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Featuring: Karen Jarrett (TNA, formerly Karen Angle), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 34: Karen Angle
A WWE/TNA crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch in the now
familiar Quest For Greatness studio. He's clad in fashionable, expensive
looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within
them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart, and with his own
merchandise T-shirt on that rests nicely against his muscular upper body.

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. My documentary series
knows almost no boundaries, and certainly not when it comes to age and today
while my guest is a most certainly a woman of the world of professional
wrestling, she herself is not a trained competitor. Rather she came into the
business thanks to being the wife of Kurt Angle, but now she is married to
Jeff Jarrett. She is a mother, and most certainly can be classes as a MILF,
and certainly has attracted many fans with her looks and attitude since
bursting onto the scene. So please welcome all the way from TNA the former
Karen Angle - Karen Jarrett.

Taking her time walking onto the set is Karen Jarrett, an unimpressed smirk
on her face as she comes forward and looks the WWE star over while he does
the same, looking over her perfectly curved and tanned body as she's clad in
a tight fitting sliver sequined dress which shows off her large and rounded
tits off nicely with a hint of cleavage and hugs nicely to her juicy
backside. She flips her long hair back as she stands in front of him.

"Let me make this clear to you Morrison..." Karen says down to him with clear
attitude in her voice. "I'm not doing this because I want some quick fame or
to make some fans, or however else you sell this show of yours to the other
sluts that have been on here, but I'm only here to show the world that not
only am I the best woman in this industry, but I can pretty much do what I
want, when I want to do it and there's no one else who can tell me

"You being on here alone certainly proves you are the best at not staying
completely faithful to your husband..." Morrison coolly responds with a smirk
of his own.

"Oh, as if you are any better fucking different bitches every show while you
have a girlfriend!" The current Mrs. Jeff Jarrett states as she glares at
him. "Say what you want to but I love my husband and nothing that you have to
offer will ever change that!"

"Is that so?" John says as he reaches down and starts to undo the belt of his
pants. "Well, let's see about that, shall we?" He challenges as she pushes
his bottoms down to release his semi-hard and already nicely thick and
lengthy manhood which makes her gasp as her eyes widen in approval.

Tossing her long hair back over her shoulders the stunning and bitchy woman
lowers herself down to her knees between his spread legs with some
apprehension, her gaze locked on his already long cock as she licks her lips
before taking his tool into her hand and starting to stroke it off, her palm
moving from the base all the way up to below the crown and then smoothly back
down again. Leaning forward, and giving him a clear look at her sexy cleavage
in the process, she starts to slide her tongue across the head of his shaft,
glancing up with a smirk as she hears him moan thinking she can take control
the younger wrestling star with her oral ability so she starts to swirl her
tongue slowly around the head as her hand works over his quickly hardening

A couple more licks around his bell end and her eyes widen again, seeing what
she has to work with in the form of his fully erect and fourteen inch cock as
she gives him a few more strokes along the entire length like she's checking
to see if what she's gazing over is actually real, and the look of shock on
her face now makes the WWE Superstar smirk as he lifts his T-shirt up and
over his head to reveal his muscular upper body. Her attention is taken by
the sight of his chiselled out of stone chest for a long moment before she
snaps back to reality after seeing this look on his face which makes the TNA
Knockout narrow her eyes up at him, not taking kindly to being shown up so
she moves her head closer down now in order to take his thick dick into her
mouth, immediately pressing her full lips right around his member to make him
moan just from the first touch.

Keeping her hand pumping up and down on the bottom half of his manhood, the
former wife of Kurt Angle starts to ease her mouth along his meat, keeping
her eyes locked up at him as she rocks her head back and forth along the
upper portion, having no issue with handling five inches of his tool already
as she moves up until just the head is inside her and then travels back down
to repeat the action. She's getting the handsome male moaning from her smooth
and steady motion, letting him feel the warmth and wetness of her oral hole
along with her pouty lips as they grind against his cock as they travel along
and then back on his size, and in addition keeps her palm gliding up and down
on his length that's not being currently taken into her mouth.

