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by Wonder Mike (

Chapter 1

Alex and Ray were pumped, ECW was coming to Atlanta for a live show.
They had heard about it over the Internet but they had never seen it.

The show started at 8, they arrived at six. They had a six pack of wine
coolers before the show and they were feeling no pain.

They had aisle seats and they would be able to almost touch the
wrestler's when they came down to ringside.

Justin Credible had the first match. He came down to ringside with a
Singapore cane and a beer.

He stopped right in front of Alex and spit beer right in his face, Ray
thought it was the greatest thing ever. Alex wasn't so sure, actually he
was upset.

Justin put on a good match and Chastity bent over in front of them and
all was forgiven.

The next thing the guys noticed was the Triple threat. Well, they
noticed Francine. She came out in a see through robe with bra and panties.

Alex and Ray had drank four beers each and were pretty much wasted.

The Dudley boys entered the ring and challenged anybody in the arena to
a fight. Alex, who was still not happy decided to charge the ring, luckily
for him Ray stopped him, but in doing so spilled both of their last beers.

Sunny entered the ring, She was wearing a robe. The crowd was chanting
take it off, she finally did. She was wearing cut off shorts that were
riding up her ass with a Shear bra, The crowd starting chanting "Take it

Sunny unbutton her top and used her hands to cover her breast, this was
driving everybody insane.

There was one match left.

As Sunny was leaving the ring She stopped right in front of Ray, She
bent over to tease her tits to the guy across the aisle. She had her ass
right in Ray's face and she didn't even know it. Ray had no choice, he
kissed it.

Chris Candido saw this and popped him right in the jaw. Alex jumped up
but he was tackled by security.

They were escorted out of the arena.

Ray and Alex were more pissed than drunk now. It was Sunny's fault. She
would pay.

They planned and waited in the wrestler parking lot.

Chris and Sunny were alone. Ray walked up to them and apologized for
what happened. Alex was hiding behind a car with a beer bottle. He knocked
Chris out cold.

Ray covered Sunny's mouth with his hand and they dragged her back into
they arena, under the bleachers. Now she would pay for embarrassing them.

They ripped off her shirt. Ray pulled her hands behind her back and Alex
started to suck her perfect breast.

Sunny started to scream. Alex then broke a beer bottle and held the edge
to her throat.

"Scream again and I"ll gut you."

Sunny closed her mouth.

It was now Ray's turn, Alex held her and Ray started sucking both

Sunny had stopped struggling. She had given up all hope. Alex noticed
this and walked around in front of her.

He placed one of her perfect breast in his mouth while Ray was trying to
swallow the other one.

This was the best time they had ever had, but they wanted more.

Ray reached down inside of her pants and started to rub her pussy, she
was getting wet.

"Take off your pants slowly" he said.

Sunny started to pull down her shorts.

"Turn around and bend over" Alex pleaded.

Sunny bent over. "Now shake your ass."

Sunny began swaying her unbelievable back and forth.

Ray grabbed her hips ad shoved his tongue into her pussy. He took long
and deep strokes from one end of her pussy to the other.

Alex laid down underneath her and joined ray in eating her out. Sunny
had her first orgasm.

Alex stood up and dropped his pants.

"Suck it" he said. And he jammed his cock into her mouth.

Sunny would suck it though. it was just laying in her mouth. Alex pulled
her hair and she bite his dick.

Alex yelled and fell back, she didn't bite it hard enough to break the
skin, but it hurt.

Ray jumped up and grabbed the bottle, he cut her shoulder.

"You do that again and I'll kill you."

He than pulled out his Dick and shoved it into her mouth. This time
Sunny began to suck.

She was sucking for all she was worth, she didn't want to die. She was
deep throating him.

Ray jammed his cock all the way down her throat and hold it there until
she started to gag. Now Sunny was crying.

Alex stood up and put his dick in her mouth next to Ray's.

"You better get both of them in there if you know what's good for you,"
he said.

Sunny struggled but she managed to do it. She had both dicks about half
way down her throat.

Ray went behind her and starting licking her cunt.

"Wiggle it bitch."

Sunny started to sway her ass back and forth while she was getting

Ray shoved his dick in her pussy from behind.

She was bent over getting fucked doggy style while she was sucking off

Ray ran around in front of her and slammed his cock down her throat. He
held her head against his body and shot his wad directly into her stomach.

Alex walked around behind her and started to finger her ass. "Now your
going to pay for biting me."

He started to plunge into her ass when he was jerked to the ground.

It was Justin Credible.

Sunny was saved by that 24 year old punk.

