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Featuring: Torrie Wilson (former WCW, former WWE), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 32: Torrie Wilson
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking set on a long, leather couch in the now familiar
Quest For Greatness studio. He's clad in fashionable, expensive looking and
tight jeans which do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within them, not
exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart and an official merchandise T-shirt
with the logo of his head on it which hugs nicely to his muscular upper body.

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. Now this show has been
accused, usually by jealous hosts of other lesser quality web shows or bitter
former WWE talents who can only get noticed by training "rookies" in a
reality TV show, of relying too much on stars of the independent scene or
another sports entertainment promotion based in a theme park in Florida. Well
today we can dispel such unfounded talk as my guest is not only a former WWE
Diva but she is a two time cover girl of the notorious Playboy magazine,
along with being the winner of the clearly very prestigious "Golden Thong
Award". She is Torrie Wilson."

Entering into shot now is said former star of both the WWE and WCW in Torrie
Wilson, the blond bombshell from Boise, Idaho who has a seductive smile on
her face as she walks in with a long black robe covering her body with just
her feet in a pair of high heels being able to be seen. She pauses to stand
near him, a wink cast to the camera before she drops the robe down to her
feet, revealing her stunning and perfectly tanned body clad in a pair of tiny
black bra and panties which hug nicely to her thick and juicy ass and her
large breasts, along with a pair of stockings that go up to the knees. Seeing
the grin on his face she slowly sits down next to him, flicking her blond
hair back with a smile.

"I hope you didn't mind me coming in something a little comfortable, do you
John?" Wilson asks flirtatiously as she looks over him."

"Not at all, in fact allow me to do the same..." Morrison coolly responds as
he lifts his T-shirt up and over his head to fully show off his chiseled out
of stone upper body which gets a nod of approval from the former WWE Diva.

"Very nice... But you're still a little too overdressed..." Torrie says as
she glances down at the bulge in his pants. "How about you take those off and
we can do this properly? I think we can cut the small talk and have some fun,
don't you?"

"Some people claim I've never been the "greatest" at talking, but I can more
than make up for that with this..." John says with a smirk as he undoes his
belt, soon after pushing down his jeans to his feet as his already thick and
impressively long is freed.

Flashing a gorgeous smile, the stunning former Diva brushes her long, blond
hair back behind her as she leans her head down towards his crotch, her hand
going onto his hardening shaft to give it a couple of quick pumps before she
slides her tongue out in order to run it across the very tip for a brief
moment, giving the camera a sly wink before she kiss his bulbous bell end a
light kiss across the top. Opening her mouth, she takes the head inside and
slowly wraps her pouty lips around it, gently sucking on it and this is more
than enough to make the recipient moan from the feeling, especially as her
hand gives the lower portion some more smooth pumps in order to get him fully

Twisting her head around slightly to grind her lips against his meat as she
blows the crown of his cock, she lifts her mouth off from him with a groan,
stroking him off fully from the base to the top as she grins widely at the
sight of his rock hard and over foot long manhood that causes her to lick her
lips with clear excitement. Glancing at him with a smile, she goes back down
to take him back into her nicely wet mouth, sinking lower this time to take a
couple of inches inside as her hand still works over the bottom part, her
other hand being used to grip his thigh for support as she begins to lift her
head upward until just the head is inside her mouth before smoothly going
back downward and easily repeating the action despite his thickness.

The Guru of Greatness puts his hands to use, making her long hair is out of
the way of her beautiful face as it moves up and down on his cock, her motion
already starting to quicken as her hand uses the same pleasurable steady pace
and firm grip and her lips stay tightly pressed against his tool to make him
moan again. The Boise, Idaho born beauty is handling around half of his size
in her mouth without any problems, able to flick her tongue out against his
underside as she rocks her head upward and then back down onto him, almost
brushing against her hand as it slides back and forth along the lower part as
she double teams his massive dick with both a blowjob and a handjob.

While the former WCW star has been gazing at the camera, perhaps turned on by
knowing many people are watching her currently sucking off and jerking a man
while she's being filmed, she soon closes her eyes and softly moans when she
feels a hand sliding under her stunning and tanned body as he cups her large
breasts. She bobs her head along his shaft, getting it nicely covered with
her saliva as he gropes her tits through the perfectly fitting bra, his other
hand running across her back and down to her juicy ass to give it a squeeze,
causing her to again groan around his manhood as she gives his dick a couple
of quicker pumps while still steadily sucking on the top portion.

