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Featuring: Kana (Japan - SMASH, Pro Wrestling WAVE), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 31: Kana
A WWE/indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
walking towards the camera in what looks to be a backstage corridor in a
building. He's clad in fashionable, expensive looking and tight pants which
do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within them, not exactly hidden as he
sits with legs apart, and a matching open buttoned shirt which shows off some
of his incredibly muscular upper body. He comes to a stop in front of the
camera as he smirks.

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. Now that I have
successfully "convinced" the management of the WWE of my dedication, I can
focus myself back on searching the world for the finest female talent around.
That brings me here to Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun and to meet a top
female joshi star who has been making waves here against both women and men.
Naturally, I'm here to see if she is all hype or not before she makes a
venture across to the United States. Her name is Kana."

Pushing open a door to the side, he walks into a locker room and inside is
indeed the woman he was talking about in Japanese female wrestler of
promotions such as SMASH and Pro Wrestling WAVE - Kana who finishes off a
stretch to eye him up with a smirk. She's clad in tight fitting ring attire
of a red with purple trim top that hugs to her nicely rounded and sized
breasts, and red, gold, and purple shots which fit perfectly to her thick and
juicy ass. The short haired Osaka-born woman folds her arms over her chest as
she walks over towards him, glancing at the camera before eyeing him up

"So John Morrison, you came to challenge a real woman today?" Kana questions
with a smirk.

"You may have wrestled some men before, but I'm more interested in a
different kind of physical activity..." John states as he all to causally
starts to slide his shirt off from him to fully reveal his stunning upper

"I'm not like any woman you've been with..." She's still smirking as she
steps forward close to him. "You're not going to get anything easily from me.
But fuck, we will." She adds with noticeable defiance in her voice as she
looks over him again with an approving nod.

"In that case, challenge accepted..." Morrison responds, smirking himself now
as he takes a moment to look over her perfectly curved frame before he places
his hands onto her shoulders.

Showing that she's not going to be easily pushed around here, the sports
entertainer has to put some strength into pushing the still smirking joshi
star down to her knees in front of him as she folds her arms over her nicely
rounded chest, briefly glancing at the hardening bulge in his pants before
back up to him in defiance. Unfazed, he now reaches down to undo his belt,
letting his pants drop to the ground to reveal his semi-erect cock and now
it's his time to smirk as the eyes of the female wrestler widen in surprise
at the sight of his already quite long and thick to match dick as she seems
to be gazing approvingly over his meat.

Reaching down he takes a hold of her short and stylish hair with one hand in
order to bring her head closer towards him while his other hand starts to
stroke himself off as he runs the head of his cock across her lips but again
showing that she won't give in easily to him she turns her face away so his
dick slides across her cheek. Pulling her back around he tightens the grip on
her hair, pulling it back just enough to force her to open her mouth as she
goes to say something, cut off instantly when he takes the chance to push his
dick into her oral hole to make them both groan as she glares up at the man
sliding his thick inches into her mouth.

Both hands now go onto the head of the Japanese star, keeping her head in
place as he starts to pull his American cock back and forth into her mouth,
his manhood soon fully hard thanks to the sensations of wetness and warmth he
feels around him as he rocks his hips back and forth towards the gorgeous
woman who continues to show resistance by not actively sucking him off and
keeping her arms crossed. Although she seems not to be protesting to this too
much as he can hear slight moans coming from her as he feeds her some more of
his fat inches, well over half of his length easily held inside her mouth and
while she isn't moving her head along him, making him do the work, she isn't
trying to pull away either.

In any case, the multi-time WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion is
moaning out clearly, her oral hole more than enough to pleasure him as he
feels her firm lips grinding against his meat as it slides in and out of her,
already nicely covered with her saliva as she has her eyes still locked on
his, the bitchy and angry expression on her face making the feeling even
better and hotter as he pushes forward some more into her. His hands grip her
hair a little more, forcing her face to loom down deeper onto his shaft and
then smoothly back up to the base as he fucks her mouth to make her groan
around him, using her mouth for his own pleasure and he smirks again as it
seems from the hard nipples poking through her perfectly fitting top that
he's not the only one getting off on this.

