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Featuring: Jessie Belle Smothers (OVW), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 29 - Jessie Belle Smothers
A WWE/indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
walking down a backstage corridor. He's clad in fashionable, expensive
looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within
them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart, and a lavish, open
buttoned shirt that shows off some of his incredibly muscular upper body.

"Welcome MoFos, or at least until I come up with another name for you all, to
another edition of my exceptionally scientific and important documentary
series The Quest For Greatness. Having grown tired of the same old, same old
surroundings of the studio I've taken my Quest not only on the road once
more, but to an old haunt of mine. Namely, Ohio Valley Wrestling, the former
WWE developmental territory where I bided my time carrying a tag team partner
before becoming the Guru of Greatness that you see before you. And I am here
today to meet a female wrestler who's been making waves around here in her
quest for the OVW Women's Championship. Her name is Jessie Belle Smothers."

Coming to a stop in front of a door marked "WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM", Morrison
boldly enters without a knock and we see inside the very woman he was talking
about in the beautiful blond Jessie Belle Smothers who looks up with surprise
at the unexpected visitor. She's clad in attire suited for when she's
wrestling a match - white boots, Daisy Duke jeans shorts that fit nicely to
her cutely rounded ass, and a very tight fitting short top that has the
design of the Confederate flag on the front, which pushes up her breasts to
show off a sexy amount of cleavage.

"Hey there mister, you can't just come barging in here like this!" Jessie
Belle states as she stands up as he approaches her.

"I think I just did..." John coolly replies. "Besides, I'm just here looking
for a little "Southern hospitality" and I heard that you're the kind of girl
to give me just that."

"Hold your horses right there city boy!" Smothers says, a smirk coming across
her thick red lipstick covered lips. "I don't know what kind of rumors you've
heard, but us Smothers girls ain't like no other girl you'll ever meet in
your life. We can get down and dirty, we can have a good time, and we can
wrestle the boots off of anyone who messes with us!"

"Well I've certainly heard that you're the sister of the two who can actually
do all that, without needing a name change to avoid a past association with a
scumbag working in a Taco Bell now..." Morrison says, returning the smirk.
"But I've heard a lot of talk from a lot of people. I'm going to need actions
to prove that you can back up your words and show you can bang with the best
of them..."

"Well... You sure are a handsome one..." She says, biting down on her bottom
lip for a moment as she looks him over. "...Alright then, but don't you go
telling my sister about this, OK?" She says as she takes a seat down on a
bench, so that she's sitting facing the WWE Superstar.

Scooting forward, she smirks up at him as she undoes his belt, sliding his
pants down to the ground and a clear gasp can be heard from her when her eyes
lock onto his hardening and already very long and thick to match cock, no
doubt the biggest she's ever seen and he isn't even fully hard yet. That
won't last for long though as she grips his member by the base, giving it a
couple of firm strokes with her hand as she leans her head in, using her
tongue to slowly lick across the head, working all around it in swirling
motions before patting the very tip and his piss-slit while she strokes the
rest of his length as he hardens in her soft palm.

Licking slowly around the bell end a couple more time, the proudly Southern
female pulls back slightly in order to look over his dick, standing proud at
over a foot in length and that just seems to be just to her liking as she
looks up at the Los Angeles native with a smile while she gives his tool a
couple more strokes all the way up and down. Leaning back towards him, she
opens her mouth to take first the head of him and then a couple of his thick
inches in between her full, bright red lipstick covered lips, letting out a
little groan herself as she moves herself back up until just the crown is
still inside her mouth before she pushes back down, causing him to moan as
she starts to establish the motion.

Keeping a firm grip of his dick as she strokes off the bottom half of him,
her soothing and nicely wet mouth is taking care of the upper portion as she
bobs her head smoothly at a quick and energetic pace, all the while looking
up to keep eye contact with the man she's only just met but is now sucking
the cock off in this women's locker room. Her other hand rests on his thigh
for support as she moves her back back and forth on him, groaning around his
thick meat as she makes it slide in and out past her pouty, full lips as her
long blond hair sways slightly as she gets more and more into the sexual act.