Chapter 2

Ray immediately grabbed Justin from behind. That attacked failed.
Alex was up and tried to spear Justin. Justin stepped out of the way
and Alex went sprawling.

Ray tried to sneak up on the young superstar. He didn't know Justin had
the cane. Justin hit him right between the eyes.

Ray wouldn't be getting up for a while. Alex tried to run and he was
tripped by Sunny. She than grabbed the cane, and scored a direct hit
between the legs.

Alex would never try to rape anybody again.

Sunny ran over to Justin and hugged him.

"You just saved my life, those idiots just raped me."

Justin just noticed her beautiful naked body. He had always fantasized
about Sunny but he knew she was out of reach.

"How can I ever repay you?"

That was all Justin needed to hear. He grabbed Sunny's ass and stuck his
tongue in her mouth.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Shut up bitch," was her answer.

He stuck a finger up her pussy.

Justin had forgotten that Sunny still had the cane in her hand.

She quickly reminded him. With a weak shot to the back of the head.

It was hard enough to make him let go though. He took a step back and
Sunny reared back for a real shot.

She swung with all her might. She missed high and spun all the way
around. Justin grabbed her from behind.

He was just horny before. now he was mad and extremely horny.

Justin grabbed her tits and started to rub. He was grinding his cock
against her ass.

He pushed her over on her stomach and pulled her hands behind her back.

He started kissing her ass. He held her hands together so he could
control her with one hand, then he started to lick her cunt. He licked all
the way from her ass hole to the bottom of her cunt.

This was his ultimate fantasy. If he died today he would go happy.

Justin stuck two fingers into her pussy and began to twist and turn
them. She was getting wet and this made Justin even hornier. He added two
more fingers.

Sunny had stopped struggling so Justin let her hands go so he could eat
her and finger her at the same time. He had never tasted anything so sweet.

He had his tongue buried inside of her. All he knew was that he was
going to give her the fucking of a lifetime.

He was lost in his own world when the cane came crashing down between
his eyes, he had forgotten this was a rape.

Sunny stood up raised the cane and took dead aim at his family jewels.

She screamed "You want me?" "Well, want this."

She went for the kill and the cane was snatched out of her hands.

It was Rod Price and Jack Victory.

Justin told them "Look at her," She was walking around naked flashed
me and now wants to stop," "you know what a tease she is."

Rod and Jack quickly agreed, of course they agreed because she was
their ultimate fantasy too.

"Lets give her what she really needs."

Jack grabbed her by the hand and pull her down. Rod grabbed her by the
legs and spread them apart.

She was spread out in an X. Justin stood over her and started to rub her

"Lets see how tight she is," he said.

He grabbed each side of her pussy and spread it apart as wide as it
would go. "Plenty of room he said."

He then balled his hand and shoved his fist into her pussy.

He twist and turned his fist and then he shoved his other hand inside of

"She can take more."

He took of his shoe and stuck his toes inside her cunt. He soon had
worked his whole foot inside of her. He took of his other shoe and then
used his foot to rub her cunt.

"Please don't" she begged, her tears were flowing now and she didn't
think she could take the other foot.

"OK" said Justin. If you don't want that I have two words for you.
"Suck it."

Victory pulled out his cock and stuffed it in her mouth. Sunny slowly
began to suck. Long slow strokes.

"Make him cum." yelled Justin.

Sunny took longer and harder strokes. Jack was about to lose his load.

"I want to see it." Justin said.

Jack pulled his cock out oof Sunny's mouth and told her "Stick out your
tongue bitch."

Sunny stuck it out and Jack poured a huge load on her tongue.

"Cool" he said. "Now tilt your head back and let me see you swallow it

It was now time for Price. Rod laid on his back and he told Sunny "Sit
on it."

Sunny sat down on his cock and rested her ass on his chest.

"You can do better than that," he yelled.

Justin and Victory stood on either side of them and began to lift
her up and down.

Justin had to have some of that.

He looked at her going up and down and said "I'm not sticking my dick
where those other idiots stuck theirs."

He plunged his cock into her ass without any warning.

Victory was lifting her up and down while she was being double

Price said "Man, I got to get me some of that."

He pulled his cock out of her pussy and shoved it into her ass next to

Sunny was in real pain and sobbing.

Rod and Justin pulled their cocks out of her ass and told her

"Lick them clean." Sunny began to alternately suck them off.

"Deeper" Rod yelled.

She began to alternately deep throat them.

"Now both at the same time."

She shoved both of their cocks into her mouth and they simultaneously
shot their loads into her mouth.

They told her "If you ever tell, anybody it will happen again,

Sunny has not told a soul what happened that day.


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