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Featuring: Jessie McKay (SHIMMER/PWWA), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 27: Jessie McKay
A WWE/SHIMMER erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch in the now
familiar Quest For Greatness studio. He's clad in fashionable, expensive
looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within
them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart and a white, tight
fitting T-shirt that reads "BEEN THERE" above a picture of the face of Jersey
Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, and the words "DONE THAT" underneath.

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. This show prides itself
on not lying or promoting false truths, so let me take this time to thank the
host of the "rival" show to mine, The Miz, for all the name drops of my show
he's been making. Your comedy programming, well watching you and the women I
heard you pay off to appear on your show try to make out that you have a sex
life that lasts more than five minutes which I consider hilarious, continues
to make me laugh with your wild claims. Great job saying "I Quit" to John
Cena and no longer being WWE Champion anymore as well. Maybe I'll invite for
former friend A-Ri onto here and let him be part of a credible programme. But
moving on to more important matters. My guest today comes to us all the way
from Sydney, Australia and is a young, Australian obviously, female wrestler
most known for her work in the SHIMMER independent scene promotion. Please
welcome, Jessie McKay. "

Entering the scene is said female wrestler, "Everyone's Favorite Girlfriend"
Jessie McKay who's clad in perfectly fitting blue ring attire of a tight top
that rests over her small but perky chest, and ring bottoms that huge to her
cutely rounded ass. She bites down on her bottom lip slightly, gazing
seductively over the WWE Superstar as she takes a seat right up close to him,
running a hand over his strong arm.

"Thanks for inviting me onto your show John..." Jessie says in her thick,
Australian accent with a sweet smile.

"The pleasure will both be ours..." Morrison says with a smirk as he also
checks her out. "But right off the bat I must ask you, I've heard that you
have the nickname of being Everyone's Favorite Girlfriend which is
interesting enough, but there's also one that calls you the Boyfriend
Stealer. Would you care to explain that one?"

McKay again bites down on her bottom lip, a blush coming across her cheeks as
she looks to him. "I might be, I might not be. I'm just a good girl,

"Well, I don't want any of those on my show." John states, still smirking.
"But I was perhaps thinking that the reason you agreed to be on this show was
because you were going to steal me away from my own girlfriend, who's a major
fan of my work here I might add."

The eyes of the Australian light up and widen, her smile getting bigger. "You
do have a girlfriend?" She asks, slightly licking her lips as she moves a
hand further down onto him, teasing the bottom of his T-shirt. "Well... Maybe
then I am here to try and steal you away... Would you mind that if I tried
to?" She seductive asks, starting to pull the clothing upward.

"You are more than welcome to try..." Is his answer as he helps her out,
reaching down so he can pull the shirt up, over, and off from his body, fully
revealing his incredibly well defined upper body and abs.

Gazing over his muscular chest as she runs her hand across it, the dark-
haired beauty leans in towards him, using the other hand to gently cup his
face as she draws him into a seductive kiss, moaning into his mouth as she
presses her soft lips against his. Smirking into the lip-lock, he moves and
arm around behind her to bring her in closer, moving onto her ass so he can
give her cheeks a squeeze, the touch causing her to moan again as they kiss
with closed eyes, her hand slowly moving down his upper body, teasing him in
the process as it slides down towards his crotch.

Reaching his package, she takes a firm hold of it through the tight material
of his pants, causing him to groan as she starts to rub and caress the bulge
that's getting bigger and harder thanks to her touch, warming him up as her
other hand runs through his perfectly set hair. Taking advantage of when he
parted his lips to let out a moan, the SHIMMER star pushes her tongue inside
so she can start to trail it around the inside of his mouth, and soon their
tongues are wrapping around each other as the kiss deepens and they swap spit
and exchange light moans, both already turned on by this as she gropes away
at his dick through his jeans.

Pulling her head away from him, catching her breath in the process, she
flashes him a sweet, seductive smile as she pushes herself back slightly,
allowing her to lean over him as both her hands go onto his belt, quickly
undoing it and pushes his clothing down his strong legs, helped by him
lifting himself up from the couch so his pants can be put out of the way. His
thick, over foot long and rock hard cock springs out, the head smacking her
in the cheek which makes her gasp, and her eyes widen at the size of the
weapon he's packing, making her mouth water as both of her hands soon wrap
around his man meat, not hesitating to start stroking him even though she's
clearly never seen quite a dick like this before in her life.

