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The Rape Of Torrie Wilson Part 1
by Batman (

Things hadn't been going too well for Torrie Wilson. A couple years ago
she'd been the hottest up and coming woman in professional wrestling. Now,
she was out of a job along with a lot of other former WCW employees. Still
the former fitness model wanted to keep her shape, and continued to go to the
gym, several times a week. Torrie knew she would be recognized if she went
during regular operating hours, so she got a member ship at a local 24 hour
workout center, and went late at night when not many other people were
around. Jake owned the fitness center, and once he found out Torrie had
become a member of his gym, he scheduled an appointment to meet with her in

Torrie arrived a couple minutes early one evening to meet with Jake. She
was wearing a turquoise spandex jumpsuit, with white tennis shoes, and
carrying a small fitness bag. At his first sight of the blond bombshell in
person, Jake almost blew his load right there just looking at her.

"Hello, Ms. Wilson. I'm glad to see you could meet me," Jake said as he
shook her hand.

Torrie smiled and said, "Thank you, I'm pleased to meet you too, Jake."

They sat down in his office.

"I want you to know, I know who you are, Ms. Wilson."

Torrie stared at him with a confused look. He was kind of handsome, she
thought to herself. And it was obvious he used his facilities from the look
of his build.

"And because of that, I'm going to make special arrangements for you to
have the gym all to yourself whenever you want. The only person who will know
you're here is me, if thats alright with you."

"Yeah, thats fine," Torrie said with a smile.

She knew Jake would make a move on her if they were alone, and that was
just fine with her.

"Great, then lets say the gym is all yours, from midnight to three a.m.
every night."

"That works for me."

"Then its a deal," Jake said as he shook her hand.

"Thanks," Torrie said as she grabbed her bag, and left the office.

Jake just sat there, watching her beautiful spandex clad ass as she walked
out the door of his office. She turned around in the doorway, and noticed him
checking her out. She smiled and winked at him, and then left. Damn, thought
Jake, what he wouldn't do to fuck that perfect looking ass.


Torrie had been working out at the gym for a couple of weeks. Her and
Jake were the only people who ever knew she was there. Torrie usually worked
out alone, while Jake sat at the front desk, watching her on the security
cameras. One night, Torrie knew she was going to do a very heavy workout, and
asked Jake to spot her on a couple of reps on the bench. Jake didn't mind
this at all. Watching the beads of sweat roll down her sexy body as she
lifted the weights made him horny as hell, and he struggled to concentrate on
spotting her. The work out made Torrie hot as well.

When she was done, Torrie said, "I think I'll take a couple of laps in the
pool to cool off."

"Mind if I join you," asked Jake.

"Oh not at all," Torrie said with a smile.

After changing into their swimsuits, Torrie and Jake met at the pool.
Torrie was in a two-piece red thong bikini, while Jake had on a set of
boxer-style swimtrunks.

"You know Torrie, normally that kind of swimsuit wouldn't be allowed."

"But you're gonna make an exception this time around right," Torrie said
as she pointed to Jake's woody, causing his trunks to shoot forward.

Jake blushed, "Maybe I better jump in the pool to try and calm myself

Jake jumped into the pool.

Torrie got in also and swam towards him.

"Are you calmed down," she asked as she wrapped her arms around his

"Um, a little," Jake said with a smile.

Torrie went under the water, and pulled down Jake's trunks. Underneath the
water she could she his erect dick. She went back up from under the water.

"I don't think you calmed down at all. You know, its not good to go
swimming with a woody like that. You might hurt yourself."

Torrie slid back under the water, and grabbed his dick. She stuck it in
her mouth, and started to suck hard. She could hear Jake moan up above the
water, and knew it wouldn't be long until he blew his load. She started
pumping his dick with both her hands, and licked around the tip with her hot
tongue. Jake arched his back and shot his load right down Torrie's throat.
Torrie came up from under the water, and gave Jake a warm passionate kiss.
Then she went back down underneath, and cleaned him off.

Jake was in heaven. Torrie was better than he could've ever dreamed. She
came back up again, and floated on her back. Jake waded over to her and undid
her top. He rubbed her erect nipples, and then leaned down to suck on her
beautifully toned jugs one at a time. Torrie moaned as he licked around her
nipples faster and faster. Jake reached down, and slid off Torrie's thong.
They were both now completely naked in the pool. Torrie continued to float on
her back as Jake reached down and started fingering her clit. The combination of the Jake's finger doing
their magic, and the water from the pool rushing up inside of her caused
Torrie to arch her back and let out a loud moan as she had her first orgasm.
Jake leaned down, and licked Torrie's nicely shaved pussy, returning the
favor from earlier. Torrie had another orgasm.

