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Featuring: Trish Stratus (WWF/WWE), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 19: Trish Stratus - A WWE crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
standing in a yoga studio, already giving away who could be the star of the
show today as in back background behind him a large "Stratusphere Yoga"
banner. He's clad in fashionable, expensive looking and tight jeans which do
nothing to hide thesizeable bulge within them, not exactly hidden as he sits
with legs apart, and a similarly flashy-looking shirt that's left open,
showing his incredibly well defined upper body and chest.

"Welcome one and all to the next instalment of the Quest For Greatness. The
webshow dedicated to search for the hottest female talent around in
wrestling, and sometimes even to those who were once a part of it. I am the
Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the founder of the Palace of Wisdom,
John Morrison. Now some viewers have sent in requests for stars they'd like
to see featured in this show, and even begging demands to be on this show to
perhaps help get their own shows some more hits. Sorry to a "T. Miz" out
there and to I know a faithful watcher of this show "A. Riley", but your
request to be on my show have been declined. I have however given in to the
demands of the majority of viewers, and today I can bring on a former Diva
who's appearance here has been much anticipated. I need give her no further
introduction than to say here is... Trish Stratus!"

Walking into view is the woman voted Diva of the Decade amongst other
accolades, the former WWE Hardcore Champion and seven time WWE Women's
Champion, the stunning blond Canadian Trish Stratus. With a smile on her
beautiful face, the owner of the very yoga studio they're standing in stands
beside Morrison, clad in tight-fitting black workout pants that fit perfectly
to her sexy ass and a matching black sports bra that shows off plenty
cleavage from her large breasts.

"Oh come on, you can give me a better intro than that!" Trish playfully
jokes, glancing to the camera with a wink before back to the current WWE

"The watching audience will know full well who you are..." John says, not
hiding the fact he's openly checking out the former WWE Diva.

"Yes, but you could have given it some more, you know? Say that I'm Trish
Stratus! Owner of Stratusphere Yoga, star of Armed and Famous, The Second
City's Next Comedy Legend, and the movie Bail Enforcers! Trish Stratus,

"So, basically just plug anything you've been involved in or will be to give
you publicity?" Morrison interrupts, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"Isn't that why anyone comes onto this show? Well, apart from the fucking?"
The busty blond replies with a smirk, tilting her head slightly as she
watching him start to take off his lavish shirt.

"Fucking? Well, if you insist..." He says, tossing the clothing aside and
reaching down to his belt. "Then perhaps the Shaman of Sexy should experience
some Stratusfaction..."

No sooner had he started lowering his pants, the iconic former WWE Diva has
all too eagerly lowered herself down onto her knees in front of him, her hand
wrapped around his hardening cock, a sexy grin on her face as she's pleased
he's gone commando, but even happier at the size of his tool already and it's
barely half erect. She's planning on fixing that through, looking up at him
as she works her soft palm up and down his cock, quick little strokes as it
seems she's not wanting to wait much longer before getting down to business,
and the smirk on his face as he steps out of his pants shows he has no
problem with that. Looking down at the dick she's jerking off, she leans her
head in a little so she can spit down onto it, her hand soon rubbing her
saliva into his shaft and making him moan lightly from the pleasure, in turn
making her giggle seductively, keeping her gaze on his cock as her skilled
hands soon have him rock hard, standing proud at a good fourteen inches and
perfectly thick to match.

Glancing up to the handsome WWE star, she gives him a wink before leaning her
head further in, teasing dragging the tip of his dick across her full lips,
her hand lightly stroking him off as she does so, before she sticks her
tongue out and runs it across and around the head, a slow swirling motion
that allows them both to savor the feeling. A sly smile is on the
Stratusfying woman's face as she hears his moans, giving a couple more licks
all the way around the tip, leaving it dabbed in her saliva in the process,
before she leans back slightly, letting her hand work over the whole length,
once more working her own spit into his man meat but the way she's licking
her lips as she looks over his member shows she's not going to just lick him.

Opening her mouth, she leans in once more and starts to take his cock into
her warm oral hole, moaning a little herself as she feels inch after thick
inch passing through her pouty lips, keeping her hand still at the base as
she shows her skill, easily handling half of his big dick with just the one
push down. Seductively staring up at him, she moves her hands onto his thighs
before rocking her head back and forth along his length, travelling up to the
head and then back down to half way as she begins to suck him, keeping her
luscious lips pressed down and around his cock as she takes in and out of her
mouth. The eyes of the Guru of Greatness are locked onto the stunning
Canadian's bobbing head as she dines on his shaft, smoothly moving along and
then back down on him and causing him to moan out at the feeling that already
feels fantastic and she's not even working over all of him, just using her
mouth to pleasure the current WWE Superstar.

