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Featuring: Mia Yim (SHIMMER, ROH, CZW), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 33: Mia Yim
A WWE/indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
walking along the corridor of a hotel, passing numbered room doors as he
approaches the camera. He's clad in fashionable, expensive looking and tight
jeans which do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within them, not exactly
hidden as he sits with legs apart and an official merchandise T-shirt with
the logo of his head on it which hugs nicely to his muscular upper body.

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. Today I am here in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to hook up with, I man meet a woman who while
still considered a "rookie" in the wrestling world has become one of the
independent scene's hottest properties as well as just hot in general. She's
toured Japan and is a regular face in promotions such as Ring of Honor,
Combat Zone Wrestling, and SHIMMER. She is nicknamed the "Blasian Barbie",
and she is Mia Yim.

Moving over to a door, he knocks firmly on it. A few moments later it opens
up and there standing in the doorway is the woman who'd just been described
in Mia Yim who smirks as she steps back and motions for him and crew to
enter. The part African American, part Korean stunner is dressed in a tight
fitting and low cut top what shows off her large breasts along with some deep
and sexy cleavage nicely, and a pair of tight jeans which hug to her juicy
looking ass. The indy scene starlet moves to sit on the end of the bed of the
hotel room, still smirking confidently as the host of the show she's now on
approaches her.

"So, you're here to see if I can fuck like all the others you've nailed on
this show, right?" Yim gets straight to the point as she glances over his
crotch which is in front of her face.

"If you want to skip the formalities and small talk..." John says with a
and a nod. "Then I suppose this documentary series could be broken down into
such simple terms..." He states as he starts to remove his T-shirt, revealing
his chiseled out of stone upper body that gets another smirk and a look over
from her.

"Fine by me, since a few of my buddies have been on this show already before
me and I've heard a lot of hype about you..." Mia states as she undresses
partly as well, lifting her own top up and over her head to reveal a
straining black bra that's encasing her big tits.

"When it comes to the Quest For Greatness there's no need for hype as seeing
is believing..." Morrison states as he now undoes and pushes down his pants,
showing that he isn't wearing any underwear as his semi-hard and already very
long cock is freed as he steps out of his clothing.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, the half Korean, half black wrestler leans
forward, giving the handsome sports entertainer a view of her sexy cleavage
in the process, as she reaches forward and wraps her fingers around his long,
hardening cock as she strokes his length, working all of him over from the
base back up to the top to rub her palm across the head. She smirks up at him
as she jerks him off smoothly and slowly, feeling his cock getting rock hard
in her hand as she glides it back and forth, her other hand moving up and
resting on his strong thigh as she gets him warmed up and ready to go. She's
soon rewarded for her efforts as she looks down and sees his over foot long
and nicely thick dick pointing at her gorgeous face, causing her to smile at
the sight as she moves her hand down to just hold him at the base.

Leaning down a little more, she brushes her soft lips against the tip of his
dick, moving her head from side to side so she can rub her lips across his
bell end, making him let out a slightly moan from the feeling as she teases
with her pouty lips, an occasional stroke of his tool by her hand enhancing
the feeling. Soon, she opens her mouth and takes the bulbous head inside,
letting out a moan herself as she keeps eye contact by looking up while she
starts to suck on the top portion of his cock, her lips tightly pressing
against his member so that when she again twists her head from side to side
she's able to grind her lips against his cock, once again teasing the former
MNM tag team member and the sly look on her face shows she's enjoying it just
as much as he is.

Pushing herself down onto him, she begins to properly blow his long cock,
inch by thick inch of him passing smoothly between her luscious lips as she
takes about half of his dick into her mouth, before rising back up to the top
but keeping the head still inside and repeating the motion that after a few
moments has Morrison moaning quite clearly in pleasure. She smirks around his
shaft at the sound, using a steady and firm pace as she bobs her head along
the top half of his meat, her hand still keeping him in position but
sometimes twisting around to keep the lower part pleasured as she works over
the top six or so inches with her warm and soothing mouth, already her saliva
starting to cover his cock thanks to her efforts on him.

