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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where
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jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Cheerleader Melissa (SHIMMER, former Alissa Flash/Raisha Saeed in
TNA), John Morrison (WWE).

The Quest For Greatness Part 35: Cheerleader Melissa
A WWE/indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and opens with the handsome WWE Superstar John Morrison
sitting in a lavish looking studio set on a long, leather couch in the now
familiar Quest For Greatness studio. He's clad in fashionable, expensive
looking and tight jeans which do nothing to hide the sizeable bulge within
them, not exactly hidden as he sits with legs apart, and a tight fitting
T-shirt of his own official merchandise which hugs nicely to his muscular
upper body.

"Welcome once again to the documentary series that truly goes above and
beyond the call of duty, the Quest For Greatness, and I am your host, the
Prince of Parkour, the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. Today my guest is a
female wrestler who is one of the most well known names in the independent
circuit, known not only for her work in the SHIMMER promotion but for her
time spent in TNA as both Raisha Saeed and Alissa Flash, both characters
she's taken and used across the indies as well. She has been nicknamed the
"Future Legend", she is Cheerleader Melissa."

Walking into the studio set now is Cheerleader Melissa, looking stunning in
tight fitting white with gold trim ring gear of a short, sleeveless and low
cut top that shows off her large and nicely rounded breasts and shorts that
hug to her juicy ass, along with black boots and her long, dark hair that
hangs down her back. As the host of this "documentary" checks out her tanned
and curved body she surprises him by reaching down to grab the top of his
T-shirt before she uses her impressive strength to rip it right off his body
with both hands, leaving his muscular upper body revealed.

"That's certainly one way to say hello..." John starts to say before she
forcefully grabs him again and throws him down onto the floor, causing the
handsome hunk to groan when he lands back first on the ground. He goes to get
up but is cut off when she plants her foot on his chest.

"Cut the bullshit Morrison..." Melissa states with a confident smirk as she
keeps him downed. "You brought me onto this show to try and turn me into
another slut like you've tried to do to all the other women that have been
guests on this show. So you think you can turn me into some kind of cum
guzzling whore do you?"

"Is it wrong for a man to dream?" Morrison coolly replies even as he's under
her foot.

"Well Morrison if you want to fuck, then we're going to fuck alright!" The
Cheerleader says as she then moves right on top of him ensuring he's kept
down on the floor as it's obvious she wants to be in control of this from the

Pushing down her shorts to her thighs, she doesn't give him much time to
recover from being thrown down as she mounts his handsome face, pushing her
gorgeous and thick ass right down onto him as she sits straight up and has
her legs placed back down across his shoulders to keep him pinned to the
floor as she forcefully grinds her booty down across his facial features to
smother him. He hadn't been expecting that but this isn't the worst position
in the world to be found in as his nose and mouth are in her ass crack with
her smooth cheeks moving across the rest of his face as he perhaps wisely
doesn't try and object to this treatment he's being made to take as her butt
rocks back and forth over his face.

The long-time SHIMMER starlet is craving some more control though as she
reaches down and grips the bulge of his pants with her hand, the already
strong grip causing him to groan up into her backside which in term makes her
smirk as she starts to squeeze his package through the material of his
clothing, her other hand holding one his thighs down as she looks to make
sure the WWE Superstar knows who's going to dominate this encounter. Moving
her palm back and forth she's stroking his hardening size through his pants,
gazing down and watching the clear outline of his cock as she roughly gropes
his tool as she lets out a moan just from teasing his manhood with her
powerful grip while she continues to move her ass back and forth over his
face to keep it covered with her sexy and full butt.

He's moaning as any other red blooded male would at this treatment,
administered to his pants-covered dick in such a quick and rough way that it
indicates that she's done this sexual act before but perhaps not to a shaft
of his clear size as her hand moves back and forth across the bulge, her
smirk only widening as she sees the size of the "toy" she's playing with as
he's now rock hard in his bottoms. Keeping himself busy, and thinking to
himself it may be wise to give something back to the raven haired stunner, he
pushes his tongue out against her forcefully moving ass as it goes across his
rugged facial features, allowing him to lick up along her ass crack and even
brush over her asshole at this feeling make her glance back with an approving
raised eyebrow before casually looking back to the shaft she's groping hard
through his clothing.