Watching down with a smile, the handsome WWE Superstar moans as he feels her
lovely lips pressing perfectly all around his fat cock, able to tell that
even though she might not be used to a dick of this size, she's no novice
when it comes to using her oral hole to please one as she uses the
combination of sucking and stroking. Already now as she rocks her head up and
down on his shaft, she's getting him covered with a light layer of her saliva
from the smooth and repeated motion, her hand at the bottom of him still
jerking off the rest of him to ensure no part of his dick is left unpleasured
much to his clear approval as he lets out a moan again.

Feeling bold now, perhaps knowing that it might take more than just this to
impress the experienced host of the Quest For Greatness, the OVW starlet
moves her hand down to just hold the base, allowing her to move her head down
further onto his cock to take some more of his fat inches inside, causing
them both to moan at the feeling as her luscious, covered with thick red
lipstick lips grind against his member. She's taking an impressive amount of
his size into her mouth, about ten inches or so, before she has to stop and
close her eyes, gagging as she's not used to such a big piece of man meat but
it doesn't stop her from raising her head back up as she starts sucking him
off again, moving her mouth up to about half way and then right back down to
where she was with a groan all around his pole.

Brushing a strand of her hair away from her gorgeous face, the former Tough
Enough contestant smirks down as he notes her gagging, but is more than happy
to just let her work over his dick at her own pace, not only to turn down a
hot, athletic blond who's got her mouth quickly working over his member with
a bobbing motion. Moving his hands up, he starts to take off his lavish shirt
so that he's naked apart from a pair of boots, his chiseled upper body on
full display and when she glances up to check if he's enjoying what she's
doing, she's the one who lets out a muffled moan as she gazes over his frame,
unintentionally making herself gag on his cock again as she losses
concentration for that moment and ends up pushing down further onto him that
she'd planned.

"Easy there cowgirl..." Morrison says with a smirk as he watches her suck him
off for a few more moments. "Seems like you might not be chicken, but you're
not an expert at that yet..."

With a groan she raises herself up and off from him, taking a second to draw
in a deep breath. "My stars! I ain't never seen a man packing such a darn
long one like this in all my years!" Jessie Belle responds with a laugh.

"I think I can help you get used to me, but first allow the Shaman of Sexy to
show you how a Superstar goes "down South" on someone..." John says as he
steps out of his jeans.

With a smile and a nod, Smothers moves herself around on the bench so her
backside is facing him as he assumes the doggy style position. "You better
treat me nice like you do those city girls mister!" She says as she looks
back at him, another glance over his body as he moves up behind her.

Taking a hold of her Daisy Dukes bottoms, the former OVW star slides the
clothing down the legs of the current roster member, her nicely shaved pussy
and cutely rounded ass on display to him as he moves the bottoms right down
and off her legs. Coming forward again, he lines up the head of his shaft
with her entrance, a slight tease given as he rubs the head of his tool
against her folds, before he properly pushes into her to make them both moan
at the sensation as he feels how tight she is and she's made to experience
his vast size even with only the first few inches of himself placed inside
her snatch.

With it clear that it's not just her mouth that isn't used to handling a big
cock like his, he starts things off with a slow and steady pace, easing his
shaft back before sending himself back into her with a groan, repeating the
motion as he looks to get her used to his invading pole and also work more of
himself into her over time. The sexy and tanned female wrestler watches on
back behind her, moaning as she feels his coated in her saliva member sliding
in and out of her tightness, causing her body to slightly jolt forward when
he uses the firm motion into her, making her bite down on her bottom lip as
she grips onto the bench she's getting nailed on.

Feeling that he's given her enough preparation time, with a smirk he starts
to put force and speed into his actions, the first strong thrust making her
moan loudly with widened eyes as he pumps his cock back and forth into her
snug, dampening pussy as he holds onto her by her toned waist. He groans
himself as he member works in and out of her snatch with perfectly timed and
paced thrusts, a large amount of his size fitting into her despite her
tightness but the Shaman of Sexy won't be satisfied until he's going balls
deep into the stunning female grappler who's groaning away in front of him.

