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Featuring: Alicia Fox (WWE), John Morrison (WWE), Zack Ryder (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 26: Alicia Fox
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch. He's clad in
fashionable, expensive looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide the
sizeable bulge within them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart and
nothing else which shows off his incredibly well defined upper body and

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison..."

"And this is the WWE... Internet Champion! Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder!"
Morrison is interrupted by the man sat next to him, revealed as the camera
zooms out to indeed show Ryder, with his custom made "title" belt on his
shoulder as he's clad in signature purple ring tights that hung nicely to his
just as impressive package and open ring jacket to show off his desirable
body, as well as a "Woo Woo Woo" headband.

"I was about to introduce you as my special guest star, but in the Palace of
Wisdom we have a certain way of doing things that aren't confined to a
YouTube time limit on videos..." Morrison says, raising an eyebrow towards
the fellow WWE Superstar.

"Bro, on my show we do things differently..." Zack says. "Besides, I'm here
to talk about you and my dad! Seriously bro, you need to get him off this
whole obsession with you that he has! It's getting embarrassing!"

Morrison just shrugs his shoulders with a smirk. "What can I say? He's a
MoFo, and I can't deny a fan of mine. Even if he's been calling my girlfriend
at extremely late hours of the night. By the way, how did you get her cell
number anyway?"

"Bro, who doesn't have her number in the WWE?"

"...Excellent point..."

"Whoa! Hold on just a second here!" A new, female voice interrupts the
conversation, as storming onto the set with very fierce steps is current Diva
and former WWE Diva Alicia Fox, clad in her tight fitting leopard-skin print
ring attire of a top that hugs to her large breasts and a skirt covering
black bottoms which hug to her thick and juicy ass. "You have the top Diva in
the WWE here, and you want to whine about some daddy problems? Are you trying
to waste my time here??" She snaps as she stands in front of both men with a
hand on her hip as she glares down at them both.

"Well, know that you're here, we can easily skip the pleasantries..."
Morrison says coolly.

"I'm ready to give you a dose of some real Long Island Iced Z babe, and
that's something you can't turn down. Woo Woo Woo! You know it!" Zack states
with a cocky grin as he puts his "Internet Championship" to the side and out
of the way.

"Oh please, I turned you down and embarrassed you on Raw a long time ago.
What makes you, and both of you in fact, think I'd be interested in giving
you a piece of me?" Fox demands with attitude in her voice, although much
like they are to her, she's casually checking them both out.

Looking to each other and giving a nod, both Morrison and Ryder stand up,
pushing their pants down to the ground to give the Diva a look at what hangs
between their legs and the sight of their semi-hard shafts that are already
at an impressive length and thickness make her eyes widen and a smirk form on
her face, clearly approving of what she sees. A glance between both
Superstars and she places her hands onto their chests to run them across
their muscles with an approving smirk, slowly sinking down to a squatting
position as she wraps her fingers around their hardening meat, beginning to
jerk them off with smooth and slow motions as she sizes them up. She glances
up with a raised eyebrow, watching as both men remove their lavish shirts
before her attention turns back to their dicks as she moves her hands down to
the base and then back up to the top, in no time at all her soft palms have
worked to get them both rock hard so the stunning black Diva is holding two
fat and long white cocks in her hands.

Leaning her flaming red hair-covered head down, Fox presses her pouty and
thick lips together, rubbing them across the crown of Morrison's dick for a
few sensual moments to make him moan lightly, before turning her head so she
can give Ryder the same treatment, rubbing her lips all across the tip of his
shaft, all the while keeping her gaze locked up at them. In the same token,
both charismatic wrestlers are watching intently as she teases their dicks
with those luscious lips, keeping her hands moving up and down their rods to
keep them hard and increase the pleasure as she quickens the speed of her
jerking motion on them both.

Opening her mouth, she pushes her head down onto the dick of the proud Long
Island native, taking the first few inches of his thickness inside, wrapping
her lips around him as she starts to smoothly rock her head along the top
portion, locking eyes with him as she administers some already great feeling
oral pleasure to get him moaning. The grin of his face can't be wiped off as
her stunning face moves up and down along his dick, feeling her tongue
slightly flicking up against his underside before she goes back up to the
crown so she can twist her head from side to side, her bright hair shaking
slightly as she expertly grinds her black lips against his thick white cock,
finishing off the action by pulling herself right off from him so she can
spit down onto the head, quickly using her stroking hand to rub the saliva
into his skin.