As she sucks him off she's starting to groan around his rod, feeling more of
his thick inches passing in and out between her lips as she keeps them
pressed against his tool as her beautiful face is moving lower and lower onto
him as she's focused on showing the rugged and desirable stud she's giving an
already hot blowjob to who's really in charge as he smirks down and moans as
he watches her bob away on his cock. Her hand is now only slightly jerking
the bottom couple of inches off to allow her to easier take him deeper and
deeper still into her mouth, occasionally flicking her tongue up and around
the length as she's making it covered with a more than decent and pleasurable
amount of her saliva.

It takes a lot though to impress the Shaman of Sexy, let alone intimidate
him, as shown when he places a hand onto the back of her head as a form of
encouragement to keep going on his vast manhood, clearly enjoying how she's
treating his dick as she shows off ability which seems to indicate that this
isn't the first time she's sucked some cock, even if this may be the biggest
she's ever had to deal with. The touch makes her glare up at him though,
another groan bouncing off of his dick as she keeps it sliding in and out of
her nicely wet mouth and getting bold she removes her hand from around the
base so she can place both palms onto his strong thighs before with one
sudden motion pushes her face right down into his crotch.

They both moan at this action but naturally the cry of the man receiving this
deep throating is far more louder, staring down to see the MILF taking every
inch of his over foot long prick inside her oral hole as she stares back at
him with a slightly pained expression as she gags around his meat, feeling
some discomfort as the head of his member is touching the back of her mouth.
She keeps herself pressed down onto him for an impressively long moment with
another deep gag, and then pulling herself right up and off of his tool with
a gasp, catching her breath for a second before she groans and pushes right
back down onto him to go balls deep with her seemingly experienced mouth to
consume his inches once again to make herself gag and slobber over his cock
while he moans out and keeps his eyes locked with hers.

Keeping herself held down like this for another long moment she lifts herself
away again, spitting a large wad of saliva onto his dick as she catches her
breath. "Shit!" Karen exclaims as she moves back in order to stand up. "That
usually finishes them off before they get started..."She says boastfully as
she places her hands on the top of her dress and starts to slide it down.

"Them?" Morrison smirks, watching her gorgeous and tanned body being revealed
as first it's her large and perfectly rounded breasts as her clothing
continues to be moved down. "So much for you being the faithful and loving
wife, huh?"

"Fuck you!" The current Mrs. Jarrett snaps as she steps out of her dress with
her neatly trimmed pussy on display. "I love my husband! And I love him
enough to do what I want, when I want!" She claims as she takes off her high

He seems amused by her claims as he takes off his footwear now to also be
completely naked. "Fuck me? Be my guest..." John coolly says as he sits back
with his rock hard shaft pointing up. "Feel free to do what you want to

Glaring at the young and muscular stud, she answers his challenge by
confidently moving forward and mounting his lap, first lining up his dick
with her snatch as she rubs the head across the outer folds with a groan
before she sinks down onto him and this makes both herself and the man she's
on top off moan. Her hands now go onto his chest as she eases herself further
downward, not having much of a problem taking the cock of someone who isn't
her husband deep into her snatch which is nicely snug around his vast size,
impressive for a woman who's given birth to two children as her stunningly
curved body comes to a stop when she's taken eight or so of his inches inside
her love tunnel.

Now the TNA star is starting to ride the shaft, which is still covered in her
own saliva, that she's impaled himself on top off, moving upwards to over
half way before she drops down sharply onto his size with a groan, feeling
his length going deep into her snatch as she establishes the motion to make
herself rock up and down onto him with a pace that's already quite quick and
firm much to the clear enjoyment of the WWE Superstar underneath her as he
moans at each motion on his manhood. His hands place onto her toned waist,
his gaze switching from down at her pussy to watch his cock as it disappears
up into her and then reappears soon afterwards, to up to her big tits as they
are starting to bounce as she gets more and more into the movement, and then
up to her pretty face as she moans as well and glares back at him, still
showing attitude despite the fact she's very much willingly fucking him.

