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Featuring: Amber O'Neal (SHIMMER, WSU), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 18: Amber O'Neal
A WWE/Indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch. He's clad in
fashionable, expensive looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide the
sizeable bulge within them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart,
and a similarly flashy-looking shirt that's left open, showing his incredibly
well defined upper body and chest.

"Welcome one and all to the next instalment of the Quest For Greatness. I am
the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the Palace of
Wisdom, John Morrison. Who were you expecting, that screwball Matt Hardy
working the Internet marks? No, I am putting videos to a much better use, and
today at this unbelievably high-priced WWE Studio I will have a guest who has
been a star across the indiependent circuit for a number of years, including
time in some notable companies, and some of the more horrible ones as well.
Please welcome, Amber O'Neal."

Looking to the side, coming onto the set is none other than said indy star of
WEW, SHIMMER, and WSU, Amber O'Neal. The stunning blond from North Carolina
is clad in a tight fitting black, sleeved top that hugs nicely to her
perfectly rounded chest, black shorts that fit perfectly against her sexy
ass, and black fishnet tights to cover her smooth legs along with black, knee
high boots. Flashing a smile, she looks over the "host" of this show as he
stands up to greet her.

"Well honey, you've kept me waiting so this better be worth my time." Amber
says, brushing her blond locks back over her shoulders.

"The Guru of Greatness makes a guarantee to never disappoint in any
situation." John coolly replies, not hiding the fact he's checking her tanned
and curved frame out.

"Is that so?" O'Neal asks with a smirk. "Well, I've heard some good things
from some of your former "guests" about you, but I'm going to need some real
proof, if you catch my drift..." She says, placing her hand onto his package
and giving it a firm squeeze through his pants, all the while keeping eye
contact with the WWE stud.

"In that case, feel free to conduct an investigation..." Morrison replies,
taking off his expensive shirt and tossing it aside to fully reveal his one
of a kind upper body.

Still keeping her hand on his bulge, the stunning blond lowers herself down
to her knees, smirking up at the WWE Superstar as she uses her free hand to
reach up and start to undo the belt on his pants, the other slightly rubbing
across his hardening package. Unbuttoning the clothing, she squeezes for a
moment more before letting go, allowing his pants to drop to the floor and
she starts to smile broadly when she sees he's gone commando with this semi-
hard but already long and thick cock on display to her, the sight of such a
piece of man meat already making her lick her lips in anticipation.

For now though, O'Neal's hand goes back onto his dick as she wraps her
fingers around it, beginning to use a slow, smooth movement as she slides her
hand along the hardening manhood, her eyes locked onto it as it's getting
longer and harder still from her soft touch, and as she does this he steps
out and kicks aside his pants, not wanting any distractions. Not that the
sight of a stunning blond wrestler on her knees and stroking him off couldn't
get his full attention, and the feeling of her hand running up and down his
shaft already has him moaning lightly, his gaze darting between the moving
hand, her smiling, gorgeous face, and back behind her to her shapely ass as
its sticking slightly out from her positioning.

Soon enough, her smooth and steady handjob has gotten Morrison standing at
full attention, with his mightly over foot long cock pointing at her and
again she licks her lips as she looks over it, no doubt thinking of many ways
and positions to handle the biggest dick she's ever seen in her life. For the
meantime, she's planning on giving him a treat he won't soon forget as her
soft palm continues to move up and down along his cock, the bottom of her
hand slightly brushing against his balls when she moves to the base, and then
over the crown when she reaches the top, repeating the motion again and again
to stroke off the handsome Shaman of Sexy.

The recipient of said sexual act certainly appreciates it, now licking his
lips himself and letting out another moan as he watches the Team Blondage
member taking care of his meat with a nice and slow stroking that takes care
of every inch of him. Using his own hand, he brushes her long, blond hair out
of the way of her pretty face, getting a smirk in reply as her hand starts to
move quickly and a little more forcefully over his shaft, which again has the
sports entertainer moaning from the actions of her talented hand as it
steadily moves back and forth across his thick dick.

