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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where
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jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Portia Perez(SHIMMER, ACW), Nicole Matthews (SHIMMER, ECCW),
John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 21: The Canadian Ninjas
A WWE/Indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch, looking over
a piece of paper in his hand. He's clad in fashionable, expensive looking and
tight jeans which do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within them, not
exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart, and a similarly flashy-looking
shirt that's left open, showing his incredibly well defined upper body and

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. Now, with the ever
increasing popularity of this online show, I of course receive many hundreds
of thousands of e-mails on a regular basis. One such message here, from a
"K.Kelly" from Florida, reads as follows:"

"Dear John Morrison. I am a huge fan of yours, and of your webshow The Quest
For Greatness. Recently I was fooled into being a part of a much more boring,
and uninteresting show that is kind of like yours, and I, along with my
slightly loud but well meaning friend, were disappointed not just by the
lackluster "action" we received, but to not see you in person and most of
all, be a part of your show. Is there any way we could sign up to be in a
future show of yours? I could easily bring my friend Naomi along, I'm sure
you'd have no problem handling both of us. Although between you and me, I'd
like you all to myself. Smiley face. Sincerely, K.Kelly."

Morrison puts the paper aside, looking to the camera as he slips off his
shirt. "Well Miss Kelly, as you could probably expect, I have many women from
around the world wanting to be a part of this very scientific and important
investigation I'm conducting. But I got an idea from that message. In the
past, I've allowed other men to be a part of this show, but never before has
there been two guest female stars on this show at the same time. That
injustice ends today, as I have brought in a tag team from the independent
scene who are not only champions of the SHIMMER promotion, but claim to be of
all things, a pair of Ninjas. Canadian Ninjas."

Looking to the side, in come said tag team combo known as The Canadian
Ninjas, and individually as Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews. The gorgeous
Canadian duo are clad in matching black based ring bottoms and tops with pink
and blue designs with the maple leaf and Ninja graphics over them, that hug
nicely to their athletic, nicely curved bodies. From the look on Perez's
face, she doesn't seem too pleased to be here, while Matthews has a confident
smirk on her face as she eyes up the WWE Superstar.

"Let's get one thing freaking straight here Morrison!" Portia says, glaring
at the still seated man. "If you think that just because we agreed to be on
this show of yours, that we're just gonna drop down and be a couple of sluts
to you, you have another thing coming!"

"Like I haven't heard that before..." John coolly replies, looking over both
SHIMMER stars as he reaches down to his belt. "Your friend seems happy to be

"I could be..." Nicole says, still smirking. "We're going to prove that we're
the best tag team in the world. The best at everything, including what
happens on this show."

"In that case, let's see how you two can handle this..." Morrison says,
pushing his jeans down and revealing his already impressively thick and long
looking cock, which makes both women's eyes widen when they see what he's
packing. "Unless of course, you're afraid to handle a real man." He taunts
them, directly looking at Perez as he does so.

Narrowing her eyes at him, and after a slight hesitation, Portia slips
herself down to between his spread legs, wrapping her fingers around his
hardening member and starting to stroke him off with smooth, slow motions.
She's soon joined by her tag team partner who scoots in beside her, placing a
hand on the bottom portion of his shaft, smirking up at him as she twists her
wrist to move her palm slightly clockwise and then back to pleasure his
thickness, watching intently as the other woman is as his dick soon reaches
full hardness thanks to their double team hand work. Both of the Canadian
Ninjas' eyes go wider as they look over the fat, fourteen inch cock of the
WWE stud, glancing at each other as they stroke off his member with Perez
working over the top half while Matthews takes care of the bottom portion.

Seeing the smirk on Morrison's face, the sometimes bratty but beautiful
Portia Perez lowers her head down towards his length, letting go with her
hand as she flicks her tongue across the tip of his shaft before sliding it
right across the top and then all around the bulbous head, all the while
still glaring up at the sports entertainment Superstar. Beside her, Nicole
keeps a firm grip of the hard dick, slowly moving her palm up and down his
length as she works him over to about half way and then going right down to
the base, her gaze switching between looking up at the man she and her best
friend are about to fuck and to said female as she slaps her tongue across
the tip of his manhood.

