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Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is completely fictional. To the
author's knowledge, nothing described in the story has ever happened or ever
will happen. This is a rape story that features violence; DO NOT READ if these
offended you. THIS IS NOT A LONG STORY.

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The Rape Of AJ Lee
by TheBigLove126

It was 8:00 Tuesday night when AJ returned home from her doctor's appointment.
Three weeks ago during a match taped for Smackdown against Nikki Bella, she
caught her opponent in an awkward way and snapped her right wrist in three
places. Just as her popularity was soaring, she was now out for at least two

While her friends and co-workers were in Los Angeles, AJ was about 3,000 miles
away at her home in Union City, NJ. With no other choice, she tried her best to
enjoy the time off.

AJ walked in the front door and headed straight to her living room and turned
the heat up. It was an unseasonably cold October evening, so she grabbed a black
hoodie and pulled it over her t-shirt. She sat down on her sofa, curled in a
ball and started watching TV. After a few minutes, she started feeling a lot of
pain in her wrist. She got up and walked to the kitchen to retrieve her
painkillers when she heard a loud crash from the second floor.

"Holy shit, what was that?" She whispered to herself as she froze in place,
swallowing a pill.

She heard another loud crash, this time something glass shattering.

"Oh god, someone's up there." She thought as she slowly made her way to the

AJ grabbed her hockey stick from a closet and slowly walked up the stairs,
trying not to make any noise. Another crash sounding like boxes hitting the
ground came from the far room, her bedroom. She shuffled her feet as she made it
to the door that was cracked open. All she could see was a tall man wearing a
black trench coat shoving several valuables into his pockets. She snuck up
behind him and struck him in the back with the stick, breaking it in two pieces.
He turned around and their eyes met.

"Matt! What the fuck are you doing!?" She yelled to him, her ex-boyfriend. He
shoved his hand over her mouth and pushed her onto the bed.

"What the hell are you doing here April? Aren't you supposed to be on tour with
the WWE?" He removed his hand.

"I'm injured! Why are you here!?" He grasped onto her casted wrist and lightly
squeezed it. She started to tear up.

"You think I just forgot how you dumped me when you got called up from Florida,
how I "wasn't worth the time" anymore?" He squeezed her wrist harder. "You think
I was just going to forget that!?"

"So you're robbing me?" She was fighting through the extreme pain that not even
the painkillers could heal.

"I'm taking back everything I gave you as gifts before you turned into a
worthless bitch!" He slapped her hard across the face.

"Please just leave, I promise I won't call the cops or anything. Please just
go." AJ stared up at him with her big doe eyes. He bent down and stared at her.

"And I'm going to believe that just like I believed you when you said "I will
love you forever Matt"."

"Matt, please. Why..." He backhanded her in the wrist. "Motherfucker! That's
it!" She got up and walked towards her nightstand and picked up the phone. He
ran up behind her and pinned her against the wall.

"You aren't calling anyone tonight April." He slipped his hand up her hoodie and
started rubbing her breasts.

"Get off!" She screamed, trying to break free. He dug his shoulder into her
back, causing another scream.

"If you don't shut your fucking mouth, I'll snap your other fucking arm." Matt
backed off of her and slammed her on the ground, placing his foot on her cast.
"Take your damn clothes off or I stomp." She stared up at him angrily and

He kept his word and raised his foot, stomping down on her already-broken wrist.
She grasped onto her wrist and started crying like a small child. He freed the
hand and placed his foot over it again.

"I said take your damn clothes off!" He was screaming at her now.

This time, AJ had to comply. With her one healthy hand, she unzipped her hoodie
and slipped it off. She fought through the pain to remove her red t-shirt and
red bra. Removing her jeans and red panties weren't as difficult. The short
woman was now standing nude in front of this man she despised.

"Now get on your fucking knees and do what you probably do to half the WWE

AJ knew exactly what he meant but was too scared to react any other way than by
unzipping his jeans and pulling out his eight inch cock. Without any warning, he
grabbed her by the head and forced his entire member down her throat.

"You missed this didn't you?"

He viciously fucked her throat as she squirmed around, trying to free herself.
She was having a hard time breathing with his thick cock half way down her
throat. Contrary to what Matt thought, AJ was not used to taking a cock in her
mouth. In fact, he was the only man she ever went down on. She was not a fan of
having a penis in her mouth, which only made this violation worse.

