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Featuring: Maria Kanellis (WWE Smackdown),
John Morrison (WWE Smackdown).

The Quest For Greatness Part 16: Maria
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John
Morrison sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch.
He's clad in fashionable, expensive looking and tight jeans which do nothing
to hide the sizeable bulge within them, not exactly hidden as he sits with
legs apart, and a similarly flashy-looking shirt that's left open, showing
his incredibly well defined upper body and chest.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness." John says, delivering the familiar introduction to his show. "I
am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the Palace of
Wisdom, John Morrison. And yes, I will be introducing this show like this
because it works, and it's much more inventive than just yelling "Awesome"
all the time. Once again I come to you live, as in live to tape, from a
vaguely secret WWE Studio as my guest today happens to be a WWE Diva who has
survived the Diva Search to become one of the most popular women in the WWE.
That may or may not be helped by the fact she once posed for Playboy. Please
welcome, Maria."

Walking into shot with a smile on her face is the stunning red head and Diva
from SmackDown Maria Kanellis, dressed in a tight fitting and stylish grey
sleeveless top that shows off her large, well rounded breasts, and a pair of
nicely fitting jeans that hug to her juicy ass. She takes a seat next to
Morrison, casting her eyes over his muscular body and smirking as she sees
that he's also looking over her body at the same time.

"Nice to be here John, but aren't you a little over dressed?" Maria
playfully questions.

"The Shaman of Sexy looks incredible in any clothing, and no clothing at
all." John coolly replies, holding open his shirt as she shows off his
stunning upper body.

"Then quit stalling with me and get those things off!" She says, standing up
from the couch and looking down at him. "I know what this show is about. A
little small talk, then some hot fucking." She licks her lips as she watches
him slip off his shirt and toss it aside. "And I didn't exactly come here to
talk John." Kanellis adds, starting to push her jeans down her smooth, tanned

"Going straight into the action is a popular choice with viewers of this
show..." Morrison remarks, smirking as he too unbuckles his belt and starts
to lower his jeans, smirking as he sees she's not wearing any underwear, her
smoothly shaved pussy on full display.

"What did I say about talking?" She teases again, licking her lips again as
she looks at his hardening but already very long and thick cock that's
exposed, before she climbs up onto the couch.

Moving across the handsome Superstar, the stunning red head positions herself
to get into a sixty nine position but rather than flat on the seating, she
makes herself be upside down, her knees resting on the back of the couch as
she smooth legs press against his head, her snatch just an inch away from his
face and he smirks at the sight, placing his hands onto her hips to hold her
steady. Brushing her hair away from her face, she rests a hand on his thigh
and uses the other to grip his hardening cock, giving it a couple of pumps
before she lowers her face closer towards him, extending her very long tongue
and using it to lick across the sides of his dick, working over one side
from the bottom to the top and then going to the other to give it the same
soft treatment.

Slightly moaning at the touch of her tongue, Morrison starts to play his part
in this position, moving his face forward and giving her pussy a couple of
kisses to tease her, moving his hands across her smooth, tanned thighs as he
does so. Pushing his own tongue out, he licks around the entrance to her
tight-looking hole, circling around her before he slowly drags his tongue
across her snatch in a long, vertical motion going from the top all the way
down to the bottom but never actually entering her, just working over her
entrance for the moment but he's already getting encouraged by the treatment
he's getting on his own cock as he makes sure she's steady and in place,
her stunning body pressing against his own muscular frame.

Responding to his oral work with a moan she smirks, stroking his dick again
before she lowers her head down further, opening her mouth and tightly
wrapping her luscious lips around his thick man meat, pushing down to take a
couple of inches of him inside her and keeping herself held like that for a
long moment, flicking her tongue across and around his bell end and all the
while stroking him off with steady, slow movements over the bottom half. She
pushes her ass back against his face, looking to have him really work over
her pussy as she begins to move her head up and down his shaft, closing her
eyes as she blows the top portion with a steady pace and lightly moans around
his dick.