Another glare up, and the Brookville, Ontario born wrestler opens her mouth,
taking the head of his dick inside and proceeds to gently suck on it, her
tongue flicking out against it again as she presses her lips around his size.
Now John lets out a slight moan as she feels the nicely warm and wet mouth of
the Canadian start to slowly move back and forth along his thick, American
cock as she takes in about four inches of him before going back up to just
hold the bell end inside her and repeating the process in a perfectly smooth
and steady motion. As Perez gets into blowing him, her SHIMMER Tag Team
Championship partner is still jerking off the lower part of his cock, Nicole
watching her friend sucking on his big cock as her soft palm easily runs up
and down him at a quicker pace than the other woman is using.

Still smirking handsomely, the multi-time WWE singles and tag team champion
moves a hand down onto the back of the woman blowing him, again making her
glare up at him but she can only groan as he uses the hand to push her
further down onto his length, causing the cute, arrogant grappler to take
more of his cock inside her so that she's handling seven inches now inside
her mouth. The sight is making Nicole lick her lips, squeezing his dick as
she stops jerking him to just hold him straight so her tag partner can bob
her head firmly along his size. Despite the initial reluctance from her,
Portia has quickened her motions on his cock, perhaps not wanting to show
weakness after being made to suck off more of him, but it's all part of the
plan from the Shaman of Sexy who moans again as he feels her mouth moving
over his long dick.

Moving his hand off of her, Perez blows his shaft for a couple of long
moments before pulling off and glaring up at him, leaving said man meat with
a light covering of her saliva from her efforts, but it seems she's had
enough of him for the moment, moving back as the other half of the Canadian
Ninjas moves to right between her legs. With a confident smirk, Nicole
Matthews takes his size into her mouth, pressing her soft lips around him and
not wasting time as she goes to work on him, soon building a steady, quick
pace as she pushes her head down to over half way and then comes right back
up the head, already making the WWE star moan from the oral pleasure he's
getting. Although still glaring, the other SHIMMER star can't help but bite
her bottom lip slightly as she watches how eagerly her best friend is blowing
the hung stud as she rocks her head back and forth along his dick, even
moaning around his size and having no problem sucking the cock that was
just seconds ago in another woman's mouth.

Indeed, Morrison is very much enjoying the feeling of the soothing Canadian
mouth that's sliding along his rock hard American meat, feeling her saliva
start to cover his member as she bobs her head with impressive skill, taking
ten inches or so of his size inside her with no hints of gagging as Nicole's
beautiful face pushes down towards his crotch and then back up away from him.
She closes her eyes, her light moans bouncing off his cock as she deeply
blows him, the British Columbia-born star seemingly having no problems
handling such a massive dick or enjoying giving this sex act on a man she's
just met, indicated by her erect nipples poking through her wrestling top.

"Big deal!" Portia suddenly snaps, arms crossed over her perky chest. "You
can handle a freaking blowjob, am I supposed to be impressed?"

"I'm impressed with your friend, that I can confirm..." John cooly replies,
watching for a few more moments as Matthews deeply sucks his cock, before he
looks over to the other SHIMMER star. "If you doubt the Guru of Greatness,
then simply undress and I will enlighten you."

Opening her eyes, Nicole smirks around his dick as she slurps on his member a
couple more times before she slowly lifts her head up and off of him, gazing
over his saliva coated cock. "Come on Portia, you know he can't handle us
both..." She says, standing up and stepping back as she starts to pull her
top up and over her head, revealing her nicely rounded and perfectly sized

"Yeah, I know that!" Perez says with a hint of brattyness as she pushes her
bottoms down, revealing her smoothly shaved pussy which makes Morrison smirk.
"Fine! I'll show you how a real woman takes care of things!"

The hard bodied WWE star swings his legs over so he can lay back flat on the
couch, watching with some amusement as Perez takes off her top so she's naked
sans for her wrestling boots, her perky chest on full display. Storming over,
she doesn't hesitate now as she mounts the sports entertainment stud, lining
up his length with her snatch as she eases herself down in a squatting
position, but as soon as the head of his dick pushes into her eyes go wide
and she moans, her tight pussy already being forced open by his massive
thickness. She looks straight down, one hand keeping his shaft held straight
while the other grips the back of the expensive seating as she tries to
adjust to the invasion, lifting herself up so she can grind her pussy against
the head of his manhood before pushing down onto him and making both herself
and him moan out as she's penetrated once again.

