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* * *

The Quest For Greatness Part 22: Rosa Mendes - A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Featuring: Rosa Mendes(WWE), John Morrison (WWE).

* * *

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
as he grips an overhead bar, performing a series of perfect "chin-ups" as
it's clear the Guru of Greatness is in a gym with various equipment and
machines seen in the background. He's clad in just a pair of nicely fitting
black work-out pants which allows his muscular upper body to be fully seen.
After a couple more reps, the WWE Superstar drops down to the floor with a
smirk directed to the camera.

"Welcome once again viewers to the Quest For Greatness..." John says. "I am
of course your host, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. Now, in response to
the extremely, extremely small, and not just in size of what's in their
pants, number of "critics", to be exact, the three of them, the critics of
this very scientific and important documentary series, my guest star for this
episode of the Quest is a WWE Diva. It doesn't hurt of course that she's a
former Slammy award winner, that she's been, like myself, on the late ECW
brand, Smackdown, and Raw, and this might give her identity away here, but
she's a big fan of using a jump rope and a Shake Weight."

Moving across towards an Adjustable Weight Bench with a barbell with weights
set already held in it, we see the stunning Diva Rosa Mendes sitting on the
edge of the black bench of the equipment, holding a Shake Weight in her hands
right in front of her, which is causing her large chest to bounce in time
with it as she's clad in tight fitting red top and black bottoms, with a grey
sports bra underneath her top, both of which hug perfectly to her perfectly
rounded tits and her juicy ass. She smiles as she looks over the handsome
stud who comes to a stop in front of her.

"So John, do you really want to help me work out?" Rosa asks with a seductive
smirk, still using the Shake Weight much no doubt to the delight of the
watching audience. "Or is this all a trick to get me to fuck you like you do
the other guests of your little show?"

"From your body, your seem to work out fine on your own..." John replies,
feeling his cock start to harden as he focuses on her shaking breasts. "But
if you insist on something "physical", I can supply something perfect for
"pumping", and I don't mean any iron."

Mendes licks her pouty lips, glancing down at his pants. "I suppose you want
me to warm you up then?" She slyly replies, a glance up at him.

"That sounds like a good start to this workout plan..." Morrison answers as
he pushes down his bottoms, revealing the hardening, and already thick and
long cock that hangs between his toned legs.

Locking eyes with his already impressively sized meat, the stunning Smackdown
Diva puts down the Shake Weight onto the floor, moving her hands onto the
bottom of her red top so she can pull it up and over her head, leaving her
large chest still covered by the grey sports bra. With a seductive smirk, she
places her hands onto his cock, using them both to stroke him in a manner
almost identical to how they were moving when using the Shake Weight with
light movements up and down his hardening member and all the while keeping
her eyes locked with those of the handsome wrestler she's getting warmed up.
He returns the look, a slight moan let out as he feels her soft palms working
over his whole length as his shaft grows to its full size, stepping out of
his pants as he lets her jerk him off, a prelude to the kind of "pumping" he
was referring to earlier.

It isn't too long before the former biggest fan of Beth Phoenix soon has her
hands wrapped around a thick, fourteen inch and rock hard cock, the sight
alone making the gorgeous woman's mouth water as she uses her hands to rub up
and down the entire length with smooth, steady motions. Tossing her long,
blond-streaked hair back, she leans her head down closer toward his cock so
she can plant a soft kiss onto the bell end, soon followed by a second, but
when she flicks her tongue out to pat across the tip that makes the rugged
Superstar clearly moan. A glance back up at him, and she uses her tongue
again to swirl across and then around the bell end, lightly moaning herself
as she tastes his manhood a little, still using her hands to jerk of the rest
of his vast length.

With his hands on his waist, Morrison watches on as one of the hottest women
of television today rubs his dick all the up to just below the crowd and then
straight back down to the base with one of her hands below the other so she
can actually triple-team his mighty cock, utilizing both of her hands and her
hungry tongue as she soothingly works her way all the way around and across
the tip like she's enjoying a lollypop. He moans with an approving smirk,
feeling her saliva being dabbed onto his bell end as she licks and jerks him
at an almost teasing pace but it's clear that mixed-race beauty knows what
she's doing, her hands easily gliding up and down his thick pole as she pats
her tongue against the top of his dick for a moment.