Closing her eyes, the stunning young wrestler bobs her head a little quicker
on his mighty shaft, at the same time going down further onto him as she
sucks away, lightly moaning around him as she's getting turned on by giving a
blowjob to the WWE stud she's only just met but is quite willingly taking
more and more of his dick into her hungry mouth. Keeping him moaning and
making sure plenty of her saliva is being splashed onto him, her tongue
flicks up against the bottom and the sides of his shaft as it passes back and
forth between her pouty lips, clearly knowing what she's doing as she has no
problem handling ten inches of his thick cock and counting as she doesn't
looks like she's stopping yet. Her other hand moving onto his other thigh as
she rocks her head back and forth along his vast size, her hair swaying as
she puts plenty of effort into the superb sucking she's giving him, and
looking down at her he can't help but smirk at the sight, loving every moment
of his cock sliding in and out of her mouth as he places a hand onto the top
of her head.

The touch only encourages her to continue on, her moans bouncing off his dick
as she deeply and quickly sucks him, her pretty face coming closer and closer
still towards his crotch every time she goes down onto him, not gagging for a
second as she handles him perfectly and has all of his tool covered with her
saliva. A few moments she really impresses as her nose touches his skin and
her chin presses against his balls as she completely deep throats him, all of
his thick, fourteen inches stuffed deep in her mouth as she holds herself
right down onto him for a couple of long moments, allowing them both to savor
the feeling before she starts to bob her head along his cock once again.
Licking his lips and tilting his head back, John runs his hands through her
dark with blond tips hair, moaning as he feels her moving her mouth up to
half way and then diving right back down to the base, the tip of his dick
touching the back of her mouth each time she goes straight down onto him.

With her nipples hardened and poking through her black bra, it's clear that
she's enjoying dishing out the oral sex act as well, although the muffled
moans coming from her were proof enough of that fact as she quickly and
smoothly bobs her head back and forth across his long dick, some of her
saliva trickling past her lips and down her chin as she rapidly sucks on his
thick shaft. Looking up at him, she smirks again around his cock as she again
pushes herself right down onto him to deep throat him, her tongue working
across the underside as she stays down on him to make him groan with
enjoyment, before she lifts her head up to the top and does the same movement
but to his bell end, twisting her head gently from side to side as well as
running her soft, wet tongue across the tip, her oral skills leaving his cock
completely coated with her saliva as she lifts her head completely off from

"Not bad..." Mia says with a smirk, glancing over his cock as she leans back.
"Didn't think you'd last even this long." She playfully adds as he lifts her
legs up to take off her footwear and toss them aside.

"Any other man might be insulted..." John says, kneeling down to take off his
shoes while smirking back up at her. "Thankfully, the Shaman of Sexy deflects
such things like Superman does bullets with his chest."

"Well, you know about things being too good to be true. You could have done a
ton of editing on this show for all I know..." Yim states, still smirking as
she reaches back, undoing her bra and then peeling it off her, revealing her
large and perfectly rounded breasts.

"Then allow the Guru of Greatness to rid any doubt from your mind..."
Morrison states, pushing her back onto the bed before climbing onto it

She lays on her back, watching as the muscular male lifts her hips up,
allowing him to ease her jeans along her legs to show she's wearing a pair of
black panties that matched her bra, sliding the clothing off her before he
moves in close and surprising her by not removing the last of her underwear,
instead pulling it aside to expose her shaved pussy as he lines his cock up
with it. Pushing it into her she moans, feeling his thickness easing into her
hole as she leans up slightly, reaching out to hold her legs by the knees as
her eyes look down to see the shaft she's just been blowing now moving in and
out of her snatch, still covered with her saliva and knowing that is enough
alone to make her moan out.

Leaning over her now with his hands placed on either side of her sexy and
curvy body, the former Johnny Nitro starts to plunge his dick in and out of
her tight snatch, moaning himself as he feels her snugly all around his fat
meat as he rocks his hips downwards towards her in order to move five inches
into her before raising back up until an inch stays inside her and then
smoothly repeating the action. He smirks, seeing the look of pleasure on her
face as her pussy is made to gradually take more and more of his size with
each push towards her, her snatch remaining nice and tight around his length
as is slides back and forth into the gorgeous female wrestler.

The Princess of The Embassy in ROH looks less than royal here as she keeps
her legs held back and up with her hips and juicy ass off the bed itself, the
long white cock ploughing in and out of her snatching making the part black,
part Asian beauty moan out as she gets filled up deeply with every pump, her
eyes gazing over the man's chiseled out of stone body and down to his crotch
to watch his manhood move back and forth into her. Her body is rocking back
against his thrusts, causing her large breasts to bounce slightly as more
force is put behind his pumping motion to her clear and groaning approval,
licking her luscious lips as she smirks up at him to show she wants as much
from him as he can give her.