The gorgeous Australian jerks him off with both hands, making sure he's fully
hard as both her soft palms, with one below the other, slide up to below his
bell end before sliding down to the base, a motion swiftly repeated as she's
able to slightly twist her grip around him in order to grind her hands around
his thick American cock. Tossing her long hair back and flashing another sexy
smile at him, she leans her head back in, flicking her tongue out as she
starts to lick across the tip of his shaft, getting a moan from him as her
nicely wet tongue brushes across the piss-slit and all over the top of his
sensitive crown, dabbing her saliva onto him while she strokes away at his

Swirling her tongue around the head, she looks up at him to keep eye contact,
still looking to seduce him as she makes sure he's watching her go to work on
him as she licks around the head with slow and smooth clockwise motions,
letting him feel her saliva as she splashes it onto him, ensuring the bulbous
bell end is perfectly covered with spit. Her hands continue to show they've
done this kind of sexual act before, perfectly timed as they both move up and
then drop right back down to jerk his dick, keeping him pleasured and in
place as she swats her tongue all over and around the tip, moaning herself
just from hearing him call out in enjoyment, getting off on just hearing how
much he's enjoying what she's giving him.

Lifting herself up slightly, she glances back to his meat as she as she spits
down onto him, using her hands to quickly rub her saliva into his pole before
moving downward, opening her mouth and taking the head of his tool inside,
causing herself to groan as she presses her soft lips around the tip. Looking
back up at him she starts to slowly suck on just the bell end of the sports
entertainment stud, her tongue still flicking away at him as she encases the
tip of his dick inside her warm and wet oral hole, double teaming his cock as
her hands continue to stroke away at the rest of his fat inches. The indy
scene beauty moans around him, turning her head now slightly and in turn
grinding her lips around the head of his manhood, a couple more sucks given
before she lifts herself off from him, licking her lips as she watches her
hands stroke away at his vast length.

"It seems that you've done this sort of thing before..." John states with a
smirk, moving his hand over her back. "You've stolen quite a few boyfriends
away already, haven't you?" He asks, moving his hands onto the bottom of her
blue top.

Jessie blushes cutely, biting down on her bottom lip. "I'm a good girl!" She
protests in her thick accent, although not stopping him as she lifts her arms
up, allowing him to pull her top up and off from her, revealing her small but
perky breasts. "I just... Like to have fun..."

Morrison raises an eyebrow at the comment as he tosses the garment aside.
"Sure... I'm no fool Jessie, and if you seriously think you can "steal" me
away from my girl, then you need to out perform her. For example, my
girlfriend can deepthroat all of my dick. Think you can?" He challenges with
a smirk.

Her eyes widen as she looks over his fourteen inches, shifting herself off
from the couch so she can slip down onto the floor in front of him as he
spreads his legs. "There's no way I'm not going to try..." Is McKay's answer
as she takes a hold of his dick in her hand.

Stroking off the lower portion of his shaft with her hand, she lowers her
head down towards the WWE Superstar's cock, opening her mouth again to take
him inside but this time pushing down a little further to slide a couple of
his inches past her lovely lips, pressing them tightly against his meat as
she lifts herself up to the head. She groans, gazing up at him to keep their
eyes locked onto each other as she rocks her head onto the top of his rod,
smooth and slow motions used on him while her hand moves quicker as she pumps
the lower half of his dick, her other hand moving across her own breasts to
squeeze them, again making herself moan as she lightly sucks on him. As she
administers this oral satisfaction, her free hand has moved down to between
her legs and underneath her blue ring bottoms so she can rub her own pussy,
keeping her moaning as her fingers brush across her snatch, firing herself
up to keep sucking away on him.

Moving his hand down, he brushes her hair out of the way from her pretty
face, the touch causing her to smile around his cock as she bobs her head
along the top part of him, her tongue still flicking out occasionally against
his underside to make sure he's getting nice and wet from her saliva, as she
gradually takes more of his shaft inside her mouth when she pushes down onto
him. Groaning around his size, her hand smoothly runs up and down the bottom
portion, working over his cock with two motions as the combination of oral
and a handjob keep him moaning out as he leans back, letting her "impress"
him as she sucks and strokes him off.

As great feeling as this already is to him, the Guru of Greatness expects
more from the stunning Australian wrestler so he opts to force her to take
things up a level as he puts his hand onto the back of her head, pushing her
head down further onto his meat without warning, causing her to groan as she
has to take a good few more inches into her oral hole. Sensing his demands
she gives in, using her hand to just hold him by the base as she rocks her
head up and down his cock, keeping her lips tightly wrapped around him as he
"encourages" her to speed up the motions as he holds her head, bringing her
up until just the top portion is still inside her before pushing right down
so she's handling eight or so of his inches.