Parting her luscious lips, she lowers her head once again and takes his dick
inside, making the receiver moan again as she starts to suck on the top
couple of inches, lightly bobbing her head so he can feel her nicely damp and
warm mouth working him over as her hands continue to stroke off the rest of
his length. She's looking up at him with a seductive stare, her pouty lips
firmly pressing against his cock as she raises and lowers her head onto him,
her mouth moving her him at a faster pace than her hands are but the
combination is clearly working to not only get him fired up for this but for
her as well, her nipples rock hard and poking through her already very tight
sports bra.

As her head lowers down further onto his cock as she sucks away on him, her
hands stop stroking him to just hold him at the base, allowing inch after
thick inch of his white, American cock to pass through the lips of the
Canadian of Czech and Costa Rican descent, with now half of his manhood being
handled in her mouth. She's softly moaning around his length as she orally
pleases the stud from Raw, her long hair slightly swaying as she bobs her
head up and down his size, ensuring more of her saliva is coating him from
her smooth, firm sucks on his dick, her beautiful face pushing down deeply on
his member before lifting all the way back up until just the head still
remains inside her mouth and the process quickly repeating again and again.

The smart, sexy, and powerful woman slurps on his thick cock for a few more
moments before she slowly lifts her head completely off of him, licking her
lips as she smirks up at him. "Mmmm... That could give me a really hard work
out..." Rosa says, placing her hands on her sports bra before lifting up and
off, revealing her large, tanned, and perfectly rounded tits to him.

Smirking back, he watches as stands up from the gym equipment, continuing to
strip off as she pushes her bottoms down her smooth legs. "Well, we have just
finished the "warm up" exercises..." John says, as he lays back onto the
weight bench, acting like he's going to use it for its intended purpose as
his hands grip the barbell. Mendes raises an eyebrow seductively as she steps
out of her clothing, her completely shaven pussy on display as she walks back
over to him. "If I can get a body like yours, I might have to switch to your
workout plan."

"Your body is perfectly fine..." Morrison tells the truth as he watches her
climb up and mount him. "However, I could be persuaded to teach you a secret
or two... After today..."

With his cock rock hard and pointing right up, she's easily able to lower her
pussy down onto him and take his shaft inside, moaning with a gasp as she
feels herself already being made to stretch open as his vast size begins to
invade her tight hole, equally making him moan as he feels her all around him
and that's just with the first couple on inches inside her. Placing her hands
onto his muscular chest and planting her feet firmly on the floor, she starts
to work her body up and down onto him, raising up until just an inch or so is
inside her before she eases herself back down, still adjusting to his massive
cock but loving the feeling of it already as she builds up the motion.

The Guru of Greatness watches as the stunning Diva bounces smoothly on his
rod, gradually taking more and more of him insider as she moves up and down
on his length, the action made easier thanks to her own saliva that's coating
his dick, his moans getting a little louder every time she takes another inch
of him inside her tight snatch. Glancing to check the weights applied to the
barbell, and smirking at what he sees, Morrison takes a deep breath before he
lifts it off from the holders, impressively starting to bench press while
fucking at the same time, making it look all too easy as he lifts the weights
straight up after lowering them down to near him while a jaw-droppingly hot
woman is riding his dick.

This show of strength, control, and sexual ability doesn't go unnoticed by
the Diva who's using her tight, dampening pussy to work his cock with, biting
down on her bottom lip as she watches him bench press, her gaze focusing on
his heaving, chiseled from stone chest as he works out while she fucks him, a
complete turn on to the former FCW Queen of the Ring. Placing her hands on
her breasts, she starts to squeeze them as she picks up the pace, bouncing
quicker on his cock and in the process taking him deeper inside her, the
curvaceous woman moaning out as she puts some more force behind her
movements, now handling well over half of his dick inside her snatch.