The beautiful Osaka-born wrestler groans again and more clearly this time as
her face is brought straight down to meet the base of his tool when he sends
it forward towards her face, her nose touching his crotch and his balls
smacking lightly into her chin as she's made to deep throat all of his over
foot long cock which in turn causes him to moan the loudest he has so far.
Impressively she doesn't gag at all from this, her eyes narrowing slightly as
he continues to pump deeply into her, saliva trickling past her lips as it
coats his length, the result of the repeated motion of thrusting in and out
of her oral hole as he makes her bob her head along almost his whole size.

A few more pumps into her are given before he pulls out of her mouth,
groaning as she takes a deep breath. "Not too bad there..." Morrison says as
he takes a step back from her. "Although many others have taken it all like
that before..."

"I am not like any others..." Kana says with a smirk as she stands up,
placing her hands on her ring bottoms as she starts to push them down. "Time
to advance to the next stage..."

"I don't think I could refuse..." John says, licking his lips slightly as her
neatly shaven pussy is revealed to him as she steps out of her bottoms.

"A most wise decision..." She grins as she surprises him with a rush and jump
up into him, forcing him to capture her in his strong arms.

Now it's the Japanese wrestler who's taking a hold of his hair with her
hands, tugging on it in a commanding fashion as she wraps her legs around his
waist, giving him just enough time to respond in reflex as he lines up his
cock with her snatch and pushes it up into her, getting a clear moan from her
as she feels herself getting filled up with a long and hard American cock. A
brief glance down between her legs makes her nod her head in approval before
she looks back to him, still with that confident smirk on her face as she
starts to rock her athletic body up and down on him, easing her pussy upward
to just have the tip in before dropping down to halfway along him.

Gripping her juicy ass cheeks for support, the Guru of Greatness opts to
allow the SMASH star to go at her pace for the moment as she bounces on his
thick dick, making her moan as the covered with her own saliva shaft is
forcing her tightness to accept his size, no doubt the largest cock she's
ever experienced but it's clear that she's ready for the challenge of
handling him. Moaning again, she grits her teeth as she moves herself up and
down in an impressively smooth and firm way, gradually taking more of him
inside her tightness as her top-covered chest pressed against his muscular
upper body, causing her breasts to grind against him as she continues to rock
on his big cock.

Feeling his hands give her booty a squeeze as she rides away on him causes
her to narrow her eyes at him, almost all of his length now being worked back
and forth into her love tunnel as she moves herself up to about half way on
him in order to sharply go right down onto him to cause them both to moan out
in lust as she keeps a tight grip on his hair. This allows the former NEO
Japan Ladies Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion to pull his handsome face
towards her, faking him out for a kiss as first she surprises him by spitting
right into his mouth, the next moment pressing her lips against his and
forcefully pushing her tongue forward, making him share her own saliva as the
start to make out with deep groans.

Unable to resist getting more involved with this, the Los Angles, California
native starts to thrust his cock up into her snatch as she rides him, timing
it just right so that he drives his shaft up into the Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
born stunner, and the feeling of his thickness completely stuffing her tight
snatch full makes them moan louder into each other's mouths. His hands grope
across her ass and now her hands are running through his hair as she takes
all of his fourteen inches deep into her pussy as she continues to ride the
thrusting member that's now coated in her juices, only adding to the
sensations as the smack of skin hitting skin rings out when he pumps upward
and she drops down onto him.

Pulling her head back with a groan, she leans her perfectly curved body back
as far as she can, keeping her hands on the back of the sports entertainment
stud's head so she can grind her tight pussy against him as he bangs her and
holds her by her thick backside which is sexily jiggling in his hands in
response to his strong and deep thrusts. His long cock is going balls deep up
into her every time he pumps up into her snatch, her hole still as snug as
ever even after taking this series of firm and steady movements as he cock
smoothly slides back and forth into her to make them both moan as the
gorgeous Asian stunner rocks her hips back and forth while the American hunk
bangs her snatch a couple more times for good measure before lifting his
hands away from her butt.

