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Featuring: Allison Wonderland (ex-ROH), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 23 - Allison Wonderland
A WWE/indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch, for some
reason holding a bag of ice that he's rubbing across his shoulder. He's clad
in fashionable, expensive looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide
the sizeable bulge within them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart
and nothing else which shows off his incredibly well defined upper body and

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. For those wondering
about why I'm using this ice? I'm just keeping this shoulder at the exact
temperature it's claimed I have it at. But enough of the claims of yoga
studio-owners, it's time for something more important - introducing my guest
for today's show. She is a Minnesota stand-out female wrestler with an
extremely unique look as well as name, and she's most known for an
unfortunately fleeting appearance in Ring of Honor as a valet. Please
welcome Allison Wonderland."

Walking into the shot now is said indy star and former valet to the Age of
the Fall stable in ROH, Allison Wonderland. The stunning wrestler with bright
red short hair that's colored blond at the front with black tips at the sides
and back has on attire that's certainly not for a ring match. Black, knee
high boots, a tight black lingerie top that shows off a sexy amount of
cleavage from her large breasts, and matching black panties that huge nicely
to her juicy ass, all of which show off her tattoos on her arms and the bird
tattoos that are on her chest above her tits. She smirks as she takes a seat
on the edge of the couch, a sly smirk on her pretty face as she watches him
toss the ice over his shoulder.

"So, we just gonna get this done or what?" Allison seems to challenge as she
looks over the WWE Superstar. "I'm not dressed for small talk if you couldn't
guess, so if we're going to fuck and people are going to watch, let's get to
it Morrison!"

"That's a plan I can get behind..." John says with a smirk as he reaches down
to undo his pants.

"And what was that ice about? I read a story online about you and Trish..."
Wonderland starts to say with a smirk before she's cut off sharply.

"Never mind about that, are prepare to experience the Shaman of Sexy..."
Morrison says with a slight glare as he pushes his pants down, his semi-hard
but already impressively sized dick freed and the sight of it makes the indy
stunner's eyes widen in surprise.

With a little hesitation, having seen up close what she's going to be
handling now, the busty female wrestler lowers herself down to her knees in
front of the WWE stud, leaning her head down to flick her tongue across the
head of his stiffening cock, glancing up at him and then back down to his rod
as she slides her tongue around the tip, working across his bell end with
swirling motions. Seeing that it's only making him smirk, she wraps her
fingers around his shaft, proceeding to stroke him off with firm and steady
motions, still using her tongue to go over the crown, dabbing her saliva over
it and feeling him harden in her grip, the combo of hand and tongue work
working very well to get him ready for some action.

Holding him by the base, she looks over his fully hard and over foot long
cock which makes her beautiful eyes widen as she sees what she has to handle
now, but another glance up at the handsome smirk on his face shows she's got
something to prove here. Spitting down onto his dick, she uses her hand to
quickly rub her saliva into his meat with quick pumps all the way up and
down, getting a light moan out of him in the process, but soon a clearer one
is heard from the sports entertainer as the former ROH valet takes him inside
of her match, pressing her soft lips firmly around his size and causing them
both to groan at the sensation.

Keeping her eyes locked up at his, she starts to suck on his length, pushing
her head down onto him and taking an impressive amount of him inside her
mouth already with just the one motion, handling half of his pole before she
smoothly lifts her head all the way back up and off, flicking her tongue
against the tip for a moment before spitting onto him once more and taking
his dick back inside with a moan. Her hand still firmly grips him, lightly
stroking the bottom portion as she rocks her red, blond, and black tipped
haired head along the top six or so inches to make him moan as he stands with
hands on his ripped waist, clearly enjoying the oral skills on display from

Feeling his cock getting nicely coated with her saliva, the Los Angeles
native moans as he feels the busty indy star sucking on his shaft, bobbing
her head along his thick length with increasing pace as she swallows up some
more of his massive dick, taking more of him inside her nicely wet mouth. Her
hand slightly twists from side to side as she now holds him by the base,
focusing on using her mouth to pleasure him as she keeps her pouty lips
pressed tightly around his meat so she can properly suck him off, groaning as
she tries her best to handle his vast size as it's clear that while she might
not be a stranger to this particular sexual activity, it's never been with
such a thick, long cock. It's not stopping her from smoothly and quickly
moving her head up and down along him, making him moan out as her tri-colored
hair slightly sways from the force she's putting behind blowing him.