With a smirk, the handsome Superstar performs a few more reps before he sets
the barbell back in its rests, turning his full focus back to the reason why
he's been moaning more than he was grunting, placing his hands onto her well
rounded hips as she rocks back and forth against his long cock that's getting
lightly coated in her forming juices. Feeling his hands holding her, she
smirks down at him, running her hands cross his upper body in response as
they both moan, feeling her tight pussy take an impressive amount of his
large shaft as she bounces away on him with force and speed, her titties
starting to sexily shake from her increased motions.

He moves a hand further around her stunning, perfectly tanned body, allowing
him to said hand and deliver a sharp spank to her thick ass cheek, making her
groan from the impact as she slows her bounces down so she can lean forward,
pressing her body against his with her breasts resting against his chest. As
she grinds her pussy back and forth against his cock which is now almost
completely inside her wet, tight snatch, she lowers her head down towards
his, their lips eagerly parting as they start to kiss, their tongues
wrestling together as they swap spit and moans, his hands firmly grabbing her
booty as they make out on the gym equipment with his cock still stuffed
inside her love tunnel.

Lifting her head away, Rosa flicks her tongue against his firm lips for a
moment before tossing her hair back with a moan. "Baby, I don't think you
give every girl this kind of work out..." She says with a seductive smirk as
she eases herself off of his cock with a groan.

"If we're still playing that line, then perhaps I do, and perhaps the Shaman
of Sexy saves something special for those who deserve it..." Morrison cooly
replies, looking over her hot, perfectly curved body as he swings his legs to
step off the machine.

"Don't hold back on me Papi, I want to really sweat..." Mendes states,
glancing at his dick that's nicely covered with her own juices.

With a smirk, John motions to a set of dumbbells that are on the ground by a
mirror on the gym wall. "How about you grab those, and I'll grant that

Little does the stunning Diva who's been on the Smackdown, Raw, and ECW
brands of the WWE know as she walks over to the weights that he's following
right behind her, watching her butt cheeks slightly jiggle as they sway from
side to side with every step. She stops in front of the mirror, thinking
nothing of bending right over forward as she places her hands on the
dumbbells, in the process sticking out her thick, sexy rump right up at the
rugged Superstar who comes forward, placing his hands on her cheeks and
quickly spreading them, not even giving her a warning as he pushes his cock
into her asshole with a firm, deep thrust.

Her eyes go wide, a loud groan escaping her open mouth as she uses the
reflection in the mirror to see what's going on as he keeps her ass spread,
rocking his hips towards and then away from her as he makes his thick dick
work in and out of her juicy ass, making them both moan as he builds a pace
to pump her booty. The sultry former model turned wrestler stares at him with
a seductive glare, not objecting to the anal invasion she's being made to
take, feeling her back passage being forced open as he gradually slides more
of his thickness into her clearly even tighter hole, a task made mercifully
easier thanks to the lubrication provided by her own pussy juices that coat
his member.

As already seen during this "documentary" series, the Guru of Greatness is no
stranger to banging a hot woman up the ass, and the tanned, incredibly
rounded cheeks of the former OVW Women's Champion are no exception as he
pumps his long cock steadily in and out of her butt, moaning with each
movement back and forth into her. He gaze switches from watching her ass as
he plunges his rod deeply into her asshole and up to the mirror to watch her
beautiful, moaning face and her large, hanging tits that are slightly swaying
as her body responds to his thrusts as he makes sure the WWE's resident
fitness fanatic `s glutes are getting properly "worked out".

The busty, horny Diva of Czech and Costa Rican descent closes her eyes,
moaning as she keeps herself bent over in this position, her hands planted on
the floor for support as she starts to push herself back against the incoming
thrusts into her thick ass, feeling his length driving deeper and deeper
still into her and turning her on as more of his fat, American cock is
stuffed inside her tightest of holes. She doesn't seem to have much of a
choice here though, being dominated anally by the hung and handsome stud
who's pounding her booty from behind, his hands roaming across her cheeks and
squeezing them as he bangs her quickly and forcefully to make them both
shamelessly moan out.

