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Featuring: Stephanie McMahon (WWE), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 30: Stephanie McMahon
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and it's a much different start as rather than seeing
the usual host of the Quest For Greatness and his studio set, we're instead
in a lavish office, seeing a expensive office desk and sat behind it is the
beautiful Executive Vice-President for Creative Development Operations of the
WWE, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque as she sits with a smirk on her face looking
to the camera. She's dressed smartly in a suit jacket with a straining, tight
fitting black blouse underneath that shows off her large breasts nicely, and
a matching short skirt that hugs perfectly to her juicy ass.

"Expecting someone else?" The brunette says as she sits back slightly,
brushing her long brunette hair back. "Well I'm afraid that today there's
been a slight change of plan for your usual episode of the Quest For
Greatness, as I've taken "control" of it. Now, I am fully aware of its
popularity online, and I've watched the episodes myself and more than just
once, and despite repeated complaints from a certain self-proclaimed "must
see" Superstar, I have no plans on cancelling this online series just yet. I
am however, wanting to ensure that it's host is, shall we say, dedicated to
this company considering a recent release of a Diva from the WWE..." She's
about to continue speaking when a knock on the door draws her attention,
making her grin as she looks up. "Looks like he's here right now... Come in!"

The camera moves back and looks over to the door as entering the office is
indeed the Shaman of Sexy himself, WWE Superstar John Morrison who's dressed
ready to compete for a match as he's clad in tight fitting and lavish ring
pants which nicely show off his package, and an open ring jacket complete
with fake fur and studs which shows off his superb and muscular upper body.
Taking off his sunglasses, Morrison raises an eyebrow, recognizing his own
film crew for his "documentary" series and immediately getting suspicious as
he closes the door behind him.

"Ah yes John, glad you could make it..." McMahon says as she stands up,
moving around the desk. "You're probably wondering why I called you here, and
why your Quest For Greatness camera crew is currently here as well?"

John nods, glancing between the camera and her. "It's a surprise to say the
least..." He says.

She smirks as she leans back slightly, resting her ass against the desk.
"Well John, it's really quite simple. As you know, the WWE recently made the
decision to release from contract your long time girlfriend Melina.
Personally? I think I speak for many in the company that I think it's a good
thing for business for her and her rather... Arrogant to say the least
personally to be removed from the locker room. However, it's also good for
business to make sure that you, a valuable and talented WWE Superstar,
remains on board with us. You're a team player after all, aren't you John?"

Remaining professional, Morrison nods his head even though there's signs that
this is a sensitive issue to him. "I'm happy to keep being a part of this
company. I'm not going to pull a Bobby Lashley and leave because my
girlfriend got fired."

Stephanie smirks again, moving back again and this time to hop up onto her
desk to sit on the edge, crossing a smooth leg over the other. "Just what I
expected to hear... However, I'm afraid I'm going to need just a little extra
convincing from you John, and for that? That is why I have your camera crew
here because you're going to go your next Quest For Greatness episode right
here and now, and your guest star? Well, take a good look and see if you can
figure it out..." She says as she spreads her legs apart, revealing that
she's not wearing any underwear as her neatly shaven pussy becomes exposed,
making the Superstar start to smile as he figures out what's going on here.
"I just need some reassurance that you're a real team player, and I think
that a little personal meeting with your boss will be convincing enough for
me. So forget about that fat assed girlfriend of yours that's been
deservingly fired, and show me what you can do with that tongue of yours!"
McMahon basically orders as she eyes the studly Superstar up.

With a smirk, the WWE's Executive Vice-President for Creative Development
Operations watches as one of her employees takes off his lavish ring jacket,
showing off his chiselled from stone upper body before he sinks down to his
knees in between her spread legs, placing his hands on her juicy thighs as he
looks over her snatch with a similar smile on his face as he leans his head
down towards her folds. Obeying her orders he's starting things off with a
couple of quick kisses around the entrance, brief licks to her tongue given
as well as he works his way right around her, almost teasing as he doesn't
yet touch her pussy but this only makes her raise an eyebrow at the Raw

A moment later though and she's moaning softly with a smile as she feels the
tongue of the Shaman of Sexy moving across her pussy, a slow sliding motion
from the top down to the bottom before he starts to move around the outer
edges of her snatch in a steady, clockwise motion that's far more to her
approval as she looks right down at the handsome wrestler starting to eat her
out. She moves a hand down onto the top of his head followed by her lifting
her smooth legs up to place them over his boulder-like shoulders, serving as
a further reminder of the control she has over him which alone is enough of a
turn on for her as she moans again at his work on her snatch.

