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jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Lacey (SHIMMER, ROH), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 17: Lacey
A WWE/Indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
walking down a corridor in what appears to be a small-town building. He's
clad in fashionable, expensive looking and tight jeans which do nothing to
hide the sizeable bulge within them, and a similarly flashy-looking shirt
that's left open, showing his incredibly well defined upper body and chest.
He stops in front of the camera, taking off his trademark sunglasses with
crosses over each lens and smirks to the watching audience.

"Welcome Morrison Followers to the next instalment of the Quest For
Greatness." John says, delivering the familiar introduction to his show. "I
am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the Palace of
Wisdom, John Morrison. Today, I have once again ventured into the world of
the independent circuit to examine a former full time wrestler turned valet
turned star of some rather strange "fetish" websites involving chicks getting
knocked out by piledrivers and sleeper holds. I'm not judging her, I'm here
to judge her talents. And yes, that means fucking. You know the deal by now."

With that, Morrison goes over to a locker room door and enters it, and inside
is his target for the show, the former star of SHIMMER and ROH known as the
"Lovely" Lacey. She turns and narrows her eyes at him, brushing her long,
dark hair back across her shoulder as she's clad in tight fitting jeans that
hug to her nicely rounded ass, and a short cut T-shirt with the logo and
design of the team she manages, the "International Home Wrecking Crew" on the
front which shows off her toned stomach and rests nicely against her perky

"You took your time getting here!" Lacey snaps at him, a pissed off look on
her stunning face as she looks over the handsome Superstar.

"The Guru of Greatness is always on time..." Morrison calmly replies,
casually slipping off his shirt before tossing it aside as he checks her out
with a smirk. "I happen to be able to slow down time when I make an entrance
in fact."

"Cut out this bullshit! Look, I'm only agreeing to this because Rain said you
wouldn't disappoint me. So let's cut out this small talk and get straight to
business!" She says again, still angered by him but seems to be eying up his
muscular upper body a little too much for all the smack she's talking.

"That is not a problem..." John says, hands going onto his belt as he easily
undoes them before dropping his pants to the ground, revealing he isn't
wearing anything underneath.

Spying the hardening, and already long and thick cock pointing right at her,
the fury suddenly vanishes as her eyes widen and she slightly licks her lips.
Slipping down onto her knees in front of him, she brushes her fingers over
his shaft, feeling his hardness before properly putting her fingers around
him, stroking him with slow little movements over the bottom half. With one
hand performing that motion, the other is underneath, cupping his balls
gently as she's sizing all of his sexual organs up, never taking her gaze
away from them as if amazed by quite clearly the largest dick she's ever set
eyes on. Looking down, he smirks at the once arrogant wrestler has already
had her often annoying voice silenced by his tool, but he's not planning on
letting her be down there and just jerk him off. Pushing his hips forward, he
sends manhood up closer to her face, catching her off guard as she looks up,
only to give him a sexy smile in response.

Keeping her hand on his cock to stroke the bottom part, she uses the other to
brush her hair back over her shoulder before leaning her head down towards
him, pushing her tongue out to brush it across the tip of his bell end for a
quick flick over. Soon this is followed by a long swirl all around the head,
finished with another couple of taps to the very top that all daps a little
bit of warm saliva onto him. Her hand continues to lightly stroke, keeping
his cock pointed up at her, and Morrison seems content at least at this
point to let her carry on doing as she wishes, but with every intention of
putting her in her place sooner rather than later.

His patience is rewarded when she lowers her head down more, opening her
mouth as she takes the crown inside, moving her tongue back and forth across
its underside for a moment before closing her soft, sexy lips around him.
Looking up to keep eye contact, the wrestler-turned-manager starts to blow
him, going down enough so that four inches or so of his staggering cock is in
before slowly returning back nearly all the way since it looked like she was
going to pull right off his dick when she went up, but she merely went
back down to where she started to begin the motion again.