Closing her eyes, Stratus lowers herself down onto the thick dick in her
mouth gradually more, each bobbing motion downward letting an extra inch or
so into her, all the while her tongue teasingly tapping up onto the underside
every once in a while, making sure his tool is nice and wet although her
mouth is able to do that on its own. It does mean that the sexy blond's face
is heading closer and closer towards his crotch, her long hair slightly
swaying as he head rocks along his length, now just using short motions so
she goes up to half way and heads right down, both of them moaning as this
hot blowjob goes on although clearly his are the more louder as he gladly
experiences some mind-blowing Stratusfaction. Her hands lightly run up and
down his thighs as her moans vibrate around his thick dick, a little saliva
trickling down past her lips as she slowly but expertly sucks him off,
clearly enjoying performing this sexual act on a former co-worker if the hard
nipples poking through her straining top are any indication.

Feeling her nose begin to bump into his toned skin, she opens her eyes with a
playful smirk, giving another couple of deep sucks before she presses her
face right down, groaning with pleasure as she deepthroats all of this fat,
over foot long cock with the kind of skill that pornstars would die for, even
able to tap her tongue against the bottom of his tool as she holds herself
down onto him. Morrison can only look down with a big smile as he enjoys what
her talented mouth can do, feeling her saliva all over his member, and soon
moaning once more as she resumes the steady bobbing motion, working over the
bottom portion of him with her chin touching his heavy ballsack each time she
pushes down onto him. She closes her eyes again, getting fully into it and
even getting a little quicker as she sucks away, her sexy lips rubbing across
his length as they press tightly around him, making him moan out around her
own yoga studio while she herself lets out quieter sounds of enjoyment,
getting off on blowing another man that's not her own husband.

Rocking her head along his cock a couple more times, Trish lifts her head off
from his dick, giving it a final lick across the tip before she sits back on
her knees with a smirk. "Not bad John..." She playfully teases, looking over
his saliva coated dick before up to him. "Usually most guys would have face
fucked me once they were in my mouth."

Coolly, Morrison just smirks back at her. "Most guys couldn't last like the
Shaman of Sexy can." He confidently says, watching as the stunning Canadian
takes a hold of the bottom of her sports bra.

"Maybe... Maybe not..." Stratus says, lifting up the clothing, revealing her
large, completely tanned breasts. "Maybe you should show me what makes you so
special..." She challenges, moving to lay down on her back, starting to push
her bottoms down her smooth legs.

"Seeing is believing..." John says, moving forward and taking over to pull
the last of her clothing off of her, exposing her smoothly shaved and already
slightly wet looking pussy. "But so is feeling..."

Sitting up slightly, the multi-time WWE Women's Champion watches as the
handsome, hot bodied Superstar moves into position, spreading her legs apart
and keeping them held by the ankles, lining his cock up with her entrance and
rubbing the tip of hisshaft against her folds, making her moan with a smile
at the teasing sensation. It's not long though before he pushes forward,
letting out a loud moan as he inserts a good five inches of his covered with
her saliva cock into her tight, hot pussy, causing her in turn to moan out as
she feels his member beginning to slide back and forth from her box as he
gets right into giving it to her, much to the gorgeous beauty's approval as
she looks straight down between her legs to watch his dick enter and exit

He said that is was about feeling, and he's certainly feeling some intense
tightness all around his thick dick as he pumps in into her pussy, not that
he doesn't have a form of lube from her own spit or the wetness already
formed in her snatch, but it's clear that a fine love tunnel like this is one
of a kind, let alone Stratusfying. He moans, looking down at her large,
incredible chest as it lightly bounces in time with his thrusts, showing
she's slightly rocking herself back against his pumping motion, but as he's
just holding her legs apart by the ankles she could no doubt move even more
if she chose to. He knows that to impress the woman voted Diva of the Decade
he's going to have to step it up a notch, and with his dick sliding in and
out of her snatch with ease despite its tightness, he knows that he's just
the man to give her exactly what she wants.