His hands slide up and down her thighs as he works his tongue all around her
outer folds, looking to make sure she's more than just warmed up as he
continues to use his focused and clearly experienced movements around her
pussy, finding himself groaning into her as he feels his dick hardening in
his pants from giving the gorgeous and powerful McMahon family member this
sexual act. Showing that he's clearly done this to women many a time before
he moves his face up slightly, swatting his tongue against her clit before
swirling around it to make her noticeably moan out as she takes a hold of his
hair, aggressively forcing his face right against her pussy as she slightly
licks her lips.

Wisely, the multi-time Intercontiental and Tag Team Champion in the WWE
doesn't protest to this, instead pushing his tongue properly into the love
tunnel of the mother of three, and he can't help but smirk into her as he can
taste and feel how wet she is already as he moves his tongue in and around
her snatch, probing to find the spots where she's most sensitive. From the
groans she's letting out as she leans back that could possibly be anywhere
that his hungry tongue moves to inside her, a wide grin on her face as she
starts to slide off her jacket, looking down between her tanned legs to see
the Superstar's face pressed right into her pussy as he has his eyes closed.

Lifting his head away from her, he spits right down onto her snatch to make
her groan before his tongue goes right back onto her, pushing his own saliva
into her folds and then lapping it up along with her forming juices as his
tongue makes a darting motion, quickly travelling in and out as he moves his
hands back and forth along her thick thighs. It seems the wife of Triple H
hadn't been expecting to receive this kind of superb treatment in such a
short space of time as she grits her teeth, pulling again at his long hair as
her hips in reflex move up towards his handsome face to grind her pussy
against his mouth and tongue as he continues to dine on her tasty snatch.

"Mmmm... Ok John, I think that's enough..." Stephanie says as she uses the
grip on his hair to pull his head away from her snatch. "It's good to see you
can use your mouth for something other than spouting lines about palaces and
gurus..." She adds with a smirk, letting go of him.

"I'll take that as a compliment..." Morrison says as he stands up, his hands
moving down to undo his pants.

She raises an eyebrow as she moves onto her side to lay on the desk, raising
a leg up to show off her snatch. "How about you let me take that dick of
yours instead..." McMahon starts to say, pausing as she locks eyes on his
rock hard and very long cock when he drops his pants to the ground, the sight
making her grin. "But I'm not going to be as easy as those indy scene
nobodies you've banged..."

"Really?" John smirks as he steps close to her, pushing up her skirt for a
clearer view. "Sounds like a challenge to me... But what the boss wants,
she's going to get..."

Pushing his cock into her already quite wet snatch, both WWE stars moan out
as she's impressively able to take a number of his thick inches into her with
just the one motion as he feels her nicely snug pussy all around his cock,
pausing to let them both enjoy the sensation of the penetration as the both
smirk at each other. Taking a hold of her extended leg, he starts to rock his
hips towards and then away from her, sliding his shaft into her pussy with a
smooth and firm motion as she lays on her side on her own office desk,
brushing her long brunette hair back over her shoulder as she deeply receives
his massive tool in and out of her love tunnel.

The former WWF Women's Champion lets out a groan as he gaze goes down to
between her legs to watch his thick, over foot long cock pump into her pussy,
a perfect fit into her already and it doesn't appear that she has a problem
with taking even more of his inches inside her as he body lightly rocks along
the top of the desk she's on in response to his thrusts. A hand moves up to
her straining blouse, giving her large breasts a squeeze through the material
as they shaking slightly in response to the jolts her stunning MILF body is
doing as she takes a cock from a man that's not her own husband, a fact that
doesn't seem to bother her one bit as her fingers brush over her erect
nipples that poke through her clothing as she gets banged by one of her

Likewise, there doesn't seem to be an issue from the Guru of Greatness as he
works his big dick in and out of the woman who's just informed him that his
girlfriend has been fired from the company, especially not as its lead him to
be pumping back and forth into a wet pussy to make him lustfully moan out as
he watches her curvaceous body rock in response to his movements. Knowing
that he still has to "convince" the Executive Vice-President for Creative
Development Operations, he starts to increase the force he's putting behind
his thrusts as well as quickening them, moaning louder himself as he keeps
her leg held close and continues to stuff his now nicely covered with juices
dick in and out of her love tunnel.

Tilting her head back, said powerful and beautiful female lets out a deeper
moan as she feels more of his thick inches sliding into her snatch, putting
an unashamed smile onto the face of the Hartford, Connecticut born woman as
she moves a hand up and down the arm that's keeping her leg held up. Her eyes
drift over his muscular and desirable body as she licks her lips with a grin,
loving how his muscles are flexing with each movement towards and away from
her as the Los Angles born hunk stuffs her pussy full with his man meat as
she takes full advantage of this situation she's created, having essentially
forced one of the men whose career she controls to fuck her in order to prove
how much he wants to be a part of sports entertainment.