Slow and steady seems to be the plan for the native of Minneapolis,
Minnesota, both in terms of her oral and hand work. Her blowing motion is
remaining at the same basic but still stimulating tempo, with her luscious
lips dragging sensually across his shaft every time she moves her head upward
and back down again, while her stoking palm is doing the trick as well,
slightly twisting around like a wrench on a bolt as he jerks him off. A moan
bounces around his cock as he's sucked, an indication as are the hardened
nipples poking through her top that she's getting turned on by dishing out
some oral pleasure to the handsome WWE Superstar.

Speaking of said sports entertainer, he doesn't seem to be too impressed by
the work so far of the stunning independent circuit star, not even letting
out a grunt of pleasure at this point. Wanting to see how much she can really
handle, he again gives the less than subtle hint of pushing his hips forward,
sending his shaft up deeper into her mouth so a full seven or eight inches
makes its way into her oral hole. Letting out a moan at the sensation, she in
reflex to the action starts to kick into gear, closing her eyes and beginning
to bob her head at a steadier, quicker pace with her lips still pressing down
against him and her soft palm still stroking away but now also at a faster
pace than before.

This looks to be more to his liking, a slightly moan coming from him as he
looks down at the former SHIMMER talent on her knees sucking him off with
smooth, steady motions that show this isn't the first time she's been in this
position, but certainly never with a dick this size before. She seems to be
handling it well, occasionally tapping her tongue up against his dick as it
passes between her lips to ensure the top half is getting nice and wet,
and the lower portion is being taken care off with her strokes back and forth
as her hand lightly bumps into her own chin when the two actions meet.
Glancing up, Lacey gives the multi-time champion a smirk as she seems to
think she's got him under control, not knowing that as hot and as nice as
this blowjob is that would cause most men and wrestlers to already blow their
loads, she's not dealing with an ordinary sexual companion.

The look on her face only makes the Guru of Greatness slightly raise an
eyebrow as he lures her in, putting a hand on the back of her head, slightly
stroking her hair as she twists her head from side to side, grinding her lips
around the bulbous head of his tool. She's caught off guard of course when as
she stops to go back to blowing him, he pushes himself straight forward,
sending his massive cock straight into her mouth, causing her to gag loudly
as all of his near fourteen inches of meat are lodged in her oral. Trying to
push off with her hands, she's no match for one of the WWE's top stars who
keeps his cock in and uses just one hand to keep her in place, making her
deepthroat him completely which doesn't seem to be to her liking from the
gagging, rasping noises coming from her and the pounding of her hands on his

Finally letting go of her, Lacey pulls her head right back, gasping for air
and wiping away some of her own spit from her mouth. "What the fuck is wrong
with you?" She snaps, glaring up at him. "Are you trying to suffocate me?"

"It's not the fault of the Guru of Greatness that you're used to men with
short amounts of talent, as well as other things."

Morrison coolly replies. "Neither is it the Shaman of Sexy's fault that you
can't use your mouth for something useful."

"Screw you!" The manager of the International Home Wrecking Crew arrogantly
says, still down on her knees as she glances between looking up at him and
down at his rock hard, saliva coated member. "There's nothing I can't

"Then by all means, put your money where your screeching mouth is."

Again, she's been lured in by the insult, mouth opened wide to reply and it's
here that he takes full advantage, shoving his dick straight back into her
mouth, filling her right up with over ten thick inches that causes her to
half-moan, half-groan at the sensation. Somewhat reluctantly, she presses her
full, pretty lips around his dick tightly, perhaps thinking if she doubles
her efforts this time she won't have to try and take all of him in again. No
such luck, as now he smirks, again putting a hand on the back of her dark
hair-covered head, letting her bob her head along his tool for a few moments,
just waiting again for the moment to strike, which comes as she moves up to
his bell end to swirl her tongue around it inside her hot mouth.

Holding her head right in place, he starts to work his magnificent cock in
and out of her, pushing his hips forward and then pulling them right back to
smoothly fuck her mouth with long, steady thrusts that keeps at least six
inches inside her damp hole at all times. She groans, closing her eyes as she
knows resistance is futile, with her pressing down lips offering little
friction in part due to her own saliva that covers him and is now slipping
past to cover her lips and slightly dripping down her chin. The once over
confident, self centred female has certainly accepted this position, resting
her hands on her knees as she's still fully clothed and getting her mouth
used like it's her pussy, with increasing in pace pumps in and out as
gradually more and more of this long thickness is making its way deeper and
deeper still.

