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Featuring: Annie Social (SHIMMER, WEW, WSU, NWWL), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 25: Annie Social
A WWE/Indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch, pressing the
touch screen of what seems to be an iPhone or similar but has had it's logo
covered up with a WWE logo. He's clad in fashionable, expensive looking and
tight jeans which do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within them, not
exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart and nothing else which shows off
his incredibly well defined upper body and chest.

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. Now as we celebrate a
truly historic milestone in this web series - the twenty fifth episode - I
felt it only right to finally admit something that I have been denying for
quite some time. While I always have claimed that this has been the most
superior web show that is on offer, today I will admit that this is in fact
merely the second best. Yes, in fact, there is one show out there at the
moment that is completely superior to my own in every single way, and I will
now show you all exactly what I'm talking about." With that, John leans
forward, pressing a button on the phone and turning it so the viewers can see
what show he's talking about.

"...And remember to like me on Facebook..." The grinning Zack Ryder says as
he's shown standing in front of a screen with several picture of himself on
it. "Follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my channel, buy the T-shirt if
there's any left... And remember to take care..." He says as he makes a
motion of putting gel into his hair. "Spike your hair. WOO WOO WOO... You
know it!"

Turning the phone back, Morrison pushes the screen again before he puts the
phone away into his pants and smirks at the camera. "What? Thinking I was
talking about some other show? Now, onto my own show and pacifically to my
star today. She is a woman who has travelled the world wrestling on the
independent circuit, performing in companies invitingly titled Women's Erotic
Wrestling, Women Superstars Uncensored, and the Nude Women's Wrestling
League. She's even managed to get a recent acting role in a move called
Kingdom of Gladiators which will no doubt be a complete success unlike a
certain doomed to fail Bail Enforcers flick. Please welcome Annie Social."

Walking into the scene now is indy starlet Annie Social, clad in thick black
boots, baggy camouflage pants that currently hide her thick and juicy ass,
but is letting it nearly all hang out up top with a very low cut and white
sleeveless top that shows off a huge amount of cleavage from her large
breasts. The raven haired stunner wastes no time in sitting right down next
to Morrison, putting her hand right onto the bulge in his pants and giving it
a firm squeeze as she gives him a glare with a smirk on her beautiful face.

"Let's not bullshit around with this..." Annie says, feeling him up through
his clothing. "You fuck chicks on this show of yours, but you ain't never
fucked a woman like me before. So let's get this fucking dick of yours hard
and let's get to it!" She adds, starting to rub his hardening cock through
his pants.

"You make it an offer difficult to refuse..." John says coolly as he moves
his own hands down to undo his belt. "I'd hate to see what you do on a first

"And don't come at me with that bullshit you talk either!" Social says as she
lifts her hand away so he can push his clothing down. "You talk shit, you get
hit! Understand?" She says, her gaze going down to his crotch as his long,
fourteen inch and nearly completely hard cock is now on display to make her
lick her lips at the sight.

"I understand that you want to get started, so I suggest you use that mouth
of yours to do just that..." Morrison says with a smirk after seeing her

As soon as his dick was freed enough from his pants, the dark haired beauty
was down on her knees in front of him, not even allowing him to lower the
garment past his knees before she opened her mouth and took his rock hard
shaft inside, noticeably moaning around his thick meat as she started to work
over the head. Shifting his hips so he can continue to lower his jeans, he
starts to moan himself as it's obviously her attitude wasn't just put on for
show and he's not going to object to a busty female wanting to blow him, so
he's more than content with sitting back and watching her as she twists her
head from side to side, grinding her lips against his bell end as her hands
slide along his inner thighs towards his crotch.

A glance up with a smirk, and the SHIMMER valet proceeds to push her head
down further onto his cock, a couple more inches slipping past her lips that
are firmly wrapped around his tool before she lifts herself back up to the
top, in no time at all establishing the motion she wants and it's one that
continues to make the WWE Superstar moan. Occasionally flicking her tongue
out against the underside, she bobs along the top seven or so inches,
groaning around his size but not in discomfort, in fact having no problems it
seems in handling this amount of him and also looking like she can take even
more but for now she's concentrating on this upper portion, sucking smoothly
on it to apply her saliva onto his dick.

