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Featuring: Becky "Cookie" Bayless (TNA, former ROH & SHIMMER), John Morrison

The Quest For Greatness Part 24: Cookie
A WWE/TNA crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
leaning against what looks to be a bar in an expensive V.I.P. private bar
area. He's clad in fashionable, expensive looking and tight jeans which do
nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within them, and a similarly flashy shirt
that's unbuttoned so we can see his incredibly muscular upper body.

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. Now recently there have
been claims made on another sexual-based web series about myself in regards
to some Internet rumors and stories, mostly made by a former blond who's
obsessed with yoga and only makes appearances these days to plug movies, TV
shows, or again a rather unspectacular yoga studio. Being the Guru of
Greatness that I am, I refuse to lower myself to her level, even though she
had no problem lowering herself in front of me both on and off camera, but it
seems she isn't the only person angered by a WrestleMania match..."

"You're fucking right I'm pissed off!" A loud voice yells out, cutting
Morrison off as he looks to the side. Storming into shot is current TNA
Knockout and the female half of the duo known as The Shore, Cookie who is
dressed in a nicely fitting and tight black dress with trendy floral designs
over it which hugs perfectly to her juicy ass, shows off her smooth legs, and
is low cut at the neck line to show off a sexy amount of cleavage from her
large breasts. Her long black hair is up to complete a look that's very
similar to that of the woman John teamed with at the WrestleMania in 2011,
the star of the MTV reality show The Jersey Shore, Snooki.

"Those bitches from that poser show The Jersey Shore are trying to come into
my place and take over??" Snooki yells as she steps up close to John. "First
that slut "J-Cow" attacks me with her fake, dollar store funbags, and now you
get that biggerskank Snooki into your show??"

"Believe me, I have heard a lot of complaints about that from within my own
company..." Morrison says as he reaches behind to pick up a bottle of vodka
from the bar. "Particularly from one certain screaming Latina..." He adds
with a slight bitterness as he pours some booze into a couple of shot

"Camera guy, get that thing on me!" She yells as she glares at the camera.
"Snooki, I hope you're watching slut, because I'm going to show you how a
real girl from Jersey not only takes care of business, but handles a guy
right. Even a L.A. boy like this guy that I've heard you fucked along with
your little buddy "Trash" Stratus backstage at that little Pay Per View that
you were on." She says with an arrogant smirk before she turns towards him,
putting her hands onto his belt as she starts to undo them.

"To explain..." John says to the camera as he holds both shot glasses up
while Cookie takes off the belt. "Cookie here heard about a party I had after
my victory at WrestleMania with Stratus and Snooki, and was insistent that
she can fuck better than either of them can. I, possessing a working brain as
I do, had no intention of saying no to her hence hiring this private bar in
this New Jersey club for tonight's episode with TNA Knockout Cookie." He
glances down as she pushes his pants down enough so his dick is freed, and
from the way her eyes widen at the sight it's clear she wasn't expecting him
to be packing a weapon like that. He lifts a glass up to his lips, drinking
down the shot in one gulp before offering the other glass to her. "Shall we
start then?" He asks with a smirk.

Taking and then knocking back the shot, the busty dark haired babe lowers
herself down to her knees in front of the WWE hunk as he casually leans back
against the bar, watching as pulls his jeans down to the ground to get a full
view of his already long but only semi-hard dick, casting a seductive look up
at him as she moves her head down towards his length so she can slide her
tongue across the head. Still looking up, she swirls her tongue all around
the bell end for a couple of long motions, dabbing a little saliva onto him
as she parts her pouty lips to take his dick inside, moaning slightly herself
as she takes the crown inside to suck on it.

An approving moan comes from the Shaman of Sexy as he watches on, feeling his
dick quickly hardening as he looks down at the stunning TNA Knockout who's
twisting her head from side to side quickly to grind her lips against the
head of his shaft, the two workers for rival promotions still locking eyes
with each other as she gets him fully hard. As he slides his shirt off to
fully reveal his incredibly muscular upper body, another moan comes from the
female half of The Shore as she gazes over the sight, keeping his tool inside
her nicely warm and wet mouth as she begins to move her head along his size,
easing herself down to take a couple of inches inside before lifting herself
back upward and repeating the action.