Responding more to the touch she pushes her booty back against his hand,
getting another firm squeeze from him which makes her smile around his cock
as she removes her palm from the base in order for her to push her head down
further onto him, causing the current WWE Superstar to moan as she pushes
down to well over half way in impressively smooth fashion. Her frisky tongue
still lashes out against the bottom and the sides of his pole for further
satisfaction as well as applying more of her saliva onto him before she
raises her head up to go back to the proper sucking motion with both hands on
his muscular thighs, her groans bouncing off of his shaft each time she moves
up and then right back down onto the stud's mighty cock.

Another deep downward push is given before she slowly, almost teasingly lifts
herself all the way back up and off of him with a deep and erotic groan as
she licks her lips. "Mmmm yeah, that's the kind of dick I've missed..."
Wilson says, giving his cock a couple of pumps which make him moan as she
rubs her saliva into his skin.

"Nice to hear you've missed being around the sparkling personalities of the
locker room during your time away from the WWE..." John says with a smirk as
he looks her over, giving her ass another grope for good measure.

The sexy former Diva lets out a laugh as she sits up and lets go of his cock.
"I've missed a lot, but I think you can help me make up for some "lost time",
can't you John?" Torrie teases, biting down on her bottom lip seductively as
she starts to slide down her black panties down her stockings covered and
smooth legs.

"That I am more than equipped to do..." Morrison says as he looks over her
nicely shaved pussy as she kicks her panties away before moving over onto him
and straddling his lap.

The master of Hardcore Training shows he knows plenty about the other kind of
"hardcore" as he quickly holds his dick by the base in order to line it up
with the pussy being lowered towards him, both of them moaning as his thick,
covered with her saliva inches enter her tight hole, keeping his shaft held
until he's half way into her before he moves to hold her by her tanned and
toned waist. With a flirtatious smile on her face the former Playboy cover
girl places her hands on his broad shoulders, allowing herself a moment to
grind down against him to adjust to the vast size filling up her snatch
before she gives him a nod to show she's ready to really get things started.

A squeal of delight escapes her lips when he gets off the starting block
first, sending a thrust up into her tightness as he starts to slide his long
and hard cock in and out of her pussy, causing her to moan and grin as she
still rocks herself back and forth onto him, feeling more of his pole getting
worked gradually into her each time he pushes upward into her. With another
lick of her lips she then goes to work on him as well, lifting herself as he
moves his hips down before she sharply drops back down to meet his next firm
thrust into her snatch as they both moan out from the pleasure as the perfect
timing along with the force allows him to venture even deep into her
dampening hole.

The gorgeous blond keeps her eyes locked with him, feeding off the look of
pleasure on his handsome face as she bounces herself up and down on his cock,
causing her thick ass cheeks to shake from the motions as she moans, feeling
her tight pussy getting stuffed full with his big dick as it slides deeply in
and out of her snatch as she makes it glide back and forth along it. In turn
the multi-time Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion is moaning out as well,
loving the feeling of her tightness all around his shaft as it's getting
covered now with her forming juices, his dick plunging in and out of the
former WWE Diva's snug snatch that feels made for this kind of already quick
and stiff banging.

Her hands run across his strong shoulders as she continues to ride his thick
and rock hard cock, moaning each time she rocks herself backward and down
onto his shaft and feels it driving right up into her still tight and wet
pussy, her tanned and perfectly curved body moving almost effortlessly on him
despite his vast size to show that she's no novice when it comes to this kind
of sexual activity. Her stunning ass cheeks are starting to slap down against
his thighs when their bodies meet, his cock almost balls deep into her hole
now as she groans out, not feeling any sting from the contact as the 1998
winner of the Miss Galaxy competition continues to eagerly bounce on the
shaft of her former co-worker to give him an experience that's truly out of
this world.

To his credit, the former Johnny Nitro is giving as good as he's getting
here, keeping focus to make sure his deep and stiff thrusts up into her are
steady and timed for the right moment so he can keep sending himself up into
her snatch as she moves it down towards him. Perhaps a normal red blooded
male would have blown their load many minutes ago if they tried to keep up
fucking the former star of WCW and WWE in this way, but for the moment he's
just moaning out and keeping a hold of her waist as he eases herself along
and then back down onto his pumping cock as he pistons it in and out of her
damp pussy.