Rubbing her lips together with her head slightly tilted back, it's clear she
is getting what she wanted from him as the pumping cock going into her is
getting faster and there's more force behind the thrusts, letting out a moan
as she has her arms back behind her for support, her back arched off the
ground in a position unlikely to be found in any of the yoga classes taunt in
her business. She groans as her body has to jolt back in response to the
harder thrusts into her, her big tits bouncing in time with the actions of
the WWE stud and watching his muscular body moving back and forth towards her
as he sends his meaty dick into her drives her wild with desire. Clearly the
years away from the full time schedule have not tamed the much lusted after
blond who moans out as his shaft pumps in and out of her wet, tight pussy
that's given said member a more than ample covering of her juices that
continue to form as she takes an already fantastic fucking.

The Monday Night Delight knows exactly what he's doing, unfazed by the task
of taking on one of sport entertainment's hottest sex symbols ever as he
bangs her tight, damp snatch with sharp, quick thrusts that send a good ten
inches or so into her each time he rocks forward into her, and by the way
both of them are moaning in pleasure, he can give her even more and she can
take it without any problems at all. Moving his hands down, he pulls her legs
closer to him, draping them over his broad shoulders before he reaches down,
holding her by her toned waist as he impressively picks up the pace even
more, harder pumps into her box and even helping her body rock against him by
pulling her body towards him each time he sends himself deep into her, making
himself lick his lips as he looks down at his pistoning cock. Likewise she's
groaning out almost shamelessly despite being a happily married woman, her
eyes locked onto the fourteen inch cock driving back and forth into her wet
snatch, with barely an inch not inside her now and stuffing her full clearly
unlike she's ever been for a long time, perhaps since she last appeared in
the WWE.

Closing her eyes, a grin comes across her face as she feels his skin starting
to touch hers when he pumps forward, the sign that he's going balls deep into
her pussy and letting out a sigh of pleasure the Armed & Famous star leans
back to lay on the yoga studio floor, her hands going onto her big tits to
squeeze them as they bounce from how the man pounding her is pulling her
stunning body into his thrusts. The sight of the Canadian stunner playing
with her own boobs as he gives it to her makes the multi-time
Intercontinental Champion smirk, moaning himself as his thick, American cock
pumps in and out her tightness, coating in her pussy juices that continue to
form as a result of his thrusts back and forth into the retired Diva. The
slapping sound when his balls touch her skin when he pumps deep into her
snatch are completely drowned out by the moans and groans coming from both
participants in this already steamy sexual encounter yet both are hardly
breaking a sweat yet, with the current WWE stud showing why so many women of
wrestling sign up to star in his Quest For Greatness, and the former WWE star
showing why her curves and much more made her one of the best Divas to step
into the squared circle.

"Mmmm... You like that Stratusfying pussy John?" Trish moans out, a sultry
gaze cast over the stud as he pumps his cock into her a few more times,
releasing his hold ofher tanned waist as he does so.

"It certainly puts most of the current roster of Divas to shame." John says
with a smirk, pulling his cock out of her with a groan, but not before he
rubs the head of his long dick over her pussy lips, much like he did before
he started giving it to her.

Returning the smirk and with a lick of her luscious lips, Stratus turns
herself over to her front, assuming the classic doggy style position. "No
offence to those girls, but this ass of mine blows them all out of the
water." She says with a wink, suggestively swaying her perfectly rounded and
full ass to him.

"The Guru of Greatness is no stranger to entering by the back door..."
Morrison says as he comes up behind her. "Let's see if you are..." He adds,
lining his cock up with her other hole as he spreads her thick butt cheeks

The stunning, hot bodied former Diva lets out a long moan as she feels his
thick dick pushing into her tight back passage, the feeling of her one of a
kind ass getting filled up with the handsome hunk's long cock already feeling
incredible as her even tighter hole is forced to accept inch after inch of
his fat dick, making her gasp as he doesn't stop until over half of his tool
is slotted between her cheeks. She's unable to resist the temptation of
taking care of her damn snatch, reaching between her legs to run her fingers
across her already well fucked pussy as she tosses her blond hair back,
gazing lustfully at the current WWE star as he starts to work his hips, and
similarly she starts to rub her wet, shaved pussy with a steady, circular

Holding her luscious hips firmly, the Shaman of Sexy is smoothly moving his
massive cock in and out of her tight, sexy ass, his eyes roaming over the
tanned, perfectly curved frame of the Canadian stunner as she rocks her body
back and forth to meet his movements, as clearly neither of them intend to
play around. It suits him just fine as he pulls his meat out so that just a
couple of inches remain inside her butt, before pushing straight back into
her with a moan as he forces her super tight butt to take more and more of
his member with each inward pump, the vice-like grip around his manhood
making him moan and grin as he has his way with one of the best sets of buns
ever seen on any Diva past or present. Not content with just nailing the Diva
of the Decade like this, he goes a step forward, pulling his cock out until
just the head is still stuffed into her, allowing him to spit down onto his
own rock hard shaft and quickly send it straight up into her, the added
sensation of his saliva as he bangs her ass making them both groan in