Now turning her attention to the other hung stud, although she's keeping her
hand jerking off the man she's just blown to keep him moaning, her mouth
opens once more as she takes the Shaman of Sexy's even longer cock inside,
letting out a moan again as she pushes down to take an impressive amount of
his inches with just the first motion before she's soon sucking away on him.
The former model rocks her head back and forth, smoothly and firmly blowing
the top six or so inches with firm, noisy motions she sexily glares up at the
smirking man receiving this blowjob from the squatting woman who's stroking
off another man at the same time without ever missing a beat.

Unable to resist taking more of his size into her oral hole, the Ponte Vedra
Beach native groans with enjoyment as her beautiful face moves further and
further down onto John's cock, in turn making him moan out as he feels her
saliva starting to cover his dick as she quickens her bobbing motions on him,
his gaze fixed on her perfect lips as they drag back and forth along his
meat. As she slurps away with her dyed hair shaking in time with her head's
motions, she's still running her hand all the way up and down the other
Superstar's dick to keep him moaning as he watches her work over Morrison's
big dick, making it wet with her spit as she looks like she could easily
handle all of the length, only a couple of inches not being handled as she
sucks away and is even able to smirk around the rod in her mouth.

A few more deep, soothing sucks on him and then she slowly raises her head
right off from him, licking her lips clean from her saliva as she jerks both
men from the base to the top with quick motions. "Not too bad boys... Not too
bad at all."

"Baby, when you get a taste of the Long Island Iced Z, there's no way that I
can be anything less than the best, bro!" Ryder says with a grin as she lets
go of their cocks so she can stand back up, placing her hands on her stylish
ring bottoms as she starts to push them down.

"Bro? Wouldn't it be better to call the women "Sis"?" John comments with a
smirk as the nicely shaved snatch of the Diva is revealed as she steps out of

"You ain't gonna call me anything I don't want you to..." Fox states with a
smirk, her hands going onto her top as she pulls it up and over her head,
releasing her large and perfectly rounded breasts in all their glory. "Now
since this is your "show" John, you're going to do some work because as it
goes, I do want a taste of that "Iced Z"..."

Now Morrison has to raise an eyebrow as the sassy and fierce female basically
shoves him back so he has to sit down on the couch, but wisely he doesn't
object as she climbs up onto him and turns herself around so her back is
facing his muscular chest, allowing her to reach down and line up his
magnificent dick in line with her snatch. Lowering herself down again in a
squatting position she lets out a moan as she takes his big white dick inside
her, her curvaceous black body already rocking against him from just the
first few inches as he takes a hold of her toned waist to help her further
down onto him, causing him to moan with a smirk as well.

Pausing for a moment as she handles a large amount of the dick entering her
snatch, she looks up to the former Brett Major who's stepped in front of her,
his long and nicely thick dick pointing at her beautiful face, the sight
making her nod her flaming red haired head with approval as she leans
forward, sticking her tongue out to swirl it around his head for a slow,
teasing moment. Soon though her mouth opens and she takes it inside,
instantly moving herself up and down along his size with a low groan, keeping
eye contact with the man she briefly managed as she firmly and steadily blows
him, not wasting time as she's already taking in half of him and looking to
get a whole lot more by the looks of it.

Underneath, and perhaps unsurprisingly considering what some rumours say, the
Guru of Greatness obeys the Diva's orders as he leans back and proceeds to
pump his cock upward into her tight pussy, moaning as she feels her warm
right around him and that along gives him the encouragement to bang her as in
response to the thrusts she slightly rocks her hips backward and down against
his shaft. Keeping a hold of her by the waist, he has the clear entry to
stuff his manhood right up into her, already fitting in an impressive amount
into the former Divas Champion but for the moment he's sticking with the
steady but firm pumps into her, showing his sexual skill as this is already
making her wet and getting her moaning around the dick she's hungrily sucking

With his hands on his hips, Zach smirks broadly as he watches his fat, white
dick sliding in and out between her pouty, black lips as she deeply and
quickly bobs her head back and forth along his size, her saliva now covering
his meat to enhance the feeling as her nose and chin begins to slightly and
then completely touch his crotch and balls respectively as she deep throats
all of his foot long cock. Groaning at the feeling, but never gagging as she
handles every thick inch inside her hot and damp mouth, she continues to suck
away, closing her eyes to really get into it as she swiftly moves her head
upward to half way and then straight back down to the base, further turning
herself on as she places her hands onto her large tits to squeeze them as she
blows one handsome WWE Superstar while another is shoving his even longer
cock into her tight snatch.