Then again, forced would indicate that there was some reluctance on the part
of the former Johnny Nitro in going along with this, but from the way he's
moaning as he thrusts his dick again and again into the daughter of Mr.
McMahon and the wife of the "COO" Triple H, it doesn't seem to be much if any
hesitation to nail the gorgeous MILF in her own office. He drives his shaft
in and out of her pussy, almost all of his inches going into her damp and
nicely snug snatch as his gaze his focused right down at his own crotch to
watch his still pole as he slides it into her at a quick and stiff pace to
cause her to groan out as well to show his efforts to "prove himself" to her
are not going unnoticed or unappreciated.

"Ok John, pull out of me..." McMahon-Levesque says with a groan as she taps
him on the arm with a smile. "That's pretty good for a start... But let's see
if you can handle a real woman when she's in full control..."

"You mean you haven't been in control from the start of this?" Morrison
coolly responds as he withdraws his cock from her snatch with a groan.
She smirks in response, sliding herself back to stand up from the desk as she
pushes her skirt down her smooth legs. "Good answer..." Stephanie says,
motioning for him to step around her desk. "Now take a seat and I'll show you
why I'm still one of the most dominate Divas in the WWE."

"No problem boss..." John says as he comes around, sitting down in her own
luxury leather chair with a smirk as he watches her start to pull her
unbutton her blouse top.

Slipping the garment off her arms, the talented Superstar takes a long look
over her large breasts that sexily shake as she steps forward with a grin,
climbing up onto his lap and placing her hands on his shoulders as he helps
her out by holding his dick straight up in order to guide it into her wet
pussy as she all too eagerly lowers herself right down onto his shaft with a
moan. Licking his lips he moves his hands onto her tanned waist as they lock
eyes as she starts to bounce herself up and down onto him, smoothly working
her snatch up and down on his tool and causing them to both moan at the
feeling as she doesn't waste time in getting right into this new position.

Tossing her hair back, the former General Raw of both the Smackdown brand and
Raw closes her eyes as she feels his fat cock filling her up as she moves
herself up and down on him with speed, the sound of skin hitting skin ringing
out when she drops down onto his stiff pole as her ass checks smack off his
strong thighs. She groans, leaning forward so she can work her snatch up and
down on him even more as it's obvious she wants her own employee balls deep
into her box, moving herself up to just about half way up his fourteen inches
before sharply going straight down towards the base as her juicy ass sticks
out and her large titties hang down right in front of his face.

There's a big grin stuck firmly on the face of the former champion of the ECW
brand and not because of the sight of her bouncing breasts as her body rocks
away on his cock, although that alone would be enough to get most red blooded
men off and blowing their loads within a minute. He's loving the feeling of
tightness around his cock as the Executive Vice-President for Creative
Development Operations rides his massive manhood like her life was depending
on it as she moans away and starts to sweat from the effort she's putting
into giving him and his dick the treatment he deserves, and leaving his
member coated in her pussy juices in the process.

Her booty continues to slap down against his legs when she drops down onto
his dick, the added smack of her skin colliding with his heavy balls also
heard as she almost too easily takes every inch of him inside her soaking wet
but nicely tight snatch, showing that despite being a mother of three she can
still use her body to fuck when she wants to. From how smoothly and quickly
she's bouncing away on his tool it seems that she's not been exactly inactive
in some sexual activity, groaning as she deeply takes the dick of one of the
Superstars she's the boss of as he also has sweat forming over his stunning
frame as he sits back in her own office chair and takes it as she has her
sinful way with his one of a kind cock.

Opening her eyes, she grins down at him again, placing her hands on his face
to bring his gaze away from her tits before she brings herself down to a stop
onto his cock, allowing her to grind down against his cock and hold him balls
deep inside her wet snatch much their combined approval as they both groan
out in pleasure from it. She surprises him as she leans in, forcefully
pressing her lips against him and then moaning with delight as he doesn't
hesitate to deepen the kiss as their tongues are able to wrap around each
other, lustfully swapping spit and exchanging moans as they make out while
she rocks her hips back and forth to enjoy his dick filling up her snatch to
the maximum a little more and the man underneath her certainly doesn't mind
this one single bit.

Pulling her head back, Stephanie gives him an approving grin as a trail of
saliva hangs from the tips of their tongues for a moment before she breaks it
off with her finger. "I can see why you have so many women wanting to be on
your show John..." She says as she climbs off from him to stand up. "A great
fuck and a great kisser as well... Not the best I know though..." She adds
with a smirk as she turns around to place her hands on her own desk.