Using a hand, the Shaman of Sexy brushes her long raven hair out of the way,
allowing him to both watch her stunning face as she moves up and then back
down along his shaft with steady and smooth motions to pleasure his cock, and
also to get a good look at the vast amount of sexy cleavage she has on
unashamed display. Showing her feisty side, the woman performing this oral
sex act uses a hand to swat his away, giving him a narrow-eyed glare but
still sucking him off with gradually quickening movements up and down on him,
at the same time taking more and more of him into her nicely wet and
seemingly experienced mouth, moaning around his man meat as she does so.

Closing her eyes, the former WEW Tag Team Champion moves a hand down onto the
perfectly sized balls of the sports entertainer, cupping them and causing him
to now groan at the added touch as she pushes her head down further onto him,
lowering herself until there's only a couple of inches not contained inside
her oral hole, before almost effortlessly going right up until halfway and
quickly repeating the action again and again. Slurping away, her light moans
are being muffled by the cock she's taking impressively deep into her mouth,
her tongue flicking out and around the tool making sure it's getting a
covering of her saliva all over it as her hand squeezes his heavy nutsack to
again cause him to groan and her to smirk around his dick.

Being no stranger to having a hot female wrestler blowing him, the former
Johnny Nitro can easily tell if someone is a novice or not in the "art" of
sucking cock, and it seems that the Pennsylvania native must major in it by
the way she's quickly moving her head up and down on his rock hard pole
without gagging even for a second. Still playing with his balls as she sucks
away on him, her nose and chin start to touch his crotch, deep throating all
of his over foot long shaft when she pushes down onto him but then soon
moving back upward as she bobs her head along him as her saliva coats his rod
and is trickling past her lips to go down her chin, making the sight all the
more enjoyable to the host of this "documentary" web series.

Blowing him for a couple more deep motions, Social pulls her head up and off
with a noticeable groan as she glances over his thick dick that she'd just
been sucking off. "Yeah, now you know what you're fucking dealing with here!"
She says with some arrogance as she sits back to undo the belt of her baggy
pants. "You didn't think I could handle all of that dick, did you?"

"Many have gone there before, and failed to impress further..." John says
with a smirk, watching her sit back and push down her pants, showing off her
completely shaved pussy. "It will take a lot more to be a memorable guest of
this show..."

"Then get the fuck down here and fuck me then, prick!" Annie snaps with a
bitchy smirk on her face as she kicks off her pants, putting her hands up
onto her low cut top and pulling it to tear it down the middle, releasing her
large and nicely rounded tits.

"Usually I don't when they don't ask nicely..." Morrison replies coolly as
she slips off the couch and moves towards her.

The perfectly curved indy starlet has just enough time to toss away what's
left of her top before he gets into position on top of her, spreading her
legs apart so he can line up his dick that's covered with her saliva and push
it right into her pussy, instantly feeling her tightness all around the first
few inches of himself as he goes in. Letting out a moan, she has to prop
herself up on her shoulders for support and also to look straight down and
watch as the sports entertainment stud works his hips towards and then away
from her, easing his shaft into her snatch and it's clear from the look of
pleasure on her face that she hasn't been filled up quite like this before so
early on, and he's barely gotten started yet.

Keeping a grip of her legs to keep them apart, the former Champion of the ECW
Brand is able to slightly lean over her, allowing him to pump his thick tool
in and out of her box in a firm and steady rhythm, his gaze also focusing on
down underneath but not only to her snatch as he slides his dick in and out
of her, but to her large chest that's slightly shaking as her body begins to
move against his thrusts. Looking to show the sometimes vulgar but stunning
female what he's got, he continues to work inch after fat inch of his cock
into her hole, already half of his length fitting inside her but he's not
even thinking about stopping at just that amount, not by the way that both of
them are moaning just at this amount being used to nail her.

With a grunt, the former WSU Tag Team Champion pushes her body back against
the incoming thrusts she's taking, feeling his motions start to quicken and
get more forceful, at the same time making more of his magnificent shaft move
in and out of her tight pussy that's getting wetter and wetter in response to
this pumping she's more than willing taking despite her apparent attitude.
Whether it's what she's really like or just a way to get what she wants from
him, it's working to make him put plenty of energy into fucking her on this
studio floor, her pussy getting filled up by practically every inch of his
fat and long cock much to both of their delight by how they are both moaning
out with each thrust in and out that he's giving her.