Impressively she's able to handle this swift pace, still able to deeply suck
and keep her tongue sliding out around the bottom and sides of his shaft, her
saliva dripping down his length as she moves her mouth back and forth along
him, all the while still looking right up at the handsome man she's blowing,
the pretty face of the Sydney, Australia native looming closer and closer
still to taking his whole length inside. Her hand between her legs continues
to quickly rub her now nicely damp snatch, giving herself pleasure as her
moans bounce off the dick she's handling in her mouth, showing she's not as
innocent as she seems as she sucks a thick, fat, American cock while
masturbating herself, completely aroused by giving this sexual act to a man
she barely knows.

One last push down of his hand onto the back of her dark haired head and the
star of SHIMMER Women Athletes lets out a loud gagging noise from her throat
as she's made to deep throat all of his over twelve inch dick inside her warm
and wet mouth, eyes clenching shut as she tries to adjust to the feeling but
having never had to blow such a long shaft before it's proving quite the
task. His balls rest against her chin as her nose is pressing against his
skin, keeping her mouth right on the base as she gags again on his meaty
dick, the lust of pleasuring the WWE stud making her stay held balls deep
down onto him even with the discomfort she feels from doing it, while the
grappler receiving this just moans as he keeps her pressed down for several
more moments.

Mercifully he lets go of her, allowing her to lift her head right off and she
gasps for breath, having to spit down onto his meat that's already coated in
her soothing saliva. "Oh John..." McKay moans out lustfully as she looks up
to him. "See? I can handle things getting a little rough..."

"Handle? You seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much..." Morrison says with a
smirk, motioning to her hand as she pulls out of her bottoms. "And that's
certainly most welcomed in the Palace of Wisdom." He adds as she scoots back
from him so she can stand up.

"I bet you say that to all the ladies..." She teases with a smile as she
pushes her ring bottoms down, revealing her smoothly shaved snatch to him.

"Only the ones trying to steal me away from my girlfriend..." John coolly
replies, leaning back again as she comes forward and climbs onto his lap.

Resting her hands onto his broad shoulders, she eases herself into place as
the former Johnny Nitro lines his cock up with her entrance, a slight tease
given as he runs the head of his cock against her outer lips before he pushes
it firmly up into her, causing both desirable wrestlers to moan out from the
penetration. She tenses for a moment, feeling her tight pussy getting filled
up already by his huge dick even when he's barely half-way in, thankful she
took the time to warm herself up earlier when she was blowing him so her
wetness down there already works to reduce any friction, especially as he's
not wasting time in starting to go to work, pulling his rod back gradually so
he can send it back up into her.

The former PWWA Champion tilts her head back as she bites down softly on her
bottom lip, moaning as she feels his size sliding back and forth into her
snatch, causing her cutely curved and tanned body to jolt forward when he
pumps up into her as he looks to fit more and more of his vast length into
her tight, dampening snatch. He holds onto her toned waist, keeping her well
placed on him, not that either of them plan on moving from this position any
time soon, but his superior strength is allowing him to lift her upward on
his cock and then send her right back down onto his rock hard pole, making
her bounce on his member and in turn both causing them to moan out from the
sensation as well as help her take more of him inside her.

Gripping his strong shoulders tightly, she gets into the motion as she rocks
herself backward towards his incoming thrusts as he picks up the pace, his
own pumping action increasing in speed and getting more force behind them as
she pushes her perfectly rounded ass backward, his cock moving effortlessly
in and out of her still tight and very wet snatch. The Australian licks her
lips, unashamedly loving the feeling of his fat American dick firmly banging
her pussy as she rides him, further moaning when he slides his hands up
briefly to squeeze her perky tits before placing them back down on her waist,
helping her bounce away on his pistoning shaft that he's sending up into her
time and time again as he too moans out loudly with lusty pleasure.

While he may be known as the Prince of Parkour, he's showing a very different
kind of "Hardcore" than that style of training as he stuffs his man meat
right up into the young, hot indy starlet from the land down under, sweat
forming all over his chiseled out of stone body as he quickly fucks her tight
love tunnel with a series of strong thrusts. His sexual skill is causing
Everyone's Favorite Girlfriend to moan out loudly as she rocks back and forth
on his pumping dick, her ass cheeks starting to smack off his muscular thighs
when she drops down onto him and at the same time his nutsack is slapping up
into her tanned, also sweat-covered skin when he thrusts up into her dripping
wet hole.