It's going to take more that a nicely wet tongue flicking away along her
backside and the entrance to her back passage to distract the former Alissa
Flash in TNA, her eyes fixed down on his bottoms as she now uses both hands
to undo the belt and push the pants down enough so his fourteen inch shaft
springs out, making her grin in a slightly sinister manner as both her hands
go onto it with a strong grip onto his thick man meat. She can hear the
muffled moans coming from him as she uses both palms to firmly and quickly
stroke all the way up and down on his member as the left hand slides along
the bottom portion from the base to half way, while the right takes care of
the upper section all the way to the bell end, squeezing his cock as she
jerks him off with a rough pace that forces him to groan and occasionally
gasp up into her backside as she keeps it smothering his face.

Licking at the independent scene worker's ass crack was a challenge enough
for the sports entertainer when she was just grinding her juicy behind all
over his face, keeping him between her cheeks and making it hard enough to
just keep breathing with her more than ample flesh covering him up, let alone
try and use his tongue to pleasure her booty. The addition of this very
forceful and quick jerking motion with both of her tightly gripping hands
increases the difficulty for the Guru of Greatness who's pinned down on the
studio floor as he's made to moan and feel the pleasure of her palms as they
slide back and forth along his length but also to groan with discomfort as it
feels like she's trying to rip his dick off of his muscular body from the
base with the way she's grabbing and swiftly stroking away on him.

Showing he's got skills of his own though, he manages to focus his tongue
work on her asshole, sliding it across and around the tight feeling hole
before pushing against it, attempting to force his way into her back passage
with a groan as he can instantly taste her even as she keeps rocking her
booty back and force on his face and continues to smother him. She moans with
another smirk back cast at the hunk she's managed to dominate so far, the
hands of the former two time winner of the ChickFight tournament still
forcefully jerking away at his length so every thick inch gets squeezed
tightly as she slides her palms quickly back and forth along his size, not
relenting on her pace even as she feels her ass getting eaten out by the
former multi-time Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion in the WWE.

"Mmmm... I had a feeling you'd be good at taking orders..." Melissa states as
she rocks back on his face one last time before shifting herself forward,
allowing him to breathe now as her hands keep jerking him off. "I'm going to
have some fun with this big dick of yours..."

"Do I get a say... Uhhh!" Morrison grunts and gasps for much needed breath
as her tight grip and roughly paced stroked work over his cock that's getting
slightly sore from the treatment he's been made to take. "Do I get a say on
any of this?"

With an amused smirk, she lets go of his dick in order for her to turn
herself around as she now mounts his lap with his rock hard shaft resting in
the crack of her ass as she teases him by easing her booty up and down
against it to make him moan. "Only when I'm sure you can handle me..." The
Cheerleader says with a grin before she lifts herself up and reaches back to
line up his member as she comes back downward onto him.

With her shorts still resting and stretching on her thighs as she eases back,
she lets out a moan with a grin as she takes his dick into her asshole,
forcing it into her very tight back passage as she firmly lowers herself down
onto his member, taking it dry and showing he's not afraid to get rough
herself as well as give it out as she places her hands on the muscular chest
of the handsome and hung stud she's been controlling since this sexual
session began. Tossing her long black hair back, the winner of the
Cauliflower Alley Club's 2004 Future Legend Award starts to move herself up
and down on his fat shaft, groan as she slides it in and out of her backside,
lifting up so a couple of inches remain inside her before pushing down
further and smoothly, despite using no lubrication to reduce the friction,
repeating the motion.