The way she's pushing her work of art ass back against his thrusts, causing
her juicy cheeks to shake erotically each time she does, anyone watching on
would think she was into a different kind of Hardcore than the kind she was
brief champion of in the WWE. Instead, she's taking an ass fucking like it
was nothing new to her, having no problems with ten inches of his thick man
meat pumping in and out of her back passage, driving her wild as she stays
doggy style in front of him, her hand grabbing the yoga mat she's on tightly
while the other rubs across her soaking wet snatch. Her large, fantastic
breasts sway in time with her movements as she rocks back against the sports
entertainment stud's pumping motion, giving as good as she's getting and all
the while moaning out with half open eyes, feeling herself start to sweat as
it seems she's not enjoyed this kind of hot action since perhaps the last
time she set foot in a WWE arena.

Licking his lips with a moan, Morrison similarly has a light layer of
perspiration covering his muscular frame, showing the effort he's putting
into banging the iconic Diva as he firmly and quickly sends his cock back and
forth into her stunning butt, barely an inch of his length now not inside her
as he smoothly takes the moaning, married woman in her own yoga studio. He
keeps his hands on her toned hips, keeping her in place if nothing else as
she pushes back against every deep forward thrust he gives, moaning out as he
feels her rounded cheeks pressing against his crotch as he goes balls deep
into her, and smirking when he hears her moan out noticeably louder once that
happens. Not one to miss a trick or turn down a hot woman begging for more,
he picks up the pace with harder thrusts used to bang her stunning ass and an
increased tempo as he thrusts his member in and out of her, the smack of skin
hitting skin ringing out when their desirable bodies connect.

The master of the Chick Kick is clearly losing control as she gives into the
lust running through her, matching his pace as she smacks her ass back into
his body, taking every inch of his over foot long shaft into her tight, juicy
ass and moaning in an almost slutty way as she takes it over and over again
from him. All the while she keeps her other lower hole well taken care off as
she works a couple of fingers in and out of her snatch, her digits already
coated in her juices as she gets off on being fucked hard up the ass,
cheating on her husband in the process but opening enjoying it as she groans
and rocks back and forth against the Superstar slamming his long dick into
her butt. Both of them look able to continue this intense pace for a long
while to come, and neither look like they intend on stopping either as the
busty Canadian takes some American meat in her perfect ass with such ease it
puts seasoned porn stars to shame.

"Oh fuck!" Trish moans out, pulling her hand out from her dripping pussy as
the current WWE star gives her ass a couple more thrusts. "Shit... I've
missed this..." She adds, propping herself up on her elbows as she perhaps
remembers some fond memories of backstage encounters with Superstars.

"Well that answers a question..." John says with a smirk, with a little
reluctance pulling his dick out of her backside.

Raising an eyebrow seductively, Stratus turns over to sit up on her knees.
"And what would that be, oh Guru of Greatness?" She teases.

"You had a reputation backstage of not always being such a fine, upstanding
lockerroom leader..." He says, spitting onto his hand and then rubbing it
into his cock as he lightly strokes it. "Some even said that you were quite

"Slut?" Trish finishes his sentence for him as a wicked smile comes across
her gorgeous face. "Oh, you have no idea how much of a slut I was..." She
says, giving him a visual display as she brings the hand she'd been using to
pleasure her own pussy with up, and then taking finger by finger into her
mouth to suck clean her own juices, the site alone enough to make Morrison
moan. "...Mmmm... Or how much I can be..." She licks her luscious lips after
licking clean her fingers, before pouncing on the hunky wrestler, catching
him off guard and taking him down to the smooth yoga studio floor.

The man nicknamed the Prince of Parkour just grins and lays back on the
floor, watching as the horny Canadian mounts his toned waist, reaching back
so she can once again take his thick, long dick into her stunning ass and
making them both moan out as she takes it deeply inside her already well
fucked asshole. Moving his hands up, he takes a hold of her large swaying
tits, squeezing them and making her moan again as she starts to rock her body
forwards and then back hard against his member, riding him with her sexy
butt, the movement of her body already hard enough to make her boobs bounce
even in the grip of the wrestling stud.