Leaning forward onto him so her breasts are resting against his one-of-a-kind
upper body, she cups his face once again to drawl him into a deep, open
mouthed kiss as their tongues start to dance around one another, saliva and
noisy moans exchanged into the other wrestler's mouth while they continue to
fuck. He's doing the most work now, slamming his shaft balls deep into the
gorgeous Australian as all of his fourteen inches of thick American dick
stuff her snatch full every time he pumps up into her, only pulling back so a
couple of inches are slid out of her before quickly and stiffly sending
himself right back up and deep into her as she sticks her butt back out
towards his cock, slightly grinding back against his rod in the process.

Pulling her head away and breaking off the kiss, allowing them both to draw
in some air, she looks back over her shoulder so she can watch his cock
thrust in and out of her still tight and very wet pussy, the fact alone that
she's able to take something of that size and not yet be reduced to a spent
wreck from multiple orgasms as most normal would by this point being very
impressive. She again starts to bounce herself quickly on his pumping member,
causing him to groan out as she moves her snatch up and down on him as he
sends his fat man meat deeply into her as she again shows that she's not
quite as innocent as she sometimes appears to be, and proves exactly why
there might be a lot of truth in why her finishing move is called the
Boyfriend Stealer if she's capable of this kind of fucking.

Panting for breath now from having put so much into handling his cock by this
point, Jessie again comes to a stop on him as he continues to thrust up into
her wet and tight snatch. "Oh John!" She cries out, leaning back slightly
with a large smile on her face. "You can totally be my new boyfriend any time
you want!"

"I'll assume that's a compliment in your country..." Morrison says with a
smirk as he eases up on his thrusts, eventually pulling out of her and making
them both groan at the feeling. "As tempting as that is, there are still a
couple of things that my girlfriend does very well that you haven't shown me

The stunning Australian bites on her lip cutely again before she lifts
herself off from him so she can move over onto the couch. "I'm willing to try
anything you want me to..." She says, placing her feet on the floor as she
leans onto the couch so her hips and butt are pushed out but her upper body
is almost pressing against the seating.

"Well, she gives great tit fucks, but you clearly can't give the Guru of
Greatness that..." John says as he stands up, moving behind her. "However,
there's one thing above all else she's extremely good at doing, or should I
say, taking it up..."

Just as she figures out what he could mean by that, he's already pulled the
trigger as he spreads her cutely rounded ass cheeks apart, allowing him to
firmly push his cock into her asshole to make him moan out loudly and her to
groan out, her eyes clenching shut as she has to adjust to an invasion into
her even tighter hole. Her fingers dig into the couch as he forces four or so
inches already into her back passage before he starts to withdraw but only
until just the head remains inside her, and here he starts sending himself
back into her, building the motion as he looks to see if she can handle some
anal action after having used her other holes already during this steamy
sexual session.

Groaning and gasping as she tries to block out the pain, the SHIMMER star has
no choice but to once again move a hand out and put it between her legs,
running her palm right across her already well fucked snatch and the touch
instantly makes her moan out as she keeps herself propped up with the other
arm. Feeling his thick dick forcing her back passage to widen and accept more
of his length, it's not long before the sweating beauty has to stop just
rubbing but actually push a couple of fingers into her box, causing an even
louder moan to escape her as she eases them in and out of her, getting
herself off as she takes it up the ass like a professional porn star.

Gripping her toned waist tightly, the former Champion of the WWE's ECW Brand
moans as he thrusts his cock smoothly into the sexily rounded behind of the
indie scene starlet, watching as her cheeks slightly shake from the force
he's putting into his pumps as he works inch after thick inch into her
tightest of holes. As it seems clear to him that the way she's handling this,
it might not be the first time she's engaged in some backdoor action, he's
also glad her own pussy juices that cover his rod are acting as a form of
lubricant, allowing his meat to venture deeper into her back passage with now
more than ten inches or so stuffed inside her, and he has no plans of
stopping until his stunning body is smacking off hers so she's taking it
all in.

Face down, ass right up is the position the Australian is willingly in, her
cheek resting on the couch seating with a hand almost clawing at it as she
moans out, her other hand finger fucking her soaking wet pussy with sudden
motions in and out, getting wild with lust from the thick cock of the hung
American stud having his way with her and filling her ass up quite unlike
anything she's ever felt before in her life. The mix of discomfort and sinful
lust is driving her on to work her already very sticky with her own juices
fingers rapidly in and out of her own snatch, completely giving in to the WWE
Superstar who's pounding her tight and cutely rounded ass with stiff thrust
after thrust that would leave a normal woman unable to walk for a whole week
if not longer, but instead she's sweating hard as she moans out, almost
calling for more as she takes this intense ass fucking while fingering
herself at the same time.

