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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where
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jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: SoCal Val (TNA), John Morrison (WWE), D'Angelo Dinero (TNA).

The Quest For Greatness Part 20: SoCal Val - A WWE/TNA crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and rather than the usual opening for the Quest For
Greatness, we see the host of the show John Morrison in discussion it seems
with TNA star, "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero. Morrison is dressed as lavishly as
ever, an open buttoned shirt and tight fitting flashy pants, while Dinero is
clad in an almost similar attire but in all black, along with shining
jewellery around his neck with crosses and crucifixes on them. They look to
be in a backstage corridor, outside a door marked "KNOCKOUTS" with a large

"...Now Morrison, you might be able to score with those cats across in the
minor leagues and back home in your safe haven company, but over here in the
Impact Zone, in my house of worship, we play a far different tune here now
can I get an Amen to that my brother??" Dinero says out loud in his
charismatic voice.

"The Shaman of Sexy can handle himself just fine when it comes to the female
of the species, and around here has proved no exception." Morrison states,
before looking to the camera. "Welcome one and all to the next installment of
the Quest For Greatness. I am the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the
founder of the Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison. Now, while the so called
"rival" web series to mine relies solely on any half-attractive woman who
comes through the doors of the WWE, and who gives in to its host just to stop
him yelling "Really?" over and over, I have no problem venturing into parts
unknown, into the strange and wonderful, and into..."

"And into the Impact Zone, where "The Pope" leads his faithful Congregation
to the Promised Land!" Dinero interrupts, drawing a raised eyebrow from
Morrison. "And I don't allow any false prophet with his claims of wisdom and
palaces to infect and lead astray my people! Especially the Knockouts of this
company, who need not have any more, as they would often say, "drama" then
they already have."

"Usually that just means one getting injured from a fat, badly trained woman
sitting on them, or bringing in former talent for a one minute match." John
coolly replies. "But do "enlighten" me about this drama you speak of."

"Well my friend, it goes like this. You see, the ladies around here, they
like to talk a whole lot of trash, and run their mouths about this, that, and
most of all..."

Before he can finish, he's interrupted when the door they are beside opens up
wide, and out steps the stunning red headed ring girl and general TV and
online personality of TNA known as SoCal Val. The former valet and current
Xplosion ring announcer is dressed in a low cut blue dress that shows off a
sexy amount of her big cleavage, and show off her smooth, tanned legs in
matching high heels.

"Will you guys cut it out? I'm trying to..." Val starts to say, before
gasping in shock when she spies the man beside Dinero. "What? John Morrison?
You're not supposed to be here!"

"The Guru of Greatness knows no limits or boundaries." John answers with a
smirk. "I am merely here on professional business. Perhaps you are aware of
my work?"

D'Angelo on the other hand is being less that subtle, opening checking the
Knockout out. "Valerie my dear, you are looking rather lovely tonight, as you
always seem to be. Perhaps it's time you and I had another personal
"confession" session?"

Val starts to blush at the remark. "I, I don't know what you mean D'Angelo,
and you Morrison should get out of here! I don't want any trouble!" She says,
starting to retreat back into the room.

Boldly, Dinero followers her right in before she can close the door, and with
a nod directed to the camera he too follows in. "Sometimes this is easier
than it looks," John says, taking off his shirt as Val looks with wide eyes
at both men.

"Guys, wait, you're both umm, really good looking guys, but this is wrong! On
camera, and at work? What if people walk in? What if..." SoCal Val starts to
plead a case, but Dinero cuts her off.

"There's an old saying in the good book I always follow, and that's do unto
others as you would have done unto you. So Morrison, since you are the guest
here, how about you show Valerie here a little of what you'd like to have
done to you?"

"You could have just said let's get down to business, but that works..."
Morrison says, approaching the gorgeous red head.

