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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where
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jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Sarah "Sarita" Stock (TNA, SHIMMER), Divina "Rosita" Fly (TNA,
WSU), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 28: Mexican America
A WWE/TNA crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch in the now
familiar Quest For Greatness studio. He's clad in fashionable, expensive
looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within
them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart, and with no shirt on his
incredibly muscular upper body is on full display. Curiously, he seem to be
reading a copy of "A Shore Thing" by reality TV star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi,
and after flicking through a page he looks up to the camera.

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. Sorry, I've been
reading this "book" for a while and I've been waiting until something
interesting is contained within the words. Going from cover to cover, and it
didn't take long, I've come to the conclusion that this is about as
interesting as The Miz's sex life, and yes, that isn't a glowing

With a smirk, Morrison tosses the "book" over his shoulder. "On to more
important things, and my guests for today's show. Following the success of
Episode 21 of this show where I featured the first female tag team to co-
star, many duos from across the world have sent in applications and near
begging to be the next female team to feature on my show. After careful
consideration and much research, I believe that this team fulfills the
requirements more than adequately. Although they are working for the far
lesser sports entertainment promotion than the one I am proud to be a part
of, they are a team who claim at least on TV to be "cousins", as well as
being TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions. They represent Mexican America and
they are Sarita and Rosita.

Walking into shot and onto the set are indeed the female members of TNA's
Mexican America stable, the championship-winning combination of Sarita and
Rosita. The taller Sarita doesn't seem too happy to be here, glaring at
Morrison as she approaches, wearing a tight, red top that nicely shows off
her cleavage and a pair of tight, black booty shorts that hug nicely to her
thick ass. The shorter, younger and equally attractive Rosita seems to be
more appreciative, twirling some stands of her long hair as she comes in,
also wearing a nicely fitting red top but with tight white shorts, showing
off her tanned and curvy body.

"Now listen up you stinking Americano!" Sarita yells as she stands in front
of the WWE stud. "If you think that we're just going to lay on our backs like
the rest of those American sluts, then you must be out of your tiny little

"Well, they've not all been American..." John coolly replies. "I've fucked
Australians, Canadians, and one chick who was British and German as well...
Besides, I think your "cousin" here has other ideas..." He states as the
other Knockout has taken a seat next to him, very close in fact as she's able
to run her hand seductively across his chest.

"Come on, I think we know why we're here..." Rosita says with a slight lick
of her lips. "He's tired of all the little girls and wants some real women
for once..." She adds, glancing down at the bulge in his pants.

"What the hell Rosita! We're not a couple of whores!" The older female says
with a shake of her head.

"Well, if you're afraid to handle some American meat, then I understand..."
Morrison says with a smirk, glancing between the two Knockouts. "You can just
sit on the side and watch Rosita have some fun..."

"I'm not afraid of you and your tiny American dick!" She yells, looking over
him. "Although I guess... We could see if you can handle some fine Mexican
American pussy..."

Not waiting for any further approval and raising an eyebrow slyly, the
younger half of the tag team slips down between his legs, her hands quickly
going to his belt to undo it while her older cousin sits down next to him,
running her hands across the WWE Superstar's chiseled out of stone chest with
an approving nod despite her apparent resistance to doing this. Pulling his
pants down to the ground, both eyes of the TNA Knockouts widen as they see
his nearly rock hard dick that's extremely long and nicely thick to match,
and it's clear that the woman facing his tool has a watering mouth as she
gazes over it, using her hand to give it some pumps to ensure its fully hard.
Using her tongue to swirl around the head, Rosita looks up to lock eyes with
him as she works over his bell end, licking all the way around the top with a
slight moan, still giving his rod a couple of jerks as she does so.

Morrison watches the sexy wrestler on her knees in front of him lash her
tongue across the head of his dick, his attention turning to the other as she
lifts up her top to reveal her perfectly sized and rounded breasts which
makes him smirk as he leans his head over, cupping a breasts as he starts to
kiss over it. Sarita moans with slightly narrowed eyes as he licks across her
tits as he squeezes them, giving attention to her nipples as he takes one
into his mouth to gently suck on them, again making the gorgeous grappler
groan in pleasure. As he goes to work over her other breast he moans as the
other Mexican America female takes his shaft into her mouth, beginning to
suck on him with eager motions as she takes the top portion of his cock
inside with the first motion down on him, before she starts to work her head
up and down on him.

Glancing down, Sarita finds herself licking her lips as she watches her
championship partner wrapping hers tightly around his thickness, her long
hair brushed back over her shoulders so both those on the couch can see how
smoothly she's moving her mouth along his tool, the beautiful face of Rosita
moving towards and then away from his crotch as she moans around the cock
inside her oral hole. The Canadian-born luchador groans when the Guru of
Greatness gives her ass a firm spank through her booty shorts, making her
glare at him but he just smirks back at her, giving her tits another grope to
make her moan once again.