The Bardstown, Kentucky native is similarly getting more and more into this
as she adjusts to the huge shaft pumping her tight pussy as she rocks back
against him, sending her ass back to meet the incoming thrusts she's taking
from the sports entertainer as he starts to hammer into her snatch, nearly
going balls deep into her now. Closing her eyes she moans out, loving the
feeling of being stuffed full with such a long, hard cock from a handsome man
she's only just met yet she's very happy, as can be heard from her lusty
moans pouring from her mouth, to be taken from behind by him inside the
locker room reserved for herself and her fellow OVW female wrestlers.

The focus of said male however is just on fucking the perfectly curved blond
who's on her hands and knees on the bench in front of him as he drives his
dick in and out of her snug snatch, her forming juices now covering his cock
a little as he moans, his hands sliding along her sides as he nails the
half-naked woman with a series of strong and swift thrusts. The former OVW
Southern Tag Team Champion smiles as moans as well, sending another couple of
hard pumps into her before comes to a full stop inside of her, allowing the
unquestionably hotter and more talented half of Smother's Twisted Sisters to
grind herself back against him so she can further enjoy the feel of his vast
and thick cock buried deep inside her tightness.

Pulling out of her snatch with a groan, John takes a moment to slap the head
of his dick against her ass cheek. "So, are you ready to really be treated
like I do my "city girls"?" He asks with a smirk as he steps back slightly.

"You bet I am!" Smothers eagerly says with a smile and a nod as she moves
again to sit on the edge of the bench, placed right in front of him with his
long dick pointing right at her face.

"In that case, let's see if you can handle a face fucking worthy of admission
into the Palace of Wisdom..." Morrison states, reaching forward to take a
handful of her long hair.

Letting out a giggle at his words, she doesn't resist as she pulled towards
his shaft. "Ya'll talk real funny for a handsome guy..." Jessie Belle is able
to say before she's muffled with some very thick man meat.

Moving her hands up onto his thighs, there's no objections from the former
UWA Women's Champion as she's being fed the long and hard cock of the sports
entertainment stud, with inch after thick inch passing between her full and
covered with bright red lipstick lips, not stopping until there's at least
then inches of his shaft stuffed into her still nicely warm and wet mouth.
She groans not at the size she's taking now, but the fact that she's able to
taste her own pussy off of his cock as he tongue in reflex moves up to lick
the underside, making her collect the juices from the former ECW brand
Champion and again, there's no sign that she's disgusted by doing this

Keeping a hold of her long blond hair, he starts to move his hips back and
forth towards her pretty face, sliding his rod between her luscious lips to
make himself moan out at the feeling, using a firm pace for the moment as he
uses the mouth of the gorgeous grappler who's only clad in boots at a tight,
Confederate flag-design top that pushes up her breasts for some sexy
cleavage. He thrusts back and forth into her mouth, making her groan as she
keeps looking straight up at the fan pumping her oral hole as her saliva once
again starts to coat his length as her tongue continues to lick up and around
the dick moving in and out of her mouth.

Without warning though, the Prince of Parkour turns it up a notch with a
harder thrust into her mouth, sending his cock fully into the OVW starlet who
gags and closes her eyes as she feels his balls touching her chin and her
nose pressing against his crotch. He's balls deep into Jessie Belle, making
her take all of his fourteen inch cock and keeping her held down onto him
with the handful of hair, and despite the discomfort she feels from this
sudden deepthroat she doesn't even attempt to pull back and escape this
position, willingly allowing her mouth to be used in such a way for the
rugged and talented man's pleasure as she's kept down onto him for several
long moments, causing her to gag loudly around his meat once again.

Pulling back and completely out of her, it gives the Bardstown, Kentucky
native the chance to gasp and take a deep breath as she looks up at the WWE
Superstar with lust in her eyes, keeping her mouth wide open for him and a
second later he takes that offer, plunging his cock right back into her,
barely giving her time to wrap her pouty lips around his meat before he
starts fucking her mouth once again. She groans out, a hand moving down
between her legs now and going right onto her wet pussy to rub herself,
looking to keep herself more than just aroused while he pumps his shaft
deeply back and forth into her oral hole.