"No guys, I'm serious! The Xplosion taping is about to start, and I need

Once again cut off before she could finish, lovely ring girl of TNA could
only gasp in shock as the handsome WWE star had spread her smooth legs, quick
as flash lifting up her dress as he positioned himself so he could lower his
head down, flicking his tongue around the outside edges of her white, lacey
panties, keeping his hands on her legs to keep them apart as she squirmed at
the touch. Biting down on her bottom lip she gazed down as he worked over and
around the clothing, teasing her but doing more than enough to "convince" her
that this will be something she will enjoy, his hands moving slightly up and
down her tanned skin as he gets closer and closer to seemingly touching her

Her attention is soon drawn to a long, thick and hardening piece of dark man
meat before moved towards her face as Dinero hasn't wasted time in getting
fully undressed save for his jewelry, her eyes widening as she looks it over
and knowing she's not in a position to resist two hunky, hung studs like
this, she willingly opens her mouth wide, looking up at her fellow TNA
worker. Slipping his dick into the open invitation, Dinero moans as she wraps
her soft lips around his length, still looking up at him as she begins to
slowly rock her head back and forth along him, moving over the top few inches
and feeling him harden inside her mouth, that feeling alone enough to make
her lightly moan.

She soon has reason to properly moan out when Morrison uses a hand to pull
aside her tiny panties, exposing her nicely shaven pussy to him and with no
hesitation he dives in, using a long, slow lick of his tongue all the way up
her entrance, savoring the taste and making himself moan. His tongue begins a
lapping motion, travelling all the way up and down over her folds, his hand
keeping the clothing out of the way so he can dine on her already tasty
snatch, glancing up with a smirk as he makes eye contact with the stunning
red head as she's handling a dick in her mouth while getting eaten out at the
same time.

Her soft moans vibrate around the now rock hard shaft she's blowing, proudly
standing at a solid twelve inches as the owner of said dick turns her head
back to face him, allowing him to move his hips towards and away from her,
sending more of his black cock into the nicely wet mouth of the TNA Knockout.
With another moan she closes her eyes, focusing on bobbing her head along his
length and it's not long before she's handling half of his member inside her
clearly not inexperienced mouth. With a big grin on his face, "The Pope"
watches as the sexy white girl goes to work on his tool as he sends it
smoothly in and out of her, his gaze moving between her beautiful face as she
eases towards and away from him, and her cleavage on display as her breasts
bounce a little from her movements on his dick as she blows him.

Back down between her thighs, the Shaman of Sexy has pushed his hungry tongue
deeper into her pussy, probing around and tasting all that he can, his lips
brushing against her skin as he looks to warm her up, a mission already
accomplished if the slight juices already formed down there and the hardened
nipples poking through her expensive dress are any indication. He lifts his
head up for a moment, taking a breath before slapping his tongue across her
folds and once more going down on her, his talented tongue working around to
ensure no area is left untouched as far as he can reach, much to her approval
as she moans around the dick she's blowing of the other wrestler.

The movement of her head have increased, no doubt encouraged by the treatment
received on her snatch, which allows her to impressively handle a good ten
inches of the former WWE star's shaft, covering his member with a soothing
layer of saliva while keeping her soft lips perfectly pressed against his
thick cock. He moans at the oral pleasure he's getting from her, keeping his
hands on his waist as he rocks his hips towards her face when she comes close
in to him, noting that she's got one hand resting on his thigh while the
other is on the back of the other man's head, a sure sign she's getting fully
into this now. Pulling his member out of her warm, wet mouth, he holds it
against her lips to rub the tip across them, moaning when she sticks her
tongue out to swirl it all around the head for a moment before she moans,
looking down at the man eating her out before glancing back to the hard,
black cock she was just sucking.

"You see Miss Valerie, for those who are enlightened like myself, there are
no boundaries that cannot be crossed, and pleasure truly untold for those who
do!" D'Angelo states with a big smile.

"Mmmm..." So Cal Val bites her lip, looking down again as Morrison dines on
her for a few moments more. "But it's so wrong! We could get in so much
trouble..." She says, a half hearted attempt to resist as she groans when the
other man lifts his head away.