So it's not almost, and it's in fact every inch as his large balls begin to
smack off her skin as he goes balls deep into her wet snatch, using strong
and quick piston-like movements to bang her and in turn make her to rock her
curvy frame back against him with more force to match his already intense
pace. This results her big breasts bouncing when she slides back and forth
underneath him, a sight that has him grinning as she stuffs her full with his
shaft that's now gone from be covered with her saliva to having a layer of
her pussy juices over it thanks to how perfectly he's been fucking the
beautiful and bitchy Kingdom of Gladiators movie star as she stays on her
back to take this steady pounding from the WWE Superstar.

Slowing himself down to come to a stop, he keeps all of his shaft held deep
inside her still tight snatch, letting her grind herself against his crotch
to make him groan as he moves his hands down, giving both her well rounded
breasts a firm squeeze, his fingers easily digging into the more than ample
flesh. Narrowing her eyes again, she goes to lift her own hands up but is cut
off when he pulls his dick out until just the head remains inside her so he
can plunge his manhood straight back and balls deep into her pussy not just
once, but several times as he almost teases her with the smoothness and
controlled pace of his actions that have both the gorgeous woman receiving
this and the hunky man giving it to her moaning loudly with each back and
forth motion.

"I think now you understand who you're dealing with here as well." Morrison
states as he gives her one last thrust before he pulls himself completely out
of her, deliberately using her own words against her.

"Yeah, real cute motherfucker..." Annie says with a glare and a smirk as she
sits up. "You got a big dick and you can use it. Want a fucking medal or

"I'd rather have that ass of yours up on the couch..." John says, returning
the smirk as he stands up, offering a hand to help her up to her feet as

Instead of accepting, she instead flips him the middle finger, getting up by
herself as she walks past him to the expensive seating in the set. "You'd
better bang the shit out of my ass then..." Social seems to challenge as she
looks back at him as she climbs onto the couch.

Unsurprisingly, the Guru of Greatness gives his response by moving up behind
her as she assumes the position, getting onto her hands and knees on the
leather seating with her backside pushed out towards him as she tosses her
long black hair over her shoulder so she can clearly look back at him,
knowing what's coming her way and looking like she's not only ready for it,
but wants it. With no plans on denying a sexy and acting somewhat slutty
female of what she wants, he lines his shaft up with her other hole, moving
the crown across her asshole with a slow, circular motion before he pushes it
forward to penetrate her and the moment he does it causes them both to call
out in lust at the feeling.

Taking a second to lick his lips, he starts to work his fat cock in and out
of her back passage, clearly able to tell that this hole is even tighter than
her snatch but that fact doesn't faze him as he slides his meat back and
forth into her thick booty, placing his hands on her cheeks to spread them so
he gaze at the sight of his tool sinking in and out of her butt. Being able
to use her own pussy juices that are covering his dick as a sort of lube
makes the process easier but he's still going slow and steady at the moment,
allowing them both to get used to this sensation but it won't be long before
he really goes to work on her, and even know has got five or so inches of
himself into her and that certainly won't be the maximum amount of himself
that he gives her before this position is all said and done.

Gritting her teeth together and already starting to push herself backward in
time with his steady pumping motion, it again seems that the member of the
Beatdown Betties tag team is no anal virgin, knowing what to do even when
taking a massive cock like this one in her ass as the handsome and muscular
WWE star bangs her juicy ass from behind. Keeping one arm down to hold
herself up in this doggy style position, the other is between her legs as her
hand is pressed right onto her wet pussy as she rubs herself, ensuring that
she's moaning as she takes it up the ass and focusing on the pleasure despite
having her back passage being forced to widen and take the long rod of a man
she's only just met.

Moving his hands across her large and nicely rounded ass cheeks, he's able to
dig his fingers into her smooth skin as he pumps her, picking up the pace and
making himself moan louder as he sinks inch by further inch deeper into her
booty, already enjoying the feeling alone of nailing the busty independent
circuit star like this but also the fact that she looks able to take all of
his size inside her as he gets closer to stuffing her completely full.
Starting to sweat now from the effort he's putting into fucking her ass, the
Monday Night Delight soon gets what he'd been waiting for as he drives balls
deep into her butt now, his nutsack bouncing off of her ass cheeks each time
he pushes forward into her, aided by her rocking herself backward to meet him
ensuring she takes every bit of that fourteen inch and thick dick inside her
tight hole.