Using a hand to brush her black hair away from her face, the bitchy and
mouthy valet rocks her head forwards and then backwards to handle his rock
hard and over foot long cock inside her mouth, causing herself to groan as
she sucks away on the top portion of his mighty and thick meat, slightly
tasting him with the occasional flick of her tongue up against his underside.
Her hands slide up his strong thighs for a moment, resting them their as she
glides her mouth smoothly along his dick, each motion towards him allowing
her to gradually take more and more of his length inside her oral hole as she
makes him moan from her already clearly experienced skill with this sexual

It would be impossible not to enjoy being sucked off by the woman known from
the indies as Rebecca Bayless, and the man taking this is smirking as he
watches her beautiful face move down towards and then back away from his
crotch, impressed by the pleasure being dealt out just from her using her
mouth on his fat rod. Morrison tilts his head slightly, taking a look down at
her large cleavage on display as her breasts bounce slightly from the rocking
motion of her head, and notably her nipples look to be hard as they poke
through her dress, as he moves his arm across to grab the vodka bottle to
pour another couple of shots while he's getting blown.

Spying this, she bobs her head along him for a couple more motions with loud,
dirty slurps that easily handle at least ten inches of his hard, long, shaft
before slowly lifting her head all the way up and off of him, motioning with
a slight glare for him to pass her a shot down. With a smirk, the former
Johnny Nitro obliges by passing down a shot glass full of alcohol which she
quickly takes and knocks back but to keep the booze in her mouth, not yet
swallowing it as she moves her face back down to take his dick back inside.
He moans out, feeling her suck him off again with a couple of quick and deep
motions with the vodka still in her mouth as well so it splashes against his
shaft, closing her eyes as she goes to work on him again with muffled moans
around his cock before she raises her head again off and away from him so she
can swallow down the alcohol with a lick of her luscious lips.

"Maybe you can party after all..." Cookie remarks with a bitchy tone,
standing up as she runs her hands across the rock hard chest of the WWE

"That better have not been our whole idea of a party..." John says back as he
checks her out with a smirk. "Because back at Mania I was fucking Snooki's
mouth and she could handle it." He add deliberately to get a reaction from
TNA's very Snooki-likeperformer.

"Oh there's going to be a whole lot more!" She snaps at him. "I can handle a
face fuck, or any kind of fuck you can bring asshole!"

"In that case, hop up onto the bar there and we'll see if you can handle a
more physical "situation"..." Morrison challenges her as he moves the vodka
bottle down the bar.

Moving around him to take a jump up, the stunning TNA Knockout sits on the
edge of the V.I.P. room's bar, allowing her to pull up the bottom of her
dress to reveal her smoothly shaved pussy to him as she still slightly glares
at the host of the webshow she's on, but unable to stop herself from gazing
over his incredible body as he steps up towards her. Giving his dick a quick
stroke as he moves between her legs, he lines himself up with her entrance
and in one motion pushes his cock up into her snatch so the top four inches
invade her, the sensation making them both moan as he puts his hands on her
waist and starts to pump himself up in and out of her.

Leaning back with her hands at the side for support, the easy on the eye but
loud of the mouth beauty groans as she feels his thick dick sliding in and
out of her tight pussy, already making her moan out just with the initial
slow and firm pace that he's using on her as her legs hang off the edge of
the bar, allowing him to go to work as she looks right down at his tool as it
moves back and forth into her. With slightly closed eyes she starts to rock
her hips back towards his thrusts, grinding her snatch against his cock as
its sent in and out of her dampening hole, her big breasts beginning to
bounce lightly from her motion and from his pumps.

Being right close up to her and sending his man meat deeply into her tight
tunnel with increasing pace and force, the multi-time former WWE singles and
tag team champion has the best view as he can lean over to look right down at
her moaning, beautiful face and her chest as he bangs her and keeps her
tanned and curved body in place in front of him. Continuing to send his dick
straight up into her, he moves his hands up to the neckline of her dress,
easily pulling it right down and underneath her large, perfectly rounded tits
to fully expose them to him and now freed, they start to sexily bounce better
than before as she moves herself against each inward thrust into her snatch
that he gives her.

Both wrestling stars are moaning out as this fucking goes on, but now Cookie
has to groan and gasp as the Shaman of Sexy moves his head down to her chest,
cupping a breast and taking it into his mouth so he can suck and lick across
the nipple, at the same time not skipping a beat as he stuffs his dick deeper
and deeper still into her snatch with nearly all of his inches inside her
tightness now. She licks her lips with a smirk, running a hand through his
perfectly set hair as she pushes her tits up into his face as he licks and
kisses across the flesh, moaning around her as he enjoys this feeling and
that of pumping his starting to get coated with her juices cock up into her
wet hole.