The master of the "Hardcore" style of training is showing the other known
meaning to that word as he perfectly times and paces his hard thrusts upward
into the Diva's tight and wet pussy, feeling her juices going over his rod as
moves his vast shaft up and down into her, casing both himself and the
receiver of this to moan out as he stuffs her almost completely full of his
meat. Sliding his hands along her sides, he's making sure that she's not
forgetting about what he can give her as he works his dick in and out of her
snatch that's still very tight despite his thickness, and she's clearly
appreciative of his work as she grinds her ass back down against his tool as
he sends it firmly into her.

Pushing her face right down onto Zach's cock for a long moment, she lifts her
head off with a gasp and a groan, catching her breath before she swirls her
tongue around her head with a smirk. "Mmmm... Shit..." Alicia says as she
grinds back against John but looks up at man she's been blowing. "If I known
about what you've been packing, I would have put out when we were

"Babe, you just made a mistake like it's a mistake not to feature me on
Monday Night Raw!" Ryder says with a big grin, stepping back slightly as the
Diva lifts herself up from the other Superstar.

"Some would claim that's not a mistake at all, more common sense..." John
says with a smirk as he starts to stand up but is cut off when Fox pushes him
back down.

"You star right there!" She commands with a sexy but arrogant glare. "Let
Foxy clean that dick up, because I know how sweet I taste..." She smirks as
she looks back to Ryder. "Come make up for lost time baby..."

No complaints now from the founder of the Palace of Wisdom as he leans back,
watching as the sassy female sports entertainer gets onto her hands and knees
on the couch beside him, moving her head down so she can once more take his
big dick into her mouth, moaning as she instantly tastes her own pussy off of
his rod and it's clearly a taste she enjoys. Wrapping her lips firmly around
his meat she starts to suck him off, lashing her tongue all around and
against the bottom and sides of his length as she moves her face up and down
on him, moaning as she cleans her juices off from him and looking to replace
them with her own saliva.

Moving up behind her, Ryder lines up his meaty and long white cock that's
coated with her saliva with her already wet pussy, a firm push inserting
himself deep to make them both moan as he starts to pump the gorgeous black
Diva, taking a hold of her juicy hips and smirking as she's already pushing
her sexy ass back against him, clearly wanting him deep as he can go inside
her. Doing just that, he's sliding his manhood quickly in and out of her
previously more than just nicely fucked snatch, that previous pumping she'd
taken allowing him to easily venture deeply, a good ten inches stuffing her
full when he pushes forward and that won't be the limit she takes from him

Tilting her head back slightly and brushing her dyed red hair back as well,
she gazes up at the former Johnny Nitro with lust as she just uses her mouth
to pleasure him and make him moan loudly, dragging her pouty and made for
sucking cock lips all the way up to the crown and then back down to nearly at
the base in a slow, sensual and especially controlling pace that's turning
her on just as much as it is doing the same to him. Her tongue continues to
flick out against his thick dick, ensuring her saliva drips down every inch
of him and to the base, while one hand stays on his chest to rub across his
chiselled out of stone chest, the other on his thigh so she can stay in this
position, allowing her to smoothly and with porn star-like ease suck away on
his magnificent cock.

The toned and desirable waist of the star of the YouTube sensation Z! True
Long Island Story is smacking against the gorgeously rounded ass of the
former wedding planner as he drives his dick balls deep into her, fucking her
snatch with every inch of his dick and them moans that they are both letting
out show how much they unashamedly love the feeling. Skin slaps against skin
as his ball sack smacks off her dark skin, his thick white cock a perfect fit
for her wet pussy that's still as tight as ever despite already taking an
intense fucking from two hung studs that would have otherwise left most near
unconscious after several orgasms.