Pushing her completely tanned and wonderfully curved body back hard, it's
clear she's not holding back here, moaning out without any shame as she works
the over foot long and nicely thick cock of the current WWE star in and out
of her still very tight and ready to take some more ass, in no time at all
able to take him balls deep once again much to both of their delight. She
closes her eyes, groaning as she feels his large balls smacking against her
smooth, sweat covered ass cheeks as she quickly rides him, the loud slapping
sound when skin meats skin echoing around the studio and mixed in with the
erotic, pornstar-quality moans coming from them both. Letting out a groan of
pleasure, she opens her eyes to look down when she feels his tongue flicking
against her nipples as he continues to play with her huge breasts, still
cupping and squeezing the more than ample flesh she has, and this only serves
to make her quicken her movements, getting faster and harder as she rides his
big cock with her luscious ass.

As if being able to freely suck and lick away at the huge chest of the Diva
of the Decade wasn't enough, the former member of the MNM tag team wants to
take all that he can get from the beautiful blond, resulting in him starting
to thrust his cock straight up into her bouncing ass as she rides him, making
her moan in pure lust as she feels his thickness slamming deep into her tight
back passage. She's not alone in enjoying it of course, with the sweating
current sports entertainer underneath her calling out in pleasure as well,
but showing his skill and focus he's working on timing his movements for
maximum enjoyment, sending himself up into her when she brings her backside
down hard onto him so he's nailing her as deeply as he physically can. The
sexy, perfectly rounded ass cheeks of the multi-time Women's Champion shake
and jiggle from both the impacts of her booty smacking into his muscular
thighs and from his hard, sudden thrusts as well, and making sure Stratus
isn't completely overwhelmed by the intense pace he's using, he grips her
waist to hold her in place, moving them along with her as she carries on
bouncing away on his long, thick shaft.

Flipping her long blond hair back, she can't help but stare back and watch
her ass as it raises and lowers onto his body, particularly focusing on the
glimpses of his fat, fourteen inch cock as it drives in and out of her
asshole, loving the feeling of it sliding forcefully back and forth from her
tightest of holes. She groans, a hand resting down on the floor for support,
trying to keep up this mind blowing pace but her breathing is starting to get
heavy, perhaps out of practice from years of not being on the regular WWE
schedule. The woman who always guarantees Stratusfaction refuses to beaten
just yet, even attempting to move a hand down between her legs to take care
of her dripping snatch while attempting to ride his cock hard and fast, just
like he's fucking her butt with rapid, relentless pumps that would render a
normal woman unable to sit down for a number of days. On the flipside, the
gasps and groans alone from the Canadian stunner would have most men going in
their underwear, but Morrison continue to thrust up like his life depended on
it, his eyes running over her whole curvy body and noticing the hand trying
to rub her snatch. Letting his thick, American dick slam up into her a couple
more pumps, a handsome smirk comes across his face as he decides to take
over that very task for her.

Pulling his cock out from her ass, he doesn't let her recover as he now rolls
her over onto her back, smirking as she glares with lust in her eyes at him,
no doubt furious that he'd dare stop banging her ass but soon that look
vanishes into pleasure as he pushes his shaft deep into her soaking wet pussy
with a long, hard thrust that has her arching her back off of the floor.
Leaning over her with his hands places at her sides, he resumes the task of
thrusting in and out of her box with sudden, quick movements that have his
balls smacking against her skin when he sends himself fully into her, and it
doesn't take too long at all to have the sexy former WWE Diva writhing in
pleasure underneath him, her big tits bouncing away as her body jolts back
from every hard pump she takes.

So lost in the sinful pleasure she's feeling, she can't even open her eyes of
lift her head up, not that she seems to mind as she's drilled over and over
again by the massive, long tool of the charismatic wrestler, sweat now
completely coating her incredible body as her large, perfectly rounded
breasts shake in response to each deep thrust into her tight, wet snatch. The
fact that she knows fully well that she's taking a cock in her pussy that's
just been fucking her ass turns her on even more, showing she still has a
dirty, slutty side to her as she puts her hands onto her huge chest,
squeezing them and moaning out as she's nailed again and again in her set
snatch by the Shaman of Sexy. With both multi-time champions groaning and
moaning away, continuing to fuck for as long and as hard as they can manage,
it won't be long before either loses complete control of the situation,
although from the looks of the moaning, sweat soaked mess that the blond
stunner currently is, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who
it's going to be first.