A glance across, and the valet to the over-the-top Robbie E reaches over to
grab the bottle of booze, waiting until the man pounding his cock into her
pussy lifts his head up before she pours some vodka out and onto her breasts,
splashing both bouncing mounds with the liquid that trickles down into her
cleavage. He smirks up at her, taking the invitation as he flicks his tongue
out to lap up the vodka from both tits to further make her moan, his thirsty
and talented tongue sliding smoothly across her perfectly tanned breasts to
clean up the booze while still keeping the beat as he pumps his thick, long
shaft in and out of her snatch to keep them both moaning away.

After a long, last lick up between her boobs, Morrison pulls his head back
with a smirk as he gives her box a few more firm pumps. "I've heard you
Jersey girls enjoy that trick with the drink..." He says as he pulls his
juices covered cock out of her snatch.

"There ain't a girl who can party like a Jersey girl can babe..." Cookie says
with an arrogant smirk as she grabs the top of her dress, pushing it down her
body as she slides it down her smooth legs.

"Oh, I could name a few that I've had..." John says as he watches her swing
her legs up so she can lay down flat on the top of the bar. "But I'd rather
see if you can back up watch you claim."

"Then shut the fuck up and get up here!" The TNA Knockout snaps with a roll
of her eyes. "Get that big fucking dick back in me!"

Smirking at the "request", the Prince of Parkour easily jumps up to climb up
and over her, once again going in between the spread legs so he can slide his
cock back into her snatch, both of them moaning as his thickness stuffs her
passage full with just the first moan, the previous fucking allowing him to
drive deep and quickly into her already. With an approving nod of the head,
she brushes her long hair away from her shoulders and moves her legs up to
wrap them around his waist, drawing him in closer towards her so he has no
choice but to send his dick as deep as he can into her, but the look on his
face shows that he has zero problems with doing that as he gives it to the
horny female of The Shore.

Her body starts to slide back and forth across the smooth top of the bar,
reacting to the already strong and steady thrusts the WWE hunk is giving her
as he reaches down, taking her legs and putting them over his shoulders, in
the process causing her ass to lift off from the polished surface she's on as
he moves his mighty dick in and out of her tight hole. She groans, his long
member filling her up as it works in and out of her snatch, keeping them both
moaning as the thumbing beat of the club they're in can be heard through the
walls, not enough to cancel out their loud, lustful cries of pleasure as her
large breasts bounce once again in response to his forceful movements deep
into her.

Closing her eyes, the tanned and wonderfully curved wrestler and valet moans
deeply as she feels his crotch start to smack against her skin, his balls
smacking off her as he's going balls deep into her, stuffing her snatch full
of his fourteen inches of fat cock, her love tunnel still remaining tight and
now extremely wet thanks to his perfected pumps into her. Keeping her legs
held over him, he swiftly moves his hips back and forth towards her, watching
intensely as her breasts shake from her tanned frame jolting each time he
rams deeply into the snatch of the former Brooke Lynn of Wrestlicious who's
also clearly loving being nailed in such a forceful and quick pace that would
have caused most women to climax a long, long time ago.

Instead, and showing she's more than able to take it, the gorgeous valet of
TNA is continuing to move her body against the strong pumps from the hunky
WWE Superstar, her body sweating now as she moans and groans, smirking
slightly as she gazes across his desirable upper body as well as down to his
waist, watching his thick tool as he sends it in and out of her snatch to
make her dripping wet. The sting from his balls smacking off her smooth skin
doesn't register, just the feeling of such a huge cock ramming in and out of
her tightness giving her a world of pleasure that's similarly making him
groan out and pant slightly as perspiration starts to drip from his one of a
kind body from the supreme effort he's putting into banging her in this
private club room on top of the bar.

Leaning over further and down towards her, he flicks his tongue out across
her luscious lips with a groan, getting her attention as she welcomes the
motion by pushing her tongue out to wrestle hers against his, soon locking
lips with him as they make out and continue to intensely fuck. As they swap
spit and exchange moans, he continues to slam his cock back and forth into
her snatch, working every single inch into her wet hole that's still nicely
tight all around his tool, his deep and hard thrusts making her body slide
across the bar top and in turn her breasts bounce in time with their motions.
She slides her hands up across his shoulders, making him smirk as he pushes
his dick into her again and keeps himself held balls deep inside her, more
than enough to keep her moaning as she pulls her head back to slyly smirk up
at him as she catches her breath back.