With her big breasts swaying in time with the motion of her similarly
sweating body as she smoothly pushes herself back and forth in perfect timing
with the chiseled out of stone grappler banging her ass, the star of the
Naked Women's Wrestling League is showing a whole new kind of adult
performance than most people know her for as she moans away, putting
professional porn stars to shame with how well she's taking this kind of anal
pounding from a hung, athletic stud. At the same time, she's continuing to
finger herself as she slips a couple of digits from her own hand in and out
of her very wet pussy, her fingers more than just well covered with her
juices, a sign of how much she's getting off on being taken up the ass like
this with every inch of his fat cock being rammed in and out of her asshole.

She soon opens her eyes to glare however when he pulls his dick out of her
backside, slapping the head against her thick ass cheeks for a moment. "I was
fucking enjoying that, asshole!" Annie yells at him as she stands up from the

"And I was enjoying that asshole..." Morrison says with a smirk, looking over
her perfectly curved frame before directly to her face. "But the Shaman of
Sexy wishes to experience every part of your fine female form..." He adds,
taking a long look at her breasts to make clear his point.

"You wanna fuck these huh?" Social smirks, cupping her boobs and pushing them
together to taunt him with her chest. "Tell you what... You make me cum on
that big fucking dick of yours and you can fuck these titties all night long.
How's that sound?"

"Deal!" Is the quick answer from John as he grabs a hold of her by the waist
so he can lift her up and off the ground.

Letting out a load groan, the SHIMMER star has no choice but to quickly wrap
her legs around the waist of the sports entertainer as he lowers her sharply
down onto his thick cock, once more going deeply into her snatch even though
he'd just seconds ago been straight up her ass. That's the furthest thought
on her mind right now though as she has to put her arms around his strong
neck as she feels him pumping his shaft up into her pussy once again, in no
time at all filling her up yet again to have them both moaning out as their
sweating bodies are pressed tightly against each other as he takes full
control of this position.

Indeed, gripping her ass cheeks firmly in order to keep her held up, he's
forcefully pounding his dick right up into her, not holding back as he's
already going balls deep into her only after a minute and is rewarded with
both his shaft getting covered with the juices from her snatch but also the
feeling of her large and well rounded breasts sliding against his muscular
chest as her body jolts in response to each deep thrust he sends into her. As
his balls slap against her skin, he moans at the tightness he still feels all
around his meat, an impressive thing in itself that she's not be made
completely loose by such a long and fat tool but it just adds to the
enjoyment as she keeps her bouncing frame held closely to him and continues
to ram his pole quickly and hard into her pussy time and time again.

Going wild now with the lust felt from behind fucked in such an intense and
powerful way, the raven haired stunner turns her head towards his, allowing
her to moan into his ear before she opens her mouth to take the earlobe in
between her teeth, biting down on it perfectly to cause enough pain but not
cause damage. With her pussy now near dripping with juices from his long dick
sliding back and forth with speed and force over and over, she hisses against
his ear when he responds by giving her ass a hard spank as he pumps her, the
blow not enough to stop her as she smirks and groans around the ear she's
nibbling on, even able to slightly run her nails across his broad shoulders
as she gets fucked while being held up like this.

Sweating hard and fucking a sexy female wrestler seems like just another
regular day from the way the Prince of Parkour seems to be all too easily
timing his upward thrusts into the bouncing body of the woman he's holding
completely off the ground, his ballsack smacking off her smooth skin when he
drives his over foot long and thick cock into her tight pussy. He moans as he
grips her butt cheeks, feeling her big tits rubbing against his chest as she
rocks and jolts against his pumping motion, with every deep and hard thrust
causing them both to call out in pleasure, the cries mixed with the erotic
sound of skin slapping against skin as he continues to go to work on her.

Tilting her head back and tossing her long black hair back in the process, it
seems that while she asked for exactly this, she's not going to be able to
take a whole lot more of it as the former WEW and WSU Tag Team Champion feels
her sexual peak building inside her but refusing to admit defeat just yet she
keeps her legs wrapped around him, ensuring that his dick continues to be
rammed balls deep up into her tight and soaking wet hole. As her breasts
bounce and shake and he grunts and groans with each in and out thrust into
her snack, the woman who claims to hail from "North Kill-adelphia,
Pennsylvania" is soon only going to be known as being on cloud nine as she
rocks the rock hard dick of the WWE Superstar one last time before she
races into her orgasm.