Slamming his cock again and again into her tight box, he sees the warning
signs when she starts to moan even louder and at a higher pitch than at any
time during this steamy sex session, feeling her pussy start to tighten
around his thrusting tool that can only signal that she's reaching her peak
of pleasure. Within moments, Trish Stratus is cumming hard on the rock hard
cock of John Morrison, juices flowing out and all over his long dick as she
moans again and again, still rubbing and toying with her own tits as he aids
her in riding out all of her clearly intense orgasm by pumping her wet snatch
repeatedly, moaning out himself at the tighter than before feeling all around
his member. She groans, panting for breath as she slumps back against the
floor, her chest heaving as she licks her lips, having no regrets about
having sex with a man other than her husband, especially if it was this mind

Pulling his drenched in pussy juices cock out of her more than just well
fucked snatch, the gorgeous current WWE stud moves up, looking to take care
of himself now that she's gotten hers and his plan is to do what many
millions of wrestling fans have longed to do ever since the Canadian beauty
first debuted in what was then the WWF. Placing his throbbing dick in between
her chest, he places his hands on the sides of her tits so he can sandwich
his tool between them, instantly moaning as he feels the soft, sweat covered
flesh pressing against his manhood. Wasting no time, he starts to pump his
cock between her mountains, moaning as he fucks her tits with steady, but
firm thrusts as he knows he won't be lasting for too long now but he's
planning on savoring every moment he has in between her big, sexily tanned

Finally coming back to reality, the retired WWE Diva opens her eyes to see
the head of the cock that had just almost fucked her senseless popping up
between her breasts, making her smirk as no doubt this would not have been
the first time someone has wanted to have their way with her titties, and
having no energy to argue against it, she's happy to let him pump her boobs
for as long as he can last. She groans, feeling his long cock sliding between
her breasts as he holds them firmly against his cock, the motion made
perfectly smooth from the mix of lubricant provided by her own pussy juices
and her sweat. She just watches, hearing him moan and groan as he thrusts his
massive cock in and out of her cleavage, feeling his hands squeezing her
chest as well as he fucks it, and she can't resist the urge to lick her lips,
wondering if she'll get to taste his creamy treat that he has for her or if
she'll have to clean it up herself if he explodes across her tits.

She soon gets her answer as with a couple more thrusts between her big
breasts, he pulls his cock out of them, quickly moving up once again and this
time aiming his shaft at her gorgeous, sweat covered face, lifting her head
up with a handful or hair as he uses the other hand to rapidly jerk himself
off. Opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue, she watches as his tool
throbs before finally a long stream of cum shoots out, splashing across Trish
Stratus' face as John Morrison starts to cum, stroking out his load and
making her close her eyes as his spunk lands all over her face, as well as
landing inside her mouth and on her tongue.

Showing that slutty side once more, as soon as the multi-time WWE Women's
Champion had some cum in her mouth she quickly swallowed it down with a
hungry gulp, even if it meant the next load he hand landing across her lips
as the Guru of Greatness dished out a big facial to the sexy former Diva,
moaning loudly himself as he milked his cock dry of his jizz. By the time his
dick was spent and he let the softening American man meat go, he'd left the
Canadian's face coated with so much spunk that anyone watching would believe
she'd been gang banged, rather than just fucked by the one stud from the
company she used to work for. She has no complaints though, having swallowed
down plenty of his load and licking off as much as she could reach from her
own face with her tongue, for now saving the rest for later as she opens her
eyes to smirk up at him.

"That's... That's what I miss from being on the road with the WWE..." Trish
all too eagerly admits with a sexy smirk, still laying on the floor of her
own yoga studio.

"And likewise, that bangable body of yours is what the WWE misses." John
states, standing up from her.

"Oh? And not my sparkilng personality, great wit, and championship winning
ability?" Stratus puts on some mock hurt, which doesn't exactly work with her
face covered in cum.

"You've clearly been away from the WWE too long..." Morrison coolly replies
with a smirk. "If you'd seen the recent crop of new Divas, you'll know that
those qualities aren't exactly looked for in a Diva..."

"Well, maybe someday soon I should go back "home" and maybe teach some of
those "rookies" a thing or two about how to deliver some "Stratusfaction" to
the WWE..."

"Do that, and you'll be welcome for another session in the Palace of
Wisdom..." Morrison says, before turning to look at the camera. "Today
followers of the Quest For Greatness, we've learned that you can take the
Diva out of the WWE, but you can gladly take her again and again just as long
as you can promise her some free advertising as well. Hey, a deal is a deal,
and in the opinion of the Guru of Greatness, it's well worth the price. I
have been John Morrison, and next time I shall continue onward in my Quest
For Greatness!"

* * *

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