Pushing his hands away, the feisty "Latina" moves herself down onto the floor
as well, moving up beside her cousin in between his strong spread legs,
making Rosita glance to the side but she keeps bobbing her head along his
length, clearly able to handle a large amount of his length without any
problem with steady motions up and down him. A moment later though and she
groans in pain as Sarita grabs a handful of her hair, pulling her head up and
off of his shaft and as she glares at her family member she takes a gasp of
breath. Sarita just smirks as she now takes a taste of him, opening her mouth
wide and pushing herself right down with a moan, taking an impressive amount
in as she starts to blow him, closing her eyes as she rocks her head up and
down on his size.

The multi-time Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion moans as he looks on as
the older cousin of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions sucks him off,
taking around eight or so inches inside her nicely wet mouth as she moves
herself along him with smooth, quickening motions as she moans around his
meat. Glancing up, Rosita makes sure to get his attention as she lifts up her
top, revealing her perky and nicely sized tits to him before she leans her
head back towards him but lower down as she starts to flick her tongue
against his balls to make him groan in enjoyment. Sliding her soft tongue
across his heavy ballsack, she works all across them with slow motions like
she's savoring it, her face brushing against her cousin's as both stunning
Knockouts work over both parts of his manhood with the older family member
sucking him off as the younger tastes and gets his nuts slightly wet with her

With a moan the host of the Quest For Greatness puts a hand onto the back of
both women's heads, running his hands through their long hair as they please
his long dick and large balls, getting both nicely wet as Sarita's saliva
starts to drip down his pole as she quickly and deeply blows him, making
herself groan as she tries to handle all of his inches inside her but she's
starting to gag when she pushes right down, a few inches still not inside her
oral hole. At the same time, Rosita is sucking on his ballsack, working over
both as she takes one into her mouth to press her pouty lips around it,
flicking her tongue away at it at the same time, before switching to the
other to make sure he's well taken care of, both women looking up at the
sports entertainment hunk who smirks back at them, clearly loving their
expert work on him.

Lifting her head up and off of him, Sarita smirks up as she swirls her tongue
across his crown with a groan, soon joined by her cousin as she too flicks
her tongue against the head so both women are licking away at his dick, and
the man receiving this oral double team is showing his control by not just
busting a nut at this sensation. However, soon the younger Knockout moves her
head up, catching her family member by surprise as she flicks her tongue
against hers, using a hand gripping a handful of the hair to pull her into a
liplock that makes them both moan out as their lips press together, tongues
dancing against one another as they swap spit. It only lasts for a few
moments before Sarita's eyes go wide, remembering where she is and the other
man watching as she pushes her cousin away with a glare.

"Fucking hell! You stupid little bitch!" Sarita yells at her fellow tag team
champion as they both stand up. "What the fuck do you think you're doing??"

"That was for taking me off of this gringo's big dick!" Rosita snaps back
with a feisty attitude. "I was enjoying sucking a real guy's one for once!"

"Too bad Rosita, because I'm going to enjoy some of him!" The Canadian born
"Latina" says as she starts to push down her booty shorts, revealing her
stunningly rounded ass and her nicely shaved snatch.

Reaching out, Morrison takes a hold of Rosita by the wrist, pulling her
towards him as he smirks up at her. "The Shaman of Sexy believes in returning
favors for going down, if you'd care to lose those shorts of yours that
is..." He says before his attention goes to the other Knockout as she starts
to mount him.

True to her word, Sarita has lined up the long, saliva coated dick with her
pussy and is lowering herself down onto him with a moan, feeling her
tightness being invaded by the fat American cock as she starts to rock her
perfectly tanned and curved Canadian body against him, in turn making him
moan out as he feels her warmth all around his dick. Placing her hands on his
shoulders she starts to bounce on him, lifting herself up so that just the
top couple of inches are inside her before she slowly lowers herself downward
to well below half way and then repeats the motion, nodding her head in
approval as it's obvious she's enjoying handling him already and she's only
just getting started with him.

What's also clear is that the other half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions
hasn't turned down the open offer as she's now completely naked as well,
rejoining the action as she climbs over the couch with her back facing the
other female wrestler as she lowers her neatly shaved pussy onto the handsome
face of the WWE Superstar. With a smirk, he places his hands on her hips and
lifts his head up to meet her, planting his lips onto her hole and wasting no
time in starting to munch on her snatch, rubbing his lips across the outer
folds as he flicks his tongue out across her, making her moan out already
just from the initial touch and that as well as making him grin wider
encourages him to continue on.