Gladly taking the challenge, he turns it up some more with quicker movements
right down into her snatch as he keeps himself leaning over her stunning
body,his shaft plunging in and out of her dampening pussy even more than
before and in the process sending more of his thick inches into her, making
him moan out as her pussy stays tight around him even with this pace. The
SHIMMER star groans as she takes around three quarters of his rock hard
length into her love tunnel, her titties jiggling erotically as her frame
rocks back in response to each thrust she's given but she still keeps her
lower body held up so the WWE Superstar can continue banging her with clear
experience and porn star-like ability as his muscles flex to give her another
"show" to watch as he takes a long look at those bouncing boobs of hers.

The rising independent scene worker groans in disappointment, feeling him
pull his cock out of her nicely wet snatch but soon she moans when she smacks
the bulbous bell end of his rod against her folds, rubbing the head against
her entrance as he slightly strokes the bottom portion of it. A few seconds
of this and then the sports entertainer pushes his manhood back into her
tightness with a moan, resuming the motion of swift and forceful pumps to
work in and out her as the two exchange lustful stares as he leans over her,
allowing his cock to plunge deeply back and forth into her snatch that while
still snug all around him feels able to take even more of his inches even in
this position.

"Mmmm shit!" Mia moans with a smirk. "OK, you're not half bad at this..." She
says, letting go of her legs as he gives her a couple more pumps into her

"That could be seen as a compliment or an insult..." Morrison smirks back as
he pulls out of her with a groan, checking over his cock and seeing the
amount of her formed juices that have formed over it.

"Guess it could..." Yim teases as she pushes her panties down her smooth legs
and kicks them away to leave her fully naked. "How about you lay down now and
I'll show you what I can do?" She offers with a raised eyebrow as she sits up
to her knees.

"As long as you plan on doing something with me..." John responds coolly as
he lays back with his head on the pillows and his rock hard, over foot long
cock pointing straight up.

Swinging a leg over his waist as her back is facing him, she lines his rod up
with her snatch and lowers herself down onto him with a moan, sliding his
member deep into her already wet snatch until she's filled up with about ten
or so of his inches, the feeling making the handsome man she's riding groan
out in pleasure as well. Leaning forward and gripping the edge of the bed she
starts to rock her hips back and forth in order to ride his shaft, sliding it
in and out of her pussy so when she moves forward her box travels up to above
the half-way back before she smoothly comes back and returns to where she'd
originally reached on his fat and long cock.

More than content to just lay back and watch her go to work, he gazes over
the sight as her thick booty shakes slightly from her motion and his man meat
gets slid in and out of her tight snatch, more of her juices being put onto
it from her quick and firm action that has them both moaning shamelessly
despite the fact that they have only just met but are now fucking in this
hotel room. Her large breasts hang down as she leans in order to move her
hips back as forcefully as she can, causing her curvaceous part-Asian and
part-black body to rock back and forth on the white dick she's riding, her
boobs swaying from the movement as she bites down on her bottom lip but
unable to even muffle the moan she lets out.

His hands go up onto her butt cheeks, giving them a squeeze which makes her
groan and look back over her shoulder with a smirk to show she doesn't mind
the touch at all, not missing a beat as she continues to rock away on his
cock, making sure it moves into her snug and wet snatch over and over again,
slowly but surely working more of his size into her every time she pushes
herself back towards him. Testing her he lifts a palm up, delivering a firm
spank to her ass which makes the cheek jiggle and her gasp with a slight
glare, but another spank to the other cheek causing her to groan and again
bite down on her lip as she sharply rocks back against his cock that's now
coated in a layer of her juices which just makes the sensations for him even
better so he keeps on moaning as well.

Speaking of moaning, the star of ROH and CZW soon lets out a loud moan when
the WWE Superstar catches her off guard by starting to pump his dick up into
her still tight love tunnel as she rocks it back along his shaft, resulting
in him venturing deeper into her so that she's made to take every inch inside
her wet snatch. She grips the sheets tighter now, feeling his balls slapping
up into her skin as she starts to sweat, having to take all of his fourteen
inches up into her pussy and although she's now finding it harder to keep her
pace as smooth as it was when she was solely in control she has no intention
of stopping now, so with a moan continues to push her thick hips backward,
still riding that massive cock of his as he sends it quickly and stiffly up
into her.