Still looking up at the WWE Superstar, Wonderland is slyly smirking around
his meat as she lifts her head slowly all the way up to the top, letting him
really feel her lips grinding against his shaft in the process to make him
groan in enjoyment before she lifts her head off completely so she can spit
again onto the bell end, his dick already covered with a more than ample
amount of her saliva already. She's got something else in mind now though,
moving a hand down to cup his large balls, catching him by surprise when she
squeezes them and at the same time patting her tongue against the underside
of his bell end, still smirking as she looks up at the look of pleasure on
his face.

He moans, looking down at the beautiful, tattooed babe as she double teams
his balls and shaft, her soft palm cupping his nut sack with perfect force,
taking care of both of them while at the top of his length her nicely wet and
soft tongue swirls around the top with slow, nearly teasing motions all the
way around. He smirks down at her, watching her lick away at his bell end to
get it very covered with her own saliva, his gaze switching between her face
as she works him over and her sexy cleavage on display from her tight black
top as the former ROH starlet gives the crown of his cock one last long lick
all the way around with a soft groan.

Letting go of his balls, she lifts her head away to smirk up at the host of
the "documentary" series she's starring on. "I think that's enough for the
start..." Allison says, pushing herself up to stand up and starting to lift
up her top.

"This is my Quest For Greatness you know..." John says, smirking as she takes
off the garment, revealing her large and nicely rounded tits.

"Oh really? Because from what I've heard, you're quite easy to boss
around..." Wonderland teases as she pushes down her black panties, showing
her neatly shaved pussy as she steps out of them.

"No comment..." Morrison quickly answers, picking her up with his strong arms
by the waist. "Now since we've finished with the prelude..." He adds,
seemingly not wanting to stick around with the topic she was heading down.

The Minnesota native smirks as she's eased down firmly onto the WWE stud's
long cock, moaning as she's penetrated and feels inch after thick inch
sliding into her tight pussy, licking her lips as she looks him over before
placing her hands on his broad shoulders as he keeps a tight grip of her. He
doesn't stop bringing her down until over half of his coated with her saliva
dick is inside her, keeping her held completely off the ground by her waist
as she brings her legs up to wrap around hismuscular body, able to slightly
rock her hips up against him to grind her snatch against his thick rod with a

Returning the sexy look, the Guru of Greatness starts to thrust his cock
upwards into the indy star's box, moaning himself as he feels her all around
his tool, a snug fit but still able to work himself in and out with smooth
and steady motions, allowing her to get used to his vast size as he gradually
fits in more of his length into her. He looks down, watching his shaft pump
in and out of her snatch, which alone is enough to make him moan, as he only
pulls out until a couple of inches remain inside her before venturing right
back into her, now around ten inches of his man meat fitting deep inside of
the stunning, tattooed wrestler that he's holding up as he bangs her.

Wonderland tilts her head back for a moment and closes her eyes, enjoying the
feeling of being stuffed full of the cock of a man she barely knows but is
seen regularly on worldwide television weekly, and knowing there's more to
come as with each forward thrust into her she can feel him going deeper and
deeper still into her still tight and dampening pussy. Holding tightly onto
his shoulders, she starts to move her tanned, nicely curved body against his,
allowing her to bounce down onto his pumping dick as it comes up into her,
making her moan again as it helps him venture deeper into her snatch, in turn
making him moan as she drops herself firmly onto his stiff rod with a
seductive smirk.

Taking the additional sensation as a challenge, the former MNM tag team
member puts some added force behind his pumps up into her love tunnel, now
steadily pounding the bouncing, busty babe who is now impressive herself as
she takes all of his fourteen inches of cock inside her pussy, both of them
moaning out as they engage in this standing fuck with both giving as good as
they are getting. He moves his hands down to cup her smooth ass cheeks,
squeezing them and also aiding her in rising and falling sharply down onto
his cock as he continues to ram it straight up and deep into her snatch,
feeling her wetness and pleasurable tightness all around his thick pole.