Soon enough, she starts to gag as the amount of cock inside her becomes too
much for her to handle, just about a whole foot causing her body to protest
from the invasion but there's no let up and rest as it's clear the founder of
the Palace of Wisdom is going to make an example out of the former Woman of
Honor. Taking a handful of her long locks, he starts to move her head in time
with his movements, forcing her down onto his shaft as it pumps upward to
send it deeper into her, touching the back of her mouth and making his
ballsack into her dampening chin, then taking her back as he pulls his cock
away only to repeat both actions.

The beautiful, semi-retired wrestler groans almost painfully as her mouth is
soon becoming almost abused from the quickening thrusts of the long, rock
hard manhood she's being made to take. As he eyes start to water from the
effects, his shaft is drenched in her warm saliva that's dripping onto his
nuts, which slap into her chin each time his pushes forward, the sound
echoing around the room as is her gagging on his tool. All this time,
Morrison remains calm and collected, moaning as he enjoys fucking the
independent circuit star's oral hole almost as much as he's getting pleasure
from teaching her a major lesson or two.

Another big thrust upward, and this time he keeps himself held right inside,
and moving another hand up to her head to hold her in place again makes her
deepthroat all of his meaty, over fourteen inch shaft. She gags again, long
and deep sounds of discomfort muffled around his dick, trying to shake her
head free but only succeeding in grinding her lips around him. Stuck fast and
going nowhere, she can do nothing as he makes her consume his cock to slobber
all over it, her tongue flicking up and around him out of only reflex. She
looks up, slight tears coming down her gorgeous as she tries to plead for
mercy, her hands patting his arms like she's tapping out, submitting to the
clearly sexually dominate Superstar.

Slowly, the former multi-time champion pulls his cock out from her now well
used mouth, leaving her gasping for breath as saliva drips from her lips,
rubbing her throat as she catches her much needed breath from the deep,
intense face fucking she just endured. Looking back up, all she sees is the
naked form of John Morrison with his long cock standing proud, coated in her
own spit and pointing straight at her. The confident look on his face only
serves to remind her just who is in charge here. Surprising herself, she
leans forward and starts to kiss the tip of the dick that moments ago was
bringing her literally to tears, swirling her tongue around the bell end and
staring up at him as she does so.

"You bastard..." Lacey manages to say, but the look on her face shows she's
still in a state of awe, perhaps lust even, of the Shaman of Sexy. "I could
have choked to death on that thing!"

"Roughness is a must in the Palace of Wisdom..." John replies. "All those who
have been truly enlightened have experiences much, much more than that."

Licking her lips, she looks him over again, clearly looking forward to that
suggestion despite earlier protests. "You think... You can "enlighten" me

He smirks back in reply. "Lose the jeans, and assume the position."

Not hesitating for a moment, she quickly undoes her belt and pulls down her
jeans, revealing her smooth, tanned lower body along with her shaved, clearly
damp pussy and her perfectly rounded ass. Leaving herself only clad in her
black `IHWC' top, she goes down onto her hands and knees in front of him,
looking back with great anticipation over her shoulder at the hunky star of
the WWE. Looking over the hot female who's now very willing to do whatever he
wants her to do, he takes his time getting down in position behind her,
running his hands over her butt cheeks and giving them a slight squeeze.
Moaning at the touch, she pushes herself back against his hands, and for her
troubles receives a hard spank to the right cheek that makes her yelp, and
come to a complete stop as she bites her bottom lip, taking the hint not to
do anything without permission.

Spreading her ass apart, he rests his long shaft in between her cheeks,
teasing as he gently moves it up and down like he's thinking about fucking
just her cheeks but it's not to be, as he then pulls it back, placing it
right underneath to move it back and forth over her pussy, rubbing it and
making her moan as he feels the slight wetness from her lower lips. Again he
pulls his cock straight back, finished with the prelude and now ready to move
on to the real action, as he holds his cock with one hand so he can rub the
head of it across the entrance to her wet, tight looking pussy , the action
again making her moan in a loud, rather slutty manner. Once again though,
it's just a trick as without warning he instead pushes his cock straight into
her asshole with one long, sharp, and unforgiving thrust.