Moving his hands further up to her to grope her well rounded ass cheeks, the
handsome Superstar pushes his face closer to her so her can press his mouth
against her pussy, sucking on her folds for a moment and moaning into her as
he feels her mouth bobbing on his cock as she goes down further onto him.
Sticking his tongue out again, he pushes it into her snatch, smirking for a
moment at the muffled moan she lets out due to it before he slides his tongue
around her, working over the inside in a slow, clockwise motion to get her
all warmed up for what's to come, and he can already start to taste her
forming juices as it's clear she enjoying both giving and receiving some oral

Now the former Diva Search contestant is moving her head at a quicker pace,
her hand just being used to hold his cock straight up so she can smoothly
push her mouth further and further down onto his long cock every time she
travels down onto him before lifting herself up to just about half way,
showing great skill as she's not being disorientated by being held upside
down in this unusual sixty-nine position. Rocking her body back and forth to
make her pussy grind against the face of the man eating her out, she groans
with lust as she deeply sucks him, nearly taking him all inside of her hot,
wet mouth and ensuring his dick is getting coated with her saliva, her frisky
tongue lashing out and across his dick as it passes between her pouty lips.

Her tongue isn't the only one getting a big work out, as the Guru of
Greatness is quickly moving his all around and about her tight snatch,
working over every part of her that he can reach as he licks away, greedily
feasting on her juices as they're formed and looking to make more and more
appear as he dines on her tasty, smooth pussy. His hands squeeze her juicy
butt cheeks, and he moans as he enjoys the blowjob he's receiving from the
sexy and stunning woman, although the sound is muffled because of her pussy
rubbing across his mouth, causing his own lips and chin to get a little damp
as a little of her liquid splashes out onto him but he's too focused on
dining on her snatch to mind that at all.

With a deep groan, the Chicago, Illinois native forces her head right down
onto his cock, deep throating all of his fourteen inches and keeps her face
right down in his crotch, not gagging for a moment as her moans bounce off
his shaft as she lets him really experience the moment and enjoy him licking
away at her pussy at the same time. She lifts her head back up a little,
returning to bobbing her head along the majority of his saliva coated cock,
rubbing her thick lips across his member as she quickly and forcefully moves
her head up and down his dick, unfazed by his size and looking like she's
getting more turned on by the fact she's able to handle such a thick, long
tool her clearly talented mouth.

Lifting her head right off of his cock, Maria tosses her flaming hair back
and looks back at him with a smile. "Good to see you can use that mouth of
yours for something other than bragging." She playfully teases as she moves
herself off from him so she can sit back on the couch next to him.

"It's not cocky if you can back it up." John coolly replies, taking a moment
to breathe as he watches her pull her grey top up over her head, revealing
her large, perfectly rounded breasts. "And the Shaman of Sexy always does."

"I can "back it up" as well..." Kanellis replies, tossing the garment away as
she moves herself over so she can lay down on the couch, moving her hand
across to lift up her leg as impressively performs a straight vertical spit
with the limb to hold it at a right angle. "Care to find out?" She adds with
a lick of her lips.

"It would be rude of me to decline." Morrison answers, getting into

She watches as he moves up, lining his dick up with her tight pussy before he
pushes his cock into her with a firm thrust, making them both moan as she
feels his size making her snatch widen and he enjoys her tightness all around
him even though he's only got about four inches into her at the moment. He
starts to thrust back and forth into her, never fully pulling out of her so
at least an inch or so of him is always inside her as he goes slowly but
surely at this point, allowing her to adjust to his vast size and also so he
can enjoy the sight of the smoking hot Diva moaning as her gaze is fixed on
his cock as is ventures in and out of her dampening hole.

Even though she'd just been sucking him off, she's licking her lips again as
she watches his long shaft going back and forth into her snatch, loving how
she's getting filled up already and knowing it's only going to get better as
he's gradually working more and more of his length into her, a task made
easier thanks to her saliva that's all over his dick and how wet she already
was thanks to him eating her out. Keeping one hand to hold her leg right up
and give him easy access to fuck her tight pussy, she uses the other to first
brush some loose strands of her sexy red hair out of the way before moving it
down to her large tits, groping them as she heightens her own pleasure,
squeezing the soft, ample mounds and brushing her fingers across the already
rock hard nipples.

The sight of her moaning and putting on a show with her breasts makes the
multi-time tag team and singles champion smirk, giving him motivation to
start really giving it to her, as if pumping a former Playboy covergirl
wasn't ammunition enough to do so already. Putting a little more force behind
his thrusts and quickening the pace, his hips rock back and forth as he sends
his thick cock in and out of her snatch, so now well over half of his vast
man meat is stuffed inside her box, his body getting closer and closer
towards her curvy frame as he using a hand resting on the back of the couch
to keep himself steady as he starts to hammer her over and over again.