Letting out a groan, the woman once a valet to the Age of the Fall stable
takes in some deep breaths as she's forced to keep up with the increased
pace, dropping her damp snatch down firmly to receive the hard, fast thrusts
the sports entertainer is delivering to her, causing her perfectly rounded
breasts to bounce as her body jolts up from the impact when she smacks down
against his fat cock. She licks his lips with a smirk, looking over his
chiseled upper body as she takes this pumping, his dick now covered in a
slight layer of her juices that have formed from her pussy as he thrusts
balls deep into somewhat dark but very beautiful indy star, the slap of skin
hitting skin ringing out when he rocks his hips upward into her and she drops
down hard onto him.

Groping her juicy ass cheeks for a long moment, he stops his thrusting
motion, keeping all of his over foot long shaft deep inside her tight box,
keeping her held down and impaled onto him which makes them both moan as he
looks over her sexily curved frame as she stays held up off the ground. While
not allowed to bounce as he uses his superior strength, she shows that
defiant, spunky attitude by grinding her snatch down against his crotch,
making him groan as she feels her tight, wet hole working over his long cock,
made to feel even better as she leans as far back as she can from him as she
pushes her hips up towards him.

"Mmmm... I always did want to be in Wonderland..." John says with a smirk,
moving his hands back up to her waist to hold her. "And I don't mean in the
cartoon or Johnny Depp remake..."

The woman held onto him narrows her eyes with a sly smirk. "That's
original..." Wonderland says with notable sarcasm. "You stay up all night
thinking of that one?"

"Up all night is something I do rather well..." Morrison coolly replies as he
lifts her up and off of his dick, making them both groan at the feeling
before he sets her down on the ground.

"At least you fuck better than you come up with one liners..." Allison says,
brushing her multi-colored hair out of her face as she lays down onto her
side on the couch of the set, her back to the seat as she smirks up at the
approaching hung stud.

"Right back at you..." He says, kneeling down on the couch to spread her
legs, lifting one up while the other hangs off the couch. "And right back in
you..." John adds as he lines up his covered with her own juices cock with
her snatch.

After one hard, long thrust into her and a just as long moan coming out from
both wrestlers, the multi-time champion in the WWE soon establishes the
rhythm as he bangs the independent scene starlet with forceful, quick pumps
into her nicely tight and wet pussy as she lays outstretched on the expensive
couch. She closes her eyes, enjoying the feeling of getting filled up by such
a huge, thick dick as her body starts to jolt forward from the impact of his
deep thrusts into her, her breasts in turn shaking in time with the movements
of the rest of her as she lets him take control, already making her moan in
lust even though this new position has just been started.

Using one hand to keep her leg held up and draped over his shoulder, the
Shaman of Sexy gazes over the sexy body of the latest star in his
"documentary" series - switching from her pretty, moaning face, to her large
bouncing tits topped off with rock hard nipples, and down to her wet snatch
as he plunges his big dick again and again into her with smooth, quick
motions. Going balls deep into her once again takes no time at all as she
shows her own skill in being able to handle taking such a vast piece of man
meat without any pain at all, and as he pumps away into her she doesn't cry
out when he uses his other hand to deliver a sudden spank to her ass, only
groaning as it serves to turn her on even more, much to the approval of the
man banging her.

Indeed, when the former MCW Tag Team Champion opens her eyes she glares
across at him with burning lust and an erotic smirk, telling him without
words that she wants more and she wants it now and he's only too happy to
oblige, turning up the force and the speed as he rams his long cock into her
dripping snatch. She moans out, using a hand to grope her large breast as she
watches his crotch smack into her time and time again, all of his fourteen
inches thrusting in and out of her with force that would render most women
into a screaming orgasm within seconds, so the fact that she's still able to
keep taking such a pace is a feat alone as she groans out, unable to take her
eyes away from the muscular body of the WWE stud nailing her.