Not content with just dishing out this quite clearly pleasurable handjob,
Amber moves her other hand up from her knee and onto his nut sack, gently
cupping them and giving them a little squeeze as she continues to move the
other hand back and forth along the shaft, pausing at the top to rub across
his bell end to take care of both parts with her soft palms. This has the
multi-time WWE singles and tag team champion groaning with delight, causing
her to smile and increase her efforts as she moves one hand across and around
the tip of his dick while the other playfully gropes his heavy balls, the
double teaming continue for a couple more moments as if she was sizing up
what she's working with here.

Soon though, the hand taking care of the shaft resumes its task of moving up
and down, this time at a faster pace and with a perfect grip as her palm
slides smoothly all the way down to the base and then right back to the
crown, showing impressive ability to have her hands doing separate sexual
tasks at the same time to an equally impressive and long cock. The other hand
slides across and around his ball sack, teasing and occasionally squeezing
them, all the while having a smile on her stunning face as she gets him more
than just warmed up thanks to her superb hand skills, with each twisting
around the part of his manhood they are focused on as they move back and

"It might not be for wrestling, but your hands are certainly good at
something." John states with a smirk, watching on as she gives his cock
another couple of strokes.

"Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet." Amber states with a slightly arrogant
tone as she lets go of his dick, using her hands to brush her long, blond
hair back.

"You might be reading my mind..." Morrison replies coolly. "Because the Guru
Greatness can easily show you and trick or two."

"Is that a challenge?" O'Neal fires back, raising an eyebrow seductively. "In
that case, lay down here and let's really get this going."

With no intentions of refusing such a request, the WWE Superstar lays down on
the canvas right in the middle of the ring, and as he does that the former
SHIMMER star is placing her hands on her nicely rounded hips, pushing her
black ring shorts down her tights-covered legs to show she's also not wearing
any underwear, as he can see her smoothly shaved pussy underneath the tights.
With a smirk, she steps over him and slowly lowers herself down to mount him
in the classic sixty-nine position, her head hovering above his rock hard
cock and again she wraps her hand around his shaft, giving it a couple of
swift pumps as she gets herself comfortable on top of him.

Not one to just lay down and take it, Morrison moves his hands up and
squeezes her well rounded ass cheeks, causing her to let out a little moan at
the touch as his hands roam over the perfectly tanned flesh, causing the
fishnet tights to press down slightly against her skin as he feels her up,
taking a good look at her snatch as he does so. Deciding that she'll need to
do much more than just jerk him off this time, the North Carolina native
lowers her head down so she can flick her tongue over and across the bulbous
crown of his cock, a circular motion being used around the head and tip which
makes him moan at the dabbing of saliva this action leaves on him.

Smirking for a moment, he now pushes his own head upward, pushing his tongue
against her pussy and managing to slightly press against her pussy, able to
lightly lick at it but her tights make it difficult to really get at her
folds so he can only dab away at it, brushing his hungry tongue across the
leggings but still able to grope away at her butt cheeks. The combined action
makes her moan, eyes half closing as her tongue continues to work over the
head, getting it nicely wet from her smooth, clockwise motions she's using,
her hand holding his dick by the base to make sure it's pointing straight up
at him which is perfect for her to spit right down onto him, watching her
saliva trickle down the shaft but using her hand to quickly stroke it into
his skin with some quick pumps.

As the handsome WWE star taps his tongue against her tights covered pussy,
Amber lowers her head down, opening her mouth and taking his cock inside,
wrapping her lovely lips around him and wasting no time in starting to rock
her head back and forth along him, handling a good four or so inches as she
establishes a steady pace and still uses her hand to keep him held straight
up. The feeling of her warm, wet mouth around his cock has him moaning from
the instance it begins, his hands squeezing her ass cheeks more firmly and in
turn she's moaning around his man meat, bobbing her head over the top portion
of him and getting fully into the sexual act as she closes her eyes, her
blond hair swaying slightly from the movement of her head.