"Trouble? You seem to be having to "trouble" in settling in to this..." John
states with a smirk as he stands up, undoing his pants and as Val gazes at
the large bulge in them, it gives the other TNA star a chance to make a move.

"This Shaman cat has a point..." Dinero says as he undoes the string on the
back of her dress, allowing him to easily peel it away from her, leaving her
tanned and perfectly curved body clad in only in tiny, matching white
underwear that still shows off plenty of cleavage.

Val gasps, glaring at the former Elijah Burke. "Hey! That's a very
expensive..." She starts to say, but is cut off when he lifts her up and
smoothly mounts her down onto his thick, hard rod, and hand used to keep her
panties out of the way.

Her glare vanishes when his dick enters her tight, nicely wet pussy, her back
facing the muscular black wrestler as he lowers her down onto him, both of
them moaning as he's able to fit well over half of his shaft into her thanks
to the prep-work done by the other man involved in this threesome. His hands
rest on her toned waist for support as she's brought down enough to take
eight inches of his meat, allowing her settle and adjust for a moment before
he starts to pump his cock up into her, a steady movement to make them both
groan as her tightness is invaded by his thickness as she blushes slightly,
part of her ashamed to be doing this but the rest giving in to the sinful

Stepping forward, Morrison lightly strokes his rock hard cock as he directs
it towards her beautiful, moaning face and when she spies his incredible,
fourteen inches she gasps in amazement, the open mouth more than inviting
enough for the WWE stud to push it into her and she just keeps her head
steady for him to slide it back and forth into her. She can't resist flicking
her tongue up against the underside of the dick she's now servicing with her
elegant mouth, and soon temptation is again to much as she wraps her pouty
lips all around it, beginning to suck on his length while he feeds her it at
the same time.

Taking advantage of the positioning, Dinero leans back with a smirk, his
hands moving up her sides as he thrusts up into her tight pussy as she's
resting her legs by his sides, allowing him to go deeply into her box with
the deep thrusts he's using, having no problem sending ten inches of his
black cock into the stunning red headed white girl's pussy. His gaze is quite
rightly locked onto her stunning ass, licking his lips and ideas going around
in his head about what he could do to that booty but for now he's getting
plenty of enjoyment from her tight snatch as he sends himself straight up
into her dampening hole, moaning as he feels her wetness all around his thick

Things are getting slippery as well at her other end as the ring announcer
for Xplosion bobs her head along the cock of the rugged and desirable man who
works for the rival company she works for, but that thought being far from
her mind right now as she moves her warm, wet mouth back and forth along his
size, moaning around him as she shows great skill in taking ten or so inches
of his meat into her. Brushing her perfect, red hair out of the way, the man
taking this top notch blowjob smirks as he looks over her chest as it bounces
in response to the thrusts she's taking, before he moans as she moves her
head up to the top of his shaft, twisting her head from side to side around
the bell end before going back to down to deeply and firmly suck him off much
to his vocal approval.

As if the slurping sounds she's making as she leaves Morrison's cock coated
with her spit, and the moans all three sports entertainment stars are making
weren't erotic enough, another joins the mix when D'Angelo's ball sack starts
to slap against her skin, the sign that he's going balls deep into the
Knockout's wet snatch. Pounding away at her dripping love tunnel, the self
proclaimed "Pope" is clearly enjoying fucking the sexy white woman's snatch
with his long, black cock, moaning out as he's shaft is coated with her pussy
juices, making the feeling of pumping her tight hole all the more better, and
he has no issue with "sharing" her with a rival wrestling star as long as it
means getting a piece of her.

Indeed, the feeling is shared with the WWE Superstar as he moans and watches
the gorgeous face of the Knockout rocks along his saliva-coated cock, hearing
her gag slightly as she comes close to deep throating all of his length but
can't quite make it but she's moaning most of all, her long hair swaying as
she quickly works her head back and forth to half-way along him before right
back towards his crotch. He smirks, deciding to not force her down any
further and having gotten plenty of pleasure from her mouth anyway at this
point, as he pulls his shaft out of her already well used mouth, letting her
catch her breath as he strokes his cock, getting his fingers sticky with her
spit as he rubs it into his tool, just watching as she gets pumped a few more
times by her TNA co-worker.