As her eyes roll nearly into the back of her head, Annie Social starts to cum
hard on the fourteen inch cock of John Morrison, sending a huge flood of
juices out of her snatch and all over the already well covered dick that
keeps on pumping deeply up into her now vice-like tightness, making him
further groan but he keeps his control despite feeling her liquids now
coating his balls and thighs as they trickle down. Instead he continues to
give it to her, although gradually slowing himself down over time as he aids
her in riding out every last moment of a clearly mind-blowing sexual high,
leaving the bitchy and beautiful indy starlet an out-of-breath, moaning,
sweat soaked but extremely satisfied mess as she barely hangs onto the man
who made her into this state, and if it weren't for the fact he was holding
her up she'd probably collapse down to the ground right now.

Easing his now throbbing cock out of her well fucked snatch, he continues to
show his strength by carrying her back across to the couch and laying her
down back first onto the seating, opting to immediately cash in on what she
promised him earlier on. He climbs on top of the still dazed wrestler,
mounting her vast chest and placing his rod between her mounds, he uses his
hands to push her tits up against his meat to sandwich it between them, this
feeling alone more than enough to make him moan however it's still not going
to be enough to finish him off.

Finally opening her eyes, what the SHIMMER star first sees is the bell end of
the sports entertainer's dick sliding up between her breasts and then quickly
vanishing back down into her deep cleavage, a motion swiftly and firmly
repeated and also made quite smooth thanks to her own pussy juices that cover
his cock and are now smeared onto her boobs as he fucks them. She doesn't
have the energy quite yet to even make another comment about him, so she just
watches him pleasure himself with her large titties, groaning as she feels
and sees his manhood thrusting back and forth between her mounds, then soft
and smooth flesh pushed firmly against the sides of his cock for the maximum
possible pleasure.

The former member of the MNM tag team shows off his clear sexual experience
as he's able to grope and squeeze the large, nicely rounded tits of the woman
he's fucked almost senseless and is now sliding his throbbing like crazy dick
in between said big breasts. His moans continue to be loud and are getting
deeper as his chest heaves for breath, the clear sign that he soon will be
exploding but for now he's able to enjoy a last few thrusts into her chest,
fucking her titties a few more times before he has to pull out from between
them and grip his dick, proceeding to near furiously jerk himself off as if
his life depended on it.

Seizing a chance, the raven haired beauty moves her hands up, able to just
push her breasts together as a clear target in time before he starts to shoot
his load all across them, with thick streams of cum firing out of the over
foot long cock of John Morrison and onto the large tits of Annie Social who
groans with a smirk as she watches the warm spunk splash across both boobs.
The WWE stud continues to moan and stroke himself as he aims his dick towards
both breasts, a little jizz even landing onto her nipples in the process and
a good amount landing right in between them and down into her cleavage. After
a few more moments, he gives his shaft one last pump to ensure he's milked
dry before he lets go of his spent rod, looking over the sight he's created
as it looks more like a group of men have busted a nut across her tits thanks
to the amount of spunk he's shot over her.

"Yeah, that's what I'm fucking talking about!" Annie says with a smirk,
looking over her cum stained breasts. "You fuck real good Morrison, even if
you are pussy whipped by that Latina bitch you call a girlfriend!"

That last comment makes John glare at her. "That has no relevance to this
show..." He quickly says to try and change the subject.

"Aww... Did I hurt your fucking feelings?" Social taunts, still smirking.
"I'll tell you want also ain't gonna be part of your show. When I take that
dick back in my ass again when you get that fucking cock hard again. That is,
if you can..."

"...I most certainly can, so just you wait there for the Shaman of Sexy..."
John says, turning to look to the camera. "Faithful viewers of the Quest For
Greatness, today what we have learned is that while when someone has been in
a company called Women's Erotic Wrestling, and the Naked Women's Wrestling
League, you can bet that she can use her body as well as show it off. Even if
it might be all she's good for. This has been the Quest For Greatness, I am
your host John Morrison, and this? If this doesn't make me Broski of the
Week, then surely nothing will."

* * *

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