"I don't think I need to guess who you're talking about..." Morrison says as
he stands up and approaches her from behind.

She looks back behind him with another seductive grin as she leans forward in
order to bend over the desk, sticking out her incredibly thick and sexy ass
to him. "Oh really?" McMahon teases as she eyes him up. "Then I think you
don't need to guess what I want from you know, do you?"

"Absolutely not boss..." John states with a smirk as he places his hands on
her butt cheeks in order to spread them apart.

The Executive Vice-President for Creative Development Operations of the WWE
now looks far from the strong and professional woman she's known to be as she
lets out a loud, almost slutty moan as she feels the long and covered with
her own pussy juices cock start to push deeply into her tight asshole, the
friction he feels making him groan out as well as his fingers dig into the
more than ample flesh of her butt cheeks as he keeps them spread. He sinks in
impressively deep into her with the initial motion, a sign perhaps that she
isn't a stranger to taking it up the ass even by a massive cock like his, but
certainly her unashamedly loud moans show that she's loving the feeling as
she looks back and right down at his crotch with an open mouth.

Easing his dick back but not enough so that he fully pulls out of her, the
Prince of Parkour starts to pump his manhood in and out of her thick booty, a
steady series of thrusts used as he doesn't give her much time to adjust to
his massive size, instead getting right into the task of nailing her up the
ass as his uses a pace with quick movements and the right amount of force
that causes the beautiful Billion Dollar Princess to jolt forward against her
own office desk when he drives into her ass. She's gripping the edge in front
of her with both hands, her breasts pressing against the smooth surface and
grinding against the top as her body rocks in response to the pumps she's
taking as sweat drips off her stunning face, having perhaps underestimated
what he'd be able to give her but loving the feeling of getting hammered in
her tight and juicy ass by a stud she's the boss off as she stands behind her
and rams his dick in and out of her.

At this moment though, it's more accurate to say that said Superstar is the
one in control of this situation as he thrusts away into her tight back
passage, working more and more of his thick inches into her booty with very
deep and forceful pump that causes himself to moan out as sweat coats his
already desirable and attractive body. He lifts a hand up slightly in order
to deliver a sharp spank down onto her ass, causing the cheek to erotically
jiggle and her to groan out in enjoyment of the blow, which in turn makes him
smirk as he uses the other hand to spank the other one, all the while
continuing to pound his long dick in and out of her butt as she remains bent
over her desk clad in only a pair of high heeled shoes.

Closing her eyes with a big smile on her face, it seems the former Women's
Champion is enjoying this perhaps more than she intended to as she moves a
hand under her jolting body to place it between her legs, pushing a couple of
digits straight into her dripping wet snatch and instantly moaning out deeply
at the feeling. She's now finger fucking herself at the same as taking it
hard and deep in the ass from a handsome and hung sports entertainer from
behind, her fingers soon sticky with her juices as she quickly works them in
and out of herself, her hips pushing back in reflex against the thrusts she's
taking as she gets wild and loses control, focusing on just getting as much
pleasure as possible out of this rather than maintaining the act that this is
supposed to be proving how much the Superstar wants to still be a part of
this company.

Instead, he's proving that while he might be an expert in "hardcore"
training, he knows a whole lot about the other kind of hardcore as well as he
stuffs his dick in and out of the tight and sexily thick ass of the daughter
of the owner of the WWE who's bent over him and moaning away like a dirty
whore as he pounds her butt with thrust after hard thrust that would leave a
normal woman unconscious after just a few minutes of this near abuse to their
back passage. She's able to take it though, so he keeps stuffing her ass
full with every inch of his shaft, his muscular waist smacking into her
cheeks and his ball sack slapping into her tanned and sweat covered skin when
he drives forward into her, his hands still firmly gripping her butt cheeks
to keep them spread, allowing him to stare down at his stiff pole as he works
it back and forth into her.

The repeated thrusts deep into her tight asshole, along her own fingers
driving deep into her snatch and the fact that she basically offered up her
thick booty up to him so he could pound her ass like this is a professional
porn shoot is all becoming too much for the WWE's stunning Executive
Vice-President for Creative Development Operations as she closes her eyes
tightly shut. Letting out a deep groan and tossing her hair back, Stephanie
McMahon starts to cum hard on her own fingers as she pushes them in and out
of her snatch as John Morrison pumps his fourteen inch cock balls deep in and
out of her ass, keeping himself moaning as her juices pour out over her own
hand and wrist as she makes herself ride out the waves of pleasure from
getting butt fucked by a man that's not her husband.