Showing his control, he takes advantage of her attention being on blowing his
mighty dick to move his hands down to take two handfuls of her tights, and in
a blink of an eye tearing a big hole right down between her ass cheeks, fully
revealing her slightly wet pussy to him. Eyes shooting open to glare back at
him, she soon closes them and lets out a muffled moan as he mouth pressing
right onto her snatch, sucking on the entrance to her lower hole as his hands
pull the gap in her leggings further apart so he can rest his hands properly
on her stunning ass cheeks, spreading them so he can really press his face
into her. His tongue soon finds its way inside her folds, lapping away and
making moan again as she gets wetter and wetter with every flick around his
tongue does inside her pussy, quickly moving all around to feel and taste
every part of her that he can.

Spurred on by this already masterful eating out she's taking, she doubles her
efforts on his cock by moving her head further down onto his shaft, well
passing the halfway mark with her soft lips firmly pressed around his meat,
getting him covered in her saliva as her head quickly moves up and down along
him as her moans vibrate around his hard member. Her perfectly curved body is
slightly rocking back and forth against his face as he dines on her snatch,
also allowing her to take more of his long cock into her warm, damp mouth as
she's got over eleven inches of his shaft inside, with her hand slightly
twisting around the other portion not yet being blown but more holding it in
place than anything else as she sucks away with force and speed that would
rival even the most experienced porn stars.

Moaning himself into her wet pussy, the Shaman of Sexy is munching away on
her, his tongue lapping up her forming juices like he hasn't had a drop to
drink in days but showing great control as his probing tongue moves back and
forth, from side to side and then up and down her snatch to ensure he's
giving her what he's receiving in terms of pleasure and then some. Since both
extremely attractive and talented wrestlers are moaning away as they orally
please the other, then that particular mission is being accomplished as she
sucks away on him without a hint or sound of gagging, and he hasn't stopped
tasting and licking her pussy since the moment he'd gotten full access to it.

Eventually, O'Neal has to lift her head off from his saliva coated cock to
take a deep breath and let out a moan. "Damn... I liked those tights!" She
says with a hint of attitude as she glares back at him, but doesn't seem to
mind him eating her out still as she rocks her hips back against his handsome

With a smirk, John pulls himself away from her snatch which makes her groan.
"You seemed to enjoy the Shaman of Sexy's tongue more, so that makes it
even." He answers back.

"Well... Just as well, otherwise..." She starts to say as she turns himself
around on him, almost mounting him with his shaft resting between her ass
cheeks. "Otherwise you might not get all that you want out of me. I'm not
just another blond like the other's you've banged on this "show" of yours."

"Considering you had to be a part of Wrestlicious, I'd have thought you'd be
grateful for any real action for once." He answers back, but before she can
answer he takes advantage of the positioning, lifting her up enough for him
to line up his cock.

Instead of a snappy comeback, a loud moan comes out of her mouth as her wet
pussy gets impailed on his long, thick cock as he eases her down onto it,
slipping over half of his length inside her before moving her back upward so
just the head is inside her. Soon though, she gets herself ready by moving
her legs apart as her knees rest by his sides, leaning forward to rest her
hands on his smooth, muscular chest and starting to rock her hips back and
forth against him, now moving her snatch along his dick herself and there's
no complaints from the man underneath her as he feels her tight hole all
around his thickness.

Closing her eyes, the former WEW Tag Team Champion licks her lips as she
feels her snatch getting filled up with his massive shaft, her bouncing
motion now locked in and allowing her to easily move herself up and down
along the length, taking inch after inch inside herself and forcing her pussy
to take the invading pillar which it does while still remaining as tight as
ever even with the vast size its taking. Morrison's hands now rest on her
toned waist, looking up at her tanned frame as she rocks on his dick, making
him moan from the feeling around and all over his cock that he feels as the
hot female grappler fucks him, still half dressed in torn at the ass fishnets
and her tight fitting sleeved top, her hard nipples poking through the
material of it.