"Yeah, you like that Jersey pussy?" Cookie groans with a smirk as he eases
his dick out of her snatch. "Bet an L.A. boy like you has never had a pussy
like that!"

"I've had my fair share..." John says with a casual shrug as he moves off to
stand back down from the bar. "Canadian, Mexican, British, a good number of
American states... You're better than average, certainly..." He adds, again
just to provoke her.

"Average?!??" She almost screams in anger, hopping off the bar to glare at
him. "You can't fucking handle me and if Robbie was here, he'd beat your
poser ass down in two seconds!"

Although sort of listening, Morrison was far more interested in looking over
her large breasts, as would anyone. "Sure... But how about you turn around
and assume the position, and we'll see if you can really handle the Guru of
Greatness in action..." He challenges with a smirk.

Rolling her eyes, the former Becky Bayless turns around to face the bar,
leaning over onto it so her ass is sticking out towards the man who works for
the rival promotion to hers, her tits resting onto the top where she was just
getting banged on as she grabs a shot glass and the bottle of vodka, pouring
herself a drink. Smirking, said Superstar moves forward to get up close to
her, placing his hands on her backside to spread her sexily rounded ass
cheeks, lining up his coated with her juices cock with her asshole and just
as she's knocking back her shot he plunges his dick right into her back
passage, causing himself to groan and her to spit out the shot as her eyes go
wide and she has to cry out from the sensation.

Looking back over her shoulder as he starts to work his cock back and forth
into her ass, already having forced five or so inches of his man meat into
her even tighter hole but that won't be enough to satisfy him even though
he's already moaning loudly at the grip all around his tool, keeping her butt
cheeks spread and slightly digging his fingers into her flesh as he firmly
pumps her. Her mouth is open like she's trying to protest to this anal
invasion but all that falls out of her normally loud and obnoxious mouth are
grunts and groans as he body again jolts in response to his motions into her
which causes her breasts to rub against the bar top she's against. Moving a
hand around she knocks over the bottle of booze, paying no attention to the
spilled contents as she moves a hand around and down between her legs,
showing she knows exactly what to do in this situation as she rubs her
already well fucked snatch, making herself moan as she stimulates her ripping

Also grunting and moaning is the man currently pumping his thick and rock
hard shaft in and out of the busty beauty's butt as the host of the Quest For
Greatness uses a steady series of firm and quick thrusts to slide his shaft
into her juicy booty, still gripping her cheeks as he takes her from behind
inside the private V.I.P. room of this nightclub. Looking over her tanned and
sweat covered body as he pounds her, he licks his lips as they lock eyes once
more, the lust clear between the two as he stuffs more and more of his fat
dick into her back passage, even lifting a hand up to give a sharp spank to
her ass as he fucks her in this standing doggy style position.

Tilting her head back slightly and closing her eyes, it seems that despite
the initial shock the bitchy but gorgeous Knockout has experience in anal
sex, pushing her booty back against the hard thrusts into it she's taking
while she pushes a couple of fingers into her already very wet pussy so she
can pump her digits in and out to ensure she feels plenty of pleasure from
being nailed up the ass by a stud who works for the rival company to the one
she works for. Her other hand is underneath her but at her chest, groping her
own breast for added sensations as she times her eager pushes backward so
that she can meet each forward pump he gives her, thus allowing him to go
deeper into her tight back passage and make him moan louder in the process.

Sweating harder now and with his chest heaving from the effort he's putting
into giving the female half of The Shore duo the kind of fucking her juicy
ass deserves, the Monday Night Delight moans deeply as he feels his ball sack
starting to slap off against her booty, the sign that he's going balls deep
again into her but now into her ass, filing her up with all of his over foot
long thick rod. He's using the kind of porn star-quality pace and force that
many a normal woman would struggle to handle, but as long as she's moaning
away like she is he's going to continue to ram his dick in and out past her
asshole with speed and intensity that keeps him groaning in pleasure at the
same time.

The sounds of skin smacking into sweat-covered skin rings out along with the
shameless moans and groans from both sports entertainment stars, still able
to be heard along with the thumping baseline heard through the walls from the
club they are in as they use this V.I.P. room as a private fucking room.
Remaining bent over the same bar she's been fucked on and against, the woman
hailing from The Jersey Shore moans out as she's taking this hard pumping in
her tight ass while at the same time fingering herself to make her fingers
slick with her own juices, taking care of her own needs but impressively
still rocking her backside back against the unrelenting thrusts into her butt
from behind by the hung stud of the WWE.