The former Johnny Nitro moans out, taking full advantage of this as he stuffs
her mouth full over and over again, his balls smacking off her chin each time
he sends himself into her soothing mouth, her saliva coating his member and
trickling past her red lipstick covered lips to drip down her chin, neck, and
even down onto her tits as this hard face fucking continues. To her credit,
she's taking this like she's an experienced porn star, still keeping eye
contact to look straight up at him as the OVW wrestler gags and groans around
his manhood, at the same time rubbing her snatch quickly with her hand as she
even gets off on both having her mouth almost abused like this and watching
his expression of pleasure on his handsome face as he enjoys every moment of
being inside her mouth.

With a moan, Morrison pulls his dick out of her mouth, taking a second to
look over the saliva that's dripping off of it while she catches her breath
with deep intakes of air. "I'm thinking that you've been with a couple of
city boys before to handle that..." He states with a smirk.

"No way darling, never!" Smothers answers with a smile as she reaches down,
pulling her top up and over her head to release her tanned and perfectly
rounded breasts. "But I sure wanna be with some more now!"

"Ask, and you shall receive..." John says, helping her off the bench and
walking her over towards the lockers in the room.

"Hope my sister don't find out about this..." Jessie Belle says as she gets
lifted off from the floor, held in the powerful arms of the host of the show
she's on. "She'd kill me!"

Bringing her down, once more the blond finds herself moaning out as her
snatch is filled up with the long and hard cock of the WWE Superstar, easing
her downward until all of his inches are inside her and she's resting down
against his crotch, giving her a brief moment to grind herself against him as
she wraps her legs and arms around him. She's now sandwiched between the
metal locker behind her and the gorgeous wrestler holding her up, her breasts
pressing against his sweat covered and chiseled from stone chest, finding it
hard to move as she's firmly held in place but her moans show she has no
complaints about this situation at all.

Holding her by the toned and tanned waist, her starts to thrust up into her
tight and wet snatch, causing them both to moan out as his thick dick slides
in and out of her box at a quick and steady pace, going balls deep into her
every time he pumps his manhood straight up, watching as her athletic body is
jolting back against his motion making her slide slightly up the locker
behind. A glance down and he smirks, seeing her breasts bouncing from the
motion of her body as they grind against his own chest, the proudly Southern
wrestler looking hotter than ever as she sweats and moans in response to his
strong and sudden pumps into her wet hole.

The arms of the OVW starlet remain held around his neck, and her legs around
his waist as she takes this pounding deep into her snatch as every inch of
his thick dick gets set up into her when he rocks his hips forward towards
her, only drawing back slightly before quickly sending all his fourteen
inches hard into her pussy that's soaking wet yet impressively still tight.
His balls are slapping up against her skin, the sound echoing around the
locker room as this steamy sexual encounter continues, the former OVW star
when the promotion was one of the WWE's developmental territories still using
the swift pace that would have left most men spent a long while ago but he's
still going, moaning as he rams his dick back and forth into her love tunnel.

With the pleasure and lust only increasing with every thrust that she takes,
and considering as she's getting her tight pussy stuffed full with an over
foot long and perfectly thick dick as she's trapped between the man banging
her and the cold locker her back is pressed against, no one would be
surprised if she was turned into a complete sweating and moaning mess by this
point. While she is indeed moaning and groaning away as sweat drips from her
gorgeous body, she's got her wits about her enough to move her hands up to
the back of the sports entertainer's head, drawing him in to a deep kiss as
she presses her full and bright red lipstick covered lips against his.

Smirking for a moment, the multi-time Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion
in the WWE accepts the action, his tongue moving out to wrap around hers as
they make out and continue to fuck in this standing position, his shaft
ploughing in and out of her dripping snatch so that the sound of skin hitting
sweat covered skin rings out along with their muffled moans as they deeply
kiss. Swapping spit and exchanging moans, he continues to send his cock balls
deep up into her pussy that seems made for taking such an intense and fast

Catching her by surprise, the Shaman of Sexy turns himself around, stepping
back so he can now lean back against the metal locker but he keeps the
stunning indy star held onto his cock as his hands move down onto her ass
cheeks and giving them a quick squeeze for good measure. Breaking the lip
lock, she gives him a grin as she tosses her long hair back, gripping his
shoulders as she starts to bounce on his meaty shaft, moaning loudly as she
brings her pussy sharply down onto his tool and then lifts herself back up to
just below halfway, assisted by the man she's now riding as he uses his
strength to raise and lower her down onto him as well.