The sound of skin smacking off of skin is ringing out around the hotel room
as the lust between the two very attractive and desirable wrestlers increases
as the pace and intensity does as the man laying back works his cock stiffly
in and out of the snatch of the woman on top of him who's working her snatch
back and forth along his cock with a motion that's only slightly slower and
off timed compared to his. Neither of them cares about that though, focusing
on getting the most out of this sexual encounter as the also sweating now
Prince of Parkour thrusts his fat dick right up into the bouncing busty babe
who's impaled on his shaft and working her still impressively tight snatch
along his length despite his vast size being pumped repeatedly into her.

"It seems that... Mmmm..." John moans as her gives her pussy another couple
of strong and deep thrusts. "That you seem to be not half bad at this
yourself..." He says, taunting her with her own words from before.

"Fuck you!" Yim groans out as she stops her bouncing motion on his cock. "I
can handle anything you can throw at me!" She boasts as she lifts herself off
from his thick shaft.

"Is that so?" Morrison grins, seeing a chance to take advantage of this. "In
that case, let's see if you can take me doggy style then?" Is the request as
he moves over to allow her to get into position.

"Oh I can!" Mia smirks as she gets onto her hands and knees and glances over
her shoulder to watch him as he moves behind her. "Bring it fucker, you're
not going to OH SHIT!!"

Her loud cry and gasp comes from the fact that the WWE hunk pushed his dick
back into her alright, but instead of her snatch he spread her thick her
juicy butt cheeks in order to force his covered with her pussy juices cock
into her back passage, causing himself to groan out as he feels her even
tighter hole all around his member. Easing his cock back out from the first
push, he gets into a thrusting rhythm as he moves his cock in and out of her
asshole, keeping her held in place as she squirms and jolts in response to
the invasion into her sexy booty as she gazes back with shocked eyes and an
open mouth from which grunts and groans pour out of.

The woman nicknamed the "Blasian Barbie" is perhaps stunned by his bold
action as she's rocking her perfectly curved body back against his thrusts,
allowing him to gradually work more of his long and fat shaft into her butt
as he keeps her cheeks spread, allowing a smoother entry into her as well
allowing himself and her to watch his pole push into her as she continues to
look back and watch what she's doing to her. Her hands grip the bed sheets as
she grits her teeth, trying to block out any discomfort as her super tight
back passage puts up resistance to the invading member pumping back and forth
into her ass even with the slight lubricant provided by her own pussy juices
that coat the dick of the "captain" of Starship Pain.

Thankfully for her, she's with a male who has plenty of experience in banging
a stunning ass so he knows exactly how to work his long cock in and out of
her backside as the WWE Superstar steadily moves himself back and forth into
her with the right amount force to allow inch by thick inch to push further
into the gorgeous indy scene worker. He keeps one hand on her booty, giving
her cheek a grope as he bangs her while the other moves down and under her to
between her legs, making her moan out as his fingers first rub back and forth
over her snatch for a couple of moments as a warm up of sorts, followed by
his digits sliding into her pussy up until the knuckles as they start to
quickly move in and out of her as his fingers soon get coated with her

Tilting her head back, the half Korean and half African American beauty moans
sinfully as she pushes herself right back with increasing force against the
incoming thrusts of the handsome American stud who's taking care of both her
lower holes as his thrusts his long and thick white cock deeper and deeper
into her juicy ass while fingering her pussy at the same time. Both of the
sweating pro wrestlers are putting on a performance that seasoned porn stars
would be jealous as she keeps herself up in the doggy style position, rocking
back and forth against the pumping motion into her shapely behind as her
large breasts hang down and sway erotically, and the hung male giving her
this top notch banging moans out, increasing his pace to give her butt the
kind of fucking it deserves.

Moans and groans fill the air along with the sound of skin smacking into
sweat covered skin as the former multi-time singles and tag team champion in
the WWE thrusts his massive cock balls deep into the ass of the SHIMMER star
in front of him, all of his over foot long cock stuffing inside her back
passage when he pushes swiftly and hard into her backside, the force making
her ass cheeks shake from the impact. At the same time he's keeping his
fingers pumping quickly in and out of her already very wet snatch to keep her
moaning at the essentially double penetrating action she's taking, her snatch
being fingered over and over again while her butt takes a harder pounding
that would leave many a woman unable to walk right for a week yet she's able
to handle it and even push her thick ass back against him to make the pumping
even deeper as his balls slap against her skin when he drives into her time
and time again.