The former Champion of the ECW brand of the WWE is experiencing a whole
different sort of extreme right now as he lays back and moans out, feeling
her back passage around his cock like a vice as she steadily rides his
manhood and impressively takes his inches deeper and deeper still into her
ass without any signs of pain despite his thickness that would otherwise
leave a normal woman screaming in pain from taking such a massive cock in
their ass. Instead though he watches her sexy, tanned, and partially clothed
frame rock up and down on his stiff pole as she moans just as he is, both
enjoying the feeling of her booty getting filled up gradually with his dick,
with the man underneath the gorgeous female just laying back and letting her
control the pace as he looks over her nicely shaved pussy and her large
breasts that start to bounce even as they are still contained within her
tight fitting ring top.

Sliding her hands along his ripped upper body, she causing him to hiss and
groan out as she scratches across his chest with her nails, making herself
grin with a moan as she toys and teases the hung stud as she takes his big
dick deeper and deeper still into her backside, smoothly moving herself up
and down on his length as she's now taking over half of his pole into her
back passage but she doesn't show any signs of stopping just at that amount.
The woman who played the Raisha Saeed character in TNA leans forward
slightly, giving him a further look at the sexy cleavage created by her top
in the process as she starts to turn it up a notch, increasing her speed and
pushing back down onto his fat cock with added force as well, her perfectly
rounded ass cheeks starting to jiggle from the extra effort put into moving
such a massive dick back and forth through her asshole.

In turn now the former Johnny Nitro is made to moan out louder as more of her
still snug back passage is all around his thickness as he watches her ride
away on his member, showing him that she's no stranger to taking a cock up
into her stunning ass even if it's one of his lengthy size as she works her
backside up and down with around ten inches of his length now stuffed up into
her. Still being kept down by her strong hands as they roam across his chest,
his hands are free to move around so he moves one up and between her legs,
placing it onto her snatch and giving it a couple of back and forth rubs
across the entrance with his fingers and immediately he feels a noticeable
wetness down there, indicating that she's getting off on this anal sex she's
engaged in.

That touch makes her smirk down at him, lifting a hand off of his upper body
and putting it onto his wrist but not to remove it, instead to make him push
his fingers into her snatch properly, making him smirk back as he takes the
hint and starts to pump a couple of digits in and out of her damp pussy and
she moans again, letting her hand go back to his chest to keep herself steady
as she allows both of her lower holes to be stimulated. She keeps the man now
fingering her pussy groaning with pleasure as well thanks to her quick and
forceful bouncing movements on his thick dick, taking him deep inside her
back passage that's still nice and tight around him despite the way she's
been forcing his man meat straight up into her with such a swift and rough
pace that many a professional porn star would struggle to maintain for even
half as long as she has, let alone handle such a size of a cock as she's
almost effortlessly doing with lusty moans.

Seeing the perfectly curved beauty bouncing away on a cock stuffed into her
ass would be more than enough to make a normal man blow his load, let alone
being the man actually with his dick inside her thick booty as her big tits
shake and her long, dark hair shakes as she uses a near relentless motion to
work herself up and down on the fat length she's on top of. However said male
is showing his erotic ability as he lays down and not only takes it, but has
his fingers smoothly sliding back and forth into her wet pussy to ensure the
woman nicknamed the "Female Terminator" is moaning as unashamedly out just
like he is, his digits already covered with her juices as she finger fucks
her snatch at the same time she is essentially banging herself up the ass
with his thick tool as she rides him with a firm and quick pace.

"Fuck yeah!" The Cheerleader moans out with a grin, bringing herself to a
stop on his shaft in order to grind her butt against his length. "That's what
I like!"

"What, the part where you're taking it up the ass or the bit where I'm
fingering you?" John questions with a smirk as he moans and gazes over her
tanned body.

"Both of fucking course!" Is her answer as she lifts herself up and off from
him with a groan. "Now let's see if you can give it rather than take it
now..." Melissa says as she moves up onto the couch on her knees, her ass
pushed out back towards him as she holds onto the back of the seating,
looking back with a smirk.

"Guess this means you're sure that I can handle you now..." John coolly
responds as he moves up behind her.