Closing her eyes it seems like that the woman voted PGWA Woman of the Year
2010 may be regretting her decision to try and take advantage of the freedom
to move around, as he starts to thrust up into her once again, his timing
perfect to slam his shaft right up and deep into her when she drops her
snatch down onto his thick rod. Gasping for air and moaning away, the blond
tries her best to cope with the increase in pace, still bouncing away on the
groaning and sweating WWE Superstar's large pole as he bangs her, similarly
feeling the pressure as his cock is throbbing inside of her tight and wet
hole but he continues to thrust and thrust again into her, his balls smacking
into her when she drops down onto his cock.

While she showed her sexual skill here, there's no shame in admitting defeat
as she has to stop bouncing and just hold onto John Morrison tightly as
Jessie Belle Smothers starts to cum hard on his thrusting cock as he sends it
in and out of her pussy. She tilts her head back with a deep moan, pressing
her body against his as her snatch tightens around his fourteen inch and
nicely thick member and her juices start to flow down all over his shaft and
onto his balls, leaving her panting for breath as he makes her ride out off
the built up pleasure as he keeps on banging her despite the now vice like
grip he feels around him as she orgasms.

The fact that the WWE stud didn't just blow deep inside her when her snatch
clamped around him was something in itself, and to continue pumping away into
the moaning female wrestler was on another level to that but it's left his
cock throbbing wildly and he now has no choice but to pull out of her and set
her quickly down on the ground. Using a hand he pushes her down onto her
knees in front of him, his target now clear as starts to jerk off, moaning
deeply and getting his fingers sticky from her pussy juices that coat his rod
as she looks over the OVW starlet he'd just fucked to a mind blowing sexual

With her chest heaving for breath as she's still trying to recover from
cumming herself, it's perhaps just as well that her eyes are still closed as
he let out a long and deep groan, a second later the first thick stream of
spunk shooting out of John Morrison's cock and onto the beautiful face of
Jessie Belle Smothers who starts to smile as she feels his warm jizz landing
across her facial features. Staying still, she takes all of his load over her
cheeks, nose, forehead, and across her luscious, covered with thick red
lipstick lips, listening to his groans as he cums and strokes out all of his
load, leaving the indiependent scene worker with a more than generous facial.
Jerking out the final drops of jizz and flicking them down onto her face, the
sports entertainer takes a step back and smirks as he looks down at what he's
given her, and she in turn opens her eyes and lets out a laugh, knowing that
she's taken such a covering that anyone just walking in would think she'd
been fucked by a group of men rather than just the one hung and handsome

"Oh my stars!" Jessie Belle says with a smile as his cum is plastered all
over her face. "Darn, do all you city boys treat a good old country girl like
me as good as that?"

"Some have tried to duplicate, including a former tag team partner of mine,
but I have yet to be fully imitated." Morrison states. "Although I'd say I'm
more of a... "Palace" man than a city boy..."

"Darling, you can be from out a cave in the woods and I'd be happy if you can
give me a ride like that!" Smothers says. "But I think I'd better go and get
myself washed up now before my sister storms in and sees me like this... And
unless you feel like being a stranger now, you're more than welcome to come
and scrub my back if you want to..."

"I think it would be rude to turn down such hospitality..." John says,
turning to look to the camera. "Faithful viewers of the Quest For Greatness,
today what we have learned is that if you want to have a good time "down
South" or at an old stomping ground, a good country girl with a banging body
is the best way to go. Just as long as you can make sure her fugly "sister"
is nowhere near either of you. This has been the Quest For Greatness, I am
your host John Morrison, and this? This is a perfectly acceptable use of
_ _ _

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