After a few minutes, Matt picked her up by the hair and launched her back into
the wall wrist-first. She instantly fell, grasping her hand in pain.

"Get up bitch!"

She slowly stood up, sniffling, with her back against the wall. He grasped her
throat and squeezed hard. She started kicking as the life was being choked out
of her. Right as she was feeling herself slip into unconsciousness, he let go
and twisted her right nipple hard. This quickly brought her back to reality.

He rammed his elbow into her chest and started rubbing his moist cock against
her pussy. She hated how her body was reacting. All the hatred in her brain and
heart could not fight the pleasure in her crotch. Matt's large cock easily
slipped in tiny little AJ's tight pussy.

Matt pressed his lips against her hard and sucked on her tongue as she cried her
eyes out. She was practically being crushed against the wall with his thick cock
ripping her cunt apart.

"Tell me you love me April." He whispered after breaking the kiss. "Tell me."

"No!" She screamed through her tears. He grabbed her wrist and slammed it
against the wall. "OWWW!"


"I...I lo...I love you Matt." She felt like vomiting for allowing those words to
escape her lips.

"Good girl." He flicked her hard against her clit. She began to feel an intense
rush of pleasure with each flick.

"Please...please...stop doing...doing that." She whispered.

"What's the matter April? Is that making you feel good?" Her cries were mixing
with moans.

"Please...just...stop." Her body stiffened up as the orgasm she feared arrived.
"" She squeaked as her cunt grasped against his tool.

"You nasty little slut, I know you would love this." He snickered.

"Fuck you!" She screamed and was instantly met with bite to her ear. Only it
wasn't a sensual nibble, it was a rough bite still not enough to draw blood.
"Ahhh!" She was sobbing intensely as his cock continued slamming into her.

Matt finally released her from the wall and threw her on the bed. He quickly
grabbed her legs, pinned them almost behind her ears and hawked a big loogie
onto her face before reinserting himself into her cunt. AJ shut her eyes and
prayed for someone to help her, knowing fully that it wasn't going to happen.

"Look at me you whore!" She ignored him and kept her eyes shut. "You asked for

AJ had no idea what he meant until it immediately hit her. She felt his motions
freeze and his cock twitch inside of her.

"Oh no!" She yelled as he shot glob after glob of his warm semen deep into her
tiny womb. "No, no, no, no." Tears were streaming down her face as he continued
filling her insides, seemingly forever.

"Should've listened to me." He withdrew his sloppy cock from her abused pussy.
He crawled on top of her, planting his knee on her broken wrist and causing her
to scream. He quickly filled her open mouth with his cock and forced her to
clean him up. Her tongue involuntarily wrapped around it as the intense pain
inside her body was killing her.

After about a minute, AJ passed out from the pain. Matt wiped the remainder of
his cum in her hair before getting up and redressing. He slowly pulled her body
under the covers, kissed her on the cheek, turned the lights off and slipped
away into the darkness.

When she awoke several minutes later, AJ was still in intense pain. Without
cleaning or dressing, she stumbled downstairs and grabbed the bottle of
painkillers. She went back into the living room, curled on the couch and resumed
watching TV. She popped a painkiller...followed by another...and another.

Four months after the injury, when she was expected to return, AJ was not back
on the road with the Smackdown roster. She was not fighting her way back to the
top. She was not entertaining thousands of fans. AJ was sitting in a room,
surrounded by several people. She was in a WWE sponsored rehab program. She had
a problem.

The painkillers that she was only supposed to take twice a day for a twice
months were gone in two weeks. The pain of the injuries suffered by Matt
combined with the depression from her rape had led her down a dark path. She
missed phone calls from her friends, she missed doctor appointments, and her
peers had no contact with her whatsoever. Her best friend Kaitlyn had flown in
to check on her after a week and found her sitting on the couch, still
completely nude and almost in a coma from the pills.

Once she came to, she explained what happened. Matt was arrested and sentenced
to fifteen years in jail. AJ was promised that her job would be safe if she
completed a rehab program. Three months in, she was completely clean and was
beginning to regain her life. One week after leaving rehab she made her return
to the ring, pinning Nikki Bella in the center of the ring to capture her first
Diva's Championship. Kaitlyn ran down to the ring and hugged her as she cried
uncontrollably, clenching the belt to her chest.

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