Taking a hold of her thick and perfectly tanned ass cheeks he gives them both
a deep squeeze, able to dig his fingers into the more than ample flesh before
he spreads them, first spitting down onto her asshole and making her groan as
she feels the saliva splashing onto and even trickling inside her as she
looks back and gazes at his still rock hard cock with a lick of her pouty
lips. Pushing his member into her backside they both moan out as he slides a
large amount of himself into her back passage, unsurprising considering how
quickly and hard she's been riding his cock with her ass just moments ago so
it's not long before he's working himself in and out of her booty with a
series of firm and smooth thrusts.

The beautiful SHIMMER star has only just started to feel his meat pumping
deeply in and out of her butt but she's already pushing herself back
forcefully against the thrusts of the WWE Superstar, gripping the couch she's
kneeling on as she sends her hips right back with perfect timing so that she
meets every incoming motion that he gives her, allowing his manhood to
venture deeper and deeper still into her back passage. Her large breasts are
swaying from the motion her curved body is making as they hang underneath
her, her long hair hanging down as well as she continues to look back, her
eyes roaming across the muscular and desirable body of the hunk fucking her
up the ass and down to focus on his crotch as it moves towards and then away
from her backside as he sends his meaty shaft in and out of her.

No complaints about her strong and horny motion back against his quickening
pumps, only making the sensations he's experiencing all around his cock feel
even better as he plunges his fat tool swiftly back and forth into her built
for being banged booty, watching her cheeks jiggle even as he grips them and
keeps them spread so that he can watch his pole move in and out of her
asshole. It also allows the Shaman of Sexy to spit onto the entrance to her
back passage, making himself groan as his saliva splashes onto his cock and
then gets sent into her butt, making his thrusting motion smooth and even
hotter than ever as he continues to moan away, sweat starting to form over
his chiselled out of stone frame as a result of this intense ass fucking he's
keeping up in order to give her booty the kind of treatment not only that it
deserves but that she clearly wants and craves.

Gritting her teeth and still looking back with obvious and shameless lusty,
the gorgeous and talented female wrestler has her hand between her legs,
pumping a couple of fingers in and out of her wet snatch as she gets even
more pleasure out of being banged quickly and hard in her ass, and
considering how wet she'd been before with just the sports entertainer's cock
inside her rump then it's no surprise how loudly she's calling out in
pleasure now. Her perfectly curved and tanned body is likewise getting a
layer of sweat all over it but she has plenty of energy left in her to keep
rocking her butt back against the deep thrusts into it she's taking from
behind as she stays in this doggy style position on the couch and never once
looking away from watching him pound away into her booty and in turn allowing
him to see the look of intense pleasure on her face which is motivation along
to carry on banging her one of a kind ass.

The slapping sound of skin hitting against skin is ringing out as which each
forward thrust he sends into her booty as she pushes it right back with force
against him, his crotch is colliding with her juicy ass cheeks as his balls
smack into her and he nails her with every inch of his over foot long cock,
moaning away as he drives his thick manhood deeply back and forth into her
butt, only pulling out around five or so inches before driving back forward
swiftly to stuff her back passage full of his man meat. This only seems to
drive the woman who also performs across the indies as Alissa Flash even
further wild with desire as she keeps rocking her backside forcefully back
towards him as she fingers her own damp pussy with a couple of digits, loving
the feeling of such a long and thick cock filling her ass up in a way that
would render a regular woman unable to sit down for over a week from this
hard and fast butt fucking she's willing taking from behind.

Raising a hand up, he delivers a firm spank onto her left cheek, the blow
making it jiggle erotically and in response she grins back at him, moving her
other hand down and spanking the other cheek herself with a groan, now
rocking back and forth just on her knees as she keeps two fingers sliding in
and out of her wet snatch to ensure she gets plenty of pleasure out of this
hot and heavy anal sex she's engaged in with a man she's only just met who is
driving his cock into her juicy backside. Smirking back at her with a moan as
the Los Angles, California native thrusts away balls deep into the booty of
the resident of San Francisco but L.A. born female as he gives her butt
another hard spank to make her groan but she doesn't lose a step, taking the
shot and continuing to work herself back against each and every pump into her
that he's sending her way so their bodies continue to smack against each
other as they both moan and groan and match each other's movements like
they've been sexual partners for years.