Closing her eyes and tilting her head back slightly, the former Raw
interviewer moans out loudly as she is loving the way his huge dick is
sliding in and out of her wet pussy which is remaining as tight as ever
despite him sending more and more of his inches deep into her. Using her free
hand to push herself up slightly from the couch she's laying on, she starts
to rock her body back against the thrusts she's receiving, catching him off
guard for a moment and making him groan as she's able to grind her snatch
against his member but soon he adjusts to it, the combined motion of her
pussy moving forward to him to take his incoming pump not only increasing the
pleasure that they both are feeling but is making even more of his length go
into her, perhaps the plan all along.

Sure enough, his balls start to smack against her smooth, tanned skin as all
of his over foot long cock is pounding in and out of her snatch, the smack of
skin hitting skin ringing out every time her body connects with his waist,
close enough now for him to also hold her extended leg up and slightly rub it
as he thrusts away into her tight, damp hole. He moans out, loving how tight
she's remaining even with all of his length going hard and fast, back and
forth into her time and time again and making him think that she may have had
more training in this kind of activity than she's ever had wrestling training
and the look on the gorgeous female's face she's that he's not alone in
enjoying this lustful sex either which makes all even hotter for both of

Opening her eyes to cast a seductive look across at her fellow sports
entertainment star, she moans away as he feels him starting to slow down his
thrusts a little, pacing himself so he can enjoy every moment of banging one
of the sexiest women on TV that he possibly can. She uses her hand to again
grope and play with her big tits, this time slightly twisting and pulling the
nipple on one, causing her to groan in pleasure at the slight pain, before
doing the same to the other, all the while continuing to push herself towards
him and grind her pussy against his dick and crotch, licking her lips as she
looks over his chiseled out of stone body.

"So John, enjoying seeing a Playboy covergirl up close and personal?" Maria
asks with a grin, groaning for a moment as he pulls his covered with her
juices cock out of her pussy.

"Looks a whole lot better in reality than in two dimensional." John states,
moving to sit back down on the couch as he looks over her tanned and
perfectly curved frame.

"Good to hear that you bought a copy..." The Smackdown Diva says, moving up
onto her knees before she starts to come in closer towards the Friday Night
Delight. "Guess I better reward you then." She adds with another sexy grin as
she mounts his lap, pushing her butt back to grind it against his rock hard

"...Yes, of course I paid for the pictures..." Morrison says, not sounding
completely sincere with his comment but before she can question it he reaches
up and takes her by the waist.

Finding herself being lifted up slightly, she reaches forward to place her
hand on his broad shoulders, gasping and her eyes going wide in shock as
instead of starting to fuck her snatch again, she's instead impaled her ass
first onto his meaty tool, making her groan loudly as he forces a good few
inches into her ass hole with the only lubricant being her own pussy juices
that are coating his shaft. She grits her teeth, trying to block out the
initial pain of having her even tighter passage being invaded by such a huge
cock and finds herself moaning at the sensation, knowing how naughty it is to
do this but not feeling ashamed at all by it, in fact wanting him to go on
and take her ass like this.

She'll get no complaints from the man on his personal Quest For Greatness as
he starts to move his dick in and out of her stunning backside, moaning as
the tightness of her back passage as he looks to work himself further and
deeper into her, keeping her held by her toned waist so he can rock his hips
straight up and back down smoothly to send his shaft in and out of her butt.
He licks his lips, her big breasts hanging just inches away from his face as
she slightly leans forward, her tanned frame jolting with each motion he
gives her and this in turn makes them both moan and groan at the feeling.

A normal woman would have been begging for mercy by this point, unable to
handle a fat, long cock like his in their tight ass, but Maria is the
complete opposite, moaning and calling out for more as she's starting to push
her backside back to meet his pumps into her, not satisfied with him only
being halfway into her even tighter hole and wanting to be really fucked in
the ass by the handsome Superstar.

Moving her hands over to cup his face, she smirks down at him before leaning
her head in, pressing her pouty lips against his and in a moment the two are
lustfully making out, their tongues wrapping around one another as he
continues to pump her juicy ass as she slightly rides his dick at the same
time, moans and saliva being exchanged by the two as they deeply kiss.

Perhaps using the lip lock as a trigger to kick things up a notch, Morrison
starts to put more force behind his thrusts up into her ass, quickly sending
his dick back and forth into her asshole and groaning as inch by thick inch
is getting forced into her, helped by her pushing her rump back to meet every
thrust, both of them showing their skill as they don't miss a beat with these
actions even when they are shamelessly making out at the same time. The red
head has to pull back and break the kiss first though, moaning out load as
she feels his nutsack starting to smack into her ass cheeks, the signal that
he's now gone balls deep again but this time into her back passage, filling
up her ass with fourteen inches of thick dick and she loves every moment of
it and not looking to disappoint her, the man giving it to her continues to
firmly and quickly send his man meat in and out of her backside.