As she continues to bounce on his lap and move his thick and long pole in and
out of her dampening pussy she's gradually pushing herself further down onto
him, causing her to take more of his length into her box and it seems that
the more of him that the Greensburg, Pennsylvania born woman handles the more
lust is taking over the already clearly sexual woman as she's now sliding her
hands across the chest of the Los Angles, California native. In response said
male smirks and moves his hands upward to cup her breasts, squeezing them and
getting another moan out of the MILF as her bouncing motion up and down his
member is starting to quicken and get more forceful as her long hair shakes,
forcing her to brush is back away from her moaning face before she closes her
eyes and goes back to out of reflex rubbing her palms over his chiselled out
of stone chest.

A slapping noise begins to ring out around the studio setting as she handles
his meat completely into her wet pussy, his heavy ball sack touching her
tanned and smooth skin each time she drops down onto his cock and takes all
of his fourteen inches into her snug snatch as she swiftly rides the fellow
sports entertainment star who works for the rival promotion to the one she's
employed by. They are both moaning at the feeling as she gets filled up
completely by his massive dick and he feels her damp hole all around his
manhood as she moves herself up and down over and over again while he gropes
and toys with her jiggling in his grip tits to only enhance her pleasure and
make her look far from the better and classier than all the rest woman she
makes herself out to be on television on a weekly basis.

"Mmmm... Do you like that?" Karen asks arrogantly as she stops her bouncing
motion in order to grind her snatch down against his crotch. "You like the
feel of a real woman on top of you?" She adds, thinking to herself that she
already knows the answer to her own question.

Letting go of her breasts, the man she's been riding but she isn't married to
smirks as he looks her over. "If you mean if I'm enjoying this warm-up, then
I suppose I could say yes..." John states, deliberately mocking to get a
reaction and that doesn't take a second more to appear.

"Warm up?!??" The former wife to Kurt Angle angrily yells as she lifts
herself up and off from him. "If you think you can handle a woman like me
then prove it!" She snaps at him as she moves to kneel on the couch in a
doggy style position.

"I think I can manage to do just that..." Morrison responds with a grin as he
moves up behind her and places his hands on her juicy backside.

The bitchy ways of the MILF now come back to haunt her as instead of pushing
his dick back into her snatch, the head of his member pushes firmly into her
asshole, causing her to scream and stare back with wide, shocked eyes as she
feels him force his thick dick into her very tight back passage and the only
thing reducing the friction is her own pussy juices that are all over his
shaft. Her hands grip the material of the couch as she stays in place, her
body staring to jolt forward as she takes a thrusting motion into her butt
that makes her groan out as his man meat pushes back and forth, forcing her
booty to accept his size as he's slowly and firmly for now working it into
her as he moans and keeps her cheeks spread apart.

There's little else that the beautiful Knockout can do but take this butt
fucking from behind as her tanned and curved body rocks back and forth
towards the young and muscular hunk who's plunging his shaft into her juicy
backside, making her groan as every pump forward into her works a little more
and more of his rock hard pole into her back passage. Her large breasts are
hanging down, swaying from the jolting motion her body is being made to do in
response to his stiff motions as his length slides in and out past her
asshole as he moans out, not hiding how much he's enjoying her tightest of
holes as he gropes her butt cheeks while keeping them apart so he can watch
his rod plough in and out of her.

Continuing to stay up on her hands and knees in front of the WWE Superstar as
he's pumping her backside with a pace that's beginning to get quicker and
more forceful, the woman who's married to another man is gritting her teeth
with closed eyes, trying her best to muffle her groans and moans as she
doesn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that the Prince of
Parkour is stuffing her ass full better than she's ever had it before in her
life. It's not working though as sweat is beginning to cover her sexy and
mature body and she's actively pushing her booty back against the younger
stud that's pumping away into her back passage to send his manhood deeper and
deeper still into her still tight back passage that seems able to take even
more of his inches despite him giving her a thrusting amount that would
render a normal woman, mother of two children or otherwise, unable to walk
straight for a week.

