her nicely rounded breasts hang down and sway in time with the
movements of her body as the naked apart from the face-covering mask woman
takes the hard fucking in her snatch and gives back just as much as she's
getting by continuing to push back against the thrusts she's receiving.

His muscular chest heaving, and also sweating a lot from the intensity he's
using to give it to the stunning luchadora, Morrison moans out as he pounds
her tight, soaking pussy over and over again, no pain registering at all from
when his waist and her backside collide hard into each other, just focusing
on the pleasure from fucking her hot, needy Mexican snatch with his thick,
long American man meat. Lifting a hand up, he brings it down to spank her
juicy ass as he fucks her, smirking as she just groans from the blow so he
gives the other one a spank as well, getting the same response from the sexy
blond he's giving to doggy style.

Eyes closed and moaning away, the blond feels like she's in heaven or a place
quite like it as she gets fucked by the thick, over foot long cock of the WWE
Superstar that has been completely stuffed into her mouth as well as her ass
over the course of this steamy sexual encounter, and now she's wetter than
she's ever been as her pussy is getting slammed by him again and again,
making her the envy of many red blooded females across the world. She's
brought out of her thoughts when suddenly she feels her blond hair getting
grabbed and her head is forced back, moaning as she finds herself being
brought face-to-masked face with said man who's pounding her almost senseless
and is leaning over her with a grin, and as she opens her mouth to groan he
takes advantage, pressing his lips forcefully against her luscious ones.

In a second their mouths are open as they lustfully make out, tongues pushing
out and wrapping around one another as the swap spit and moan into one
another, all the while still managing to push back and into the other
wrestler to carry on this hard, fast fucking and never missing a beat as they
do so, this kiss not distracting them and rather encouraging them further to
drive on towards their sexual peaks. They both know this can't last for much
longer, even though they'd love it to go on for hours and hours but they have
their limits, and as they break the kiss and gasp for air it's becoming clear
that end is coming sooner rather than later as she groans loudly and deeply,
and his dick begins to throb inside her tight, soaking wet pussy as he leans
back up, hands back onto her hips as he thrusts away into her.

With a wide smile on her face and her eyes almost rolling into the back of
the masked luchadora's head, Sexy Star starts to cum hard on the fourteen
inch cock of John Morrison as he pounds her tight Mexican pussy from behind
in the classic doggy styles position, a flood of juices flowing out over his
American dick, crotch and balls as she moans loudly, still trying to push
back against the thrusts but her rocking movement is slowing down. Moaning
himself, the Shaman of Sexy has to keep control as her snatch tightens around
his thick dick but he helps her to ride out her orgasm, gradually slowing
down his thrusts into her box as she comes down and back to reality.

Pulling his throbbing cock out from her well fucked pussy, he grips his tool
and is about to start jerking himself off when he's cut off by the stunningly
curved and masked female reaching up as she's pushed herself up onto her
knees, taking his cock and guiding it into her hungry mouth as she begins to
smoothly bob her head back and forth along it. The WWE stud just moans and
takes it, feeling her tongue lashing around his member as she sucks him with
her pouty lips tightly pressed around his length as the AAA star wants to
finish him off herself and isn't looking to let it happen slowly either.

Soon enough, the oral assault becomes too much for even him to take, and John
Morrison starts to shoot his load deep into the mouth of Sexy Star, both of
them moaning at the sensation as thick streams of cum shoot out of his
fourteen inch long cock and into her mouth as she continues to bob her head
along his length, swallowing down every blast he gives her and licking up and
drops that she missed. He groans with a smile, watching her milk his shaft
completely dry and moaning as she drinks up each load that comes out of his
member, eventually lifting her head up and holding his softening cock so she
can lick clean the bulbous head of the last few drops of jizz on it.

Letting go of his now spent cock, Sexy Star licks her lips as she stands up.
"So, John... Think your WWE could handle a real luchadora around here?" The
masked female asks seductively, running her hands across his muscular chest.

"If you can wrestle half as good as you can fuck, then there's a guaranteed
place for you in my Palace of Wisdom." John responds. "As for the WWE... Good
luck convincing McMahon to take on a masked Diva."

She smirks. "His loss Gringo... And I don't know about your "Palace", but my
flight back to Mexico isn't until tomorrow..." She says, glancing down at his
cock. "You wouldn't want to leave a guest alone for all that time, would

"I'm sure can find some ways, and positions, to pass the time..." Morrison
states, before he turns to look at the camera. "Today MoFos, we learned that
while different countries have different languages and customs, some things
like driving your dick into a hot piece of ass, are universal, even when
there's a masked involved. Join the Shaman of Sexy next time as I continue
the Quest for Greatness. I am John Morrison. Be Jealous."

* * *

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