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The Quick And The Nidia
by Torrie's My Mistress

5:30PM SUNDAY JULY 14th:

I was just lounging in my apartment on that Sunday evening, soaking up the
last few moments of my weekend when my boss paged me. I called in to see what
was up and he told me there's a possible kidnapping plot against the WWE's
own Nidia at the house show tonight at the Arena. I told him I'll get on the
case as I loaded up my gun and grabbed my badge, heading out the door.

6:15 PM:

I had arrived at the arena with my gun tucked away and my badge out, for
clearence to enter the backstage area. I had asked a few of the WWE stooges
just where I can find this Nidia chick I was supposed to protect. Finally
after about 15 minutes of roaming the backstage area, I found a charactor
named Jamie Knoble who pointed me in the right direction of his "partner"
whatever that ment. As I approached Nidia, I had noticed she was wearing a
multi-colored tank top with flowers on it that really proportionated her
bust size, along with a pair of skimpy daisy dukes, walking on a pair of
black high heels. My heart began to race as she turned around and bumped
into me, dropping her sheets that must have been her script lines.

"Watch it you jerk!" she roared out at me as she knelt down to pick up her
scattered papers.

I knelt down before her as well to assist her, "I'm sorry ma'am, I didn't
mean to startle you and bump into you like that."

She replied, "Yeah well you better watch where I'm going next time. I'm a
bonified WWE superstar now after winning that competition on MTV!"

Obviously seeing the success get to her head, I helped her with her papers
as I noticed her top exposing her large breasts and the valley between them.

"Miss Nidia," I said as I stood up, her following me, "could you come take a
small walk with me, I need to discuss something with you. My name's Clay
Ransburg, I'm a private detective."

Nidia just glared back with a pissed off expression and didn't say a word.
She had approached a stalky man dressed in a Versaci suit with a noticable
tupee, it was Vince McMahon Jr. Nidia walked near me and slapped my shoulder,
"Alright, you've got 15 minutes."


The dixie-ish woman and myself had left the backstage area though the
backdoors of the arena as we made our way through the back parking lot.

"Nidia, I was informed there's to be a plot against you... a kidnapping of
some sorts."

"Oh yeah? who'd you hear this from?" the lovely WWE woman said.

"I've got my sources through the department."

Just as I could finish my sentence, a white cadilac charged at both Nidia and
myself. I had grabbed her by the hand as we blocked the charge, looking and
remembering I had parked on the other side of the arena. How could I be so
stupid?! I had seen there was a large bridge acting as a freeway exit next to
the arena, I figured we could lose the chasers near the area.

"Follow me," I directed at Nidia, the both of us being chased by unknowns in
a white vehicle.

Running across the street and taking a dive in some bushes near the concrete
reinforcements of the bridge. Waiting to see if the car had passed us, I
decided to get up and start looking around.

Nidia then got up and joined me, "Great, just great. So this isn't some
stupid phoney prank huh?" She turned to look at me as I just shrugged.

Looking over my shoulder and seeing the white car slowly come into view, I
turned to Nidia and said, "Good guess!" I grabbed her by the hand and ran
into the shades of the bridge, Nidia about to began yelling at me once again,
but before she could say anything, I racked her up against the wall and
covered her mouth with my hand as I had pulled out my gun at the sametime.


"Don't move," I whispered to her, standing two inches away from her, face
to face. Not being able to help myself I looked into her eyes and down her
ravasious body. Slowly removing my hand from her mouth, I placed both my
hands on the sides of her arms as we both were breathing hard from the
excitment that followed us.

"Hold this," I told Nidia as I placed my gun up against the wall above her

Nidia did as I instructed as she raised her hand above her head against
the wall and held my gun into place. I immediately took advantage of the
situation and grabbed the bottom of Nidia's flower tank top and raised it
along with her white cotten bra and tucked them underneith her arms,
exposing her large breasts. Nidia had raised her other arm above her head
as I leaned in and began sucking on Nidia's nipples one after the other,
from the left one to the right one, feeling her heart start to race through
her massive cleavage. After a good 2 minutes of sucking on her tits, I
lowered my kisses down her stomach as I undid her bright blue daisy dukes,
turning her around.

I started licking her ass cheeks up and down for about a minute before I
stood up and undid my black trousers, just enough to pull my 6" cock out.
I instantly started fucking Nidia from behind as she pushed against the
cold concrete wall in front of her. I slid my hand up and over to her
right breast, fondling it as I fucked her for a good three minutes before
we both reached our orgasms.

As we were getting ourselves back together, we heard police sirens as Nidia
suggested we get the hell out of there. I agreed, especially after what we
had just done, especially since it could terminate my P.I. standings with
the department.


We both entered the arena through the backstage doors, to find everyone
getting set for that night's show. Nidia turned to me and in a calm civilized
voice said, "Listen, maybe after the show we can get a cup of coffee or

I had just looked into her deep brown eyes and said, "Nah, I can't honey.
Besides, we shouldn't get attached seeing as you'll only be leaving tommorrow

Nidia agreed. But from nowhere, I placed my right hand on her left breast
over her tank top, shocked she looked back at me.

I said, "But that doesn't mean I can't serve an innocent victom from
kidnapping the next time you're in town."

Nidia just smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss before one of the writers
came up to us, disturbed as he'd see my hand on her breast.

"Nidia, you and Jamie are on in 30 seconds!." I let go of her firm large warm
breast as I had seen that beautiful gal walk out of my sight, but hoping the
next time the WWE's in town, I'll get to work with the arena somehow so Nidia
doesn't walk out of my life for good.

* * *

Just my Nidia contribution. Suggestions/Comments, email me:

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