"It seems you're not as innocent as you claim to be..." John jokes as he
looks on as Dinero pulls his dick out of her snatch, lifting her off of him
in the process.

"I'm... I'm a good girl!" Val says as she bites her bottom lip, standing up
just in front of the WWE stud as she looks over the long cock of his that
she's left covered in her saliva.

"Now now Valerie, you know what they say about those little white lies..."
D'Angelo says, reaching forward and pulling her panties down her smooth,
tanned legs, fully revealing her wet pussy. "And those moans could be heard
from high up in the skies!"

"I enjoy a good time! That's all!" The redhead continues to protest, turning
to look at the "street preacher". This allows Morrison to undo the clasp of
her bra, freeing her large, perfectly rounded breasts which makes Dinero grin
even more.

"This is so dirty..." She seems to finally give in, turning back around to
the WWE star and running her hands over his chiseled out of stone chest.

"If this is your definition of dirty, then allow the Guru of Greatness to
enlighten you..." John says, taking Val by the waist and easily lifting her

Knowing what's coming, the Californian beauty rests her hands on the strong
shoulders of the former MNM tag team member as he brings her down onto his
mighty cock, pushing his cock deep into her at the same time so his covered
with her saliva cock slips straight up into her tightness, the prior fucking
she's taken allowing him to easily work ten inches into her. She moans with
half closed eyes, looking right at him as she grinds herself down on his
shaft, the positioning meaning her large breasts are slightly rubbing against
his muscular chest as she moves herself. With a handsome smirk he holds her
by the waist and proceeds to pump up into her snatch, his ball sack swaying
with the movements as he sends himself firmly and deeply into her already wet
and still tight hole.

Taking his time, Dinero approaches the two and gets behind the stunning
redhead, placing his hands onto her ass cheeks and spreading them, flashing
her a grin when she looks back at him before without warning pushes his cock
into her other lower hole, making himself moan and her gasp and groan with
wide eyes as her asshole is penetrated by his long, thick black dick. With a
hiss he slowly works his member in and out of her back passage with steady
motions, her ass clearly even tighter than her pussy is but her booty is too
fine a work of art to pass up so he pushes on, literally, working inch by fat
inch of his man meat into her backside. Her cheeks are kept spread apart by
his squeezing hands, allowing the leader of "The Congregation" to start
banging her ass with steady, slightly forceful pumps, mercifully letting her
adjust to this while he moans out, loving the tightness all around his long

The eyes of the TNA ring girl and backstage correspondent are closed shut in
a mix of shame, slight pain, but overall pleasure as she can do nothing but
stay held up off the ground, getting nailed in her tight, wet pussy by a
Superstar from the rival promotion while her co-worker moves his black dick
smoothly in and out of her tanned, perfectly rounded ass. She moans and
groans lustfully, filled up like never before by the two handsome wrestlers
as they dominate her lower holes with their thick pieces of man meat, making
her start to sweat from their strong thrusts as they go deep into her snatch
and back passage which remain as tight as ever despite the vast size of the
tools moving in and out of her. Her body jolts in response to the thrusts
from them both, making her big tits rub across the WWE's star's chest while
her ass cheeks bounce in time with the fucking she's taking behind her,
between the two of them ensuring that she's taking over two feet of cock
inside her.

Feeling his cock going balls deep into her, Morrison moans as he nut sack
starts to smack against her skin, and in turn he starts to quicken and put
more force behind his moments into her, his cock dripping with her pussy
juices as he expertly pounds the moaning Knockout, licking his lips as he
looks down at her large titties as they move across his own chest, the
grinding sensation just making the whole fucking feel even better. He lets
out a grunt, feeling sweat starting to drip from his own muscular frame but
unfazed he continues to steadily pump up into her, the sound of his balls
slapping into her tanned skin ringing out with each deep thrust he fires off
into her.