Meanwhile, the other half of the all Canadian tag team has stripped off so
she's completely naked, and she isn't planning on being left out of this as
she also straddles the former MNM team member but so her similarly perfectly
shaved snatch is lowered down onto the handsome face of the man underneath
both women. Facing her best friend, Matthews soon moans as well as he reaches
up to take a hold of her hips, pushing his tongue out to show what he can do
when her pussy is in touching distance, and sliding it across the entrance to
her, and he has reason to smirk as he notes that she's already wet down
there, another sign she's more into this than the other woman is. Regardless
of that fact, he's never one to deny a "meal" like this, so sets about
tasting her by moving his tongue right up and down the folds into her snatch,
not yet venturing straight in just yet, but returning what he got from her
earlier as he warms her up with smooth, controlled motions all the way along
her hole.

What's also clear to see is that the American Joshi Queen of Queens
tournament winner isn't used to working with a cock of this thickness and
length, groaning as she forces her snatch to push down onto the cock of the
Shaman of Sexy, in the process making her tightness open up to accept the
huge shaft before she rises slowly back upward. She's already making good
process, around six inches of his member fitting inside her but she looks
determined to take even more of him as she uses a steady rhythm to ride his
stiff dick, moaning out and at this point not really caring that she's moving
herself up and down on the same piece of man meat that has just come out of
her best friend's mouth and is in fact covered in said woman's saliva.

Speaking of the stunning British Columbian starlet, she has her eyes closed
with a moan as she grinds her pussy down and across the lips of the Prince of
Parkour, feeling his hungry tongue darting up into her wet hole as he runs
his hands across her smooth thighs and even briefly over her juicy ass cheeks
as he dines on her snatch. He's moaning up into her box, the result of
enjoying munching on her snatch and from feeling his cock being worked over
by the tight love tunnel of the other female wrestler involved in this
threesome. Nicole groans out as he slides his tongue deeply into her, working
around the edges of her entrance before once more flicking his tongue in and
out of her in a rapid motion, showing how talented his tongue is as he knows
exactly what to do to drive her wild.

Speaking of moaning, that's exactly what Portia is doing now as she's
properly bouncing on the hard, long cock inside her snatch now, both hands
holding onto the couch for support as she drops down to take ten inches
straight inside her tight, wet hole before lifting up to just over half way
and then quickly repeating the process. Her eyes are closed shut as she rides
the hard dick of the WWE Superstar, showing that what she lacks in height and
size she can more than make up with in energy and effort as she moans away,
rising and falling with slightly increasing force and speed as she stuffs her
tight snatch full of his massive tool, much to the erotic delight of both.

Both stunning, perfectly curved Canadians are moaning and groaning as they
work their pussies on the respective parts of the chiselled out of stone
American stud underneath them who's giving as good as he's getting as he
works his tongue deeply into and all around Nicole's wet snatch while lightly
pumping his dick up into Portia's, resulting in him almost going balls deep
into her when she drops down onto him. The cock of the founder of the Palace
of Wisdom is now covered in the pussy juices of Perez who continues to
impressively ride his size with great speed and effort, while similarly his
face, mouth, and lips are coated with the sweet fluids of Matthews as he
expertly dines and tastes her hole with quick actions from his experienced

"Fuck Portia..." Nicole moans out, locking eyes with the other Canadian
Ninja. "I told you he'd be good, but he's really good!" She states, grinding
herself down onto him for a few more moments.

"That's... That's a load of bull!" Portia protests with a moan, despite
continuing to bounce on his cock. "I'm going easy on this guy! He can't
handle me, and he can't handle us!" She says with a groan as she pushes
herself up and off from the big dick of the sport entertainment star.

As Matthews moves herself up and off of him, he smirks at the cute, bratty
wrestler. "It takes a lot more than trash talk to impress me." John says,
glancing at both women. "If you really want to impress the millions of MoFos
out there watching, you'll need to kick things up a notch."