Ramming his cock balls deep now into her thick butt, the former Champion of
the ECW brand smirks as his waist smacks into her ass cheeks as she pushes
back against his movements, all of his thick fourteen inches driving into her
back passage which is just as impressive as the fact that she's not feeling
any pain from this hard ass fucking she's taking. He takes the opportunity to
give her booty a firm spank to both cheeks as he pumps away into her, his
balls slapping into her tanned, smooth skin as he enjoys her one of a kind
backside for a few more moments with a series of sharp, deep thrusts that
would otherwise finish off a normal women in a matter of seconds, but only
makes the Diva moan out in pure lust.

The lovely but not exactly ring savvy beauty lets out a groan as she feels
him slipping his cock out of her ass, opening her eyes and licking her lips
as he taps the head of his cock against her juicy cheeks, doing this to them
both before he places his member between them, pushing the more than ample
flesh against his shaft to sandwich it. With a smirk, he slides his cock up
and down between her ass crack, fucking her butt cheeks now with his long
cock to make them both groan at the teasing but very hot action, the
attractive WWE stars taking the chance to catch their breath as they've both
got a layer of sweat starting to cover their desirable bodies.

Standing back, Morrison smirks as he looks over the tanned, stunning frame of
the Slammy winner for "Best Use of Gym Equipment". "It seems you're used to
that particular "workout" system..." He says as she stands up.

"Like you said John, maybe I have and maybe I haven't..." Rosa playfully
teases, flipping her long hair back with a smirk. "Maybe I want that huge
cock back inside my sexy ass."

"If you expect me to decline that..." John says, again looking around to see
what else could work as an aid or just something else to bang her on.
Starting to smirk,he points across. "Get on that, and get your ass ready for
the Shaman of Sexy."

Turning around, Mendes sees that he's talking about a large, inflated
"Stability" workout ball. "If I lose my gym membership over this, it will
still have been worth it..." She slyly states as she approaches the ball,
seductively swaying her ass from side to side as she walks.

Grabbing onto the ball, the sexy female wrestler lays slightly on top of it,
her large breasts pressing onto the top of it along with her toned stomach as
she ass is pushed up high into the air, slightly rolling forward with the
ball so she can keep her feet on the ground and spread her legs as far apart
as she can manage. Looking back over her shoulder with a naughty look and a
smile, she reaches back with her hands to spread her backside apart, offering
her still tight looking asshole up to the approaching Superstar as her
glistening with juices pussy is also exposed to him. Stepping between her
legs, he takes over holding her ass cheeks apart, allowing her to grip the
sides of the Stability Ball for support with one arm as he once more shoves
his thick dick straight into her booty with a moan.

Despite having been taken up the ass moments before, she's actually moaning
louder now as she feels him already using hard, quick thrusts to pump her
backside, making her cheeks jiggle from the force he's using and causing the
rest of her tanned and curvaceous body to rock slightly on the inflatable
ball, still looking back at him as he has his way with her juicy butt.
Putting her free arm to good use, she raises her body up for a moment to slip
it under herself, her hand going straight between her legs so she can first
rub her fingers across her dripping snatch, again making her moan out loud at
the feeling, before she inserts a digit into herself, looking to finger
herself while getting fucked up the butt at the same time.

As she takes care of herself, the master of Starship Pain continues to deeply
ram his thick cock in and out of her stunning ass, easily going balls deep
once again into her with his nuts smacking off her skin every time when pumps
into her, sending all of his long manhood into her back passage time and time
again to keep him moaning out. Moving his hands onto her hips, he brings her
body sharply back towards himself to meet his deep thrusts, making her rock
back and forth on the workout ball as he fucks her thick butt, smirking as he
watches her cheeks shake from the impact and hears her lusty moans, making it
clear they are both loving this steamy sexual encounter in this gym.

With her eyes closed shut, the beautiful Canadian-born stunner of Czech and
Costa Rican descent is stuffing two fingers deeply and quickly in and out of
her own soaking wet pussy, ensuring she gets the maximum pleasure possible
from the thick, over foot long American cock that's slamming into her ass
from behind as she uses a Stability Ball for support for this intense fucking
that's making her drip with sweat. She can only pant for breath as well as
let out moans and groans as she takes the kind of anal pounding that would
make a normal woman be unable to sit down for over a week, however both
sports entertainment stars are putting professional porn stars to shame with
the furious pace and length of their fucking that they are engaged in.