"Mmmm...You really love it up the ass, don't you?" John asks with a groan,
easing up his force and pace as she slides his cock into her backside
although it's clear what the answer is.

"Ooooooh yeah I do..." Melissa moans as she moves forward, sensing that he's
going to pull out of him so she takes the initiative by bringing her hips
forward so his cock gets taken out of her booty with a groan. "I love
something else as well..." She adds with a smirk, slipping herself down off
the couch to her knees in front of him.

"Should I try and guess what again or just let you take the lead again?"
Morrison slightly jokes as he returns the look and watches as she starts to
lift her tight top up and over her head, her large and perfectly rounded
breasts being released in the process.

"Oh I'll tell you alright, it's a good, hard face fuck so cut the cute
remarks and get that cock stuffed into my mouth!" The Cheerleader says with a
sexy glare up at him. "Unless you're afraid you can't handle it of course..."

Answering the challenge with actions rather than words, the WWE Superstar
grips his shaft by the base in order to push it between her full and luscious
lips to feed her his thick meat, making her taste her own back passage off of
his member but as she's neither gagging at this or trying to pull away it
looks like going ass-to-mouth doesn't bother her. He continues to push
forward into her, watching his inches slide into her mouth with her lips
pressing nicely all around the length as he moans from the feeling of warmth
and wetness he's experiencing and she's getting excited by this as well,
wasting no time in move a hand down between her legs once again to tease her
pussy by brushing her fingers across her damp folds.

He doesn't stop the initial push into her oral hole until at least seven or
so inches are inside her, an impressive amount taken in by her already as she
can't help herself but to flick her tongue up and around his tool, further
tasting her own ass off of his cock that had just moments ago been slamming
in and out of her juicy backside. Now though it's doing some more pushing but
into her mouth as he uses a hand to take a handful of her long dark hair and
begins to pump his dick back and forth into the gorgeous woman's mouth and
moaning at the feel of her lips grinding across his length as he smoothly
sends it deep into her with a steady pace.

Feeling his thickness pass in and out of her mouth causes the former Alissa
Flash in TNA to moan around the cock she's being fed, her hungry tongue
continuing to slide up and around his size as it moves back and forth into
her so she can get it coated with her saliva, keeping her beautiful eyes
locked up in a gaze with his as she easily handles this pace of pumping into
her face and keeps her soft lips pressed tightly around his dick to increase
the pleasure he's getting out of her from this. At the same time she's doing
some moving of her own, finger fucking her own snatch as she moves two digits
deeply and quickly into her lower hole, withdrawing until just the fingertips
remain inside before going right back into herself up to the knuckle and
repeating the motion as her other hand grips the strong thigh of the former
Johnny Nitro in front of her who's clutching her hair with a tight grip that
only serves as a further turn on to her.

The pace soon starts to quicken as the handsome and muscular sports
entertainer thrusts his cock deeper into the mouth of the independent scene
wrestler much to her clear moaning delight as she feels more of his fat
inches pushing into her oral hole to stuff it full, giving her more dick to
lick up at and further soak with her soothing saliva as she gives as good as
she's getting as she very willingly allows her mouth to be used for his
pleasure. Her luscious lips remain tightly pressed down and around his vast
length, only giving more stimulation rather than pressure thanks to her spit
that's beginning to trickle out of her mouth from the repeated forceful pumps
he's giving her, keeping her head straight in position for smooth and swift
entry to her mouth with the handful of hair as the woman who'd sexually
dominated him at the start of this sexual encounter is now revelling in
letting him take the wheel and her muffled moans show that she isn't
disappointed in the slightest by his ability.