"Oh yeah? Name it! I'm not afraid of whatever fetish you've got in mind!"
Perez boldly states as she glares at the man standing up to face her.

"Well then, since you're the first co-stars of an episode of my show, it's
time for you to experience me... And each other..." Morrison says with a
handsome grin, surprising Portia by pushing her down onto the couch.

He goes to glance at the other Canadian, but she's already stepped beside
him, giving a sly wink. "She did say anything... Get ready for some Funky
Cold Medina, Canadian Ninjas style!"

Before he can question what that means, Matthews shows him as she gets down
on her knees in front of the seated Portia, taking full advantage of her
spread legs as she lowers her head right down to her, moving her tongue all
the way up her pussy from the bottom to the top, causing her best friend to
moan loudly with shocked eyes, but finds her legs being kept spread apart by
Nicole's hands. Losing any resistance to this, Portia places her hands onto
the back of her fellow Canadian's head, encouraging her to continue on as she
feels her tongue smoothly sliding up and down her, already tasting her juices
and making them both moan out at the feeling.

After taking a moment to enjoy the sight of two stunning indy scene starlets
engaging in a little lesbian sex, Morrison steps forward and gets behind the
woman currently eating pussy, using the doggy style-like position the three
time ECCW SuperGirls Champion is in so he can push his long shaft into her
already wet and nicely tight pussy. He moans out at the sensation, placing
his hands on her hips as he starts to rock back and forth towards her,
building the motion to use a firm, quick pace to send his thick American
shaft deeply into the perfectly curved Canadian's pussy, this more than
enough to make her jolt forward and in the process make her face press
straight up against the other woman's snatch as she eats her out.

This positioning now has all three wrestlers involved moaning louder than
they had previously since this all began, with the Shaman of Sexy banging
Nicole with long, steady thrusts that already has a solid ten inches of his
man meat moving swiftly in and out of her tight, wet hole as she begins to
push herself back to meet his incoming pumps, taking her deeper into her in
the process and making her groan as she's filled up to the maximum. At the
same time, this results in her pretty face rubbing against Portia's pussy as
she continues to eat out her tag team partner's damp snatch, her tongue
easily working in and all around her to make her fellow country woman moan
out as she sits back and takes this with closed eyes, giving an indication
that perhaps this is not the first time these two women have engaged in
such a sexual activity.

Past history is not a concern to the host of the Quest For Greatness, but
what is, is sending his long, magnificent dick deeply into the stunning
British Columbia-born woman in front of him as he looks straight down at her
smooth and nicely rounded ass cheeks as his ripped, hard waist begins to
smack into them when he drives himself deep into her. Balls deep infact,
feeling his nut sack slapping into her smooth skin when he pushes into her
wet and still tight pussy so all of his fourteen inches are forced straight
into her, and making them both moan out in lust. Although hers are muffled by
her mouth being firmly placed against the other half of the Canadian Ninja's
snatch as he perfectly sized and rounded breasts sway back and forth from the
motion of her body as they hang down. Again, no complaints from the WWE
Superstar as he picks up the pace yet again, using hard and fast thrusts into
her as he goes to town on the talented and beautiful wrestler, his thick
American man meat filling her dripping Canadian pussy perfectly as he pounds
her over and over again.

Arching her back off of the couch, Perez groans out as she pushes her snatch
up against her SHIMMER Tag Team Championship partner's face as it rubs
against her sensitive hold thanks to the forceful pumps she's taking from the
man involved in this threesome. Gripping her best friend with two handfuls of
hair, the woman who played Faith in Wrestlicious is starting to sweat hard
from the tongue work being given to her already taken care enough pussy,
breathing deeply with closed eyes as lust is fuelling her on, loving the
feeling of another woman's tongue probing deeply and all around her soaking
wet snatch. She looks far from the arrogant, bratty grappler seen at the
beginning of this "meeting" between the three, now moaning quite shamelessly
as she's eaten out by a fellow indy star who herself is getting fucked from
behind by a hung stud of sports entertainment.

"Shit! Nicole! Nicole, back off a sec!" Portia manages to moan out, lifting
her head off of the couch so she can look down at her friend as she dines on
her snatch with long, deep swirls of her tongue.