Likewise, the sliver-tongued grappler pumping his cock into her stunning ass
is also sweating now, unsurprising considering the quality of backside he has
to himself right now, his crotch smacking into her smooth cheeks as he bangs
her white booty with all twelve inches of his thick black cock, moaning with
every movement in and out of her. He smirks down, watching her butt cheeks
jiggle with the impact of each thrust, the sting of skin hitting skin barely
registering and it seems she's adjusted to the feeling of anal sex pretty
quickly if the stream of moans coming from her are any indication, and a "man
of the world" as he is can tell that means she's no stranger to taking it up
the ass even if she won't admit it.

"Oh... Oh God..." SoCal Val moans out, forcing her eyes open as she's banged
by both wrestlers again and again. "This... This is unreal..." She states the
obvious, biting her bottom lip and not for the first time today as she looks
back at the man pumping her booty. "You're making me feel like a little

That just makes D'Angelo smirk as he pulls his dick out of her butt with a
moan. "Little lady, that is language not found in the good book!" He
charismatically jokes.

"It's perfectly acceptable in the Palace of Wisdom..." Morrison coolly
states, giving the hot red head a couple more pumps before pulling out of her
and setting her down on the floor.

"Guys, please..." She groans, finding her legs week as she has to lean
against the black stud for support. "I don't think I can handle any more of
this..." She sweetly pleads, trying to look as innocent as possible but her
sweat covered body is just to sexy to view as anything else.

"I don't know about your "Pope" there, but saying no to a woman like yourself
is unacceptable to the Shaman of Sexy". John states with a smirk, watching as
the TNA wrestler leads her back to the couch.

"Brother, that's a big Amen to that!" Dinero says, pulling Val on top of him
as he lays back in the seating. "It is time to take you to heavenly heights,
and I know the big guy up stairs will forgive us for our sins tonight!"

Closing her eyes again, the beautiful ringside assistant leans back as she
feels Dinero's thick black cock filling up her snatch once again as he brings
her down onto it, not stopping until she's full down onto him balls deep.
They both moan as he starts to pump his dick straight up into her, sending
all of his foot long shaft that had just come straight from her ass right up
into her dripping wet but still tight hole, keeping her held up with hands on
her waist as he wastes no time in establishing a quick, forceful pace with
which to bang her already more than just simply well fucked pussy. Hearing
her loud moans, it's clear that despite the protests she's enjoying this as
well and intending on delivering on his promise, he thrusts away into her
love tunnel, driving himself deeply into her with his balls slapping into her
skin when he drives himself up into her.

Not going to be left out of this, Morrison decides to try out the one hole of
hers he's yet to experience yet, and placing his hands on her butt cheeks
it's no secret what that's going to be, and there's no resistance from the
stunning woman about to take some double teaming once again as now an even
longer cock is pushed past her asshole. She groans, feeling her tight back
passage being stuffed full of man meat once again, causing her to tilt her
head back and groan loudly at the feeling, panting slightly as she feels the
cock in her ass start to slide in and out of her with speed and force, not
holding back as it's driving deeply into her backside with only her own pussy
juices used a sort of lubricant.

TNA's host of online videos such as Pillow Talk and Bikini Trivia can only
slightly rock her sweat coated body back against both thrusting cocks into
her, being held in place by both men especially when Morrison reaches forward
and grabs her arms by the wrist, pulling them back but not painfully, making
her lean forward and groan out as she's being well and truly dominated by
both handsome and hung studs. Her large tits sway in time with the jolting
movements of her completely tanned and desirably curved body, with her
perfect ass cheeks smacking against the waist of the WWE Superstar when he
drives himself straight into her. The feeling of this sexual double team
would have send many normal women unconscious from multiple orgasms by this
point, but Val is showing great skill in taking this intense, hard pounding
in both her ass and snatch from two long, thick cocks. Still, her loud
moans and deep breathing show that she's not used to this kind of lusty
encounter, but she has no choice but to take it and take it she will over and
over again until one of the three of them finally gives out.