A few more strong thrusts into her are given before he switches things up,
reaching forward to grab a second handful of the long raven-hair in order to
pull her face right forward onto his shaft as he sends it deep into her,
resulting in her nose touching his crotch and his balls smacking against her
chin as the stunning SHIMMER star is made to deep throat all of the over foot
long cock of the WWE hunk. She groans with pleasure around his size, the
feeling of all his inches stuffed into her and the head of his tool touching
the back of her mouth making her work her fingers even faster back and forth
into her already dripping wet pussy, her eyes going half closed from the
feeling that to her is mind blowing and the same can certainly be said for
the man experiencing her wet and warm oral hole all around his manhood who's
also moaning loudly as he keeps her held down onto him.

Impressively she's not gagging for a moment as this deep throating is kept
going for several long and sinful moments as both the desirable and extremely
attractive professional wrestlers moan away at this oral sex with the woman
on her knees slobbering over the length balls deep in her mouth as she
feverishly works her tongue all over and around the shaft and at the same
time pumping her own dripping snatch with swift and forceful movements from
her own fingers. Most red blooded men, wrestling fans or otherwise, wouldn't
be able to last for more than a few seconds completely inside the wet and
warm mouth of the former TNA Knockout but showing his sexual ability he can
handle it, his cock slightly throbbing inside her as he looks right down at
her beautiful face that's pressed right up into his crotch.

Soon the pumping resumes as the multi-time WWE Tag Team and Intercontinental
Champion thrusts his long and fat cock back and forth into the moaning mouth
of the former two-time APW Future Legend Champion who stays on her knees in
front of him, her hand rapidly pumping two coated in juices fingers in and
out of her snatch as she sweats hard and groans lustfully around his fat meat
that's pumping in and out of her oral hole. Likewise the hunk ploughing his
cock back and forth past her luscious, perfect lips has sweat covering his
muscular frame, making him look even hotter that he usually is as with loud
and shameless cries of pleasure he slides his dick swiftly and with force
balls deep towards her beautiful face, his nut sack slapping off her chin as
her saliva drips off his member and trickles down from her mouth, onto her
neck and even onto her big tits, making her look more like a cheap whore
rather than the talented and strong female wrestler she's world renowned to

The sexual reputation of the woman who portrays the Allisa Flash and Raisha
Saeed characters is further revealed as with a low and long moan and her eyes
almost rolling into the back of her head Cheerleader Melissa starts to cum on
her own fingers as she's getting her face fucked by John Morrison. Juices
flood out of her snatch across her thrusting digits, further covering them
along with the rest of her hand as she makes herself ride out every moment of
the intense pleasure, her moans continuing to be muffled by the long cock
that's rapidly pumping back and forth past her pouty and full lips.

Only moments later and said handsome and hung WWE Superstar races past his
own limits thanks to the wet and warm feeling of the SHIMMER star's oral
hole, so with a deep groan John Morrison is shooting his load deep into the
mouth of Cheerleader Melissa, filling her up with his thick and creamy jizz
and the feeling of that alone makes her groan as she gazes up at him and
smirks around his throbbing member. She doesn't seem to be fazed as he slows
down his pumps into her mouth and eases up on the force put being the motion,
effortlessly and eagerly swallowing down the spunk being fired into her oral
hole stream by stream and keeping her lips pressed against his shaft to make
sure she gets every drop that he has for her.

The final drops of his load are sent out into her and with a big grin he
pulls his softening cock out of her mouth. "So... convinced now that I can
handle you?" Morrison asks although the grin on his face shows he doesn't
really care what the answer is.

"That wasn't half bad..." Melissa states with a smirk as she licks her lips
to clean off any remaining cum on them. "But that could have been beginner's
luck for all I know... If you've got anything left in you though, then I say
we have a rematch and I don't mean on another day either..."

"Now I know what you bring, consider that rematch accepted..." John says
coolly before her turns to the camera. "Faithful viewers of the Quest For
Greatness, today what we've learned today is not every Cheerleader is a ditzy
bimbo who's only good for eye candy and chants. Some are not only attractive
but talented and able to fuck like a demon in the sack. Even if their talents
are being wasted in unknown indy feds. This has been the Quest For Greatness,
I am your host John Morrison, and this? This doesn't require "pipe bombs" to
get itself over."
_ _ _

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