Keeping one hand on her snatch to stick her digits deep into herself, the TNA
Knockout uses the other to grip the far side of the bar as she tilts her head
back again to let out a long, loud moan, passing the breaking point as Cookie
starts to cum hard on her own fingers, her ass still being fucked hard by the
fourteen inch cock of John Morrison. She hisses slightly as her pumping
fingers ensure she rides out every second of her intense orgasm, her juices
flowing out across her fingers and hand and even dripping down onto the
floor. At the same time the man pumping her juicy booty groans as he feels a
vice-like grip around his dick, the added tightness the result of her cumming
but he keeps control for the moment, slowing down his motions but giving her
ass a few more thrusts for good measure since she's gotten off first.

Easing his shaft out of her backside, the former MNM tag team member takes a
moment to breathe as he watches the woman he'd just banged in the ass
slightly shakily turn herself around as she recovers from her huge sexual
high but as she licks her lips, it's clear she's not had enough yet as she
sinks herself down to her knees in front of him. Not planning on refusing her
advances here, he watches as she takes a hold of his shaft, using the same
hand she'd been finger fucking herself with moments ago, intentionally
stroking him off so she can rub her own pussy juices into his cock and
causing him to moan out at the feeling.

Getting his dick wet with her juices is just the start as she moves herself
up towards him, placing his shaft between her large breasts and then pushing
them firmly against his rod, sandwiching it between her mounds and beginning
to rub them up and down his meat, looking down as she watches the head of his
throbbing cock pop up in between her boobs and then vanish back down between
them. The feeling of her soft, sweat covered flesh all around his member is
too much to resist so the handsome and rugged Superstar starts to pump his
hips up towards her, sliding his dick in between her tanned tits to fuck them
firmly as she moves them up and down along his length.

Glancing up seductively at him as she squeezes her breasts against his rod,
she looks back to his dick so she can spit down onto it, her saliva being
quickly rubbed into the crown and the rest of his meat as he thrusts his dick
up into her cleavage and she wanks his shaft off with her boobs, making
herself groan as she watches him moan out, loving the feeling she's giving
him. Greedily, the arrogant and beautiful former Rebecca Bayless leans her
head down again, first flicking her tongue out across the head of his dick as
it pops up between her chest before opening the mouth, capturing his bell end
to force him to stop thrusting as she rubs her tits against the sides of his
meat, sucking away at the head with a light moan to double team his already
wildly throbbing cock.

This combination of breast and oral pleasing is too much for even a very
sexually experienced man as himself to take, so with a deep groan of lust
John Morrison starts to shoot his load right up into the mouth of Cookie,
making her groan as her mouth suddenly gets filled up with warm and creamy
spunk from the fourteen inch dick of his that's between her large breasts.
She keeps her tits firmly pressed against his tool, rubbing them up and down
his length to milk him as she loudly swallows down each load that's sent up
into her, almost so quickly that she doesn't even taste his jizz but it's
clear she has no problems drinking down some jizz, especially from the man
who'd given her a hard, intense orgasm of her own. A few more up and down
motions with her big tits, and finally she lifts her head away and licks her
lips, collecting a little cum off of them as she lets go of her breasts,
which allows his now softening dick to drop from them, the sexy female of
The Shore smirking up at him as she lifts herself up from the floor so she
can lean back against the bar.

"Come on L.A. boy, admit it..." Cookie says as she still checks him out
despite having just fucked him moments ago. "That poser bitch Snooki hasn't
got shit on me!"

Morrison smirks as he too looks her over. "Snooki could take a punch, but not
take an ass fucking like you did." He answers her. "Although, I didn't just
bang her the once, so maybe it's not a fair assumption yet to say who's

"Figures a slut like her would be all over a guy like you..." She says,
despite not having acted un-whorishly herself just now. "...Buy me another
couple of drinks and we can party all night long babe."

"I'll grab my wallet..." John says, turning to look to the camera. "Faithful
viewers of the Quest For Greatness, today what we have learned is that while
you can't always believe what you see on some reality shows these days, when
you go down to the real Shore you can pump all night long, and I'm not
talking about any fist. This has been the Quest For Greatness, I am your host
John Morrison, and this? This was supremely better than having to team with
Snooki at WrestleMania."

* * *

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