The joshi starlet smirks again as she unwraps her legs and gets off of him to
stand on the floor. "Well handled Morrison..." She says, looking down at his
rock hard dick that's coated in her juices. "But this is far from over
now..." She adds before moving her hands onto her top in order to lift it up
and off from her body.

"In that case, how about taking a ride on the Monday Night Delight?" John
offers with a similar smirk as he looks over her nicely rounded and perfectly
sized breasts.

"That sounds... Most acceptable..." Kana responds as she watches him get down
onto the floor before she walks over to get into position on top of him,
turning around with her back to him as she does so.

Holding his thick rod up by the base, he watches her squat down over his cock
with her hands on her knees, once again sinking her wet and tight pussy down
onto his cock and moaning as once again his inches invade her hole and she
doesn't stop moving herself until her skin touches his as she looks back over
her shoulder to check for herself. Placing her hands on her knees for support
as she keeps the squatting position held, she begins to ride his length with
her snatch, moving herself up to half way before dropping sharply down with a
groan, wasting no time in not only taking him balls deep, but also in getting
into a strong and steady pace.

Moving his hands up, the WWE Superstar takes a firm hold of her juicy ass
cheeks, able to dig his fingers slightly into the ample flesh even when they
shake when she slides downward on his dick and her booty connects with his
skin to make an erotic slapping sound ring out inside the locker room. He's
moaning as well, loving just as any other red blooded male would the feeling
of her tight and damp Japanese pussy all around his fat American cock as she
bounces herself up and down on him despite being in a position that many
women would struggle to maintain for a minute, let alone at the pace and with
the skill she currently is.

Leaning herself forward slightly, the winner of the 2011 Catch the WAVE
League of Pro Wrestling WAVE is pushing her sexy ass out towards the hunk
she's now very willingly and lustfully riding, responding to his groping
touch on her butt as she begins to quicken the pace of her movements up and
down on his massive pole. Her breasts are starting to bounce in time with the
rest of her, sweat beginning to form all over her athletic and perfectly
curved frame as she takes the over foot long cock of the man laying
underneath her complete into her pussy when she drops down, only to quickly
lift herself back up to around the half-way point on him and then quickly
repeating the motion with such skill that she looks more like a professional
pornstar than a wrestler.

While he would be more than happy to just let her do all the work, and
considering that the former Johnny Nitro is also sweating now all over his
chiselled out of stone body it's obvious that the pleasure he's getting from
the swift and smooth movements of her snatch along his manhood is way more
than just satisfactory for his sexual needs. However he starts to smirk, her
pushed out behind giving him an idea as he moves his hands over across her
ass in order to spread the shaking cheeks, then placing a finger onto her
asshole to briefly rub over it and then firmly pushing inside to make her
loudly gasp and then groan as he starts to instantly move the digit in and
out into her clearly tightest of holes.

Grinding her teeth together with a hiss, she looks back over her shoulder to
watch him pumping his finger steadily into her ass, the unexpected action
nearly throwing her off her motion but she soon regains her composure to
continue moving her soaking wet pussy up and down onto his fat cock as she
tightly grips her knees for support in order to keep riding away on his
shaft. She's moaning noticeably louder now thanks to the added finger fucking
of her butt, the Triple Tails stable member finding herself pushing her
backside back out a little more as she bounces away on his shaft, dropping
her snatch down to connect with the body of the former member of the MNM tag
team as they groan out.

"What's the matter?" John smirks as he pulls his finger out of her backside.
"Couldn't handle a little ass play?"

Still looking back over her shoulder, Kana grins with a shake of her head.
"You think I can't? How about you fuck my ass and see who can't handle it!"
She challenges as she eases herself up and off of his cock with a groan.

"I'd say that sounds most acceptable as well..." Morrison says, using her
words against her as he sits up, watching her gets down to her hands and
knees just in front of him.

He hasn't even gotten fully into position behind her yet but already she's
moved a hand down between her legs in order to rub her wet pussy, making
herself moan out as she looks back at him, seeing him come in close as slap
the head of his cock against her butt cheek for a couple of moments before
his hands move to spread her ass apart. Spitting down into her crack and onto
her asshole, he lines his thick dick up and pushes it forward into her,
causing them both to moan out as they both feel strong sensations as her very
tight asshole is forced to accept his thick and long member inside as he gets
quite a few inches inside her just with the first thrust.