Similarly, the former member of the MNM tag team has sweat dripping off of
his muscular frame, looking even more gorgeous than ever because of it as his
chest heaves and his slams his mighty cock in and out of her booty as his
waist smacks into her but cheeks to make him jiggle erotically, a loud
slapping sound ringing out each time his skin collides with hers when he
thrusts forward into her asshole. He's going balls deep, all of his over foot
long shaft stuffed right up into her back passage as his balls slap against
her tanned skin as he pounds her over and over again, getting the most out of
this position as he rocks his hips back and forth towards her as she sticks
her backside right out towards him, remaining bent over to take it as he
almost brutally bangs her ass with fast and hard motions in and out which
leave his dick throbbing as it's held right inside her back passage.

The intensity of this continuing fast and hard anal pounding eventually
becomes too much for Everyone's Favorite Girlfriend to take, and so with a
loud and low moan, Jessie McKay starts to cum on her own fingers thanks to
the ass fucking she's taking from John Morrison. Her juices flow out over her
pumping fingers as she drives them in and out of her snatch, trickling down
her own hand and wrist as she groans out as he pumps away into her, even
though her back passage has clamped tightly around his shaft as she orgasms,
defying the increased pressure he feels so he can still thrust into her,
savoring the last few moments as she starts to sigh and groan as she eases
her fingers out of her pussy.

Giving her booty a last couple of thrusts, the WWE star eases his thick
American dick out from her well fucked Australian ass, gripping his throbbing
member as he starts to stroke it, using his other hand to turn her around so
she's made to sit up on the couch as he moves up to lean over her, his
intention clear as he moans and jerks his cock, aiming it down at the
beautiful face of the indy starlet. Catching her breath back after a clearly
mind-blowing orgasm, said female wrestler opens her eyes to see the panting
hunk furiously beating his meat, the sight making her lick her lips as she
gazes over him, brushing her hair back and opening her mouth, giving him an
extra target for his load should his wish to take it.

Seeing a beautiful and sexy Australian babe ready to take some cum is more
than enough to send him right over the edge, his dick throbbing one last time
as with a deep groan John Morrison starts to blow, his thick, American spunk
firing out as the first stream splashing across Jessie McKay's stunning face,
causing her to groan as he strokes his jizz out across her facial features.
She closes her eyes and keeps her mouth open, getting her reward as he evenly
dispenses his creamy load across her cheeks, nose, lips and chin as well as
aiming some into her oral hole so her mouth gets filled up with a more than
just ample amount of his cum as he moans out, still jerking off so every last
drop is sent out of his cock.

With a last, satisfied sigh he lets go of his spent shaft, taking a step back
to admire his work as he looks over her cum-covered face as she reaches up to
collect up some jizz from near her eye, allowing her to look up at him as she
closes her mouth, her head tilting back slightly to put on a show as she
swallows down the jizz she's been given in her mouth with a loud, hungry
gulp. Opening her mouth up to show it's all gone, she smiles sweetly up at
him, placing her digit between her soft lips and sucking the spunk off her
finger to swallow it down as well, still smiling much like he is as he
watches her wipe off some cum and eating it up without any hesitation.

"So, am I your new Favorite Girlfriend now?" Jessie asks sweetly, still
admiring the WWE Superstar's muscular body as she bites down seductively on
her bottom lip.

John smirks, slightly shaking his head at how she's still trying to act
innocent even when naked, sweat covered and cum plastered on her face. "Well,
as great as you were, I don't think I'll be leaving my girl any time soon.
The perks of having an "open" relationship like we do though? It means that
you can get another chance to try and "steal" me away, if you think you can
impress me some more..."

McKay smiles again, glancing down at his semi-hard dick. "I like a challenge.
After all, they do call me the Boyfriend Stealer..."

"And they call me many things, one being the host of the Quest For
Greatness..." He says, turning to the camera. "Faithful viewers of the Quest
For Greatness, today we have learned that some people act sweet, some people
act innocent, but if they have a habit of breaking up couples and look as hot
as McKay does, then by all means let her try and steal you away from your
woman. Either don't let yourself be caught, or don't film it for a public
audience to witness. I can get away with that, because I am the Guru of
Greatness. It's a perk of the job. This has been the Quest For Greatness, I
am your host John Morrison, and this? This hopes to one day be sponsored by
reinstated WWE Ice Cream Bars."

* * *

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