With a grunt and deep moan, the blond pushes herself right down onto his
dick, taking him balls deep so her snatch comes into contact with his crotch
and meaning all of his fourteen inches is being held inside of her wet, tight
pussy and the feeling of this has them both moaning loudly at the sensations,
savoring it as she grinds herself down onto him for a long moment. She soon
gets back to work, hands sliding across the magnificent upper body of the WWE
Superstar as she starts riding him once again, looking more like a cowgirl
than a Southern Belle as she pushes herself up to halfway up his dick before
dropping back down sharply with a smack ringing out each time skin meets skin
as she quickly repeats this action time and time again.

Just laying back and watching the stunning indy star bouncing away isn't
enough for John, despite how fantastic her pussy feels as it moves back and
forth along his cock, and he feels the need to get further hands on with her
so he moves his hands up from her waist to her black top, pushing the
material up to reveal her perfectly rounded and sized breasts in all their
glory. She moans out as he squeezes and plays with them, adding only more
pleasure to what she's feeling by being stuffed full of his dick, but she
keeps her focus by continuing to bounce away on his over foot long pole, just
tilting her head back and letting him feel up her completely tanned chest and
is soon rewarded as his fingers brush against and then rub around her hard
nipples to make his groping feel even better than it already is.

With a smirk forming on her face, she brings herself down to a stop on his
dick, rocking her hips back and forth to grind her snatch down on to him
which makes them both groan in enjoyment as she handles every inch of his
thick dick inside her soaking wet hole, which has well and truly covered his
meat with her juices from the swift movements she's been using on him. Her
hands move up onto his, encouraging him to play with her some more by pushing
them down onto her tits and they both exchange smirks at the action before he
does just that, digging his fingers slightly into the ample flesh of her
breasts and pressing them together to rub them against each other, which only
serves to make her groan even more than she's doing already from rocking on
his dick.

"Mmmm babe... Maybe you're not so bad after all..." Amber says slyly, taking
her hands off from his and leaning back slightly with his shaft still deep in
her pussy.

"In the Palace of Wisdom, there's no such thing as bad." John states in his
unique way, taking his hands away from her tits and watching as the hot blond
then eases herself all the way up and off of his cock.

"Honey, I wasn't born yesterday, so don't try and win me over with your fancy
talk." O'Neal states with smirk, licking her lips and looking over his
muscular frame as he too stands up from the studio floor.

"Then perhaps this can sway over to the path of enlightenment..." Morrison
says, before surprising her by taking a hold of her by the waist and lifting
her straight off the ground.

Bracing herself, the WSU star wraps her arms around his neck and closes her
eyes before letting out a moan as she's lowered right down onto his cock in
one firm motion, impaling her on all of his over foot long and thick shaft
and keeping her held down on him, showing his strength by easily holding her
right off the ground as he holds her by her tanned and toned waist. Moving
her legs up and around his muscular body, she's able to grind her pussy
against his crotch for a moment, adjusting to the new position and leaning as
far back as she can, in the process allowing him to take a look at her well-
rounded tits as she does so.

Rocking his hips backward and then right up towards her, the Guru of
Greatness starts to pump his massive cock straight up into her wet pussy at
an already quick and firm pace which in seconds has them both moaning away at
the lusty motion, that sound being joined by the smack of skin hitting skin
each and every time he drives himself balls deep into her. The lovely blond
keeps trying to move against his thrusts, pushing her snatch towards the
incoming dick she's taking and her action is helped by him holding her in the
perfect position, although since her body is jolting slightly each time he
sends himself into her that is also helping to increase the pleasure both
stunning wrestlers are feeling.