Filling her up he certainly is, with only a couple of inches now not inside
her ass as he thrusts in and out with a swift and strong pace as he sweats as
well, completely turned on by banging another man's stunning and curvaceous
wife, especially as he's giving it to her up her juicy and sexy butt as she's
eagerly and almost whorishly pushing herself back against his thrusts. Both
sports entertainment stars moan at the sensations caused by every motion in
and out of her, feeling her tightness and his thickness when he quickly
slides his cock in and out of her backside as she moves it back sharply
towards him each time he sends himself into her ass so it's clear that while
she's not used to taking a dick of this size back there, she's no stranger to
some anal sex as she knows exactly what to do to make sure that herself and
the hunky male she's with get the maximum pleasure possible out of this
sinful act.

"Urgh! You hung, uhhhh! You hung bastard you!" The current wife of Jeff
Jarrett groans out as she looks back at him with lust in her eyes as he pumps
away into her butt. "Let me... Mmmm let me ride it!"

"What did you just say?" Morrison taunts with a smirk and a moan, pulling out
of her ass in order to slap the head of his dick against her cheeks. "Didn't
quite catch that...."

"I said let me fucking ride it!" Karen almost screams as she sits up and
shoves him down forcefully onto the couch. "Let me take that huge fucking
dick into my ass!!"

"...Yeah, I thought you said that." John calmly replies but he isn't being
given any real choice as the horny MILF is already moving on top of him.

With her back facing him and using a hand to guide his cock back into her
already well fucked asshole, she groans out as she eases her tanned and sweat
covered body down onto him with a lick of her lips, pushing down to take in
and impressively large amount of his thick size with the one motion before
true to her lusty word she begins to move herself on his shaft. Gripping her
own knees for support she's bouncing now on his dick, taking his fat member
deep back and forth into her tight back passage, making the man underneath
her moan out as he takes a hold of her waist to keep her steady as she
quickly gets into a swift and sudden rhythm that has her big breasts shaking
along with the rest of her body.

Not intending on just sitting back and taking it, although no one would blame
him if he did since it means a gorgeous and fully curved mother of two is
riding his long dick with her juicy ass as is the current situation, he moves
his hands around with a moan onto the front of her tanned body as one hand
goes up to her boobs to give one a firm squeeze. The other makes her really
moan out as it goes straight onto her snatch as he pushes a couple of fingers
inside, instantly noticing how wet she is down there as he starts to pump his
digits back and forth into her box as she eases her backside up and down on
his manhood with a quickening and even more forceful motion that causing him
to moan out louder as well.

The woman nicknamed the "Queen of the Mountain" now could be called the
"Queen of Mounting" as she bounces with force and speed her stunning body
all the way up and down on the manhood of the Shaman of Sexy as he feels up
her tits and swiftly fingers her snatch at the same time. She's able now to
take every inch of his over foot long cock deep into her booty, her thick ass
cheeks slapping down against his strong thighs when she drops sharply down
onto his length with a groan and feeling his ball sack touch her skin as
she's being driven on by pure lust and desire for this young and hung hunk
who is not the man she's currently married to and from the streams of moans
that are pouring out of her mouth she doesn't care about that at all right

The former Johnny Nitro keeps himself busy by sliding his coated with her
juices now fingers back and forth into her snug snatch, returning the
pleasure he's getting from all around his cock as it's taken deep into her
still very tight back passage by fingering the former Mrs. Kurt Angle and
toying with her perfectly rounded tits as she bounces away on his vast size.
The loud slap of skin hitting sweat covered skin rings out again and again
each time she drops right down to take him balls deep in her butt as her ass
cheeks connect and erotically jiggle from the impact, but neither feels any
sting of pain as they are too caught up in the pleasure being given to them
by the other in the form of pumping digits into a wet pussy and a sexy and
thick ass being raised and lowered onto a long and thick dick.

Closing her eyes, the stunning long haired beauty is forced to stop her
bouncing motion on the big cock she'd been stuffing into her backside, the
effects of keeping up such an intense and horny pace taking it's toll on her
as she rests down and rocks herself back and forth on him, grinding her ass
against his dick and crotch which is an action more than enough to keep him
moaning. The multi-time former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion in the
WWE keeps moving his hands over her though, with one down to thrust a couple
of fingers rapidly back and forth into her soaking wet pussy while the other
grips her breasts one after the other and the touch of both have her
continuing to moan loudly as the woman married to another man lets herself
be groped and used by this young and handsome wrestler.