Grunting as he keeps a firm hold of her waist, the former Johnny Nitro is
starting to sweat now, showing the effort he's putting into fucking the
stunning Diva as he slams his cock back and forth into her juicy, perfectly
rounded ass that's rocking back and forth to meet every incoming thrust he
gives her, making the feeling all the more incredible to him as all of his
shaft gets sent into her with every pump into her, and only pulling a couple
of inches out so her can quickly drive himself right back into her. He smirks
as he feels her fingers running through his hair, enjoying the sight of the
hot body on his lap as she almost squirms as a result of his deep, forceful
motions but he's not planning on letting up just yet, especially since he
knows that she wants this just as much as he does.

He doesn't need to be a mind reader to figure that out, just watching the
queen of the Kiss Cam as she bounces on his thick cock as it pounds her tight
ass is proof enough, along with her loud moans and the sweat that's starting
to cover her drop dead gorgeous body. She brings herself to a stop on his
lap, licking her lips as she feels him continuing to thrust in and out of her
for a few more moments, grinding her backside back against him as he does so,
before she leans back a little, locking eyes with and giving him a sexy smirk
as she tosses her bright red hair back, more than enough to catch his
attention as he smirks back, bringing his pumps to a stop and allowing them
both time to groan and recover from the already intense ass fucking they'd
just been involved with.

"Damn John..." Maria says with a grin, running her hands across her
shoulders. "You are a star and a stud!"

"You're quite something yourself." Morrison says, lifting the beautiful red
head up and off from his cock.

"Come on baby, let's see how much you want me to stop by your "Palace" after
today." She says, moving up and off the couch so she can stand up, slowly
bending over forward and placing her hands onto the seating, sticking her
gorgeous ass right out.

"Allow me to convert you then..." John says with a smirk, moving around her
and running his hands across her shapely cheeks as she seductively sways her
backside from side to side.

Spreading her cheeks apart, he pushes his cock back into her asshole, the
previous fucking allowing him to easily start deeply pumping in and out of
her, building up a steady pace as he sends himself into her still very tight
back passage, having no problem in fitting ten or so thick inches into her.
He moans as he pumps her ass, running his hands across her tanned cheeks and
squeezing them as he works his hips back and forth into her and not planning
on holding back this time, already going into a quick, steady motion with
which to drive his member straight into her backside.

Looking back over her shoulder at the muscular wrestler who's banging her
ass, she moans with a big smile as she feels his long cock smoothly sliding
back and forth in and out of her asshole, a perfect fit for her tightness as
he's already heading towards going balls deep into her hole once again.
Rocking herself back against his movements, she pushes her butt back to meet
his waist, a smack ringing out when skin meets skin that's only just heard
over both of their moans, her ass cheeks jiggling sexily with every impact
when he drives forward into her as her large breasts hang down and sway in
time with the jolting motion of her stunning body.

Raising a hand up, the Smackdown Superstar lifts a hand up to bring it down
sharply on her juicy ass cheeks, the blow only making her groan in lust so he
gives her another to the other cheek to even things up before his hands go
onto her waist, helping her rocking motion back into him by pulling her back
sharply when he thrusts forward, his dick able to go deeply into her ass as
it slaps into him. The slight sting of pain from that impact and the ones
from when his balls connect with her skin hardly register, the pleasure of
fucking her juicy, thick ass far too strong to be concerned with anything
else other than pounding her butt over and over again, his moans increasing
as his cock throbs ever so slightly as it moves back and forth into her.

Moaning with erotic joy as she's made to push her ass back hard into him,
Maria moves a hand up and under her body, going down to her wet pussy and
brushing her fingers across the entrance in a rubbing, circular motion that
makes her moans get even louder as she makes sure both of her holes are being
well taken care off as she's pounded from behind while bent over and resting
on hand on an expensive couch to support herself. She can only tilt her head
back with closed eyes, her mouth open in an O-shape and nothing but moans and
groans escaping from her as she feels her ass getting drilling unlike
anything she's felt before, while at the same time pleasuring her snatch and
teasing her lower lips by starting to push her fingers up against them.

Gritting his teeth, Morrison can feel himself sweating hard now from the
energy and effort his putting into this now, being no stranger to taking a
stunning woman up the ass but knowing he can't slack off when it concerns the
red head Diva who the world has seen naked thanks to the pages of Playboy,
but they've never seen her like this before.