Narrowing her eyes slightly as she sees her cousin getting seemingly the
preferred treatment now in this threesome on the expensive couch, the woman
known as Dark Angel across the indy scene in America and Mexico starts to
increase her efforts, bringing herself down harder onto his long shaft and
quickening her motions on him. This allows his dick to go deeper into her
tight hole, making them both moan although his are clearly muffled by the
pussy he's licking at the moment, with a solid ten inches or so now stuffed
deep into her dampening snatch, causing the resident of Mexico City to close
her eyes, unable to deny how good it feels to ride such a huge piece of man
meat even if belongs to someone who works for the rival organization.

The other gorgeous Knockout has no such worries, flipping her long hair back
as she holds onto the back of the couch tightly for support as she feels the
probing tongue of the Prince of Parkour underneath her sliding back and
across her pussy, lapping up her sweet, forming juices with notable control
and pacing, not rushing at all and making sure he tastes as much of her as he
can. It makes the female once known as Divina Fly bite down on her bottom lip
as she gets eaten out, making sure to grind herself down against his rugged
facial features, ensuring that his hungry mouth is pressed up right against
her so there's no way she's not getting the absolute most out of him that she
possibly can. That in turn is making him lash his tongue out and around her
tight-feeling and gradually dampening love tunnel, greedily feasting on the
young stunner's snatch with a purpose, moaning into her thanks to the bounce
motion he's getting on his dick from the other Knockout.

Letting out a deep groan followed by a just as loud moan, Sarita finds her
snatch pressed right against the base of the former Johnny Nitro, showing
that she's able to take his over foot long cock completely into her tight,
wet pussy much to both their delight but soon enough she's right back to
work, lifing herself up to half way before dropping right down onto him again
and again. She smirks, moving her hands up her body for a moment so she can
grope her own tits again as she rides away on his thick dick, smirking as she
then uses a hand to deliver a firm spank to her cousin's ass that's pushed
out in front of her, about to laugh at how the flesh giggled but just moaning
as she moves her pussy swiftly up and down on his pole.

Looking back over her shoulder with a glare, Rosita looks to say something to
her fellow Knockous Tag Team title holder but another spank delivered by said
sexy female cuts her off as she has to groan, feeling the mix of pain and
pleasure as her pussy continues to be eaten in such a way that she's thinking
that he must do it for a living rather than be a WWE Superstar. What's also
clear is that said stud has more than enough sexual ability to handle both
women at once, keeping control as he feels one woman's tight snatch working
up and down his cock as it's stuffed deep into her, while at the same time
he's able to eat out the other TNA star without missing a beat or letting up
on his tongue work as her pussy is pressed right up against his face.

"Mmmm... Nothing's changed..." Rosita says with a smirk as she looks back at
her cousin.

"You needed my ass to come make you a champion again, and now you can't
resist touching my ass..." She says with a suggestive tone.

"You wish Rosita..." Sarita answers back, matching her look as she slows her
bounces down on the dick she's riding. "My ass is in a whole different world
to yours. Not get off of him, it's time for him to get a taste of a true
Mexican American pussy!" She adds as she lifts herself off of his cock with a

As the other TNA Knockout reluctantly climbs off from him, John takes a
moment to take in a deep breath before he licks his lips clean from the
juices on his face. "Well firstly show me where the true Mexican Americans
are, and I might do that..." He says, another shot at the fact that they both
might not have the true heritage to be who they say they are. "Besides, the
Shaman of Sexy will be too busy bringing your little cousin to higher levels
of pleasure to eat you out. However, you will still get what you desire, but
not in that exact way.

"What the hell are you talking about you crazy American pig??" Sarita demands
as Morrison stands up, catching her by surprise as he pushes her down onto
the couch.

"Don't put your hands on me like that, you..." She pauses, watching as John
leans into Rosita and whispers into her ear something that makes the younger
of the two Knockouts grin. "Oh... No way!" Sarita yells, realizing what's
going on here and not liking it, starts to turn and escape by climbing over
the couch.

The stunning female also known as Sarah Stock can only manage to get the top
half of her perfectly curved body over the couch as her Mexican America
partner grabs her by the hips, keeping her held as shocking Rosita puts her
face right onto her on-screen cousin, making the trying to flee Knockout moan
out as she feels the other woman's lips start to kiss across her snatch.
Gripping the back of the couch, the former multi time CMLL "Bodybuilding
Champion" closes her eyes and groans, seemingly quickly agreeing to this
situation as she stays in positon, allowing her fellow TNA Knockout to tease
her pussy with a series of quick and lustful kisses all across and over it as
the younger female's hands now go onto her Sarita's ass cheeks to keep them
held apart.