Despite her claims of being able to handle anything he could throw at her,
it's clear as her moans get deeper and louder that she's been forced racing
towards her limit and with one last hard push back against the man behind her
Mia Yim starts to cum on the fingers of John Morrison as he's fucking her up
the ass at the same time. She groans out with closed eyes as her juices flood
out and across his digits as with a grin he keeps pushing them back and forth
into her snatch, causing the fingers, his hand and even his wrist to get
soaked by her liquids. At the same time he's made to moan out as her back
passage clamps down like a vice around his thrusting cock, an additional
tightness that would cause many red blooded males to blow their load there
and then if they'd been even able to last up to this point with such a
beautiful female wrestler.

He's got a bit more left in him though so the founder of the Palace of Wisdom
withdraws from her backside with a moan as he rolls the still in a daze from
a clearly intense orgasm female over onto her back on the bed before he moves
up on top of her. Taking a hold of his cock with the hand he'd been using to
finger her with, he gives himself a series of firm strokes, rubbing her pussy
juices all over his shaft and making himself groan at the feeling as he
"lubes" himself up for how he plans to finish himself off with her. Moving
forward he places his cock in between her large and perfectly rounded
breasts, taking a hold of them in order to push them against his fat and
throbbing cock and once he does he starts to thrust his manhood up into her
cleavage with a moan.

Panting for breath and with sweat covering her stunning face, she can't do
much else apart from lay back and try to recover as she half opens her eyes
in order to see what she could clearly feel anyway as the part black, part
Asian woman watches the head of his long white cock pop out from between her
large titties and then quickly vanish back between them as he fucks her
breasts. She can only groan with a smirk as she looks on at the swift motion
as the Los Angeles, California native pumps his shaft back and forth between
her mounds as he keeps them firmly pushed around and against his dick,
sandwiching it between her boobs and the feeling of her soft and more than
ample flesh alone would be enough to make him moan this loudly and even more
so as he slides his dick in and out into her large chest.

The hands of the WWE Superstar grip and grope the large and well rounded
boobs, his fingers able to slightly dig in as he thrusts away into her
cleavage as he groans and moans out, his shaft continuing to throb noticeably
as he tit fucks the starlet from ROH, CZW, and SHIMMER who herself has to
groan at the feeling as her breasts shake from the force with which they are
getting pumped with. His thick fourteen inches fit perfectly between her
breasts as his dick smoothly moves back and forth in between her chest as he
keeps her mounds pressed against up to grind against his cock as it moves
quickly back and forth at a nearing reckless pace that could otherwise hurt a
normal female even with tits of this size.

He's only able to enjoy fucking her boobs for a few thrusts more before he
has to pull out of them and grip his throbbing man hood as he begins to
stroke off furiously and being no fool she knows what's in store next so she
holds up her titties in order to push them together for an even sexier
looking target as she looks over his sweat covered and muscular frame. With a
deep groan, John Morrison starts to shoot his load across the large breasts
of Mia Yim, his spunk shooting out of his over foot long cock and splashing
down onto both mounds and down into her cleavage as he jerks himself off in
order to pump out every last drop of his jizz onto the tits he'd just been
thrusting himself in between of seconds ago. Giving his cock a final flick
downward so the last drops are sent down onto her, he lets go of his spent
cock and smirks as he looks over his work that's left the breasts of the half
African American and half Korean beauty with a more than generous covering of
spunk across both tits, a sight that even makes her lick her lips as she
looks over herself.

"Fucking hell!" Mia says with a laugh as she looks back up at him. "That's
going to be a bitch to clean up!"

"The Guru of Greatness doesn't do anything in half measures..." John states,
still smirking as he climbs off of her to stand up from the bed.

"Well neither do I..." Yim responds as she smirks back but stays laying back
as she moves her hands across her big breasts, rubbing his large load across
and over her mounds and making herself groan. "Just give me a minute and I'll
show you what I mean..."

"I'll hold you to that in a few moments..." Morrison says before he turns to
the camera with a smirk. "Faithful viewers of the Quest For Greatness, today
we have learned that while you can travel the world and work for many a top
independent promotion, there's a difference between looking like you can fuck
all night long and actually being able to do just that. Achieving that
doesn't mean you have to be partly black and Korean of course, but just make
sure that you know you're in for an exceptional ride if you do hook up with
such a woman. This has been the Quest For Greatness, I am your host John
Morrison, and this? This show still needs to be cooler. About twenty percent
_ _ _

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