Pounding his cock deeply up into her soaking wet snatch, it doesn't look like
to be "The Pope" anytime soon as although sweating, and making his muscular,
black frame look even more hard bodied than ever, he's got energy to spare as
he fucks the Knockout's tight pussy, moaning as his shaft slides smoothly in
and out of her with speed. Moving his hands up, he gropes her large, full
tits with a grin, his fingers digging into the ample flesh and making her cry
out with a low groan at the feeling, and showing his skill he continues to
thrust away without missing a beat, even toying with her hard nipples as he
sends his manhood straight up into her.

Working all of his over foot long cock into her wonderful ass is proving no
problem to the Prince of Parkour, showing a much different kind of "Hardcore"
skills as he slams his thick man meat into her booty over and over again, his
waist smacking into her well rounded butt cheeks with each forward thrust he
gives her. Keeping her arms held back, he's showing off not just great sexual
ability, but his own flexibility and strength to be able to lean back as well
and continue pounding her back passage with this hard, fast pace that most
seasoned porn professionals would struggle to keep up with. But "JoMo" makes
it look all too easy, his one of a kind body also covered with sweat as he
pumps away into the Knockout's incredible ass with his long, fat cock.

Gasping and groaning, the powerful slam fucking she's taking in both her
lower holes becomes too much to handle, and with one long, loud moan SoCal
Val starts to orgasm on the thrusting cocks of John Morrison and D'Angelo
Dinero. Her pussy clamps down tightly around the black stud's cock, making
him groan out as her juices flow out all across his shaft, crotch and down to
his ballsack to coat him even more than he already was, but he continues to
pump himself right up into her box, aiding her in riding out the entire wave
of pleasure. Behind her, the Superstar banging her butt groans out as well,
feeling her back passage clamp down all around him like a vice but he keeps
his composure, also pumping away to savor every moment he can of her stunning
ass, moaning as he sends his manhood into her a few more times as she
breathes deeply and comes back down to Earth. Both men mercifully slow down
their thrusts as she stops cumming, not fully pulling out just yet as they
pump her snatch and ass a few more times for good measure, making her groan
softly in the process.

"As if there was any doubt! When "The Pope" says he will make you see the
light, then you bet your sweet behind that you will see the light!" Dinero
says with a grin, squeezing the Knockout's breasts one more time before
pulling his dick out of her pussy.

"That's one way to view it..." John says, pulling his throbbing cock out of
her backside. "It was certainly a profound moment in the Quest For

Rolling off of "The Pope", SoCal Val gasps for air as she sits back on the
couch. "I... Just because that happened... I'm, I'm not a slut, OK?" She
seems to be pleading as she looks at both men, who in turn glance to each
other before back to the sweating, perfectly curved ring girl.

"The Palace of Wisdom accepts all kinds of women inside, within reason..."
Morrison says with a smirk, stepping up close to her. "And we always ensure
we finish the job."

"Now one last time Valerie, let's see you bow down and pay homage to "The
Pope"!" D'Angelo says, also coming forward and moving up onto the couch.

With hardly any energy left, she can't refuse their requests as the WWE
Superstar moves up to mount her, placing his shaft in between her large
breasts before using his own hands to push her mounds against his member,
sandwiching it between them and then using them to wank off his long, thick
cock. He moans out, instantly enjoying the feeling of her soft, ample tit
flesh all around his rock hard dick as he moves her breasts all the way up
and down his manhood, getting himself off with her chest with the head of his
tool popping out from between her cleavage when he moves her titties down to
the base of himself.