The beautiful WWE executive groans away as the MILF eases her fingers back
and forth, gradually coming back down to Earth after an intense orgasm and at
the same time the Superstar who'd just brought her to that is easing up on
his pumping motion, having nearly exploded inside her himself after feeling
her back passage clamp around his thickness when she came. He kept his
control though, enjoying her magnificent ass for a few moments longer before
he pulled his starting to throb cock out of her booty with a groan before he
stepped back in order to each down and flip her sweat coated and curvaceous
body over so she's laying on her back on her own office desk.

Clearly worn out from the fucking, the gorgeous mother of three offers no
resistance as he climbs up on top of her desk in order to mount her chest,
placing his cock in between her huge breasts and using his hands to push her
mounds firmly against his member, causing it to vanish in between them and
make himself moan as feels the vast, soft flesh all around his dick. Staring
right down at her tits he starts to slide his cock in between her boobs,
moaning again as he gets himself off with her chest of his boss, giving those
titties a squeeze as he holds them against his stiff rod that's just come
straight from her asshole and is now pumping between her breasts.

Still laying back, she groans at the feeling, knowing what's happening to her
even as she has her eyes still closed but the smirk on her face shows that
she doesn't mind this, listening to his deep moans as she feels his member
moving in between her mounds as he grips them, showing that he knows how to
get the most out of a pair of incredible tits like the kind she has, as
enhanced as they may be. She can't help but lick her lips as he body slightly
rocks on the desk as he fucks her breasts, the head of his long shaft popping
up out of her cleavage when he pushes forward before disappearing back
between them when he pulls back with a lusty groan.

His dick had already been throbbing when he'd finished pounding her ass, and
now sandwiched between her big boobies it's only become wilder as he gives
her tits a couple final thrusts before he has to pull out and grip his shaft,
rapidly jerking himself off and aiming right down at her mounds as she
finally is able to lift her head up in order to open her eyes to watch what's
going on, and she widely grins at the sight of the hunk gripping his fat
dick. One long groan later, and John Morrison is shooting his load right
across the chest of Stephanie McMahon-Levesque, his thick jizz splashing down
onto her breasts and down between them into her cleavage as he pumps his dick
with lusty moans, causing her to smirk as she seems how much spunk he has for
her as it all lands across her big boobs.

His cum has covered both of her breasts, splashed into her cleavage, and
landed around and over her erect nipples, the entire covering making it look
like more than just one man has finished off on her, but it was only the one
Shaman of Sexy who gives his now softening cock one last stroke before he
lets go it, moving back to climb off of her and the desk completely. This
allows the Executive Vice-President for Creative Development Operations of
the WWE to sit up, holding her own tits up so she can smirk at the sight with
and approving nod as she lets out a very satisfied sigh.

"John Morrison, I can safely say that you've proven that you're quite the
team player..." Stephanie says as she swings her legs around to sit on the
edge of her office desk that she'd just been fucked on. "You can continue
doing your webshow as well, even with outside of the WWE talent."

"Good to see that my skills are appreciated..." John says with a smile as she
starts to get dressed again, putting on his ring pants. "And I can assure you
that my Quest For Greatness will strive onward as it always has."

"I'm sure you will..." McMahon says as she moves a hand down to collect some
of his spunk from her breasts onto her fingers. "Just be sure to send my
office an advanced copy of all future episodes. So I can check for
appropriate content, of course." She says with a seductive smirk. "See
yourself out John, and I'll finish up here.

Not intending to argue, Morrison gives her a nod as he picks up his lavish
ring jacket and leaves, looking like nothing had gone on apart from now he's
covered in sweat. As the door closes behind him, she smirks as she brings the
fingers to her lips, cleaning them off with her tongue and noticeably moaning
at the taste. "Mmmm... Doesn't taste too bad either... I think I'm going to
have to "evaluate" him more often now..." She says before she turns to the
camera. "Well viewers of John Morrison's Quest For Greatness, I think today
you've all learned that when it comes to being the most dominate in sports
entertainment, you don't fuck with a McMahon unless you can handle fucking a
McMahon. That's why he's still here, and his botching every couple of moves,
fat assed, and only famous for doing the splits girlfriend is out of here
trying to get indy shows to pay an overpriced fee for her to show up. So
enjoy being on the "Z-List" where you belong Melina, and we'll all be
enjoying you boyfriend a whole lot more if this is anything to go by. I am
Stephanie McMahon, and this? This... This I could get very, very used to
doing..." She finishes off with another smirk, scooping up some more cum off
her tits in order to lick it off her fingers as the video fades to black.
_ _ _

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