In fact having to deal with the stimulation on her breasts, her snatch, and
deep inside her backside is too much for her to handle, and with a loud
erotic moan Karen Jarrett starts to cum hard on the pumping fingers of John
Morrison while his fourteen inch cock is stuffed balls deep into her ass and
his other hand gropes her breast. Her juices flow across his digits and hand
as he keeps finger fucking her to make her ride out every moment of her mind
blowing sexual high, gradually easing up on the motion and letting go of her
tit as well, moaning himself as her back passage has clamped hard around his
beginning to throb dick. That alone would be more than enough to finish off
any other red blooded male but he keeps his control, pulling his soaked with
juices fingers out of her pussy as she comes back down to Earth so he can
ease her up and off of his manhood with a groan.

The beautiful MILF has little time to recover from her orgasm as she's made
to sit up on the couch, her head pulled forward by a handful of her long,
sweat soaked hair so the WWE Superstar that just brought her to that intense
climax is now pushing his dick into her mouth, rocking his hips back and
forth towards her pretty face to slide his shaft in between her luscious

The TNA star groans as she gazes up at him, tasting her own ass from off of
his shaft but lacking the energy to do anything to object to this, instead
opting to slide her tongue up and around the shaft that's moving back and
forth into her warm and wet oral hole and pressing her lips firmly against
the manhood that's just been balls deep into her butt and is now thrusting
into her mouth.

The former member of the MNM tag team is moaning loudly as he fucks the mouth
of the former Karen Angle with steady and quick thrusts, feeling her saliva
splash across his tool as he looks to get off himself now by keeping her head
in place so he can push his cock sharply in and then right back out again of
her oral hole, feeling her pouty lips grinding against his member as he moves
it back and forth into her. She can feel him throbbing away inside her mouth,
he pumping motion alone causing her to groan around him but she seems to have
had clear experience with handling a dick in her mouth so knows she's about
to get a creamy reward so keeps her tongue lashing around at his length as
it's quickly fed into her at an almost reckless manner but putting
professional porn stars to shame she's able to handle it.

A few moments later and with a deep moan from the handsome young stud she
soon has something else to handle as well as John Morrison shoots his load
into the mouth of Karen Jarrett, making her groan as her mouth gets filled up
with thick spunk as he slows down the speed and eases up on the force behind
the thrusts but continue to pump in and out of her, milking his cock dry with
her pouty lips and her nicely wet mouth. Her eyes widen with lust as after a
few more thrusts he's left her oral hole almost overflowing with his cum,
causing him to smirk broadly as he pulls his spent shaft out of her and sees
how much jizz he's released into her as she keeps her mouth open to him in a
quite slutty action. That only continues further a second later when she
closes her lips together and with one loud and satisfied gulp swallows down
every last drop of his spunk, even opening her mouth afterwards to allow him
and the camera to see that it's all gone.

"So Karen, or should I say Mrs. Jeff Jarrett..." John starts to say with
another grin. "You still claim to love your husband even after all of that?"
He says, referring to all the sexual acts she'd taken part in with him.

"F... Fuck you!" She's able to gasp out with a glare up at him as she draws
in some deep breaths. "Of course I love my husband! He always gets the best
of me... But I just happen to always get what I want, when I want it..."
Karen starts to smirk as she licks her lips. "Now... I want you to finish off
with this camera crew, get that big cock hard again, and then fuck me
senseless again!"

"Thankfully I always keep my schedule clear when I'm filming this documentary
series, otherwise I might decline..." Morrison cooly responds before he turns
to the camera. "Faithful viewers of the Quest For Greatness, today what we
have learned is that sometimes Mommy knows best, especially if this mother
has a banging body, great tits, and an ass that can go all night long. Just
don't think about either of her husbands while you're doing it with her.
That's surely a boner killer right there. This has been the Quest For
Greatness, I have been your host John Morrison, and this? This series will
continue longer than the Redemption Series of NXT. By the current state of
that show, I'll see you for the grand finale in a thousand years time."
_ _ _

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