Alicia can clearly take it and then some, groaning around the dick stuffed in
her mouth as she pushes her stunning body back and forth against both men,
allowing her to rapidly take the shaft of one man deep into her pussy while
at the same time deep throating the other man's even longer and just as thick
cock, lustfully moving between them as sweat forms all over her perfectly
curved frame. It's clear she has no problem taking part in this interracial
threesome, being pumping from behind by one foot long white cock while she
slobbers over and over foot long one without gagging even for a second,
instead just groaning as takes and receives in equal measure to keep both her
fellow WWE co-workers moaning just as much as she is.

A couple more sucks on Morrison's big dick, and the Florida born stunner
lifts her head off to moan out, looking back at the man pumping her snatch
with lust. "Oh fuck Zack! Give me that Long Island good stuff!" She groans,
still pushing back against him as he thrusts away into her.

"Fox, are you serious bro?" Zack questions with a smirk. "You want the real
Long Island treatment? Then you're gonna have to take a Ride on Ryder!" He
says, pulling his cock out of her to make them both groan as he sits down on
the couch.

"Mmmm... I will but we're still going to do things my way..." Fox says with a
smirk back as she sits up to move over onto him, her back facing him as she
lowers herself down onto his shaft.

"In case you've forgotten, this is still my show you're both on..." John says
with a hint of attitude as he stands up and moves himself in place in front
of them both.

Paying no attention to him at least for the moment, the plan of the former
WWE Divas' Champion is clear as instead of taking Zack back inside her
dripping snatch, instead she lines up his shaft with her asshole, letting out
a groan as she takes him inside her even tighter back passage, the feeling
causing her to toss her flaming red hair back as she goes down further and
further still. Similarly the former Tag Team Champion moans at the feeling
all around his dick, gripping her butt cheeks as he starts to ease his dick
in and out of her booty as she starts to ride him at the same time, leaning
back with her hands placed back onto the couch for support as she takes it up
the ass now.

She soon has to deal with some double penetration as the former multi-time
Intercontiental Champion comes forward and pushes his dick back into her
pussy, causing her to moan out louder than before as he's able to quickly
drive himself back and forth into her with every inch of his thick meat,
stuffing her full and balls deep much to her clear delight as she closes her
eyes. Placing his hands on her chest, he gives her large breasts a firm
squeeze as he swiftly pumps her snatch, his balls smacking off her sweat-
covered skin as he moans with each movement of his hips towards and away from
her to really give it to the arrogant but stunning female wrestler.

Underneath her, the Long Island Loudmouth is focused on working his cock in
and out of her ass, having already managed to get over half of his length
into her but not planning on stopping or relenting until he's completely in
her other lower hole, to keep him moaning out like he currently is if for
nothing else as he enjoys the tight back passage of the gorgeous former model
turned sports entertainer. Said woman groans, grinding her booty down against
his man meat as she feel is driving in and out past her asshole, serving to
keep her sweating and begging for more along with the other dick she's
taking, but it's clear that not only is this not the first time she's engaged
in some anal sex, it seems that it's a major turn on for her as she moves her
body back against both Superstars.

In front of her and now firmly holding onto her waist, the handsome Los
Angeles born stud continues to ram his over foot long white cock balls deep
into her dripping wet but still nicely tight love tunnel, his gaze glued to
her one of a kind black body that's sliding between himself and his fellow
WWE co-worker as they double team the red haired hottie. He's sweating now as
well, his moans loud and clear as he puts plenty of energy into giving it to
her, knowing exactly how to treat such a wet and warm pussy as he delivers
repeated deep and hard thrusts quickly to keep himself groaning with pleasure
as well in a performance a whole world removed for the kind he's known for in
the ring.

Likewise, the also noticeably sweating former "Edge Head" follower of the
Rated R Superstar is performing like a star of a completely different kind of
online video than the YouTube show he runs as he pounds the booty of the Diva
who once managed him with the kind of speed and force that would have had a
regular woman already on her third of fourth orgasm by this point. Instead,
the female grappler taking his unrelenting fucking from two long and thick
dicks looks like she can go all night as she moans away, rocking between them
both and giving the man underneath all the incentive needed to really give it
to her thick and sexy ass, his dick ramming completely in and out of her butt
so every inch is stuffed inside her when he thrusts upward into her back
passage, causing him to moan loudly in the process.