Lacey's eyes go completely wide, nearly out of their sockets as she feels her
back passage being invaded by his massive, thick piece of man meat, her mouth
wide open but unable to make a sound as she feels a million emotions a minute
from this sensation. On the other hand, he is smiling, letting out a moan as
he feels her very tight ass all around the seven or so inches of his dick
that's he's managed to slip in with only her own saliva as the lubrication.
With his hands gripping her sexy ass cheeks, he begins to work himself in and
out of her, mercifully at this point going slow and steady with his movements
as he rocks his hips backward and then forward.

Letting out a hiss, the semi-retired indy star rests forward with one hand,
keeping herself in the doggy-style position, trying to get used to the
massive size working in and out of her super tight asshole as the WWE
Superstar's cock slides in and out of her backside, slow and steady with
already a good five or so inches now stuffed inside her. With her other hand,
she moves it down between her legs, rubbing her wet pussy and making herself
moan now, getting off to being fucked up the ass, looking back over her
shoulder at the handsome stud who's having his way with her, groaning as well
as it's clear that even if she'd been banged like this before, it's never
been with such a vast piece of man meat. Despite acting the opposite, she
seems to be enjoying it, pushing herself back against his dick as it pumps
into her, her soft cries of discomfort quickly turning into slutty moans of
lust as she gives in to the clearly sexually dominate male.

Not one to deny a sexy female wrestler of what she wants, and eager to put
her ego in its place as well, Morrison starts to pick up the pace as well as
put some more force behind his thrusts, his hands resting on her perfectly
rounded ass cheeks as he works more and more of this cock into her tight back
passage. He's still smirking, watching her body rock against his movements
and particularly the dirty look on her face as she takes it up the ass from
behind, letting out a moan himself as he's loving the vice-like grip around
his cock that her ass is giving him. Lifting a hand up to dish out another
stiff spank to her butt and watching the ample flesh jiggle from the impact,
around eight inches of his fat dick is now pumping back and forth into her,
not intending on stopping until he's got all of his length into her,
something that neither mind at all.

Her mouth hasn't closed since this steady ass fucking began, moans pouring
out of it as she rocks herself back and forth against his thrusts, causing
her to look anything but the "lovely" Lacey that she claims to be as she's
sweating a little, her top clinging to her perky, slightly swaying tits as
she takes his shaft deep in her ass. Her hand is smoothly brushing along her
wet, needy pussy, her fingers quickly getting sticky from her juices as she's
being hammered by the sports entertainment star. Tossing her long, dark
hair back, her eyes roam over the hunk's chiselled body, particularly over
his chest and his hips, watching his shaft push in and then quickly back out
of her butt, getting closer and closer to connecting with her body and she's
helping that to happen by pushing her more than ample booty back into him.

Teasing her, he pulls his cock out of her ass, slapping the head against her
cheeks, making her groan in the process as she continues to run her fingers
across her wet snatch, before he pushes his meat back into her tight asshole
with a hard thrust, his waist going straight into her ass with a loud
smacking ringing out from the impact which almost drowns out the loud moans
let out by both participants in this steamy sexual session. His balls start
to smack against her skin each time he thrusts into her, all of his over foot
long cock fitting inside her back passage as he swiftly bangs her again and
again, licking his lips as he watches her body jolt from each thrust but
continue to slam back against him as she still wants it harder and as deep as
he can give it to her. Sweating himself, he has no problem in doing just
that, his hands gripping her waist and aiding her as he pulls her back into
his incoming dick, her butt cheeks slapping into his waist with the pain
barely registering in either of them as they fuck hard and fast.

Sticking her ass up as high as she can, Lacey is moaning shamelessly with her
eyes closed, her face resting on the floor as she takes this intense, deep
ass fucking from the multi-time singles and tag team champion, and as she
takes his thick dick over and over in her butt she really goes to work on her
dripping pussy with her hand. A couple of fingers are working in and out of
her other lower hole, completely coated in her own juices as they slip in and
out from the tip straight to the knuckle, impressively still able to push
herself back against each and every time the huge dick his slammed into her.
While she might be used to being a "Home Wrecker", it's her ass that's
getting well and truly "wrecked" right now, taking such a hard fucking that
most normal women would have been left unable to think straight by this
point, the sound of skin hitting skin ringing out time and time again as his
waist connects with her backside as he pounds her nicely rounded and tanned

Giving her ass a couple more pumps, John pulls his cock out of her once
again, this time for good as he gives her another spank. "It's interesting,
you minor league chicks always act like you're above taking a dick, but
always end up on your back..." He states with a smirk, a glance over her
perfectly curved and sweat covered frame.