With a groan, Nicole lifts her head away from the other Canadian Ninja's
snatch, licking her lips clean of the pussy juices as she looks up at the
other woman. "Come on Portia, we're just getting started with this guy..."
She says with a moan as said WWE Superstar continues to deeply thrust into
her snatch.

"Damn it Nicole, we need to... Pace ourselves here!" Perez seems to be
looking for excuses here as she pants for breath.

Hearing this, John smirks as he pulls his cock out of Matthews' pussy, making
them both groan in the process. "The Palace of Wisdom does not permit any
time outs..." He says, stepping forward as the indy star he'd just banged
moved out of his way.

"Allow me to elevate you to the highest heights..." He adds, pushing her back
against the couch as he moves up onto her.

The cute and talented international star goes to protest, but all that comes
from her mouth is a long moan as the rugged, muscular sports entertainer
stuffs his long, hard cock deep into her snatch, giving her almost no time to
adjust as he goes straight to work on her, using sudden, hard thrusts into
her pussy, gripping onto her toned waist as he bangs her. Perez can only moan
away as she's pounded by his massive, thick meat, getting filled up to the
brim as he soon has himself going almost balls deep into her already, just an
inch away from being completely inside of her snatch, her pussy juices now
mixing with those of the other female that he'd just been fucking that cover
his shaft.

Speaking of said wrestler, Matthews has moved up to stand on the expensive
couch her tag team partner is being nailed on, lowering her pussy down onto
her friend's face and groaning as she feels Perez's lips brushing over her
already very wet snatch, but soon she moans out as without hesitation the
woman underneath her opens her mouth to push her tongue up and into her box.
Once again the stunning Canadians are showing a different kind of teamwork
and partnership than what they're known for in the ring, as Portia probes her
tongue all around and inside of Nicole's snatch, moaning into her as she all
too eagerly now drinks down the tasty juices being let out by her tag partner
who is also sweating hard now, showing the effects of the intense fucking
they've all been involved in up to this point.

All includes the man once known as Johnny Nitro, who too has a layer of sweat
covering his stunning body as he drives his cock smoothly and rapidly in and
out of the snatch of Perez, his balls slapping against her skin each time he
pushes right into her so all of his over foot long shaft is filling her up,
causing her body to rock against his movements as she's held against the
seating. He groans, sensing a slight throb from his shaft as he drives it
back and forth into her still impressively tight and soaking wet love tunnel,
proving that at least when it comes to this kind of action she's not
completely all talk. Right now though, she can't even talk, literally with
her face pressed right up against her best friend's snatch as she dines on
it, encouraged by how she's getting banged by the WWE stud.

Breathing heavily and sweating hard, Matthews has her hands placed on her own
breasts, squeezing them for even more pleasure as she feels her tag team
partner's tongue lashing feverishly around her dripping, well fucked snatch,
causing her to groan out with desire as a fellow talented indy star munches
on her pussy. She's grinding herself down onto the other wrestler's face, her
legs starting to feel weak from the strain of this intense sex session so she
has to rest her knees against the back of the couch, but still with enough
control to keep playing with her tits as she looks back over her shoulder at
the stud slamming his dick deeply into the woman currently eating her out
with porn star-like skill.

Her moans and groans might be muffled thanks to her mouth being right up
against her tag team partner's snatch as she eats her out, but it's clear to
see that this kind of pace and position she's in is taking its toll on one
more than the other two. With one last jolt of her body and a deep groan,
Portia Perez starts to cum hard on the thrusting cock of John Morrison, her
pussy clamping tightly around his thick, fourteen inches to make him groan as
well but he shows unrivalled skill in continuing to pump her as her juices
flow out all across his length. Moaning away as she's fucked all the way
through her orgasm, Portia continues to lick away at the pussy of her
Canadian Ninjas team mate Nicole Matthews, drinking down her tasty juices to
cause her to keep moaning, while she herself feels her body relaxing, warn
out by the fucking of a lifetime courtesy of both her friend and the WWE