Taking a moment to savor the red hot, some may even say spicy, sight of the
"cousins" starting to engage in some lesbian oral sex, the WWE hunk steps
forward into position behind the former WSU star, taking advantage of the
almost doggy style position she's in as Rosita is squatting down slightly,
allowing her to grip her tag team partner and keep her beautiful face pressed
into Sarita's snatch. The stunning Queens, New York born Knockout moans into
the pussy she's kissing as she feels him push his long, hard cock into her
own love tunnel, immediately pushing her own hips back towards him as inch
after thick inch enters her tight hole, making him moan out as well from the
sensation all around his member as he takes a hold of the hips of the
wrestler in the middle, literally, of this threesome.

The former Johnny Nitro moans again as he thrusts his member in and out of
the snug snatch of the sexy Knockout, working six or so inches back and forth
into her tightness at the moment but with each forward pump he sends into the
feisty female grappler he's able to gradually insert more of his length into
her, in turn causing the receiver of this already expertly timed banging to
groan out into the woman in front of her. Indeed, Rosita doesn't seem to mind
a fat, American cock thrusting in and out of her Mexican America pussy as she
rocks her body back against him, causing her perfectly rounded breasts to
sway as she moves back against the sports entertainer from the rival
promotion to the one she works for, and her own TNA Tag Team Championship
partner who's bent over the back of the couch they are on, moaning out as
Rosita keeps her face rubbing against the other woman's pussy.

Looking back over her shoulder, Sarita can only moan out as she starts to
feel the tongue of her "cousin" start to flick out and lick across her own
snatch, showing no issue in tasting the older woman's love tunnel as her
hungry tongue pushes out into the former SHIMMER star who's gaze is switching
between down at her own ass to watch her tag partner's face pressing up
against her own body, and then up to watch the host of the "show" they are on
as he pumps into the other Knockout from behind. Sarita groans, lifting a
hand off the back of the couch so she can cup her own breast, squeezing it
and making herself groan as she feels the other Knockout's tongue sliding
around inside her snatch, driving her wild with shameless passion as juices
are being all too eagerly lapped up considering both women are said to be
"cousins" in TNA.

Family status doesn't seem to be a concern for the founder of the Palace of
Wisdom, who is far more focused on the task of thrusting his fat and long
cock in and out of the stunningly curved female wrestler in front of him, his
pumping motion increasing in speed along with the force being put behind him
as his waist is edging closer and closer still towards the sexily rounded ass
of the former Divina Fly. Holding onto her hips, his strong pounding into her
has made her snatch nice and wet from his repeated actions into her, although
she's still as tight as ever much to his groaning approval as his chiseled
out of stone abs start to smack into her butt cheeks, his balls slapping off
her smooth, "Latina" skin as he thrusts all of his over twelve inch dick into
the curvaceous Knockout who continues to push herself back against him.

With her eyes closed and her hands still on the ass cheeks of her "cousin" to
keep them spread, Rosita is clearly running on lust with no care about any
consequences as she rocks her sexy body back and forth between the WWE stud
banging her snatch hard and fast from behind and her own championship team
mate that she's eating out right in front of her. Rosita moans deeply into
the other woman's pussy as she continues to lick away with her tongue,
collecting all of the quickly forming juices and from her satisfied groans it
seems that she finds the sweet taste very much to her liking, showing no
signs of pulling away as her lips slightly grind against the other moaning
Knockout's snatch from the jolting motion her body is doing from the fucking
she's taking in her own tight and damp pussy.

"Fuck! Fucking damn it!" Sarita moans out, glaring back behind her at both
her own "cousin" and the man behind said female. "Rosita! Get the fuck off of
me!" She demands, trying to protest although how damp her own snatch is tells
a completely different story.

"Sounds like we should kick this up a notch..." Morrison says with a smirk,
with a groan pulling out of the Knockout he'd been banging, who instead of
obeying continues to lap away at the snatch she's buried her face into.

"I... Uh! I fucking mean it!" The woman getting eaten out moans out, mumbling
something under her breath in Spanish as her body continues to betray her
with how much it's giving the other female plenty of pussy juices to drink
down. As the two TNA starlets remain locked in this position, the Prince of
Parkour has moved to pick something up from off camera, walking back into
shot with the item in his hand.

"Ladies, you said you can handle anything I had in mind for you?" John says
with a grin, holding up a black strap-on with a thick, plastic cock that's a
foot in length. "Then impress me Rosita by putting this on and showing me how
you can handle your "cousin"..." He says, tossing the sexual aid down onto
the couch beside them.

Lifting her head up and away, Rosita grins at the sight of the fake dick,
eagerly grabbing with no hesitation. "Oh yeah! This Americano is smart as
well as handsome!" She says as she steps away to put it on, allowing him to
step up and take over onto her "cousin".