Continuing to pull her back into his stiff, quick thrusts that he gives her
and then push her away as he pulls a couple inches out of her asshole, he's
putting professional porn stars to shame with how easily and effortlessly
he's slamming his vast, thick cock back and forth into the one of a kind ass
of the Smackdown Diva, his gaze fixed right down on her juicy, jiggling
cheeks as they smack into her waist over and over again.

Likewise, Kanellis is feeling it as well, the layer of sweat all over her
tanned body making her look even more incredible than ever, considering that
the sight of her naked and fucking alone would blow many people's minds, but
the way she's taking a fourteen inch cock balls deep into her ass as she's
getting nailed from behind would stun and amaze all who saw it. Her fingers
are now pumping in and out of her pussy, finger fucking herself and moaning
away as she gets off on having a cock pounding her butt and looking to savor
the feeling for as long as she can, even though she can feel her knees
beginning to get weak, knowing that she's not going to be able to handle this
for too much longer.

Rapid, hard thrusts are being used by the founder of the Palace of Wisdom as
he pounds her ass like his life depends on it, not holding back even though
he can feel his breathing getting heavier and his cock throbbing more and
more as it's stuffed deeply into her impressively still tight back passage,
his hands roaming across her ass and hips as helps her to rock back and forth
into his pumping motion. The handsome wrestler can't help but close his eyes
and enjoy the sensations he's getting as he fucks her incredible ass, the
feeling of her butt checks smacking into him and his balls slapping into her
skin only enhancing it all as he continues to relentlessly pound her juicy,
perfectly rounded backside.

A few moments later both participants in this steamy anal sex groan out
loudly, as Maria Kanellis starts to cum hard on her own fingers as a result
of John Morrison fucking her up the butt from behind, her pussy releasing a
flood of juices all over her digits as she pumps them in and out of her tight
hole, riding out her orgasm and moaning away as she does so. At the same
time, the muscular stud has to control himself as her back passage clamps
tightly around his shaft, continuing to thrust in and out of her but
gradually slowing himself down and easing up as she enjoys a final few more
pumps in her stunning backside before he pulls out of her, licking his lips
with a moan as he taps his throbbing dick against her cheeks.

With a sigh the well fucked Diva takes a seat on the couch, taking a moment
to catch her breath before she grins up at him, reaching forward and wrapping
her covered with her juices fingers around his thick dick, quickly starting
to jerk him off with a quick motion and a tight grip, working his entire
length and rubbing her liquid into his meat, the sensation making him moan
loudly as he's stroked off. She can't help but get one last taste of him,
flicking her tongue across his bulbous bell end as she jerks him smoothly
before using a quick circling motion around the crown, not concerned at all
by the fact his dick had just come straight out of her ass as she licks him,
all the while having her eyes locked on him as she looks up at the moaning,
handsome Superstar.

Soon her hand work is rewarded as John Morrison lets out a loud, deep moan as
he starts to cum, a thick stream of cum shooting out of his fourteen inch
cock and splashing across the pretty face of Maria Kanellis who giggles at
the feeling of his jizz landing on her. She opens her mouth wide, putting out
her long tongue as she starts to catch his jizz on it as well as in her
mouth, moaning slightly as soon she's getting a nice mouthful of his cum
along with all the loads collecting on her soft tongue, although some splash
out across her cheeks and lips as she strokes away, milking his incredible
cock dry of all his spunk. After a few long moments and plenty of moans from
him, she lets go of his now spent dick, letting him see all the cum she's
gotten from him before she takes her tongue back in, closes her mouth, and
easily swallows it all down with one big gulp.

"Tasty!" Maria says with a playful laugh as she leans back on the couch, her
large chest heaving as she recovers from the intense fucking she'd just
experienced. "I can see why you've got a long waiting list to get on this
show, amongst other things..." She smirks, taking a look at his cock again.

"The Guru of Greatness does not disappoint." John says, returning the
smirk. "And your place in the Palace of Wisdom is guaranteed."

"I'll be taking you up on that offer John." The former Playboy cover girl
says. "Because I don't plan on leaving here, let alone the WWE any time

"With an ass like that, I hope you haven't jinxed yourself..." Morrison says
as he turns to the camera. "Today MoFos, we learned that chasing after some
Playboy bunny tail can be very rewarding, and in this case, the catch was far
better than the chase. If by chase you mean one phone call. Join the Shaman
of Sexy next time as I continue the Quest for Greatness. I am John Morrison.
Be Jealous."
_ _ _

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