As she was watching one hunky wrestler using her body for his own pleasure,
she finds her attention drawn to a long black cock rubbing across her lips as
Dinero has moved up close to her face, using a hand to move his member across
her pretty, sweat covered face and knowing what he wants, the long-time
ringside eye candy of TNA opens her mouth, turning her head towards him. With
a grin he pushes his shaft into her warm and wet mouth, putting a hand on the
back of red haired head as he firmly pumps himself in and out of her oral
hole, smoothly fucking her mouth and moaning out as he does so, not
hesitating to send as much of himself into her as she can.

Not content with just wanking his long cock off with her large breasts, the
Guru of Greatness starts to pump his length back and forth between her
titties as he moves them against his member, doubling the pleasure and making
himself groan with lust as he uses the boobs of a woman working for a rival
promotion for his own sexual enjoyment. His fingers grope and toy with her
more than ample mounds, rubbing them against and around his throbbing,
thrusting cock and making him moan deeply and loudly, sudden pumps up between
her tits used and a sure sign that even as talented at fucking as he is, he
has his limit and is soon approaching his with absolutely no signs of
stopping or slowing down before he gets there.

The man who calls himself "The Pope" also has tunnel vision when it comes to
getting himself off, using deep and quick pumps to send his long, black cock
straight in and out of the gorgeous white girl's mouth, the tip of his dick
touching the back of her mouth each time he sends himself into her and even
after taking hard double team fucking from both men she doesn't gag for a
moment here. The redhead is even able to flick her tongue up across the
underside of the throbbing shaft, making him groan deeply at the feeling and
sending him closer and closer to the point of no return and since he's not
pulling out of her soothing, wet oral hole that's soon approaching.

While Val has been groaning since the two men started using her to finish
themselves off with, she soon has reason to gasp out loud as a second after
pulling out of her mouth, D'Angelo Dinero starts to shoot his load across the
stunning face of SoCal Val. Thick streams of spunk shoot out of his long
black cock, splattering across the Knockout's face, cheeks, and nose with
some even landing on her bright red hair, as well as inside her open mouth as
she gasps and groans at the feeling of cum starting to coat her facial
features. She can't help but lick her lips, tasting his load as he strokes
every last drop of it out and across her face, leaving such an amount that an
onlooker would think three or four men had just finished off with her.

Speaking of finishing off, now it's the turn of the man working for the other
rival sports entertainment company that they work for, as having fucked her
large breasts for his own pleasure, John Morrison starts to blow his thick
load across the big tits of SoCal Val. Jerking himself off quickly, stream
after creamy stream shoots out of his dick, landing across both of her boobs
and down the middle of them, giving each a more than just nice coating of
jizz, all the while the WWE hunk groans out as he milks himself dry.
Squeezing out the final drops of cum with deep strokes, he rubs the tip of
his cock against her hard nipples, making her groan as he wipes off the last
of his load onto her, stepping back to admire is handiwork of covering the
red head's breasts with a glaze of cum.

"I can't believe... You both just did that to me..." SoCal Val groans out,
remaining slumped in the seating as it's clear she's well and truly spent
from being fucked by both men.

"Seeing is believing, fantasy can be reality, and what you are right now
Valerie? That..." D'Angelo says, pointing at her before looking to Morrison
with a grin.

"That! Is Pimpin'!"

"It fulfills the requirements that the Shaman of Sexy always strives for."
John says with a smirk. "At least the women of TNA are of some use, as
underpaid as they are."

"Brother Morrison, that's not all that they are. As I was saying before, they
run their mouths, and they talk some almighty smack. If you dare mention the
name of those heathens "Lay-Cool" around here, hell fire and brimstone will
break out from the dwelling place of The Beautiful People." Dinero states.

"Interesting, because if you bring up The Beautiful People near Team Lay-
Cool, they have a similarly vicious reaction. Perhaps we have more to discuss
about that situation..." Morrison states, before turning to the camera.
"Today followers of the Quest For Greatness, we've learned that no matter how
expensive the dress or how many carats in the diamonds, offer a hot red head
a cock, or two, and you'll replace elegance with something far more
interesting, and sexually satisfying. I am the Guru of Greatness, John
Morrison, and my Quest For Greatness shall continue on."

* * *

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