With sweat beginning to drip from his gorgeous frame, the former Johnny Nitro
is gripping onto her smooth leg with one hand and her sexy backside with the
other for support as he pounds her soaking wet and still tight snatch with
deep, hard thrusts over and over, moaning with every motion as he only pulls
about four to five inches out so he can suddenly send all of himself straight
into her in an instant. His moans are mixed with grunts, showing the effects
of enduring such an intense pace but as he gazes over the stunning wrestler
he's fucking on her side it's clear he won't be slowing down or stopping any
time soon for a break, instead continuing to thrust into her love tunnel at a
breakneck speed that many a professional porn star would struggle to
maintain, let alone a professional wrestler such as he is.

No complaints about this will be heard from the stunningly curved former ROH
valet, instead just a stream of moans and gasps escape the pouty, luscious
lips of the woman now similarly sweating which only makes her body look even
hotter than it already is as she takes the hard, fast pumps from a man much
lusted after by the female members of the WWE Universe. As his fat, over foot
long cock rams in and out of her dripping box time and time again, she
continues to toy with her tits, squeezing both with a hand and even teasing
her hard nipples as her other hand tries to keep a grip of the couch, holding
on almost for dear life as she takes such a hard, unrelenting fucking quite
unlike anything she's ever experienced before.

Although not planning on stopping, it seems the founder of the Palace of
Greatness has something else in mind as he eases off the force he's putting
behind his thrusts, still using the same quick motions in and out of her
though which makes her look back with a smirk as she gazes over him, still
playing with her own breasts as she puts on a little show for him, getting a
smirk back in response. A few more sudden thrusts and then he changes things
up, using slow, deep pumps into her snatch as he pulls his cock all the out
until just the head is still inside her before pushing all of his thick shaft
straight into her, making them both groan out loudly before he repeats the
steady, almost teasing motion that unintentionally lets them both catch their
breath even though they are still made to moan out from the feeling of his
rod moving back and forth into her tight, soaking snatch.

"Mmmm... Fuck!" Allison moans out, looking up at him as the WWE Superstar
pulls completely out of her pussy. "I figured you'd be good from the videos,
but not this fucking good!"

"Seeing, is indeed believing..." Morrison says with a smirk as he takes a
seat on the couch now, his covered in her juices cock now pointing straight
up and seems to be slightly throbbing as well. "You seem to have some
experience with this as well though..."

"Not since one time back at an ROH taping..." Wonderland says with a smirk as
she climbs up and moves to position herself over him, reaching down to line
up his dick as she eases herself down. "Now I'll give you something to
believe alright, you Cocky motherfucker!" She adds, her back resting against
his chest as she lowers herself.

Instead of taking his long dick back into her already well fucked pussy, she
forces his manhood past her even tighter asshole, making them both groan
loudly as her back passage is now forced to accommodate his vast pole, her
eyes shut as she focuses on taking him inside her ass with only her own pussy
juices being used as a kind of lube. With a moan, the hung hunk underneath
her can't resist taking full advantage of this position so he starts to
thrust up into her, his hands moving up to her waist as he starts to firmly
fuck her in the butt, causing her to groan again as she tries to time herself
to lower herself when he pumps up, but he's going at a faster pace as he soon
takes control yet again.

Spreading her legs apart and placing her feet firmly on to couch, she gives
into the situation she put herself in and leans back against him, moving an
arm around the back of his neck and rocking her hips against his thrusting
cock as he forces it deeper into her juicy ass, six thick inches already
buried deep into her and he's looking focused to get even more inside her. As
her back passage is forced to accept the WWE Superstar's incredible manhood,
the woman getting stuffed up the ass moves her free hand down to her dripping
pussy, starting to quickly rub herself to get her moaning, looking down to
watch the cock that's pistoning in and out of her booty so she can get off on
both the feeling and the sight of this anal sex.

Running his hands up the sides of the sexy tattooed wrestler, the master of
Parkour training continues to stuff his shaft up into her juicy ass, a steady
and stiff rhythm used to gradually push inch by fat inch of his dick inside
her back passage, moaning as she slightly slides up and down against him in
response to his thrusts. His hands rest on her large breasts, groping them to
make her moan as he pounds the stunning female up her butt, his dick a
perfect fit inside her tightest of holes as he makes her accept the vast
weapon in such a way that would render a regular woman unable to sit down for
a week as the two moan and sweat against one another.