Again trying to remain defiant, the longest serving member of the Mexican
America females glares at the desirable wrestler who's moving her down from
the back of the couch to instead make her lay down on her side on the seating
with her front facing outward, and not giving her a chance to try and make a
break for it again, he's getting in close as he holds up a leg, allowing him
to line up his cock with her already nice and wet snatch. Sarita moans out as
now she's the one getting filled up by the Los Angeles native's thick dick
that's covered in her the juices of her "cousin", and he calls out in
pleasure as well as the prep-work done onto this pussy makes it easy for him
to push into her deeply as he begins to thrust into her, keeping the leg held
as he works his shaft in and out of another very tight snatch.

Stepping forward, the shorter of the two Knockouts now comes in closer,
watching with a grin as the woman she holds the TNA Knockouts Tag Team
Championship with gets to feel the long and fat man meat of the WWE stud
firmly pumping back and forth into her wet snatch, with well over half of his
length ploughing in and out of the former Dark Angel who's body is jolting
backward in response to each hard thrust she's taking from him. Rosita
glances down, a last check over as the strap on is securely fastened in place
over her pussy, the foot long fake cock pointing straight out and as she
moves into place near the head of other female wrestler, it's obvious how she
think she's going to impress the host of this "documentary" series.

Looking to the side, Sarita's eyes open wide in shock to see her "cousin"
wearing the strap-on, but she makes the mistake of opening her mouth to
either object or insult, and Rosita just takes that as an open target that
she simply stuffs the plastic dick straight into, causing the Knockout
getting fucked at the same time to groan and glare up as she's make to take a
good few inches of the thick, fake dick past her luscious lips. Groaning
around it, there's nothing Sarita can do but take it as she's pinned down to
the couch by the gorgeous grappler pounding her pussy, so she resorts to
trying to increase the friction by pressing her lips tightly around the cock
of the strap-on as her own tag team partner starts to move her hips towards
her, sliding the plastic member in and out between said soft and pouty lips.

Showing that what she may lack in height she can sure make up with in
attitude, Rosita grabs a handful of the hair of the other half of the female
portion of Mexican America, forcing her "cousin" to bob her head along "her"
dick as she continues to firmly pump it into the warm and wet mouth of the
glaring and groaning Knockout. Sarita moans around the cock of the strap-on
that she's being made to suck on, finding her body yet again betraying her as
out of reflex her tongue is sliding up against the underside of the plastic
tool being fed to her, her perfectly curved and tanned body repeatedly
rocking back against the Superstar fucking her damp and tight snatch as she
closes her eyes, almost submitting to the sexual situation she's found
herself trapped in.

There's a huge grin plastered onto the face of the former Champion of the
WWE's ECW brand as there's a whole different kind of extreme going on here as
he fucks the beautiful, Canadian-born wrestler deep and quickly in her snatch
as she's getting almost face fucked by her own "cousin", trying her best to
combat this as she keeps up with the pumps of the fake dick into her mouth by
sucking firmly on it. His balls are starting to slap against the sweat-
covered skin of the Knockout as he pounds her with every thick inch of his
cock, while the plastic one attached to the strap on worn by the other TNA
star is almost completely pushing in and out of the woman now in the middle
of this sinful and sexy three-way fucking as they all moan out loudly in

While Rosita is feeling some pleasure from the strap-on pressing against her
own pussy, she's more getting off on the fact that she's helping reduce her
usually strong and confident "cousin" into more of a bisexual whore, watching
as Sarita's beautiful face pushes right down and them smoothly raises all the
way back up the top of the fake, thick cock that's being pumped back and
forth into her mouth. The black, plastic shaft is now nicely coated in the
saliva of the Knockout getting pounded hard and fast in her snatch, the spit
seeping past her luscious lips to trickle down her chin as the passion inside
her makes her unable to resist as she deepthroats all of the fake dick her
"cousin" is feeding her, groaning around it as she pushes back against the
thrusts she's taking into her soaking wet love tunnel.

"Mmmm... I think my cousin is starting to like you a lot more baby..." Rosita
says as she uses her strap-on to fuck the mouth of her "cousin" for a couple
moments more, before pulling out of her mouth and allowing her to take in a
deep breath of air with a moan.

"I'm starting to enjoy you both more now you've dropped the attitude..." John
coolly replies as now also pulls out of the Knockout, causing them both to
groan at the feeling.

"Ohhh... I don't like it..." Sarita says, glancing between the two with a
lick of her lips as glances down at the cocks - one real and longer, the
other fake but still as impressive looking - both have. "I fucking love it!
Fucking give it to me!"

Grinning just a little bit wider at that statement, Morrison moves off the
couch and looks to Rosita. "In that case, if you wouldn't mind taking a seat,
I think it's time to see some "family" bonding here..."

Once more showing far too much willingness to participate for two women who
are supposed to be family members, no sooner has Rosita sat down on the couch
then her "cousin" has climbed onto her lap, letting out a moan as she eases
her already well fucked and wet snatch down onto the covered with her own
saliva dick attached to the strap-on worn by the woman who giggles sexily up
at the other Knockout as she places her hands onto the other woman's waist.
In reply Sarita smiles with lust, placing her hands on the other woman's
shoulders before she starts to bounce on the fake dick that's deep in her
snatch, rising up to only half way along it before dropping right down with
force to take every plastic inch inside her, causing her thighs to smack off
the smooth ones belong to her equally beautiful tag team partner.