It's also clear that the Prince of Parkour is feeling the pressure start to
build now, the result of slamming his shaft with speed and force repeatedly
into the hot Diva's thick backside but the moans he's letting out show that
he wouldn't have it any other way as he sends his starting to throb cock back
and forth into her juicy, tanned butt. He's not planning on letting up until
he gets his, but ensures to keep her where he wants her as he makes her move
towards and then away from him with a firm grip of her hips as she rocks on
the inflated gym ball, impressively multi-tasking to do this and keep ramming
his thick cock again and again balls deep into her stunning ass.

The toll of driving her fingers repeatedly into her pussy along with getting
slammed in the ass by a fellow WWE star finally becomes too much for the
fitness freak of Smackdown to handle, so with her mouth hanging open and her
eyes almost rolling back into her head, Rosa Mendes starts to cum hard on her
fingers as John Morrison fucks her up the ass. Juices flow out of her snatch,
coating her pumping digits and then splashing onto her hand and down onto the
Stability Ball she's being banged on as she rides out her intense waves of
pleasure, still working her fingers in and out of her love tunnel as she
groans away.

Groaning himself, he feels her back passage clamping around his thick member
as a result of her hard orgasm, but once again he shows his skill by
continuing to thrust into her ass despite the increased tightness although he
wisely gradually slows down the pace and force behind his pumps as he feels
his dick throbbing even more than before. Just as the gorgeous, sweat-soaked
female comes back to Earth after her sexual peak, he's pulling his manhood
out of her well fucked booty, lifting her off the ball and setting her down
on the gym floor, stepping forward and holding his cock by the base so he can
rub the bell end across her thick, pouty lips.

With a moan and a lusty glare cast up at him, the Canadian born Diva of Czech
and Costa Rican descent opens her mouth and doesn't hesitate in going ass-to-
mouth here, tasting her own back passage off his fat American cock as she
wraps her lips around it, barely getting a chance to flick her tongue up
against the shaft as he starts to pump himself in and out of her mouth. She
groans around his tool as he deeply sends his throbbing member into the warm
and wet mouth of the busty, sweat-drenched beauty who sucks away on his man
meat, eagerly slurping on him and loving the look of pleasure on the stud's
face as he moans without shame. She still has enough energy to lightly bob
her head along the length being fed into her oral hole, sliding her tongue
all up and around the sides and bottom of his dick as he almost fucks her
face now, driving himself over the edge with no objections from the woman
taking this and tasting her own ass off of his shaft.

Soon enough, with a final deep groan that alone would make many a female WWE
fan faint from excitement, John Morrison starts to blow inside of Rosa
Mendes, making her groan in approval as she feels streams of hot, sticky jizz
starting to fill her mouth up as she continues to suck away on his throbbing,
fourteen inch cock. So much spunk is sent into her that she has to swallow
the loads she's already taken, noticeably with a moan of approval at the
taste, in order for her to take more of his creamy load as he slows down his
pumping motion, feeling her luscious lips milking him completely dry. A few
moments later and the stud Superstar steps back, pulling his now limp cock
out of her mouth and watching as the smart, sexy, and powerful Diva remains
on her knees and again swallows down his cum without objection, even licking
her lips to make sure she got all of it.

Wiping some hair away from her sweat coated face, Rosa looks up at him with a
smile. "Papi, we've got to have this kind of workout again soon baby." She
says suggestively, a glance down at her perfectly curved frame. "Unless of
course, you'd want me to lose this body..."

Morrison smirks down at her. "I doubt that'd happen any time soon, but the
Palace of Wisdom always welcomes those who wish to achieve the best they can,
through pumping iron or otherwise..." He says, before turning to the camera.
"Faithful viewers of the Quest For Greatness, today what we have learned is
that while you can never discount the effects of a solid workout plan, there
are many more ways to break out in a deep sweat. Clothed or otherwise. This
has been the Quest For Greatness, I as always am your host John Morrison, and
this? This ain't no make believe."

* * *

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