"Do you want it Torrie?"

"OH, Give it to me. Fuck me hard, Jake."

They wrapped their arms around each other, and Jake thrust his eight
inches into Torrie's loosened snatch.

"OOOOHHHH," Torrie moaned as Jake penetrated her.

Jake buried his face into Torrie's beautiful tits, as the two of them got
a rhythm going.

"OOOOHHHH, argh, ungh, ugh ugh ugh," Torrie thrashed in the water as Jake
slamfucked her.

"AAAHHH, UUUNNNH, OOOHHH OOOHHH, AAAHHH," Torrie had another mind blowing
orgasm, as Jake blew his load up inside of her.

Torrie was disoriented after being fucked like that. She made her way over
to the edge of the pool. She was too tired to actually get out of the pool,
so she just laid over the edge of the pool and rested her head on her arms.
Jake swam over behind her, and entered her snatch again from behind.

"Ooohhh, oh yeah, fuck me again. Don't stop. Fuck me, fuck me Jake."

Jake held onto her hips and continued to thrust himself up into Torrie
from behind. He was making good contact with her G-spot. She would cum again
any second now. He stuck his thumb up her ass.

"Ungh, uh Jake, what are you doing?"

"I'm loosening you up baby. Relax."

"Uhn, no Jake, don't stick it in my ass."

Jake kept pumping Torrie from behind, and added his index and middle
fingers up inside of her ass. He was now totally stroking her bunghole.

"UUUGGGHHH, Jake, aaahhh, stop it. Get your fingers out of my ass," Torrie
begged as he continued to rub her in both holes.

"AAAGGGHHH," Torrie screamed as she had another huge orgasm.

Jake just left his dick and fingers in her for a moment, and stopped
grinding. "You've never taken it in the ass, have you Torrie?"

"Uh, no I...Ungh," Torrie yelped as Jake pulled out of her snatch, and
shoved his whole eight inches into her tight virgin ass.

Jake was ready to bust a nut right then and there, but he wanted to enjoy
the tightness of this perfectly toned tight ass. Jake started pumping her
hard, causing Torrie to whine and sob with every hard deep thrust.

"Oh, (sob) ungh, stop this, (sob)ahh, please ohh, (sob) uhh.

"Oh, I'll stop when I'm done having my fun bitch," Jake said as he reached
in front of her and fingered her clit.

If Torrie wasn't so tired, she would've tried to get away. But Jake was a
pretty big guy anyways, so she probably wouldn't have stood a chance of
escaping even if he hadn't fucked her so hard earlier. She tried not to enjoy
it. Tried not to give Jake the satisfaction of this disgusting act, but he
was pumping her good, and his fingers weren't doing such a bad job either.

"(sob) Oh, I don't want to, but UNNGGHH, AAHH, I'm ooh ungh uhh, cuming,

Torrie fell limp as Jake blew his load up her perfect ass. Jake, held his
wood up in her, and just grinded on her tight ass, causing him to blow
another small load up inside of her.

Jake got his trunks and Torrie's bikini, and got out of the pool. He laid
Torrie's bikini next to her by the poolside where she was still laying over
the edge.

"The pool is all yours now Torrie. Thanks for the swim and the nice fuck."

Torrie was still too tired to get out of the pool, and she just continued
to lay up against the edge. She cried at the way she had just been violated
by Jake and passed out in humiliation of herself.


Torrie woke up a few hours later. She quickly put her swimsuit back on,
and went to Jake's office. Jake was sitting behind his desk when Torrie
barged in.

"Well, good morning Torrie. How are you?"

"Fuck you, Jake. As of right now, I'm no longer a member of this gym."

"Oh, I think you're gonna be a member at this gym for a very long time

"Yeah right, Jake. You know, you didn't stop when I said to stop last
night. That constitutes as rape. I'll just tell the cops and this little
rats nest will be boarded up, and then you'll be the one getting fucked in
the ass when you're doing hard time."

"No no, you don't understand, Torrie. I know you're trying to get back
into the wrestling business. But if anybody sees the tape we made last night,
the only federation that will hire you will be XPW."

"You're bluffing, you don't have a tape of anything."

"That's where you're wrong. I installed security cameras over by the pool
a couple of months ago. Go see for yourself if you don't believe me."

Torrie walked out of the office and back over to the pool. She looked up
at the ceiling and aimed right at her was the security cameras Jake had told
her about.

Jake had followed her to the pool.

"You see Torrie, you walk, and I'll make a copy of that tape for anybody
who wants it."

Torrie's eyes began to well up with tears as she realized the predicament
she had gotten herselt into. What could Jake possibly want her to do in order
to get that tape back?

To Be Continued

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