Focusing on each other for a moment, neither of the Mexican America females
notice that the multi-time former Intercontiental and Tag Team Champion in
the WWE is coming forward again, his hands going onto the juicy ass cheeks of
the lust-fueled grappler as she rides the fake cock being worn by the woman
below her. Tossing her head back and flipping her long hair in the process,
Sarita lets out a loud moan as she now feels a thick dick pushing past her
asshole and into her back passage, causing her to pause and grind her snatch
down against the fake cock inside her other lower hole, and gritting her
teeth as she forces herself to adjust to this new sensation she keeps herself
like this as he starts to pump in and out of her ass, moaning out himself as
he has to handle an even tighter hole of the Knockout.

She's not going to get much rest for long though, as placing her hands up
onto her breasts to squeeze them is her fellow TNA Knockouts Tag Team
Champion who now starts to push her hips upward in order to pump "her" fake
dick straight up into the wet and still tight snatch of her "cousin" who in
response groans and closes her eyes, clearly loving the feeling. Biting down
on her bottom lip, Rosita gazes up with lust as she watches her tag partner
groan and grind herself between the other stunning and attractive wrestlers
involved in this threesome, nothing less than unbelievably turned on by the
show in front of her that she's helping to create by thrusting the thick,
plastic dick she's got strapped on quickly and firmly into the snatch of the
woman on her lap.

The sight of watching two stunning "latinos" passionately engaging in lesbian
sex would be enough to make any man blow their load within a few minutes if
not even sooner, but the Guru of Greatness is showing his superior control
and skill by being able to deeply bang the perfectly well rounded ass of the
woman known in Mexico as the Dark Angel. Despite how tight she is, he's able
to fit inch after thick inch of his manhood deep into her back passage,
moaning out as he works himself out and then swiftly back in through her
asshole with a porn-star worthy performance as he groans and sweats hard, his
muscular chest heaving as he puts a supreme amount of energy into fucking the
fantastic ass of the woman getting fucked in her pussy by another woman at
the same time.

To say it's quite a turnaround from her complaints and resistance earlier on
is a major understatement, as now Sarita is moaning quite whorishly as she
bounces away on the foot-long plastic cock being worn by her own "cousin" who
remains seated beneath her and continues to thrust said fake dick straight
upward into the soaking wet hole of the two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion
while also fondling and toying with her perfectly sized and rounded tits.
Sweat drips of the Winnipeg, Manitoba born wrestler as she pants for breath,
trying to keep up with the combined hard and sudden thrusts in both her ass
and pussy that she's taking, with over two feet of both fake and real cock
sliding in and out of her still tight lower holes that seem built for taking
such a hard, dirty fucking like she currently, and very willingly now, is

While she may be considered a rookie in terms of her time spent so far in
TNA, there doesn't seem to be any hint of her being a novice when it comes to
the way she's pushing the plastic dick of "her" strap-on right up into
dripping pussy of the beautiful female wrestler on top of her as she rides
said pumping fake and thick cock while taking a very real and even longer
shaft balls deep into her ass, the smack of his waist slapping against
Sarita's booty ringing out each time he pushes into her back passage. While
not directly stimulating herself, Rosita's snatch is also soaking wet by this
point, absolutely turned on by watching her "cousin" cry out in pleasure and
bounce in front of her as she takes this double teaming from her own tag
partner and a handsome stud who works for the rival promotion both women
work for.

As gorgeous as she may be to go with her in-ring talents, not even the "Dark
Angel" can withstand this kind of steamy threesome for much longer, and as
she brings herself down to a stop on the fake dick in her snatch in order to
lean forward on top of her "cousin", Sartia begins to cum hard on the strap-
on worn by Rosita while still getting fucked up the ass by John Morrison. A
flood of juices flows out of her pussy and all over the thick, twelve inch
plastic shaft that the other half of the female team of Mexican America
continue to pump up into her, although she's starting to slow down the timing
and ease up on the force behind it as the fellow Knockout experiences every
moment of the clearly very intense pleasure.

Groaning also is the WWE Superstar as while Sarita was riding out her orgasm,
her back passage became even tighter than before as he pounded away at her
juicy and sexy ass, her cheeks jiggling from the impact when his waist
connected with her and he ventured balls deep into her stunning booty.
However, he as well lowered his level of force, gradually slowing down so he
could enjoy a last few moment inside her butt before her pulled his slightly
throbbing cock of her to make them both groan, stepping back to watch as the
two Knockouts rested on each other with the now spent female groaning again
as she almost collapses off of her "cousin" in order to rest back on the

Catching her breath herself, Rosita pulls out of the snatch of her "cousin",
grinning down at the fake cock of the strap on she'd just fucked the other
Knockout with that's dripping with pussy juices. "Looks like someone couldn't
handle this Americano's dick in her ass..." She taunts as she takes off the
strap on from around her.