Keeping her thick ass cheeks apart, the sports entertainer starts to pull his
cock out slightly in order to thrust back into her, banging the joshi star's
back passage as he looks to work more of his size into her tight hole,
finding himself grunting now as the only lubrication he has for this anal sex
is her own pussy juices that are covering his cock. The friction felt only
adds to the pleasure he's feeling as he groans each time he moves forward
into her or pulls himself back as he's already built up a steady motion in
order to let her ass get used to his vast size although it's clear to him
that not only will she be able to handle a lot more of him that what she's
currently taking, he'll be able to give her booty the kind of fucking it

The proud Japanese female wrestler looks now far different from the strong
and honourable fighter she seems to be in the ring, as she's down in the
doggy style position in front of a handsome American she's only just met yet
is taking it up the ass from him while getting herself off by sliding her
fingers back and forth across her already well fucked pussy. She moans lowly
in her native tongue, closing her eyes as her head slightly hangs down,
feeling his thick manhood as it pumps back and forth into her butt, in reflex
rocking herself back towards the thrusts to meet them and take him even
deeper into her tight back passage that seems to be a perfect fit for a dick
of his size and thickness.

Indeed, the Shaman of Sexy is moaning out himself as he stuffs more of his
fat shaft into her juicy booty, taking the opportunity to give one of her
cheeks a sharp spank and then smirking not only as he watches it jiggle from
the blow but at the deep groan she lets out in response to it as he continues
to thrust in and out of her asshole. Her pushing backward movements only
speed him on his mission, with almost all of his cock now fitting inside her
back passage as he quickly pumps himself back and forth while gripping her
ass cheeks to keep them spread both for easier access and to allow him to
watch as his man meat plunges into her thick and stunning ass.

Now the fingers of the female grappler are moving back and forth into her wet
snatch as she finger fucks herself to keep her moaning as she keeps pushing
her ass back against the stiff thrusts she's taking into it, licking her lips
at the feeling as his muscular waist starts to collide with her butt cheeks
and the sound of skin smacking into sweat covered skin rings out once more.
Her breasts sway as the hang down and her body rocks forward and then right
back to meet every deep thrust she's getting from the Superstar, taking all
of his fourteen inch dick into her back passage with no discomfort at all,
showing that it's not just using for attacking opponents in the ring that her
hips are good for as he skillfully takes this anal pounding from behind.

Both of them are now sweating hard now, drawing in deep breaths but neither
one intending of slowing down or letting up on the intense pace they're using
as he rams his cock sharply into the juicy and still very tight ass of the
woman on her hand and knees in front of him, while she swiftly pushes herself
back to take what he's giving her and at the same time pumping her fingers
into her snatch that's soaking wet. Letting out another deep moan, the joshi
starts to use a third digit now to take care of her pussy, making it
instantly covered with her juices as she bangs shameless bangs herself while
taking it hard and fast in the ass in such a way that it would leave a
regular woman unable to walk properly for well over a week, let alone remain
conscious as he rams his long and thick dick in and out of her ass.

Reaching forward, the WWE hunk makes a bold move in grabbing a handful of the
short hair of the star of SMASH and Pro Wrestling WAVE, pulling her head back
as he continues to drive his cock balls deep into her ass, moaning as he
quickly works it back and forth into her and not withdrawing more than four
or so inches from her each time he does so. The action just makes her moan
out, enjoying the roughness as she continues to slam her ass right back
towards him to smack her cheeks against his waist and causing them both to
groan out, never missing a beat as she's still able to plunge her fingers
deeply into her own pussy and take it up the butt at the same time, showing
she can give back as good as she gets.

He keeps the head held, the other hand being used to deliver some sharp
spanks to both of her ass cheeks as his cock slides in and out of her still
tight asshole with quick and sudden motions, causing his balls to slap into
her backside when he pushes forward into her as she rocks backward towards
him, having no problem in matching his pace and force in order to keep this
intensity up. Lusty moans continue to pour out of her mouth as her head is
kept back, her breasts swaying sharply in time with the jolting action of her
body as her eyes are tightly shut, focused on the pleasure as she feels her
ass getting stuffed full again and again while she takes care of the needs of
her snatch at the same time.