The former valet to the Age of the Fall stable in Ring of Honor groans out as
she pushes a couple of fingers into her soaking wet snatch, pumping her
digits with speed in and out of her previously expertly fucked hole to make
her fingers instantly slick with her ample juices and in turn continuing to
make her moan. Both her lower holes are getting taken care off now with the
sports entertainment hunk ramming his dick straight up and hard into her ass
while she finger fucks her snatch with speed, allowing herself to be used and
near abused by the handsome, strong wrestler who's groping her tits firmly as
he pounds her juicy butt with repeated, quick thrusts that send most of his
over foot long shaft up into her vice-like back passage.

Moaning deeply, the Monday Night Delight can feel his cock throbbing inside
of the gorgeous grappler's booty as he pounds her again and again with sharp,
hard motions with just about an inch of his man meat not fitting inside of
the Minnesota native's backside but it's far more than enough to keep them
both moaning out with unashamed lust, especially for her as she continues to
work a couple of fingers completely in and out of her dripping wet snatch.
Thrusting away up into her ass with force and speed, he flicks his tongue
against the side of her neck, moaning as he squeezes her titties and then
groaning when their sweat-covered bodies grind against each other from her
jolting back against his chest from each pump into her she takes.

Driving her fingers as deeply and as hard as she's getting slammed in the
ass, Allison Wonderland starts to cum hard on her own hand, her eyes almost
rolling back into her head as she makes herself ride out the wave of pleasure
while John Morrison continues to fuck her deep in her back passage at the
same time. Her juices flood out across her pumping fingers, her hand, and
down her sweat-covered skin down her ass cheeks to even trickle onto his
thrusting dick as he impressively continues to keep pounding her juicy
backside despite her hole getting even tighter as a result of her orgasm. As
she groans and pants for breath, coming back down to Earth as she eases her
fingers out of her, the sports entertainer can feel his dick throbbing near
uncontrollable inside her back passage, the signal that he's soon approaching
the point of exploding as he moans loudly, fucking her up the ass for a few
more moments to force her to groan away at the feeling.

Pulling his dick out of her and causing her to groan in relief, the WWE star
quickly lifts her up and off of him, setting her down onto the couch and she
instantly leans back into it to catch her breath back after her powerful
sexual peak. Not wasting time he moves up onto the seating with his cock
pointed straight at her sweat-coated face, gripping his pulsating rod and
starting to stroke himself off quickly, moaning as he does so as he forces
himself beyond the point of no return, his job done after expertly fucking
the indie scene starlet's pussy and ass, so now getting his as well and
clearly having a target in mind as he near furiously strokes himself off.

Barely having opened her eyes to see what he was doing, Allison Wonderland
has to shut them as John Morrison starts to shoot his load across her
beautiful face, moaning lowly as he strokes himself off and fires off thick
streams of jizz across her facial features. She groans herself, feeling his
warm spunk land across her pierced nose, her pouty lips, her cheeks, and even
some landing in her dyed hair that's across her forehead and eyes as the man
who'd just banged her hard in her ass and snatch milks out every last drop of
his cum out of his thick fourteen inch shaft. By the time the final drops are
pushed out of his dick, her face now has a sexy glaze to it thanks to the
large amount of spunk he's given to her, the sight making him smirk as he
steps back and watches as she licks her lips slightly to collect some of his
load, and notably moaning at the taste of him.

"...Shit!" Allison is able to exclaim as she opens her eyes, looking up at
the WWE Superstar who's limp dick hangs free between his legs. "You got some
in my hair you bastard!" She says defiantly but with a sly smirk.

"The Shaman of Sexy likes to make sure things are well covered..." John says,
a glance over her stunning, tattooed body. "And well taken care of." He adds
with a smirk.

"Again with the fucking one liners..." She smirks back. "Well if this is how
you take care of your "guests" then where do I sign up for a re-run?"

"As soon as the cameras stop rolling. Speaking of which..." Morrison says,
turning to look to the camera. "Faithful viewers of the Quest For Greatness,
today what we have learned is that while you can take the girl out of
"Wonderland", you can sure as hell take her in other places as well, and
she'll be able to take it just as well. This has been the Quest For
Greatness, I as always am your host John Morrison, and this? This ain't no
make believe."

* * *

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