Pulling out of Sarita's ass with a groan, Morrison smirks as he looks over
the smaller and equally hot female wrestler. "Maybe you'd like to show her
how it's done?" He almost challenges as he sits down onto the couch, next to
the sweating and panting for breath Sarita who's mumbling in Spanish as she
gets her wits about her.

"Baby, you don't know what you're in for..." Rosita boldly states, putting
the strap on down on the couch by her Tag Team title partner as she now moves
to mount the hung and handsome stud.

Turning around so her back can rest against his muscular and glistening with
sweat chest, the younger of the females of Mexican American groans out as she
lowers herself down, gripping his dick so she can guide it right into and
past her asshole, licking her lips with a moan as she takes in the top half
of his mighty shaft before stopping to grind herself down on him. But when he
places his hands on her waist, she's now realizing she doesn't know what
she's in for as he catches her off guard by starting to thrust up into her
tightness, forcing her to keep her legs spread wide as she leans back with
her arms on the couch for support, trying to make herself bounce on his
pistoning shaft.

Opening her eyes to see what's happening beside her, Sarita can't help but
moan as she watches the other Knockout getting it hard and quickly up the ass
just as she did moments before, but without being nailed in her snatch at the
same time. Glancing down, she grins when she sees said strap on that helped
her have a mind-blowing orgasm and she gets an idea as she grabs it by the
base of the fake dick on it, moving up towards the other two grapplers and
using her free hand to grab her "cousin" by the hair, forcing her to turn her
head and when she does she gets the plastic dick from the strap-on plunged
right into her open, moaning mouth. Rosita's eyes widen with a groan as the
thick, fake tool is pushed between her pouty lips but rather than resist she
starts to bob her head, sucking off the sex aid she'd been using on the other
woman moments ago and showing no issue with tasting off the juices of her
"cousin" from that cock.

The former Sarah Stock groans with lust, watching her Mexican America team
mate blowing a long but fake dick with her mouth while taking another longer
and real one deep into her ass, the WWE Superstar underneath her pushing inch
after fat inch of his dick into her back passage to stuff her full just as he
did to the other Knockout moments ago. Keeping one hand up to feed her
"cousin" the shaft of the strap-on, Sarita moves her other hand down and
places it right onto Rosita's dripping wet pussy, immediately starting to rub
with quick back and forth actions to make the receiving female moan out
loudly around the plastic cock she's cleaning up of juices. Showing no shame
as she rocks herself between the dick thrusting in and out of her juicy booty
and the hand now pleasuring her snatch, the former Divina Fly continues to
move her head smoothly along the fake cock that had been completely deep into
the other woman's love tunnel, her lips tightly wrapped around it as she
replaces the pussy juices with her own saliva.

Underneath, the Guru of Greatness is well aware of the lesbian pleasuring
going on above him and it's only making him grin as he keeps a hold of the
Knockout he's banging quickly and hard up the ass, his fat American cock
ploughing deep and deeper still into the back passage of the "Latina", almost
going balls deep into her tightest of holes. He moans out, able to glance to
the side to watch the older female wrestler as she moves the dick of the
strap on back and forth into the other woman's mouth, a sight alone that
would cause many men to just explode there and then but he continues to pump
away into Rosita's thick butt as she leans back against him, no signs of any
pain being felt by either despite her tightness and his vast size as he
pounds up into her ass.

Pulling the strap on away from the stunning female taking it up the ass in a
way that many pornstars would be jealous off, Sarita grins again as she now
pushes a couple of fingers into the snatch of her "cousin", still gripping
the back of the other woman's hair as she drives her digits in and out of the
very wet hole to get them very sticking with the plentiful juices that have
formed down there. Rosita only gets a short moment to moan deeply as she has
to handle this increased pace of the double teaming, before her lustful cries
are muffled when her fellow TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship partner
presses her lips firmly against hers. Opening her mouth with a groan, they
start making out passionately with their tongues wrapping around one another,
exchanging saliva and moans as the kiss quickly deepens between the two TNA

Erotic moans and groans fill the air, along with the sound of smooth tanned
skin smacking off of sweat covered skin as the WWE Superstar pounds his over
foot long cock hard and fast up into Rosita's stunning and juicy ass, his
balls slapping off of her cheeks as he sends every inch of himself straight
up into her still tight back passage. Even though he's feeling his dick
throbbing again, he's not going to ease off the force or speed of his
movements into her, filling her ass up with all of his cock with thrust after
stiff thrust, moaning out with each pump in and out of her that the Shaman of
Sexy is able to dish out despite how hard he's sweating and how much his
chest is heaving for breath from keeping up such intensity in his fucking.