Feeling her tight as ever pussy all around his covered with her juices cock
when he slides his dick in and out of her box is a feeling enough, but he
wants some more and with his gaze fixed on her chest, it's no surprise a hand
moves up to push her top further away from them and then go back to give them
a quick, deep feel up as he continues to thrust away into her. With a groan,
she open s her eyes to lock them with his, soon moving her hands up to the
back of his head, drawing him in and feverishly pressing her lips onto his,
engaging with a deep kiss that has them exchanging more moans than spit as
their bodies move against each other's, and his hand still gropes away at her
perfectly sized breasts much to her delight as her hands run through his

Pushing his tongue into her mouth so he can wrap it around hers, Morrison
moves his hands down to her stunning ass, squeezing the cheeks as he picks up
the pace, his cock now ramming with speed and greater force into her dripping
snatch and in turn making them both moan louder at the sensation, but he
never misses a beat as he keeps up the perfect timing needed to give the
blond bombshell the kind of fucking she truly deserves. Said female is more
than just appreciative of this, flicking her tongue against his as they
deeply make out, and keeping her hands moving through his hair as she grinds
her body against him, managing to even lightly bounce against his thrusts
even though he's the one clearly in control, keeping her covered with a sexy
layer of sweat body off of the ground as he bangs her pussy.

Similarly the WWE Superstar's chiseled out of stone body has a light coating
of perspiration over it, only making him look more handsome than before as he
slams his coated with her pussy juices cock swiftly in and out of her snatch
over and over again, with his balls slapping up into her skin each time he
buries himself deep into her. His hands roam across her butt and up to her
waist, still able to hold her up in this standing position even after all
this time but likewise she's still ready and very, very willing to take even
more from him as she grinds and rocks against his pistoning manhood as it
sharply moves in and out of her dripping hole, with every motion causing them
both to both moan loudly as they break off their lip lock to take in much
needed breaths of air.

"Fuck!" Amber groans as he starts to slow down his pumps into her. "I knew
you were good from the videos, but damn you're even better in real life!" She
says with a grin as he pulls out of her dripping pussy.

"Seeing is truly believing." John replies with a smirk, setting her down to
stand on the floor. "And I can see that you can take some more of the Shaman
of Sexy."

"Honey, I can handle anything you've got left." O'Neal states as she pulls
her sweat-soaked top completely off her body, leaving her only in boots and
her sexy, torn at the crotch fishnet tights.

"In that case, assume the position on this seating and I'll cement your place
in the Palace of Wisdom..." Morrison states, leading her over to the lavish
couch in the studio set.

Not hesitating for a moment, the top indy circuit star climbs up to rest her
knees on the couch seats, leaning forward to place her hands on the top for
support, allowing her to push her shapely backside out towards him, tossing
her long blond hair back so she can look back at him as he comes up to her.
Placing his hands on her butt cheeks, he spreads them apart and lines himself
up carefully before pushing firmly forward not into her snatch again, but
this time to penetrate her even tighter asshole which makes them both groan
loudly as his mighty, thick shaft invades her other hole with four inches
already inside her before he starts to pull out, building up a rhythm as he
looks to force her back passage open to fully accept all of his meat.

Gritting her teeth and gripping tightly onto the couch with one hand, she's
thankful that there's plenty of her own pussy juices acting as a form of lube
over his cock to allow this butt fucking to continue somewhat smoothly,
groaning as she feels him gradually working inch after fat inch into her
stunning ass and to her credit she's not demanding this stop, trying to
ignore the pain and just take it. To help with that, she's moving her other
hand down under her tanned, sweating body to place it across her snatch,
rubbing herself and instantly making herself moan out loud as she keeps the
pleasure going while getting nailed in the ass from behind by one of sport
entertainment's hottest studs.

With both hands keeping her ass spread apart, the former member of the MNM
tag team pumps away steadily into the stunning backside before him, loving
the feeling of her very tight back passage all around his shaft and
pleasantly surprised that while still resisting somewhat, he's getting more
of himself deep inside her, ten or so inches now firmly buried deep into her
with plenty more to come. Making his thrusts sharper and putting more force
behind them soon reaps more rewards, and not just by making them both moan
louder either as soon enough she's slamming all of his fourteen inch cock
back and forth into her ass, really giving it to her as his balls slap
against her smooth cheeks which makes the smacking sound ring out around
the room as he continues to pump away into her.

