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The Rape Of Torrie Wilson Part 2
by Batman (

Several weeks had passed since Torrie Wilson had been violated by Jake,
the owner of the gym she worked out at. She wished she could quit coming
here, but she had no idea what Jake would do with that tape of him and her.
Thankfully, Jake hadn't bothered her since then, but that didn't mean he
wouldn't somewhere down the line. Torrie thought to herself that he probably
just wacked off to the tape, and that was why he had left her alone. The
truth was, Jake did wack off to that tape, but in all realism, he yearned to
fuck Torrie again. He was just waiting for the right time to make his move.

He watched Torrie on the survalence cameras as she worked out. Torrie had
been lifting lighter weights since their last encounter. She didn't want to
be caught unprepared again. As Torrie finished her sets on the bench, she sat
up to find Jake staring at her. This was the first time she had seen him in
person since their night at the gym's pool.

"Hello Torrie, how are you doing?"

"What do you want Jake," Torrie asked.

"I just came by to see how you were doing," Jake said as he stepped
towards her.

"I, I don't want any trouble," Torrie said, "I was just getting ready to

"What, you mean without giving me a goodbye kiss?"

"No," Torrie said as she tried to walk away from him.

"Well, how about a farewell fuck," Jake said as he grabbed a hold of
Torrie's wrist.

"Let go of me," Torrie said as she struggled to get away from Jake's
strong grip.

But Jake had a good hold of her, and she wasn't going anywhere. Jake
forced Torrie back over to the weight bench so they both were stradling the
bench with their legs. Jake bent Torrie down across the bar, and held her
so she couldn't move. He reached in his back pocket and got out a pair of
handcuffs. Torrie struggled, but he managed to slap the cuffs on her wrists
around the weightbar.

Torrie knew what was going to happen. Jake was in complete control of the
situation, and she wasn't going anywhere.

"Oooh baby, you know how long I've been waiting to fuck you again?"

"Just get it over with Jake."

"Oh, I think I'll take my time and enjoy this," Jake said as he ran his
hands along Torrie's spandex clad body.

"I just love the feel of spandex on a woman's body. You like the way I rub
your tits don't you Torrie?"

Suddenly, Torrie got her leg up behind her, and planted her foot right in
Jake's crotch.

"OHHH," Jake yelled in pain as he backed up and grabbed his nuts.

"You're gonna pay for that you little bitch. I'll be back in just a

Jake left the weight room. Torrie tried to lift the bar, but she couldn't
with her wrists handcuffed around it. Jake appeared in front of Torrie,
holding a weight belt.

He snapped the belt in front of Torrie's face.

"Torrie, first I'm gonna spank your ass, and then I'm gonna fuck it, you
little bitch."

"NO, please not that. I'm sorry, I'll do anything."

"It's too late for that bitch," Jake said as he walked back around behind
her. Jake reared back and smacked Torrie right in the ass with the heavy
leather belt.

"AAAHHH," Torrie screamed as the belt made contact.

She tried to wiggle away from the heavy blows of the belt, but her
struggling just caused Jake to miss her ass, and hit her in her back and legs

Torrie cried and screamed with each smack. After a couple minutes, she
began to get tired of the pain and slumped down on the bench and over the

"You haven't been fucked, since I fucked you a couple weeks ago have you

"AAAHHH, (sob) no (sob)."

"Well don't worry Torrie, I'll fix that for you."

Jake leaned over Torrie and cut the straps of her spandex jumper with a
pair of scissors. He peeled the fabric down off of her chest to her ass,
which had heavy welts and bruises on it from the whipping he had just given
her. He sliced the fabric again in order to completely peel it off of her
bruised body. There she was. Torrie Wilson chained to a weight bench in all
her naked glory, with no way of escape. Jake lifted her ass up off of the
bench, and laid down on his back underneath her. Holding her up by her hips,
Jake slid his face under Torrie's pussy, and began to lick it.

He moved his hands down from her hips to her pussy, and started fingering
her as he licked away at her clit. Torrie's knees began to shake. She wasn't
supposed to enjoy being molested like this, but she could feel herself
getting wet.

Jake continued to lick and finger her as she orgasmed, blowing her juices
all over Jake's face. Jake got up from underneath her, and grabbed the weight
belt again. He walked behind her, and unzipped his pants. His pulsing cock
sprang out ready to pound away on poor Torrie yet again. Jake placed the belt
around Torrie's throat, and held on to it with one hand, as he grabbed her
waist with the other.

"Unnghh," Torrie moaned as Jake forced just the head of his cock up
Torrie's ass.

Jake reared back on the belt, choking Torrie.

"You mean you're still not used to taking it up the ass. Well, don't
worry. I've only got another seven inches," he said as he rammed another inch
up her ass.

"Ouch (sob) uhhn," Torrie cried.

Jake reared back on the belt around her throat yet again, forcing another
inch up her ass. Torrie was too fatigued to say anything anymore. She just
let her body go limp, and allowed the tears to roll down her face.

Jake forced his entire length up Torrie's ass, and forced her stomach up
against the bar. For as hard as he fucked her a few weeks ago, Torrie still
had an amazingly tight ass. Her tightness clung to him as he forced himself
into her with each deep thrust. With every thrust, Torrie could feel her
stomach painfully forced up against the bar. She knew she would have a couple
of bruised ribs to go along with the welts on her back and ass when Jake was
all done.

Jake continued to pound away. He would pick up speed and then slow back
down, rocking back and forth up inside of Torrie. He was making a game out of
the way he abused her, and all Torrie could do was cry and feel ashamed of
herself for getting into this situation in the first place.

Finally, Jake started pounding her with an amazing rhythm and blew his
load up her ass.

"Unnnggghhh," Torrie moaned as she orgasmed as Jake's seed flowed up
inside of her. Jake's semen started running down the crack of her ass as he
uncuffed her. Torrie fell down stomach first on the bench. The combination of
her juices and Jake's spilled from her perfectly toned ass onto the bench.

"Clean up the mess you just made bitch."

Torrie looked at the bench, which was covered with their fluids, and
cried. She started to wipe it up with her now useless spandex jumper, which
had been cut to shreds.

"No, no. You're gonna lick it up Torrie."

Torrie slid off the bench, and with tears rolling down her face started to
lick the bench clean. Jake walked around behind her and with one hard thrust
rammed his cock up her ass again, and then quickly pulled out, to get the
last little jism out of his cock.

Torrie just screamed, and then fell limp on the floor crying even harder
than she had before.

"Make sure you clean up this mess," Jake said as he got dressed, "and just
remember, this was all caught on tape."

Torrie just continued to lay on the floor of the gym crying as Jake left.
What was it going to take for this to come to an end?

To Be Continued

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