"John..." Torrie gasps as she brings herself to a stop on his cock, even as
he continues to thrust right up into her. "Mmmm, can I suck on that fat cock
of yours some more?" She grins down at him, trying to look sweet and innocent
even as she's impaled on his dick.

"Let me lay down and we can both put our mouths to use..." Morrison counters
with a smirk as he stops his pumps into her.

"I like the sound of that!" Wilson all to quickly agrees as she lifts herself
off from him with a groan. "Are you going to eat my wet pussy John?" She
continues to flirt as they shift into position as he lays down onto the couch
they'd just been fucking on.

"I'll be eating something alright..." John states, perhaps about to say more
but he's cut off when she gets on top of him.

Looking back at him with a smile, the "Golden Thong Award" winner pressing
her stunning body down against his just as desirable and tanned frame,
resting her already nicely wet pussy just above his face as she turns her
head towards his rock hard dick, placing her hands on his legs as she again
looks to the camera to give it a seductive wink. Opening her mouth, she
pushes her blond haired head right down onto his manhood, causing herself to
moan as she immediately tastes her own pussy off of his length but the way
she already bobbing her head on him show she isn't repulsed by that, no doubt
turned on by it as she gets into the task of sucking him off again.

The man underneath her lets out a moan as he feels her warm and wet mouth
moving up and down on his dick, sensing her eagerness to get busy once again
as she's already built up the motion to a quick and firm pace as she blows
him deeply already even after just a few moments. Placing his hands on her
thick ass cheeks, he looks over her wet and inviting pussy but her just
smirks, having other plans as he moves his head upward and spreads her butt
apart to expose her very tight looking asshole, moving his face towards her
crack in order to move his tongue out and press it against the entrance to
her back door.

In surprise the Boise, Idaho beauty jolts forward from the touch on her
asshole, causing her head to push down further onto his cock so she ends up
deep throating his massive length, every inch now in her mouth as the head of
his cock touches the back of her mouth but impressively she doesn't gag at
all, instead closing her eyes with a groan as she composes herself. Lifting
her head back up as she resumes giving him a deep and porn star quality
blowjob, she starts to push herself back against the tongue probing against
her tightest of holes, still groaning around his shaft as she slobbers away
on it, covering him with her saliva as she bobs her head smoothly and with
quickening speed along almost the whole length, rising up to nearly the head
before venturing back down to an inch above the base.

No further encouragement is needed from the former Diva, her exceptional cock
sucking ability causing the receiver to lap his tongue against and around her
asshole, even moving his head slightly down and upward in order to lick right
along her ass crack before returning to her back passage as he slides his
tongue inside. He moans deeply into her stunning booty as his hands grope
away on her cheeks and keep them spread so he can press his handsome face
right against her, allowing his hungry tongue to eat out her ass, a task made
easier from the way she's pushing back against him and almost smothering him
with her booty and even if she wasn't continuing to deeply suck on his cock,
he wouldn't have a problem with that pushing back motion at all.

Gripping his strong thighs firmly, the two time Playboy cover girl again
pushes her beautiful face right down onto the cock she's sucking off,
pressing her luscious lips against his base to hold every bit of his fourteen
inch shaft inside her soothing and wet mouth as her saliva drips down his
rock hard member and even trickling down onto his ball sack and crotch. Her
tongue flicks out at his man meat as she savors both the taste and the
feeling alone of both such a massive dick being right inside her oral hole
and that of the man who's licking away at her ass, making her moan sinfully
around his fat rod even though her pussy isn't getting touched at all from
these, turned on just from the licking of his tongue against and into her

With some reluctance she lifts her head up and off from his cock with a loud
groan as she looks back at him with lust in her eyes. "Oh shit John!" Wilson
exclaims with lust in her eyes. "Get up, I've got to have this dick in my ass
right now!"

Hearing this just makes him grin as he lifts his hands away from her and she
instantly gets up from him. "Oh do you now?" John slightly teases as he
swings his legs in order to sit back on the couch. "You enjoy taking a big
cock in your ass Torrie?"

