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The Rape Of Torrie Wilson Part 3
by Batman (

Torrie Wilson was sick of the way things had been going for her. It had
all started one night at the gym she worked out at, where Jake, the owner of
the gym, had violated her beyond all belief. To top things off, he had a tape
of their late night rendevous, that he was holding over her head. Then came
just her complete and utter rape in the weight room. Jake also had a tape of
that. She needed to start getting back in control of the situation, but she
needed help.

She decided that she would call Billy Kidman. They had dated for almost a
year when they both still worked for WCW, and they were still pretty good

Billy arrived at Torrie's apartment one morning, and Torrie explained what
had been happening to her. As Billy listened to her story, he just continued
to get even more pissed off. Just who did this Jake guy think he was? What
right did he have to do these things to his friend, Torrie Wilson.

After Torrie had finished telling him her story of humiliation at the
hands of Jake, Billy told her to stay at her apartment while he went down to
the gym and had a talk with Jake.


Billy Kidman arrived at the gym Torrie had told him about, and asked to
speak with Jake. A girl at the front desk called Jake to the front desk over
the gym's PA system. Jake came out from his back office, and noticed Billy at

"Well what a surprise, Mr. Kidman, its a pleasure to meet you," Jake said
as he walked up and extended his hand. Billy didn't shake his hand.

"Is there a place where we can talk in private," Billy asked.

"Um, sure. Let's go back to my office."

Billy and Jake went back into Jake's office, and sat down. Jake sat behind
his desk, while Billy took a seat in front of him.

"I assume you're here to talk about Torrie," Jake said.

"That's right, you son of a bitch. You have a tape of you and Torrie, and
I want it. I also want you to leave Torrie alone. And if you can't do that,
just let me know, so I can beat the shit out of you right now."

"Now now, there's no need for violence. You can have the tapes if you
want. But lets just have a look at them first, shall we," Jake said as he
walked out from behind the desk and over to a TV.

Jake put in the first tape of him and Torrie at the gym's pool. Billy
tried to say something, but his eyes were glued to the screen. Damn Torrie
was hot, he thought to himself. Jake was one lucky son of a bitch. Then Jake
put in the second tape of when he ass raped Torrie in the weight room.

"The whole time we dated, Torrie never even let me get close to her ass,"
Billy said in lust.

"I can help you change all that, Billy. What do you say?"

"Just tell me what you want to do, Jake," Billy said as he continued to be
glued to the screen.


Billy went back to Torrie's apartment, and explained to Torrie that Jake
was going to give her back the tapes. But he wanted to do it in person, so he
could personally hand them over to her and apologize. Torrie didn't like the
idea of having to go back to that gym, but she felt sure that nothing would
happen as long as Billy was with her. They went back to the gym later that
evening. Her and Billy both got out of the car and walked into the gym to
meet Jake.

Jake walked up to meet them as they walked in the door.

"Hello Torrie. How ya doin' Billy."

"Just give me the tapes," Torrie said.

"Oh, right, just let me go get them. I'll be right back," Jake said as he
went back to his office.

Jake came back a few minutes later with the tapes.

"Here you are Torrie. I guess I won't be seeing you anymore after this,
although I do wish we could talk about this."

"There's nothing left to talk about Jake. Goodbye," Torrie said as she
walked out the door.

Billy stayed behind.

Jake looked at him and said, "You know what to do Billy. I'll be watching
from the window."

Billy nodded and then walked out the door and raced to catch up with
Torrie. Torrie sat up on the hood of the car, and waited for Billy to come
towards her. He walked up to her, and she reached out to kiss him.

"Thank you, Billy," Torrie said.

"Oh no Torrie, thank you," Billy said as he pulled her near him.

They kissed again, and Billy sat her up on the hood of the car. It was
late at night, and no one was around in the deserted parking lot of the gym,
so Torrie didn't care about about what anybody might say about her and Billy
out in public.

Billy got up from their kiss for a minute, and said, "You know Torrie,
Jake let me watch those tapes."

"What," Torrie said with a look of shock on her face.

"And let me just say, you looked pretty damn hot. How come you never let
me fuck you in the ass."

"Billy, no not you too. You don't have to do this."

"Yeah, but I want to," Billy said as he turned Torrie around, and forced
her up against the hood of the car.

"NOOOO, Billy, please don't do this," Torrie said as she tried to struggle

But Billy had a good hold on her. He pulled her pants down to her ankles
and continued to hold her up against the hood of the car.

Torrie began to cry. She couldn't take this anymore. First Jake, and now
Billy. This was just too much.

She heard Billy unzipping his pants behind her, and knew this was her only
chance. She slid across the hood of the car on her stomach as Billy undid his
pants, and fell over on the other side. She pulled her pants up and started
to run. Billy quickly pulled his pants back up and chased after her.