With her eyes closed shut and letting out a deep moan, it's now the turn of
Rosita to cum hard on the thrusting fourteen inch dick of John Morrison
that's being pounded up into her ass, her back passage clamping like a vice
around his member as he slides it in and out of her while she's still getting
her snatch finger fucked by her own "cousin" and tag team partner. Sarita
smirks as her feels even more juices than before start to flow out over her
fingers as she pumps them in and out of the other half of the TNA Knockouts
Tag Team Champions, forcing the younger female to experience every moment of
a hard orgasm as she has to handle not only that but the cock still being
pumped, although now with gradually slowing down and less forceful thrusts
than before, deeply into her juicy backside.

Easing his throbbing cock out of the ass he'd been fucking relentlessly, he's
able to lean back for a moment while Sarita pulls her fingers out of the
other woman's snatch, smirking at how soaked they are as she moves them up to
her own mouth, taking them inside and with a groan starting to suck them
clean off the juices of her "cousin". She doesn't seem to mind the taste
either despite it being that of someone supposed to be a "family member" as
she licks her digits clean with a groan, smirking as she doesn't give her
fellow TNA star a chance to fully recover as she grabs her by the hair,
forcing her down off the couch to get into position on their knees in front
of the WWE hunk.

Knowing he still has a job to do, even if it is taking care of himself the
host of this "documentary" series stands up, gripping his fat dick and he
strokes himself off quickly, aiming his dick down at the two TNA Knockouts
kneeling before him as they look up with grins, eagerly wanting what he's got
for them. The clear target of two beautiful, sweat covered faces of the
female wrestlers is one too good to ignore as they are cheek-to -cheek,
licking their lips as they await a creamy reward from the man who'd pounded
them both to hard sexual highs and is now stroking himself off with no
intention of holding back as he races towards his own pleasure peak.

It doesn't take long for him to reach that, and with a very loud and
pleasure-filled groan John Morrison starts to shoot his load over the faces
of Sarita and Rosita, causing them to gasp and groan themselves as they close
their eyes as they feel his warm, thick jizz landing on their facial
features. Rosita gives an extra target by opening her mouth, getting what
she's looking for as he aims comes of his spunk into it as he switches
between both Knockouts, ensuring that they both take his cum across their
cheeks, forehead, and lips as he pumps his throbbing dick, milking himself
dry and moaning away as he does so.

A last few pumps given, he lets go of his softening cock and looks over his
"work", leaving both TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions with a more than
generous covering on both their faces, looking like a couple of men have
blown their loads onto them rather than just the one. Rosita smirks up at
him, but instead of swallowing down the spunk she'd been given from him she
turns to her fellow Knockout, pulling her in by the hair into a deep kiss,
both of them moaning as she uses her tongue to push some of his cum into the
other female wrestler's mouth, sharing the jizz with a groan as their tongues
dance around each other for a long moment before the "cousins" pull back and
with a gulp drink down his cum with a smile.

"For two women who are supposed to be close "cousins", you seem close for a
very different reason..." John says with a smirk as he wipes sweat away from
his brow. "I guess they do things differently down in Mexico, right?"

"We do things better!" Sarita says as she eyes up his muscular body. "No pair
of Americano bitches could have done that better to you!"

"Yeah, we fucked your brains out and don't you forget it!" Rosita chimes in
with similar spicy attitude.

"My viewers could argue that I did that to you, as well as you fucking each
other..." Morrison cooly replies. "Still, that's not to say that if you think
you can do better than any of my previous guests have done, you're more than
welcome for a "rematch" after we stop filming."

"Bring it on! We can out fuck any man, and out fuck any slut you've had
before!" Rosita quickly answers as she stands up, but seemingly disagreeing
the other Knockout grabs her by the wrist as she stands up as well.

"No way, we've done enough with this filthy American!" Sarita says. "We're

"No we aren't!" The other half of the Knockouts tag champs replies, swatting
the hand of her "cousin" away. "I want that fucking dick back in my ass!"

As the two women start to argue loudly in Spanish with each other, the Shaman
of Sexy takes the opportunity to turn to the camera with a smirk. "Faithful
viewers of the Quest For Greatness, today we have learned that while a couple
of women may say they are Latino, say they are cousins, and hold
championships that are essentially worthless, none of that matters if they
can do a sexual double team on you. They can come from any country and
background for all I care if they're as sexy and sexually talented as we've
just seen, which is the most important thing, right? This has been the Quest
For Greatness, I am your host John Morrison, and this? This has been a much
better use for Sarita and Rosita than putting them alongside those botchers
in Mexican America."

* * *

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