"Mmmm... I do..." Torrie says with a big smile as she climbs up onto the
couch and starts to slowly squat down towards his shaft. "I fucking love a
big dick like yours stuffing my fat ass full, so don't go fucking easy on
me!" She looks back over her shoulder at him to show she isn't kidding around

Once more he grips his dick by the base in order to line it up with the hole
being lowered towards it, letting out a moan as his head forces its way past
her asshole, making her groan out as she feels his fat inches entering her
back passage creating a very tight fit even with the slight lubricant
provided by her own saliva that coats his member. She's not letting that stop
her though as she leans back so her back rest against his muscular chest
while she reaches down with a hand to place it over her wet pussy in order to
rub it as she starts to rock back down against his shaft, looking to fit it
deeper inside herself even though she's not giving herself really any time to
let her ass adjust to such a massive size.

Sliding his hands up her sweat covered and tanned body, he pushes her
straining bra up to release her large and perfectly rounded breasts, making
the former WWE Diva moan out as he gropes them in his hands but rather than
be distracted by it she uses it as fuel to keep moving up and down on his
dick, easing it a little more into her tight back passage as she groans in a
little frustration at the resistance still being put up down there. She seems
not to care how whorishly she's acting as she brushes her fingers back and
forth across her snatch to keep herself moaning while sliding her gorgeous
body up and down against the hung stud underneath her, focusing on taking his
dick as far into her juicy butt as she can manage.

A loud moan escapes from her when said current WWE Superstar begins to pump
his dick up into her ass, sliding the saliva coated pole out until just a
couple of inches are still inside her before pushing upward and deeper into
the moaning blond bombshell, giving her just what she wants as he forces her
back passage to accept more and more of his vast length with each thrust. In
turn it's making him groan in pleasure, feeling the extremely tight grip
around his member as he keeps one hand on her big tits so he can grope them
while his other moves down to cup her booty both for support and to just feel
up her one of a kind behind as she rocks it towards his building up with
speed and force pistoning motion.

The eyes of the former member of "Vince's Devils" are closed shut as she
moans out, reaching back behind her with her free arm in order to hold onto
the head of the man banging her up the ass, clearly loving the feeling of
having his long and rock hard dick pumping in and out of her ass as she tries
to keep up with his pace in order to push her butt down when he sends himself
straight up into her. However she's finding it hard to do so, her own lust
causing her to focus more on the action of her hand as she pumps a couple of
fingers in and out of her very wet pussy to further make herself moan as her
tanned and sexy body jolts back and her breasts bounce in response to every
deep thrust she takes from the stud formerly a part of the MNM tag team.

Said former Champion of the ECW brand is now sweating as well as he drives
his cock steadily and quickly up into the thick and juicy ass of the busty
babe writhing on top of him as he controls the pace, smirking as he can tell
that while he's giving her what she lusted for she doesn't seem to be able to
really handle it as her motions back against him are slower compared to his.
There's no time for ego stroking now though, he has a superb piece of ass to
take care off as he thrusts his thick dick in and out of her asshole, over
three quarters of his over foot long shaft now stuffed into her back passage
to keep him moaning as well as he uses pump after swift and strong pump to
hammer into her booty to give it the kind of fucking it truly deserves which
is much to her obvious sexual delight.

While she may have never won a real championship during her time in sports
entertainment, she's still putting in a title-worthy performance here just by
being able to take this kind of anal pounding from the Shaman of Sexy as she
keeps pushing her ass down against the thrusting cock that's driving her wild
and making her sweat and moan in an almost shameless manner. At the same time
she's still finger fucking her own pussy, her digits coated with her juices
as she works them quickly back and forth into her dripping wet snatch, and
this combined with the dick ramming into her butt ensures that a constant
stream of deep and loud moans pour out from her mouth that seems to be stuck
in an O-shape ever since his pole first entered penetrated her asshole, let
alone bang it so expertly as he's currently doing.

His balls begin to slap up against her sweat covered skin, and her ass cheeks
are smacking down against the crotch and thighs of the native of Los Angeles,
California as he ploughs his thick and fourteen inch cock completely into her
ass with every upward thrust into the horny Boise, Idaho born stunner as she
groans and slides back and forth on top of him, knowing herself that she's
getting dominated by him and his long dick and loving every moment of it.
Both of his hand go again to tease and play with her bouncing titties,
further making her moan as he doesn't miss a bit with his main task here,
ensuring he continues to use this strong and sudden pace to pound her ass in
such a way that a normal woman would be rendered unable to walk straight for
well over a week long before this point had been reached.