Not finished quite yet here, said sports entertainer moves up to stand on the
couch behind Matthews, lifting her up slightly so her dripping snatch is
lifted off from the worn out Perez, allowing him to slam his shaft straight
into her, going balls deep with a single thrust and driving right in with a
hard, fast pace that has them both moaning loudly again and again with every
motion. Leaning forward to grip the back of the couch, she's holding on
almost for dear life as she's pounded from behind, her nicely rounded ass
cheeks smacking into his waist when he pushes deep into her, making her body
rock almost violently forward as she takes his thick dick into her with no

He's not holding back, swiftly sending his long American cook completely in
and out of her still tight and extremely damp Canadian pussy, his balls
smacking into her sweat covered skin each time he rocks his hips towards the
stunning indy star. He grips her waist tightly, keeping her held up in front
of him as he bangs her in this standing doggy style-like position on the
expensive couch, while underneath them her best friend is coming back to
reality after her intense orgasm but she's not on the minds of the two very
attractive wrestlers currently fucking like rabbits, as he sends his
beginning to really throb cock deeply into the moaning, begging for more
female over and over again.

This kind of wild, lust-fuelled intensity is too much for any woman to
handle, even one who's been putting professional porn stars to shame so far,
so it comes to no surprise that soon enough Nicole Matthews starts to explode
over the thick, over foot long dick of John Morrison. He groans out deeply,
eyes nearly rolling into the back of her head as her pussy tightens like a
vice around the pistoning cock of the WWE Superstar, in turn making him groan
as her juices now flood out over his member that's already been coated in her
best friend's juices from just minutes ago. He allows himself to smirk as he
moans, slowing down his pumps to allow her to ride out all the waves of
pleasure flowing through her, but feeling his cock throbbing even more he
knows that it's time to get his as he pulls out, making her groan with

Helping her down to sit on the couch next to the other SHIMMER star, he
positions himself to aim his fat tool at them as he wraps his fingers around
his member, getting his digits sticky from the mix of their juices as he
jerks himself off, looking to force himself straight over the edge with loud,
long moans in the process. The woman who'd just been brought to a mind
blowing climax licks her lips, watching as he strokes off with speed and she
can't help but open her mouth wide, ready for what's to come. Flicking her
eyes open, and finally recovering herself, the first of the SHIMMER Tag Team
Championship winning team to have cum looks up at the sight her best friend
is staring at, and similarly she's ready for a creamy reward that beats any
cookie as she opens her mouth wide for it.

The targets before him are truly too good to resist, so with a final, big
groan, John Morrison begins to shoot his load all across the gorgeous, sweat
covered faces of Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews, sending thick streams of
jizz across both Canadian Ninjas and causing them to groan with lust as they
feel his spunk landing on their skin. He strokes himself off as he blasts
shot after shot of cum across their cheeks, lips, and chins, and also sending
a more than ample amount into their wide open mouths as well, sending out
such an impressive amount of jizz onto both of them that they both have a big
facial to finish off a one of a kind sexual encounter. Letting go of his now
softening cock, the Shaman of Sexy steps off the couch and watches with a
smirk as both women turn to each other, locking lips for a deep, open mouth
kiss as they exchange his spunk with one another, making out for a long
moment before breaking off and swallowing down his load.

"You claimed there was no tag team around quite like you..." John says, chest
heaving as he catches his breath. "Seeing was indeed believing on this

"Told... Told you..." Portia says, panting for air. "I told you I could
handle you!" She says, still able to be somewhat bratty despite being fucked
hard by the man standing before her.

"You weren't too bad yourself..." Nicole says with a confident smirk as she
too looks over the WWE Superstar. "You ever come up to Canada again and need
some real women,I think you know who to meet up with."

"Perhaps the Palace of Wisdom could do with a couple of Ninjas, and I don't
mean for protection." Morrison says with a smirk, before he turns to the
camera. "Faithful viewers of the Quest For Greatness, today what we have
learned is that while the stereotype of Ninjas is that they are silent and
deadly, when they are of the hot, Canadian variety they can make a lot of
noise, and take a whole lot more dick as a bonus. That's surely a Ninja
proverb if ever there was one. This has been the Quest For Greatness, I as
always am your host John Morrison, and this? This ain't no make believe."

* * *

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