Opening her eyes, the mouth of the former Divas Champion is open in a perfect
little O-shape, a stream of lustful moans pouring out of her as she eases her
curvy black body back and forth between the two thrusting white cocks that
are moving in and out of her ass and pussy, filling her up with over twenty
four inches of man meat when they drive forward into her now well fucked
holes that impressively can still take more from them both. It seems though
that she's approaching her limit, not rocking against them as much as she had
been previously, letting the two desirable and muscular wrestlers have their
way with her as they pump their throbbing cocks back and forth into her,
their combined moans filling the air and mixing with the erotic noises of
skin smacking off against sweat-soaked skin as each dick drives balls deep
into the sexy, smart, and powerful female.

She's not alone in this feeling of knowing the end is fast approach though,
and as experienced in fucking a number of sexy women's wrestlers as he's
shown himself to be during this web series, Morrison is a man with his limits
and feeling his dick throbbing away as he slides it quickly and deeply in and
out of the snatch of the Diva, he knows he won't be lasting for too much
longer at this pace. He has no plans of easing up though, and likewise
underneath her Ryder is pounding away into her thick ass, wanting to savor
every last moment of her super tight back passage that's near clamped still
around his thick dick, even though he knows that he might be busting a nut up
into her because of this fast, hard rhythm he's using to fuck her with.

The first one of the three to explode though in this steamy, interracial
threesome is the stunning black Diva, as with a loud moan with closed eyes
Alicia Fox starts to cum on the dick of John Morrison as Zack Ryder fucks her
ass at the same time. She groans and gasps as her juices flow out all across
the dick driving in and out of her snatch, coating his man meat as well as
his balls and crotch, with even some juices trickling down her thighs and ass
cheeks to drip onto the other stud pounding her, as both men continue to
thrust away into her, which enables the dyed red haired beauty to experience
every last moment of a clearly very intense sexual high that has her panting
for breath as she starts to come down and back to Earth.

However, deciding to continue on pumping away into the former Divas Champion
soon comes back to haunt both Superstars, as the increased tightness that
both her pussy and back passage create as she orgasms sends them right over
the edge as they can't handle this added pressure and keep on thrusting away
into her at the same time. So John Morrison lets out a deep moan as he starts
to shoot his load deep into Alicia Fox's snatch while at the same time Zack
Ryder groans as he cums deep inside her booty, and the feeling of their jizz
filling up her lower holes causes her to groan and lightly moan as she licks
her lips.

Stream after stream of the thick and warm jizz of the Shaman of Sexy fires
straight up into her, her tight snatch milking his cock dry as he slows his
thrusts down but still goes balls deep into her, not allowing a drop of his
spunk to escape her dripping wet and well fucked pussy, and by the time he
finally pulls his spent and softening dick out from her he has a big smile on
his face, looking down at the creampie he's given her as a trickle of white
cum starts to seep out from her snatch. Likewise, the Long Island Iced Z has
fired off his load deep into Fox's back passage, rubbing her ass cheeks as he
sends shot after shot of his thick spunk up into her butt, so that when he
pulls his limp rod out from her asshole slightly gapes open, allowing a
little cum to flow back out and it's a sight that makes him smirk at a job
very well done.

"Mmmm... That's how you treat a real woman..." Alicia says with a smirk as
she's lifted off from Ryder so she can catch her breath, sitting down on the

"Woo Woo Woo!" Zack grins with a cocky smirk as he looks over her sweat
covered body. "You know it!"

"That would be a perfect way to sum it up, but if we're going to finish
this..." John says smirking as well as he turns to the camera. "Faithful
viewers of the Quest For Greatness, today what we have learned is that it's
one thing to have an attitude and a killer body, but unless you can deliver
where it matters, whether between the sheets or here on this couch, talking
the talk doesn't matter. Even with wild red hair that's slightly disturbing.
This has been the Quest For Greatness, I am your host John Morrison, and
this? This is more controversial than giving CM Punk a live microphone."

* * *

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