With this kind of intensity no one could blame the sweating blond for
reaching their limit, and with a final deep groan that's exactly what happens
to Torrie Wilson as she starts to cum on her own fingers as she's fucked up
the ass by John Morrison. A big and satisfied smile is on her face as juices
flood out over her digits as she pushes them in and out of her snatch,
causing all of her fingers along with her hand to get covered with the large
amount of liquids that come out of her as she moans, coming to a stop against
his chest as he continues to thrust up into her booty to enjoy some last
moments of her juicy backside.

Thanks to the increased pressure around his tool as her back passage clamped
around him when she came, the current WWE Superstar's dick is now throbbing
inside of her thick booty, one of the reasons why he's been easing up on the
force and speed with which he's pumping her ass as he has no intention of
blowing his load sooner than he intends to. Able to tell that she's coming
back down from her huge sexual high, he pulls his dick out of her now well
fucked behind with a groan as he shifts himself out from underneath her,
giving her a moment to recover as he now moves up on top of her and takes a
hold of her by her long blond hair.

Opening her eyes she sees his shaft being presented to her and she doesn't
hesitate to open her mouth very wide to allow him to push it deep into her,
even wrapping her lips around him and starting to bob her head along his
length even though it's just come straight from pounding her ass hard and
fast. It seems she has no problem with the taste of her own back passage as
she slides her tongue up and around the shaft passing in and out of her
soothing oral hole, groaning herself as she can feel him throb inside her as
she stares right up at the moaning stud who looks even more desirable than
usual as he stands covered in a layer of sweat.

The thought alone of knowing that this is some hot ass-to-mouth action he's
engaged in with the former WWE Diva is a turn on alone, but the feeling of
her wet and warm mouth all over his cock is something even better as he pumps
his rod back and forth past her luscious and pouty lips as they press tightly
against his manhood. She's almost handling all of his cock yet again as she
moves her mouth along his shaft with lusty eagerness as she applies plenty of
her saliva all over his shaft as she blows him, her hands moving across and
squeezing her own large breasts to put on a show for the Guru of Greatness
and making her moans bounce off his cock as it blows him with such skill
professional porn starlets should be asking her for pointers.

There's no let up here though as once again the stunning blond knows what she
wants and she's going to get it here as with a deep groan John Morrison
starts to shoot his load into the mouth of Torrie Wilson, sending a long and
thick stream of jizz into her and the feeling makes her grin around his over
foot long shaft as she continues to suck away on him. She keeps on bobbing
her head up and down along his thick length, milking him dry as his spunk
fills up her mouth to make herself groan as he moans out and gasps, watching
her pretty and sweat covered face move smoothly back and forth along him even
as he feels the final drops being forced out of his dick as it begins to
soften inside her oral hole.

One last deep suck on him and she finally lifts her head up and away from
him, giving him a seductive smile before she turns to the camera and opens
her mouth, letting the viewers see the huge mouthful of cum that she'd
collected out of his cock before she presses her lips together and winks
slyly to the lens. Following is a loud and greedy gulp and then a gasp with a
sigh as she opens her mouth and pushes out her tongue to show that she
swallowed down every last drop of his load before she licks her lips and sits
back on the couch she'd been fucked and had been fucking on while grinning up
at the host of the show she'd just been a part of.

"I don't think I was too rusty there at all, was I?" Torrie teases as she
catches her breath. "I might have been away from the WWE for a few years, but
trust me, there are some things that are second nature I can do just fine."
"Would that include going for a second round with the Shaman of Sexy?" John
questions with a smirk as he looks over her hot and tanned body.

That idea makes Wilson grin again as she glances down at his cock. "Meet me
in the showers in a couple of minutes and you can get your answer. And I'm
not talking about just scrubbing my back either!"

"I'd make a joke about having some soap, but I think I'll just finish off
here before we continue this off camera..." John says before he turns to the
camera with a smirk. "Faithful viewers of the Quest For Greatness, today we
have learned that you can take the Diva out of the WWE, but you can put in,
take out, and keep repeating that motion with something else to the former
Diva time and time again for a top notch performance. Certainly a better one
than any of her in-ring matches. This has been the Quest For Greatness, I am
your host John Morrison, and this? This will without a doubt get more views
that any WSU iPPV even with my girlfriend appearing on it."
_ _ _

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