Pushing herself up onto her knees, Lacey narrows her eyes at him. "You're
just lucky I let you do that, otherwise I'd rip your damn balls off..." She
tries to threaten, but keeps glancing back at his rock hard cock to show she
doesn't completely mean it.

"Well considering the videos you've been doing lately, you're probably
waiting for the Shaman of Sexy to put a sleeper hold on you." Morrison coolly
states, laying down on the floor. "Or a series of bad-looking piledrivers,
and all the other fetish stuff on those sites you do."

"Oh, you're going to get it now you bastard!" Lacey almost roars, tearing off
her "IHWC" to really her perky, nicely rounded tits before pouncing on him
and straddling his waist. "You're really gonna get it!"

The ever-confident former Dirt Sheet co-host just smirks, watching as the
SHIMMER star lowers her wet pussy down on his cock, taking inch after inch
inside and making them both moan from the feeling as she's also very tight in
this hole, with the added dampness making it feel just as great. Perhaps too
caught up in the lustful feelings of this hate fuck to care that she's taking
a cock that's just been straight in her ass, she starts to ride his shaft,
handling a good eight or so inches already, leaning forward enough to place
her hands on his chest, still glaring down at him and slightly scratching his
muscular chest as she does so, still showing some flashes of defiance while
whorishly moving up and down on his thick dick.

Unfazed by this action, he grabs her hands with his own, pulling her body
down to press against his and surprising her by pressing his lips against
hers, and a second later she opens her mouth, hungrily pushing her tongue
into his to make out with the handsome WWE stud as she moves her hips back
and forth along his dick, gradually taking more and more of him inside her
tight, wet hole. Exchanging moans as well as spit as their tongues wrap
around each other, Morrison moves his hands up and under her body, squeezing
her tits and making her moan louder again as she rides him, the added
attention driving her wild as she feels his hands toying with her breasts,
his fingers brushing against the rock hard nipples.

Pulling her head away and tossing her hair back, Lacey lets out a loud, porn
star-like groan, keeping her eyes shut as she bounces swiftly on the long,
fourteen inch shaft that's starting to be pumped up into her snatch as well,
allowing all of its wide length to be thrust inside her which in turn means
his meat is completely coated in her juices. She places her hands by his
sides for support, allowing her to match the pace he's using to pump up into
her so that when he sends himself balls deep into her, she brings her
snatch straight down into him with a loud smack ringing out when skin hits
sweat-covered skin. She licks her lips, eyes half open to look down at him
and she gives him a slight smirk, still being as arrogant as ever but
completely driven by lust thanks to the one-of-a-kind stud underneath him.

Said Guru of Greatness smirks back, knowing that despite what she's trying to
fake, they both know he's in control here, proven by how even just the action
of him moving his hands down from her tits and onto her toned waist makes her
groan with pleasure. He's pumping hard and fast into her pussy, his balls
slapping into her skin with every motion as he looks to enjoy each and every
moment of banging the former ROH starlet's wet lower how that he can, and
that feeling is only made better by her moving herself back and forth across
his length at the same time. Moaning deeply, he can feel himself sweating
more and more as time goes on, putting plenty of effort into each and every
thrust into the stunning semi-retired wrestler's snatch like she's the last
chick he'll ever bang, and for sure it'll be a fucking that neither of them
will ever forget for quite some time.