As stiff and aggressive as she may be in the ring, the Osaka-born beauty can
only handle so much of this intense pounding from behind, and so with a deep
and sinful groan Kana starts to cum hard on her own fingers as she slides
them in and out of her pussy while getting fucked up the ass by John
Morrison. She stops pushing herself back, just taking the deep thrusts as her
juices flood out over her wrist and down her hand as she continues to pump
her digits back and forth to ride out all the pleasure she can, groaning away
as the talented Japanese wrestler still takes the hard pumps from the fat
American cock getting stuffed into her thick ass.

While she was experiencing her sexual high, the man involved in this steamy
sexual encounter was fighting to keep control, grunting as her back passage
clamped tightly around his cock as he thrust in and out of her booty, not
foolish enough to continue on at the same pace with this added pressure so he
gradually eases up on the pace and force behind the thrusts as she reaches
the end of her climax. When that happens, he's pulled his now throbbing shaft
out of her ass, giving himself a moment to catch his breath before he uses
the hand still holding onto her hair to pull her up in order to knee in front
of him as his other hand goes straight onto his dick with the intention of
stroking himself off.

Opening her eyes, she sees what he's doing and doesn't give him the chance to
use his hand, surprising him once again by opening her mouth wide and pushing
her face forward in order to take his dick inside her oral hole with a moan,
placing her hands on his toned ass as she starts to smoothly and eagerly bob
her head along the throbbing length. He moans loudly at the feeling both of
her soothing and wet mouth and her firm lips tightly wrapping around his
tool, looking right down at the Japanese starlet as she blows his long
American cock, and it doesn't seem to faze her that she's engaging in
ass-to-mouth here, sucking on the dick that's just been fucking her balls
deep in her thick backside just moments ago.

It might even be a turn on for her as she lashes her tongue up and around the
dick she's sliding between her lips, staring right up at him to keep eye
contact as she moves her beautiful and sweat covered face close towards his
crotch, skilfully and stiffly rocking her head along and then back on his
member, a stark contrast to how this fucking session began when she refused
to suck him off properly yet now is the one doing all of the work on him.
He's certainly extremely appreciative of this as the WWE stud moans loudly at
her oral ability as she is almost deep throating him once again, saliva
coating his man hood to enhance the feeling as she quickly moves her mouth
back and forth along his thick inches with a groan.

It's perhaps a fitting full circle end to this, as with a deep and long groan
John Morrison starts to blow his load, sending a thick streak of spunk into
the mouth of Kana as she's sucking off his fourteen inch long cock, the
feeling of jizz flowing into her oral hole making the Japanese wrestler moan
as doesn't stop blowing the dick of the handsome American. He moans and
watches on as she slows her bobbing motion down, stopping at the head as the
last few drops of his cum are sent into her mouth as she uses her hand to
give the shaft a couple of quick strokes to ensure that she's collected all
of his load. However, rather than swallow it all up, she opens her mouth and
uses her tongue to push it out over her bottom lip, making it trickle
erotically down her chin, neck, and even some landing onto her breasts as she
grins up at him.

"You certainly showed you can hang with some of the best..." Morrison says
with a smirk as she lets go of his now softening cock. "Bang with them as
well I might add."

"Certainly... I can out wrestle and out fuck any woman in the world..." Kana
answers, still grinning with cum dripping off her chin. "You want a real
woman? You visit me again. Maybe I'll bring a couple of friends along as

"Perhaps instead you should visit me. The Palace of Wisdom is always open for
those who wish to be enlightened..." John says before he turns to the camera
with a smirk. "Faithful viewers of the Quest For Greatness, today we have
learned that the taste of the Orient is sometimes a very good thing, and when
in Japan it's only right to do as the Japanese do, or in this case want to be
done to them. Especially if it involves tapping some fine joshi ass. This has
been the Quest For Greatness, I am your host John Morrison, and this? This is
where I don't need to yell that I'm "awesome" because I actually just proved
it on camera."
_ _ _

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