Still pushing her ass out towards him to take this intense anal pounding, the
gorgeous blond is making sure she's taken fully care off as well by working a
couple of fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy, almost getting all of
her hand wet with her own juices as she quickly slides her digits back and
forth from her snatch as she's taking it up the ass at the same time. With
her head tilted back, eyes closed, and mouth open wide to let out a stream of
moans and groans, the woman who played Southern Belle Charlotte in
Wrestlicious couldn't have predicted to have been in this kind of
mind-blowing sexual encounter, especially with a hunky WWE star but she's
sure loving every moment of it, further shown by how hard she's currently
sweating as a result of the pounding she's taking from him.

Likewise, the multi-time singles and tag team champion is showing the effects
as his chest heaves and his cock begins to throb slightly inside her super
tight back passage as he slams her ass time and time again, his waist
colliding with her ass checks every time he goes balls deep into her and the
sting from the impact barely registers with either of them as it's just the
supreme pleasure from this anal sex that they are focused on. Moaning as he
watches her butt jiggle from each thrust he gives her, he can feel the sweat
dripping off his body but is still driven on to not waste a single moment of
this encounter that he possibly can, the lusty determination that would put
professional pornstars to shame as he bangs the gorgeous blond like his
existence depends on it.

It goes as no surprise from the pace and intensity that they both been using
since this started that both wrestlers are feeling the effects of this
fucking session, and while they'd love to continue this throughout the night
they have to reach their climax sooner rather than later, but it's just a
case of who'd get their first. That happens to be the stunning independent
circuit performer, as with her pussy clamping around her pumping fingers,
it's Amber O'Neal who cums from being fucked in the ass by John Morrison.
With a big smile on her face and a sigh, juices flood out across her hand as
she fingers herself through her orgasm, riding out the giant wave of pleasure
running through her sweaty, tanned and curvy body as the WWE Superstar
continues to thrust away into her now well fucked ass, causing her to
moan and groan away as she works her fingers in and out of her snatch.

With a satisfied groan, the sports entertainer pulls his shaft out of her
butt, smirking for a moment at the sight before he turns her around, letting
her open her eyes to see what's about to come her way before he starts to
stroke himself off, his hand furiously moving back and forth across his
member to get himself off. He didn't therefore expect her to lean her head in
and wrap her lips around the crown of his dick, bobbing her head along it to
make him moan loudly and not one to turn down a blowjob from a hot blond he
lets go of himself, letting her smoothly rock her head back and forth along
him, groaning as he feels her tongue slapping up against him as she tastes
her own ass off of his manhood and it doesn't look like she minds the taste
at all from the muffled moan she lets out.

Just a few moments later and her swift oral skills get a creamy, thick reward
for her efforts as with a deep moan John Morrison begins to cum inside the
mouth of Amber O'Neal who moans at the feeling as a stream of spunk shoots
out into her mouth and not fazed by it, she swallows it straight down with a
gulp. She keeps bobbing her head along his throbbing dick smoothly and
firmly, her lips tightly pressed around his manhood to make sure none of his
jizz escapes, taking every load that's fired out of it and drinking it down
with ease. He just moans and watches on with a big smile as she sucks him
dry, even when the last few drops are trickling out and his cock is beginning
to soften she still blows him with a couple more rocking motions of the head
before finally pulling off of him, licking her lips clean for a moment before
flicking her tongue across the bell end of his cock to clean it and give this
incredible sexual encounter a proper, well deserved ending.

"Well John, you might talk some real nonsense sometimes, but a fuck like that
makes you just fine in my book." Amber states with a smile as she sits back
on the couch.

"Despite that back handed complement, it's agreed that you may grace the
Palace of Wisdom anytime you may wish too." John replies, looking over her
sweat covered body as she catches her breath back.

"If that's your way of saying let's fuck again sometime, then count me in
honey." O'Neal replies, a good look taken over his muscular body as she

"That most certainly will be an invitation accepted." Morrison says, before
turning to look at the camera. "Today followers of the Quest For Greatness,
we've learned that while there may be differences in languages and accents
between people, something as simple as a good, hard fuck can certainly bring
two people right together over and over again. Especially if they are as easy
on the eye as today's example has been. I have been John Morrison, and next
time I shall continue onward in my Quest For Greatness!"
_ _ _

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