Her whole body is covered in a layer of sweat, and the arrogant Indy star is
almost panting as she uses every drop of energy that she has left in her to
keep riding the handsome hunk and in particular the longest, thickest cock
that she will ever see. Though she won't admit it, she knows she's out of her
league with this kind of almost sex god as his thrusts are now much faster
and harder than the pace she's using to bounce on his cock, her snatch
smacking down time and time again into his crotch, with her pussy juices
completely soaking his shaft and trickling further down onto his balls.
Finding herself unable to keep herself up, she leans down to press against
his stunning frame, her breasts rubbing against his smooth chest as she rocks
her hips back against his pumping dick, a stream of moans escaping from her
mouth which makes a drastic improvement from the screeching insults she
usually lets out.

Likewise, the founder of the Palace of Wisdom is also sweating harder than
ever but he's still able to keep control, his hands on her ass cheeks now as
he helps to rock on his cock by pulling her towards and pushing away from him
as he thrusts away into her pussy.

Slamming the hot wrestling valet is a dream come true for many an independent
circuit fan, and he's putting in a championship performance and then some,
his dick rapidly slamming in and out of her still tight and very wet hole
like it was made for taking his cock. With his breathing getting quicker and
deeper, he knows he can't last too long now like this, but he's determined to
teach her a lesson in fucking that she won't likely every forget, even if she
denies this ever happened.

Sliding her hands up the chiseled out of stone chest and letting out a couple
of deep, lusty groans, the "Lovely" Lacey begins to cum hard on the long,
hard cock of John Morrison, her snatch tightening around his dick as it slams
in and out of her, causing her juices to flood out and down to splash all
across his crotch as he makes her ride out her whole, mind-blowing orgasm.
She can only lay down on his body and take the pounding with a slutty grin on
her face, clearly having loved every moment of this hard, intense fucking as
she feels his member beginning to slow down as she comes back down to Earth
from her sexual high.

He showed great self-control in not blowing his load inside her as she came,
but now he's looking to get off himself as he pulls his shaft out of her well
fucked snatch, making them both groan in the process. He moves her off of
him, positioning her where he wants as she stands in front of her, the sweat-
covered woman looking dazed as she rests on her knees, but seeing him
starting to feverishly beat his meat just an inch away from her snaps her
back into reality. She doesn't resist as she stares up at him, licking her
pouty lips before opening her mouth with her tongue out wide, giving the man
who just fucked her nearly senseless a clear target which is more than enough
motivation for him as he cock throbs more and more as he hand works over it
smoothly and quickly.

A moment later, and with a deep, satisfied moan John Morrison starts to shoot
his load across the face of Lacey, a huge stream of thick jizz landing across
her gorgeous face and making her moan as she feels his spunk landing on her,
soon followed by another as he looks to give her a glaze covering in addition
to sweat across her cheeks. He continues to jerk himself off, load after load
firing out of his dick and landing across her cheeks, nose, lips, and on her
stuck-out tongue as well as into her open mouth to give her a much more than
just decent facial in addition to a nice mouthful of his creamy cum. Jerking
out the final drops of his load, Lacey takes the moment to swallow his spunk
down with a hungry gulp, a lick of her lips before leaning her cum-covered
face up to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock to clean him up,
making him smirk at the slutty site before him.

"Looks like there might be a place in the Palace of Wisdom for you after
all..." John states, looking over the well fucked Indy star still licking
over his softening cock.

Lifting her head back, she smirks up at him. "I guess that's a complement..."
She arrogantly replies. "But don't think that just because you fucked me that
I'm just going to bend over for you like that again!" She says, although
looking as she does with her face covered in jizz her words don't have much
impact at all.

"That'll be your loss." Morrison coolly states. "Your friend Rain didn't mind
going for a second round, and a third, and so on."

"Oh, I'm ready to out fuck you..." Lacey grins. "But since you've had two of
the International Home Wrecking Crew, how about you try your luck with the
third?" She challenges him, starting to stand up but feeling just a little
weak at the knees now. "I know a girl across the pond in Coventry who'd be
more than a match for you..."

"The Shaman of Sexy fears no international delights, so that challenge might
be accepted..." Morrison says as he turns to the camera. "Today MoFos, we
learned that it doesn't matter if you are fully active or just semi-retired,
once you're on your knees you can still fuck like the best of them. Or at
least think that you can in this case. Join the Shaman of Sexy next time as I
continue the Quest for Greatness. I am John Morrison. Be Jealous."
_ _ _

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