The problem for Torrie was she didn't know where to run to. She couldn't
run into the gym because Jake would just be waiting for her. It was late at
night and no one was around to help her. All she could do was run. And then
she saw Jake come out of the gym. Jake and Billy were in this together, she
now realized. She ran back behind the gym, with the two men in hot pursuit.

And then Torrie lost all hope. In front of her was an eight foot high
chainlink fence. She had to try to climb it, but it would be difficult since
she hadn't had time to fasten her pants. She tried to climb the fence, but
her pants were falling down as she climbed. She was almost to the top when
Billy grabbed her ankle, and pulled her back down to the ground. Billy caught
her in his arms and forced her back up against the fence.

"Hold her arms out against the fence," Jake said, as he pulled out two
pairs of handcuffs. Torrie struggled, but she couldn't get away from Billy
holding her up against the fence. Jake handcuffed her right wrist to the
fence. And then he cuffed her left wrist to the fence.

Both men just backed up for a minute.

"Well, it seems you like being chained up don't you Torrie," Jake said.

"No, please don't do this (sob)," Torrie said from behind her tears.

"She's all yours Billy," Jake said as he walked away.

Billy advanced towards Torrie with a grin. He knelt down in front of her
and pulled her pants down to her ankles. Torrie tried to wiggle, but he
managed to rip her panties off of her and began to finger her pussy. Torrie
was crying heavily now, but she still managed to get wet as Billy forced his
tongue into her cunt.

"Ooohhh, Billy please don't do this."

Torrie continued to lick away on her wet pussy. Torrie's hips bucked and
slammed into Billy's face, as he forced her to orgasm.

Billy got up and gave another devilish grin.

"I thought you didn't like this Torrie. But with an orgasm like that, I
might've been wrong."

Billy grabbed Torrie's blouse and ripped it off as well. Then he
unstrapped her bra and began fondling her tits. He licked her nipples and
Torrie moaned, as he once again fingered her clit.

Torrie's back arched once again, as she tried to control another orgasm.
She didn't want Billy to think he was doing a good job, but in all honesty he
wasn't doing bad at all.

"Alright you little slut, now its time for you to be fucked with your back
against a wall."

Billy slipped off his boxers and reared back with his six inches. He
forced his entire length up Torrie's wet snatch, and started slamming her
hard. Torrie's back slammed painfully into the chainlink fence, and she could
feel her plump ass and legs scraping painfully against the links of the

"Unnnggghhh, ugh, ungh, agh ahh," Torrie screamed as Billy slam fucked her
against the fence.

Billy grabbed the fence above Torrie's shoulders and fucked her even
harder, but he was still holding back his load. And then Billy stopped for a
minute, and just left his dick up inside of Torrie.

"Hold her still for a second," Jake said from the other side of the fence.

"Nooo, don't do this. I can't take it anymore," Torrie screamed.

She tried to wiggle, but doing so just caused her to grind on Billy's dick
and made her accidently have another orgasm.

Billy thrust into her, forcing her to stay still up against the fence, as
Jake slipped his dick through one of the links in the fence and up Torrie's

"Unngghh," Torrie moaned as she now took it in both holes at once.

Both men could feel one another up inside of Torrie at the same time. As
Jake pounded her forward from behind, it caused Billy to pound her even
harder in the front, and vice versa.

Billy, who had been up in her longer couldn't hold back any longer, and
blew his load up Torrie's snatch. Billy knelt back down in front of her, and
held her legs back up against the fence so Jake could continue stuffing her
from behind. While he held her, Billy again licked her pussy.

Jake was unrelenting. No matter how many times he fucked her, Torrie still
had an amazingly tight ass. And he loved tormenting her by building up a fast
rhythm, and then all of sudden just slowing down and grinding on her plump
toned ass.

"AaaaGGGHHH," Torrie screamed as she orgasmed once again, causing her
juices to shoot onto Billy's face, and Jake to blow his load in her from

Torrie just went limp with tears streaming down her face. Once again she
had been fucked beyond all reasonable belief, and thought to herself that
this would never end. Especially now that Billy had turned against her. Jake
and Billy got dressed, and Jake tossed Billy the keys to the cuffs so he
could release Torrie. Torrie fell to the ground in a heap, just crying.

"You can go now Torrie," Jake said, "and you can keep your tapes. I got a
new client at the gym, and she's just as fuckable as you."

Torrie heard these words, and wondered who signed on for a membership at
the gym. She couldn't let this happen to anybody else, but what could she do.
She just continued to lay on the ground behind the gym crying at what Jake
and Billy had done to her, and what they would do to somebody else.

To Be Continued

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